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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 11, 2000 on GL
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Monday, September 11, 2000

At the Journal, Holly was asking her assistant what a manly man hated the most. She asked if Holly smelled skunk. Holly laughed and told her that she did. Holly looked out the window and saw the union bank building in rubble with a cloud of smoke around it. She called to check on Billy. Billy told her to call Reva, and she frantically hurried to get Reva on the phone.

Billy was unconscious at the construction site. He came to when Holly called. Billy turned around and saw the aftermath and told Holly to get help and call Reva. Billy called out for Bill and Josh.

At WSPR, Holly got Reva on the phone and told her about the situation at the construction site. Reva left fast, telling Noah what had happened and saying they needed doctors. Noah grabbed his things and went with her.

Meanwhile, Reva and Noah showed up at the construction site. They were taking the injured out, and Noah started tending to them. Bill emerged yelling at the foreman who insisted that he had never given the order for the wall to come down. A cameraman approached and asked Reva if she was going to go on. She told him that she couldn't and for him to go on, she had to look for her husband. Noah overheard her but kept working on the hurt men.

Reva started pulling rubble off and throwing it to the side, constantly looking and calling for Josh. Reva finally reached the area where Josh was and asked another man, Diego, who was also trapped, if Josh was alive. Diego went and checked on Josh, returned, and told her that he was alive. Reva slipped in the hole with him and tried to wake Josh. Noah and Billy called down and offered to send a rope down to pull Josh out. Josh came to, and Reva helped him by getting the rope around him. Josh told her to get out, but she refused until he was pulled to safety. They pulled Josh out, and Reva climbed out.

Reva called for Diego to get out, but some more building fell on him before he could get out. Reva climbed back over, and Diego was stuck. She told him they were going to get him out and thanked him for saving Josh. He told her that he needed her help and told her that he and his family had gone to America to be free. He told her about his wife, Ramona. She asked for her bag and got her tape recorder. She held it up as Diego talked about Ramona being in a factory. Reva promised to give her his message, and Diego died. Reva said a little prayer.

In San Cristobel , Richard told Rourke his duties about protecting Cassie. He told her that he should be beside Cassie seven days a week from the time she woke up until she went to bed, unless Richard was around. Richard had to meet with the royal jeweler and left. Cassie told Rourke that there were some unofficial duties that he had to attend to as well.

Cassie asked Rourke if he knew how to Rollerblade®. He told her that he did. She asked if he rode and played poker, and he said he did. Cassie told him to only call her "ma'am" once every half hour, but Rourke continued to call her that. She asked him if he could pick a lock so he could help her break in and raid the fridge some nights. He said he could. Cassie said that was great and told him that they should get along just fine.

Edmund got a call from Beth. She just needed to smile, and he always made her do just that. Beth told him about Susan being missing. She went on and on about things, and Edmund assured her that Susan was fine; he said Susan had common sense and vitality and was not suicidal, so Beth should give her a few days and she would return when Beth least expected it. She thanked Edmund for making things look brighter. He told her that he knew the real reason she had called and it had had nothing to do with Susan.

Edmund told Beth that he worried about her. He wondered how she was with her contradictory desires. He knew that she was not over Phillip, and he was the guiltless option. He told her that he would always be there with the truth, and she knew that. He told her he would be waiting. He hung up.

Inside, Rourke told Cassie that he would teach her some basic self-defense moves. He wrapped his arms around her neck and showed her how to break the hold. Just then, Richard walked in and asked what was going on. Cassie told Richard about the self-defense techniques. Cassie told him that she wanted to know what was in the box he had. He told her that it was nothing she would be interested in, and they started playing around.

Richard dismissed Rourke and kissed his bride. He told her that he loved her and gave her the box. He told her that he was reinstating an old tradition and gave her a diamond garter. He told her that it had originated over 500 years before; he said something about Cupid being the saint and the motto being something about "in love we trust." He told her that no one but her prince could touch the royal garter, and he slipped it on her leg. Richard told Rourke not to let anyone in or out of the room and locked the door. He went back over to Cassie and kissed her. Rourke stopped Edmund from entering, and Edmund said to keep him informed.

At the LeMays', Jim entered with his scuba gear. He told Beth and Lillian that he hadn't found any trace of Susan at the bottom of the lake. He was tired but worried. Beth said that she had stayed by the phone all night and heard nothing. Jim said that he felt Susan was all right and would be back soon with all her attitude. He went outside and said that he knew she was all right; she had to be.

Harley and Phillip walked in and told Jim that they had found Susan's bike; it had been stripped and was located in a bad part of town. Jim was worried and started yelling at Phillip. Phillip got a call about the bank building; Jim, Phillip, and Harley left.

After Beth called Edmund, Lillian entered and said that Beth was playing a dangerous game and had better watch out.

Tuesday, September 12, 2000

At Cedar's:

Ray was in a wheelchair, talking to a nurse. He was being released. Danny came up and asked if he could take Ray from there. Danny had Geraldo there to chauffeur Ray. Ray joked around with Danny about needing protection because of a rigged Bingo game. They laughed, and Danny said that he didn't know what was out there waiting for them.

Ray thanked Danny for returning. Danny said that he had to go stay with Abuela for a few days. Danny said that he could spend some time with his brother as well. Ray told him he looked forward to all the time with Danny, as well, so he could explain exactly what his vows meant. Danny said to give it up because Michelle was a non-issue.

Bill and Billy walked into the hospital. Billy was yelling that there was no accident at the site it was something from the OSHA violations of the other crew. Olivia entered and asked about Josh. Billy told Olivia that Josh was still in x-ray, and they didn't know anything. Holly walked in and hugged Billy. Billy told them that Reva had saved Josh and that she had stayed behind with Diego. Olivia told them that she had seen on the news that Diego had died and Reva had stayed with him.

They rolled Josh in, and Rick had to go out to tell everyone what was going on with Josh. He said that Josh was badly bruised and had a concussion. He said they just had to wait and see. Billy went in to see Josh, and Josh was semi-conscious. Billy laughed and told him not to walk out in front of any more buses. Outside, Holly talked to Olivia, telling her that everything would be okay. Bill said he would call Marah and Shayne. Billy came out and talked to Holly while Olivia went in to see Josh. She cried while touching him.

Reva walked in with Marah and Shayne. They looked for Josh. Olivia thanked Reva. Reva got an attitude when Olivia told her that Josh needed his rest and they shouldn't go in. Reva said that Olivia had no right to tell her anything about what she could or couldn't do. Marah told her mom to settle down and that Olivia was as upset as they were.

Reva started to go in, and Olivia reached for her arm. Reva told her to let her go. She yelled at Olivia, and Olivia defended herself by saying that Josh didn't need the stress that Reva was under at that moment; it could kill him. Noah told Reva that Olivia was right and got Reva to go home. They left, and Olivia went back in to see Josh.

At the LeMays', Jim was upset looking at Susan's picture. Beth joined him downstairs; he told her that the construction site was a disaster area, and they'd had to take Josh to the hospital. Beth told Jim that Susan was fine and they would find her. Beth asked him to let her in and share his pain. He told her he couldn't. She said she understood because that was how she had felt when Lizzie was sick. But she wanted to help him.

Beth hugged Jim while he cried and kissed her. Things started to turn passionate, and Jim pulled away. Beth told him that it would be okay and that she loved him. He told her that it had been a long time for them, and they started kissing again. He laid her down on the couch and started undressing her. Beth's mind kept flashing to Phillip making love to her on the plane. Jim asked if she was all right, and Beth told him that she needed him and for him not to stop. They continued shedding clothing.

Phillip and Harley showed up. Harley got a call just as they knocked at the door and waited. Jim and Beth were scantily dressed when they answered the door. Beth continued staring at Phillip, and he at her, while Harley went in to talk to Jim. Phillip went in and asked for them to reconsider getting the P.I. He promised them that money was not an issue as far as Susan was concerned. Jim told him to go ahead, and Phillip made the call.

Phillip and Harley left, and Jim thanked Beth for the roll in the hay . He told her it was just what he needed. Outside, Harley asked Phillip why he had suggested the P.I. again. He told her that he wanted Susan to return home as much as she did. He told her to look at the old lighthouse. He said a lighthouse was a beacon for home, and Susan would return home -- and they could count on that because of the lighthouse. Harley liked the analogy and thanked Phillip. They hugged and walked off.

At Millennium, Olivia walked in. She had lost her sunglasses. She looked up at the television above the bar, and they had the construction site on. They said that there was one confirmed dead and one seriously injured. It said that Reva had saved Josh, but he was still in critical condition. Olivia was upset, and Pilar was upset until she saw in the background that Bill was all right. Olivia was shaken and ran out of the club.

Danny was going over a few plans for an underground casino at Millennium. Pilar walked over and asked what he was up to. She didn't want him to do anything illegal.

Noah was doctoring Reva at the construction site. She was very upset and in tears. She said that Diego was a hero and she didn't understand how he could risk his own life for someone he didn't know. Noah told her that some people only thought about helping others and didn't worry about themselves. Reva told him that Diego had said he went to the U.S. for freedom and had found death instead. She told him that Diego had said a few things about slavery, death, and his wife working in a factory. She said she had promised to find her and she would -- after she knew that Josh was all right.

Vicky approached and told Phillip to leave and she would handle it. Vicky went over and told Reva "Congratulations," and told her that she had done well getting Josh out. She wanted to go back on the show, and Reva got ticked off. She said that Vicky was welcome back on her show so she could tell the world how positive the collapse actually was. She told her that she would bombard her with questions about whose fault the accident was and why a man ending up dead was a good thing in Spauldings' eyes. Reva left Vicky standing there stunned.

Susan was sitting up on the deck at the lighthouse, eating peanut butter. She heard something and then a young man climbed up there. It was Sam, but she didn't know him. He asked her if it was creamy or crunchy.

Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Susan saw Sam climbing up to the deck at the lighthouse. He told her he was 18 and asked her name. She told him and he called her "Suz." She noticed his hand was bleeding and cleaned it up and wrapped gauze around it. He told her his name was Sam, and he was hoping to spend the night there. Susan asked where Sam was from, and he told her that he had been in boarding school and got kicked out. He was supposed to start living with his sister but she hadn't been at her place when he got there, and he had seen the light from the lighthouse and went there to crash.

Susan thought his sister might be worried about Sam, but he told her she was cool and knew he would be there when he got there. He looked up at the stars and started pointing out constellations. Susan pointed out a few that she saw, and Sam was impressed. She told him he could stay there. He asked her how long she had been running. He knew all the signs and had been there himself a hundred times; he wondered why she'd left. Susan pointed out her mom's house and then her dad's, and then told Sam that they were both married to people she couldn't stand.

Susan said she wanted to go home but she couldn't. She gave Sam a rundown of her situation and told him that she only had nine dollars and a jar of peanut butter. Sam was starving himself, and Susan gave him the rest of her peanut butter. He told her that she could get hurt and go with the sympathy routine or cry a lot and maybe that would work. She told Sam that her parents were a cop and an ex-Navy SEAL, and they wouldn't buy it. Sam told her that she should just go home and that he would drive her there himself. He said he would help get her "unstuck" and that her family loved her and they would be glad to have her back.

Holly was at her office at the Journal and was on the phone, ordering dinner to be delivered. Billy was looking out the window at the building site. Holly apologized for not remembering he could see the accident from there and tried to get him away from the window. She reassured him about Josh. Billy wanted to know why she was holding his hand and feeding him food. He looked around her office and noticed Meg's picture and some awards. He found the present, but she told him he had to wait until after dinner.

Billy called the hospital and learned that Josh was stable. Holly had set the desk for dinner. Billy was impressed. He started to eat and was obviously enjoying the dinner. He asked if Holly was going to eat or watch. She enjoyed watching him enjoy his food and life. She just ate to live. Billy said she was a good friend. She said she was a good friend but was a lousy wife and mother, whereas Billy was a nurturer and took care of his own. They talked about their trip and laughed, and Billy again asked for his present, but Holly said not until after dessert.

Billy finished his dinner and said that Holly hadn't touched her food. She said she was not hungry and offered him hers. He said no but started to pick at her plate. He finally took hers, too, and she said he was feeling better. Billy wanted to know if he had to eat dessert because he wanted his present right away. She let him open it. He was excited. It was Big Mouth Billy Bass and she turned it on. Billy laughed and said it was the funniest thing he had ever seen. Josh would like it too. He loved the gift.

At the Lewises', Reva was upset and angry that she had left the hospital. Marah offered to get her some food, but Reva said she just wanted to see Josh. She apologized to Noah, but he held her and said he understood; Josh was the father of her children. She was very close to getting a divorce, but fate kept throwing her back with Josh. Noah said he didn't think it was fate, and they should change the subject. They started to watch the news, and Noah was upset to see himself on television.

Reva started to cry, and Noah turned off the TV. He held her as she cried. Reva talked about Diego and how his wife didn't even know he was dead. He had helped Josh, and Reva felt she needed to help him. She remembered the tape in her purse. Marah walked into the room and talked to Noah. Reva was still crying and told Marah about Diego. She felt bad that Diego had died and there was no one there to cry for him. Marah said that Reva was crying for him. She hugged Marah.

Reva fell asleep on Noah's lap. Marah took a throw out and covered her mom. She and Noah talked a bit, and Noah told her that she was very close with her mom and should make a good mom herself one day. He wondered if she was tired and needed to go to bed, but she said it was typical for their family -- constant drama. She was glad that Shayne was at lacrosse camp. She called him and told him that everyone was okay. Marah asked Noah about Josh, and he said that Josh would be okay. Marah thanked him for hanging in. He said some people were worth it, and Marah agreed.

Later, Noah's cell phone rang. He eased Reva onto a pillow and got off the couch to answer it. He asked the person what had taken him so long. He wanted to know what the INS was doing in SF. He explained that Reva was a good friend, and her ex-husband had been caught in a building collapse. He said he was inactive, hung up, and called someone else. He identified himself as R64 and asked about the INS in SF. He didn't want anyone knowing he was asking. Reva stirred and overheard the calls.

In Josh's room at Cedar's, Olivia told Josh she would really like him to open his eyes and recognize her. While he slept, she talked about how much she cared for him and how good she was for him. She wanted to be with him and wanted him to want it too. She wanted to prove she was the only woman for him. She wanted him to open his eyes and return to her. She wondered if Josh could hear her. She wanted him to choose life and happiness -- and her.

Olivia saw Marah in the doorway and walked over to her. She said that Josh was stable but the same and asked if Marah would like to sit by him and talk to him. Marah said she would, and Olivia waited outside. Josh was still sleeping. Marah was sad and started to cry. She asked him to get better; they all needed him. She talked about school and her grades and told him that she knew that what she was saying was boring, and it probably wouldn't make her wake up either. She told him that she loved him, and Josh whispered that he loved her too.

Marah was excited, and Olivia returned to the room. Josh was still groggy and asked for Billy and Bill. He asked about Reva, and Marah told him that she had been at the scene and was at home resting. Marah told Olivia she hadn't mentioned Diego's death. Olivia went back in to see Josh. He told her she looked terrible. Marah said that Olivia had been there all night. He apologized for making her worry. Olivia said he would make it up to her and was happy he was okay.

At the LeMays', Susan was outside her house, staring through the window at Jim on the couch. She walked in the door and said, "Daddy." She told him she was sorry. He hugged and kissed her as Sam looked through the doorway.

Thursday, September 14, 2000

Olivia was still by Josh in his hospital room at Cedar's, holding his hand. He woke up and he asked if she had been there before. She said she had been there all night, and he asked her about the accident. He asked about Billy, Bill, and Reva, and she told him that all of them were fine. Josh said he couldn't tell what was real and what was a dream. She told him that the walls had given way and crumbled down around him.

Josh asked when it had happened and Olivia told him it was just the day before. He told her that she looked good. He asked her if she'd had any food or sleep. She told him she had, but he didn't believe her and told her to go take care of herself and return later. She said she should check on Sam, and she would be back soon. She kissed him and left.

Billy walked in and talked to his brother. He found out that Olivia had gone home for a while and called Reva. He told her that Josh would be alone for about an hour and a half, and she thanked him and told him she was on her way.

Reva went in and held Josh's hand. He instinctively called out Reva. She told him he had scared her. He thanked her for pulling him out, and she told him that the kids would have hated her if she hadn't; she laughed. She asked if he needed anything, and he told her he had everything he needed.

Noah walked up outside the door and was watching Reva and Josh. Josh had faded away, and when he came to, he asked when she had gotten there. She told him she had been there a while. Billy appeared behind Noah and said that Reva and Josh were the real thing, divorce or no divorce.

Olivia returned, and Reva left with Noah. Noah told her that he had looked at Josh's chart, and Josh would be fine. Meanwhile, Josh told Olivia that he was glad she was there and asked her about Marah and Reva. Olivia told him that Marah had been there the night before, but as far as she knew, Reva hadn't been there. She asked him if he wanted her to call Reva. He told her no and that if Reva wanted to be there, she would be.

At the Santos compound, the foreman from the crew walked in and told Abuela that Diego had told Reva something, but he wasn't sure what, and the FBI was crawling all over the site. She told him to close shop and get all the workers to Chicago. She told him that the police could try to trace them, but the trail would lead them to a PO box in Detroit.

Danny and Ray appeared and hugged Abuela. They wondered what they should do with Tony. Tony walked down, and Abuela told him he could stay as long as he stayed quiet. Tony told everyone that he wanted to be a part of the family business and work at the club. Ray was glad that Tony wanted to work at a legitimate job.

Tony told Ray that Danny was opening a new club in the basement of Millennium. Ray asked if Jesse and Drew were all right with that. He told Ray that he was buying them out. Ray left, and Danny yelled at Tony that he better keep his mouth shut about the casino and the plans for Danny to run the family until Tony was better. Tony said he wouldn't say anything, he was just glad to be part of the "association." Danny told Tony to watch out and do what he was told, or he would be sent back to Chicago without the Santos family behind him.

Susan arrived at home, and Jim hugged her. He asked Susan where she had been, and she told him at the lighthouse. He turned and saw Sam and asked him who he was and what he was doing with Susan. Susan told him that Sam had talked her into returning home. Sam said that he had climbed up the lighthouse the night before. Jim was trying not to look impressed. He said the lighthouse was probably a 5.9 on some climbing scale. Sam told Jim that he had been looking for his sister and she hadn't been home. Beth walked down and hugged Susan. Susan said that she was fine, and Sam left, telling everyone " forgive is divine."

Jim told Susan he was glad she was home and wondered why she had left. She told him that part of it was the party, and he would have yelled at her. And another part was that no one listened to her or cared about what she thought. He told her that she had the floor and told her to get it off her chest. She said she hated Phillip and wanted to know why Harley was so weak that she had gone back to him. Then she told Jim that she couldn't stand Beth, and her parents were forcing her to live with these people they hated.

Susan apologized sarcastically to Beth, and Beth told her that she understood and would rather she was honest then not. Beth asked her if Harley knew she was back, and Susan said that she didn't. Jim got the phone and told Susan to call her mother. Susan wanted Jim to call, but he thought she should do it.

At her home, Harley answered the phone and asked Susan where she was. Susan told her she was fine and at Jim's. Harley wanted to know where she had been. Susan apologized, and Harley told her that sorry didn't cut it. Harley asked to speak to Jim. Harley told him she was on her way over and hoped she didn't kill Susan.

At the LeMays', Harley was talking to Susan. Susan told Harley to dump Phillip and she would be all right. Harley said she was getting the picture. Susan was angry with Harley and Jim for forgiving Phillip and Beth and was trying to punish them by acting out, running away, and making them worry. Harley got a little angry and told Susan she needed to grow up and get over it.

Harley asked if Susan knew how many missing children cases she handled and how badly they turned out. Harley said that Susan had put the whole town through turmoil. She said Buzz, Frank, Max, Reva, and the whole Salem Police Department had been looking for her every waking moment for the previous few days. Susan wanted to call Max and Jim told her no, but Harley told her that she thought it was a good idea for her to go to Company and face all the people she had made worry all that time.

In San Cristobel , Cassie and Edmund were going over the children's museum ideas. She told Rourke to step back a few steps and give her some breathing room. Richard walked in and told Cassie that there had been an accident in Springfield. He told her about it and told her that he had already made plans for the jet. Edmund asked if he could get a ride, and Richard said that he could.

Olivia was surprised to see Sam when she got out of the shower. He had fixed himself a snack. He told her that the lock on her apartment was useless and that he had broken in with his library card. She told him that there had to be some ground rules, and he needed to stick to them. She told him that she would give him food, shelter, and sisterly support, and he would go to the local high school, work hard, and graduate that scholastic year. He agreed. She told him that she had to get back to the hospital.

Sam asked if Olivia loved Josh, and she told him she did -- and she liked to think he loved her, as well, and just didn't know it yet. Olivia told Sam that he had to sell the motorcycle, and she would take the money in repayment for the gym floor he had messed up. Then with the leftover money, he could buy a bicycle. She showed him his room, and he hugged her.

Friday, September 8, 2000

Due to CBS coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, Guiding Light did not air today.

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