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Where is Blake? For someone who is supposed to be recuperating, she seems to be left alone a lot. Maybe Lillian, who put in a brief appearance for her date with Buzz, is caring for her.

It seems that someone at GL might be finally reading their emails! So many of you have said that you want to see more unlikely pairings and friendships - as have I - on the show. And now it seems Springfield's newest super couple - minus the romance - are Billy and Lizzie.

With Jordan Clarke towering over the petite Marcy Rylan these two might look comical, but their characters are well suited for each other. In Lizzie, I think Billy has someone to take over the Melinda Sue role (at least locally) as someone he can focus his attention on. Someone to mentor, and more importantly, someone who depends on him. With no romantic attachments, Billy needs to be needed by someone. Lizzie certainly fits the bill - pardon the pun.

And in Billy, Lizzie finds a father figure - and someone she can talk to that doesn't have a Spaulding agenda. Someone who understands what it is like to feel unworthy in a family of power brokers (although Josh hasn't made Billy feel that way most days - he seems like the forgotten son of H.B. Lewis some days). Both have their demons (alcohol plays a part in both of their downfalls) and they know where the other one is coming from. Lizzie's family is like a bunch of power hungry pit vipers who lack much warmth and understanding - something she needs as she struggles with the "death" of her daughter and Jonathan.

Now will GL actually keep this up - especially since only Lizzie knows the truth about Billy's drinking. Right now they need each other - which can only be a good thing. But Alan looked none too pleased to see his rival and his granddaughter together. Good for them! I hope these two can help each other through the rough times - and get some air time that they seemed to be missing of late.

Speaking of missing cast members, where is Blake? For someone who is supposed to be recuperating, she seems to be left alone a lot. Maybe Lillian - who put in a brief appearance for her date with Buzz - is caring for her. I realize that the show can only have so many stories going at a time (and they all seem to be love triangles) but don't forget the veterans like Rick and Beth (who are still having a baby, right?).

Summer is always difficult to plan for on soaps because of all of the vacations the stars try to take (especially those with school aged kids). But surely all of these actors aren't doing a world wide tour and can show up once in awhile?

Two characters we've seen quite a bit of are Reva and Olivia. This week things between the two divas really come to head - and end with a bang! You'll just have to wait and see what happens (or read the Spoilers if you can't wait). I do love seeing them face off - and am even happier that Crystal Chappell has re-signed with the show for a year!!!

The other head to head match up this week looks to be a can't miss! But will Ashlee get caught in the middle of her mother's quest for even more power in Springfield? This is one character I'd like to see find a little softer side - surely she has some good qualities, right?

I always find it interesting to hear from readers who feel that I like (or dislike) certain characters or actors. While it's true that nearly ever character drives me crazy once in awhile (usually because of the writing for said character) I really do enjoy the outstanding cast we have. For those who are attending the GL Fan Club events this fall (which I won't be) you'll see what I mean. With very few exceptions (all no longer on cast) I can say that I've liked each cast member I've met - and I've met most of them. They've been all really glad to see the support the fans have for the show and realize - as Kim Zimmer pointed out this week - that they are the reason the show is still on the air. If you ever get the chance to see the actors in your area - for a person appearance or when they are participating in other plays and programs outside the show - I encourage you to do so. It must be great to play one character long term - but I'll bet it's just as nice to become someone else - even if only for a short time.

As we wind into the final weeks of summer I hope that you've all had the chance to enjoy the warmer weather with friends and family. I know I'm looking forward to my two weeks at summer's end!!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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