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Monday, August 6, 2007

Jonathan was searching for Ava, so he went to her house. Lily informed Jonathan that Ava was not home, but that she still wanted him to come inside. Jonathan obliged and Lily said she had something very important to discuss with him. Lily stated that she was 89% ok with Ava and Jonathan dating. Also, Lily did research about their sex lives. Lily reported that 50% of pregnancies were unplanned. Lily asked Jonathan what method of contraceptives they were using. Jonathan was very uncomfortable with this topic and changed the subject. Jonathan explained that Ava claimed she going to Fusion, but never showed. Lily worried that Ava lied because she was on drugs. Jonathan assured Lily that Ava was not an addict. Lily suggested that Jonathan might find Ava in the last place he met her. Jonathan looked enlightened.

Amanda met JR at the yacht club. Amanda hoped that JR had money for her, but he did not. Instead, JR explained that his friend asked him to watch his yacht. JR asked Amanda if she wanted to hang out on the yacht with him and get "ship shape" together. Amanda happily agreed and they rushed to the beach. Meanwhile, Lenny was no longer interested in dealing drugs to Ava. So, Jack pleaded with Derek to get Ava out of danger. However, Derek believed Ava could turn the situation around. Ava then flirted with Lenny and regained his interest. Then just as Lenny was about to give Ava the drugs, JR and Amanda interrupted. JR remembered Lenny from his party days and announced that he was a drug dealer. Amanda was angry with Ava for ditching Fusion to use drugs. Ava demanded that they leave her alone. JR realized that Ava was the girl that hurt Colby, so he told Lenny about how Ava set Sean up for a drug bust. Ava blurted out that JR was ruining everything. Lenny was suspicious and grabbed Ava. Lenny opened her shirt and found the wire. By this time, Derek, Jack and two cops showed up. Lenny pulled out a gun and held Ava hostage. Jonathan arrived and freaked out when he saw this. Jack held Jonathan back as Lenny demanded that everyone leave. Derek pleaded with Lenny to let Ava go, but Lenny took her into a cabin on the beach. Lenny grabbed the wire and told the cops to call Ava's cell phone. Lenny said that Ava should pray that the cops meet his demands.

Erica went to see Adam. Erica said she knew that Adam was going after Zach because he was vulnerable. Adam protested that he offered his sympathy and help to Zach, but Zach rejected it. Erica saw through Adam's façade and continued to accuse him of taking advantage of Zach's family crisis. Adam wondered why Erica was now Zach's "guard dog." Erica explained her realization that Zach was a good man and that he loved Kendall very much. Adam then inquired about Spike. Erica said Spike seemed very confused from the chaos surrounding him. Then, Adam asked about Ian. Erica began to cry when she described how small Ian looked. Erica did not want Kendall, Spike, or Ian to endure anymore pain. Adam consoled Erica with a hug. Erica thanked Adam, but still wanted Adam to relent with Zach. Adam promised he would not go after Zach. Then, Erica got a call from the hospital and hurried off. Adam then made a phone call. Adam told the person on the other end that the paper work looked good. Adam then declared that Zach would not be able to defend himself from a Chandler takeover because of his family distractions.

When Greenlee and Kendall's fight resulted in a loud noise, Spike did not respond. Zach announced that there was something wrong. Kendall rushed to Spike's side and called his name, but the boy did not look at her. Then, Joe and a pediatrician came to check on Spike. Joe asked everyone to leave the room, but Kendall refused to leave Spike because she feared Greenlee might try to harm him. Meanwhile, when Ryan saw Greenlee in the hallway, he warned her never to go near Spike and his family again. Greenlee tried to explain that this was all a mistake, but Ryan would not hear it. Ryan felt Greenlee was to blame. Ryan could not believe he ever trusted Greenlee because she was his "worst nightmare." Ryan deeply regretted inviting Greenlee into his family. Ryan wished that Greenlee never returned to Pine Valley. Ryan wanted Greenlee to leave town permanently. However, Greenlee did not listen and continued to lurk in the hallways and waited for news about Spike. Meanwhile, Joe and the pediatrician continued to run tests, but could not yet give a diagnosis. Kendall cried as Zach held her. Then, Kendall returned to Spike's room. Ryan told Zach that he was worried about Kendall. Zach assured Ryan that it was his job to catch Kendall whenever she fell. Zach also told Ryan not to worry about Greenlee because she was being taken care of. Then, Joe announced that he had results. Greenlee tried to listen in, but an unidentified person covered her mouth and pulled her away. Joe then stated that Spike had no fatal wounds and had no brain damage. Everyone rejoiced, but Kendall sensed there was bad news coming. Joe explained that they did not know if the condition was temporary or permanent, but Spike was deaf!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Derek tries to get Lenny to give up Ava and then Lenny tells him that he has 30 minutes to get him a plane and pilot. Lenny tells Ava he's not going on his own. She tries to protest but he calls her a whore and slaps her. Jon shows up and is worried about Ava but Jack tells him to back off. JR offers to help but Derek tells him to leave, but JR takes things into his own and goes into the cabin. Lenny now has two hostages as Pine Valley SWAT surrounds the cabin. JR offers to help Lenny get out of this mess but Lenny won't hear of it.

Tad, Krystal, Babe, Colby, Sean and Stuart are at Tad's new house moving stuff in. Stuart is holding and cuddling Jenny while Colby and Sean untangle the cables for the TV. Babe tells Krystal about Ava being the face of Fusion and how she sold the webcast and now Fusion has a list of orders waiting to be filled. Once enough things have been put away and the TV gets hooked up, everyone sits down to watch as the TV is turned on and a news flash comes up about the hostage situation at the beach and Babe reacts when she hears JR's name.

Kendall, Zach, Ryan and Annie are all reeling from the news that Spike is deaf. Annie is more composed than the other three and after Erica shows up and talks to Dr Joe and Kendall tells everyone that Spike will be just fine, Annie asks specific questions about Spike's condition and explains it away that she knew someone (a family friend) who had the permanent type of deafness. Zach is told that Ian's doctor needs to see him so he goes to the NICU as Erica offers support for Kendall. Ian is having an issue with his liver but it can be treated by using special lights, and the doctor lets Zach feed his son. Erica goes to talk to Dr Joe again and tells him that she has contacted a pediatric specialist and then she calls and leaves a message for Jack, who's busy dealing with the hostage situation at the beach. Annie tells Ryan that Spike can still have a full and happy life but Ryan is beating himself up about not being able to keep Spike safe before and is unsure of how he'll be able to do so now with Spike not having the ability to hear. Annie tells him that she knows more than he thinks she does about being deaf as he continues to go on, fueled by guilt. Zach comes back to Spike's room and gets Kendall to go with him to see Ian, and Kendall gets to feed her son for the first time. Erica prays to God for Kendall and her sons. Ryan is with Spike alone, holding him and begging for his son to hear him.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Kendall promised Spike that Ryan was getting in touch with doctors that would cure him. However, when Ryan entered he was not as optimistic as Kendall. Ryan spoke to some specialists that said they needed to do more tests. It was possible that Spike might recover his hearing. Still, Ryan warned Kendall that there were no guarantees. Then, Joe came in and told Kendall she needed rest. Ryan agreed, but Kendall snapped at Ryan and refused to leave Spike. Joe stated that Kendall was wearing herself out and Kendall finally sat down. Then, Joe left and Kendall apologized to Ryan for being short with him. Kendall then recalled how close she and Greenlee were. Kendall could not believe that Greenlee hurt Spike this way. Ryan stated that the Greenlee they loved and trusted no longer existed. Ryan then apologized for demanding that everyone let Greenlee into their family. Kendall admitted that Ryan's demands did not matter because she would have allowed Greenlee into their lives anyway because she loved Greenlee. Kendall then announced that she did not love Greenlee anymore.

Aidan was holding Greenlee captive in a hotel room. Greenlee threw a vase at Aidan and demanded that he let her go. Aidan claimed that he was preventing Greenlee from total "damnation." Greenlee thought this was punishment for the confession she made to Aidan about the crash. Aidan said that he had Greenlee locked up because a "client" paid him to do so. Greenlee assumed the client was Zach, but Aidan did not confirm or deny this. Aidan then promised not to tell anyone about Greenlee's confession. However, Aidan felt that Greenlee should leave town because no one would forgive her. Greenlee explained that Kendall and Ryan were her family and that she would eventually win them over. Aidan strongly disagreed. Then, Greenlee asked about Spike. Aidan did not think that Greenlee had a right to know anything about the boy. Greenlee persisted, so Aidan finally told her that Spike was deaf. Greenlee looked horrified. Aidan affirmed that Spike's deafness was Greenlee's fault. Greenlee vowed to stay in town and fix the situation. Aidan hinted that his client would not give Greenlee the chance to make amends.

Jonathan and Amanda were both worried about the hostage crisis. Jonathan blamed JR for the situation. Amanda stuck up for JR and stated that Jonathan had no right to judge anyone. Jonathan apologized and wished that he would get another chance with Ava. Amanda still thought Ava was trouble, but understood why Jonathan cared about her. Then, Colby, Sean, Tad, Krystal, and Babe showed up. Sean felt guilty that Ava was involved in order to clear his name. Babe and Amanda consoled each other and shared their concerns for JR. Then, Lily arrived because she wanted to save Ava from the bad guy. Jonathan assured Lily that Ava would be fine. Jonathan also explained that Ava was helping the police in a drug bust. Lily was very proud of Ava and relayed the news to Sean and Colby. Lily wanted Sean and Colby to compliment Ava for her part in the sting. Colby looked uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Adam was at the bar of the yacht club. Adam was on the phone ordering someone to take advantage of Zach's vulnerability. Then, Adam watched a TV that showed news coverage of the hostage crisis. At first, Adam laughed and proclaimed to the bar that JR was probably faking. However, Adam became nervous after a while and went to the crime scene. Adam saw Tad and became furious. Adam felt that this was Tad's fault because he taught JR to always fight the bad guy. As Tad argued back, Adam stumbled and grabbed his chest. Colby rushed to his side, but Adam claimed he was fine. Colby exclaimed that this was Adam's fault because he framed Sean. Then, Colby stormed away and Krystal approached Adam. Krystal wanted to call an ambulance, but Adam did not want Krystal's help. Krystal persisted and finally got Adam to sit down and drink water. Adam relaxed and admitted his worry for JR. Meanwhile, Lenny was trying to figure a way out. Lenny decided that he only needed JR and told Ava to leave. Ava resented that Lenny thought JR was the better hostage. JR told Ava to leave, but Ava refused because JR might think she owed him for this. Then, JR and Ava began to bitterly fight. Lenny began to lose his cool and told them to shut up. JR saw their squabbling as a good distraction and told Ava to follow his lead. So, JR and Ava began pushing each other as they exchanged nasty words. Lenny freaked out and tried to stop them. Then, JR grabbed Lenny's hand that held the gun as Ava jumped on Lenny's back. Meanwhile, outside the shack, everyone heard a gun shot and looked frightened. Then, Ava, JR, and Lenny emerged with JR holding the gun. JR's family was relieved and hugged him. Ava ran to Jonathan and they embraced. Then, Ava rushed to the reporters and blew kisses to them as she bragged about stopping Lenny. Then, Ava saw Lily. Lily held out her arms and gently hugged Ava!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kendall and Ryan wake up beside Spike's bedside, but Kendall is distraught when Spike did not wake up to the sound of her voice. She tells Ryan that she forgot he could not hear her, but Ryan said they need to be hopeful doctors can fix it. Annie comes in with Dr. Norron, an ear specialist who says that the tools needed to help Spike are in Dallas. When the doctor leaves to answer a page, Kendall tells Ryan that they should fly Spike to Dallas so the doctors can continue to examine him, but Ryan thinks it might be better to wait until Spike is healthier. The doctor returns and tells Kendall and Ryan that the hearing loss is reversible, but the noises from the flight could make it permanent. Upset, Kendall asks why the doctor is even mentioning the equipment at all. The doctor explains that if Spike continues to improve at a steady pace, he can monitor the hearing problem. But for the time being, Spike is not in immediate danger, the doctor adds. After the doctor leaves, Ryan continues to think taking Spike on a trip, whether by bus or car, is too risky, and his condition is not life-threatening. Annie asks to speak to Kendall alone, but Kendall is not in the mood to be comforted. Annie tells Kendall that she needs to be close to Ryan, and not push him away. Kendall tells Annie she did not mean to snap at him, but is just so scared.

Ryan asks the doctor what his thoughts are about driving Spike to Dallas. The doctor advises against it, but promises to do everything he can for Spike. Outside the hospital, Zach tells someone on the telephone that they owe him a favor. He wants everything sold, but does not specify what he is selling. Zach goes inside and tells Ryan some good news. Kendall comes out and agrees to listen to Ryan's suggestions, but Zach says he is having all of the equipment Spike needs is being delivered. Annie and Zach look as Kendall, Ryan and Spike snuggle together and telling the baby that he is going to get all better. The doctor tells Kendall and Ryan that once the equipment is delivered and set up, it is only a matter of hours before tests can be performed.

Erica tells Jackson that Spike is unable to hear because of the accident he was in with Greenlee. Jackson offers to go the hospital with Erica, but she suggests he look after his daughter instead of working with the police. Jackson tells Erica that he told Greenlee it was in her best interest to leave town, but she refused. Thinking Greenlee should be treated like a criminal, Erica begs Jackson to convince Greenlee to leave town and get professional help. Jackson says he will do everything he can to make sure Greenlee never comes near Spike, but it is not enough for Erica. Jackson tells Erica that he had Olivia stall their divorce proceedings and she needs to know how they want to proceed with the paperwork. Erica says that a lot has changed since they got back together. Jackson says that no matter what, he will stand by Greenlee because she is her child. Erica tells Jackson that if that is his decision, she can no longer stay married to him and walks away. Erica's producer follows behind, capturing all of the secretive moments on tape.

Krystal and Tad move boxes into their new house, as Babe looks over Little Adam and Jenny. JR stops by and Tad shows the front newspaper, which has JR's place plastered all over it. Babe and JR go outside with Little Adam to play in the yard, as Krystal tells Tad that she knows why he wanted her to move in with him. Krystal says Tad wants to keep a close eye on her so she does not go near Adam.

Stuart goes to check on Adam, who has barely slept or eaten since JR's incident with Ava. Adam tells his brother that everything he has accomplished has been for his family, but they have all deserted him. He tells Stuart that Colby yanked Little Adam away from him when she saw him at the yacht club. Stuart tells Adam that although he may feel alone, Little Adam loves him. Adam says that he pushed JR away from him, but now, he needs him more than ever. Stuart says JR and Colby just need their independence, and in time, they will be close again. Stuart tells Adam he has a way he can spend more time with Colby. Stuart says that he painting a mural at Tad and Krystal's home and Adam can pretend to be him so he can see Colby. Stuart agrees to step back into the picture right before the wall needs to be glazed. Adam thinks Stuart has lost his mind, but Stuart is confident his brother can pull off the sham.

Babe tells JR that his heroics are admirable, but their son needs a father, not an action hero. JR says he didn't plan on saving Ava, but he knows it was not a smart move and apologizes to Babe. Babe barks a few orders with some folks at Fusion, while on the phone, which impresses JR. Babe asks JR if he is looking to make a new start, and JR says this time, he wants to make it stick. Babe tells JR that no matter what, she will always care about him because of their relationship to Little Adam.

Adam comes over, dressed as Stuart, to do some painting as a housewarming gift for Tad and Krystal. Adam goes inside, breathes a sigh of relief, but is not happy when he sees Tad and Krystal. Adam asks Tad and Krystal, if he can start painting Colby's room, but Krystal says that Colby is not home and hasn't even picked out the color she wants. When Adam suggests he and Colby go to the store to look at color samples, Krystal says it will have to wait until tomorrow. As Adam begins to put the supplies down, Krystal tells Tad that she still has a weakness for Adam, but living with him is the best solution. Adam drops the paint bucket as he hears Krystal admit she still loves him. Krystal comes over and wipes the paint smudges off his face. Krystal gets a call from Colby, and has to rush off, leaving Jenny in Adam's arms. When Babe and JR come inside, Adam hands the baby to Jenny. Krystal comes downstairs looking for Stuart, but Babe says he rushed off.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Annie goes into Spike's hospital room and helps Kendall get him dressed. Kendall watches her son's interactions with his stepmother and mentions that Annie must really love him. With a note of thanks in her voice, Kendall shares her appreciation with Annie, saying that her son needs someone who really loves him for the right reasons in his life.

Jack joins the crowd outside of Spike's room, delivering coffee to the two haggardly fathers he encounters. He also has some tea for Erica, but she is nowhere to be found. Annie soon exits the room, informing the lot that Kendall wanted more alone time with her son. That time is but a precious few moments as soon, the nurse goes in to tell Kendall that Joe would like to speak with her. She reluctantly hands her son over and proceeds into the hall. There, the doctors tell her that the machine that Zach paid to have sent here has been set up and successfully tested. She worries how he will react being in such a small space, but the doctors assure her that he will sleep through the entire procedure.

As Kendall spends a few more moments with Spike, Zach takes the opportunity to address the audience. He takes the blame for what is happening, expresses his frustration over the legacy of pain that has plagued his family, both that which he received from his father, and the aching he shared with Ethan, Spike and now Ian. He offers his regrets for not knowing and loving his eldest son as he should, and alights on the fact that he wanted to break the curse in his relationships with Spike and Ian. He says that he knew that Greenlee would be trouble but failed to act, just as before, until it was too late. However, he mentions that he is not the only one to blame – not by a long shot.

Another nurse comes to retrieve Spike and take him downstairs. Kendall promises that everything will be all right and follows the nurse as far as she can. Mentally, she flashes back to a time that was good, and wonders how someone so young could have to go through something so scary. Thrown full throttle into a panic attack that only the viewers can see, she searches for her husband and begs him to take the two of them and their children away from all of the madness that the hospital walls have held for them.

While they are waiting, Ryan signs off on some paperwork for Spike's testing, and flashes back on a time when his son was healthy. He talks to the audience, saying that Greenlee is to blame for what they are going through. Because she couldn't accept that he was happy with someone else, she took his boy as punishment. He wonders briefly if he still has love inside for her, for the woman he once loved and married, but quickly banishes the thought. He insists that he will one day soon hear a confession from her.

While waiting, Annie silently wonders why Kendall found it hard to believe that she loved Spike. She chooses to relate her story to the people watching at home in a fairytale-like fashion, noting that her life with her loving husband, their daughter, and his son was perfect. She worries that she will lose it all one day when they find out who she really is. She admits that she and Greenlee are more alike than anyone knows, and that she knows what it's like to lose everything because of one bad decision. She says that if Ryan, or anyone in their lives, finds out what she did, they will hate her as much as they ever hated Greenlee.

Josh shows up at the hospital and gets the update from Zach. He too asks after Erica, but Jack tells him that the Kane matriarch hadn't shown up yet.

Outside the nursery, Erica witnesses a young couple going in and fawning over the newest addition to their family. She turns to face the camera and begs to know how that couple had the gall to flaunt their joy in her face. She takes it as a personal affront in the face of Kendall's sorry. She rails about the injustice of Kendall's pain when Greenlee can go on living without paying for her crimes. She pleads with whoever is listening to tell her who will fix everything that is wrong, noting that there has to be a happy end when all is said and done.

Kendall and Zach go to the NICU, but Kendall tells her husband that he should go in alone because she doesn't want Ian to sense everything that is going on and be afraid. Zach looks at her skeptically, but does as she asks. When the door closes behind him, she mentally notes that she's a liar and everyone knows it. She admits that the real reason she won't visit her youngest son up close and personal is because she is afraid that he will look beyond all the tubes and wires monitoring his existence and know that she is the reason he is there. She looks the viewers in the eye and says that in one defining moment, she failed both of her sons, and goes on to mention that they have to live with what that decision cost them. She takes all of the blame on herself, saying that if she hadn't insisted Greenlee drive Spike to the hospital, everything would be okay. She believes that Ian will look at her, know the truth and hate her. She then wonders aloud why everyone else doesn't.

Annie approaches her husband and tries to distract him with the same ploy that he used to soothe her frayed nerves while they were waiting for Emma's DNA results. She tells him that he was her hero that day, and still is. He is appreciative, and then excuses himself to fetch some water. He heads down the hall and passes the mother of his child. They lock eyes briefly and when the connection breaks, he recalls a time in the park with his infant son. Once alone in the hallway, he addresses the camera and says that he is no hero – and that Dynamite Kiddo is dead.

Kendall heads back to her son's hospital room, and quickly collapses again emotionally – this time in anger. She focuses on how angry she is at Greenlee, and how angry she is that the last sounds Spike heard were Greenlee's voice and the car crashing. She takes her fury out on Spike's crib by smashing it up against the opposite wall. A short time later, Joe returns from the MRI and says that everything went well and Spike slept through the procedure. Kendall asks to see him, but Joe wants to give him some more time to come out of his fog. He lets her know that the specialist is looking over the test results and that they will find her when they know more specifics.

Ryan stares at the empty crib in his son's room, and then addresses the viewers again and tells them that love is what Greenlee wants. He tells us that he will give her what she wants simply to get her to admit her culpability. He then realizes that even if she does admit what she did, nothing will change.

Annie pores over a photo album, and relishes the family that she currently has. She comes across one picture that she doesn't feel belongs, but is quickly soothed by one of her husband and children. She notes that she will never let them down, that they know the meaning of forever, and that they will never reject her.

After visiting with his son, Zach takes out his frustration on a mop left behind by one of the staff. He tells about how Kendall was so excited that they were having another baby because it was proof that the curse was broken and the problems he had with his father and Ethan were in the past. He is thankful that Kendall has given him not only a beautiful family, but a son who is the first to take the Slater name, one he can now be proud of. He knows that it is up to him to keep them safe and happy. The threat is that he wants to hurt Ryan for starting the chain of events that led them to this day. He promised to protect the light in Kendall's eyes and because of Greenlee, and ultimately Ryan, that light is fading. He plans to fight to get that back, and will demolish anyone that gets in his way.

Back in the general area, Ryan thinks back on all that happened and about the fact that he drove his bike off of a cliff to keep himself from hurting a kid, only to find out all this time later that he started a chain of events that hurt his kid most of all. Jonathan distracts him by starting up a card game with him, Annie and Josh. While that goes on, Jack takes his turn with the audience and talks about how his experience as a lawyer has given him a lot of practice at defending clients – which he is utilizing while standing up for his daughter. He points out that his ability to defend his client's position has him now choosing between his daughter and his wife. As a lawyer, he finds that he could argue for both sides with great compassion, but as a man, he doesn't know which way to go. All he knows is that both of the women he loves are close to cracking and they need help.

Erica gets closer to her grandson's room by boarding the elevator, but is sidetracked by a conversation she has with the mother she lost 13 years ago. She begs Mona to come back and help her help Kendall. She reaches the correct floor and encounters Jack in the hall. They regard each other briefly, and then Erica escapes a drawn out discussion by spotting her daughter and running over to wrap her in her arms.

Having requested some fresh air, Greenlee is horrified when she finds that Aidan's response includes a trip to the scene of her accident with Spike. She tries to wrench herself away, but she is no match against Aidan's strength. Greenlee tells him that she doesn't want to talk about what happened, but he replies that she needs to figure things out sooner or later. He then says that he will release her after today, and that her free will can take her as far from this scene as she wishes. Greenlee tries to bump up the timeline by escaping immediately but Aidan won't hear of it. He forces her to look at her crime squarely in the eye, and see the destruction she caused because of one poor choice. She is struck by the memory of going over the cliff, and the shock of it causes her to lose sight of Aidan while in the throes of recall. She tells the audience of all of the pain she went through to save Spike after the accident, as a way to take some of the burden off of her shoulders. She talks about how she loved Spike from the beginning, and how her life was supposed to be with her son. She talks about the bracelet with the three hearts that Ryan gave to the two women to symbolize their hearts linked by Spike's. At the same moment that she displays it for us to see, Kendall finds her bracelet as it falls out of her son's blanket in his hospital room. Simultaneously, both women begin to cry.

Once the tears slow, Greenlee realizes that she continues to talk about how much she loves Spike, and then did something so selfish without thinking about his wants or needs. She admits that the reason Spike isn't hers is because she walked away, thus rejecting the most precious gift she will ever be offered. Then, instead of cherishing what contact she had with him, she broke that gift. Suddenly, Aidan reappears in her line of vision, and he helps her to climb back up to the road.

Everyone gathers outside of Spike's room – all thinking about how afraid they are of what's to come. The doctors return, and they all stand, bracing themselves for whatever news will be delivered.



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