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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 28, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, August 28, 2000

Molly goes to the jail to see Rose, whom she still believes is Lily. Rose explains things to her but she doesn't believe that Rose is a con artist. Police officer Shanks comes in with Rose's dinner and Rose asks him to tell Molly who she is. Shanks says that she probably tried to tell Molly that she is Lily, but she is a con artist named Rose D'Angelo. Molly looks at Rose in disbelief. Shanks leaves and Rose tells Molly that she needs her to do something for her. At first, Molly doesn't want to have anything to do with Rose, but when Rose reminds Molly about the tape, Molly starts to listen. Rose tells her that if Molly doesn't go into Holden and Lily's house, Katie will and she will find the tape. Rose gives Molly a key to get in and Molly leaves. After Molly leaves, Jake and Lucinda come to visit Rose. They have been trying to make a connection between Rose and Lily. They tell Rose that they want to ask her some questions. Rose tells them to ask away, but she doesn't know anything. They give her a copy of the woman that is dressed in the late 1800's costume. She tells them that she doesn't know who the woman is and she had found the picture in a trunk with a lot of momentos. She tells them that she thinks the lady is an ancestor, but she doesn't know her name or how they are related. Lucinda and Jake start to leave and Rose tells him about Molly being there and she was on her way to get the tape from the house. Jake gets an unhappy look on his face. He takes out his cell phone to make a call. Katie tells Henry that she needs to get into Holden's house and find the tape. Henry tells her to give it up. He says that Holden will never love her, he is too in love with his wife. Katie still holds onto the idea of her and Holden. She just can't give it up and she leaves to go to Holden's. Molly arrives at Holden and Lily's house and she opens the door with the key that Rose had given her. She goes inside and yells for anyone an! d nobody answers. She goes to the chest that Rose told her to and she finds the tape. She starts toward the door and someone starts to open the door. Molly runs and hides. Emma is there with the kids to get some things and then they will leave again. As Emma is gathering up the toys and stuff for the kids, the doorbell rings and Katie is there. She tells Emma that she was working on something for Holden and she lost her copy on the computer. She asks if she could come in and get the hard copy from Holden's briefcase. Emma is apprehensive, but she lets Katie in and then goes to check on Luke. Katie starts to search the living room for the tape. She goes to the chest where the tape had been and finds an empty case. Emma yells from the other room and asks Katie if she is finished yet? Katie runs to Holden's briefcase and takes out some papers. Emma comes in and apologizes for rushing Katie but she is ready to leave again with the children. Katie says that she understands and she found the papers and is ready to leave also. Molly is watching the whole time. After Katie and Emma close the door, Molly comes out of hiding and heads for the door. She decides that maybe she will take the empty case with her and she goes and retrieves it from the chest. She gets outside and her cell phone rings which scares her at first. She answers the phone and Jake is on the other end. He asks her what she is up to and she says that she is talking to the most handsome man in Oakdale. He says that he thought that they should get together at the Lakeview and compare notes. She asks if that is a code word for something fun? He says that they need to talk about the felon that they both visited today. He says that he wants to ask her one question, if they have so much in common, why all the secrets? Then he adds that he will be waiting and hangs up his cell phone. Katie meets Henry at the Lakeview and tells him that she is screwed. She only found an ! empty tape case. He tells her once again to cut her ties and give up. Jake is waiting across the room for Molly. Molly comes in and throws the tape on the table. She tries to explain that she just can't let Katie win. Jake starts to lecture her and then he agrees with her. Molly starts to write a note and she tells him to cover her. She puts the note in the empty tape case and asks the waiter to bring them their best champagne and deliver this package to the blond at the bar. The waiter takes the package to Katie and says that this just arrived for her. She opens up the package and sees the tape case. She gets excited, thinking that this is the tape she has been looking for. She opens the case and finds only a note. The note says, "You snooze, you lose, loser." She looks across the room at Molly and Jake and they are laughing. Molly yells across the room that she thanks Katie, it has been quite a ride. Katie looks at Henry and says that she is dead. Henry says that they need to get out of there, they don't have to watch them gloat.Rose gets officer Shanks to let her make a call. She calls Lucinda and says that she has been thinking about family, about Luciano. Lucinda tells her that he is none of her business now. Rose says that she knows that Luke is starting first grade tomorrow and she was wondering if Lucinda would write him a note and put in his book bag to make his first day go better. Lucinda tells her to mind her own business and she hangs up the phone. Lucinda says, "Really, I never...."On the island, Lily and Simon are finishing making another raft. They are all excited to set sail in the morning and finally get home. Celia is watching from behind a tree. She realizes that they intend on leaving her behind on the island, alone. She rushes back to Cooley's hut and gets the flares that she found and sets the hut on fire. Back at Lily and Simon's cave, they hear Celia screaming for help. They run to the hut, but it is all burned up and Simon thinks that Celia is in the rubble. Lily holds him back so he doesn't get burned. They start looking for Celia in the jungle. She is nowhere to be found. It hits them that maybe she set the hut on fire to get them to leave the cave so she could steal the raft. The make a made dash to the beach.Celia goes to the cave and finds the raft and all the food. But, there is one more thing that she needs before she leaves the island....the diamond. She starts to tear the cave apart and finally finds the diamond. She gets the raft and food and the diamond down to the beach and takes off. Simon and Lily arrive right after she set sail. It is too late. They can't get her to come back and the ocean is too rough to go after her. Simon starts to have a fit and Lily tries to calm him down. They look back at Celia and she is nowhere to be found. The sea was too rough and she must have gone under. Simon starts to go into the water to save her and Lily stops him. She tells him that he can't save her and she needs him on the island. He realizes it is too late. She says that there wasn't anything he could do. Simon looks at Lily with tears in his eyes and says that Celia is gone. Lily tells him that she is still there, he still has her. She walks over and takes Simon in her arms and hugs him tight.

Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Ben hears a young doctor and a nurse gossiping about him. He goes over to the doctor to yell at him and at that moment a boy is brought into the emergency room. The boy is writhing in pain on the gurney. Ben and the younger doctor go over to the boy. The younger doctor assumes that the boy has been doing drugs. Ben asks the boy his name and he tells him that his name is Curtis. The young doctor asks the boy if he has been doing cocaine. Curtis tells him no. The young doctor sees needle marks in his arms and tells Curtis not to lie and tell them what kind of drug he has been doing. Curtis says that he has been doing no drugs. Ben yells at the young doctor and says that the boy is not on any drugs, he has a blood clot in his lung. The young doctor questions Ben and Ben tells him to talk to his patient. He holds Curtis' hand up and shows the doctor that Curtis has needle pricks on his fingers....he is a diabetic! Curtis says, through his pain, that he has been on insulin. Ben rushes Curtis off to a room. Later, Ben has Curtis stable and he tells the boy that he will need to stay with them a little while. Ben asks Curtis about his family? Curtis says that his father isn't around any more and his mother is in rehab. The nurse brings Ben Curtis' records. Ben sees that he has a guardian. Ben reads out loud that Curtis guardian is Isaac Jenkins. He asks if he wants Curtis to call Isaac. Curtis says that he is OK, don't call him. Ben leaves the room and goes and calls Isaac. When Isaac arrives at the hospital, Ben tells him about Curtis. Isaac explains that Curtis is one of his taekwondo kids. Ben tells him that Curtis had him listed as his guardian if his parents couldn't be reached. Isaac tells Ben about Curtis being under his care and he had to have a certain dose of medication at certain times and he was in trouble with the law and it was more than Isaac could handle. So, he made Curtis go to the half-way house because they had nurses and social workers on staff that could help him. Ben asks if Curtis thinks that Isaac abandoned him? Isaac says that he thinks so. Isaac asks Ben how is he supposed to face Curtis now? Ben tells him to talk to him straight and tell him the truth. Isaac says that he will do that. Denise comes into the kitchen where Andy is eating his breakfast. She has a piece of paper in her hand. She tells Andy that she was cleaning up his room and found this paper with instructions for him from the hospital. She says that one of the things is he was supposed to do was call and set up appointments for physical therapy. He tells her that he just needs a break and he told his father that. He asks her why does he have to keep explaining himself to everyone. She tells him that she took in upon herself to call and set up an appointment. Andy argues that he can't go today. Denise asks him who is going to help him if he doesn't help himself? A horn honks and Denise looks out the door and says that he is here. Andy asks who is here? Denise tells him that the taxi that is going to take them to the hospital for his physical therapy. She starts to push him out the door and he reminds her that he is in a wheel chair. She says that she knows that and the taxi is wheel chair capable and she pushes him out the door. When they get to the physical therapist, Andy is making up all kinds of excuses why he can't be at the physical therapist today. Denise reminds Andy that he needs to work on getting better so he doesn't have to be in the wheel chair any more. Finally, Andy tells Denise that he is afraid of losing her and Hope. Denise says that she told him that she would be with him until he was walking and then they would go off on their merry way, but she and Hope will always be his family. She tries to bring Andy's spirits up by engaging him in a game of basketball. As they are playing, Denise makes a shot and falls into Andy's lap. She tells him that he fouled her and he says that he didn't. As they are arguing, Isaac walks by and sees they two and shakes his head and walks away. The physical therapist comes in and interrupts Denise and Andy. The PT introduces himself and then starts to check Andy's legs. Andy pulls back and says that he can't do this today and he wheels himself out of the room. Denise apologizes to the PT and she runs after Andy. When Curtis comes back to the room from getting his test, Isaac is waiting for him and he explains to Curtis about sending him to the half-way house. Curtis tells Isaac that he understands and Isaac tells him that he will take care of him now. Isaac asks Curtis what he thinks of Dr. Ben and Curtis says that he is a righteous dude. Isaac smiles and says, "Yes he is."Cooley tells Holden that he will take him to his wife but he has to get him out of jail first. Holden tells him that his bail is a half a million dollars. Cooley says that if he wants his wife bad enough, he will pay. Holden tells him that he has to go see if he can find that kind of money. Holden leaves and calls Lucinda. He tells her that he has a lead on Lily, but he needs $500,000 and she probably won't get her money back. She tells him that she will do anything he needs. Holden gets off the phone and tells the guard to tell Cooley that he has a deal. Later, Cooley gets out of jail and he and Holden discuss what they need for the trip. Cooley tells him that they will need a float plane. Holden says that they will need a pilot. Cooley says that he will fly the plane. Holden reminds him that the last time he flew a plane, he ended up in a field somewhere. Cooley says that he had a little problem that day, he had met some rocks with his face. Cooley gives Holden a list of provisions to get to take along on the trip. Holden looks at the list and says that he must be kidding. Finally, Holden and Cooley get on their way. As they are flying, Holden comments that he hopes that Lily is OK. Cooley tells him not to worry, her boyfriend has been taking care of her. Holden asks who is on the island with her? Cooley says that it is "some Aussie dude." Cooley asks Holden if he knows him and Holden says, "Oh yeah, I know him." Holden questions Cooley about Lily and Simon. Cooley tells him that he only knows that they were sharing a cave. Cooley tells Holden that Lily is a little spit fire. He says that the rocks that his head came in contact with the day he crashed the plane, came from Lily. As they get near the island, Cooley tells Holden to fasten his seat belt and make sure his seat is in an upright position, they are getting close. Cooley pulls out a gun and says that they need to get their firearms in place too. Holden asks him where he got the gun, he was locked up. Cooley tells him that he got it from the guard at the airport. He tells Holden that they will need the gun if that "crazy sister" is on the island. Holden asks if Celia Frazier is on the island too. Cooley says that he didn't catch her name, but she was packing heat. He hands Holden the gun and Holden looks very worried.

Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Ben is furious when Bob confesses that two of Ben's patients have been transferred to another doctor at their request. Andy gets up from his wheelchair to put a pair of scissors out of Hope's reach. A confident Carly tells Molly that Jack will never go through with the marriage and she'll be there waiting for him. An impetuous Jack suggest to Julia they elope to Las Vegas and Julia agrees, provided they leave today.

Ben tells Bob he's taking a leave of absence. Molly tries to convince Carly to move on, but to no avail. Barbara gets a call that she and Hal have won a dream vacation, which turns out to be Jack and Julia bursting in the door with tickets to Las Vegas and a plea for them to act as the witnesses. Hal surprises Barbara when he suggests they accept and use it to celebrate their anniversary.

Bob suggests to a worried Kim that she call a support group on Andy's behalf. Isaac and Curtis show up at Ben's apartment and Isaac asks his brother to watch over Curtis for a month while he recuperates--in exchange Isaac will do surveillance on Andy.

Bob breaks up a friendly poker game between Andy and Denise with the news of Ben's leave of absence. Julia insists to Barbara that she's not pregnant, but admits they're rushing the nuptials because of Carly. Hal maddens Carly when he tells her Parker will be staying with Bob and Kim, not her, while he and Barbara go away.

Denise decides to visit Ben. Kim insists Andy see his visitor--he needs a reality check. Ben reluctantly agrees to take care of Curtis after Isaac promises to find proof that Andy's paralysis isn't real. When Carly implies that Barbara planned the trip to thwart Carly's plans to be alone with Parker, Hal blurts out that they're going to Vegas to see Jack and Julia get married.

Andy is stunned into silence at the sight of Kim's wheelchair-bound assistant Sally. Ben opens the door to see Denise. Jack throws away a memento of his wedding day with Carly and comforts Julia when she has doubts. An upset Carly begs Hal to stop Jack from going through with the wedding and then cries in Molly's arms.

Thursday, August 31, 2000

Jen and Hal have finally mended their father/daughter relationship just in time for Hal and Barbara to go off to Vegas to witness Jack and Julia getting married. After Hal and Barbara leave Bryant shows up and Adam tries to throw him out telling Jen not to believe anything he says. Bryant agrees to leave because Jen says she wants to forget him...he kisses her and asks if she can forget that. She later calls him and says she can't.

While Cooley and Holden get closer to finding Lily, Simon and Lily get closer also. Lily decides to act like Rose . Since Rose stole her life she wanted to try to steal hers.

Denise get a visit from Sally and she tries to get him to attend a meeting which is set up for people in wheelchairs. He finally agrees to go.

Denise goes to see Ben and sees Curtis. She tries to get Ben to open up about going before the Board at the hospital but he doesn't want to. She tells him how she still feels about him and if he needs anyone to talk to give her a call.

Friday, September 1, 2000

Carly persuaded Molly to let her borrow a credit card so that Carly could fly to Las Vegas to stop Jack and Julia's wedding ceremony. Molly tried to talk her stubborn cousin out of making a fool of herself by going to Vegas but was unable to do so.

Jack, Julia, Hal, and Barbara arrived at a very cheesy Las Vegas wedding chapel. The regular reverend was called away, so a "guest reverend", the neighborhood Elvis impersonator, was called in to perform the ceremony. Hal tried to talk Barbara into renewing their wedding vows but Barbara questioned his motives. Julia confided to Barbara her insecurities regarding Jack and Carly's on again-off again relationship. She was apprehensive that perhaps Jack's eagerness to marry her was his way of getting back at Carly for leaving him at the altar. In the midst of the ceremony, Carly burst into the chapel, pleading with Jack to talk to her.

The members of the support group bombarded Andy with questions and comments about his condition, making him extremely uncomfortable. After a harrowing plane ride, Holden and Cooley finally landed on the island. Cooley gave Holden directions to the cave with Lily in it and Holden rushed off to find his wife.

Meanwhile, Lily and Simon shared a dance and a very deep, intimate kiss before Lily came to her senses and slapped Simon to stop him from kissing her. To Lily's dismay, Simon professed that he was madly in love with her. She tried to convince Simon that he would forget her once they got back to civilization, but eventually she confessed that she wanted Simon as much as he wanted her. She informed him, however, that wanting someone and loving someone were two very different things. Simon argued that since they shared the same feelings, they should do something about them. Initially Lily was resistant, but she soon gave in to her feelings and the two of them fell to the ground, kissing deeply. Suddenly, Holden barreled into the cave, crying out Lily's name. In horror and disbelief, he witnessed his wife in a passionate horizontal embrace with Simon.



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