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There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Springfield during the week of September 4, 2006.

Kimberly is on vacation this week. In place of a new column, we offer you a column from this week in 2006. We know that you will miss not having a new column this week, but, please feel free to read over two year's worth of Two Scoops columns in our Two Scoops Archives!

Finally the moment I've been waiting months for...well, almost. Reva is home and now she and Josh can have the showdown fans have been clamoring for. Months and months of pent up emotion unleashed and then the big reveal - Reva has cancer.

Well, a girl can dream, can't she?

GL has been selling this story to us since the spring. Reva's doing the "noble" thing while Josh and Cassie grow closer and closer. Yet the big knockdown fight I had hoped for didn't last but the blink of an eye. After 20 years and two kids together, it was as though neither Josh nor Reva really were spoiling for a fight.

Of all of the scenes this week, the scenes I expected to stand out didn't really do much for me, but two others did. I never hide the fact that Jordan Clarke (Billy) is a favorite and has been for years. The scene with Reva in the cemetery really moved me. Billy was so emotional at the thought of saying goodbye to Reva. You can see the connection that the two characters - and the two actors - share. But I kept thinking - doesn't Josh deserve the same chance to bid her farewell?

And Josh and Cassie's farewell (hooray!) had me a little blue. Not that I thought for a minute they would work - it's a little hard to be a family when your ex-husband comes to Christmas dinner with your sister. But the emotion of those scenes was well-written (I know - a compliment) and well-acted. Finally Cassie had the sense to end things - but not before both parties got hurt.

But despite the fact that Josh isn't with Cassie anymore (not that she knows it yet) Reva is going to push them together. Yes, she's being "noble" again - but if they ever found out where she has been all of these months (and you all know they will) the relationship would never work - even Reva has to see that. But Reva's hardly been herself of late, so I guess I should go easy on her.

While Reva has had her hands full with her illness, Josh and Cassie, Jonathan has been up to his usual tricks. I loved the fact that he would be the one to catch Beth and Rick (obvious, but still amusing as can be). It always strikes me how alike Jon and Alan are - but Jon still makes me laugh with his antics. Alan can't get away with as much as he used to - we've known him too long.

Now that Alan has "found" some Cedar's nurses to report on Lizzie and Tammy's discussion, how will this all turn out? I know some - I do read the spoilers as I write them - but I won't "spoil" you here. It certainly plays in to the rumors that Tammy and Cassie are leaving Springfield soon, though.

And the preview for the 15,000th episode look like a hoot! I can't wait to see how it all comes out - with Springfield's favorite characters out of character for a day (Olivia as a nun - that IS funny!!).

I've got to run and catch an early plane to Los Angeles for a long holiday weekend. And Tropical Storm Ernesto has just brought me a present - a leaky basement to deal with before I can sleep. I hope that this Labor Day holiday allows you time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. And if you see a crazy blonde in LA wearing a Soap Central shirt that will be me - come up and say hello!

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