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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 6, 2007 on GL
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Monday, August 6, 2007

When they rendezvous at Cedars, Daisy warns Rafe that Alan is "Dr. Evil" and will try to turn Rafe into "Mini Me." Rafe thinks he can learn a lot from Alan and says he will be careful. Rafe decides to spend the day with Alan rather than go to the beach with Daisy.

Alex and Cyrus "flirt" and dance at dinner. Cyrus tells Alex he has plans for himself later that evening. He leaves to go see Marina.

At the police station, Marina offers to help Mallet with his insurance woes as he is cleaning out his desk. When he leaves, Cyrus arrives and kisses her. When Frank walks in, Cyrus dives under a desk. After Frank has left, Marina receives a call to respond to a robbery at Towers and Cyrus goes with her. At Towers, Cyrus nabs the crook in the elevator and saves the day. Marina returns to the station where Alex confronts her. Marina tells her that she turned down the job offer in D.C. that Alex's friend had set up for her.

At Towers, Dinah can't make it through a taping for WSPR. She refuses when Vanessa tells her to take a break. Dinah continues having trouble with her short term memory and her words. She blames her errors on her headache medication. Vanessa wants to cancel the taping. Dinah accuses her mother of once again abandoning her rather than helping her.

Dinah returns home to Mallet. She lies and says that the taping went great. Likewise, he doesn't reveal that he has left the police force. When he leaves to go to the ATM, Dinah finds the medical bills in the desk drawer. She calls Matt for help. When he arrives and sees the bills, he tells Dinah that they are unpaid. She desperately asks him to get Vanessa to give her a raise so she can help pay the bills. Matt confesses that Vanessa has served him with divorce papers. When she begs for a job at Lewis, it is clear that Matt doesn't think she could handle any of the jobs. She tells him that he thinks she is helpless.

Mallet runs into Vanessa at the ATM. Vanessa asks him if Dinah is over-medicating. He says no, Vanessa just needs to give her easier assignments. Vanessa believes that Dinah is in over her head at work and should leave. When she says she is going to let Dinah go, Mallet asks that she let him tell her. Meanwhile, Dinah has left The Beacon and gone to see Cyrus for help getting money.

At the Spaulding mansion, a crying Natalia confess to Harley that she slept with Gus. Harley doesn't want to believe it. When it does sink in, she asks Natalia if she is now going to go "all-out" for winning Gus back. Natalia says she won't pursue a married man. Harley is doubtful about that since Natalia has already slept with a married man. Harley accuses Natalia of planning the break-up of Harley and Gus ever since she left Chicago for Springfield. Natalia says that it was a mistake and she is sorry. She does, however, tell Harley that it is partly Harley's fault. When Harley gets physical, Natalia warns Harley that she could lose Gus forever. Harley screams that Natalia has no idea what she has done to her and Gus. She tells Natalia that Gus is everything to her—her heart and soul. Natalia repeats that it was a huge mistake and that Harley should go to Gus. Harley says that she cannot get back trust in Gus. Natalia tries to explain to Harley that Gus immediately regretted what he and Natalia had done, saying it could never happen again. She implores Harley to go to him. Unsure about her emotions, Harley tells Natalia not to be nice to her because she wants to hate her.

Seeing Dylan in pain at Cedars, Billy reminds his son that bad things will happen if he goes after Harley. Dylan says that if he has a chance with her he has to take it. When Billy leaves the room to look for a nurse, Buzz confronts him about Dylan. Billy agrees that there could be trouble ahead, but that Gus needs to answer for it. Buzz gets worried about Harley since no one has heard from her. He enlists Frank to help find her. On Main Street, Harley brushes past the two and heads home. Buzz and Frank follow her. At her house, she refuses to let them in. Buzz asks her questions about what is wrong through the door, but they get nowhere. When Daisy returns home, she has the two men boost her to the upstairs windows so she can get in that way. When she appears in the living room, Harley is a mess but won't tell Daisy why. Daisy hugs her mother and tells her that she will always have her on her side. They go to Cedars together to see Dylan. He is being released to physical rehab. Harley offers to go with him. While Buzz encourages her to not go with Dylan and instead work things out with Gus, Harley refuses. As Harley is leaving with Dylan, Gus returns to an empty house.

Rafe finds his mother in the dark in the Spaulding study. She asks him to go for a walk with her. On the walk, Rafe asks to see the picture of Gus that she was hiding from him. It is a picture of Gus when he was Rafe's age. Looking at the photo, Rafe tells his mother that he wouldn't mind if she and Gus got back together.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dinah seeks Cyrus' help by asking him to partner up with her one more time to pull one more big heist, to help her pay her medical bills. He tries to convince her it's not a good idea, that she has people around her that love her and will help her. She becomes upset, and feeling faint, she falls into his arms. He holds her, as Alex enters the room and sees this. Cyrus shares the purpose of Dinah's visit with Alex. Alex tells Cyrus that this is a lesson on how friends will come to you once they know you have money. Cyrus stands by Alex and tells Dinah he's sorry he can't help her - she leaves.

Later, Cyrus meets with Marina to share some private time. Marina informs him that she'll be working with her partner, Mallet again, and that Mallet plans to give Dinah the news that she is being fired from her TV show because she isn't able to do the job anymore. As they enter the Beacon room for their rendezvous, she sees that he has gotten some very nice and expensive things for her.

Meanwhile, Dinah comes home and tries to hide a bag that she has in the bathroom, but Mallet sees her. When he asks what it is, she tells him she's been shopping for shoes. She notices the champagne and flowers and realizes that something is going on. He tells her she's being fired, and then she tells him to look in the bag, and confess to stealing an expensive vase from the Spaulding mansion. He tells her they must return it, and goes with her, returning the vase to Alex. Alex states that she's not sure how she should handle this situation, to turn Dinah in to the police or not. Dinah asks Mallet to leave so that she can talk to Alex alone. Dinah tries to persuade Alex to not turn in her and Mallet because he could lose the thing he loves the most, being a police officer. Dinah continues, saying that he and Marina are very close, like brother and sister, and she hopes that Alex "won't do anything to come between them." Hearing it phrased in that way, Alex decides to not press charges, hoping that mallet and Marina get closer, which will shift Marina's attention away from Cyrus. She tells Dinah that perhaps she can help her to their mutual satisfaction.

As Lizzie sulks in her room, crying, sleeping a lot, and eating ice cream, Remy tries to coax Lizzie out of her gloomy mood. He doesn't coddle her, but instead tells her that if she wants to stay with her gloomy mood, it's up to her, but he's got other things to do, like enjoy life. Lizzie decides it's also time for her to move on, and gets herself dressed in business attire, and approaches Alan, asking him to mentor her in the family business. He doesn't take her seriously and dismisses her, saying that one day she wants to be a ballerina and another she wants to run the Spaulding business, and that he can't trust her. Lizzie accuses him placing his new family, Natalia and Rafe, above her, but he doesn't change his mind. She sets off to prove herself as a businessperson on her own.

She ends up at Farley's, a dive bar, and sees a guy who resembles Jonathan, and calls out to him. When she realizes it's not him, he introduces himself as Jake. After a game of pool, she mistakenly calls him Jon, but Jake corrects her. Lizzie goes back to the bar and tells the owner that she wants to buy the bar and tells him to name his price. She makes a counter offer, all on paper, and tells him that if he accepts it, they have a deal.

Alan goes with Natalia to Towers as she follows up on her application to be a waitress there. The supervisor tells her that he has a full staff and doesn't need another waitress, but after Natalia walks away, Alan approaches the supervisor, thanks him for his cooperation in not hiring Natalia, and pays him off. The supervisor tells Alan that he really could use another waitress, but Alan tells him she's needed at home.

Gus comes home from his trip for his anger management class to find an empty house. Thinking Harley may be at the hospital visiting Dylan, he goes there to look for her. He finds Billy who informs him that Dylan got discharged, and that Harley went with him to help him with his therapy. Gus wants to know where they went, but Billy doesn't want to tell him. Gus pressures Billy, and Billy eventually misleads Gus to think Harley and Dylan are in Chicago, when he knows they are in New York. Gus goes to Towers where he finds Natalia. She tells him that Harley knows that Gus and Natalia had sex. Gus leaves, saying he needs to find Harley.

Back at the mansion, Alan tries to offer Natalia a job at Spaulding, to prepare her and Rafe to take over the business one day. She points out that he has other children and grandchildren, but Alan insists that she has what it takes and they don't. Just then, Remy enters the room and says they have to evacuate, and escorts Natalia out, while Alan is shocked to see that Remy works at the mansion!

Alan goes to Gus' house and finds Gus there, getting ready to leave to find Harley. Alan tries to convince Gus to give up on his marriage, and suggests that maybe Harley has a different dream now, one that includes Dylan and Daisy. He tries to sway Gus towards trying to make things work with Natalia, who is there and ready to love him, but Gus does not let Alan get to him, and tells him, with conviction, that he loves his wife and he is going to find her.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Inside the Light: Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

The "Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" song plays as Billy wakes up and goes through a productive morning routine. He greets and speaks to acquaintances as if he's on top of the world. However he's really not. After a breakfast meeting, he mysteriously tells Wanda he has business to take care of. He parks himself on a stool the Tavern that Lizzie just bought and asks for his usual. She pours him a shot of dark liquid. The bartender wonders if he ever slows down. He says he has too many people counting on him.

The screen flashes back to four months ago. Josh was in jail, giving Billy a litany of things to take care of. He asked him to take care of Cassie, RJ, Marah, Shayne, the Vet's hospital and Lewis Construction. Josh admitted that it was a lot to ask, but Billy shouldered it without question. Billy felt guilty, wanting to help his little brother get released. If he can't do that, he swears he'll keep everything else together. Outside the meeting room, he spied a cop putting down a canteen belonging at an arrested drunk. When no one was looking, he took a clandestine swig out of it.

Time flashes to three months ago. Billy and Josh spoke on Main Street after Josh was released. Billy wondered if Josh thought he could really take care of everything. Laughing Josh was confident and Billy proved himself. Billy wanted to hand the reigns back over to Josh, but he discovered that Josh wouldn't come back to the business. He asked Billy if he were okay with that and Billy said, "If you are." Billy went outside and found some leftover drinks abandoned on a table. He practically snorted them down. To Josh he said that he knew he made mistakes, but he was good now. He would do right by his family.

Time flips to two weeks ago. Billy and Reva spoke to each other about Jeffrey. He reminded her to be careful of Olivia. Reva kissed him and called him the best. Later he was alone in his hotel suite pacing. He stared a picture of Reva and said to himself that he would love her forever. He thought that if it wouldn't be Josh, it would be him and not Jeffrey. He found a small whiskey bottle and took a swig.

Back in the present, he pays his bartender, sprays some breath freshener in his mouth and leaves the Tavern. Billy meets wander at Towers and spikes his coffee when she's not looking. Later out on Main Street, a boisterous Billy isn't interested in finishing work today even though Wanda is worried about meetings and conference calls that he will miss. Daisy approaches and she tries to convince him to let her move in with him instead of Buzz because Buzz is making her work. Billy wont let her do that. She asks if she can get a ride home. He agrees, but with a blurry look at his keys, he realizes that he can't. He asks Wanda to do it. Wanda asks about his meetings. He repeats that he's taking off for the rest of the day.

He goes back to the hotel and Josh comes over, congratulating him on the deal this morning. Josh has loads of confidence in his older brother. He asks him to be his best man. Billy doesn't feel he can possibly live up to best man status right now with all the projects that he has. Josh insists that he wants his brother beside him. Billy makes excuses about not being able to throw him a decent bash, but josh doesn't care. In the end, Billy says no and offers to throw a special party for Cassie and Josh when things calm down. Disappointed, Josh reluctantly agrees and leaves. Billy pulls out his trusty whiskey bottle and tosses it in the trash.

He returns to Main Street where he finds Reva having coffee at CO2. He hears about her Jeffrey troubles surrounding Olivia. He advises her to just dump Jeffrey as easily as she did him. Reva says, "Ouch." In the middle of talking, Jeffrey calls her. She answers and leaves Billy on the bench on alone as she walks away, chattering on her phone.

Billy winds back up at his seat at the Tavern just as Lizzie is handing a check over to the previous owner. She hops onto a stool, announces that she bought the place, and gives everyone a free round of drinks. She points to people, telling them, "A free drink for you, and you..." She points at Billy and they lock eyes. Lizzie comes behind the bar and finds out what Billy's drinking. He tries to tell her that his drink is just a "prop drink" to keep up appearances. Lizzie doesn't really believe him. She doesn't really care as long as he doesn't mess this bar thing up for her. She goes back into the poolroom and starts coming onto Jake again.

Hoping he can distract her from trouble, Billy calls her back to the bar to pour his drink. Lizzie sloppily pours the drink and returns to Jake. Billy calls her over again. When she comes back, she barks at him not to lecture her. She can do whatever she wants. She didn't come down on him and he should do her the same favor. She instructs Jake to meet her at the Beacon and she leaves.

Billy goes to the hospital where there's about to be an AA meeting. Rick approaches, wondering if he is attending. Billy says that he's there to pick up Dylan's records. Rick says that they've already been sent out to Dylan. Rick asks him again about the AA meeting, but Billy says that he's too busy to go. Out in the alley, Billy calls Dylan and leaves him a message.

He returns to the Beacon to drink in the dark. Cassie knocks on the door. Billy lets her in but asks her to keep her distance because he's not feeling well. She offers to take him to the doctor or call Josh. Billy does not want her to do either. Cassie thinks he is faking a cold so he doesn't have to talk to her about the wedding. She has come to ask him to reconsider being in the wedding. She thinks he doesn't want to pick sides between Josh and Reva, but assures him that Reva is fine with it. Billy decides that he'll ask Reva if it's okay and then he'll see. Cassie smiles, saying at least they have each other. Some people have no one. She leaves.

Billy suddenly leaves the room, looking for Lizzie. He yells her name, banging on the doors. Finally she opens her door and Billy barrels in, trying to kick that Jake guy out of her room. Jake's apparently doing or dealing drugs. Billy tells Lizzie that she doesn't have anyone to help her. Lizzie angrily objects that Billy isn't her father. Billy lifts the guy up from behind and throws him out the door. An irritated Lizzie grabs her purse and marches out of the room.

Billy follows her to Main Street where they argue about her being desperate for Jonathan and him being an alcoholic. He tells her that she couldn't have handled that guy at the hotel and he will never be Jonathan. Josh comes strolling up the side street and Billy sighs. Lizzie decides to handle it. She scurries over to Josh and distracts him so that he won't see Billy as he walks along. She explains to Billy that he helped her out with the Jake guy, so she returned the favor.

They walk each other back to the Beacon. Lizzie tells Billy that she knows he's not her Dad, but he is a dad. He asks her what she needs. She says that she's not ready to go home. Billy asks her if she's hungry. She says yes and they leave arm in arm.

They wind up back at her Tavern. She talks about how she had to buy the bar because her own grandfather wouldn't give her a job. She somehow finagles herself a job at Lewis. Billy fusses but she talks him into it—with stipulations. First he says there will be no more impulsive bar buying. Next he wants no talk of Reva and Josh, and he's going to drink occasionally. He doesn't want anyone else to know about it. Lizzie agrees, but in return she will take his keys from him if she thinks he can't drive. She also wants him to let her have her bad days and not to give her any pep-rally cheering up about Jonathan and Sarah. They strike a deal and Lizzie proposes that they toast to new starts and fresh beginnings. Billy says that he isn't new and he certainly isn't fresh. They laugh and toast to just being fine.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Doris arrives at CO2, looking for, and finding, Ashlee, to ask her why she wasn't at a breakfast fundraiser for her mayoral campaign. Ashlee tells her that she has plans to meet with Coop. Doris tries to convince Ashlee that Coop stood her up, but Coop does show up, and both he and Ashlee get a laugh at proving Doris wrong.

As they discuss college classes, Ashlee suggests that she and Coop go to the park to continue, but Coop tells her that he has to return to Ava. Ashlee becomes upset, saying that he told her that he would spend time with her. Ashlee tells Coop that he is sending her mixed signals, and Coop tells Ashlee that he's trying to figure things out between her and Ava. Ashlee adds that if he won't make a decision, then she will make it for him, and that she needs to know where she stands with him. He says that he feels pressured, to which she replies that sounds like an answer. He tells her he's sorry it's not what she wanted to hear, and starts to walk away, and she moves on with her work. They both pause with regret for a moment, but then Coop continues to leave, as Ashlee tries not to cry.

Coop returns to Ava's place, and asks her if she wants to go out, to get back together, be his girl. She says yes, that it's what she's wanted all along but she didn't want to pressure him. Hearing that "no pressure" part seems to make Coop return Ava's kisses with more passion. A short while later, while they are on Main Street near the movie house, Coop suggest they go to a different movie house as he looks around where he last saw Ashlee and doesn't see her now. Ava says she's fine with this movie house and likes being back with him. Again, Coop looks around for Ashlee, but this time, he sees her walking hand in hand with another man.

Coop is with Ava in her apartment, keeping her company by helping her lift weights, while Ava pretends that she is afraid to be alone and afraid to leave her room since she was mugged. She tells him even though her mind knows that her mother set it up and that she really is safe, she claims to still be unnerved by the experience. Coop offers to escort her to a movie when she feels up to it.

Ava literally bumps into Doris later, and Doris encourages Ava to really go after Coop. When Ava questions Doris about she is encouraging this knowing that her daughter likes Coop, she also goes on to say bad things about Ashlee, which makes Doris stand up for her daughter by telling Ava that if she tries to hurt Ashlee that she will legally come down on both her and her mother.

Josh and Cassie are at Towers making wedding plans. Josh tells Cassie to plan for two more seats – for Marah and Shayne, who he hopes will decide to attend. He then says that he will go talk to Reva about them, and leaves. Cassie gets a phone call about her ex-husband, Rob, who was in jail, and learns he died from an overdose. She goes to the police station to meet with her lawyer, Mel, but she finds Mel's partner and Cassie's ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey instead. She looks at the small pile of Rob's personal things as she tries to process the news. She spots an envelope with her name on the front – it's a letter from Rob. Cassie reads it, and when Rob wrote that he wondered happened to his good time girl, it prompts Cassie to remember that she used to be a more spontaneous person, and reflects on how much her life has changed over the years. When Jeffrey tells her that she has moved on to better things, it causes Cassie to pause wistfully, before replying that she is marrying the best guy in the world, Josh. Noticing that Jeffrey felt a little hurt by that (since he and Cassie were very close before), Cassie lets him know that he is invited to the wedding.

Reva and Jeffrey have just finished having sex, and Reva is remembering the threat that Olivia made about revealing the fact that Jonathan is alive if she continues to be with Jeffrey. Reva then turns to Jeffrey and tells him that this was the last time and that she's saying goodbye – again. Jeffrey smiles and playfully reminds her that she said the same thing yesterday and then says, "See ya later", with a chuckle in his voice. A few fun quips later, they begin round two! Afterwards, Jeffrey realizes that Reva still is set on staying away, and tells her that it's not what he wants but he knows he can't stop her if it's what she wants to do. Although Reva knows that ending things with Jeffrey is what she needs to do, she struggles with doing it because it's not what she really wants to do. Jeffrey sincerely tells her that he'll be there if she changes her mind. Reva looks into his eyes with deep caring, and in a tender moment, says goodbye to him.

Just as she closes the door behind her, Olivia approaches her, and comments on how she sees Reva not keeping her word about breaking it off with Jeffrey. Reva tries to convince Olivia that she's trying to make the breakup appear believable by dragging it out some rather than an abrupt break up, and having break up sex. Just then, Josh, who was looking for Reva, walks up to the two women. Olivia doesn't reveal her secret; she leaves.

Later, Olivia has Emma on Main Street and asks her to stay on the bench while she makes a phone call. Olivia calls Reva, who was nearby, though Olivia didn't know it. Olivia leaves a message as Reva watches and listens. Although we don't see this, a short while later in the hall near Olivia's door, she is speaking to Emma calmly, telling her she shouldn't wander away when mommy tells her to stay put. After they enter their room, Reva walks from around the corner, watching Olivia and Emma very closely.

Josh talks to Reva about Marah and Shayne coming to the wedding, and also invites Reva – Reva accepts, but adds that she isn't overjoyed about this. The scene now becomes awkward, as Josh picks up Reva's feelings and toys with her, saying she can bring Jeffrey as a date. When he begins to ask if they are still seeing each other, she interrupts, saying yes, they are. Knowing that Reva's quick response said something more, Josh continues to try to get more info from her, by asking if that was what she and Olivia were talking about, and Reva snaps back a "yes" answer. As he smirks with an upper hand attitude, Josh tells Reva that she should tell Olivia that what she and Jeffrey have isn't a big deal. Reva replies with a cute, sly reply saying she can't.

Later, Reva and Josh cross paths again, this time at Towers. He says he's there to meet Cassie, and she says she's there to meet someone as well. He asks if it's Jeffrey, she replies yes, and then he asks more and more questions about her relationship with Jeffrey. Reva answers some, but then ends it by telling him that he should be planning his wedding, and walks away. Cassie arrives, and when she hears that Reva is also there, she tells him they need to go someone else, anywhere but there. She takes him to Lizzie's new bar, where she is trying to be spontaneous with Josh. She starts dancing, and he joins her.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Jeffrey catches Reva following Olivia and calls her on it. Reva tries to tell him that she is simply picking up her dry cleaning but Jeffrey points out he saw Reva watching Olivia. Reva tries to say how much she admires what a good mother Olivia is to Emma. Jeffrey does not seem to buy that explanation either. He asks Reva if Olivia intimidated her somehow. Reva laughs off that suggestion. Jeffrey warns Reva to drop whatever is between Olivia and her before something bad happens. After he walks away, Olivia comes over and blasts Reva for being unable to stay away from Jeffrey. She reminds Reva of the consequences of not doing what she was told and asks Reva if she really wants to push her. A defiant Reva says she does and calls Olivia's bluff. She does not think Olivia will call Alan. After all, Olivia is a mother - she does not have it in her to endanger a child. Reva defiantly states she will keep on seeing Jeffrey. Just then Olivia spots Lizzie and decides to call Reva's bluff. Olivia calls Lizzie over and begins talking about how hard it must be for her having lost Sarah. Reva tries to get Olivia to shut up by stating the topic is too hard for Lizzie. But Lizzie seems to like discussing Sarah. Finally when Olivia starts talking about a woman she knows who is willing to put her child at risk just for the sake of a cheap fling, Reva blurts out she will do whatever she has to do. After Lizzie leaves, a victorious Olivia tells Reva she wants one more thing from her - an invitation to Josh and Cassie's wedding.

Billy is waiting at a bar for a business meeting. It turns out instead of meeting with the owners, he is meeting with their lawyer: Jeffrey. Billy seems a little put out and tries to renegotiate the price of the contract. Jeffrey senses Billy's problem is Reva. Billy states he will always be protective of Reva. After stating his concerns Billy asks how Jeffrey knows what he has with Reva is the real thing. Jeffrey states that he does not owe Billy an explanation and he leaves.

Olivia arrives at the Beacon where she runs into Jeffrey. After some small talk, Jeffrey starts to enter his room but Olivia stops him. She starts talking about how her engagement to Buzz did not last because she was always been terrified something would ruin her happiness. She has always been nervous. She is not nervous anymore - not with him. Olivia states that going after him has made her strong, confident and alive and wonders if it has done the same for him. Jeffrey tells her it is not him that makes her feel alive - it is her competition with Reva. He tells Olivia not to fight over him and warns her if this goes to war something bad is going to happen.

Meanwhile, Reva places a call. Later, she has a visitor at home - Emma. Reva tells the little girl she cannot wait to call her mommy.

Alan is at Towers with Rafe and Natalia. After he arranges for a table for the three of them, Alan points out to Rafe how he got on the maitre de's good side by using his first name (people like it when you do that) and how he demanded a table rather than asking for one. Natalia points out one should be courteous because it is the right thing to do and not as a tactic to get what you want. A little later, Alan tells Rafe he can go to be with his friends. When Natalia balks at Alan's offer to bring the limo to pick up Rafe later, Alan asks her why she keeps rejecting his hospitality. Natalia says it is not realistic. Sooner or later, something will happen and she and Rafe will be on their own again.

Gus arrives at home to find Daisy. He asks Daisy where her mother is but she refuses to tell him. Daisy tells Gus how he broke her mother's heart and does not deserve to find her. She tells him what a mess Harley was when she left. Gus points out Daisy does not know the whole story. When he mentions how he feels bad about Harley being all alone, Daisy tells him she is with Dylan. Suddenly Gus gets a call from the Cedars security guard informing him about the shoplifting incident involving Rafe and Daisy. Gus goes to the Spaulding mansion to look for Rafe. By now, Alan and Natalia are back. Gus brings up the shoplifting incident which is a complete surprise to Natalia. Alan assures Gus that he handled it and pointed out it was Daisy who took the watch; Rafe was just defending her. When Gus starts taking pills for his ulcer, Alan tells Natalia how stressed out Gus is because of Harley. He rants about Harley always needs to be the center of attention; everything is about Harley and her family. Finally Natalia tells Alan that is enough and gets them to concentrate on finding Rafe. When Alan tells them he is with friends, Gus and Natalia realize the friend Rafe is with is Daisy and they go to find him.

Lizzie checks up on Billy after his meeting. He is drinking a club soda and waiting for his dinner. He offers to let her taste his drink but she reminds him she is not his conscience. As they are talking, Alan enters and demands to know why Lizzie is at the table with Billy. Lizzie mentions how she was serious when she told him she wanted in the family business but he rejected her. Alan thinks Billy talked Lizzie into doing some investing but she tells him Billy is her mentor.

Rafe and Daisy have been making out; they hear a car and quickly put on a video game so the adults cannot see what they were doing. Gus brings up the shoplifting incident. Daisy owns up to her part and states Rafe was just defending her. Gus sends Daisy to Buzz's and blasts Rafe for calling Alan so he could "fix it" (in other words, pay someone off). Gus could not stand Rafe becoming like his grandfather. When he sees the watch that Alan bought Rafe, Gus demands he take it off and give it to him.

Later, Daisy talks to Harley on the phone and tells her she saw Gus. Daisy tells her mother how obvious it is that Gus loves her and asks if it isn't worth talking to him.

Now at the mansion Rafe points out he did not like the watch because it was expensive. He liked it because his grandfather gave it to him; he never had that before. When he goes to him room, Gus commiserates to Natalia how he is such a great dad to Harley's kids but cannot connect to his own. Natalia assures him he is doing a great job. As Gus thanks her for making his day a little better his phone rings. It is Harley.

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