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Julian is determined to protect the Crane name, at all costs. Does he even realize that Vincent is the one who raped Fancy, and that by letting his murdering butt go free, Julian is enabling Vincent to attack again?

My prayers go out to the victims of the tragedy in Minneapolis. May God be with each and every one of you.

Why has no one questioned why Sheridan and Vincent were found huddled together? Or why shortly after the reveal of Vincent being the newest Crane, they ran off together? And why is Pretty, who was so scarred by what happened and has avoided family and Harmony at all costs, trusting Vincent? And what is Sheridan going to do once Luis realizes she tried to kill Theresa? Will she really win?

What exactly is the big deal about Pretty? She and Fancy got into a fight over a boy and Fancy accidentally poured pool chemicals on her face and burned her. Okay, that's plausible, but is there really no plastic surgeon in this world that can fix her? I mean I've seen worse stuff than that minor scar come into McNamara/Troy (Nip/Tuck) and they get fixed up just fine. Is Pretty's scar really so major it can't be fixed? I know they said it was too deep, but over years, I'm sure it could've been fixed somewhat.

Pretty is pretty vindictive. She's convinced that Luis will leave Fancy. Why can't anyone fathom that, even if this wasn't an accident, Fancy has changed into a better person? We've seen her grow from Grampy's little darling into a mature and sensible young woman. How many of us can say that we aren't the same person now that we were when we were teenagers?

Endora was a beautiful flower girl and Fancy and Paloma made beautiful brides once the real wedding dresses arrived. Only Fancy backed out at the last minute, scared Pretty was going to ruin the day anyway. Even Ivy's "convincing" doesn't persuade Pretty to let the newlyweds be. Pretty is determined to tell Luis what Fancy did to her even if he is scheduled to die in a few hours.

Vincent locks Eve in a closet to keep her from telling the truth, and Julian is determined at all costs to protect the Crane name. Does Julian realize even in the slightest that Vincent is the one who raped Fancy and that by letting his murdering butt go free Julian is enabling Vincent to attack again. Vincent isn't through causing grief in Harmony, and his reasons for wanting Luis dead remain unclear. Even if he wants Luis dead to hurt Theresa, there are far easier ways to accomplish that. For starters he could expose her secret. Especially since Ethan keeps rambling on about how keeping a child's paternity a secret is the worst thing a woman can do.

For one shining moment I thought sure that Ethan had overheard the truth and that Theresa's secret keeping days were finally over. But no. Gwen is going to get the chance to burn Theresa with the truth because she is too chicken to spill it herself. I mean Luis is going to die in hours. What more can Theresa and Ethan do to stop it? Nothing. They aren't even trying. So why not tell Ethan and get it over with?

Who is Gwen's new mystery man? This is a secret I am most definitely interested in finding out. I loved that Rebecca grabbed the phone to find out who the mystery man is and the person hung up. She is just as curious as we are, and neither the mystery man nor Gwen are dropping any hints.

Some Random Thoughts::

Are we going to get DirecTV plugs from here to the end?

It is mighty big of Fancy to share her wedding day with her ex boyfriend Noah.

Why is most of Harmony at Luis' execution, yet Simone is nowhere to be found? Aren't the loved ones of the victims let in to watch the prisoner die?

Fox and Esme??? I think I like it!!!!

Week's Best Quotes::

Julian: "You know what Ivy and I feel for each other is not love. It's just that, when we get in a bad way, we've realized that we can comfort each other."
Eve: "Try a bowl of ice cream next time."

Norma: "Where the dickens is this Flirty Crane?"
Edna: "It's not 'Flirty,' it's Fancy."
Norma: "What kind of name is that for a high-tone Crane babe? Does she have a sister called 'Schmancy'?"
Tabitha: "Actually, there is another sister. Her name is Pretty."
Norma: "You're pulling my leg, Tabby."
Tabitha: "No, I'm not. She left Harmony years ago, and she hasn't even been back for a visit."
Edna: "Ooh, sounds like there's a juicy back-story there."
Tabitha: "Yes, there is. And if you'll excuse the pun, it ain't Pretty."

Esme about Luis and Fancy's wedding: "What is the point in getting married if she's going to bury the bridegroom before she beds him?"

Until next week friends,

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