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Tate pleaded guilty. Cristian rescued Sarah from Hunter. Viki reluctantly agreed to allow Miles to stay in the guesthouse, though Todd was not happy. John discovered the truth about Tommy and insisted that Todd had to be told. Antonio wanted to end all contact with Jessica and Nash. Antonio agreed to accompany Talia to Monte Carlo night, but only as friends. Marty headed to jail.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 6, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, August 6, 2007

Rex and Adriana's blissful morning comes to a screeching halt when John and his team barge in with a search warrant and begin tossing the apartment. As Rex and Adriana try to convince themselves that John won't uncover anything incriminating about Tommy, John discovers the death certificate Rex forged for Todd's son. Natalie goes to bat for Miles when Renee denies him a room at the Palace. Although grateful for Natalie's help, Miles doesn't want to stay where he's not wanted. Natalie comes up with an idea, and tells Viki that she invited Miles to stay with them at Llanfair. Sarah clashes with Clint when she tries to get her hands on her trust fund money. Clint is no pushover as he refuses to just hand Sarah money, and wants her to start showing some responsibility. Sarah is accosted by Hunter when she returns to Capricorn. Dorian is horrified after receiving a postcard from David and learning he has taken a menial job at a Caribbean resort. Dorian blames Viki for David having to struggle to get by, but Viki is certain David will be just fine and commends him for taking an honest job.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cristian arrived at Capricorn to find Hunter holding Sarah at knifepoint. Cristian offered to give Hunter money in exchange for letting her go, but he refuse stating that he wanted something else from Sarah. He confronted Sarah about being a Buchanan and wanted money from her since she's connected. Sarah confessed that she's been cut off from her parents. Hunter didn't care and forced her to call Cord to ask for money which her father refuses to give and hangs up on her. Cristian and Hunter rumbled for the knife, which Cristian got and turned the knife on Hunter.

Nora and Cole came by Marty's to get some of Cole's stuff. They also happily tossed Miles stuff in the storage room as he stopped by to get his stuff. Miles was shocked that Cole was unforgiving towards him and apologized for how things turned out and stated that he truly loved Marty. Cole didn't want to hear Miles explanation of things.

Natalie asks Viki if Miles could move in to Llanfair, which Viki was strongly against. Mother and Daughter argued about Miles abuse against Todd and Natalie's newfound friendship with him. Viki also suggested that her friendship with Miles is payback against John, bringing up her past mistakes in relationships with Paul Cramer and Mitch Laurence. Natalie defended herself by comparing her past situation to Miles' and begged her mom to trust her judgment about Miles. Viki still objected so Natalie brought up the fact that Todd was just as bad, but she forgave him and said that Miles was her Todd and deserves a second chance just like her uncle. Finally, Viki agreed to let Miles temporary live in the carriage house saying that her daughter brought up a good defense but warned that if Miles does anything else against her family he's out.

Rex came by the police station to pick up his computer that was confiscated by the police. John confronted Rex about knowing Todd's son is still alive and why he kept the information a secret. He also wanted to know why Rex forged the death certificate. Rex lied about how he was using the baby's fake death certificate as a template on his computer as a forgery practice, which John saw right through. So, Rex made up another story about how he forged the certificate to get Todd off his back and also used his then relationship problems with Adriana as an excuse. Rex kept switching the story around blaming it on Truman, which John agreed that Truman was still involved and Rex knew more about the baby's whereabouts then he was letting on. After Rex left, he put a trailed on his whereabouts. Meanwhile, Michael and Marcie enjoyed a day in the park with Tommy and discuss their future of become better parents. They also discussed about their options for having another child but agreed that they were grateful to have Tommy. Marcie did visit John about Michael and asked her brother-in-law to see what's wrong with her husband. They talked about Tommy and she mentioned about Tommy's Birthday which John figured out after she left that Tommy is really TJ. Rex warned Michael that John is investigating TJ disappearance and convinces Michael to take Marcie and Tommy on a vacation. John shows up to drop the bomb that he knows Tommy is Todd's son.

Todd and Blair awoke cuddling with one another and talked about their relationship.

Blair brought up how they always hurt each other and the kids, which Todd agreed with comparing their relationship to a hurricane. The kids finally woke up and asked if their mom spent the night. When Blair and Jack left the room to get his stuff ready, Starr told her dad that he and Blair where showing signs of reconciliation but wisely noted that a reunion between them would only lead to disaster. Todd then left to visit Evangeline, while the kids left with Blair.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Todd arrives at the hospital to visit Evangeline. Vincent stops him from going inside: it's family only. Todd and Vincent square off in front of Evangeline's door. Layla comes out and won't let Todd see Evangeline, either. Vincent offers to throw him out. Todd says Evangeline wouldn't want to be kept away from her friends. Todd whips out a big wad of money and tries to bribe Vincent to let him in the room. Vincent tosses Todd's money on the floor. Todd tells Vincent that he was in a coma, and he could hear the people around him. He jokes that everyone he knows has been in a coma. Todd leaves. Layla thanks Vincent for his support and says she wants to go home with Vincent. Layla tells him she knows exactly what she wants, and it's Vincent. Todd picks up the money off the floor and bumps into a hospital worker. Todd lies and says he's there to visit someone, and the hospital worker takes some of his money and lets him hang around past visiting hours. Then he goes into Evangeline's room. Todd says he hates that the OPP got to Evangeline; he wonders if he'd brought her to Chicago, then would she be okay. He says he's a control freak who has no control over anything, even himself. He wishes there were something he could have done to keep her safe. He tells her he lost it the day he thought his son died, and Evangeline was the one who helped him make it through that day. He says Evangeline gives him strength, and he needs it, because he's starting to accept the fact that his son is dead. Todd thinks Evangeline would tell him to stay calm. Todd says someone out there took his son, and he wants to make that person pay.

Natalie shows Miles the carriage house, and says Viki will come around about having Miles stay there. He thanks her; she's glad to help. Miles says John is on a mission to send him to prison. Natalie says John cannot make a jury convict Miles. Miles says she's an amazing friend, who has a lot to lose. He asks her if she's just doing this to make John mad. Natalie snaps at Miles, telling him that she's helping him because he needs a friend, not just to get back at John. Miles apologizes. Natalie says she was manipulative and insecure, but there were people who helped her, and she started to care. Miles asks Natalie if she's worried what people will think about her for supporting him. Natalie says she doesn't give a damn about what other people think about her. She tells Miles not to be so negative, then criticizes Marty, but understands that she broke Miles' heart. She says it was like getting hit by a truck when she lost John. Miles says John is going to lose it when he finds out Natalie has moved him into the carriage house. Natalie says she will handle Todd. They joke about being at the top of Todd's hate list. Natalie says she'll call Miles first thing in the morning.

John arrives at Rex's door and confronts Rex and Michael, saying he knows the truth about Tommy. He tells Mike he loves him, but this is police business now. Michael denies knowing anything, and John yells, "it's over!" John says he understands why Michael did what he did, but wants to hear it from him. He thought they were covering for the murder, but really they were covering up that Tommy is Todd's son. Michael exclaims that Tommy is his son. Michael asks John to take it to his grave, which is something John cannot do, and a single tear rolls down his cheek. John tries to empathize with Michael, but says Tommy's adoption is illegal. Michael compares his family being ripped apart with the death of John and Michael's father years ago. John doesn't think you can compare the two situations. John asks Michael why he didn't come to him for help. Michael says it's because for John, the law comes first, and he would have taken Tommy away sooner. John says that if he doesn't take Tommy away, someone else will, someday. What Michael did is not only illegal, it's immoral. Michael asks if John thinks Todd is a better parent than Michael and Marcie. Michael asks John to keep his mouth shut. John tells Michael not to make this about them. Michael says it's about family. John says he can't keep it secret because it's against the law, and the law is what separates us from the animals. Michael cries that Todd already has two kids, and Tommy is Michael and Marcie's only shot. John says they have to give Tommy back: Michael is not the father, and Tommy was stolen. John says by keeping Tommy, Michael is doing Spencer's dirty work. Both brothers cry a bit. Michael asks John how does he give Tommy up? John's cell phone rings; he is on call and has to handle an emergency at Capricorn. Michael begs John not to tell, because if they lose Tommy, they won't be able to have another adoption, and it will kill Marcie. Both brothers cry some more. John has to go. Michael asks him what he's going to do and John doesn't know. Rex says John is not going to tell about Tommy. Michael laughs and says he will. Rex says that Todd will think Tommy is better off with Michael and Marcie. Michael says it's obvious that Todd wants his son back. Rex says maybe Michael, Marcie, and Tommy should go out of town, permanently.

Cristian stabs Hunter in front of Sarah. Hunter falls to the floor, his pulse weak. Sarah calls 911. Hunter dies. Sarah freaks out a little and Cristian calls the police, saying he just killed a man. The police process the crime scene and tell Cristian no one can leave until a detective arrives. Cristian takes care of Sarah and tells her she's going to be okay. She asks if he's going to be okay. He says he couldn't let Hunter kill her, and Sarah says now she has to save Cristian's life in return and she thanks him. John arrives at Capricorn and talks in private to Cristian. He asks how Cristian is, saying it is no easy thing killing a man. Cristian says he's done it before, and John says it messed him up before. John tells Cristian to go home and they can talk about the killing later. Cristian thanks him for being cool. John asks if Hunter implicated Miles. Sarah asks what John wanted to know. John sits at the bar at Capricorn and gets a frantic call from Michael, who needs to know if John is going to do anything about their situation tonight. About tomorrow, John doesn't know. John pours himself a shot of bourbon and drinks it, then reaches and pours himself another.

Cristian and Sara return to the loft, and Cristian tells Sarah to get some rest. She asks him to stay, and he gives her a hug. She cries.

Layla and Vincent arrive at her place. Vincent tries some sweet talk, but Layla tells him he doesn't need to do that. They kiss, then Layla asks Vincent to come to bed with her. Vincent and Layla make love.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Todd is troubled in a big way when he runs into Miles at Llanfair. Viki clarifies that he's Nat's guest. He's come by to tell her that Hunter is dead and wonders how Miles fits into the picture. He has an ace in the hole, Cole, he informs his newest adversary, who will testify against Miles. It's not unusual to push a stepfather away, Miles responds. No, it's because Miles is an evil bastard, is Todd's response. Viki puts an end to the conversation and again states that it's Natalie's wish to have Miles there. His being there doesn't sit well with her, she admits, but he hasn't been found guilty yet. She stood by Todd and Natalie is doing the same for Miles. Todd thanks her for stabbing him in the back but she's insistent that she's doing it for Nat, who believes the best of him. Todd insists that he'll pay, one way or another, and yes, it means what it always does.

Vincent and Layla lay quietly in the after-moments. She feels safe with him. They talk about heading to Tate's arraignment and he mentions how he's still sorry for saving the man's life. That's why she feels the way she does about him, Layla responds. Rex ruins Adriana's day when he tells her that John knows about Tommy/TJ. He assures her that John doesn't know of her involvement and is convinced that he doesn't have any real proof. They too are heading to court.

Michael waits for John who has no time to talk; he has a couple of arraignments to go to. Michael needs to plead his case again anyway and is convinced that John is going to ruin his life. He swears he didn't know about Tommy/TJ until after the boy's christening. John wonders how his brother can live with himself, knowing he stole someone else's kid but Michael is adamant that his son was not stolen. He lives with guilt everyday but it's better for his son. At the end of the day Todd has other children, he will not. Marcie cannot have any children, he tells John, who is sorry to hear that. John can be a cop or a brother, Michael challenges. They're interrupted by Marcie, who's on the way to the playground with the baby. What's going on? she wonders. Michael certainly won't tell her anything. It's just family stuff, John replies. Marcie leaves momentarily, having forgotten some toys. Michael thinks that John is doing what he is because he's jealous; he wants what Michael has and will never have it. John disagrees. It's about right and wrong. When Marcie returns, Michael suggests that they head for a vacation and even though she thinks it's sweet to hear how her husband wants to be alone with his family, she'll have to pass. School is starting soon and she has lots to do. Maybe at Christmas, she suggests.

Visiting Marty before her arraignment, Cole has his choice of clothing for court admired by his mom. She is going to plead guilty, she advises him. She didn't do it, an upset Cole pleads with her to no avail. John won't be able to find the real killer if she pleads guilty. She asks that he trust her. She learns that Starr has forgiven him and that Todd won't stand in their way. She also hears that Miles' things have been tossed from the apartment. Don't make him more of an enemy, she requests. John arrives to take her to court. There's no way she's pleading guilty, he says. They can't give up now. She can't remember delivering the fatal blow so she couldn't have done it. Marty thinks that John isn't looking too well but he will only tell her that it's personal. She offers to hear him out whenever he wants.

Sarah is still upset about watching Hunter get stabbed and she's disbelieving that Cris risked his life for her. She's ready to make a new plan and move on. Everything that she came to Llanview for has been taken care of. Cris reminds her of the fact that she has no money and offers to have her begin working at Capricorn. She doesn't have time to work up to the salary she'd need, she replies regretfully.

The crowd builds for Tate's arraignment. Nora and Bo are surprised to see Matthew. The boy thinks it's important for Tate to see him and all of the others. He doesn't scare them. The judge cites the charges; arson, murder and attempted murder. Tate has no lawyer and doesn't want one. He has nothing to say regarding the charges though he pleads guilty. He's only pleading that way so a pack of mongrels doesn't get to judge him, he sneers. He's done nothing wrong and others will continue his work. Layla jumps to her feet and begins to yell. She's quickly quieted down. He'll be a martyr, he continues. He's only sorry that he didn't finish what he started. It's Vincent's turn to jump up, yelling and ready to throw punches. Tate is held by Bo as others get to Vincent. The judge is ready to toss everyone for contempt but lets it go. She won't be so understanding in the future, she promises. Tate is remanded to Statesville until sentencing. Matthew feels bad for Tate, feeling that he's pathetic. Vincent and Layla apologize for their outbursts. She's sure a warden will see that Tate gets what's coming to him.

Tate is welcomed to Statesville by his new cellmate, Luther. He's a large, muscular African-American, wearing a Star of David star.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Antonio runs into Talia at the diner. She asks him if he has a minute, but he doesn't and tells her he'll be back and she can talk to him then. Nash and Jessica are back home from the hospital and Antonio comes by to talk to Nash about the vineyard. Antonio tells him that he wants out and came to him first but Nash doesn't have unlimited time. After Antonio leaves, Nash and Jessica talk and she suggests that she become his business partner. He's weary about it because he used Claudia for her money and he promised himself he'd never do that again, he doesn't want to take advantage of Jess and her money. Antonio goes back to the diner to talk to Talia, who asks him if he'll go to the Monte Carlo night fundraiser with her and he agrees.

Also at the diner, Marcie is talking with Michael (who's holding Tommy) about the state their family is in. Later the Mannings arrive and Blair holds Tommy and says he reminds her of someone. Mike looks petrified and Todd pissed and uninterested, as we see John looking in from outside.

Before Todd and Blair head to the diner, Blair is at Dorian's sunning herself and reading the paper. Todd comes by and informs them that Miles is staying at Llanfair at the bequest of Natalie. Blair tries to defend Viki, saying she may have other reasoning behind allowing Miles to stay but Todd shoots that idea cold. Todd then tells Blair and Dorian that Hunter has been killed but spins it out to make Cris look like it was murder and not a self-defense struggle. Dorian's delusion surrounding Viki doesn't sidetrack however and she says that Viki's just doing this because she and Clint are involved with one another. Todd and Blair leave and Clint tells Dorian to get all fancied up as he's taking her out tonight. He then tells her that he's going to take her to the Monte Carlo night and they sit down at the patio table as Clint tries to teach Dorian how to play Texas Hold ‘Em. Dorian has an excellent poker face and beats Clint with a royal flush.

Before Marty's hearing starts, Cole is confronted by a reporter. Starr is with him and recognizes the reporter as someone who works for her father's paper, The Sun. She tells him in no uncertain terms that unless he wants to be banished to the classifieds for the rest of his career to leave, and he does. Marty pleads not guilty. The judge doesn't release her from prison though and her request of bail is denied. Later back in her holding cell, she and John talk. He tells her that he's glad she decided to fight but she feels like she's just postponing the inevitable. Back in the courtroom, Cole, Starr, Langston and Marko (who showed up to support Cole) tear the courtroom to pieces.

Natalie lets herself into the carriage house and calls out to Miles to let him know she's there as she looks through the photo album on the table by the door. It only has one picture in it - him, Cole and Marty in front of a tree. Miles comes down and clues Natalie into the drama surrounding him because of Todd and Viki and her decision to let Miles stay at Llanfair. Natalie isn't worried however and tells him that Todd is no threat, especially to her, and how Todd tried to have Natalie killed after he'd had her kidnapped. Miles is shocked but Nat shrugs it off. She asks him to go with her to the Monte Carlo night, telling him he can stick it to Todd by showing up and letting him know things are fine and dandy. Miles though is uneasy about the idea and worries about how it will affect Marty. Natalie is aggravated that he's still thinking of Marty as his wife and bluntly reminds him that his marriage is being annulled and he needs to start a new life and stop thinking about Marty, and asks him whether or not he'll go with her.

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