Henry's parentage, Bob's tumor, and Holden's funeral

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ATWT Two Scoops: Henry's parentage, Bob's tumor, and Holden's funeral
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Thankfully, Bob's problems are because of a tumor, and not senility. In Oakdale, a tumor can be easily removed. Just ask Barbara. The doctors won't even shave your head.

DNA doesn't lie. Unless it's tested at Oakdale Memorial Hospital. Then, it's not only possible, but probable, that someone could tamper with the results or bribe someone else to do it for them. That could very well be the case with Henry Coleman's DNA test, proving that his father is notorious criminal James Stenbeck.

I'm having a little trouble buying that Henry is a Stenbeck. First of all, James is a brilliant mastermind. I find it hard to believe that his mistress would have had his child, without his knowledge. The man seems to know every move Paul and Barbara make, even going as far as implanting a computer chip in Paul's head, so keeping track of little Miss Audrey and her fertile eggs would be easy. Second, if James did know about Henry, he would have been stalking him through the years the same way he has Paul.

I could be wrong. Perhaps Henry truly is a Stenbeck. I've always said he's the smartest guy in Oakdale, and he could take that after James. Whichever way it goes, this plot twist is certainly giving Henry more layers, revealing more of his obsessive tendencies and insecurities, and that's a good thing. Whether he turns out to be a Stenbeck in the end, well, I wouldn't bet a martini on it.

• Anyone who wasn't tearing up when Kim snuck into Bob's hospital room from her own hospital bed to talk to him, doesn't have a heart. That scene had me reaching for Kleenex. Bravo! I'm thrilled that Bob's problems are because of a tumor, and not senility. In Oakdale, a tumor can be easily removed. Just ask Barbara. The doctors won't even shave your head.

• Note to Lily: When your husband has just died, it's completely tactless to march into the memorial service on the arm of your ex-husband and have him sit with your family. Damian should have been sitting with Luke, if he was going to sit with anyone.

• Note to Meg: When your brother has just died, it's completely tactless to be more interested in your love life than the fact that you're burying your brother.

• Note to Damian: When your girlfriend's brother has just died, it's completely tactless to escort your ex-wife to the funeral, sit with her, and comfort her, instead of doing the aforementioned things for your girlfriend.

• Note to ATWT: Thank you for doing this funeral right by bringing back some familiar Snyder faces in Seth and Aaron.

• Note to self: Never die in Oakdale, or no one but immediate family will come to the funeral.

• So, if Noah's film teacher can get Jude Law to read Noah's script, I have to wonder why the professor isn't peddling his own scripts to Hollywood, instead of teaching at Oakdale University? This guy seems way too good to be true. Noah, you have been warned.

• Faith call out your momma, already! I know Faith just lost her dad, but I wanted to shake her this week for not confessing to Lily that she saw her kissing Damian. What does Faith think will happen by keeping it a secret? It makes no sense.

• I'm completely shocked that Liberty is pregnant. After all the years of Janet's harping about safe sex and the mistakes she made, I find it hard to believe that Liberty would be that careless. I know she was in a bad place, losing her job and feeling neglected by Parker, but come on, jumping a guy she barely knows doesn't seem her style. When Janet finds out, this is going to be brutal.

• I had to laugh when Teri told Liberty that her pregnancy wasn't showing yet. Well, considering Liberty just had sex last week and is about a minute pregnant, I should think not.

• If you have the last name Hughes, stay away from Alison Stewart. The Hughes clan is dropping like flies around her. First, Kim collapsed and then Bob. Tom, you've been warned.

• --Speaking of Ali, the entire Hughes clan owes her an apology. She tried to warn, Kim, Tom, Margo and Casey that something was wrong with Bob, but none of them listened. Then, they had the audacity to yell at her and blame her for Bob's collapse. Tom and Margo were just mean. Shame on them.

• Damian is far more devious than I ever gave him credit for. It's clear that he wants Lily back, and he's doing whatever he can to make that happen. Poor Meg, she's losing at love again.

• Lily was absolutely trying to get Damian's attention this week when she called him to come to work with her. She should have called Lucinda or Luke or anyone else but him. It's no wonder Damian is going after her. She's sending some serious mixed signals.

Best Lines of the Week:

(Vienna tries to talk some sense into Henry, when he contemplates life as James Stenbeck's sole heir.)
Vienna: "James Stenbeck doesn't ever die!"

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Paul.)
I have really enjoyed the last few weeks of the show. It's the best it's been in months, lots of attention to character and a slightly slower pace, which is nice. It's great to see the Hughes finally getting family oriented story, but for how long? I have a feeling once 'Carly' comes back from rehab, they will fade into the background again, sadly. One note on an error in a recent episode, Craig was talking to Terri and said he had two sisters; he has three: Cricket, Margo, and Katie. Someone needs to do their research on the writing staff.

(From Two Scoops reader Melanie.)
I love ATWT but someone in the continuity department needs to be fired. The day Damian and Meg were going to go on the cruise, she was wearing one blue shirt at the farm, and a different one when she went to confront Lily -- then back in the other one when she returned. And Damian's hair is dry and tousled one minute and slicked back the next!

(From Two Scoops reader Crystal.)
Let's hope the writers now writing for ATWT won't destroy this show. I hope they learn the history of the families of ATWT instead of bringing in new people to the show. I truly hope ATWT won't have the same fate (as Guiding Light) and be turned over to a game show - yuck! They can keep bringing back James. He's wonderfully evil! And it's so good seeing Barbara back on the scene. I also hope that this is a good storyline for Bob Hughes and not a way to put the character of Bob on the backburner. That would be a shame.

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
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Jennifer Biller
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