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Last week, Phillip figured out that Dinah had a hand in Lizzie's ordeal, but he was willing to keep quiet. So what does Dinah do? Confess! Now that her family and (former) friends know the truth, how will she fare? Can Shayne talk her off the roof?

If there has ever been a time for Felicia Boudreaux to have some major air time, it is now. Springfield's resident psychiatrist could rack up some serious billable hours with all of the angst in town. But she's obviously on Spring Break far from Springfield.

With the death of Coop weighing heavy on his heart, Buzz is ready for an emotional (if not cardiac) break. Buzz has a lot of family history of leaving when the going gets tough, and it looks like he has fallen back on this pattern now. Yes, Coop's death is horrible, but his family needs him (and needs to not have to worry ABOUT him) so I'm glad it looks like he's back to stay.

Note to GL's hairdressers - don't forget to apply some of your black shoe polish hair dye to Justin's beard - it just looks weird. While I'm sure most men aren't up for sitting in a hairdresser's chair for some highlights, their hair looks like it's either a bag wig, or fake. I did some crack investigative work this week and found you can even by highlights in a box at any drug store - and they aren't that expensive. Surely that can be in the GL budget?

Searching for her boyfriend has sent Daisy over the edge. Note that Grady killing Tammy didn't send her off her rocker, but losing that loser is what is causing her to lose control. Although I can certainly see why most of Springfield would want to take a shot at Alan - he's earned it! This makes two times in less than two months that he's been held at gunpoint (Phillip being the other person to pull a gun on dear old dad). Alan has, literally, gotten away with murder, and citizens are up in arms (pardon the pun). But now that Phillip has (so far) gotten away with the same, will everyone feel the same?

And while Phillip tries to help Daisy this week, how will she react if she learns that a) Grady is dead (? - no body yet GL fans) and b) Phillip threw him off a cliff? While most of Springfield will rejoice, this could really send Harley's emotional teen off the edge herself.

Phillip figured out Dinah had a hand in Lizzie's ordeal but was going to keep quiet. So what does Dinah do? Confess! Now that her family and (former) friends know the truth, how will she fare? And can Shayne talk her (literally) off the roof?

For fans who missed having a full five episodes this week, take heart - we are not pre-empted this week. Looking ahead Phillip is working hard to make peace in Springfield, Shayne helps Dinah when she needs him the most and Olivia gets a scare this week - so stay tuned!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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