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Kendall is front and center pretty much every single day and this has been the case for quite some time.

Kendall is front and center pretty much every single day and this has been the case for quite some time. While I like Kendall and enjoy Alicia Minshew, it is extremely difficult to continue to watch the same characters and their struggles on a daily basis, especially when the storyline is not a pleasant one. I know the show is called All My Children but there is no reason to have a baby storyline going on continually. The show is not called All My Babies and if it was, I doubt many people would tune in. Kendall is distraught as both her children are in crisis mode although Ian is definitely the one that is in the most danger, no matter how sad it is that Spike is deaf.

Kendall has deafinitely lost it as she wanders into another woman's room wanting to hold the lady's baby. I know I'd be calling security. Perhaps a visit to Oak Haven would be in order for Kendall. Then Zach could dote on Kendall while being able to keep an eye on her. I mean she was able to just take Spike and walk out of the hospital without a word to anyone. I don't blame Ryan for being upset about the whole situation. Kendall should consult with Ryan and Zach before just taking Spike to some other doctor. What was up with Dr. Joe telling Kendall it was okay she took Spike after he was the one that said Spike couldn't be released from the hospital for 24 hours? Also Zach and Kendall were told that they could not go into Ian's room, but next thing we knew there Kendall was in his room talking to him. Considering Zach was standing outside and showed up late it was unrealistic to believe Zach could have overheard anything Kendall had to say.

Zach and Kendall had a predictable confrontation about Kendall's lack of concern for Ian but then there was really no follow through or follow up. It was glossed over and really no resolution was reached. Instead we saw Zach walk out and go to Ethan's grave. Were we supposed to find this touching? I certainly didn't as Zach had no problem denying Ethan his birth right and marrying Kendall immediately once Ethan and Kendall's engagement had been called off even though there was no love between Zach and Kendall at the time. No, I would have preferred to see Zach stay and work through his issues with Kendall. Of course Zach never appears to be able to voice his feelings to anyone. Talk about frustrating.

I've had lots of mail from viewers tired of the Kendall show as this week's AMC Fan Spotlights of the week come from Sherrie who writes: "I have been a fan of All My Children for many years, but lately it has gone over to a dark side. Enough already of the baby saga. I am ready to see Adam and Zach duke it out. Especially, if Adam gets his company back. Tired of Zach and Kendall. How many people have to die or be stomped on for their ill-fated love? Come on writers give us a break" Lillian also weighed in with her Kendall thoughts "I know you like Kendall, but many of us believe she is the weakest link in the show and gets way too much air time. My goodness, all she does is rant and whine." Yes, Kendall is exceedingly high maintenance and does more than her share of whining!

Annie unquestionably has a secret and I feel sure it will come out sooner rather than later. Many have written in to express their opinions on the secret. Most believe that Annie is responsible for her Mother's death. That could be but considering her brother is set to come to Pine Valley, I'm thinking it will also have to do with her brother. I feel sure her brother will not be the nice person we all believe Annie is as perhaps he's the one that has been making those "scary" phone calls.

Jamie is on his way to Africa to help Jake out. Hmmmm. I find it rather disturbing that Jamie and Di both received good byes and airtime before they left Pine Valley while Brooke (Julia Barr) was never mentioned once TPTB decided to send her packing. I'm glad Jamie and Di's departure was addressed on screen but Julia's exit being ignored is truly a disgrace and AMC should be ashamed.

There is so much chemistry between Babe and JR which clearly shows up in their scenes together. I really do enjoy those two as friends. It was nice seeing them able to have a conversation without the mean bantering that has occurred in the past. I see chemistry between JR and Amanda as well. Jacob Young is a find actor and there are many rumors about him thinking of trying to get out of his contract with AMC to pursue other interests. Well, if that comes to pass it will be AMC's loss even though I really don't like his current hairdo. I feel sure if Jacob leaves, they will recast the character of JR as they have in the past. Maybe they'll get lucky but so far their recent recasting has not been received very well as I continue to hear from fans disappointed with the "new" Greenlee. Hopefully, if Alexa (Babe) leaves her replacement will be able to fill those oh so talented shoes.

The ratings have continued to take a downward turn with the new writers in charge. I'm not surprised as the show hasn't improved --- yet. I have hope that the Kendall hour will be eliminated and more interesting storylines will come about. However, after seeing the interviews with the producers, etc. I find the upcoming fall and winter plots seem lacking.

Take care, thanks for the emails, rants, raves, comments and support!! See you next time.


Mary Page
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