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Olivia and Reva have taken warfare to an art form. They've battled for years over the men in Springfield, and are again doing battle over Jeffrey O'Neill. Now Olivia is ready to throw her own nephew to the wolves for a chance at happiness.

So much for peace and harmony in Springfield this summer, it seems that there is little to be happy about. And this week was certainly no exception.

Olivia and Reva have taken warfare to an art form. They've battled for years over the men in Springfield (like there aren't plenty to chose from?) and are again doing battle over Jeffrey O'Neill. Now Olivia is ready to throw her own nephew to the wolves (a.k.a. Alan Spaulding) for a chance at happiness. (For those new GL fans, Olivia's sister adopted and raised Jonathan - so he is her nephew - and Reva's son). I adore Zimmer and Chappell together, but this endless catfight is growing old. Can't they bury the hatchet (and not in each other) and protect Sara and Jonathan?

I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree with Ava, either. She's becoming a master manipulator like her mama - and that is no compliment. I can't say this character has ever endeared me, but I wouldn't mind her (the character - not the actress) walking in front of a car - soon.

I LOVED seeing Tom Pelphrey's high energy performances this week and am reminded, again, that he was robbed for a second time at the Emmy's this year (although he won last year). He hasn't ruled out a longer return to the show, and I'll certainly let you know the minute I hear anything about a return - no matter how long it is.

But this constant bickering amongst characters grows tiresome. I want to see some real happiness once in awhile. No, I'm not looking for a "Brady Bunch" remake with a happy ending every episode, but there isn't one couple who doesn't have an obstacle to overcome right now. Well, Buzz and Lillian, but give them a week to catch up.

Poor Lizzie broke my heart this week. There have been times when this character has been written where I nearly hate her, but you have to feel sorry for her now. The loss of Sarah is so painful - and all for naught. If only Alan could leave well enough alone, she could have her daughter back.

Ah, then there is Alan. All alone (again) but it's never his fault. I think Natalia is learning (albeit a little late) that she can't trust him. Rafe is too young to handle the master manipulator his grandfather can be. But will Alan's matchmaking blow up in his face - or will Gus and Harley really split up?

I have to admit that as much as I want to blame Alan (and he shares some of the blame) Dylan, Gus and Natalia all had a hand in this, too. This "new" Dylan is a little too slick for me - while we see his heart may be in the right place, his methods are more than a little suspect in his quest to win back Harley's heart.

As for Gus and Natalia, both knew they were wrong to get together, but it didn't bother either of them. Gus' callous treatment of Natalia afterwards should have been a wake up call to her - but of course it wasn't. So I say she gets whatever she deserves. Of course, Gus' sterility means there will be no little sibling for Rafe, at least. A one-night stand without paternity complications - there is progress! Unless the writers forget about it, that is...

Cyrus and Alex's wedding was a total disaster. On one hand, I am so happy to see Marj Dusay (Alex) have more air time, but she's turning into a female Alan all over again - with no good qualities. She can be a strong woman without being a bitch - but GL is forgetting how to write for female characters without claws 24/7. And the men are all declawed - it's an odd mix.

This week has another odd pairing, albeit not a romantic one, that I won't spoil here. Only time will tell how that will all work out. Hopefully with a little more harmony than the rest of Springfield....

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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