Luke scares Noah

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Luke scares Noah
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Luke's story is finally making some real movement. It looked like Noah was really interested in Maddie, until he spent some time alone with Luke. He is having a hard time trying to shake the fact that he is attracted to Luke.

This week the action surrounding the kidnapping of JJ continued and it is time to move on to other things like the reconciliation of Jack and Carly. We saw how quickly Paul recovered from his fall as he now is out to wake Rosanna and in Oakdale, Luke can not seem to figure out Noah and the Stewarts continue to turn to Dusty. There is a lot happening including adding some new folks -why?

JJ's Kidnapping
The kidnapping of JJ, the kid who for the most part took a background seat to Parker, is taking up a lot of time. This saga should not have left Oakdale. Though being stretched out, there are some real good performances coming out of this story: we get to see feisty Carly - the Carly who is full of fire and excitement. It was great to see her slap Jack twice to show reality in her performance for Kit. The slap was long overdue; someone needs to slap Jack back to reality and away from Katie. It is so apparent that Jack and Carly belong together and this story will surely bring this fact to the forefront for Jack so how will he let Katie down. I strongly doubt if Katie will have any down time before she goes off to be with Brad.

How about the actress playing Kit? I have been watching Inturn and her performances there. She is a talented lady and she is doing a fantastic job with this story. TPTB need to find a place for this actress on the canvas pronto as Kit or another character. They do not need to lose her as Oakdale is a little low on diversity right now without Jessica or Ben or Isaac or Bonnie.

While on the topic of the Inturns, they all did well in their performances and I am rooting for Dyon to win - I was impressed by her early on in the competition. She could be a love interest for Dallas possibly as a new female cop on the force. It's time for Dallas to get a storyline so without Jade - this is another option.

Luke and Noah
Luke's story is finally making some real movement. It looked like Noah was really interested in Maddie until he spent some alone time with Luke. He is having a hard time trying to shake the fact that he is attracted to Luke. Maddie was right when she admitted to Gwen that her relationship with Noah does seem forced. He is forcing things so he can be the man his father wants him to be. It is going to be interesting to see how this all plays how as real feelings get in the way.

Paul's Quick Recovery
Paul Ryan fall off a cliff and recovers in record time with no residual effects of the accident. I am amazed at how quickly this happened. I know it was time to move on to him helping resurrect Rosanna from her coma and ultimately bring her back to Oakdale to get even with Craig. I wonder if this was same the drug that was used on Laura on General Hospital. I guess when Cady McClain decides she wants to leave again that she will go back in the coma.

Paul was in love with Rosanna before her accident now he is in love with Meg so which one of these women has his true heart. Is he out to get revenge on Craig by bringing back Rosanna or is he trying to get Meg back? I am anxious to find out his true motives because he can't have both women.

Where is Meg's heart these days as she tears up the annulment papers? Is Craig finally getting to her? The wildcard in all of this is Lucinda as she will use whatever she can to get back her company after all Craig purchased it with Rosanna's money - this could get quite convoluted.

The Stewart Ladies
So Susan's relapse happened off-screen and it now over as she is now going to meetings with Alison. Rant: this show can spend a lot of time on a lot of nothing characters. So we have a character like Susan Stewart who has a history of alcoholism, the writers spend about a week on this story while we are subjected to weeks of characters like Cleo or Silas. I am appalled at the treatment of a veteran of this show. I have to remember that this is not Y&R or B&B or GL - one of the other soaps on CBS.

I can't wait for Dusty to have something else to do besides be the sounding board and rescuer for the Stewart women and their destructive behavior.

Here are some comments from readers:

V said, "What's always made the Craig character so memorable is his own constant struggle to live up to the best side of himself. Just like Carly, Barbara, Emily, and so many other unforgettable characters who mess up time and again, but deep down want to be respected. Scott Bryce, while a little stiff in the beginning of his return, (I remember him originating the role) has grown into and made it his own again. When he and Lucinda go at it, I can't take my eyes off the screen. They are dynamite together. Oh, and let's not forget Lucinda poisoned Craig then left him to die. As for Paul, besides plotting to overthrow Craig, what does he do? Does he have job? So he and his crazy visions make him the Oakdale Idol? I am enjoying the slow seduction of Meg, and I think the chemistry between them is hot. Give Craig a break. He is and always will be multi-dimensional and fascinating."

Janet said, "I can't wait for Cady McClain to return! She and Craig and Meg [another favorite of mine] will be excellent together. I have watched the show for fifty [!] years. I miss Nancy, Bob and Kim. Just because you're older doesn't mean you're dried up. Susan looks better than ever!"

Lewis said, "I couldn't agree more about characters being wasted on the show. Jade had so much potential and Dallas could be a great character, but neither was/is utilized to their full potential. I am also tired of seeing recurring characters make a big splashy appearance and then disappear into thin air, not to be seen again for months. Lucinda has at least been fairly visible, but Tom and Margo get a little screen time every now and then, Bob and Kim rarely - usually as sounding boards, and if Emma goes to one more livestock auction I am going to start worrying about her attention to cattle! Why can't some of the "senior" players be a real part of the story or, heaven forbid, have their own story? C'mon writers, treat these characters with rich histories - and your audience - right!"

Denise said, "I find myself getting bored watching ATWT lately especially the Craig/Meg, Emily/Dusty and Lilly portions. I used to rush home to watch ATWT but now I find myself missing shows or doing other things while the show is on."

Finally, I have gotten a lot of emails from viewers expressing their dissatisfaction with how the veterans are being overlooked again and again. Just recently two new characters, Sofie and Cole, have been introduced again taking story from established characters like what just happened with Susan's relapse in addition to no story for Bob, Kim, Tom or Lisa. I just have to wonder how much longer will this show continue to disregard the characters that made Oakdale great or even listen to what the viewers want to see.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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