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Luke's first kiss
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Luke Snyder's first kiss has fans in a tizzy. While kissing on a daytime drama is nothing new, it is when the kiss is between two men.

Luke Snyder's first kiss has fans in a tizzy. While kissing on a daytime drama is nothing new, it is when the kiss is between two men. My mailbox is full of mail from angry soap viewers threatening to turn off the show if Luke's romance continues. I know this is a touchy subject, but I'm not afraid to put in my Two Scoops. After all, that is the name of this column.

Historically, gay storylines on daytime dramas have never been spotlighted the same way as heterosexual relationships. In other words, we've never seen romantic love scenes for homosexuals. That could change if As the World Turns stays the course with Luke's budding romance with Noah. But is it a good idea? Some viewers are threatening to boycott the show because of it, and let's face it: this soap is already having a tough ratings year. It can't afford to lose more viewers. Thankfully, I don't run the network, and don't have to make programming decisions.

As the World Turns is trying to reflect the diversity in our culture by showcasing a gay romance. Whether viewers will go for it is anyone's guess. Some viewers have complained that this story is "morally wrong" and refuse to watch it. But, where was the same moral outrage when Emily became a hooker or Alison became a porn star? Oakdale is full of morally challenged people, and it's not up to me to decide who is morally right or wrong.

Despite that more than ten percent of the American population is gay, a homosexual male love story is still cutting edge for daytime television. Yes, we've seen gay story arcs on daytime before, but never to this extent. General Hospital quickly dropped its "Lucas is gay" story, after he came out of the closet. And while Bianca on All My Children shared daytime's first lesbian kiss, her romances quickly fizzled, too. Frankly, I don't recall there being such an outcry when Bianca kissed her girlfriend, as compared to Luke and Noah's smooch. I'm not sure what the difference is. Perhaps, audiences are less comfortable watching two men kiss. Or perhaps the ATWT audience is more conservative than the AMC audience. I guess we'll find out if this story is a hit or miss when the ratings are released and we find out if Luke's storyline truly did drive off the viewers who emailed to say they would no longer be watching.

In other musings:
--Move over, Sydney Bristow, there's a new action hero in town, and her name is Carly Tenney. All she needs to fight evil is a denim jacket and a hairpin. That beating she gave Kit was brutal. Seriously though, how refreshing is it to see a female as the action hero for once? I love it. I just hope Carly manages to get herself out of that quicksand, so that Jack won't have to swoop in and save the day. (Yeah, I know, it's wishful thinking.)

--Brad Snyder is one cheap date. He got so drunk, he passed out on only half a bottle of wine during that poker game. Um, I thought this guy was a wild child party animal? My Henry could drink him under the table. And speaking of under the table, was anyone else sorry that Katie stopped Brad from betting his last piece of clothing in the strip poker game? Yeah, me, too.

--I'd heard the rumors, but now I believe it. It's official: Gold jewelry is back as a hot new trend. How do I know? Oakdale's fashion maven, Barbara Ryan, was sporting gold accessories this week and looking great doing it.

--Several moments made me chuckle this week including 1) Kim worrying about the Hawaii remote and setting party-boy Brad loose on the beaches of Wakiki. 2) Elwood's phone number being 1-800-GEEKBOY. 3) Will's baby-name joke t-shirt for Gwen that proudly labeled her "Murgatroyd's Mom."

--Speaking of "Murgatroyd's Mom," she's looking hot these days. Gwen Munson is truly "glowing." But, it could be her killer tan. And frankly, I don't care what they name the baby, as long as it isn't another "Johnny."

--Things are not looking good for Katie. Twice now, when Jack was barely conscious, he's blabbered on under his breath about Carly. Now I'm no expert, but that can't be good. I think Katie was on to something with her idea that dropping her engagement ring down the disposal was a bad omen.

--Rosanna looks remarkably good for having been in a coma for more than a year. I love that her usually sleek-straight hair is now in curls. That's realistic. One certainly can't use a straight iron when one is bedfast.

--Yay! Someone finally remembered that Lily and Dusty were once friends and actually put them in a scene together discussing it. He used to carry her schoolbooks, he told her, sweetly. These two are good. More please.

--Although my Henry looked cool as a cucumber in those shades, betting all of Vienna's not-hard-earned money, I was sweating bullets. I thought for sure he'd lost all of the cash. Instead, he won plenty of Benjamins and, surprisingly, Al's Diner. Henry wasn't the only one shocked to find out that his losing fellow gambler, Bart Albertini, was the infamous "Al" of Al's Diner. Brilliant twist! I can't wait to see Henry in an apron.

-- I am a little concerned that Vienna won't be able to adjust to diner life. She'd never eaten a sloppy joe. Just wait until she sees the chipped beef on toast.

--For a moment there, I thought Carly and Jack were doing the same scene that Katie and Simon did in a dungeon in Malta years ago. (Katie used her crucifix necklace to pick the handcuff lock, instead of a hairpin.) But Jack and Carly's scene didn't get sexy hot like Katie and Simon's did. Wait, it did get hot, but that was because of the gasoline-lit fire and explosion.

--I'm not surprised that poor Rosanna didn't remember that Jen's kid was named Johnny. If I recall, he had about three different monikers before he finally got his current name. (Gwen named him. Craig named him. And finally Jen named him.) I'm having a brain melt and cannot remember what his previous names were. Bonus prize for anyone who can remember and email me the answer. (Okay, so there won't be a bonus prize, but you'll have my respect and admiration. How does that work for ya?)

--For once, Aaron and I are equally confused. How could Sofia let a guy treat her that way? Have some respect for yourself, girlfriend.

--I should have known that smarmy Cole was Iris' kid. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I'm stunned that Gwen turned out so decent.

--If Katie is going to be married to Det. Jack Snyder, she's going to have to toughen up. If not, she'll be eating Prozac like candy every time Jack goes on a dangerous call.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Dusty spots madam Cheri Love talking to Lily about booking rooms at the Lakeview.)
Dusty: "Do you know what she does for a living?"
Lily: "She's a lobbyist."
Dusty: "Well, you could say that.... She's a hooker."
Lily: (shocked) "She gave me a business card."
Dusty: "Yes, Cheri Love. The name didn't tip you off?"

(Cheri grills Lily, after she sees her talking with Dusty.)
Cheri: "What did he say to you?"
Lily: "That running the Best Little Whorehouse in Oakdale wasn't part of my business plan."

Reader Spotlight:
(From reader Heather)
"As a 25+ year viewer of ATWT, while I think the show is the best it's ever been, I am very uncomfortable with the gay storyline. I understand it's something different, and it happens in real life, but some things are better left alone. I've been debating whether or not I should keep watching when the whole storyline was initially brought up, but I turned it off today, 08/17/07, and don't plan on watching the show anymore. I feel that is extremely unfair to your loyal viewers . . . simply trying to be diverse and appeal to such a very small percentage of your audience. There's something very unsettling about watching two men kiss."

(From reader Karen)
"On 8-17-07 on "As The World Turns," I was so appalled to see two men kissing on national TV. I feel like the writers have stooped to an all-time low. I think we all know that there are gays out there, and what they do behind closed doors is their business, but I don't think anyone wants to see it on their TV screen. I have been a viewer of "As The World Turns" for many years. I would hate to give it up."

(From reader Lidia)
"Today, (ATWT) went too far with Luke. I am 72 years old. I've been watching since 1956, but now I am through."

(From reader Lori)
"I thought it was strange this week when Will was surprised to see Dusty at the baby party. As way of explanation, Gwen said "Well, he did save your life". Yeah, ok. And Dusty is also his brother-in-law. OK ex-BIL, but only because Jennifer died. Wouldn't he still be considered family? And shouldn't he check in with Barbara sometimes since they had grown close since Jennifer's death? Now he's only allowed to visit her family if Alison is around. I understand moving the plot, but let's not totally forget our history!"

That's all for now, Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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