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We knew that Josh and Cassie's wedding would not go off without a hitch. Reva would have to do something to steal the show...and, of course, she did. But did she mean to kill two birds with one stone?

Who thought that a wedding would bring peace and harmony to Springfield? Certainly not me! But then, we did get to see some great performances -- and a few pleasant surprises this week!

We knew Josh and Cassie's wedding (another Main Street fiasco -- maybe the cast needs to do an episode of Hands On Springfield to help build more sets) would not go off without a hitch. Reva would have to do something to steal the show -- and of course, she did. But did she mean to kill two birds with one stone? Postpone Cassie and Josh's wedding and get back at the blackmailing Olivia? Only time -- or Reva -- will tell.

But the scenes in Cedar's were priceless! Here Reva is in the E.R., and most people are (rightly) questioning her motives and timing. Which, of course, they should -- just not until she at least wakes up! And Olivia's recent antics have her motives in question as well. But it's the scenes with Kim Zimmer and Crystal Chappell -- two Emmy winners -- that really shine. Yes, they are fighting like cats and dogs, but the results might be pure gold (as in Emmy -- for either talented lady). These characters have been dancing around Jeffrey for months, and added with their history with Josh (Alan, Buzz, etc.), this is a fight that I can see lasting for a good, long time.

While I'm never a fan of all of this disharmony in Springfield, these two super talented ladies are really shining in their scenes! I know there are plenty of you out there who are against Olivia wanting Jeffrey, which is fine, but you have to admit that the scenes are definitely bringing out the best from each actress. I thought Crystal should have taken the Emmy this year (but admit I only watch GL now so who am I to judge?), but I have a glimmer of hope that she'll take home the top prize in 2008.

And just mere steps away from the scene of the uninspired wedding site was the match-up of Buzz vs. Doris -- now that's a fight I'd like to see!! Doris is quite the overachiever, but has had a hard life to date. Will she be able to get through an election vs. local icon Buzz Cooper? With Alan wielding his political/financial muscle, it will be an interesting race. Of course, Alan has his hands full with his new family -- Rafe and Natalia -- and keeping an eye on Springfield's newest non-romantic couple, Lizzie and Billy. But I'm sure he'll keep his interests front and center -- just as he usually does.

I was also glad to see this week that Blake has returned from exile! I know Dinah and Mallet had talked about getting her a place of her own, but certainly not in Siberia! Hopefully GL will remember her and give her fans the chance to see her shine. Maybe she can have a role in the election story -- provided they don't forget about it like they did with Blake vs. Jeffrey for weeks on end. We'll have to wait and see.

Now that Harley has returned to Springfield (although not to attend her best friend's wedding?), she can finally start to rebuild her life -- and fight for her man! But what will Natalia have to say about it? And Coop has to decide which woman he wants in his life -- but I have the feeling neither will let go without a fight!

So as the summer winds down, things are still as hot as ever in Springfield. This week looks to be more of the same -- and I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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