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Has Alistair gotten even more evil? He used to be cartoonish, just threatening people and disowning his family. Now he's shot Chad in cold blood, put a hit out on Vincent, and implanted a control device in Fancy that may kill her.

I love the ending and I hate it. I know that Passions is going on to DirecTV (how can I forget when the characters remind me every other scene). Still, I hate that there are loose ends that I would've loved to have seen tied up. After eight years, it would've been nice to see Theresa win outright once and for all. Instead, now Ethan still doesn't know EM is his son and barren Gwen has apparently had a son by him.

I think the whole story with Vincent/Valerie is the most promising thing going for this show. Vincent is obviously deranged, but he is brilliant as well. Everyone thinks horrible Vincent is dead, and now he can cause havoc as Valerie with no one none the wiser. However, I think it is disgusting that Julian slept with Valerie. I hope it is soon revealed that Vincent is really TC's son. Maybe Eve could've slept with TC and she was too drunk or high to realize it. Being TC's son would certainly explain some of Vincent's anger issues.

Speaking of Eve, Tracey Ross deserves the biggest Emmy they can give her. She was brilliant this week as she drunkenly rambled on about losing her family and her son again. When Whitney told Eve she was leaving, it broke my heart to hear Eve beg her daughter not to take her grandchildren away from her. She went from begging Whitney not to go, to bargaining with her to move closer, to breaking down as she realized her daughter was leaving. Those few days of grief were outstandingly done and acted.

Speaking of Whitney leaving, this is a subject that is very near and dear to me. For those of you that don't know, I am from South Louisiana, and I lived through Katrina. Just last week, we remembered the anniversary of Katrina. Granted, my area wasn't hit as hard as New Orleans and Southern Louisiana, but I lived through it just the same. Rebuilding is slow, and it pleased me to hear she wanted to make a fresh start in a city that is making a fresh start.

I do have to wonder, what is Whitney going to do for money? She has no formal education, and I'm sure there isn't much need for tennis instruction in the Big Easy. Did Chad have Crane money to leave to her? Is she planning on pursuing a singing career? McDonald's is paying people in New Orleans $10 an hour, ; maybe she can flip burgers if push comes to shove.

I hated Whitney's goodbye with Theresa. It seemed, just as their friendship has always, to focus on Theresa. Whitney has been a very good friend to Theresa, and I feel like Whitney is better off in the long run without having to keep up with Theresa's hair harebrained brained schemes and secrets. And maybe I missed something, but why did Whitney and Chad rush to Theresa and Ethan's honeymoon suite?

Has Alistair gotten even more evil? He used to be cartoonish, just threatening people and disowning his family. Now he's shot Chad in cold blood, put a hit out on Vincent, and implanted a control device in Fancy that may kill her. And Pretty is so dumb. Why can't she see that Alistair is using her to get to Fancy? It might've been easier to drug Luis and let Sheridan have her way with him.

Sheridan has learned that Marty is alive, but convincing Luis will take a little more than Spike's word. So Sheridan pulls a gun on Spike and threatens to send him to hell if he doesn't prove Marty is alive. I'm not sure where Spike took Sheridan, but if he can pull Marty up on a computer and scan across the room to a calendar, I'm not so sure Spike doesn't know where Marty is. The question is, will Luis help Sheridan find him?

So the dark side came around and sucked Miguel and Endora into the basement. I hope that Endora will be alrightall right, but it would almost serve Kay right if Miguel were to die. I mean, she used and abused Fox, and used and abused her magical powers, all with no care of what could come from it. It's high time she learned a lesson from wise old Tabby, not to mention pay for tricking Miguel into sleeping with her and conceiving Maria.

Some Random Thoughts::

Why did someone kill Fox? That is the bigger cliffhanger than who killed him.

So all of a sudden Sam wants Ivy back? Personally I think she's better off with Julian.

Week's Best Quotes::

Pilar to Rebecca: "I have no time for you, witch."

Spike to Sheridan: "I swear on my porn collection, I do not know where your son is."

Esme: "What we're finding together, money can't buy. Who said that?"
Fox: "You did."
Esme: "Out loud?"
Fox: "Yeah."

Personal Note:: I am saddened in a way I never expected. I actually was home early enough Friday to catch the last episode (on NBC) in its entirety. And it dawned on me how much of my routine centered around this show. It's as if I've taken care of this child for five years and now that child is off to school and no longer needs my full attention. I really do feel lost.

I am touched that so many of you wrote to tell me that you will miss my weekly column. Someone even wrote to ask if they sent me a DVD of the show on a weekly basis, would I continue to column. While that is sweet of them, I respectfully decline. I usually watch the show in the morning while getting dressed and, sitting down for five hours a week to watch isn't in my time budget. I am in nursing school, and Good Lord willing I will graduate in May. Studying is my top priority.

As of now, I have no idea what will happen to this column. If Dan (the editor of this column) chooses to continue with the column, I'm sure the next writer will do a fine job. And I will read this column on a weekly basis. I would like to write a couple more columns, maybe a Best and Worst of the past eight years. I also plan to write a Best and Worst column at the end of the year. However, if there is a new columnist, they will get top priority, and it will be up to them if mine will be published.

I have grown fond of this show and this time spent ranting and raving about it. I will miss it, and you, my dear readers. I wish God's blessing upon each of you, and I thank you for reading and for your support.

Until we meet again friends,

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