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Wade continued to torment Greenlee. Greenlee blurted out that she loved Leo. A sniper shot Jake. Marian and Stuart reunited. Stuart regained his memory. Adam smashed a fuse box at the ColMar tower in a fit of jealous rage after Liza made him believe that she had slept with Tad.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 4, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 4, 2000

In Chechnya, with bombs bursting in the background, Ryan and Gillian enter a building where a couple of men are tending to the wounded. Ryan tells the men that they are American civilians and the gun he has is for protection. Gillian told them that they are looking for a doctor. Ryan then asked if either of them spoke English and one man did. Ryan asked if they were with the Red Cross. The man said that they were independents and stayed behind when others left. Ryan told him that he was trying to get Gillian across the border and wanted to know if anyone could help him do that. He stated that he could not leave the wounded for a healthy one. Gillian said that she understood and then pulled Ryan aside and told him to "stop it." Gillian told Ryan that she is where she wants to be and to get used to it. Ryan told Gillian that he should have made the plane turn around. Gillian told him that she would not have gone back. Ryan told her that she is going back and not to fight him on it. Ryan asked Gillian why she was arguing with him and she told him that they were dodging bullets together and there was no way she was leaving. Ryan told Gillian that he could not get Jake out of there and also worry about her. Gillian told Ryan that even if she wanted to, she could not get out of there. Ryan asked the princess if she wanted to die there and Gillian replied that she was not planning on either one of them dying. Just then, a bomb went off and it was closer. Ryan shielded Gillian and told her that it was just a matter of time before they bombed the location they were at. She told Ryan that once they found Jake, they would tell him the truth and then they would finally be free. Another wounded man is brought in and Gillian ran to the man in charge and asked what she could do. He told her to place her hand on the wound to stop the bleeding and he would go and find the doctor. She looked at Ryan and told him to get her a blanket because the man was in shock. Ryan put the blanket on the man and then told Gillian that she was right, they are in this together and there was no turning back. He helped her apply pressure to the wound. After a while, the man came back into the building and thanked Ryan and Gillian for their help. He told them that the doctor was on his way. Ryan grabbed Gillian and pulled her away. Gillian's attitude had changed and she told Ryan that she had no idea what she was getting into and was sorry for the trouble she caused him. Ryan assured her that he was grateful that they were both OK. Gillian and Ryan both agreed that it made you realize how precious life was by seeing the way these people struggled to stay alive. Ryan then grabbed his princess and hugged her and told her that they were going to find Jake and tell him the truth and then get out. Gillian said that it was not the happy ending they were dreaming about. Ryan then kissed her and said that it would be. Gillian then heard a voice that sounded familiar. She walked slowly around the corner and stared at the man whose voice sounded familiar. He was treating a wounded man and when he took his helmet off, Gillian called out his name, "Jake." Jake hugged her and kissed her and said, "O my God, what in the world are you doing here?" He told her she shouldn't be there and then introduced her as his wife to the men attending the injured. Gillian said to Jake that she couldn't believe they had found him. Jake then saw Ryan and said this was incredible to see both of them. While Jake went back to the wounded man, he asked them what they were doing there. Gillian told Jake that she and Ryan and Adrian came there to take him home. Jake said that at least he had a home. He had 16 orphaned kids there that weren't as lucky. Ryan told him that they had supplies for all of them and that Adrian was working on a chopper to take care of all of them. As Jake went to attend to another patient, he told Gillian and Ryan that he didn't know what possessed them to come all this way, but he was glad they were there. Gillian and Ryan just looked at each other. Ryan and Gillian helped Jake attend to the wounded. Gillian was telling Jake that everyone missed him at home. She told him that everyone has been worried, Joe and Ruth, and Tad and Dixie. Gillian said that they knew that this was a terrible situation but it was beyond anything they could ever imagine. Jake told them that he was on his way to help at a children's hospital when it was bombed. He said there were 16 survivors and they were all kids and they were trying to get them to a hospital. Ryan said that Adrian was trying to get the chopper to take all the children out of there. Jake brought one of the children out because she was really scarred about the bombing. He held her in his arms and sang the song "Ittsy Bitsy Spider." Gillian looked on and told Ryan that was the song Jake sang to Colby. Jake signaled for Gillian to come and sit next to him and the little girl and they sang the song together. Gillian turned and looked at Ryan

As Leo and Greenlee entered the Valley Inn Dining room, Greenlee asked Leo if he really got Vanessa to come onboard. Leo told Greenlee that Vanessa had been looking for an "in with him" so he gave her one. Greenlee told Leo that to deal with Vanessa was major and she thanked him. Leo said to "thank him" when they were out of this mess. Greenlee reminded him that it was all Ryan's fault. Greenlee asked if Vanessa would make her entrance on cue and Leo said that she always does. They took their seats and Greenlee said that Wade is definitely looking for a way to make her grandfathers business a cover. Leo told Greenlee that if Wade bought this con, Wade would get off her back and they could resume their lives already in progress. As Leo took his seat, he spotted Woodruff at the door and asked Greenlee what her grandfather was doing there. Greenlee said that if Wade saw him, they would be "toast" because she told Wade that her grandfather was too sick to get out of bed. Leo told Greenlee to get her grandfather to leave. Greenlee went to her grandfather and told him that he should be at home resting. He introduced Miss Hastings and told Greenlee that they were there on business. Greenlee said that she was going to tell her grandmother that he is doing business and also had a drink, which was against the doctor's orders. Greenlee then reminded him that his wife was at the Glamorama for a couple of hours and Woodruff said that it was just a coincidence that they were both out of the house at the same time. He told Miss Hastings that he could never keep anything from Greenlee because she was "sharp." Miss Hastings said that the business could wait and she would go and get the car and take him home. Greenlee kissed her grandfather good bye and told him that she would see him at home. Greenlee went back to the table where Leo was and he asked her if she was ready for the next move. She asked him if Wade was there and Leo told her to smile because he just walked in. Greenlee was concerned that Wade might have seen her grandfather. Leo told her that if he did, he would want an introduction and Greenlee commented that it would never happen. Wade came to the table and said that her phone call was a pleasant surprise and he hoped it meant that she was going to introduce him to her grandfather. Wade assumed that they would be alone and Greenlee said that they could discuss anything in front of Leo. She told Wade that her grandfather was still very sick and that she needed more time to get him the money. Wade said that it sounded like a problem. She told Wade that he seemed like a patient man and he told her that it was an act. Vanessa walked up to the table and saw Leo and told him that she did not expect to see him this afternoon. Leo told her that they were in the middle of something. Vanessa said hello to Greenlee and asked Leo if he was going to introduce her to his new friend and he said that he wasn't planning on it. Leo then introduced Wade to Vanessa and then told his mother to excuse them because they were in the middle of something. Vanessa said that she was embarrassing her son and excused herself, telling Wade that maybe they would meet again. Leo then asked Wade why he was in such a hurry for the money. Wade asked Leo what his connection was with Cortland Electronics. Leo told him that this has nothing to do with Cortland Electronics and Greenlee interrupted him and said "not yet" but "maybe it could." Leo told Greenlee that the Cortlandts were "off limits." Greenlee looked at Wade and smiled. Wade told Greenlee to give him what she owed him "soon." Greenlee said that she needed 10 days. Wade left and then Vanessa followed. Leo commented to Greenlee that they had "ignition." Wade was waiting in the lobby for Vanessa and invited her for a drink. As they are waiting for their drinks, Vanessa gets a phone call on her cell phone and it is Leo calling her from the dining room prompting her what to say on the phone as Wade listens. Leo told Vanessa to pretend she is talking to Palmer and he wants her to talk about "money" like it is the air they breathe. She tells him she is flying to Virginia tomorrow and hiring a private jet to close on a deal for 40 to 50 million. She says that she has check writing privileges. Leo asked Vanessa if it was working and she said that they she has never let him down. Leo then turned to Greenlee, smiled and nodded his head "yes" to let her know that everything was going as planned. They ended the phone call and Vanessa said that she had to leave and was sorry she could not stay for the drink. Wade offered to reschedule and told Vanessa that he had a business proposition to talk to her about. She said, "it sounded promising." Wade promised that he would not waste her time and Vanessa said that she looked forward to it. Wade then left. After making sure that Wade was in fact gone, Vanessa returned to Leo and Greenlee and asked them how she'd done. Leo told her that he would let her know if he "bites." Vanessa then assured Greenlee that despite all the problems with her son, she dearly loved him and hoped she knew what she was doing. She then left and Greenlee told Leo that he was definitely paying the price for her. Leo said that it always costs to deal with Vanessa but if it keeps Greenlee out of trouble, it is fine. Leo told her that she turns into an "ax swinging psychopath" when she is desperate. Leo then started talking about Becca and told Greenlee how she dumped him. Greenlee started to call Becca but Leo stopped her. She asked him if he was lonely and miserable. He said that both of them were and she should be happy. They "toasted" to it. Leo gave a toast stating that he hoped Ryan would rot in dot com "hell" for what he did to her and Greenlee made a toast that Becca remain a virgin the rest of her life. Another toast was made that they hoped they would learn from each other's mistakes.

While sitting in Chandler Manor with a drink in her hand, Arlene was talking to Frank on the phone and telling him how "appreciative" she was of him. Arlene told him to think of the next step in the process and she would think of the right way to thank him. She told him to do anything that would bring down ColMar; no labor riots but work stoppage would work. As Adam entered the room, her final words to Frank were "if that's what turns you on, that would be our secret." She hung up the phone and turned to Adam and said that she was just about to call him. Adam looked at her and said, "what the hell do you think you are doing?" Arlene just looked at Adam with a smile on her face. Arlene asked Adam why he was so hostile? She told him that she would help him with his plan to destroy Col Mar and that was what she was doing. Adam told her that he doesn't like her meddling. She told Adam that Frank was ready to do whatever it takes to cause trouble at the tower site. Adam chuckled and said that Arlene does know how to keep people out of his hair and she sure knows how to dangle a bribe. Arlene said that she know how much it means to Adam to see Tad and Liza fail and to expose them for the frauds they are. Arlene told Adam that after that, they could sit back and watch them slink off into the sunset together. Adam looked at Arlene and said, "what do you mean together." Arlene chuckled and told Adam that he was jealous and then Adam said "jealous of what?" Arlene told Adam that he was jealous of " Tad with Liza, Liza with Tad, and anyway you sliced it, they were together and he was miserable." Adam told Arlene that she was the one that was jealous. Arlene told Adam to admit that he still had feelings for Liza. He said that his feelings were contempt, loathing and disgust. Arlene cuddled close to Adam and said that she loves it when he gets angry, because all his muscles get tense. Adam comments that everything she says has a prelude to sex. Arlene then started to kiss his neck and talk about how he thought about her skin and her naked body. Adam then pushed Arlene away and then Arlene said that he would never get over Liza and doesn't even want to. Adam told Arlene to "shut up" about Liza. Arlene told Adam that he was tired and he should go to the bar, close it up early and then come home and get into bed. Adam said that Arlene was back to the subject of "bed" again. Arlene told him to take it easy and Adam said he was not good at that. She then told him that he was finally getting what he wanted. After the work stoppage, the Col Mar tower would be officially DOA and Tad and Liza will finally be finished. Adam said that was something to live for. Arlene then told him to come back home and they would celebrate with a drink and toast a job well done. He said OK but he was not in the mood to fight off a seduction when he got back. As Adam walked away, Arlene assured him that she would be a "Girl Scout."

Marian was pacing the floor and Scott asked her to stop because it was making him dizzy. Marian said that she could not because she felt that her body was running at light speed. Scott told her that this was just a long shot, just a leap of faith. Marian said that Frederick could be right and Stuart may not be on the "other side." Scott said that he couldn't even consider it. Then Marian said, "even after the fishing lure that Adam found?" Scott asked Marian if she still thought it was a message from the "great beyond"? Marian said that it could have been a message from Stuart himself. Scott asked her if she realized what she was saying and Marian said that she had never been as clear headed as she was right now. She said that they need to be asking themselves, "Why can't Frederick find Stuart on the other side?" Scott replied that maybe Frederick was a lousy physic and Marian told him that she checked him out and he was not. Scott asked Marian why she thinks Stuart is not on the other side and she told him that she feels Stuart may be alive. Just then, Liza came in and with a disgusted look on her face she told her mother to "stop it." Liza asked her mother where she got the idea that Stuart was not dead. Marian couldn't answer and turned to Scott and he started to tell Liza about the physic. Liza stopped Scott in mid sentence. Marian told Liza that he was a good man and a friend of Opal's and he had contacted Jenny and Cindy. Marian told Liza that he has tried to contact Stuart twice and can't reach him. Liza asked her mother if this is what made her come to the conclusion that Stuart is alive. Scott told Liza that when Frederick contacted his mother Cindy, she told him that Stuart was not on the other side. She asked Scott if he believed it and Scott told Liza that he didn't know what he believed and threw his hands up into the air. Liza said that she hated to label her mother but she was a "fruitcake." Liza told her mother that there are scam artists out there trying to "sucker" grieving widows all the time. Marian said that he wasn't because, if he was, he would have said that he contacted him and would want her to come back for more. Marian told Liza that she feels Frederick is trying to help her. Liza told her mother that she knows how much she misses Stuart and there isn't a day that goes by that she wished she could turn back the clock. She told her mother that she deserves those days but those days are gone. She told her mother that she saw the cabin and it was burned to the ground. She also reminded Marian that they found his wedding ring and his body. Marian interrupted her and said, "they found a body." Scott then commented that maybe it wasn't his body. Liza said that the blood on the jacket was the blood of Stuart. Marian told Liza that she didn't know what she was talking about. Liza told her mother that they had worked so hard trying to accept Stuart's passing and that she was sure she didn't believe he was still alive. Marian felt that they did not have all the facts. Liza went to make some tea and told her mother that they were going to sit down and work this out. Marian then asked Scott if she was "crazy." Scott said "no" and then told her that she just believed in something. Marian said that she feels Stuart is near by. She told Scott that she needed something from Stuart's childhood to bring to Frederick and she had to leave. When Liza came back with the tea she asked where her mother was and Scott said that she had an errand she forgot to take of. Liza then got a call on her cell phone saying that the entire labor force walked off the Col Mar Tower. She didn't know what was going on with this building and she felt like it was "cursed."

Arlene is chilling some champagne when she hears the door open. She takes the two glasses to the door thinking it is Adam but it is Vanessa. Arlene tells her to get out and she refuses. She told Arlene to pay up unless she wants Adam to know that his brother is still alive. Arlene gives Vanessa some money but not enough. She wants more or she will go to Adam. Arlene starts to reach for more money when the doorbell rings. She went to the door and opened it and was surprised to see Adam. It was not Adam but Stuart. He recognized Arlene as a familiar face and said, "Hi, you remember me? I'm Stuart."

Scott went to the park and ran into Adam Jr. Junior told Scott that he feels like everything has changed. He said that he feels his Dad is on another planet. Junior asked Scott if he missed doing things with his dad. Scott told him that he really missed the fishing, and staying up all night, and camping out. Junior said that he feels like his Dad isn't around anymore. Scott told him to deal with things that he could not control because that is what he was doing. They walked off together and the scene panned over to a fishing pole left by a fence.

Tuesday, September 5, 2000

A giddy Erica scurried into the parlor of her home to show Bianca the list of people who had sent back their RSVPs. Bianca was less the thrilled and once again tried to talk her mother out of having the party. Leo showed up in the middle of the discussion and immediately took up Bianca's side of the argument. He feigned a mysterious illness and told Erica that she'd have to cancel the party. Erica tried to hide a smile as she watched Leo's comical performance. Leo assured his "benefactress" that he would not die of his ailment, but warned that they'd all have to be quarantined for at least six weeks. All three burst into laughter, but Erica refused to back down for her plans. In fact, Erica said that after the party, Leo and Bianca would be apologizing profusely for doubting her. Leo commented that Erica was sounding and looking a lot like Vanessa. Erica rose her finger admonishingly and warned Leo never to use her name and Vanessa's name in the same sentence. Erica announced that she had to head over to Myrtle's and asked that Leo walk her to her car. Bianca watched painfully as Leo slowly followed Erica outside. A few yards from the front door, Erica warned Leo not to cross her. She explained that she was counting on his support to help Bianca --- and said that she would not allow him to hurt Bianca. After issuing the warning, Erica got into her car and drove off. A few seconds later, Greenlee showed up. Bianca exited the house and Leo spotted an opportunity to make Bianca feel better. They trip went back inside where Leo asked Greenlee for her help in teaching Bianca to be "insincere." Greenlee was offended by the insinuation that she was shallow and insincere. Leo, however, explained that he wanted Greenlee to teach Bianca how to get through her party simply by going through the motions of having a good time. Greenlee nodded her head and flashed a smile. She and Leo demonstrated the proper technique of smiling, nodding and pretending to pay attention to party guests. Bianca rolled her eyes and remarked that no one would ever buy into the forced and faked interest. Greenlee noted that that was part of the game. She tried to demonstrate this to Bianca, but things got a bit hairy. Greenlee, pretending to be a snobby partygoer, told Bianca that she was looking good and that the rehab center she'd been in had done wonders for her. Bianca jumped to her feet and angrily told Greenlee to back off. Bianca confessed that the real reason she didn't want to go to the party was because she didn't want people eyeing her to see how much she was eating or what she was doing. Leo bit his lower lip and asked Greenlee to leave the room so that he and Bianca could talk in private. Greenlee grudgingly nodded filed out of the room. Leo told Bianca that he was relieved that the truth had finally come out. He urged her to tell Erica why she was so opposed to the party, but Bianca claimed that she needed to remain quiet. Bianca told Leo that she feared that her mother wouldn't love her any more if she got to know who she really is; Bianca also felt that her mother would never take the time to really get to know her. Leo tried to respond, but before he could say much Greenlee returned to the room and announced that it was time to meet with Vanessa and discuss their plans for Wade.

Erica went to Myrtle's to discuss the tablecloths that would be used at Bianca's party. However after just a few moments Myrtle was able to determine that Erica wasn't the least but interested in the decorations. Erica expressed her concern of Bianca's sudden rebellious state. Erica blamed her daughter's bad attitude on the apparent neglect she'd received in Seattle --- with a large chunk of the blame falling on Barbara's shoulders. Myrtle asked Erica if she'd ever considered that Bianca might still be upset that Erica hasn't been the kind of mother that she's wanted her to be. Myrtle reminded Erica that this was something that Bianca had expressed during her "intervention." Erica nodded her head, but said that she'd hoped Bianca had gotten over her feelings of anger now that she was healthy again. Erica tried to hold back tears as she told Myrtle that it would crush her if her daughter still resented her. "She's everything to me," she said softly.

Gillian was awed by the work that Jake was doing in Chechnya. She sat by as he tended to a frightened orphan. The conversation quickly turned to other children --- specifically Colby. Gillian told Jake that the girl was getting very big, very fast and said that she couldn't wait for him to the toddler again. Jake looked uncomfortable and returned his attention to getting the children ready for the impending evacuation. Adrian burst into the shelter and announced that his operatives had learned of a bombing raid that was scheduled to rain down on their location in a matter of a few hours. That meant that they all had to be cleared out as soon as possible. Jake headed off to make sure that everything was in order. Adrian, meanwhile, asked Ryan and Gillian if they had told Jake why they were really there. Gillian angrily lashed out at Adrian, saying that first and foremost she wanted Jake to return home safely. Ryan later told Gillian that until they were home safely, he wanted to put everything "on hold." Adrian shouted that the pilot had given them a short window to get everyone on board. Jake wrapped his arm around Gillian and walked her towards the doorway. Ryan was left behind. He bowed his head and sighed deeply. Outside, a sniper loomed with his gun pointed towards the evacuees. Jake spotted the gunman and pushed Ryan and Gillian out of the way. Jake, however, was unable to fall to the ground in time. At least one bullet tore through his flesh. Jake collapsed to the ground in a pool of blood. Ryan instinctively reached for the gun he'd been carrying and returned fire. His shots hit the mark and the sniper fell to the ground. Gillian hovered over her husband's body, blood covering her hands. She cried out in horror and begged Jake not to die.

Panic swept of Arlene's face. She lamely tried to deny knowing anyone by the name of Stuart. Stuart, however, was not about to give up on Arlene. He smiled broadly and reminded her of their encounter at the Queen of Hearts diner. In the next rook, Vanessa listened carefully with an ear pressed to the wall. "I feel like I'm home," Stuart beamed. Arlene nervously asked Stuart how he'd gotten to Pine Valley. Stuart walked past Arlene and into the parlor as he described his adventure in Idaho. Stuart admitted that he had no idea why he'd gone to Idaho in the first place. He did, however, know why he was in Pine Valley --- the vest he was wearing bore a tag from Pine Valley Outfitters. Stuart also explained that this was not the first time he'd been in Pine Valley. The first, he said, was when he'd gone to the Chandler Gallery. Now, Pine Valley Outfitters had a credit card receipt for the vest he was wearing with Adam Chandler's name on it. Still smiling, Stuart said that he was determined to find out why Adam Chandler's name kept popping up everywhere. Arlene had Stuart sit in the foyer while she scurried to find Vanessa. Vanessa smirked sinisterly as if to ask Arlene what she'd gotten herself into. Arlene pleaded with her cohort to help her out of another mess. Vanessa agreed to help, but said that Arlene would have to pay her double the amount they'd originally agreed upon. Arlene returned inside, but Stuart was missing. Arlene panicked and started searching for him. She opened the front door and called out. She knew very well that she could not call out Stuart's name, so she opted for something a little more bland. "Is anyone there?" she cried. Stuart sneaked up behind her and asked her to repeat her cries. Arlene swallowed hard and repeated herself. Suddenly, Stuart's face fell. He remembered being struck by a car and hearing Arlene's voice immediately afterward. He also said that he first remembered being involved in an accident when he'd heard Arlene's voice for the very first time in the diner. Arlene denied knowing anything of a car accident and explained that her voice sounded like everyone else's voice. Stuart didn't buy her explanation fully, but he didn't make a point of questioning her. Arlene decided that there was only one other course of action. She told Stuart that Adam was a very busy man and that he could not meet with him. There was, she claimed, someone else in the house that could answer his questions. Arlene took Stuart by the hand and led him to the third floor of the mansion --- the attic. Arlene motioned for Stuart to enter one of the rooms and Stuart obediently followed her orders. Once he'd stepped over the threshold, Arlene closed the door and locked it. Arlene raced back downstairs and helped herself to a glass of alcohol. A worried Vanessa asked Arlene if she'd killed Stuart. Arlene, between sips of her drink, said that she'd locked Stuart in the attic because she didn't know what else to do with him. Vanessa recounted all the terrible things Arlene has done to Stuart and asked her one question, "Are you mad?" Upstairs, Stuart poked around some of the things in the attic. He found a toy drum and held it close to his chest. A noise from behind startled him and he turned around to see Marian standing before him. "Oh dear Lord," Marian gasped.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 6, 2000

Ryan and Gillian desperately fought to save Jake's life after he was shot defending them. They were on the plane preparing to come home having rescued the children. Ryan told the pilot to take off while Gillian held Jake's hand and tried to comfort him.

Greenlee and Leo waited at the Valley Inn bar for Wade and Vanessa to meet. Greenlee was very worried that Vanessa might not show up or follow through with their plan to divert Wade away from her grandfather and redirect his interest in Cortlandt Electronics. Leo assured Greenlee that his mother wouldn't let him down and that she could handle Wade with no problem. Greenlee questioned Leo about his motives for helping her. Leo said that he liked the idea of Vanessa having to deal with the likes of Wade. She pressed for more reasons and Leo chalked his good deeds up to concern and fondness for Greenlee's grandfather. Greenlee smiled in appreciation but continued to worry because Vanessa was running late. Leo wondered who's life Vanessa was busy making miserable at the moment.

Vanessa was at the Chandler home chiding Arlene about the mess she was in. She taunted Arlene about Adam inevitably finding Stuart in the attic. Arlene, drink in hand, was very nervous and upset about how she was going to handle her current drama. Arlene wined that she would have to get rid of Stuart before Adam returned home. Vanessa told her that there wasn't much she could do short of stuffing Stuart in the chimney. "Your proverbial goose is rather cooked" Vanessa told Arlene. Arlene was exasperated and clutched her drink while she frantically tried to plan her next move.

Stuart, still dressed in his fishing vest, ran into Marian in the attic. They were both startled. Marian initially thought she had run into Adam. She explained that she was there to find something that had belonged to Stuart. Marian was holding a lunchbox that had been Stuart's when he was a boy. She reminisced about a possible memory it would have held for her Darling Stuart, walking home from school leisurely bird watching on his way. "Adam, I know you think I'm loosing it, but I really feel like he's close by, like he's trying to find his way home. That's why I snuck up her to"- she stopped and realized that "Adam" was staring at her with a huge grin on his face. She asked why he was looking at her so strangely. With a broad smile and in his usual sweet fashion Stuart told Marian, "I know who you are - the beautiful lady in my painting. You're my Queen of Hearts!" Marian seemed stunned, but tearfully and joyfully she asked "Stuart is it you?" Stuart replied, "I'm Stuart all right." Marian dropped the lunchbox, ran to Stuart and thanked God over and over as she hugged Stuart and held on to him tightly. Stuart looked confused, but also happy. Marian was crying and exclaiming what a miracle it was that he was alive and had come back to her. Stuart said that he wasn't sure they should be doing this, but that it felt so good. Marian told Stuart that they belonged together. Stuart told Marian how her hair smelled of jasmine, and that her kisses felt like home. He told her that holding her felt better than holding his wife. Marian looked confused as she told Stuart that she was his wife.

Downstairs, Arlene told Vanessa to shut-up and let her think. Vanessa blackmailed Arlene for double the original amount since Arlene's situation had taken a turn for the worse with Stuart hiding upstairs. Arlene insisted that she was all taped out and could not afford to pay any more money. Arlene pleaded with Vanessa, but Vanessa was unmoved and coolly told Arlene that she was on her way to the Valley Inn. She said that if she ran into Adam she would just let him know that his brother was hiding in the attic. Arlene frantically looked around for more money. She didn't have anywhere near enough cash to satisfy Vanessa, so she gave her an egg that was a museum piece valued at over $100,000. Just as she was handing the egg to Vanessa, Winifred walked in. "What do you want?" Arlene snapped. Winifred informed her that Mr. Chandler had called and would home soon. Then she left the room.

Greenlee and Leo worried about Vanessa being late. Greenlee's cell phone rang. It was a business call for Greenlee angrily told the person on the other end that if they wanted to double their money to fold it in half because was nothing but a profit sucking money pit. When she hung-up, Leo remarked at how Greenlee was taking care of business while Ryan was away. Greenlee retorted that Ryan deserved what he got after leaving with Gillian on a romantic getaway while she was left to deal with his mess.

Jake continued to loose lots of blood as Gillian and Ryan worked to save him. Ryan yelled at Jake to wake-up telling him he needed his help to safe him. Gillian and Ryan were very emotional and afraid as they pleaded with Jake to open his eyes and instruct them on what they needed to do for him.

Wade arrived at the bar for his meeting with Vanessa. Leo and Greenlee stayed out of his sight and watched for Vanessa. Scott and Opal shared a table nearby. Opal expressed concern for Marion. She told Scott that she was worried that Marian might not understand how the spirit world worked and might expect more than she would get. Opal urged Scott to warn Marian against getting her hopes up. Scott said that he didn't want to burst Marian's bubble and that he wished he had her hope and faith. He said he really missed his father and himself. Scott confided to Opal that after loosing his dad, he had done things he wasn't proud of. He said Stuart always saw the best in him and he wished he could now see it in himself.

Marian tried to help Stuart regain his memory. Stuart said the only wife he remembers is Esther. Marian told him that Esther had been his girlfriend, but they had broken-up and she and Stuart were married. Stuart told Marian about getting hit by the car and waking up in Esther's trailer. He went on to tell her that Esther told him she was his wife and his name was Stuart Lynn. Marian called Esther a lying husband stealer. Stuart defended Esther saying she had been nice to him, but that he had never really felt married to her or at home with her. He told Marian of Esther's idea to go to Vegas and get married. Marian worriedly asked Stuart if had married her. Stuart told her they never made it to Vegas because he had refused to the leave the Queen of Hearts cafe. He sweetly told of seeing Marian's face everywhere he looked including the little pink soap bubbles as he washed dishes. He talked about how while he and Esther were working at the cafe, everyone thought he was an artist because he had painted such a beautiful picture of Marian as the Queen of Hearts. Stuart said he knew Marian was special. Marian told Stuart he was the one who was special. Still crying tears of joy, she showed him their king and queen crowns that they had worn on their wedding day. She told him he would always be her king and he told her how beautiful she was. Stuart then told Marian that another kiss might help him remember more. They kissed passionately.

Arlene ranted and raved about her bad luck. She asked why Stuart had to come back to Pine Valley before she had a chance to convince Adam that he really loves her and can't live without her. Vanessa jumped right in to inform her that Adam was obviously still very much in love with Liza. Arlene was very angry at Vanessa's remarks, but had to beg her not to reveal her secret. Vanessa agreed to keep quiet but reminded Arlene that it would cost her. Vanessa left and Winifred walked in with linens on her way upstairs. Arlene demanded to know where she was headed. Winifred told her that she was headed to the attic to store the linens. Arlene forbid her to go to the attic and told her to go to her room and pack her bags. Winifred told Arlene that she couldn't fire her. Arlene told Winifred that she and Lucretia were going away together on an all expense paid vacation and not to bother writing. Winifred questioned Adam's approval of the plan and Arlene angrily reminded her that she was now mistress of the home and would give orders. Winifred shoved the laundry at Arlene and left.

Jake opened his eyes much to the excitement and relief of Gillian and Ryan. He immediately asked if the children were safe then told them that his legs were numb. Ryan asked for guidance in treating him and Jake gave them instructions on how to care for him. He told them where to find an antibiotic injection in his medical bag.

Leo and Greenlee watched as Wade waited for Vanessa. Wade told the bartender he was waiting for Vanessa Cortlandt and to serve her a drink if she arrived as he had to step away from the bar briefly. Vanessa appeared and Leo scolded her for being so late. She ordered herself a drink and insisted on paying. She gave the egg to the bartender and told him to keep it behind the bar and run her tab against it until she paid her bill. Leo asked if she had stolen it and Vanessa replied dryly that she had not stolen it, she laid it. Vanessa double checked that Leo and Greenlee were ready for the "show." Leo said they were set and told her not to slip Wade a "mickey." Vanessa was not amused at Leo's obvious reference to the Palo incident. Leo and Greenlee ducked out of site and Wade arrived. He apologized for making Vanessa wait and she apologized for being late. They took their drinks to a table where Vanessa immediately dropped Palmer's name and started to discuss business. She said that she was excited about the prospect of joining Wade for money making opportunities. Wade said he hoped Palmer would be as excited. Vanessa told him that Palmer was only excited by good brandy, cigars and relaxing but that she was very involved in Cortlandt Electronics.

Opal continued to console Scott about the loss of his father. He said he wished for five more minutes with his father - five minutes that he would make last a lifetime. Opal said that she wished Adrian would come home safely from Chechnya. She said if she were lucky Adrian would return and Stuart would be beside him.

Stuart and Marian continued to kiss and enjoy their emotional reunion. Stuart told her that while her kisses made his heart skip, they didn't help him remember. Marian tried to help him by telling him about himself. She told him about Scott and Adam and how hard his "death" had been on all the people who love him. Stuart continued to try hard to remember but was getting frustrated.

Arlene dimmed the light in her and Adam's bedroom. She played soft music and sprayed some perfume, determined to distract Adam. Adam came in and grumpily asked where Lucretia was because he was hungry. Arlene told him that she had given the staff the night off. Adam was annoyed at this and also with the strong smell of perfume. He told Arlene that using perfume to cover the smell of whiskey went out with Scarlet O'Hara and asked why the lights were so low. He showed no interest in Arlene and said he just wanted a shower. Adam heard a noise from upstairs and asked Arlene why the house was so noisy since they were the only ones home. Arlene looked panicked and told Adam that it was just squirrels in the attic. Adam said he would remedy that problem with his rifle. Arlene blurted out that he would hurt Stuart if he did that. Adam asked her to repeat herself and Arlene covered by saying that if Stuart were alive he wouldn't want the animals shot. She tried to reassure him that she would take care of the problem tomorrow. Her attempt failed and Adam, after hearing a couple more noises, was on his way out the door and to the attic. Arlene blurted out that Tad and Liza were in New York alone. That got Adam's attention. He wanted to know what hotel they were staying at and Arlene smiled as she told him that she would let him know when they got there. Adam was not happy with the idea of Arlene going with him, but she convinced him so they prepared for their trip.

Vanessa continued to charm Wade and Leo came over to the table for his part in the theatrics. He very convincingly pretended to be angry with Vanessa for getting involved with Wade and expressed concern with Palmer "getting the shaft both in business and in bed." He then stormed out and Vanessa and Wade wrapped up their meeting with Vanessa's promise to set up a meeting with Palmer once he returned from his cruise. With Wade out of site, Vanessa gave Leo and Greenlee a thumbs-up and they hugged as Greenlee thanked Leo for his help.

Ryan stopped Jake's bleeding and stabilized him for the moment. Jake expressed his gratitude to Gillian and Ryan for all they had done. He asked again about the safety of the children and Gillian told him they were all saved thanks to his heroic efforts. Gillian held Jake's hand and told him all about home and family, especially little Colby who had learned to swim. Ryan looked at Gillian with concern and remembered their talks of how they needed to save Jake in order to get on with their lives together.

Leo and Greenlee toasted each with champagne in celebration of their victory over Wade. They drank and talked about how they had pulled off their plan. Leo said he was tired and told Greenlee goodnight. As Greenlee was leaving, Wade grabbed her hand and told her that he had overheard them unravel their plot against him. He angrily threatened Greenlee, telling her he would make sure she suffered for betraying him.

Adam and Arlene left the Chandler home for New York.

Stuart suddenly began remembering many facts about his life, such as Marian's last name being Colby and her daughter, Liza, his son, Scott, and a cat that Marian once had that lived to be 19 years old. He excitedly recited the many details that came flooding back to him and told Marian that she was the woman he would love all his life with all his soul. They embraced, overjoyed at having found their way back to each other.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 7, 2000

At the Valley Inn, Erica and Bianca are discussing the upcoming party when David arrives and joins Dixie at the bar without even noticing that Erica is there. Seeing the hurt look on her mother's face, Bianca tries to comfort her and isn't fooled when Erica tries to pretend that it doesn't bother her. Erica admits that she was throwing the party partially to get her mind off of David and tells Bianca she will cancel it if Bianca wants her to. Bianca tells her to go ahead, but worries that tabloid reporters will crash the party or that everyone will be watching her eat because of her anorexia. Erica promises her that everything will be fine.

At the bar, David hands Dixie some paperwork for a grant to work on while he is away at a medical conference in Manhattan. He's rather shocked when Dixie asks if they can get her a plane ticket to fly with him to New York. But then Dixie reveals her real reason for wanting to go, Tad is in NYC, too. David agrees and they head off to the airport.

Adam and Arlene settle into their hotel room, which Adam has made sure is the one that adjoins Tad and Liza's room. With his ear pressed to the door, Adam hears Liza and Tad arrive. Liza inadvertently learns from the manager about Adam and Arlene's presence and slips him some "hush money" without Tad noticing. When the executives they are supposed to meet do not show up (thanks to Arlene's plotting), Tad wants to go home, but Liza convinces him to stay. She leaves to see about getting some theater tickets and in the hallway she sees Arlene open the door to room service, who has brought not only food, but also a negligee Arlene asked for from the hotel shop.

Liza storms back into her room, making up some story about being accosted by a drunk, and asks Tad to go downstairs to get the tickets. After he leaves, Liza lies down on the bed and pushes the headboard against the wall and moans "Oh, Tad", knowing that Adam is listening on the other side of the wall. Adam is so furious that when Arlene tries to distract him from what's going on, he turns on her and tries to strangle her. He stops himself just in time before killing her and then leaves the room, running into Dixie in the hall. Do you believe in deja vu, he asks her, suggesting she check out her husband's room. In the meantime, Tad has returned to Liza's room and has caught onto what she's doing. "You wanted Adam to hear us making love", he accuses, just as Dixie opens the door. Stunned, Dixie turns and blindly starts running down the hall, right into David's arms.

In the attic of the Chandler mansion, Stuart and Marian's happy reunion continued and the couple made love. Afterwards, they talked about a number of things, including Judd and Marilyn and the Queen of Hearts diner. This made Stuart remember that he had seen Arlene there and that he's almost positive she was the one that hit him with her car. Marian's about ready to kill Arlene with her bare hands and also shares the news that Adam is now married to Arlene. Stuart wants to warn Adam to stay away from Arlene, but he and Marian are stuck in the locked attic.

Leo is relaxing in Erica's living room when there's a frantic pounding at the door. It's Greenlee, terrified that Wade is after her since he now knows that they were setting it up. As if Greenlee isn't already enough on edge, two shot-like sounds ring out and she and Leo dive for cover. Certain they're about to be killed any minute, Greenlee thanks Leo for everything he's done for her and blurts out that she loves him.

The doorbell rings and Greenlee cowers behind a chair as Leo goes to answer it. It's just the gardener, apologizing for making so much noise; his truck back-fires sometimes. He leaves and Leo wastes no time poking fun at Greenlee for claiming that she loves him. I thought we were going to die, that's all, she explains. Besides, on the island after he ate the berries, Leo told her that he loved her and she was his ideal woman. This shuts Leo up. He wants to call the police about Wade, but she refuses, not wanting to get her grandfather involved. Leo sends her upstairs to lay down and rest and as soon as she is gone, calls Detective Frye and asks him to come over right away because Greenlee has gotten herself into trouble.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 8, 2000

Leo phoned the Pine Valley Police and told them that Wade Randall had threatened Greenlee. Then he called Bianca and asked her to keep Erica away from the house. "I'd rather not deal with your mother's dramatic input right now," Leo said. Bianca agreed.

Marian and Stuart tried unsuccessfully to get out of the attic. Marian couldn't believe what Stuart had been through at the hands of Arlene -- first, she hit him with her car, then she tricked him at the Queen of Hearts Cafe, and then she locked him in the attic.

Arlene ran out of the New York hotel room looking for Adam and ran into David comforting Dixie in the hallway. "Oh, you poor thing," he said to Dixie. "I heard Tad and Liza all the way down in the lobby." At the same time Tad was very angry with Liza for using him to make Adam jealous. Liza denied it all. "You put me on the payroll because your psychically possessive husband hates my guts," Tad accused. Tad asked her if, after everything he had put her through, Liza could possibly still love Adam. She looked ashamed.

David took Dixie back to her hotel room. Dixie wanted to confront Tad but David discouraged it saying she would only degrade herself. Dixie cried and said that Tad had promised her he would never be unfaithful again. David said "the man's a fool," and tried to persuade Dixie to allow him to take her back to Pine Valley.

"He practically raped me to father Colby," Liza pleaded. "How could I love him?" Tad said it may not be logical or healthy, but Liza just can't help herself around Adam. That's why Liza pretended she and Tad were making love. Liza said she was just having fun with Adam and his "90 proof bride." Tad pressed on. He wanted her to admit that she still loved Adam, at least to herself. Finally Liza admitted it. "Fine. I'm in love with him. Are you satisfied?"

Bianca stalled Erica by asking for dessert. While they waited, Hayley and Mateo came in. Erica asked for advice on Bianca's party. Bianca invited the two to join them.

Leo fixed Greenlee a drink to calm her wrecked nerves. Leo stumbled over his words and Greenlee turned the conversation back to their confession of love for each other. Just then, Lieutenant Frye arrived. Greenlee expressed surprise that Leo had called the police. She pulled Leo aside and gritted at him. "You're going to pay for this duPres."

Derek wanted information on Randall's connection with organized crime and his harassment of Greenlee. Greenlee played it off as Leo's idea of a practical joke. Leo wasn't having it and begged her to tell Derek the truth. "I don't know what I would do if anything happened to you, so please talk to the lieutenant" he said.

Dixie said she was not leaving the hotel until she talked to Tad.

Liza told Tad that although she hated herself for it, she still loved Adam. She admitted everything -- humiliating herself and using Tad to make Adam jealous. "I'm as bad as Arlene," she said. Liza felt she was doomed to always love Adam, and Tad held her and tried to comfort her. Just then, Dixie walked in. Liza looked up. "It's not what you think," she said. Tad turned around to discover Dixie and David.

"Hi, honey," Tad said. "What is Dr. Hayward doing here?" Dixie countered, "I think the important question is what are you doing here?" Dixie asked for an explanation of why Tad was making out with Liza. Liza tried to explain that she was just trying to make Adam jealous. Dixie didn't want to hear it. David and Liza agreed to leave the two alone. Dixie demanded an explanation.

Bianca blabbed on and on as she and Erica shared dessert. Then she excused herself and Erica confided to Hayley and Mateo that she had arranged for O-Town to play at Bianca's party, and that Ashley Angel is going to ask Bianca to dance alone in the spotlight. Hayley questioned the decision, but Erica was adamant that it would be perfect.

Leo pled with Greenlee to talk to the lieutenant. "Come on Greenlee, you need the protection." Greenlee recalled Randall's threatening words. Greenlee, however, would not talk to the policeman, who warned Greenlee to keep away from Randall. "You're no match for him," he said. She persisted. "I have nothing to tell." Derek left.

Greenlee immediately turned on Leo. She was terrified that Randall might find out that Leo had called the police and take it out on her grandfather. Leo said he would rather see Greenlee in jail than to be hurt by Randall. She didn't know what to do, so Leo suggested that she stay with him at Erica's. "I can't let anything happen to you," he said. They kissed.

Erica and Bianca came in and Leo told Greenlee to hide. Leo greeted them with a phony smile and Erica immediately focused in on the wine glasses and an earring she found on the floor. She knew right away it was Greenlee's. "It looks like her," she said, "cheap and a little bit tacky." She warned Leo that he'd better not sneak Greenlee in the house because it would send Bianca the wrong message. She reiterated that Leo was not allowed to entertain any woman in the house. He agreed. Erica said good night to Bianca and before leaving the room said loudly "Oh Greenlee, I'm leaving your earring on the table, don't forget to pick it up on your way out."

Arlene dashed into The Valley Inn and asked Hayley and Mateo if they had seen Adam. They said no. She turned to leave and ran into Frank, the contractor. "I've done my part to sabotage the Col-Mar Tower," he said, "now it's your turn, pretty lady." She said he would have his money soon, but money was not on Frank's mind. She opened her raincoat to display her negligée and told him he would have to take a raincheck. Then she dashed out unaware that Hayley and Mateo had observed the whole thing.

David chastised Liza for breaking up Tad and Dixie's marriage. She denied it and said Tad wouldn't do anything even if she wanted him to. David told her that Adam had fled the hotel with Arlene in hot pursuit. Liza left.

Tad begged Dixie to believe that nothing had happened between him and Liza. "Trust me," he said. He told her he was a changed man and that he would never do anything to hurt her again. He told her she walked in on an innocent hug. He tried to convince her that Liza found out that Adam was in the next room and wanting to make him jealous so had tried to make it sound like they were having sex. Tad explained that he walked in and found Liza kicking the headboard. Dixie said that Liza's shenanigans must have worked because she saw Adam run out of the hotel. Tad said "After everything we have been through, it would kill me if you thought I had been unfaithful." Dixie said she believed Tad. "You'd have to be pretty stupid to make up a story like that," she said. They kissed. They were both tickled to be in a beautiful hotel together. Dixie explained that she had accompanied David to New York to surprise Tad. Dixie ran out into the hallway and told David that she and Tad had made up and that she was going to stay with Tad. "Are you sure you're all right?" he asked. She explained that she was fine and ran back into the room and into Tad's arms. With the door opened, David looked on at the loving scene.

Leo asked Bianca to help him hide Greenlee in the house for a few days. "Out of the question," Bianca said. On second thought, maybe they could hide Greenlee in a part of the house that Erica never goes into. "I've got it," Bianca mused. "The laundry room." Leo escorted a disbelieving Greenlee to her new quarters.

"Did you see Arlene flash that guy?" Hayley asked Mateo. The two cannot believe that Arlene would have an affair right under Adam's nose. Hayley determined she was going to find out what Arlene is up to.

Stuart began to feel guilty because Adam's life has turned bad. He remembered that Adam had set up Marian to try to protect Stuart. "All my life Adam has protected me, when I should have been the one protecting him," he said. Marian agreed. Stuart realized he must tell Adam everything is okay between them.

Adam stumbled into the Col-Mar Tower construction area. He thought about the many times he'd seen Liza and Tad together and he almost started to cry. "I swear I will bring down Col-Mar Tower and Liza and Tad with it!" he said. He took a crowbar and started to destroy everything in his path, including the electric circuit board. As he did this, a fire broke out.



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