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Once Zach tells Kendall about Spike's dilemma she goes into premature labor. Why exactly after Zach told everyone else to keep Kendall in the dark on the situation did he blab?

Now we all know Greenlee's intentions were to kidnap Spike initially but then she changed her mind and decided she had to return him. Then the obvious car accident (we rarely see someone in a car without severe consequences), that caused Spike to have spleen damage and Greenlee to also need hospital care. I'm a little confused on how everyone leapt to the conclusion that Greenlee kidnapped Spike as opposed to her just running a little late, but of course, Derek agreed to issue the alert and events unfolded from there. Now, was anyone surprised Greenlee said she was "lost" and was trying to get Spike to Kendall? No one could possibly know what she had been thinking previously and why would she admit to a crime? I mean kidnapping would be sending Greenlee off to the Big House (no not the U of Michigan football stadium - Go Blue!).

Once Zach tells Kendall about Spike's dilemma she goes into premature labor. Why exactly after Zach told everyone else to keep Kendall in the dark on the situation did he blab? I guess we just needed a little more drama after all we wouldn't have been able to see the scene where Kendall and Spike were passing each other on stretchers. A touching scene but a little overkill. AMC is truly on the dark side. I feel sure others noticed the whole Spike needs blood and Ryan's isn't compatible, so only Jonathan was the donor. The last thing we need is another "Who's the Daddy or Who's the Mommy" storyline. Since Kendall was artificially inseminated by Greg Madden this could be the case. Even though I can't stand the name "Spike", I prefer he continues with the parents he has. The new writers may have other plans for us though. Remember these are the same writers that brought down other soap operas by crazy plots such as vampires, etc.

Erica just went off about how evil Greenlee is and how wrong kidnapping is. I guess she has forgotten how she, herself kidnapped Maddie (Maria and Edmund's daughter) some years back while telling everyone she had run off and adopted her. I was glad Jackson stood behind Greenlee and pointed out to Erica she'd do the same if it was her own daughter. I believe Babe should also take a look in the mirror as she was condemning Greenlee because it wasn't very long ago Babe was a party to kidnapping Bianca's daughter and letting everyone believe the child was her own.

Ryan has finally ordered Greenlee out of his life. Kendall never wants Greenlee to be around her family. They are finished as friends. I never considered them friends anyway so no loss there. Greenlee was only tolerable when she was with Leo. Before and after him she has always been a self centered, selfish little brat. Greenlee should never have returned to Pine Valley.

Ava decides to jump off the dock only to remember she couldn't swim. Unfortunately Adam jumped in and saved her. I was really hoping this would be the end of the unpleasant character. This isn't to be as we have other actors/characters leaving PV such as Justin Bruening (Jamie) and Kelli Giddish (Di). It appears Alexa Havins (Babe) will be departing with real life hubby (Justin) but I wonder if her character will be recast. I'm thinking it will since she's a continual front-burner character. I had hoped the new writers would back-burner her some but that hasn't happened. It looks as if Ava will be more of a front burner character too with the ongoing drug dealer storyline. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from MJ who writes: "I cannot stress my disgust with the direction AMC is going concerning the Jonathan/Ava situation. I am very much a liberal, but I cannot help but be sickened by this storyline; Leven Rambin is only 17, while Jeff Branson is 30. It isn't surprising that the show is losing longtime viewers, such as me, because the storylines are absolute trash. Seriously, with the ridiculous amount of cast members on the show, TPTB could not find a suitable match for Jonathan? It certainly does not help that I cannot stand either character; I liked psycho Jonathan, and I enjoyed post-op Jon, but this post seizure/stalker Jon, I'm not too fond of. As for Ava, can she go back to whatever alley she was hiding in because those split scenes between her and Lily aren't working". Seems others out there are not enjoying Ava either.

Off Topic!

This is strictly my opinion and may not reflect Soap Central's views. As many of you know I recently wrote about the Michael Vick situation being that I live right outside of Atlanta. I appreciated your responses and the vast majority of the emails I received supported my opinions. I have to again discuss the deplorable issue of dog fighting. This is an extremely sensitive subject to me as one of my own dogs, which I rescued from the pound two hours before he was scheduled to be put down, was previously a "bait dog". From what we have been able to ascertain about this, he was muzzled while other dogs were allowed to attack him. When we adopted him, other than immediately noticing he was scarred and emaciated, the first thing you saw was his tail had been cut off. He was at that time extremely timid and scared of just about everyone. Thankfully what he needed was love, kindness and lots of patience as he has become a family pet 5 years later & no longer resembles his former self. He is a little on the "chubby side", has only a couple of leftover scars, enjoys his chocolate lab "brother" (also adopted from the pound) and is a loving member of our family. He still has idiosyncrasies, but it's amazing he is so well adjusted after having gone through so much in his little life.

Thankfully the Feds took the dog fighting matter seriously and handed down multiple indictments. I have read the entire indictment even though it was extremely difficult to get through. The atrocious nature of the treatment of these poor dogs definitely brought tears to my eyes. I understand an indictment is not a conviction, but there is no way I can believe Michael Vick wasn't involved and had knowledge of these acts. I've heard "Vick deserves the right of due process". Too bad those dogs didn't get their due process as they were deserving of so much more. The dogs that have been confiscated from Vick's property will most definitely be destroyed and as horrible as that is at least they will be out of their misery and hopefully they will have a loving person with them during the time they are euthanized.

I'd like to thank Suellen for filling in for me last column as I had a fun time on a mini vacation! Thank you for all the comments and support!!


Mary Page
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