Understanding, but no peace

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Understanding, but no peace
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Fans are divided over whether Reva belongs with Josh or Jeffrey, but no matter who you want Reva paired with, the scene last week when Reva tried to reveal her angst to Josh about the loss of Jeffrey, and not knowing where he is, was Emmy-worthy stuff.

This week we saw why, time and time again, I feel that the actors on GL are top notch. Their long-standing relationships with one another - and their characters - bring a whole new dimension to the show.

Fans are divided over whether Reva belongs with Josh or Jeffrey (now a moot point since GL killed Jeffrey). But no matter who you want Reva paired with, the emotional shorthand that Kim Zimmer and Robert Newman have with one another - and the ease of which they get the depths of their characters - is superb.

Watching the scene this week when Reva tried to reveal her angst to Josh about the loss of Jeffrey, and not knowing where he is, was Emmy-worthy stuff. While short time fans might not have understood the references to their (first) marriage, I know many of you picked up on the nuances right away. You remember the look on Josh's face as Reva drove off that Florida bridge. You knew the search that he made for her - worldwide and how he couldn't accept her death since no body was ever found.

Of course, these memories had me heading to YouTube to check out the classic GL clips.

Is it me, or is the show getting better and better the closer we get to the CBS finale? Why did CBS decide now to pull the plug, when the ratings are up and the fans are really enjoying the show more than we have in recent years? It is maddening...

This week, Phillip and Beth shared a kiss - but he feels guilty for leading her on, knowing he is dying. But at least Remy and Christina are finally married - and staying that way. So there is some romance in town. But Mallet and Marina are starting to unravel --or at least Marina is. I will admit that the thought of her as Edmund's "killer" was totally unbelievable to me. But now it seems that this week we'll learn the truth - but how will it all shake out remains to be seen.

Another story that will begin in earnest this coming week is the Alan story about his connection to a Springfield soldier from the Vietnam era. I don't want to spoil anyone here, but this is a pretty meaty story that might give some closer to Alan and Phillip's fractured relationship. I just hope that it can be wrapped up before CBS' last air date. Only time will tell.

In the next few weeks, before the actors depart, I really want to take some time to reach out to them and let them know how much their characters, and the show, have meant to me. I certainly encourage all GL fans to drop the cast (either as a group or individually) a line to share your thoughts and memories with them.

To write to the cast members:
Guiding Light
c/o CBS
Attention: Cast member's name
51 W. 52 St.
New York, NY 10019

In addition, fans in the NY area can see some of the cast at a panel at the Paley Center for Media on August 19th: http://www.paleycenter.org/summer-2009-guiding-light If anyone attends, please let me know and I will gladly share your experiences here.

Even after the show ends, I will try to post any info I have on the stars on my Facebook page (you can friend me - my Facebook account is G L Scoop and my group is: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=67476745670&ref=ts

Whether or not we know how this story - and this show ends, it is important for all of us to stay focused on working to promote the show in a positive light for as long as we can...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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