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Aftermath of the kiss
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Why not give Luke's story the same opportunity that we have given Paul's many deaths, Carly and Jack's breakups, Craig's or Barbara's many crimes, and Lily's kidnappings. Let's take this journey with Luke as we would any other character in Oakdale.

This was indeed an action packed week as so much was happening in the small town of Oakdale: Paul and Rosanna arrive back into town, Dusty and Alison's video hits the internet, Holden & Lily continue to have trouble, Gwen runs into her brother and JJ returns after his kidnapping ordeal. It was so hard to keep track of all that transpired.

Luke and Noah
The week started off with the continuation of the moment as Noah kissed Luke. For Noah, he at first denied it meant anything to him; continuing the façade for his father that he was totally devoted to Maddie and later telling Luke that he kissed him because he wanted to - however, he can't pursue a relationship because of how his father would react.

Boy, did this kiss send shockwaves to a lot of people watching their favorite drama? I read a number of negative emails from viewers stating they will not watch a show where two men are kissing. Here's my take of the issue: for a long time now people have been complaining that the writers are constantly recycling the same stories with the same characters. Now we have a story that is different from a character that has been known since his birth on the Snyder kitchen floor. This is a story about finding love and in Luke's case, it happens to be someone of the same sex - this is our world. In addition, it is also a triangle that includes another character we care about - Maddie. Noah is not a bad person though he is confused about what he wants. How many times have we seen Paul go between two people or Jack or Katie or Barbara or Lisa? It is story about love.

Soaps are supposed to portray life events and this is what is happening here. As I read the different message boards, there is a definite split in terms of who is enjoying and who does not. ATWT has been always been the show that handles topical issue stories in a sensitive manner. Why not give Luke's story the same opportunity as we have given Paul's many deaths, Carly & Jack's breakups, Craig's or Barbara's many crimes and Lily's kidnappings - take this journey with Luke as we would any other character in Oakdale as we just had to watch Cleo for months, didn't we?

Dusty and Alison
The one thing that Dusty and Alison were unprepared for was the reappearance of that video of them sleeping together. Well, Cheri Love got her hands on it from Lance and now thanks to Elwood, it is all over the internet. Alison has been going all over town to try to repair her already damaged character - all she has to do is wait and it will surely die out soon enough.

Dusty apologizes to no one and just takes his lumps - his approach is that this is something that happened and he has to live with it. He has his good friend, Lily in his corner this time and that does not sit well with her husband, Holden.

What made Dusty go to Cheri's hotel room? He is not superman as he has been overpowered by woman before - remember Emily holding him hostage? Dusty can usually ignore his foes and go about his business or is he still trying to help Alison. He did not want to take a drink from Cheri in the beginning and of course, she put something in it then he awakes to find her lying next to him - probably dead.

Holden and Lily
What is Holden's problem these days? He always seems to be on the defensive with Lily and there is nothing that she can do right. He even talks to his son about his marital problems. He and Aaron are obviously made from the same cloth as they expect their women to be saints when neither one of them can be classified as above reproach.

Does Holden want to divorce Lily? He is acting like he is ready to make a change. What is doing when he is taking all these little trips out of town - could he have another woman outside of town? I think that would be a stretch though I think that it would be an interesting twist on how he has been acting lately.

Lily should be asking the question - what does she have to save at this point as she is always involved in someone else's problems. First, it was her addiction then helping Carly with the ransom and now she is all into Dusty's affairs.

Paul and Rosanna
Rosanna has awakened from her coma and Paul has filled her in on some of the happenings of the last two years. As he was talking about the last two years, I was thinking about things like Jennifer's and Hal's death; how much Carly's children have grown and how Paul had fallen in love with Meg and now she has moved on to Craig. This is going to be an interesting return for her.

The look of panic on Craig's face when he saw Paul and Rosanna was priceless. How will this quadrangle end: Paul with his love, Rosanna or his love, Meg; Rosanna with her love, Paul or Craig; Craig with Rosanna (the money) or poor Meg and Meg with true love Paul or the man she settled for, Craig?

Jack, Carly, Katie and Brad
The other quadrangle in Oakdale has made some moves as well. Jack spending so much time with Carly can not be good for his engagement to Katie. I don't care what he says in his when he is awake, we all heard him say he loves Carly when he was hurt during the kidnapping saga. It will not be long before he actually acts on his true feelings.

Katie is surely starting to see Brad in a different light and Brad has changed since he came back to Oakdale. Brad really does have feelings for Katie and it shows every time he looks at her or hugs her.

Gwen can not lose another baby; this is so cruel for a couple that really wants to have a baby. When she doubled over at the end of Friday's show, let's just hope it is not what it is leading up to. Well all of a sudden, she has been hit with the added stress of her brother who abandoned her returning to town and her mother reappearing into her life. Gwen's family, except for Carly and her kids have done nothing for her except cause her pain.

Who is this Cole guy, anyway? We have never heard her speak of a brother, have we? The poor guy with an attitude - I can see it with Iris as his mother, will probably lose his girlfriend to Aaron Snyder. He has a major chip on his shoulder that does make him too likable.

Here are some comments from readers:

Anita says, "I would be upset if ATWT stopped Luke's love story. I've been watching ATWT since the late 70's (I would watch it with my mom when I returned home from kindergarten-honestly) and it is an understatement to say I am a HUGE fan. I am a married mother of two (a preteen and teenager). After Luke and Noah's kiss, I am an over-the-top HUGE fan. It is about time day time television incorporated some "realness". Neither of my children is gay and fortunately at this time, is not having to deal with any life realization issues; but if they were, I would hope that there was a place on television that helped them realize that they are definitely not alone.

ATWT and other programming would do the national viewing audience a big disservice if they continued to hide in the closet and pretend that even fictional characters don't represent the world today. For all those people that are upset and are going to discontinue watching, I can only offer this: You are definitely entitled to your opinions, likes, and dislikes; however, remember this, when we allow any voice to be silenced our turn will be soon to follow."

Michael says, "I am no prude, but ATWT has me feeling kind of...dirty. Male-on-male action, a prostitution ring, porn DVDs and You Tube sex might be interesting, but sheesh...can we catch a break? One lurid story at a time, please!"

Judi says, "Why does everyone want to see Jack and Carly back together? I really enjoy watching Jack and Katie and I don't see Katie with Brad. I am getting tired of Carly doing stupid things and Jack always running to her defense. Give the guy someone who actually cares about him."

MJ says, "Talk about sick, I am sick of looking at Will, Gwen, Sofie, Cole, Katie, Paul, and Meg. Even though Rosanna just woke up out of a coma, I am tired of her too. I am waiting for the uniting of Jack and Carly, and then I am cutting ATWT loose. It is such a boring show. I'm like other viewers, where are the older characters? The actress who played Kit is a dynamic actress. ATWT should find a steady role for her."

Ailene says, "It seems painfully clear that ATWT is after a younger viewer and will sacrifice their veteran talent to try to get them. Most of the current storylines seem dull and unoriginal to this older and longtime viewer, so it is doubtful they appeal to younger viewers either. The on-location segment and the fabulous young actors all work. But the interesting storylines, such as Luke's, need to move head and include the great veterans. ATWT has great acting talent of every age."

Finally, so Ryan won Inturn 2 and will get the role on ATWT as Evan Walsh IV - the son of the Evan Walsh we knew, the brother of Connor. I have to agree with reader MJ, let's hope they find a place for Lauretta as well as she did a great job as Kit.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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