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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 4, 2000 on GL
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Monday, September 4, 2000

Due to CBS coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, Guiding Light did not air today.

Tuesday, September 5, 2000

At the tackle shop:
Holly goes in and tells the owner that she needs to know everything there is about catching bass as fast as she can. He tells her there is no secret or book that she can read in a few moments and automatically catch tons of fish. She tells him that she needs any help she can get because she has told a fib to her friend and he believes she knows how to fish and she just has to beat him. She mentions Billy the man perked up and offered her assistance. He told her that he has been after bringing Billy down a few notches ever since Billy brought in a 12-pounder and rubbed his nose in it. He told Holly that bass hang around the rock so she should put her line in there. He shows her how to cast and reel in and then gives her a special lure that his cousin had made that he doesn't sale even though Billy has often asked him to. He tells her it is made out of skunk hair and the bass just eat them up. Holly has a pile of equipment that she is buying on the counter when Billy walks in. She and the storeowner act like it is someone else's gear and that she is just there getting a few small things. Billy asks the guy to fix he and Holly two plates of BBQ and they sit down and tease each other about who is going to catch the most. Billy suggests they go up early so they will have more time to fish since Holly is so anxious to beat him. He tells her they could leave now and get there in time to camp out and be fresh in the morning for fishing. He tells her the only problem is she would have to be able to fight the temptation of being alone in the woods with him. Holly tells him that camping that night is a perfect idea. She reminds him that there wont be a problem with temptation because there is no "us" and says that she will sleep like a baby. Billy smiles and tells her he will meet her at Company and will pick up some chili to go. Billy leaves and Holly turns to the storeowner and picks up her order.

At the palace, throne room:
Cassie and Richard are on their thrones interviewing potential bodyguards. They finished and Cassie is upset that all the candidates are "cold fish" and unlikable. Edmund meets up with the guy out in the hallway and gives him a wad of money thanking him for being a terrible interview. Edmund goes in with a file on the last person. He tells Richard and Cassie that there is one last candidate but that he doesn't believe he is the right one for the job. He calls Lt. Roark in. Richard reads Roark's record. He is an ex Navy seal. Cassie mentions her friend Jim Lemay. Roark tells a little story about Jim in the seals. Cassie and Richard are amused. Cassie thinks he is qualified for the job. All of the sudden Richard goes and grabs Roark around the neck and asks him who he really is. Cassie and Edmund look shocked. Cassie asks Richard what he is doing. And the guy warns Richard and then fights him off. Richard laughs and says he passed the test. He fought him off and also stood in front of Cassie thereby protecting her. He tells Roark that he may have to put his life on the line. He asks him about firearms and looks at Roark's gun. Roark comments that he is an expert marksman. Richard hands him his gun back and tells him to shoot the inkwell off his desk and he does perfectly. Richard tells him that there is only one other thing he needs to know and asks him if he can perform this job without behaving like a cold fish. Roark said he would try. Richard tells him he will be in touch and he leaves the room. Cassie says she likes him and thinks he is the one. Edmund said he thought they would never find a bodyguard they approved of. Cassie tells Richard she has a bodyguard and he is fun to be with. Edmund says not too much fun, I hope. Then he says he found out that Roark is a ladies' man and has just had a broken engagement. Richard doesn't think that will be a problem. Cassie says she will find him a mate. Richard and Cassie seem happy. Cassie approaches Richard, smiling. He tells Edmund to tell Roark he has the job while he and Cassie tend to some "royal obligations." Edmund said, "Okay, Lt. Roark it is." He leaves and goes out into the hall and tells Roark he got the job. Edmund tells him that Cassie was taken with him. Roark says Cassie is more striking in person and the assignment will be pleasurable. Edmund said he is counting on it. Meanwhile back in the throne room, Richard is kissing on his princess. He locks the door. Richard yanks down the coronation robes and lays it on the floor and pulls Cassie down on it with him. Clothes are being thrown everywhere.

At the LeMay's:
Harley explains to Jim that Susan is missing. She explains about the party and the mess. Jim jumps to conclusions and starts blaming Phillip. Then he blames Max. Then Phillip. Max tries to explain but Jim isn't listening. Max tells him that it wasn't Susan's fault. Susan just didn't want to be near Phillip. Jim accuses Phillip of being too hard on Susan. Beth asks Jim to listen and he yells at her for taking up for Phillip. Max explains that they didn't have much money so they came there to watch some videos and has Marah come too so they wouldn't be alone. He explained that Marah invited her friends who invited their friends until things were out of control. The next thing they knew, half the football team was there along with Alcohol. Max tells Jim that the punch was spiked with vodka. Jim said they don't have vodka in their house and then turned to glare at Phillip about to blame him for that as well. Harley asks Jim to stop trying to blame someone. Max says that Freddie from the football team spiked the punch and tried to put the moves on Susan. Jim goes ballistic. He blames Max but the rest of the adults defend Max for trying to protect Susan. Phillip spoke up and he and Jim argued. Harley says that they should be worrying about Susan and not fighting among themselves. Beth and Lillian are asking for peace. Phillip is defending himself to Jim and Frank. Jim and Phillip continue to argue. Phillip says that Susan ran away because of her dad and not because of him. Jim and Phillip continue to argue. Phillip asks Jim to read the note and see. Jim reads the note and is taken aback. He wonders why Susan is so afraid of him. Beth says that Susan is a kid and just didn't want to face the consequences. Lillian says that they should just focus on finding her. They all decide to split up to look for Susan. Harley says that someone has to stay there in case she calls or comes back. Beth and Jim will stay while the rest look. Lillian offers to stay too. Everyone else leaves. Beth tries to comfort Jim who is upset over what she wrote in the note. Jim kisses Beth. Lillian tells Jim that he shouldn't be blaming himself. Susan is a child and didn't want to disappoint him. Jim still feels guilty about the note and wonders what he did to make her feel that way. Lillian says only Jim can answer that question. Beth talks to Jim about what a good father he is and offers to call Jesse and Drew since she went to them last time she ran away. Jim tells her that Susan told him the last time she ran away that if she ever ran away again, he would never find her. Beth says they will find her. He finally agrees not to beat himself up over this, but looks sad as Beth hugs him.

Outside Company:
Harley asks Frank why they are splitting up on the search and tells him that she doesn't have time for fights between Frank and Phillip. He says she is acting like a Stepford wife and that the old Harley would never have let Phillip talk to Jim that way. Harley tells him that Jim deserved everything Phillip said. Harley says that Frank just doesn't approve of her taking Phillip back. He says he is worried about her but she says he shouldn't be. She admits that her problem is being a mom. She thinks she is a terrible mom. Harley says that she has been pretending to be a mother but Susan really needs one now and she is not good enough. Frank tries to reassure Harley telling her she has only known Susan two years and is still learning. He says that she is trying to skip the steps, just like when she was younger. Harley says she is not acting like a normal mother; she is angry and not upset and crying. Frank says that they should channel that anger to find Susan. He also tells her that it is normal to feel anger and that she made him angry when she was a teen. They chat a little about old times and he says that they will go look for Susan together. They went inside Company.

Buzz is packing up come chili for Billy just as Holly arrives dressed for the trip. Buzz tells Holly she is the last person he would expect to be going on this trip.

Wednesday, September 6, 2000

At Company:
Frank and Harley are talking about the search for Susan with Buzz and Phillip. Frank says the dept. doesn't want to play favorites because they are on the force so officially they have to wait 24 hours. Phillip offers to hire a PI and Buzz glares at him. Frank gets a call from David telling them that they have 15 officers that have volunteered to search on their own time. They are searching bus stations, Lake, etc. Buzz is worried about Harley and the search, but Phillip and Frank think that it is good for Harley to be involved. Phillip wonders what happens if she has gotten father then they are looking. He says that Susan is strong and could get far on her bike. Harley overhears and gets more worried. Buzz is still annoyed with Phillip and mutters that he would have ran away too. Frank is still on the phone but there is no news on the search. Buzz wants to search but Frank wants him to wait there in case there is news.

Rick comes in and reassures Harley that Susan's note doesn't mean she is going to hurt herself it is probably just a way to express her feelings and she will be fine. He feels that is just a young girl who is overwhelmed. He says she takes care of herself and is athletic and wouldn't harm herself. He teases Harley and then tries to reassure her. Phillip and Rick ask what they can do to help. Harley tells them to talk and to keep talking to keep her mind off things. Rick tells them that he had been reinstated at Cedars. He said that he took a copy of his exams to Charles and that was the end of it. They ask about Claire and he says that she is laying low. Harley thinks that is when they should worry the most. Rick tells them that Aunt Meta is back. They talk a little about her being in NY and a little sick but that she is better now. Harley jumps up, thinking Susan may be in a youth hostel. Harley gets a call and tells everyone that Frank said Jim has a location. Phillip promises Harley he will try to do better with Susan. Buzz makes some more rude remarks. Harley tells Phillip that Susan will have to get used to Phillip. They can't rehash what Phillip did every time Susan acts out. She is a teenager. Harley doesn't know whether to hug or strangle Susan when she comes back. She just wants her back now. Later, Frank and Jim come in saying they didn't find Susan. They show her a plastic baggie with a shoe in it and Jim asks her if it is Susan's. He says they found it by the lake washed ashore. Frank asks Harley, who appears to be in shock, to look at the shoe and identify it like a cop not a parent. Harley says it is her shoe. Frank says they are going to swear out a report and he will call out a team of divers.

At Olivia's:
Josh and Olivia are sipping champagne and talking about the business. Olivia tells him that anyone who can negotiate a divorce settlement in one evening can negotiate with Phillip Spaulding. Josh tells Olivia that he and Reva wanted the divorce but the lawyers were dragging things out. Olivia says that Russo was recommended to her and she didn't really understand the firing. Josh says that he started making remarks about Reva and her past and that was going too far. Josh says that Reva was wild when she was young and she didn't come from a good place. He starts getting sad and begins to say something but backs away. He tells her that it isn't his place to discuss it but basically Reva was raped she was 12. Olivia looks out the window and says it was horrible and tells Josh he doesn't need to say anymore. Josh looks sad, Olivia looks shaken.

Olivia is lying in bed crying and Josh asks her what is wrong. She says that Reva is so huge there is no fighting her. She is bigger than life and untouchable. She can't compete. Josh tells her that he wouldn't want her to. Olivia wonders how he would ever be free from her. He tells her that the plain truth is that he and Reva are getting a divorce and he is with her. He tells her that she can't keep reacting to Reva and she is the one that needs to let go. He thinks they have something good and doesn't want anything to get in the way of that.

Later, the phone wakes Olivia. It is Mr. Bozworth. He tells her that he is having problems with her little brother, Sam again and this time was the last straw. He said that he drove his motorcycle in the gym and tore up the newly installed hard wood floors. He will be taking the $7000 out of the tuition payment she had sent in because he will no longer need it. Olivia asks for another chance but Mr. Bozworth can't take him any longer. Olivia apologizes and Bozworth tells her that he is on his way to Springfield to be with her and he will send the rest of his things. Olivia hangs up the phone and Josh asks who they were talking about. She tells him about her little brother and how he has always seemed to be in trouble. She said he is quite charming but he also has ADHD, which sometimes makes him act out of control. She tells him that Sam is on his way there and she guesses she should be grateful to Reva for forcing her to get her own place since now she needs it. Josh wonders if Sam is just in need of a strong father figure. Olivia smiles, but doesn't think that Josh needs any more kid's to deal with. He says that she has dealt with his kids and he can deal with her brother.

At the Lake:
Holly and Billy arrive and she asks about where to put the tent. He tells her that he was thinking of putting out his sleeping bag and sleeping under the stars. He tells her that this is his secret fishing spot. He teases her a little and tells her that the spot is scared to the Lewis boys. They talk awhile and are enjoying the evening and the peace and quiet. There are some splashing noises from the lake and Billy says it is probably Rufus, a 13-14 pound bass that can't be hooked. Holly says she will catch him in the morning. She says she is ready to turn in and walks toward her campsite.

Holly is in her sleeping bag, reading her fishing book by flashlight. She gets up and creeps around the campsite getting her fishing pole. She begins her cast and hooks herself in the seat of the pants. Billy is watching her and laughs when she gets the hook in her pajamas. He giggles and Holly just ignores him. We see a skunk crawling around near Billy's sleeping bag. He has his eyes closed and thinks it is Holly brushing up against him until he turns and is sprayed by a skunk. He jumps up and runs past Holly jumping into the lake. Holly laughs and asks him if he wanted a midnight swim. He tells her that a skunk sprayed him. He tells her it is over by the campsite and Holly ran over to look at it and gets sprayed too. She jumps in the lake and starts scrubbing her skin. He tells her that the water won't get rid of the spray that they need tomato juice. He leaves to go down to the store.

Holly and Billy are pouring tomato juice all over themselves, scrubbing their skin. Holly admits to not knowing about fishing but Billy had known all along. He wants to know why she went to such lengths. She tells him she wanted to be so independent so she would turn him off. He says his last two wives were not shrinking violets and were also very independent. They are so funny covered in tomato juice. They decide to leave the campsite.

At the LeMay's:
Lillian and Beth are worried. Beth doesn't know how she will live with herself if something happens to Susan. Beth thinks it is her fault and that Susan is only reacting to what she and Phillip did. Lillian tells her that it isn't her fault but Beth thinks she has messed up everyone's lives. Lillian tells her that she is a wonderful mother and some day Susan will accept her. Lillian brings out some tea and asks about Harley. Beth tells Lillian that she helped Phillip and Harley get back together and mentions calling Edmund. Lillian is stunned. She asks if Beth really believes that is what she wanted to do. Beth says she loves Jim and he is the best man to raise her children with and yes she wants to stay married to him. Lillian asks if she is trying to convince her or herself.

At Reva's:
Marah sneaks in 20 minutes after curfew. Reva is sitting in the den and Marah sees her and tries to give her all the standard excuses. Reva tells her that she isn't mad and just wants to talk awhile. She is worried about Susan. Marah was hoping she would be back and promises she doesn't know where she is. Reva says that she wishes that Susan had the same gene pool as Marah. Marah takes after Josh but Susan has Billy and her for grandparents. She appreciates Marah but tells her they aren't on the same page sometimes. Reva mentions having been away a lot and wishes she had been there for her. Marah says she is not like other moms but she likes Reva along with loving her. They laugh and get up to bake some cookies.

Thursday, September 7, 2000

At the Hospital:
Tony is visiting Ray at the hospital. Ray looks at his bruises and wants to know what happened. Tony tells him that he was hitting on a "biker chick" and her boyfriend came over and stopped it. Michelle is in the hallway with Rick. Rick promises to keep a lookout for Danny so she won't have to run into him. She goes in to see Ray. Ray introduces Tony to Michelle who realizes that Tony was the punching bag Danny was using in the parking lot that other night. She apologies to Tony for what "my husband" did to him. Ray looks shocked; he can't believe Danny did that to Tony. Tony tries to make light of what Danny did and then leaves. Michelle tells Ray that she will never understand that kind of violence, it is just disgusting to her. She explains what happened and how Danny's face was twisted with hate and she wonders if he was this person all along and just pretending to be the man she fell in love with. She said that everything she thought she knew she! really did not know. Ray says he understands because he has been there but he made the commitment to do better and Danny can do the same. Michelle said she thought Danny was trying but she finally realized that his family was more of a part of him than she was. So she had to end it and tell Danny she wanted a divorce. Ray was upset and said, "No, please Michelle." Michelle said there was no other way she can't live a life with all the violence. She said, "Carmen was murdered and I lost my baby because of the stress." Ray says he understands and doesn't condone what his family does but Danny can still be free and Michelle is the all it will take. She doesn't want to listen but Ray tells him that she cant leave when Danny needs her the most. She tells Ray that she has begged Danny but he made his choices. Ray tells her to give Danny something to fight for. Michelle tells him that she already has, she gave herself and even carried his child but it wasn't enough. Ray tells her that she has to stand by Danny because she made a promise. Michelle said she didn't care she wants the marriage annulled. Ray tells Michelle that an annulment isn't possible because she knew who Danny was before they were married. So there is no just cause. She begs him to help her but he doesn't want her to leave Danny. He tells her that the situation they are in is considered under the heading "for better or for worse", in the eyes of the church. Michelle still maintains they are through.

Rick is still outside guarding the door when Claire comes up. She thanks him for being a man of your word and not ratting her out to Dr. Grant. He tells her that there was no need he just wants her out of his life with no ties. She tells him he will find someone soon and she walks away. Danny comes up heading to Ray's room and is stopped by Rick who tells him that Ray is with Michelle who doesn't want to see him. Danny doesn't care and tells Rick that he can't keep him out of there. Danny tells Rick that he is not there to see Michelle. He says he will make a very nice life for himself without her but if he wants to see his wife or Ray he will. Rick says so you are threatening me? They are arguing and Danny yells at Rick, "You have no right to keep me from her!" Danny heads into the room and Rick threatens to call security. Danny tells him to go ahead. He walks in the room and meets Michelle on her way out. They all start arguing. Danny tells her that he has to explain to Ray what happened between him and Tony because of her. She tells him that he shouldn't have beaten him. Danny said she has no idea about the situation because she wouldn't let him explain. He tells her that he was trying to protect her and she can't see it. She said something about making a life with someone else and Danny says, "Maybe you should." More yelling and a lot of pain. Ray hobbles out of bed to the door and tells them to stop it and for both of them to get in there right then. Rick tells Ray he shouldn't have strained himself and Danny and Michelle helps him back into bed. Rick leaves.

Danny says he was not there to cause trouble and tells Ray that he wanted to explain about Tony. He apologizes and Ray tells him that he forgives him and that he knows Tony can be frustrating. He is just sorry that Tony cost them their marriage. Michelle says "No it was coming." Danny snaps back at her. Ray tells them to open their eyes that they love each other. Danny thinks that is just the way things happen. Michelle is crying. It starts getting loud again and Ray yells at them "GROW UP and REALIZE PEOPLE HAVE FLAWS." He tells them that they are just scared and that is the way God intended it. He said this should be the beginning and not the end. He tells them that everyone is imperfect. Michelle says that these are just words. Ray explains to her that the other night outside of Millennium he was fill of so much anger but still found himself jumping in front of a bullet to save his brother because he loves him and he feels the experience brought him closer to God. R! ay tells them if they walk away from each other they will not find the perfect soul mate in another person. He says, so Michelle pulled away and Danny let her down. Danny leaves, saying that it's over and she won't ever have to see him again. Michelle starts crying harder and falls into Ray's arms for comfort.

Lillian and Alan are talking about Susan and how the cops are dragging the lake. Alan is angry that no one told him and thinks he could have helped. Lillian said they didn't contact him because of his manipulations. He tells her that Susan is just reacting to the insane adults around her and that they should have gotten Beth and Phillip back together when they had a chance and none of this stuff would have happened. Claire walks up and interrupts them. She greets Alan and asks if he is there for the board meeting. Claire makes a few comments meant to put down Lillian and Lillian finally walks off. Alan tells Claire that he and Lillian were discussing some family stuff. Claire flirts with him and they make plans to get together.

At the construction site:
Josh points out all the safety hazards that the demolition crew is overlooking to Phillip who doesn't look too concerned. He says that if he tried real hard he could point out a few of Lewis's flaws as well. Josh tells him to go ahead and try to find one and then he tells Phillip to go ahead and fire him and get it over with. Josh walks off leaving Phillip. Josh is telling Bill that Phillip isn't listening to him about his concerns and tells him that he will be calling OSHA that afternoon and wants him there as a witness that he tried to call. (The foreman overhears him) He asks Bill to go to Millennium and help Olivia out by giving her a few bits of advice on how to handle her teenage brother that is coming to town. Bill agrees and leaves. Josh tries to talk to a few of the demolition workers until their foreman comes out and tells him to leave them alone. He bends over and plants some sort of explosion device in the rubble. Josh keeps looking around at the violations and talking to people. The foreman is up in the rafters looking down on Josh and when he gets beside where the bomb is planted the guy pushes the button causing an explosion and Josh goes flying through the air.

At Millennium:
Tony comes in and tells Danny that Michelle came in to the hospital and told Ray everything about the fight. Danny leaves to go to the hospital.

Bill comes in and kisses Pilar. He tells her that he is meeting Olivia. Pilar says that she can't stop thinking about Michelle and Danny and what they are going through. She feels bad about her family and about getting him involved. They hug and she shows him to a table. Shortly after, Olivia comes in. She tells Bill about her brother and that she wonders if he can help him adjust to Springfield. Bill says he will help her but wants her to be honest with him. She isn't sure what he means and he tells her that he thinks she just wanted to get in good with him so she asked for his help. Olivia is furious. She tells him that he was Josh's idea and she really needed some help. Bill sees that he was wrong and apologizes.

Friday, September 8, 2000

Due to CBS coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, Guiding Light did not air today.

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