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Dinah tries so hard to find love and acceptance, but she usually does it in the most unusual ways! When she tries to get Bill all to herself, it backfires when Grady kidnaps Lizzie. Then she plays along, thinking that it will work out.

As I watched Beth question witnesses this week in Phillip's trial, I found myself (once again) shaking my head at the fast and loose way the show plays with things like - the LAW! Anyone who's seen "Legally Blonde" knows (as did I long before that) that a 1st year law student cannot represent a client without someone who has actually passed the bar. Springfield has two lawyers (Jeffrey and Mel) and would have had a third if they hadn't foolishly killed Phillip's uncle Ross off a few years back. Heck, they could even hire a day player to sit there and "direct" the law student (who seemed to spend most of her study time in bed with Coop).

The only saving grace of the whole charade was the ADORABLE Emma who makes me want to give her a big hug every time I see her. Her impish smile and moxie to pretend to take the witness stand at her age was great to see. And the scenes with Phillip and his adorable daughter were heartwarming - just not to Olivia.

But the scenes with Lizzie and Phillip made me a little sad. As with any character that has been on canvas as long as she has, we know what all Lizzie has endured. Now Phillip returns to Springfield and immediately commits murder (or so we think - no body has been found yet). So Lizzie, who is already leery of dear old dad, is pushed even farther away.

Then there is Dinah - another misunderstood Springfield resident. She tries so hard to find love and acceptance - just usually in the most unusual ways! When she tries to get Bill all to herself, it backfires when Grady kidnaps Lizzie. Then she plays along, thinking (somehow) it will work out? When Phillip wants to spare her the pain he's felt at his own foolish actions, she confesses? Now it costs her being baby Henry's godmother, and any good feelings Marina had for her. Kudos to Gina Tognoni for playing the multi-dimensional character to her Emmy winning best.

Frank, on the other hand, makes me want to snooze.... Every time he and Natalia share any screen time I have to double up on my caffeine intake to stay awake. The hokey "proposal" and forgetting to put on the ring didn't take away from the fact that I wanted to change the channel. And instead of a long (then cancelled) wedding it looks like GL will marry them quickly. Unless Olivia finally fesses up to her feelings for Natalia....

This week Reva prepares for the birth of her son. From what I've seen, the day involves most of the cast (half of Springfield seems to visit the day she will deliver) and will hopefully be a happy moment for all. Now will Reva survive? Kim Zimmer is in contract negotiations, so I'm sure that will have an impact on the way the story plays out. Stay tuned!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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