One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 4, 2000 on OLTL

Hank was the only person that Nora recognized. Asa ordered Max to look for Will. Kelly and Kevin agreed that they didn't want to hurt Joey. Ben confided that he was Asa's son. R.J. was furious with Lindsay. Sam agreed to a DNA test.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 4, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 4, 2000


At Kelly's hospital room, Rae shares her news about Max with Kelly. Rae doesn't believe Max is her son, and Kelly tells her she should be relieved. Renee overhears the conversation, but doesn't defend Max. Kevin comes for a visit and the two share some special time together. Even though they are both very much in love, they know they need to take things slow for Joey's sake.

Renee confides in Ben that Max may be Rae's son. She tells Ben how much she respects him for keeping his promise not to expose Max even though it would be a powerful weapon against Asa. Renee feels that she can't take away Rae's one chance at finding out the truth about her "son". She only wishes she could find her own real son. Ridden with guilt, Ben debates telling her the truth. At the same time, Sykes questions Max about the shooting at Crossroads. Max instructs Sykes to direct any further questions to his attorney. As Max is leaving the police station, Sykes tells him he wants a copy of his DNA test. "Get a warrant," he replies. Max leaves the precinct with a worried look on his face.

Hank and Sykes call a meeting to discuss Sophia and Antonio's actions. The two cadets expect to be rewarded, but instead are reprimanded. Roseanne walks in and defends her friends. Antonio apologizes for getting Sophia involved, but she won't accept it. She believes she wouldn't be on the force without him as her partner because he means everything to her. When she leaves to make a phone call, Roseanne and Antonio are alone to discuss their feelings. He finally admits to her that although he doesn't want to be attracted to her he is. And he knows she feels the same.

Sam and Bo are caught off guard when they realize Nora doesn't know who either of them is. Lanie tries to console them by saying she could be in shock or have sustained a head injury. Lindsay calls Colin to let him know what is going on, but Lanie overhears her. Lindsay covers and says it was a call to the gallery. When Hank arrives, Nora rushes into his arms and tells him she doesn't know anyone there. The doorbell rings and Todd answers the door to find Colin. With a smug expression, Todd explains to Colin that he is the hero who brought Nora home.

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 5, 2000

Nora failed to recognize Lindsay or Colin. Nora then wondered about the little boy in the house after she found one of Matthew's toys. Sam and Bo noticed when Colin almost called Nora "Scarlet," but he managed to talk his way out of his slip-up. Lindsay warned Melanie that Bo's heart would always belong to Nora. Colin was upset when Lindsay rejoiced in Nora's memory loss. After Nora was taken to the hospital, Bo and Sam struggled over what to tell her about Matthew.

Blair walked out on Todd after he tried to threaten Blair into helping him with his plans to take back The Sun. Antonio found himself torn between Sophia and Roseanne after Roseanne told Antonio that Sophia was in love with him. Roseanne was about to reveal to Antonio how she felt about him, but R.J. interrupted them. Later, Sophia and Antonio were elated when they were presented with their badges. Kevin and Kelly decided to build their relationship slowly to keep from further hurting Joey.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 6, 2000

Palace Bar

Roseanne sees Cris and joins him at his table. He admits to giving Jessica the letter from Will and now she knows that he still loves her and never really betrayed her. She's left to find him. Roseanne urges him to go after her and even writes him a check for ten thousand dollars for airfare. Cris turns down her offer and rips up the check. Rosie assures him he'll be ok, just like her. She blames herself for all that's happened. Nearby, Max and Asa are sitting at the bar. Asa goes on about how Matthew would have been proven to be his grandson but his son Bo, who's not acting like his son interfered. He wants to completely ruin the Rappa-Davidson family and asks Max to help him out. Max tries to talk him out of it, to no avail until he sees Cris. He suggests they go after Will instead since he thinks Jess and Cris know where he is and they can lay off of Ben. Asa agrees and calls him his real son. Later, Max overhears the conversation between Rosie and Cris, when it is mentioned that Jess is off trailing Will.


Jess knocks on Deborah's door, looking for Will, since she heard there was an American staying there. The Irish woman informs her that her husband, Liam called the constable and Will is gone. Due to the condition that Bill (Will) was in when Liam found him, they assumed that he was fleeing from something. Jess informs her that Bill is a good person and begs her to call off the constable. She will keep on looking for him. Meanwhile, Emma, the American girl who found Will in the school stables, leads him to a graveyard where he'll be safer than where he was. She flirts with him but he reiterates that Jess is the only girl for him. She promises to bring him food later.

Llanview Hospital

Lindsay is happy to tell Colin that the drug she used on Nora worked. He is upset that all of Nora's important life's events are gone but she accuses him of having feelings for her and hoping she'd come to him. He insists he only has a professional interest in Nora. Lindsay thinks he'd better pray that the memories don't return but Colin hopes his memories are erased too. Hank and Larry are down the hall speaking about Nora's condition. Larry doesn't believe that the memory lapse is related to the accident and furthermore, x-rays prove that she had a broken pelvis and had to have gotten help somewhere. After Hank stops to see Nora and leaves, Colin who has been lurking near her room, comes by. He claims he's not one of the people that she's supposed to remember but he thinks he can help her as he's studied memory loss in the past. Once Colin is gone, Hank returns and fills Nora in on some of her past life. She learns they are no longer married and that she is close to Sam. She also comes to realize that Rachel is no longer a baby but a grown woman. They are interrupted by Rachel, who shocks her mother with her appearance. Nora is extremely upset that she can't remember her baby but her daughter has brought along pictures of her life. Nora remembers that Hank always took too many pictures and jokes that's why they're probably divorced.

Sam's House

Sam and Bo drink a toast to Nora. They both believe that Colin and Lindsay have something to do with her disappearance. They can't believe she's forgotten two of the men she loved and her son. They discuss the paternity test but Sam is not ready for it yet.

Cherryvale Clinic

Bo drops by to pay Melanie a visit. He wants to share his feelings with her and be honest. He didn't forgive Nora for what happened with their marriage but believes he's been given a second chance with Lanie. He can't accept the fact that Lanie is back with Colin and in fact thinks that she's saying that to get rid of him. The doctor finally admits she's getting a divorce and they agree that there's something between the two of them. Bo wonders why she's running away from him if that's true.

Back to Ireland

Will hears a noise and runs to hide. He begins to sneak away until he hears a voice. It's Jess, praying for help in locating Will. He comes out of hiding as she turns to face him.

Back at Sam's House

Ben rushes into the house and Sam greets him with the news about Nora. He chokes up when he realizes that he must have the paternity test now to prove that Matthew is his and Nora's son, before he can fill her in on details of her life. Ben tries to talk him out of it, in case Matthew is not his. He goes on to say how a family is connected by love and values, not DNA and how a family can share together even if there's no blood relationship. Sam, who has suspected for a long time that something is going on, wants to know what his brother is hiding. Ben insists that he doesn't want to lose his brother again but Sam reassures him that would never happen. Ben says they are brothers in every way but genetically and breaks the news that he is Renee's missing son and the son of Asa Buchanan. Sam is speechless.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 7, 2000

Irish Graveyard

Because he's "dreamed of this so many times," Will is afraid Jessica isn't really standing in front of him. She proves it's her in the flesh when he reaches out to touch her and she pushes him to the ground. Will is confused by Jessica's behavior; when he asks if she read his letter, Jess lets him really have it with her answer. Jessica says the letter "shows me exactly what you think of me...nothing." Will tries to explain that he thought she'd be better off without him, but Jessica finds that "insulting" because she sees it as him not trusting her to make her own decisions, the "poor little Jessica" syndrome. Will wants Jess to know that thinking about her was the only thing that kept him alive during his voyage to the unknown in the cargo container. She seems to soften a little when she hears of what he's been through, but she is still mad that he couldn't tell her the "truth" and let her handle it from there. Will finally understands why Jessica was angry with him, and he wonders if that's why she "turned back to Cris," but she doesn't want to talk about Cristian. However, she does want Will to know that she didn't come all the way to Ireland just to fall into his arms. She changes the subject by commenting, "It's beautiful here, isn't it?" Will looks at Jessica when he answers, "Especially tonight."

Asa's Office at the Mansion

Max is "getting nowhere fast" as he tries to hack into computerized airline records to track down Jessica. Blair listens as Max instructs his private investigator to make it a priority to find Jess because he feels she is "heading straight for Will Rappaport." Blair suggests that Max "let the poor kid alone" but Max can't do that. "Either I find Will or I watch Asa kill Ben Davidson." Max feels that Asa has "gone bonkers" since the Crossroads shooting and is "close to losing it" so he is trying to "divert" him from his obsession with Ben by producing Will. Blair's answer is to have Asa committed, but Max won't hear of it because he loves the old coot and won't go against him. Blair offers to let Max "play the good son" while she "deals" but Max warns her to stay out of it. Blair is hurt that Max doesn't seem to trust her and she reminds him that she does love him. In fact, she tells him that "revenge is highly overrated" and her suggestion is for them to "give your old Pa a whole new family to keep him happy." Max concurs; that would "thrill him and me."

Cherryvale Clinic - Melanie's Office

Bo wants to convince Melanie that "whatever we have could turn into something great." She admits that she missed him and thought about him "all the time" he was gone and she "couldn't go back to Colin." Bo correctly guesses that the problem is Lindsay, but he wonders why Melanie continues to let her sister manipulate her life. Melanie explains that she is wise to Lindsay's tricks but at the same time she doesn't want to "devastate" her sister by starting a relationship with the man she loves because that's too much like the rejection Lindsay faced with their father. Bo sees this as "everyone" losing, even Lindsay, because he isn't going back to her. Melanie expresses the wish that she could "change the way I feel" about Bo but he doesn't believe her. He explains that truth is important to him, it's where he and Nora "crashed" and that hurt both of them, and he asks Melanie to make a "deal" with him. "No lies...painful or not...whatever we feel, we say...always..." She crosses her heart, sealing the pact "from my heart to yours" and they kiss.

Lindsay's Bedroom

Lindsay breaks open a bottle of champagne to "toast to me and Bo - the man Nora can't remember." When "Conscience Nora" appears, Lindsay asks her to join in her "victory" toast but CN comments that it seems like a "lonely victory" because Bo is nowhere in sight. Lindsay claims that Bo loves her, they belong together and will be now that Nora doesn't remember him and isn't a threat. CN reminds Lindsay that Bo hopped into bed with her "much younger" sister and wonders if Lindsay isn't worried about a fire "smoldering" between the two that could "explode" with a touch or a kiss. When Lindsay claims that Melanie "promised" that she and Bo were through and she believes her sister, Nora gives her food for thought. "True love wins out in the end...there ain't nothing true about you...I'd come up with a backup plan if I were you."

Sam and Nora's House

Sam is in denial about Ben's confession. Sam thinks it must be a "joke" because "in every fiber of my being" he feels that Ben is his brother. Ben wants to "prove it" to Sam and when he gets Sam to talk about the day his mother and father brought him home from the hospital, they both realize that it is possible that Ben is Asa and Renee's son. Sam hates the thought, but so does Ben. "How do you think I feel? I have to be related to that monster!" Sam realizes that Renee must know something, but Ben assures him that she doesn't know about his identity because he and Max "made a deal." This "deal" seems to clear up a lot of loose ends for Sam and Ben apologizes for not telling him the whole truth sooner. Sam wants Ben to know that "your soul is are still my brother...for now...for always." Sam asks only one thing of Ben, that he not tell Asa because he would "claim" him. Ben wants to tell Asa because "some good has to come out of this" and he wants to use it to force Asa's hand in clearing Will. Sam thinks this plan will backfire and begs his brother not to "let him have you." When Ben tells Sam he isn't available but that the one Asa shouldn't have is Matthew, Sam finds this "complex" because "what I know keeps changing day to day...Nora's back...things are shifting..." The one thing Sam is sure of is that "Matthew is my heart. That won't change. I've known he was my son since Day 1." Matthew comes down the stairs calling for "Daddy" and this reminds Sam that "family is all that really is all that is all you need." Later, after putting Matthew back to bed, Sam worries about how he will tell Matthew that his mother is back, but she doesn't remember him. Ben suggests that "sometimes kids are better at accepting...than grownups...who knows what seeing him might unlock for her?" This advice helps Sam come to a decision. "Nora's his mother...he needs her...I know she needs him...tomorrow I take Matthew to see Nora."

Llanview Hospital - Nora's Room

Nora is having a hard time accepting that Rachel is grown up. "I've lost so much." Rachel assures her mother, "We'll get it back." Looking at a photo of Rachel's first steps, Nora remembers how she felt watching her daughter and seems to remember "something else" but it is fleeting and soon "it's mind's a blank." Rachel asks Nora to tell them at what point she remembers from and as she begins to talk about home and not knowing where that is, Hank promises to find the people responsible for her condition. Nora claims it was the train accident but Hank isn't so sure because he knows someone kept her from them all these months. Nora doesn't think this makes any sense because someone obviously cared for her physical wounds. "Why would somebody do that to me?" Rachel doesn't want her mother upset, so she changes the subject and is surprised to find out that her father hasn't called R.J. to tell him the good news. While she goes to make the call, Hank explains to Nora that R.J. is "around" and not in jail, but that he has been "duking it out with Bo." The reference to "Bo" puzzles Nora, does she remember him? Dr. Larry comes in to tell Nora that he plans to put her through a "battery of tests" so that a "battle plan" can be made. He wants her to start seeing a psychiatrist to "coax" her memories out. Nora isn't sure she is looking forward to "playing hide and seek with myself" but she agrees to do it. Later, R.J. comes in to greet Nora and she sees he's been crying. He denies it, of course, and asks if Hank and Rachel have told her about his "performance" at her memorial service. He claims he wanted to "express how much you've meant to me" and Hank agrees that "it was one really big Nora love fest." R.J. admits that he "went off on Bo a little" which causes Nora to wonder again why she can't remember Bo. It's R.J.'s first realization of Nora's memory loss, but he covers well by telling her, "You remember all the important people." Before he can berate Bo more, Hank takes him outside. R.J. asks his brother if Nora's memory loss is due to the trauma of the train crash. Hank considers that "one theory" but also explains that they are doing blood tests to check for a chemical imbalance or an adverse drug reaction. R.J.'s own memory is triggered by the reference to a drug reaction and when his brother leaves, he pegs the real culprit, "Lindsay!" Nora asks Rachel if Bo was important to her and, of course, she tells her mother he was. But when Rachel offers to tell her more, Nora is too tired to hear it and Rachel doesn't want to push it. Later, alone in her room, Nora looks at Rachel's photos and promises, "I am going to remember. Hear that up there? I am going to remember."

Friday, SEPTEMBER 8, 2000

Todd continued to hide the truth from Sam about how he found Nora. Nora woke up screaming Matthew's name, but she was confused as to why. Later, Nora and Matthew were reunited while Sam went to Bo and said he had finally decided that it was time for the DNA test. R.J. confronted Lindsay for using the drug he gave her on Nora. Lindsay reminded R.J. that he was messing with Nora's baby's life.

R.J. didn't take kindly to Lindsay's threat and offered one of his own - forget about his plan or she'd wind up dead. Meanwhile, Antonio told Bo about R.J.'s meeting with Lindsay and Barnes. Roseanne yearned to be with Antonio, but she refused to allow their relationship to progress until he cleared things up with Sophia. When Antonio tried, Sophia denied having any feelings for him. Roseanne later found herself being tossed out of the penthouse by Todd and called the police for help.

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