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Passions Recaps: The week of September 4, 2000 on PS
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Monday, September 4, 2000

At the Lennox Home

Timmy waves a white flag for all the failed attempts he and Tabitha have at bringing Charity over to the dark side! Tabitha vows not to give up until she has her powers back! Their evil friends in the basement inform them, "If Charity doesn't wear the pendant then Tabitha and Timmy will die!" They order Tabitha to make Charity wear it or they will be destroyed! Tabitha tells Timmy, "We must get that pendant away from Charity and make sure she never wears it again!" Timmy is shocked and asks if he heard right? Tabitha reminds him of which is he more afraid of? The evil Charity or their friends in the basement? Timmy sees her point!

At the Bennetts' Backyard Barbecue

Reese brings everyone a surprise. Simone says she misses Chad. Kay informs Simone that it's time she helped her get Miguel. Kay fumes as she watches Miguel and Charity having fun. Reese brings fireworks that he invented. He claims they are soundless. He sets them off and one accidentally goes off and explodes into Tabitha's living room. Timmy drops yelling, "Incoming!" Everyone rushes into Tabitha's home. Reese begs Tabitha to forgive him and asks if she wouldn't call Chief Bennett. Tabitha doesn't and Reese tells her she's the best! Charity invites Tabitha to their Barbecue and Tabitha uses the opportunity to retrieve the pendant. Kay tells Simone she's going to seduce Miguel. Simone reminds her that it never worked before. Kay tells her what Miguel said while dancing with her, if Charity hadn't came to town they might have been together. So she decides to pretend she got a bug bite down her cleavage and runs to Miguel asking him to look and see. Reese steps in and tells Kay there's nothing there. Jessica laughs saying that's for sure! Poor Kay is thwarted again. Tabitha finds the pendant and grabs it out of Charity's purse. Reese walks up and asks Tabitha why is it glowing grabbing it out of Tabitha's hand. Tabitha is shocked as Reese grabs it to look at it. Tabitha explains the clasp was broken and she was going to take it to the jewelers to be fixed. Reese tells her he can fix it so Charity can wear it tonight.

At the Hospital

Gwen and Ethan visit Theresa. Ethan announces now that we're all together, there's something I have to tell you both. After a long pause, Gwen tells Ethan to say something. Just then a nurse comes in to check Theresa's vitals and they have to step outside. Chad and Whitney discuss what might happen when Ethan tells Gwen and Theresa of his true feelings. Gwen walks by them as she has to make a call about the wedding. Ethan says lowly, "If there is a wedding!" Whitney visits Theresa and tells her she overheard Ethan mention he might have feelings for her and Gwen. Theresa gets her hopes up! Chad asks Ethan, "Which is it?" Ethan replies, "I can't tell you before I tell Theresa and Gwen, it wouldn't be fair to them!" Gwen comes back and they asks Whitney if she could wait outside. Gwen anxiously asks Ethan what does he have to tell them? Ethan tells Gwen that he loves her and compliments her, but then starts to ramble on. Gwen guesses she knows w! hat he is trying to say and brings up the misunderstanding of kissing Theresa again. Then she asks Ethan if she was right? Ethan replies, "No, Gwen and I hope there won't be anymore interruptions!"

At Sheridan's Cottage

Luis has Julian handcuffed to a chair. Hank is standing beside Luis trying to console him. Luis says, "Now I know after all these years of wondering what happened to my father, searching for clues, now I know!" A sobbing heartbroken Sheridan cries, "Just say it Luis, I killed your father and now you'll hate me forever, you hate me, how could you not, I'm the one who killed your father!" Luis turns to her wanting to hold her as she pulls away he asks, "Don't say it, alright?" Hank asks Sheridan if she was sure that was what happened? Sheridan has another flashback. Luis asks, "Sheridan, you didn't answer Hank's question, is that how you remember it?" Eve tries to interrupt. Sheridan cries, "Everything that happened, it's true!" Eve begs,"Luis, I must talk to you and Sheridan!" Julian tries to sneak out and Luis attacks him. Luis tells him, "It's judgment day just like in the bible, an eye for an eye!" Ju! lian cringes, "Don't kill me!" Sheridan tells Luis,"It's all my fault!" Julian squeals, "Nothing happened, it was just a dream!" Luis explodes, "My father died!" Hank takes Luis outside and tries to calm him. Eve takes Sheridan back to her bedroom to do the same. Julian gets a phone call from Alistair. Alistair is opening a manila envelope on his desk with three cassettes inside. Alistair gloats as Julian is whining that Luis almost killed him. Alistair smirkingly tells Julian, "You'll rot in jail or there is an alternative, you could get the death penalty!" Outside, Hank worries about his buddy. Luis says, "Sheridan killed my father, that's the first time I've said it out loud, now I don't have to wonder anymore!" Hank tells him how sorry he feels for him. Luis is concerned about how Sheridan is handling this! He says, "Damn Julian, he could have told my Mama this years ago and saved her so much agony, I can't believe this is happening!" Eve tries to console Sheridan's uncontrollable weeping. Sheridan tells Eve, "These nightmares haunted me all my life, I thought if I could ever get rid of them, I would be free, now I've lost any chance that Luis and I ever had to be together, the one man I wanted to be with!" Eve tells Sheridan, "We need to talk!" Sheridan asks,"Can you tell me I'm wrong?" Eve just shakes her head as she watches Sheridan's heart breaking.

Tuesday, September 5, 2000

Ethan prepares to tell Gwen the real reason he kissed Theresa, but is interrupted when Gwen receives a call on her cell phone. Ethan asks her not to take the call, but Gwen insists it's an emergency. Everyone is kept in suspense as Gwen takes her call. Meanwhile, Pilar and Rebecca have a standoff when Rebecca says she intends to prove her suspicions about Theresa are true. Kay shares with Simone her latest plot to win Miguel away from Charity. Kay decides to show Miguel just how "sexy" she can be. Meanwhile, Tabitha tells Timmy she doesn't want Charity wearing the pendant again. When Reese fixes the pendant and returns it to Charity, Evil Charity returns. Tabitha and Timmy flee when Evil Charity tries to kill them. Timmy begins to pray, and much to Tabitha's displeasure, the little angel girl arrives to help. Julian frets when Alistair suggests he could get the death penalty for his part in covering up what happened to Sheridan that night. Alistair instructs Julian to keep Luis from destroying the Crane empire. Meanwhile, Luis and Hank sympathize with Sheridan's plight, while Sheridan tells Eve she and Luis have no future after what she's learned. Later, Luis tells Hank he doesn't know how to deal with the fact that the one woman he could love is also the one person responsible for taking his father away from him.

Wednesday, September 6, 2000

The demons from the basement jeer at the little angel, then declare victory in the battle for Charity's soul. Luis informs a sputtering Julian that he's under arrest for his part in Martin's murder years ago. Ivy scolds Rebecca for insulting Pilar when her daughter is still recovering from a near-fatal motorcycle accident. Grace tells Sam she still believes she really met an angel. Unable to see the heavenly apparition, Kay watches her cousin in animated conversation with apparently nothing but the thin air. As Sheridan sadly listens, an enraged Luis promises Julian he will make the Cranes pay for the suffering they've inflicted on his family. Rebecca, Ivy and Pilar return to the ER cubicle just as Ethan grasps Theresa's hand. Grace quizzes a nervous Sam about the personal animosity he seems to feel towards Ivy Crane. Kay tells Simone that Charity has finally lost all her marbles. Rebecca icily orders Ethan to confess his feelings for Theresa.

Thursday, September 7, 2000

The Bennett House:
Kay and Simone are talking as they look at Miguel sitting alone on the swing. Kay tells Simone that she has to get Miguel away from Charity, that she can get him to not be with her cousin if she could only get him alone. What they do not know is that the evil Charity is planning to kill Miguel. The evil Charity is telling Tabitha and Timmy that if they follow what she says, Miguel will be dead by midnight, and they do not have to worry about Kay getting in the way. Tabitha and Timmy eagerly ask what they need to do to help kill Miguel. She tells them to gather twigs. While she is talking to Tabitha and Timmy, she calls over to Miguel to keep the swing warm for her, that she will be right over. But Kay and Simone have other plans. Kay tells Simone that she is going to go sit on Miguel's lap while he is swinging, but before she gets a chance to go, Reese comes over with a surprise --- a bug. Kay screams but to get rid of him she tells him to go catch her some more. She then tells Simone that she hates bugs, especially snakes. She then goes to Miguel, but before she gets to him, Charity comes and talks to him. She tells him that she was out by the shed looking for the lanterns but it was too dark and creepy and she asks him if he could go get them for her. He tells her yes. As he gets to the shed, Tabitha and Timmy are running out, having placed the twigs all around the shed, just as the evil Charity had asked. Miguel goes into the shed and begins looking for the lanterns. Evil charity is looking through the window, slowly placing twigs into a hole in the wall. What Miguel does not know is that the twigs are meant to kill him by turning into snakes. Kay knows nothing of this also and tells Simone that she is going to go help Miguel out and maybe seduce him while she is there. She goes into the shed and gets Miguel to take off his shirt, he is still searching, she is still trying to seduce him and Charity is still putting twigs into the hole. The shed is crawling with poisonous snakes to kill Miguel and since Kay did not head their warning, she also will be dead. Tabitha and Timmy begin to help Charity fill the shed with snakes.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Julian is still handcuffed to the rail and Sheridan is telling Luis that he has to arrest her. He stares at her while tears are streaming down her face. She repeatedly tells him to arrest her. He goes to get the handcuffs and comes over to place them on her. He then realizes that Hank was right, that he was too emotional to deal with the case. Julian chimes in with "I told you so" and this infuriates Luis. He rushes over to Julian and threatens to rip off his arm and gag him with it. Sheridan is still crying telling Luis that he has to arrest her. That she hurt his whole family. That Pilar was like a second mother to her and look how she repays her, by killing her husband. Eve tries to get Luis to not arrest Sheridan and Luis tells her that he has to unless there is a reason not too. Quickly Eve jumps in telling all of them that Sheridan didn't kill Martin Fitzgerald. That when Sheridan was under hypnosis she told her other things. Luis wants an explanation. Over in the corner, Julian knows that eve is lying, he just does not know why. Eve begins to tell them that Sheridan has always felt guilty about her mother's death, and Alistair has always made her feel like it was her fault. And the night that she said, she saw the bloody sheet was just a dream that she put with her mother's death. That she does remember them taking out the coffin, but her mother was in it, not Luis's dad. Sheridan takes this as the truth and starts to feel a whole lot better about the situation. Julian calls Alistair to tell him what happened, that his threats worked on Eve, that they just have to hope that Luis buys Eve's story. However, Luis does not buy it. He tells Eve that there is something wrong with her story, and he wants to know the real truth, that both he and Sheridan deserve to know the truth.

The Hospital:
Rebecca and Ivy are still in the hospital room with Theresa and they notice that Gwen is on her way. Ethan rushes out to meet her in the hallway. Chad and Whitney notice and Chad tells Whitney that he doesn't envy Ethan at all right now. But that he is strong and he will tell all of them the truth. Gwen looks upset and Ethan asks what is wrong. She tells him that he father is upset about a merger that isn't going the way he wants it to go. Rebecca gets worried that he might make his blood pressure rise. Gwen then notices that her mother and Ivy are both at the hospital and asks why. They tell her to see Theresa. Gwen asks if she is okay. And they tell her yes, but she is trying to get Ethan away from her. Gwen tells her mother that she is being crazy and asks Ethan and he tells them that they have to talk. They go into the room and Gwen apologizes for her mother being out of line. Ethan still tries to talk to the group. Ivy tells Rebecca that Theresa is not a scheming vixen trying to marry rich. Rebecca wants to settle it once and for all and she asks Theresa if Ethan loves her. Pilar tells them that Theresa isn't well enough to answer, that she needs her rest, but Theresa tells them that she wants to answer. She tells them that no, Ethan doesn't love me. That doesn't satisfy Rebecca, she tells Ethan that she wants to hear it from him. He begins to talk when Gwen's phone rings. She tells Ethan that she has to pick it up. She gets very upset and emotional on the phone, she gets off and tells her mother that her father has had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. They rush out to go to the hospital where her father is. Ivy tells them that she is sorry and she tells Ethan that she hopes Gwen's father is well enough to see them get married, that she knows it means so much to him, and it also means so much to her, she also leaves. Pilar tells Theresa that she is going to get her some clothes and leaves. Whitney comes in to comfort Theresa. Theresa tells her that she suspense is killing her, that she needs to know who Ethan is going to choose. And if he chooses Gwen then she will just die. Whitney tells her that Ethan will not go against his family's wishes. Outside the room, Chad and Ethan are talking; Chad asks if he has made a decision about who he is going to choose. Ethan tells him that he cant hurt Gwen right now, that she is going to need him more than ever but he has made his decision, but he has to wait. Chad tells him to follow his heart and things will work out.

Friday, September 8, 2000

Kay eagerly follows Miguel into the darkened shed, unaware that Charity has introduced several poisonous snakes into the building. Ethan tells Chad he's conflicted again about the two women he loves now that Gwen is possibly facing the loss of her father. Though Sheridan is thrilled to think she didn't kill Martin, Luis demands that Eve explain why she led them all to believe that they had finally solved the mystery of his father's disappearance. An exasperated Chad asks Ethan how he can even think of marrying Gwen when every fiber of his being cries out for Theresa. Timmy balks at helping to murder Kay and Miguel but rapidly changes his tune when Charity threatens him with one of her deadly snakes. Pilar urges Ethan to think long and hard before he makes any commitment to her daughter. Miguel and Kay are horrified to find themselves surrounded by a mass of slithering snakes. Luis reluctantly releases Julian from the handcuffs. Theresa and Ethan share a kiss.

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