Carly messes up again

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Carly messes up again
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Last week, J.J.'s kidnapping story brought most of the Snyders into action. Brad was nice to Jack, Meg was taking care of Parker, Holden offered his financial assistance, and Gwen got involved by watching Sage for Carly.

This week we saw a lot of action surrounding the kidnapping of JJ as the entire Snyder clan got involved. The stage is being set for the return of Paul and how that will affect Meg and Craig as they get closer. I am very interested in seeing what will happen next week.

JJ's Kidnapping
Jack and Katie can never have a date without some type of interruption even we they turn their cell phones off. Carly had big news this time as two people from JJ's biological parents past showed up looking for some safe deposit key. It's amazing how the focus for the key switched so quickly to getting ransom. Why did they wait so long to try to find this and not right after Les and/or Julia died? It's been like two years now - this backstory is somewhat implausible. Another thing, how often has there been no one at the Snyder home and the kids are left alone. Not to continually knock the show but doesn't the woman kidnapper remind you of someone -Iris?

This story brought most of the Snyders into action: Brad was nice to Jack, Meg was taking care of Parker, Holden offered his financial assistance and Gwen got involved by taking Sage for Carly. I like when everyone is not so absorbed into their own thing and families come together in a crisis. This is the ATWT that I have enjoyed over the years. Where is Emma throughout this crisis? How about Craig trying to befriend Parker? He could never replace Paul for him.

How about Friday's show - it reminded me of the Slasher story from last summer when everything was so dark it was hard to see what was happening. I could not see what happened to Jack. Why do they have to have these hugely dramatic scenes in the dark - this is not a radio soap.

Gwen and Will
It is about time for something good to happen to them; this is one time that I hope the show lets them be happy for awhile. I want Will and Gwen to have a baby finally. It has been such a rough time since she lost her first baby. They have gone through more than their share of pain and anguish. I want the writers to create some other drama for them other than losing a baby.

It was also good to see Will not be so mean to Barbara for a change. Barbara can be overbearing and she does have good intentions when it comes to her children. I liked how Gwen and Will have allowed her be a mother to them.

Meg and Craig and Paul
Meg seems to be weakening towards Craig. What is she doing? Craig surely has changed his game plan where Meg is concerned and it seems to be working. She is watching his interactions become no so cruel and mean-spirited. He is showing a vulnerable side that is endearing to Meg. So will Meg drop him like a hot potato when she learns that Paul is alive? Will she and Paul run Worldwide together?

Meg needs to watch her back as she has really made a major enemy out of Lucinda - she slapped her. This will not go with some repayment. I don't think anyone has ever slapped Lucinda in all the time that she has been in Oakdale.

Barbara got the news that she is going to be a grandmother then found out that Paul is alive. After Barbara sees Craig cozy with Meg she decides not to share the good news. I like Barbara so much.

His story is moving along slowly and building at a pace so it looks like it is about to take off. He told Noah that he is gay and he has caught Noah and Maddie together more than once. Luke is so honest that he cannot hold it in that he likes Noah from Noah. I liked his conversation with Aaron about having love in your life.

Is Noah not sure about his sexuality yet? His father made some remarks which were sort of suspicious regarding another relationship that Noah had. I don't think that Noah is like Kevin and that Noah may like Luke as well.

I think that Luke needs a confidante now that Jade has left town - he does not have anyone to discuss his troubles with.

She is trying to get her life together and is trying to make the right decisions. I liked her conversation with Dusty on Friday by saying she needs some space from Dusty, Susan and Aaron for a while she tries to navigates things on her own. I hope Dusty remains her friend and nothing else while he waits for Emily to return home.

I asked last time if anyone thought it was time to get new writers and here is what some readers had to say:

Sue said, "I appear to be the only Katie/Jack fan around. I have never really been that much of a Carly fan. Let her have Brad. They are both much the same. New writers would be great. No more Cleo, PLEASE!"

Carol said, "I agree with you that this show needs some new writers - how many times must Paul be shot and go over a cliff and have a funeral and return from the dead. And the Cleo character almost drove me crazy - I have only watched this show for the past 3 years - (retirement permits daytime TV) and I believe I haven't seen too many original plots - the writer when I first began to watch about 3 or more years ago was awesome - where is he now?"

Robyn said, "Yes, I definitely believe that new blood is the key. ATWT is becoming to much like every other soap opera out there...hokey! I started watching ATWT because it had more realistic storylines...and not drawn out to death! That is fast becoming a thing of the past, sad to say."

Kristy said, "I absolutely think it's time for a change in the writing. The CarJack story is a rewrite or actually a re-rewrite considering that there was Julia1 and Julia2. Not to mention that Katie is yet again desperate to get married when the ink from her last divorce is still drying. Gwen/Cleo is similar to the Lily/Rose story (at least at the beginning when Rose wanted Holden.) Emily and Allison competing over Dusty remind me of the Chris/Allison/Emily story. Allison's drug problem was done with Jennifer. Paul has been shot and thrown off a cliff once by Emily and now by Craig. Barbara, Kim, Nancy, Bob, Dallas and Lisa have been reduced to the background. Susan, Margo, Tom, Lucinda and Holden only pop in to repeat how distraught they are over the current situation but lack the screen time to explore how it affects them. The only two things that are keeping me turned in (simply because they are so different from the last few years) is the Noah/Luke/Maddie connection and I'm hoping for! I am also waiting for Lily and Carly to take off as business partners."

Peggy said, "I would love for ATWT to change writers. There's not a lot of depth to the storyline, and some of the stories are pretty contrived.

Yellow Rose said, "I have watched ATWT from day 1----and yes, I am of the opinion that the show needs new writers!!"

Finally, I am so tired of seeing characters with potential sit in the background like Jade did and Dallas does. What character do you think needs to be front and center for a change?

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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