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Sick and tired
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Frankly, I'm exhausted -- emotionally drained, frustrated, and exhausted. Watching this show feels more and more like a chore, especially with this Spike-is-deaf, Ian-is-near-death, Kendall-is-torn-between-her-children, storyline.

Well, I'm back, after a brief summer vacation intended to recharge my batteries and give me a new perspective on Pine Valley (among other things). Sadly, my perspective remains the same...

Frankly, I'm exhausted -- emotionally drained, frustrated, and exhausted. Watching this show feels more and more like a chore, especially with this Spike-is-deaf, Ian-is-near-death, Kendall-is-torn-between-her-children, storyline. When word of this story came out in the spoilers, I was pretty optimistic. It wasn't as though I was looking forward to seeing my favorite characters get put through the ringer (again), but I at least saw it as the opportunity to see some great, emotional performances by some of my favorite actors. And, to a certain extent, that's been the case - but I'm afraid of where we're headed.

Choosing Sides

Like Kendall, I feel like viewers are being forced to choose between Spike and Ian, and who we choose will make some grand commentary regarding our feelings about Ryan and Zach, respectively. I'm a Kendall fan, a Zach fan, and a Zach/Kendall fan. The Kendall fan in me understands she is torn, the Zach fan in me is ticked that Kendall isn't spending more time with Ian (who faces far more dire consequences), and the Zach/Kendall fan in me is just plain scared. I know soaps thrive on conflict, but there comes a point when it's just too much. I watch soaps for drama, not depression.

The only high points for me this week involved people taking shots at Greenlee. The best instance, of course, was Kendall's dream, in which she stabbed her former "sister" during a family picnic. Works for me! And you know it's bad when I'm cheering on Jonathan Lavery, who also gave Greens the verbal smackdown this week. He may be a hypocritical serial killer, but when the man has a point, he has a point. I was hoping the tumor might grow back so he could take the little witch out for good. Even Jackson, who has had blinders on about his sweet little daughter's behavior for weeks, let Greenlee have it.

Of course, Greenlee was still in "poor me" mode, talking big about wanting to make up for her crimes while completely ignoring the feelings of the people whose lives she destroyed. One of my favorite lines was Greenlee explaining to Kendall how Kendall had been there for her when she lost her baby, offering to do the same. The difference, Ms. Smythe, is that Kendall wasn't the cause of your pain. And when Kendall did do something to "betray" you, and you ran out of town in a huff screaming that you wanted her to leave you alone, SHE DID.

Greenlee insists that she needed to go see Kendall to make Kendall and Spike feel better. Pure B.S. She wants to assuage her own guilt - typical selfish behavior. How would Greens have felt if, after she left town, Kendall followed her and kept insisting she could make things right? The whole situation is infuriating.

I guess I'm supposed to give Greenlee credit for tracking down the very questionable Dr. Hilliard to help Spike, or I should feel sympathy for her because Aidan and, to a lesser extent, Josh, have felt pity for her. Well, it's not going to happen. Period, end of story.

Everything Else

I am somewhat curious about Annie's past, but not nearly as much as I should be, given AMC's hard sell of late. It feels to me like this is one of those situations where the truth can't be nearly as bad as they're making it appear. * I have been loving Erica lately, in full-on protective mother mode, but the fact that she's even considering this Live With Jack and Erica nonsense is just plain silly. On, I know I'm supposed to believe she's doing this to help raise awareness of deafness, but her daughter hasn't even accepted Spike's prognosis. She thinks Kendall will be happy making Spike the poster boy for deaf children? I don't think so. * Di and Aidan ended their romance this week. I guess we should consider ourselves blessed that it happened on-screen, unlike most of their relationship. * If the writers are going to push an Ava/Jonathan/Amanda/JR quadrangle, I think I'd better stock up on Pepto Bismol... or keep a bucket near the television.

-- Kristine

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