Parker and Liberty are married

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Parker and Liberty are married
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Last week, Parker and Liberty got married, because Parker wanted his trust fund, and he wanted to become emancipated. This storyline shows that Parker is a real teenager who thinks that he knows exactly what he is doing.

When they do this shortened week of episodes, it works out well in that this was an action-packed three days with the focus on two characters that I found myself being drawn in completely to their story for a change.

Parker and Liberty
I could not believe how much I enjoyed watching these two young actors this week and how good they were. Parker and Liberty got married which seemed too much over the top because Parker wants his trust fund and to become emancipated. It showed to me that he is a real teenager who thinks he knows exactly what he is doing and no one can tell anything differently.

I had a hard time watching as he said all of those horrible yet true things about what Carly has done in the past. I don't understand how they allow him to talk to them the way he does and there are never any consequences.

I guess Jack felt like many of us at home when he just packed up his things and told him that if he wants to be on his own then do it. For once, I thought Jack showed Parker who the parent was. What did Parker think should have happened: he and Liberty would shack up in his bedroom at Carly's and go to school with the only difference is that he is married now. So I say it again, he is a teenager with any thought of the real consequences for his actions.

I enjoyed the acting so much with Jack talking to Hal about what he had done; the young actress who plays Liberty was visibly low key and pensive about what they had done - she was not sure she wanted to hurt her parents like that; Carly and Janet were the definitive mothers wanting to take care of their offspring because that is what mother's do; and then there was Craig, being the rescuer of the children because he truly cares about Parker. I thought they all did a really great job with this story this week. I am anxious to see how this all plays out.

Vienna and Katie - The Surrogate Story
I like Henry and Vienna getting some screen time here thought I am not sure how much I like this story. It has moved too fast and everything is working out so perfectly - where is the conflict other than Henry wanting sex and Vienna is declining because of the baby. This could play out any number of ways as I believe Katie should not have chosen a friend who also wanted to have a baby to carry hers - I can see this going terribly wrong.

I am glad that they did not miss a beat and did let Brad know about Liberty and Parker so he could deal with his daughter's issues and the baby issues too.

Paul and Meg and Dusty
Is Paul Ryan a one note song or what? Will this guy ever change? If he and Meg are through why doesn't he just accept it and move on? No, he does not have that in his gene pool - he is so much like his father right now that it is scary. How many years did James terrorize Barbara? Paul always wants to destroy someone. Hey buddy, get some much needed psychiatric assistance, pronto!

Now, he has dragged Emily back into his web and she has regressed back to being his patsy in his weird shenanigans. I thought Emily had moved on past Paul but her continued interest in Dusty is keeping her involved.

Dusty actually acts like he is interested in a relationship with Meg. I do have to wonder if he is interested because she has a new baby and he did just lose Johnny. Dusty seems to be a bit predictable as well.

Luke's New Cause
Luke is actually involved in something worthwhile like the foundation. He and Noah seem to be getting along fine and Luke has a new cause with the landlord refusing to rent to them after finding out that they are gay. After talking to his parents, he appears to doing this the right way instead of breaking laws without thinking through the process.

He is mentioning Damian so you know what that means - he is going to be back in town soon. How will Damian's appearance affect Luke and Noah and even Holden and Lily? Holden gets upset pretty easily about Dusty and you know when Damian gets to town he is not going to be happy.

What is Lucy up to? This does not seem like Lucy's personality to be doing these things behind everyone's back. Well, it looks like the detective team of Paul and Emily will find out before anyone else. Could Rosanna be behind whatever this is?

Here are some comments from some readers:

DL said, "While we obviously would have no storylines if soap characters behaved in a decent way, these teens are beyond the pale. Have the ATWT writers been watching Y&R to study how to make a teen obnoxious? If so, they've certainly succeeded. I won't threaten to quit watching the show, but do the writers really want word to get out to the sponsors that most fans are fast- forwarding through significant parts of the show?"

Lucie said, "I'm so sick of Carly being this royal screw up!!! Leaving her kids for this and that... having them be angry with her and disappointed in her yet again!!! I for once would like to see her happy and on top of the world. Couldn't they have written her off temporarily in a less negative way? Couldn't she just gone off promoting her new Vodka with her family's blessing? I am a huge fan of Carly/Jack.... and it just seems they get further and further apart with every mistake she makes. I also think there should be a balance between the vets and the younger characters..... that's what soaps are supposed to be!!!

Ken said, "While I'm glad to hear that Rosanna is coming back. I hope the writers keep her as far away as possible from Paul. The man is toxic. As far as I'm concerned, Paul Ryan has long outstayed his welcome in Oakdale."

Finally, what is going on behind the scenes; there have been no sightings of Bob, Lisa, Kim, Lucinda, Susan or Emma in a long time. I shutter to mention that I can't remember the last time I saw Nancy Hughes - she would be a great person for Katie to talk to about her baby issues: I'm sorry this isn't Young and the Restless or One Life to Live.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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