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Now anyone that has read my columns knows I'm no Greenlee fan, but now everyone in PV hates her too! This is all due to the fact she changed her mind after deciding to kidnap Spike.

Now anyone that has read my columns knows I'm no Greenlee fan, but now everyone in PV hates her too! This is all due to the fact she changed her mind after deciding to kidnap Spike. Perhaps she would have been better off if she had just kept Spike and run away. They really shouldn't replay that car going over the embankment anymore because anyone watching it has to wonder how there were any survivors. Greenlee doesn't seem to get that no one wants her around. She's rather dense in that regard. Perhaps if Dr. David Hayward were still in PV he could talk some sense into her. I sure do miss that man! At least we're able to watch him on Y&R as David Chow - a less than honest character, but a very interesting one.

Everyone's been given the bad news that Spike is deaf. We all know how this is going to turn out. Spike will be pronounced permanently deaf - no hope for recovery - but then perhaps a year down the road this won't be the case. There's no way Spike will be deaf forever. I'm really tired of all the baby storylines. Especially since these all revolve around unhappy situations.

Okay it's very sad that Spike is deaf but is there a reason Kendall can't be a little more concerned about Ian after it's obvious due to his premature birth he also has some medical issues? Deafness isn't life threatening as there are many deaf people out there that lead a full life. It appears Annie must know someone like this even though she's playing it very close to the vest. I've come to enjoy Annie even though when she first came to PV I didn't care much for her. She's not a mean spirited person and she truly loves her husband. I liked when she tried to get Ryan's mind off of Spike for a while with her ice cream question. Of course, Ryan is caught up in the guilt of it all blaming himself as well as placing blame on Greenlee.

Zach is also blaming Ryan all the way back to when Ryan faked his own death Zach is always quick to judge even though he himself has his own dark past. Zach is able to keep abreast of all his business and Greenlee while keeping an eye on Kendall, Ian & Spike. He also is the one to get the equipment immediately shipped to the PV Hospital for Spike's tests. What would we do without Zach around? Adam has every right to try to take advantage of the situation to get back Chandler Enterprises and the rest of his fortune. After all Zach took full benefit of the "JR kidnapping". Yes, it was fake but Adam sure didn't know that. I'm looking forward to Adam getting the best of Zach if and when that happens. I understand Hannah will be returning to PV before too long. I really liked the actress during her previous short twisted stint. Will she turn up pregnant? If so, will Zach be the father? Josh?

Ava is used as bait to catch Lenny but when JR and Amanda walk into the "sting" operation JR is blamed for interfering and putting Ava's life in danger. Shouldn't those PV police have secured the area as anyone could have just happened upon a dangerous situation? No, guess not. JR in turn gets himself taken as another hostage but this was all okay since Ava and JR were able to turn the tables on Lenny. Ava, of course, is the hero or heroine as the case may be while JR is pretty much dismissed. It's taken a while but I do like JR and Amanda together. They make a great looking couple and we could sure use some romance and love. It's sorely lacking and has been for quite a while.

Lily decides to hug Ava once Ava is safe again. Lily is also okay with Jonathan and Ava being together now. Not all the viewers agree as this week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Martha who writes: "I cannot stand Jonathan and it makes me sick when he paws Ava and when he stares at Lily. The writers did a wonderful job making us hate him and it's too late to undo the damage. I hate the fact that he lives in Edmund's Wildwind. Did the writers forget that he murdered Edmund in cold blood...." I wondered about the Jonathan living in Wildwind decision too. I find it very icky!

Erica remembered Mona during the baby crisis. That was a nice touch. I miss Mona and all her wonderful advice. If she was still around she'd definitely tell Erica to get over it and give Jackson a break. It certainly appears that Erica and Jackson are headed for that divorce after all. Why is it Erica can't just let Jackson off the hook about the fact he loves his daughter? It's no different than Erica defending Josh in the past considering Josh drugged both Amanda and Erica not so long ago.

It was great to see Adam and Stuart this week!! Adam pretending to be Stuart and with Stuart's blessings! That was a switch. Adam was able to hear Krystal tell Tad that she still had feelings for Adam as well as getting to hold Jenny. I don't really get Colby preferring to live with Krystal over Adam. Nor do I understand the whole Tad lecturing Sean about Colby while Krystal and Babe were giving Colby advice on dating Sean. Two of the biggest sluts in PV telling Colby about bad boys. How about them being "bad girls"!

Friday's show was certainly different as everyone looked into the camera while spouting out their thoughts. I didn't enjoy the show. It was too dark and also somewhat boring. I like to get into a plot, but Friday was more like oh, this is a television show and we're actors.

This coming week will be Di's last week on AMC and I have to say they have completely wasted Kelli Giddish's talent. I did not like the whole "Di is Dixie" plot but the character was truly misused and underappreciated. So much for Di and Aidan's semi-romance. I supposed we will have to endure a Greenlee Aidan pairing now. Bianca is due back this week, via telephone. Considering Kendall was raised by loving parents - the Harts - I don't understand why they are NEVER mentioned. It's truly irresponsible of the writers to just completely ignore Kendall's upbringing. After all Erica never even knew she had Kendall until Kendall was a teen.

Hope the summer is treating everyone well. It's very hot here in The South. I for one am looking forward to fall and winter! Thank you for all the emails, rants, raves, comments and support!!


Mary Page
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