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This week brings September, and with it comes the final weeks of Guiding Light. Storylines will start to come into final focus. It brings home, once again, the void that the show's departure will leave in the hearts of its fans.

This week brings September, and with it comes the final the weeks that Guiding Light will air. Storylines will start to come into final focus. And it brings home once again, the void the show's departure will make for its fans.

Between the special guest appearances (like Holly this past week) and the departures (Mallet and Rafe who will be leaving soon) it is sometimes difficult to watch. Blake's emotional scenes at Ross' grave remind me, once again, of mistakes made by GL in the past. And how fans were forced to Blake peace (or not) with bad decisions that ultimately cost GL their place in the CBS line-up.

Holly's return served several purposes. Certainly to bring Blake some comfort when she needed it. But I loved her interaction with Olivia talking about her relationships. Seeing Maureen Garrett (Holly) who joined GL the year I started watching - 1976 with Peter Simon (Ed) was a real treat. And her memories of my favorite GL character Roger (the late, great Michael Zaslow) reminded me again of how the show has done things to turn away fans.

I must admit that I didn't see the Cyrus/Jenna connection coming (another terrible loss for GL). When the show seems to be pairing down the cast, giving the jewel thief ties to Springfield seemed odd. At least I hope that GL focuses on other stories now with characters with more ties to the fictional town we all love...

Although I think the on-screen chemistry between Robert Bogue (Mallet) and real-life fiancée' Mandy Bruno (Marina) is beyond bland, the scenes this week did bring tears to my eyes. Part of me was sad that Mallet would make such a sacrifice when he didn't know how adding Shayne to the family would work. The other part thought it made no sense at all. But if he finds Dinah... then it is all worthwhile - their chemistry has always been red hot!

I know many Otalia fans were happy to see young Rafe enlist, so he'll be leaving soon. I have to admit that he and James annoy me. The chips on their shoulders are so big that they can be annoying and arrogant. But James will certainly see things differently this coming week...

As things start to unravel for Phillip, he is forced to reveal his illness to those he loves. Which of course means more hankies for me. While I try not to play favorites too much, Grant Aleksander (Phillip) has always been a favorite of mine so watching Phillip and GL simultaneously get less and less time left will be especially painful to watch. I know that the actors involved are all paid professionals, I would imagine that these scenes were pretty tough to tape.

Another interesting little moment was the dig to CBS that Josh gave this week at Towers with Vanessa. Loved how they worked in the double entendre to stick it to the Eye Network.... Take THAT CBS...

Long time fans should be happy to see Billy and Vanessa reunite. Can't wait for their wedding. And with GL veteran Lisa Brown (Nola) returning, I have to wonder if a repeat of the classic 1980's scenes from their joint engagement party will follow... Those were the days......

In the next few weeks, before the show stops airing, I really want to take some time to reach out to them and let them know how much their characters, and the show, have meant to me. Even thought they have wrapped taping, they can certainly get mail to the cast members from GL fans. I certainly encourage all GL fans to drop the cast (either as a group or individually) a line to share your thoughts and memories with them.

To write to the cast members:
Guiding Light
c/o CBS
Attention: Cast member's name
51 W. 52 St.
New York, NY 10019

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