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Despite what Josh thinks of Greenlee now after what happened to his nephew, he did the gallant, professional thing and escorted Ms Smythe to her condo when she decided to check herself out of the hospital.

Despite what Josh thinks of Greenlee now after what happened to his nephew, he did the gallant, professional thing and escorted Ms Smythe to her condo when she decided to check herself out of the hospital. He assured her that guilt is a bitch and didn't stay around for small talk. Now we watch, as the almost-a-baby-kidnapper has to deal with the backlash on a daily basis. The women of Fusion don't want her there. She gets lots of tongue-lashing from Erica, Kendall, and Ryan. Yet, can you blame everyone? It can be scary how split (and usually stupid) decisions can be life-altering. Whether it be to get behind a wheel drunk or halfway to the hospital where your best friend needs medical attention, you decide to turn your car in the opposite direction and take a baby boy you still think you deserve as your own. Yes, she saved his life in the end, but how do you forgive such an action? You were entrusted with a baby's life and well-being and instead after one distraction while driving, you end up in a ravine with both lives at risk. Either outcome would have been a catastrophe.

My sympathy lies with Kendall right now. She is in the hospital trying to be two places at once. Spike and Ian both have serious surgeries and are slowly recovering. Both sets of parents hover around them and pray for their lives. It was a very emotional, heart-wrenching week with the babies and their relatives having heart-to-hearts with them. I think I prefer hearing various family members talking to the patients like this than being in the chapel making deals with God. It is so easy to do this and promise to be a better person, etc until the miracle occurs and they are back to their old ways. Greenlee spilled her guts to an unsuspecting Aidan on the beach and you have to give this hero credit, he has always been able to overlook flaws and past history with the ladies he befriends. You could tell he really felt her pain and resisted passing judgment. He did the same with Maria, Kendall, Erin, Ava, and his latest lady, Di. Are they redirecting a coupling of Greenlee with Aidan instead of Josh??? I must admit I have finally gotten used to the actress portraying Greens now, and can tolerate her presence. She will never be my favorite and I am sure there will be days when I want to fast forward through her scenes, but she has shown some good range and layers in her acting. Not an enviable position for any actor to jump in after a popular actor leaves.

Have you ever noticed that they NEVER refer to Erica as a grandmother, grandma, nanny? Kendall was talking to her son about "her mother" but never as "Grandma". It is very strange to me, being a grandma myself and loving it so much, why they avoid this title or reference. When Erica talks about Miranda, Spike, or Ian, even planning a baby shower, she NEVER uses my granddaughter or grandson. Possibly like the character of Lisa on As The World Turns many years ago. The actress didn't want to be referred to in those terms, feeling she was too young for that. We all know Susan Lucci became a real life grandmother herself in the past year, so doubt that could be a reason. Our always judgmental, borderline self-righteous Erica Kane-Montgomery, has made it very difficult for Jack to prove his love and loyalty for his daughter, Greenlee. It hasn't been that long since they vowed they would not let their children be an issue or affect their marriage/bond. How soon she forgets. How would she feel if it was in reverse and Kendall had done something selfish and horrendous to cause pain to their family? We all know how she gets in the time of crisis and is relentless when she is fighting for her own "flesh and blood", so hopefully she listened carefully to what Dr Joe said about keeping your children close. She does that but should also allow Jack to do the same.

My favorite scene of the week was when Zach got the phone message from Myrtle. I had to replay it five times because I loved what she said, how he reacted, and needed so many tissues to survive. It was razor-sharp (despite Zach was in dire need of a razor himself). His and Ryan's scenes as the doting, frightened, concerned fathers/stepfathers were mind-boggling. They continue to bond as their families merge and the four of them become even closer. There were great scenes also with Kendall/Ryan and Zach/Annie. Reminiscent of Leo/Greenlee and David/Anna days. We needed to get back to basics and it would be easy to tear all of these hospital scenes and drama apart, but I for one really enjoy when it is all about families overcoming their obstacles!!!

Ava is a hit at Fusion as the Day/Night Girl and is now being tapped to set up the sleazy drug dealer to get Sean off the hook. She actually is showing how frightened and vulnerable she is. She is wired to get the transaction on tape, but the culprit is on to her. At week's end she is in a dangerous situation as the sting is in force. Jonathan has let her know he is interested in HER not her look-alike sister. Adam is back in action trying to get Chandler Enterprises back and include Cambias Industries in the steal. Knowing this sly mogul, he will be a force to be reckoned with. It is apparent Zach's priority and focus is on Kendall and their critical sons yet again he is razor-sharp when it comes to Adam's ploys. I prefer watching the more mature men like Zach and Adam sparring over business deals and misdeeds then having JR in the mix. It is not always just for revenge but just good business and a lot of experience and history with their ventures. Greenlee is starting to feel like the odd woman out with her own business. Can you imagine on any level having to deal with your co-workers when there is so much hostility and resentment toward you? Then your father advises you to leave town (ironically on the anniversary of the date you inherited this child). Life's a bitch at times.

It appears there will be more anger, sadness, and adjustments with Spike's condition. When Kendall found Greens in his hospital room, she went ballistic. The intruder tried to escape quickly and knocked over the table, unfortunately Spike didn't respond to the loud noise. Zach picked up on it and now there could be temporary or permanent deafness. Maybe Greenlee should have taken that one-way train out of town as this makes the outcome even more difficult for all involved. I am just glad to see the show getting back to real drama, better scripts/scenes, and the need for a full box of tissues next to you. One of my best friends noted that it is confusing to keep up with all the babies and children on the show now. We have Miranda in Paris, Little A, Kate temporarily in CA, Jenny, Emma, and of course Spike and Ian. Then we remembered it is ALL MY CHILDREN, so bring them on.

Kristine had a wedding to attend out-of-town, so will be back in two weeks. I am covering on short notice, but never mind doing it. Thus, I wasn't able to write as much due to my own schedule and conflicts this weekend. Just want you to know how I felt about the recent happenings and always look forward to hearing your thoughts.

See you next time with best regards always,

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