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Gus moved out last week, and Harley was right to rail on him for heading to the Spaulding Mansion. Yes, Gus is a Spaulding, but Harley has no love for anyone in the Spaulding house. Moving into that viper pit was a very bad move.

Summer is nearly over but here in Maryland things are very hot and humid. It seems we have the same weather as Springfield - where the temperatures are rising all over town!

It seems that all of the stories that have been simmering along at an uneven pace (due to vacations, I'm sure) are really going to heat up in the weeks ahead. The Fall Spoilers are out - and it looks like we're in for a rocky fall for the citizens of Springfield.

Gus moved out this week - and Harley was 100% right to rail on him for heading to the Spaulding Mansion. Yes, Gus is a Spaulding (something he and the writers choose to forget unless it works into a story) but Harley has no love for anyone in the Spaulding house - especially Alan and Natalia. Moving into that viper pit was a very bad move. Does this mean that Gus will return to Natalia? I know that Gus/Harley fans are concerned, but it doesn't look good for your couple at the moment.

All of those outside forces pulling them apart (Dylan, Natalia, Alan) and Harley's own insecurities when it comes to the men in her life. They always let her down - not that she's perfect - but you see a pattern in her life. And Gus, when Harley slept with Mallet she thought you were dead but you KNEW Harley was alive (albeit in bed with Dylan) and you chose to not even ask questions but hop in bed with your ex. Bad move, Gus....

Olivia is still fighting for Jeffrey - who seems to not be interested except for protecting the mother of his child. I just wish TPTB would give Olivia a storyline that didn't make her "need" a man - especially one that doesn't seem to want her. Why can't she have a story that showcases her talents as a smart, independent business woman? Of course, she has some unexpected guests coming to town this fall that could change the shift of her romantic focus...

Reva seems to have found some measure of happiness with Jeffrey - I really like them together. But this week she's got some news that will certainly make their "no strings" relationship stand up to a test or two. It should be interesting to see how it all plays out.

While things are heating up in Springfield, and here in Maryland, I'm heading off to cooler climates for a few weeks. I'll be vacationing (finally) with my hubby out west in Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria and the surrounding areas. It's one of my favorite places to go, and I highly recommend it (although maybe not this late in the year if you are a sun worshiper). I don't think I'll have access to the internet much on the road - and since I'll be missing (but Tivoing) GL, my next column will appear on September 16th. Hopefully there will be someone doing the spoilers in my absence, and I hope to have at least half way caught up to my GL viewing by then - just in time for a great surprise on September 18th when GL releases the book "Jonathan's Story". This should be interesting.

Have a great Labor Day and enjoy the rest of the summer. See you on September 16th!

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