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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 28, 2000 on GL
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Monday, August 28, 2000

In San Cristobel, Mr. Robb entered the palace pool room for a meeting with Edmund. Edmund said that he required someone loyal, discreet, and thorough. He needed him to pretend to be working for Richard, but in reality, he would be reporting to and taking orders from Edmund. He would get paid by Richard and also get a bonus salary from Edmund. Mr. Robb said he would need to have half the money Edmund was offering him upfront as a retainer. Edmund said that wouldn't be a problem.

Edmund told Mr. Robb that his assignment was to get close to Cassie. Edmund mentioned Cassie's incident with the horse and that he and Richard wanted her to have a bodyguard, but Cassie didn't want one. He said that Cassie would change her mind, and when she did, he wanted Mr. Robb hired but didn't want Richard to know he knew Edmund. Mr. Robb didn't know if he wanted the job, but Edmund said the job would be brief and challenging, and then he could disappear to Barbados.

Edmund told Mr. Robb again that he needed someone he could trust and asked if Mr. Robb could handle it. Edmund gave him an envelope with his retainer in it. Mr. Robb looked it over and told Edmund that it would be a pleasure doing business with him.

Richard, Cassie, and Tammy returned after having been out by the pond, playing with R.J. They were talking about the frogs, and Richard was teasing Tammy about talking to them. Outside the door, someone was watching them. Cassie went to look for the camera and found a frog in Tammy's bag. Cassie was talking to Tammy about why she couldn't keep the frog as a pet.

Richard told Tammy he had been a frog at one time and that her mom had transformed him with a kiss. Tammy said maybe the frog was waiting for her to kiss him, but Richard told her she should wait at least ten years. The nanny arrived for Tammy. After Tammy left, Richard hugged Cassie. She asked him about her kiss transforming him. He said he needed some refreshers to keep him from turning back. They kissed. He left to get some champagne and to return the frog to the pond.

Cassie noticed one of the doors was ajar and walked toward it. She looked around and saw nothing. She turned back to the courtyard and was thinking about Richard and the champagne under the stars. She heard a noise and said, "Hello, is anyone there?" She saw an unshaven man who offered her a rose and told her that he was one of the gardeners. Cassie thanked him for the flower and told him she would have to show Richard.

The gardener asked her to thank him, and she said she just had. He made a grab at her and said he wanted to be really thanked. He pulled a weapon of some sort on Cassie. Cassie called out for Richard, but no one arrived. Finally, Edmund ran in and pulled the man off of her and told her to run. They guy hit Edmund and threw the weapon at him as he ran out. Cassie called for Richard to help as she tried to get Edmund to answer her.

At the Lewises' home, Noah was teasing Reva about lusting after her, all the while admiring her. He asked if she would like him to stay while she and Josh met with their attorneys. She told him that she thought she would be okay. Noah kissed her and promised to pay for the door. Later, the two lawyers met with Reva and Josh. Reva's lawyer talked about sole custody and wanted to give visitation to Josh. Josh said that Olivia had moved out so there shouldn't be a problem.

Ernie mentioned that Josh and Olivia were a bad influence, and Josh asked Reva how the door had gotten broken. He said that Marah had witnessed the argument, and Reva said that Marah had walked in after the fact. He would rather have his kids see two people making love rather than domestic violence. If Reva tried to take the kids, she would be in for the fight of her life. Reva asked Josh if he was threatening her. She said he was blowing the situation out of proportion, and Josh said no more than she was over the bathtub incident. The lawyers wanted them to follow the agenda.

Russo started talking about the business and wanted Reva totally out of it. Ernie wanted Reva to retain all her rights. Josh started talking to Reva directly while the lawyers argued. Reva wanted to get away from the business discussion and talk about the house. Russo wanted the house sold and the money split. Ernie started talking about custody of the children and called Josh a pervert. Russo told Ernie that Reva was the "Slut of Springfield."

That was it; Josh screamed at both of them to stop. He told Russo that he would not listen to him bad-mouth the woman that he had loved almost his entire life. Josh fired Russo. Reva was upset with her lawyer, too, and she fired Ernie. Reva looked at Josh and told him they were right back where they'd started. Josh and Reva said goodbye lawyers and fat retainers. They both had a glass of wine. Reva said they would have to find new attorneys, but Josh suggested that maybe they wouldn't have to.

At Company, Olivia was on the phone with Russo, filling him in on Marah and how Reva was worried that her daughter would turn out just like her. She also mentioned that Reva had been very rowdy as a youth and had earned the nickname "Slut of Springfield." Meanwhile, Billy and Josh were back at the table, talking about Josh's attorney meeting with Reva's. Josh was worried. Olivia returned to the table and told him that things would be all right and that he needed to get the meeting over with.

Marah walked in and saw Josh and Billy. She told them that she was out to meet some friends. Olivia told her that she was sorry about what Marah had walked in on earlier in the week. Marah said it wasn't as bad as what she'd walked in on earlier in the day with Reva and Noah and said that at least with Josh and Olivia, it wasn't violent. Josh wanted to know what violence and wanted to know if Noah had hit Reva. Marah said no but mentioned the fight and the glass door.

Marah's friends arrived, and she wanted to leave. Josh was upset that Noah and Reva were having violent fights in front of the kids, but Billy said Reva had always liked a good fight. Josh said he had been prepared to give in to Reva, but not any longer.

Ross walked in and told Buzz to keep Selena away from Blake. He said that she was a bad influence on Blake and had turned her into June Cleaver. He said that Blake had made tea, scones, and little sandwiches without crusts. They were joking about the situation. Ross was trying to do two things: no divorces at work and no marriages at home. Buzz said he was running from commitment.

Ross looked at a magazine that was on the bar. He said that he thought it was the wedding gown that women wanted the most. Buzz wanted to know what Ross's problem was. Ross said he knew what he was doing, and he knew how to deal with his wife, Blake. Buzz said Ross needed to take off his running shoes.

Buzz said his family was cursed and his kids' lives were a mess. Ross said maybe Buzz was really worried about his upcoming wedding to Selena. Buzz said his life was fine, but he wanted to help his kids. Ross said the best thing he could do was not to do anything. He teased Buzz about not having Blake as a bridesmaid.

Phillip was on the couch at home, and Harley said they had no food in the fridge. They would order takeout and get ready to consult Susan. Susan arrived downstairs in a skimpy outfit, and Harley asked her where she was going. After a lot of effort from her parents, Susan admitted that she was going out with Max and Marah. Harley made her go to her room to put more clothes on. Susan asked if Harley was the clothing Gestapo. Harley sent Susan up to change then turned to ask Phillip if she was right in doing that.

Phillip agreed with Harley, who said Susan's problem was part a reaction to her and Phillip's reconciliation and part teenage rebellion. Susan tried to sneak out again, but Harley and Phillip caught her. She was wearing a lot of makeup, and Harley sent her upstairs again. Susan stormed back upstairs. Harley was worried about what she would be down in next. Phillip laughed.

Harley paced the living room, waiting for Susan to return downstairs. When she did, she was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and long pants. She was singing a rap song and wore no makeup. Harley let her go but told her she had to be home by 11:00 p.m. Susan shouted midnight as she left.

Harley was angry. Phillip told her that Susan would be with Marah and would be fine. Harley had the urge to tail her. She and Phillip went outside with their wine, and Harley talked about being a lot like Susan at her age. They kissed and laughed, talking about him as a teenager. They found Susan's clothes in front of the house, and Harley was upset.

At the LeMays', there was loud music playing, and lots of people were showing up. Max warned Susan that the situation was not cool and that they needed to get those people out; they weren't even supposed to be there. Susan was impressed because seniors were there, and she told him that everything would be fine.

Tuesday, August 29, 2000

In San Cristobel, Richard arrived and checked on Edmund. Cassie quickly filled him in on what had happened. Edmund was unconscious with a cut on his forehead. Richard sent guards after the gardener and called for the doctor. Edmund was waking up and said, "Thank God, you're alive," when he saw Cassie.

Richard looked around and saw the knife, which the guy had thrown, sticking into the wall. He said it was the only physical evidence they had. They got Edmund into a chair. Cassie was going over what had happened and didn't understand. Edmund insisted that Cassie was in dire need of a bodyguard. Richard told Cassie that she did need a bodyguard. Cassie didn't want one, but Edmund told her that she no longer had a choice. Cassie told them that she didn't want an operative shadowing her.

Richard told Cassie that the bodyguard didn't have to be visible. Edmund told her that it was for her children's protection as well as her own. She finally agreed but told Richard she wanted the bodyguard to be completely invisible. She left to check on the kids. Edmund told Richard he would get the San Cristobel police to draw up a list of candidates for him to interview in the morning. Richard thanked Edmund and told him that the thought of anyone hurting Cassie made him sick.

Richard left, and Edmund called in a guard and thanked him for doing a great gardener bit. Edmund said that the man had almost done too well with the knife. The guy said the target had been the wall, and he'd hit it. Edmund said it had been too close.

Josh met up with Holly at the country club, and they discussed her and Billy's fishing trip. Josh told her that the camp was sacred to all the Lewis men, and he believed it was the first time a woman had been invited up to the camp site when they hadn't worn a wedding ring. Josh thanked Holly for helping Billy feel whole again. He told her that he'd heard HB's laugh again the other day; Billy had always had it but never used it except when he was truly happy. Holly asked him if he was asking her what her intentions were concerning Billy. She told him they were going fishing together, and she would never hurt him.

Ray entered Millennium and interrupted Danny and Pilar's meeting about the accounting of the club. Pilar grew fed up with the paperwork and left. Ray and Danny talked about Michelle and the Santoses. Ray asked if Danny was trying to get back with her. Danny said that he was trying to be an honest businessman. He also said that he could go back to the family any second. Ray asked him what was more important, being in charge or being with Michelle.

Pilar interrupted with a call for Ray. His brother Tony was in town and desperate to see him. He told Tony to meet him at Millennium. Ray told Danny that Tony was in town, which meant he was in some sort of trouble. Danny asked about Tony, and Ray said that he knew him; he was living the hard life and drinking, gambling, and fighting. He said he was sure Tony was in trouble. Ray said Tony stepped on all the family's toes and didn't care whose, which could lead him to serious trouble.

Ray and Danny talked about the past and how hardheaded Tony was. Ray said that Tony just wanted Ray to bail him out of some trouble. Ray said that his father had taken a bullet in the head when Ray had been eleven, and when he'd been thirteen, his mom had passed on. He said he'd tried to tell Tony that everything would be okay, and Tony had only replied, "the hell it would" -- and he had only been four years old. Ray thought that he should have helped Tony more and not worried about devoting his life to God so much. He felt he might have failed his brother.

Just then, Tony arrived. He gave the bartender a hard time, wanting a drink but having no ID. Tony and Danny reintroduced themselves, and Danny said that Tony could have anything he wanted to drink as long as there was no alcohol in it. Tony and Ray sat down with Danny, and Tony admitted that he was in a lot of trouble. Tony told them that Chicago had gotten bad since Uncle Federico had died. He told them that he'd gotten in a fight with some punks, and one of them had fallen through a plate glass window. He had survived, but his father was not pleased and had put a contract out on Tony. Tony said that was why he'd left and gone there.

Tony told Ray and Danny that "they" were after him. Ray said Tony had to rethink his life. Tony said he needed someone to call in some favors. Danny told Ray to take his car and take Tony over to the monastery with him. Danny said that he would call Abuela and see if she could get the heat off Tony. Until then, he told Tony to turn himself into the invisible man.

Tony and Ray walked out into the alley, and a van stopped. The doors opened, and the people inside the van started shooting at Tony. Tony and Ray got behind some garbage cans, and when the shooting stopped, Tony got up and returned fire at the guys. One of the guys shot back at Tony, and Ray jumped up to stop him from hitting Tony. Ray was shot himself. The van pulled off, and Danny ran out asking what had happened. He checked on Ray and told Tony to get out of sight before the people returned. He said that if Ray was hurt, Tony would pay.

David called Harley and told her that there was an out-of-control party at Jim's house and said he would pick her up in two minutes.

A bunch of guys crashed the party at the LeMays' and had beer with them. Max was very leery and didn't like the situation. Max pointed out to Marah the other guys, especially one called Freddie that was dancing with Susan. Max got Susan away from Freddie, and she wanted to dance with Freddie, but Max was not happy about what was going on there. Freddie went over and spiked the punch.

Susan ignored Max's warnings and danced around, saying that she was popular. He told her that the party was getting out of hand and that there were too many people there. Freddie walked over and gave Susan some of the spiked punch. Max tried to get her away from him, but she didn't listen. She told him she was okay and pushed him away.

Later, the alcohol was getting to Susan, who was acting stupidly drunk. She went to Max and told him the walls were tilting and it was hot in the house. Marah and Max told Susan that she was drunk and figured out the punch was spiked. Max got up to throw the punch out, and Freddie went over to where Susan was sitting. He grabbed her up, and she wasn't feeling too well. He told her to put her head on his chest and dance with him.

Susan struggled, and Freddie ripped her shirt. Max walked over and belted Freddie then went to check on Susan. Susan felt terrible, and Max told her that the next time, they would borrow some money from Buzz and go out. He tried to get her up to take her to her room to sleep when Freddie approached and tried to start something. He sucker-punched Max, and Max fell to the ground. Max got up and hit the guy.

A group of Freddie's friends grabbed Max while Freddie punched on him. Blood was pouring out of his mouth. Harley, David, and some cops entered and broke things up. Harley was jumping all over poor Max, telling him that she had been just about ready to trust him again, and he had done "this." Max and Susan tried to tell her what had happened, but she didn't want to listen. Harley told Susan she was going to take an aspirin and go to bed, and they would have a serious talk in the morning.

Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Reva and Josh were waiting at the house when Ross arrived. They told him they had fired their attorneys and needed help. He told them he was still not interested in working on divorces and that he could not help them. They pleaded to Ross for assistance, saying they would take care of everything and only needed him for the legalities. Ross told them that if they could both look at him and tell him that they wanted the divorce, he would help.

Later, Ross went over the list of assets Josh and Reva had and told them that everything looked fine except for the last list of personal property and the children. Ross said he was going to step outside while they settled those. Reva said that Josh could have all the IRAs, and she would keep the kids. Josh got angry, thinking that Reva was equating the children's value with money. Reva said she wasn't but that the kids belonged with her. That sparked a major fight, and they started yelling at each other while a saddened Ross listened outside.

Ross daydreamed about Reva and Josh in a boxing match, beating each other to a pulp. He closed his eyes and rested his head in his hands. Meanwhile, Josh and Reva got through the major part of the battle and grew a little sentimental about how they had loved each other their entire lives and never seemed to be able to make it work. Reva cried, and she and Josh ended up holding each other. Finally, they went out, got Ross, and told him that they'd finished up the details and just needed him to finalize things.

Reva told Ross that she and Josh had decided to split custody of the kids and be fair to each other. Ross told them that he would take their lists and condense them into a legal contract that he would get to them soon. They asked him if there was any way they could settle it then and there to get the pain over with. Ross told them that he had some blank divorce papers they could sign, and he would fill them out after he left and file them in the morning. They agreed to do that.

At Cedars, Rick walked out, told Danny that Ray was in bad shape, and wondered what had happened. Danny said that it had just been a random drive-by, which he really hadn't seen because he had been inside the club at the time. Rick was skeptical. He said that he would go home and tell Michelle what had happened. Danny didn't want Rick to tell Michelle, insisting it would do her no good to know. Rick thought Danny didn't want her to know because she would jump to conclusions about the shooting as well.

Danny assured Rick there was nothing about him or his family that had triggered the shooting. Rick said if that were true, there wouldn't be two Santos guards in front of Ray's room. Rick left. Danny went in to see Ray after a nurse appeared and said he was awakening. Ray asked Danny over and over about Tony. Danny said that Tony was fine and wondered what had happened in the alley.

Ray told Danny about the van and again asked about Tony. Danny said that Abuela had stashed Tony and was making calls on the situation. Danny asked if he could get Ray anything, and Ray asked for his rosary. Danny said he would stop by the rectory and pick it up. Ray went to sleep with Danny sitting next to him. Danny talked about how much he loved and respected Ray for getting out of the "life" clean.

Tony walked up to the door, and the guards stopped him. Danny saw him and called him stupid for being there. He took Tony out to the parking lot and cursed him for what had happened to Ray. He lost control and started beating Tony senseless. Michelle walked up screaming at him. When Danny stopped hitting Tony, Michelle ran off crying and scared. Danny begged her to listen to him, but she wouldn't.

Michelle opened the door at the Bauers' to Aunt Meta. She was back from New York because she was worried about Michelle and Rick. She said she hadn't heard from Michelle in a while and was hoping everything was all right. Michelle told Meta about Danny and that she'd had to end things. Meta said that she was proud of Michelle but hoped that Michelle was sure of what she wanted.

Rick walked in and greeted Meta. They hugged, and he told Michelle about Ray. He told her that when she got there, she could see the nurse, who would make an excuse for Danny to leave so Michelle wouldn't have to run into him. Michelle left.

Later, Meta asked Rick about Abby. He told her that because he loved her, he'd had to let her go. Meta understood and said that she was very proud of both him and Michelle. She said she was there and would return some normalcy to their lives. She told Rick that someday he would find his mate and would be way ahead of the game.

Russo entered Millennium and told Olivia that he and Ernest had been fired. He told her that he still had his $10,000 retainer, so he could afford to give Olivia a little free advice. He told her that he had been through many, many couples and many divorces and non-divorces. He could tell her right then that Josh and Reva were not through with each other yet. Olivia was not happy.

Holly walked in and asked Pilar about Ray. Pilar was rude to Holly, thinking that she was there as a reporter and didn't really care how Ray was. Holly told Pilar that she liked Ray and promised to pray for him. Pilar said to keep her family's pain off the front page.

Holly left with her tail between her legs, went over to Olivia's table, and asked if she could crawl under Olivia's table. Olivia said Holly could join her if Holly allowed her to crawl under there with her. They both discussed their rotten days. Olivia asked what Holly knew about Reva.

Thursday, August 31, 2000

Danny went into the Bauers', begging Michelle for forgiveness and another chance. She didn't understand how he could be so gentle and loving with her and turn on Tony and beat him so savagely. She didn't want any excuses, so Danny just told her that he had been upset and that Tony was Ray's brother. She was very upset, and he grabbed her, holding her while she cried. Rick entered and demanded Danny let her go. Finally he did, and Michelle left the room in tears.

Rick told Danny to leave Michelle alone because she didn't want his kind of life. Danny was crying, telling Rick how much he loved Rick's sister. After a while, Danny accepted it and told Rick to take care of Michelle, and he would not bother her anymore. Danny left, and Michelle returned, still in tears.

Meta was in the Bauer kitchen when Claire entered. Meta said, "Hello, Dr. Ramsey." She introduced herself and said that she had been filled in on everything that was going on. Claire asked about Michelle, and Meta said she was in her room, crying her eyes out. She told Claire that Michelle was a wonderfully sensitive woman, just like her mother.

Claire started to smile until Meta said, "Yes, Maureen was a wonderful woman." Claire started to move past Meta to go see Michelle, and Meta said, "Don't you dare." She said that she knew how Claire had tried to undermine Danny and Michelle as well as Rick and Abby, not to mention how she'd blackmailed Rick for so many years when there had been nothing for her to blackmail him with.

Claire said that she hadn't heard any of that from Michelle. Meta informed her that she had and from Rick as well. Meta said that she wasn't as noble or innocent as Rick and Michelle, and she knew what she saw. She said that Claire would not hurt them any longer, and if she did, she would answer to Meta. Claire left angry.

Reva received a call from Harley telling her about the party the evening before. Reva was angry at her daughter and told Harley that they would be right over to help clean up. Reva called Marah down and gave her the opportunity to tell Reva anything she would like to say. Marah finally admitted that they'd had a little party the night before. Reva said that she knew that they'd had a blowout at the LeMays', with alcohol and some rough teens. Reva also said that she knew that Susan had been assaulted and almost raped.

Marah told her mother that she'd called the police as soon as she had seen things getting out of control. Reva told her to get dressed in her work clothes because she was going to go help clean up the LeMay house. After Marah went upstairs, Reva called Josh and asked him for backup with the kids. She told him they were going over to Jim's.

At the LeMays', Harley was giving Susan a lecture, and Susan had a hangover. She got Susan busy on cleaning the carpet while she called Reva and told her what had happened. Susan was afraid Marah wouldn't want to hang around her anymore. Marah set her fears at ease when she entered and apologized to Susan for inviting all the people over. They hugged, and both worked on cleaning the carpet.

Max entered and asked what he could do to help. Harley was very upset at Max, but Susan and Marah told her and Reva both that he'd had nothing to do with it besides trying to get things under control. Josh entered and saw how things were just as Max told them that there was a hole in the wall in the kitchen. Josh went with Max to the kitchen to show him how to fix the wall.

Later, Max walked out of the kitchen and found all the adults gone and Susan leaving with a bag of clothes. She told him not to tell anyone she had left. He asked her to stay there. He left, and she sneaked out.

Josh, Billy, and Matt were looking around at the demolition site. Josh received a call from Reva and headed out to help with Marah. Billy and Matt looked around at all the violations that the demolition crew had going on. Matt was worried that they were non-union and were risking the safety of their crew as well as others. The head of the crew walked out and told Billy and Matt that they weren't allowed to be back there. Matt told him that they were the ones handling construction. The man said he didn't care; they still weren't allowed back there.

Billy recognized the guy as an old drinking buddy of his, and the guy asked Billy where he had been. Billy said that he was sober and didn't go to the bars anymore. The guy left, telling Billy that they had to get out of the site. When Josh returned, he, Billy, and Matt talked about the special marble they were going to use on the building and how it couldn't be found.

Matt said he had already made plans to go to Europe to find it. Matt said if he couldn't find it in Italy, he would go to Ireland, but he would find it. He said Vanessa was taking him straight to the airport in a little while and mentioned to Josh about the non-union workers and OSHA violations. Billy said that he knew the guy from his drinking days, and he was "bottom of the barrel." Josh told them that he would look into it.

Danny went to the hospital, very upset after his visit with Michelle, and told his grandma that it was all over. He said that he would never let love for someone consume him again. Then he said that he was ready to take over the family if she would let him. She told him he had to want it, and he assured her he did. She was happy and gave him his father's ring that she had held for that special day. He went over all his plans to computerize the books and get military surveillance and security as well as getting casinos into Millennium so that he could launder money through the club.

Abuela told Danny that she was very proud of him because he wasn't afraid to admit his mistakes and knew that the other families would be glad to see him back in the fold as well. Tony walked up behind them as Danny slipped the ring on his pinkie. Tony asked about Ray and begged Abuela to let him stay in Springfield with his family. She told him it was all up to Danny as head of the family.

Tony, thinking it was a lost cause, started to walk away. Danny called out that "Ray's brother is welcome." He told Tony they would find a place for him and held his hand out. Tony walked over to Danny, knelt down, and kissed Danny's ring.

Friday, September 1, 2000

Max went into the LeMays' and realized that Susan was missing. He checked for her backpack and found the note. She said in the note that she was sorry that she'd left and that she had taken some money out of his wallet. He ran out of the house, calling for her then he ran back in and called Harley. Later, Harley showed up, and Max told her what had happened. Harley wondered why Susan had taken off, and Max showed her the note. She didn't think she could take her dad knowing that she'd messed up again.

Frank entered and saw Harley upset. She showed him the note and thought it was ominous. She read it and emphasized where Susan had said, "I can't go on living like this." They both got on their phones and called around to everyone they could think of. Frank ordered an APB, and Harley tried calling Jim. Harley asked Max to make a list of all the friends she had and all the places she could have gone then start calling around.

Harley called David and told him to take the picture of Susan from her desk to make flyers to pass around. Frank tried to calm Harley down, telling her that teenagers exaggerated and that Susan would be okay. Frank reminded Harley of the letters she had written when she'd been young. Harley started to laugh. She said that if she had run, she'd thought her mother would go looking for her, but Frank reminded her that she had been stuck with only him.

Harley said that things were supposed to be different with Susan. Frank said Susan was running because she was 14 and had a lot of parents. Harley said she ran because she was her mother's daughter. Frank reminded her that Harley had always returned, and Susan would return home too. Frank got on the phone to check in at the station. Phillip walked in and hugged Harley, telling her that everything would be fine. She showed him the note. Phillip asked if Harley was worried that Susan would hurt herself.

Frank got smart with Phillip and said that he wasn't a child psychologist. Just then, Beth and Jim walked in and were surprised. They asked if there was a surprise party. Beth thought it was great and told them that Lizzie was asleep in the car. Phillip went out the door, on the phone with Josh. He told Josh that he would be late because they were in the middle of a family crisis. Jim overheard and asked Harley where Susan was.

Marah was talking to her mom at Millennium. She said that she'd noticed how Josh had run to help when Reva had called about her the other day. Marah suggested that maybe she should get into trouble more often. Reva said she didn't think so. She told Marah that she had fired her lawyer but that she and Josh had instructed Ross to go ahead and file their papers, so the divorce would be final in about a month.

Marah blamed Olivia, but Reva assured her that the divorce was not Olivia's fault. Reva said that she'd known it was imminent, so she shouldn't be surprised. Marah wondered why there had never been a long period of time that they had all been together as a family without all the disasters. Reva apologized and tried to understand the kids' point of view. Marah was angry and said that her parents both had jobs and new playmates. She was mad but didn't want to talk about the depressing subject.

Reva asked if Marah wanted to look at colleges and visit some spas on the way. Marah was not enthused. Reva told Marah to try not to be bitter. Marah got smart with her mom, and Reva said that she had a rude mouth. Reva got up to leave telling Marah to take care of the bill.

Tony entered and went over to the bartender. He was looking for Danny. The bartender told Tony that Danny was out and wouldn't be back until later. Tony turned to leave and noticed Marah, and Marah noticed Tony. They were both thinking about how attractive they found each other. He walked over to her table. He gave her a line, and she laughed at him.

Marah was thinking to herself that she was acting stupid; he did understand why she hadn't gone for it. He told her that the line had gone over really well in Chicago. Marah was trying to play hard to get, and when Tony started to sit down, she acted like she didn't want him to. She got up, told Tony that he wasn't in Chicago anymore, and left.

Tony said to himself that things like that didn't happen to Tony Santos. He went over to the bartender and asked if he knew the blonde's name. He told the bartender that she wouldn't give it to him. The bartender said, "Smart girl."

Rick met with Dr. Grant. He showed the test scores and said the person who had graded them had made the test scores lower, not higher. So in reality, he had passed second in his class, stoned out of his mind. Dr. Grant was relieved for Rick and felt that Rick shouldn't have had to suffer all those years. Charles said he would explain that to the people who needed to know. He said that as far as he was concerned, it was a personal matter, and Rick would be reinstated.

Rick said that was that, but Charles thought Rick shouldn't let Claire get away with what she had done. He asked what Rick knew about Claire. Rick said that Claire was Michelle's biological mother. Dr. Grant wanted to know all of her history, but Rick didn't want to talk about her on the record. Rick said she had a fixation about the Bauers but was a very good doctor.

Dr. Grant thought the fixation was unhealthy, and he wondered about her, although her professional history was spotless. Rick didn't want to stir up a hornets' nest. Charles offered to help him, and Rick asked Charles just to keep Claire so busy she wouldn't have time to bother him or Michelle.

Olivia was at the construction site, and the construction workers were ogling her and making remarks. She acted like she liked it and smiled. She hit on one of the guys, and he got quiet, realizing she was the boss. Josh arrived and was amazed with her. He mentioned that Matt and Billy had seen problems there and that Jake didn't want them there.

Just then, Jake arrived and told them he wanted them out of there immediately. Josh introduced himself to Jake politely, but Jake told them to leave. Josh said that he had plumbers to shut off the water, but Jake said his people would do it. They argued. Josh told Jake that the safety conditions were poor and wondered if his boss was aware of all the OSHA violations. He threatened to call them. He wanted to know who Jake's boss was, but Jake wasn't talking.

The crew started pushing each other around, and Josh ordered his guys to leave. Josh and Olivia said that they were staying for a while longer. Josh told Olivia that Jake was a drinker, according to Billy. Olivia wanted him to call Billy to handle him, but Josh wanted to leave Billy on his fishing date with Holly.

Olivia said that she would call Phillip then. They called. When Josh hung up, he told Olivia that Susan had run away, and Phillip was busy with that situation. So they put their heads together to figure out who ran the operation.

Jake was talking to Grandma Santos at the Santos compound. He told her that he could handle Billy but not Josh and Olivia. He suggested an accident and talking to Danny. Grandma didn't want Danny involved but told him to go ahead with the accident. He agreed but told her that someone might get hurt. Grandma told him to do it anyway.

Reva was interviewing Vicki Spaulding on her show at WSPR. Reva asked about the building that was being torn down. Vicki said that they'd tried to save the building, but they hadn't been able to because of all the biohazards. Vicki said that in the future, architecture should be preserved before it deteriorated. Reva mentioned that the new building would be modern, not in keeping with the rest of Springfield.

At Company, Ruth turned on the television and saw the interview with Reva. Vicky disgusted her. David entered Company, looking for Susan. He told her about Susan running away, and Buzz was worried, too, because of the note. Ruth said there was nothing more terrifying than someone not knowing where their child was. Ruth offered to help. Buzz told her to think of the worst job at Company for Buzz to use as a punishment when she got back.

Ruth asked David again if she could help, but he said not right then. He asked about Charlie. She told him that Charlie was excited about studying astronomy that year. David noticed that Vicki was on TV and stopped to watch. The interview ended, and Reva complimented Vicki.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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