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With Reva and Jeffrey's son, and a possible Natalia pregnancy on the way, there might be three baby storylines happening at the same time! Will Springfield's new additions mean that there will soon be a daycare center for all of the babies in town?

What a week! An emotional roller coaster of events in Springfield this week- and what a ride!

Livin' (and dying) on the edge was the great confrontation with Grady and Phillip. While I knew the show was making some casting changes, Grady certainly left town in a memorable way! Now we have to see how Cyrus, Daisy and Buzz react to his M.I.A. status.

Buzz keeps on his downward spiral and looking for Alan to finally pay for some of his crimes. Now that Phillip is getting wind of Alan's misdeeds, even he could see his way to helping Buzz nail dear old dad! And how about the other players in Lizzie's kidnapping plot? Surely their payback is coming...

While I hope that the addition of baby Henry will soften Buzz's heart a bit, I have to admit that the whole express checkout adoption leaves me puzzled. Anyone who has even looked into adoption knows that the whole process takes a lengthy background check (and surely an ID check) before you can take a baby. Granted, the biological parents seemed to want to place their son in a good home, so I guess I'll have to give the show some creative license with this plot device. But babies are a great plot twist, but soon forgotten in the course of the show.

Speaking of, with Reva and Jeffrey's son, and a possible Natalia pregnancy (if the show writes in Jessica Lucia's pregnancy - which I hope they don't) there would be three baby storylines at once! Will Springfield's new additions mean there is a day care set for all of the babies in town? Does Peapack have a daycare center for all of the new additions to Springfield?

Parents-to-be Reva and Jeffrey will be squaring off over the welfare of their unborn child this week. I have to admit that this issue probably does arise, but I have to see both sides of the story. The use of Mel and Doris' changing opinions was well done - everyone certainly wants the best for all parties. But Reva surely remembers how her decisions the last time she fought cancer were the underlying cause for her divorce from Josh. The show promises that the baby will be born healthy, but Reva's fate is less clear. No doubt that Kim Zimmer brings passion to this very critical storyline, but can the viewers go through this again?

I have to admit that this story hits very close to home. My good friend Robin is fighting her third bout with the disease and her spirit is remarkable. While her friends are trying to understand why these things happen, she continues to fight - which gives us all a reason to be hopeful.

And I'm hopeful that GL continues it's own fight against low ratings but bringing us strong storylines and great characters to watch. Remember that the show is pre-empted Thursday and Friday for NCAA basketball (today is a double holiday in my house - Selection Sunday and my 42nd birthday!). Go Terps! I hope my guys get their ticket punched to the dance!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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