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Passions Recaps: The week of August 28, 2000 on PS
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Monday, August 28, 2000

At Sheridan's Cottage, Luis and Hank sat anxiously waiting to hear what Sheridan remembered under hypnosis. As Luis was pacing back and forth to Sheridan's bedroom door, Hank told Luis, "You're wearing [your] heart on your sleeve!" Luis asked him, "What do you mean?" Hank reminded Luis about their past relationship and how Sheridan had dumped him. Hank asked Luis if he still had feelings for Sheridan and if he thought they could start all over with a clean slate.

Luis answered, "Maybe. I don't know. Right now, I don't think either one of us could commit to a relationship. That's why I never started one with Beth." Hank was getting more and more upset, telling Luis, "What about me? It's my turn to try again with Sheridan because I love her." Luis could tell Hank was jealous and smiled. Luis said, "Who knows? If Sheridan can remember something, I don't know what will happen. Maybe we can start over."

Still under hypnosis, Sheridan told Eve that she recognized who was under the sheet. Eve asked her who it was, to which Sheridan cried out, "I killed Martin Fitzgerald! Luis will hate me!" Eve calmed her down and asked her to remember what had happened after she had seen the person under the sheet.

Sheridan said she remembered hearing someone talking downstairs. She said that she'd gotten up and headed downstairs. It was dark. "Julian kept telling me I didn't see any body -- that I was just having a nightmare. When I looked back down at the floor, the body was gone!" she said softly. "They kept telling me," she continued, "that it was never there and that it was all in my mind. That's when they sent me away to Europe." Eve explained to Sheridan that sometimes things did get mixed up.

Luis was still pacing and said, "It's getting quiet in there." Hank told him, "Maybe they're getting ready to wind down." Eve calmed Sheridan and asked, "What happened after they told you you were just imagining this?" Sheridan answered, "They put me to bed and told me it would be better in the morning, but it wasn't; I was still telling them I saw the body, and that's when they sent me away." Suddenly Sheridan cried out, "I remember now. They were all lying!"

Back in the living room, Hank told Luis, "After this, she'll be ready for a relationship with me and not you." Luis replied, "I know it's against all odds, but I'll give it another try." Hank said, "Whatever she remembers, there'll be the three of us to sort this out." Sheridan told Eve, "I remember because I hid on the landing of the stairwell. I could see them carrying out the coffin with Martin Fitzgerald's body in it. I killed him?"

Eve was worried what the realization would do to Sheridan and Luis' relationship. Luis had a flashback of when Sheridan had taught him the paso doble dance and smiled when remembering kissing her. Hank asked, "You're thinking about Sheridan, aren't you?" Luis replied, "Yes, and I have a good feeling about this." Eve walked in and asked Hank and Luis to sit before she told them what Sheridan had said.

In the back yard at the Russell home, a possessed Charity asked Tabitha and Timmy, "Where is the motorcycle?" Tabitha said, "Whoever took that bike will soon be dead!" Just then, Theresa was in a horrible accident. Miguel returned from looking for his motorcycle and guessed Theresa had taken it. Miguel asked Chad and Whitney if they'd seen Theresa.

A possessed Charity told Tabitha and Timmy, "This is all your fault. I should kill you right now! Now it's not Miguel that dies, but Theresa." Tabitha said, "How was I supposed to know Theresa would take it?" Evil Charity said, "Never mind. We'll just have to come up with another plan to kill Miguel." Timmy said, "I'm going to put a stop to this right now." He jumped out of Tabitha's arms and grabbed the pendant off of Charity.

Miguel walked up and asked, "Did I just hear that doll speak? I could have sworn I heard him say something." Tabitha said, "It must have been the voice box acting up that I sewed in his belly." Miguel noticed Charity's pendant was missing and asked her about it. Charity replied, "Lately, I'm missing pieces of time." Miguel said, "Maybe it's because of those premonitions you're having."

Miguel looked at Timmy and noticed he was holding the pendant. Tabitha nervously explained, "It must have fallen onto Timmy when I was checking into my purse." Miguel took it from Timmy and saw the clasp was broken. He gave it back to Charity to be fixed. Out on the patio, Chad and Whitney were arguing. Whitney was furious at Chad and said, "If anything happens to Theresa, it's his fault."

Ethan sat quietly, remembering telling Theresa he didn't love her and Chad telling him, "What if you're making the biggest mistake of your life, marrying Gwen and not Theresa, the woman you love." Simone and Kay discussed Chad and Whitney. Kay reassured Simone she had Chad, and she needed to help Kay get Miguel. Ethan asked Chad and Whitney if he'd heard them right. Whitney told him, "You broke Theresa's heart." Chad reminded Ethan, "You're making a big mistake."

Whitney said, "Stop it! We need to find Theresa right now." Ethan told them, "I'll go look for her, and tell Gwen I'll be right back, and that's all!" Chad and Whitney continued to argue about Ethan and Gwen. Chad explained, "Sooner or later, he'll have to come to terms with his true feelings." Whitney was furious with Chad. Chad said, "I just tried to make Ethan aware, before he makes a mistake. He loves Theresa, not Gwen."

Gwen walked up and said, "I know exactly what's going on here." Chad and Whitney were shocked. Gwen thought that Chad and Whitney had fallen in love and realized Chad would hurt Simone. Whitney was stunned and walked into the house. Gwen realized Chad hadn't told Whitney he was in love with her.

Chad told Gwen, "Some people just don't want to hear it," and explained that Ethan had left to look for Theresa. Gwen hoped she was all right. Chad said, "I'm sure everything will be okay." Gwen suggested Chad put on a song for Whitney that would suggest his feelings for her. He did, and as Whitney walked out to talk to him, the phone rang. Kay jumped at the chance to send her to answer it.

Kay then told Chad she had a message from Whitney that she thought the song he'd put on was the sappiest song she'd ever heard. A sad Chad took it off, and Whitney was surprised when she walked out and heard the changed song. Kay bragged that she was good when she saw their saddened faces. Miguel wondered where Theresa was. Charity said she saw a death. Tabitha said under her breath, "She's probably spread out over three townships by now."

Theresa lay unconscious at the accident site. The man who had hit her said, "The motorcycle came out of nowhere." Witnesses called an ambulance. Ethan arrived after she was carried to the hospital. He asked the officer what had happened. The officer said, "The girl was hit head-on and wearing no helmet and has head trauma." The witness said, "It would be a miracle if she lives."

Ethan raced to the hospital, having a flashback of telling Theresa he didn't love her, and said, "Please, God, let her be all right." He arrived at the hospital, and the nurse yelled, "You can't go back there!" Ethan pulled back the curtains and saw a body covered. The nurse told him, "We did everything we could."

Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Appalled to see a sheet covering "Theresa's" body, an emotional Ethan berated himself for driving the girl to her death. Luis pressed Eve to reveal what Sheridan had said while she had been under hypnosis. Comforting themselves with a couple of martimmies, Tabitha and Timmy wondered what would befall them if Charity again donned the evil pendant. Later, turning to her deck of tarot cards, Tabitha showed her pint-sized companion how fate was about to take a hand with several of Harmony's most prominent citizens.

Ivy jeered at Julian for failing to ferret out her alleged secret. After Alistair phoned with an update on recent events, a panicked Julian headed out of the mansion on the double. Ethan finally realized that the corpse he'd been standing over wasn't Theresa at all. Though reluctant at first to break some disturbing news to Luis, Eve decided to tell all, but Julian interrupted and ordered everyone to leave his sister's cottage.

The Emergency Room nurse explained to Ethan that although Theresa suffered no major injuries in the crash, she had failed to regain consciousness because she'd lost the will to live. Later, Ethan whispered a declaration of love into Theresa's ear.

Wednesday, August 30, 2000

In Sheridan's cottage, Julian threatened Eve not to tell anyone what Sheridan had said while under hypnosis. Sheridan walked in the room and told Julian that she wanted to know about the dreams that haunted her, and she wanted Luis to know as well. Sheridan told Eve to go ahead, but Eve was afraid to tell. She knew that the information she knew would hurt Sheridan and Luis' relationship. Eve stalled and checked Sheridan's pulse.

Julian wanted to talk to Sheridan alone. Once alone, he told her that Ethan was going to be hurt, and she was destroying the family. Sheridan was set on finding out the truth. They went back into the living room. Luis pressed Julian for answers about his father's disappearance, but Julian played it cool.

Eve was about to tell when she received a beep. Eve called the number, and it was the infamous Alistair Crane. He told her that he knew everything that was going on. Eve thought he was going to try to stop her from telling the truth, but Alistair told her to tell it.

Theresa lay in the hospital bed; she had lost the will to live. Without Ethan's love, she had nothing to live for. Her pulse began to drop, Ethan thought she was dying, so he whispered to her that he loved her. Theresa's eyes fluttered open; she'd heard what Ethan had said, so she told him that she wanted him to kiss her. Ethan didn't kiss her, so she thought he was lying. She rolled over, crying that she wanted to die. Her heart stopped beating, and the nurse and doctor ran in. Ethan screamed not to let anything happen to her.

At the Russells', everyone was worried about Theresa. Miguel wondered why she had run off. Chad and Whitney finally told him the truth, that Ethan had broken her heart. Gwen walked in and asked about Ethan, and they told her about Theresa being on the motorcycle. Charity walked in and told everyone about her premonition of someone dying. They finally found out that Theresa was in the Emergency Room, and they all headed over there to be by her side.

Theresa was finally stable. Ethan told her that he loved her again and kissed her again. She told him that he was lying to make her want to live, and she said she wanted to die once again. Her pulse began to drop. Ethan grabbed her in his arms and told her that he needed her and that he loved her. He kissed her passionately. Gwen and Miguel walked in just in time to see the liplock.

Thursday, August 31, 2000

Eve was pleasantly surprised when Alistair phoned and advised the doctor that it was time to reveal everything Sheridan had said under hypnosis. Devastated to walk in on her fiancé‚ kissing an unconscious Theresa and murmuring declarations of undying love, Gwen bolted from the Emergency Room treatment bay. As Sheridan listened uneasily, Luis promised Julian that if the Cranes killed Martin Fitzgerald, he would show Harmony's most "illustrious" family no mercy.

Though a flustered Ethan started to go after Gwen, Theresa awakened and asked him to stay with her. Hank suggested to Luis that learning the truth about her past might destroy Sheridan rather than save her. Chad assured a worried Whitney that things would go better for Ethan and Theresa, since the cat was finally out of the bag.

Alistair told Eve he was fully prepared to accept the consequences when the world learned what his family had done. Luis shyly admitted to Sheridan that he respected her and hoped she would always be a part of his life. Alistair dropped the other shoe at last, icily warning Eve that her precious family would suffer terribly once her own past sins were unveiled. Ethan was flabbergasted when Gwen commended him for his heroics in lying to Theresa in order to restore her will to live.

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Friday, September 1, 2000


Chad and Whitney bickered about the validity of Ethan's declaration of love to Theresa. Meanwhile, Ethan kept mum when Gwen laughed to think that anyone could take his "love" for the housekeeper's daughter seriously. Pilar rushed to the hospital, where Whitney explained how Theresa had been injured and how Ethan had given her back her will to live.

Eve bitterly informed Julian that she wouldn't be deterred from her decision to reveal Sheridan's secret. Rebecca warned her irked daughter that Theresa would never stop until she'd stolen the Crane heir right out from under Gwen's nose. Pilar trembled to think how the rich and powerful Cranes would destroy both Theresa and Luis if Ethan dumped Gwen for a girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

Sheridan told Luis and Eve she remembered wielding a letter opener just before she'd found blood all over her hands. Ethan admitted to Chad that he loved both Theresa and Gwen, although in different ways. A fuming Rebecca faced off with an equally angry Pilar in the Emergency Room waiting room.

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