One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 16, 1996 on OLTL
Todd plotted with Zeus. Andy's service revolver was linked to Carlo's murder. Andrew planned a romantic evening with Cassie. Viki stopped Todd from leaving her office with Starr. Cassie set both Kevin and Andrew straight. Blair and Marty argued.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 16, 1996 on OLTL
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Monday, December 16, 1996

Courtesy: Diane Eardley


Andi is alone on the deck trying to figure out how Carlo's murder happened. Cassie shows up with her own theory of Todd committing the crime and how he must have paid Zeus to be a false witness against Patrick. Cassie tries to wean some investigation info. from Andi but to no avail.


Bo is wondering why Tonio was so restless earlier when he visited. Nora noticed, too. Nora brings up the set-up that Todd must have done to point the finger at Patrick.


Blair bursts in and interrupts the meeting between Hank and Todd. She claims Todd is the killer. Todd says she's crazy, but Hank wants to hear what Blair has to say. Blair tells him that Todd only wants revenge on Patrick because Todd witnessed Patrick and her in a romantic moment. And she goes on about him kidnapping Starr and torching Angel Square. Hank is shocked to hear this. Todd denies he killed Carlo, but tells Hank Blair is only saying all this stuff to protect the father of her unborn child. Hank wants to know if it's true she is pregnant with Patrick's baby, and she says yes. (The logic of this being a big deal escapes me here, but I digress.) Hank wants to know then if Blair has any proof that Todd is the killer.

Cassie barges in and asks Hank if he thinks Todd will be his next suspect. Todd says, "Oh, look. It's the Crazy Cramers in stereo." Blair feels ill and Cassie takes her home leaving Hank and Todd together. Hank tells Todd about his speculation about Todd's motive to kill Carlo and how he did it. Before he leaves, he asks Todd if he knows what happened to Patrick's gun. When questioned about Zeus, Todd stumbled a bit and finally admits he knew Zeus in Europe but his becoming a witness has nothing to do with him knowing him. Hank says he will check it out, and they will find Patrick's gun eventually and figure out the truth. Meanwhile, he tells Todd, don't leave town.

Hank leaves and Zeus arrives. Todd nervously tells Zeus to be careful with his story now - to say that he only 'thinks' the voice sounded like Thornhart but he's not sure. Zeus is surprised and asks if that is all for Thornhart. Todd says, "For now. But he'll get what he has coming to him."


Carlotta and Abuelita come over. Carlotta leaves to do some shopping and Abuelita and Tonia are alone. Abuelita sits on the couch with Tonio and tells him about the dream she had about a very, very dark forest. In the forest is a man who is lost in the darkness. He goes deeper and deeper into the darkness until it swallows him. And that man was Tonio. She asks Tonio if he knows what her dream means. Tonio tells her that was a dream of the past and that the danger is over. She says it was a dream of the future, and the darkness is inside him now. Perhaps, she says, the darkness is of a world that judges too soon and realizes too late. She tells him to be careful.

Carlotta returns from shopping to take Abuelita home. After they leave, Andi arrives. They share some beers and trim the apartment together for Christmas. Very romantic.

Later, they have fallen asleep on the couch, and Tonio has a dream about everyone calling him a liar. He yells in the dream that he didn't do it, but no one listens. The dream turns to darkness and Carlo is standing there drinking to Tonio's soul as Andi smiles and holds open some handcuffs. Andi shakes him awake from the dream.

Phone rings. It's Bo and he wants to know if Tonio wants to come over now so they can talk privately like he wanted. Tonio says he has something to do right now, maybe tomorrow. When Andi asks Tonio what that is all about, Tonio says 'nothing' and goes in another room and closes the door. Andi becomes angry and upset that Tonio always says 'nothing' whenever Andi asks him about something lately. Tonio remembers the dream about everyone calling him liar again.

Later, he comes out and puts his arms around Andi who was sitting alone on the couch, and they sit together in silence.

BO & NORA'S - 2

Bo thinks it's odd that now suddenly Tonio doesn't want to talk when he had waiting to for so long. Doorbell. It's Hank. He tells Bo they found the murder weapon - it was Andi Harrison's missing revolver. Bo and Nora look at each other thinking the same thing.


Cassie arrives with Blair. Cassie tells her she wants to talk to Zeus alone and get him to admit he's lying. Blair is still feeling sick and sits down. Blair wonders about the sickness she's feeling and wonders if she'll feel it her whole live whenever she thinks about Todd and whenever she looks at Patrick's baby. All the good is gone in Todd and now he wants Starr. Cassie says he won't succeed. Blair says that even if he doesn't, neither one of her children will have a father around. When she was carrying Starr, she felt love for her; but she feels no love for this baby. She is thinking about ending the pregnancy. She feels like a trapped animal and not a mother.

Cassie says maybe Patrick will be a good father, and Cassie knows Blair will have just as much love for this baby as she has for Starr. This helps to pick up Blair's spirits a bit. Cassie gets beeped and needs to leave.

Tuesday, December 17, 1996

Courtesy: Janice Beydler

Andy drops by Bo and Nora's after being paged. Hank's still there. They give her the news that her service revolver was found in Llantano River. It was being checked to see if it was the murder weapon.

Andy tells them that Hesser must have taken the gun from her after he knocked her out. Bo points out that he didn't shoot himself with it based on the point of entry. So someone must have taken the gun from Carlo or someone else took the gun from Andy. Andy defends Antonio. She also points out that Carlotta soon found Antonio tending to her.

No one can place Antonio on the boat. They get the call confirming Andy's gun was the murder weapon. Todd's Hank's prime suspect but can't count out Patrick or anyone else at this point. Andy leaves frustrated.

Joe and Kelly are making out then take a breath to talk about her power image and it being a turn on to Joe. Kelly can't believe that Cord didn't expose Cameron/Olivia. Joe explains that Cord needs to know what she's doing. Kelly still can't believe that Dorian is involved in this. Kelly asks Joe did he really like her power image and he confirms.

Kelly goes upstairs and returns downstairs as Queen Camerilian in her power suit bossing around mailroom boy Joe. Kelly and Joe are about to explore the corporate ladder when Kevin walks in on them. Kevin teases the two of them and when Kelly tries to explain that Cord was the one who had her dressed up, Kevin adds Cord to the 'triangle' which ends up with Kelly going over the sofa table to throttle him.

Cameron/Olivia frantically calls Dorian to tell her that the real Cameron Wallace is in town staying at the Palace Hotel. Dorian tells her that she'll take care of the real CW and she (C/O) should crush Cord's deal.

Cord returns after faxing some numbers from the phony deal to the Japanese business involved catching Cameron getting off the phone. Cameron tries to use the excuse of ordering champagne, but Cord's not fooled.

Cameron leaves for the night as Cord gets a call from Renee. Renee asks Cord what should she do about a call she received from some woman wanting to meet with Cameron. Cord tells Renee not to worry he'll take care of it. Cord calls the Carriage House and gets Kelly to play Cameron Wallace one more time.

When Cord is about ready to leave for the Palace Hotel to meet with Kelly pretending to be Cameron Wallace and find out who's meeting with Kelly's CW someone is trying to get back into his office. Hiding in one of the inner offices, he watches C/O sneak back in and work on the computer. After she does her work and leaves, Cord signs back on to the computer to check out her work and is frustrated about being right about C/O.

Cassie shows up at the Bedding Department at closing. A store clerk tries to run Cassie off but the store guard comes by and tells the clerk it's okay. One other time this same guard found Cassie and Andrew locked in the department store in bedding. The guard tells Cassie that he's the one that called for a friend who read Cassie's stories in the Banner. The guard leaves Cassie and tells her that his friend will be coming momentarily.

The friend begins serenading Cassie with his saxophone playing a Christmas carol. Cassie pulls back the sheers and finds Andrew. Andrew has a romantic getaway made up for her with candles, wine and an apology for his behavior.

Andrew tells Cassie that he has not truly respected her work, her passion. Cassie is not sure exactly how to take the news. But she apologizes for her actions, telling Andrew that she could have stopped things from getting as far as they did. The two have cleared some air and when Andrew suggests heading home, Cassie wants to take advantage of the setting before they leave.

Joe and Kevin talk about Cord's belief that Dorian's involved in some sort of industrial espionage with Cameron/Olivia. Joe explains Kelly doesn't believe it and she's involved just to prove them wrong.

Joe changes subjects and asks Kevin about Cassie. Kevin tells Joe it started out as a harmless flirtation, but things changed. Kevin said that his visit to Duke was great. He's a bright little guy, but when he left all he could think about was Cassie. Andrew's family and he (K) doesn't know what to do about this. Kevin tells Joe he'll have to find someone new, as an answer.

Renee leads Kelly to the cold terrace to wait for Cameron Wallace's guest. Renee goes off to get Kelly a pot of warm tea as a waiter is pointing out to Dorian the direction that CW went.

Kelly turns her head as Dorian speaks so Dorian can't see her face. Dorian asks Kelly's CW what sort of business does she have in Llanview. Kelly replies that someone's using her name. Dorian then tells her that she (D) is working a sting with the local authorities and it would be in her best interest to leave town.

Kelly reveals herself to Dorian. Angry and upset she demands answers from Dorian. Dorian pleads for justice and for the family. Viki and Cord stopped her book and Dorian could have received all sorts of financial and critical acclaim awards for her writing.

Dorian warns Kelly that if she does say anything to Cord who finally figures out one and one are two with his pea-brain, that Melador and her (K) modelling career are over. Also, Blair needs Dorian right now and Dorian also mentions Kelly's mother, Melinda, who she takes care of at great financial costs to herself.

Later, after Andy has left, Nora has changed ready for bed. Hank and Bo are still tossing around theories. One being that Todd struggled with Carlo who had Andy's gun, shot him, then threw Carlo overboard. They try another scenario when Nora tries to run off Hank, past his bedtime. The doorbell rings, it's Cord.

Nora and Bo are finally left to themselves. Bo stills talking about the case returning to work, but Nora's telling him they'll see. Finally Bo and Nora go upstairs for something other than 'mothering' his wounds.

Kelly shows back up at the carriage house, cold and subdued. Kelly tells Joe that she waited out on the terrace but no one showed. Kelly asks Joe to come and warm her up which he obliges.

Cord and Hank go to the Palace Hotel. No one's there to be found. The manager offers to call Renee and Hank offers to go arrest C/O that evening. Cord tells him no, give her one more night thinking everything's okay. They'll arrest her in the morning.

C/O shows up at Dorian's. Thinking she's been successful in crushing the Japanese deal and fooling Cord, Dorian's about to tell her otherwise.

Wednesday, December 18, 1996
Courtesy: Wendy


Max is reading the paper and having breakfast. A waitress comes by and fills his cup to overflowing. He looks up surprised to see his waitress is Maggie. She is filling in for a sick waiter to pay Renee back for the room. Asa and Renee come in and Maggie goes over to fill their cups. Asa asks her if she waitressing as her duty as a nun for charity work. Maggie says no and that she has left the order. She goes back to chat with Max and Asa tells Renee he never could understand how Maggie could be a nun as it was a big waste of Gods bounty. Renee teases Asa for always having good taste. Maggie sitting with Max laments how she needs a job to pay back Renee and a place to live. Asa comes over and offers her a job with his company. Maggie can't imagine what she would be qualified to do. Asa tells her not to worry she seems smart and is certainly easy on the eyes. Max tells Asa there's no way Maggie would work for him. Asa and Max begin to argue over which one of them had the motive to kill Carlo Hesser. Asa claims he would like nothing better then to pin a star on the killer. Later Maggie and Max have gone to Serenity Springs. Max pulls out a door key and hands it to Maggie. He offers her the use of a vacant condo on the property rent free. She declines the offer and Max comments on her being stubborn.


Hank, Cord and a couple of Llanviews finest arrive at Cameron's house in the woods. The cops bust in and the place is empty. Dorian arrives at Kelly and Joeys to apologize to Kelly for putting her in a difficult position. Joey walks in and asks why Dorian is there, she makes up some story about needing to talk to Melador's teen model. Joey smoothly explains Kelly is busy with mid-term exams and doesn't have time for Melador at the moment. Dorian waltzs out the door and Kelly turns on Joey for being rude. Joey tells her he isn't rude just truthful, (not that Dorian would recognize the truth). Joey goes on to inform Kelly that Cord called and Cameron has disappeared. Later Cord come over to ask Kelly to try to remember if Dorian ever mentioned Cameron or Buchanan Enterprises. Kelly gets very upset that Cord and Joey believe Dorian would have anything to do with Cameron and the corporate espionage. She defends Dorian. Joey tells Kelly he admires her loyalty to Dorian and then he goes off to a study group. Kelly marches over to Dorian's house stomps in angry and yells at Dorian for making her lie to Joey. She accuses Dorian of trying to break them up again. Dorian insists that she is doing everything for her family. Kelly tells her to cut it out that she's sounding like Don Corrleon. Dorian repeats her motto, there's nothing more important than family.


Bo is pulling on his coat as Nora tells him to freeze! Nora asks him if he was trying to sneak out to work? Bo claims he was going for a haircut and then might stop by the office. Nora complains that she has been in the kitchen slaving and broke a nail, microwaving him a nice breakfast. Bo laughs at her and promises to take it easy. Bo then asks her why she told Andi about Antonio working for the police. Nora explains that so much was happening, Carlo was dead, Bo was in a coma and Andi was standing there miserable that Antonio might have been responsible. Nora felt that life is too short and time is too precious for two people who love each other to be apart. Bo, "Honey, your a hopeless romantic." Bo and Nora start to wonder why Antonio is avoiding talking to Bo when he begged to see him a few days earlier. Andi arrives at their house with an armload of case files for Bo to read. Nora asks her to stay and keep an eye on Bo while she runs some errands. Andi starts to get comfortable and tells Bo she is a little upset that her gun was used to murder Carlo. She begins to manufacture excuses for Antonio and scenarios as to how her gun may have disappeared. Bo asks her if she and Antonio are back together. Andi admits that they are, but they are keeping a very low profile. Antonio and Hank come to the house and Bo tells Antonio they need to ask him a couple of questions. Antonio remembers that Carlo was a little edgy the night of the murder. But he nearly loses control when he remembers Andi getting hurt. When they tell Antonio that the murder weapon was Andi's gun he is shocked. Antonio claims he never saw the gun. The last question is why did Antonio need to talk to Bo so badly. Antonio says it was nothing. On his way out the door Andi follows Antonio and they arrange to meet later at the spa.


Antonio is at the diner talking to his grandmother. She is warning him about the dream she had of him. Antonio tells her his dream that no one would listen to him. The grandmother interprets the dream as a bad omen. She tells him to be careful and to be quiet. Hank comes into the diner and tells Antonio he wants to have a few minutes with him. Antonio goes to say good-bye to his grandmother and she asks him who Hank is and warns him to be careful, Hank is not his friend. After the meeting with Bo Antonio meets Andi at the spa. He's very upset and feels set-up.Andi tells Antonio she had to tell Bo about their getting back together. Max walks up and asks Andi to give him a few minutes with Antonio alone. He begins to tell Antonio about seeing him the night of the murder. Maggie sneaks up and eavesdrops on the conversation. Max goes on to say he saw Antonio coming down the gang plank of the ship and that Antonio wasn't looking too happy. Antonio begs Max not to go to the cops but to give him sometime to clear things up. Maggie comes to Antonio's defense and Max agrees.

Thursday, December 19, 1996

Lying in bed with Marty, Patrick broods over their current situation with Blair. Marty assures him they will find a way to get through it, just like they have always done. Nora comes to visit them with some good news. Todd's witness, Zeus, has been discredited and Patrick is no longer at the top of the suspect list. Blair later comes over to Patrick's to tell him of her decision. She has decided not to have the baby and Patrick can't talk her out of it.

At the police station, Linda agrees to help Dylan set up for the communtity center's holiday party when she gets off work. Bo comes in, to a round of applause, and learns that Alex is planning a press conference for noon. Bo and Hank decide to upstage her by having a press conference of their own. They announce that they have found the .38 which killed Carlo, but do not mention that it's Andy's gun. Alex interrupts the press conference, accusing the police of not doing enough to find Carlo's killer. Later, she asks Bo and Hank why they haven't arrested the most obvious suspect, Antonio Vega.

Kevin is thrilled to learn that Cassie changed her mind about quitting the Banner, but Cassie sets him straight about their future relationship. It will be only a professional relationship, Cassie loves Andrew and plans to stay with him.

Friday, December 20, 1996

Courtesy: Susan Richmond

It's morning, and Cassie is sewing some of the costumes for the Christmas pagent on her sewing machine. Andrew walks in, tells her that River is eating breakfast and sits down to read the Banner. He's not too pleased when he notices that she wrote her latest article with Kevin. Cassie explains that Kevin came back from Texas and Clint put the two of them on the story together. Cassie was going to tell Andrew about it last night, but they were both so busy. Their night together at Logan's department store showed Cassie that what she wants is a life with Andrew and River. Kevin's just a colleauge, and nothing's going to stand in the way of her future with Andrew. Cassie's explained that to Kevin and they have agreed to have a strictly professional relationship in the future. Cassie tells Andrew that if he wants her to leave the Banner, she will.

Andrew appreciates that she would give up her job for him, but he couldn't ask her to leave the Banner. Cassie insists that as much as she loves her job, her marriage is more important. Andrew gives her a hug and says that he wouldn't be showing much trust in her if he asked her to give up her job just because of Kevin. As Andrew and Cassie are kissing, River comes into the room. She makes plans for River and Andrew to meet her at Logan's at noon to go see Santa, then leaves to go to work.


Todd, waving around a copy of the Banner, screams for his lawyer to "Get in here!!!", and then throws the newpaper at him as he enters. Todd wants to sue the Banner for libel. The lawyer explains that the Banner didn't break any laws, nothing was inferred or implied, they used only facts. Todd objects to the sentence that he had to be restrained from strangling Carlo about 30 minutes before Carlo was shot. The lawyer points out that that is completely fact, any inference is in the mind of the reader. Todd tells him he pays him enought money, just do what Todd wants. The lawyer makes a note on his tape recorder to file a libel suit. Todd leaves to go see Viki.


Clint and Viki are praising Kevin on the use of facts instead of sensationalism in the story. Kevin still wishes that he could have written that Todd produced this fake witness, Zeus, in order to cover up his own guilt. Viki reminds him there is no proof of that, Todd must be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Blair comes in with Starr, looking for Cassie. Blair want to thank them all for printing the story about Todd and all the crimes he's been involved with. It's been very helpful to Blair, this article should help prevent Todd from getting custody of Starr.

Kevin appreciates Blair's thanks, but they didn't do the story to help Blair in her custody battle. It was just news, Todd trying to frame Patrick for Carlo's murder. Of course, Kevin did enjoy sticking it to Todd, and plans to do so in the future, since he thinks Todd killed Carlo. Blair thinks so too, if fact she said so to Hank in front of Todd. Kevin's ready to print Blair's accusation, but Clint tells him they can't print it without facts to back it up. Viki wonders if Blair really believes that Todd killed Carlo, or if she's just lashing out at him for trying to take Starr. Kevin accuses his mom of always protecting Todd, he wants to interview Blair and get her statements accusing Todd of Carlo's murder on tape. Clint stops that idea and forces Kevin to leave the room with him. Viki asks Blair if she's OK. She's very pale and needs to take care of herself because of the pregnancy. Blair tells her she's decided to terminate the pregnancy.

Blair, Starr and Viki go into Viki's office to talk. Viki asks how Patrick feels about this. Blair explains that he's against it, but acknowledges that it's Blair's decision. He doesn't know yet that Blair has made an appointment for this afternoon to work out the details. Viki thinks Blair should talk to Patrick again before she goes through with it. Blair's given it a lot of thought, but she has to concentrate on Starr now and the upcoming custody battle. Viki says that no judge is going to hold the fact that she's pregnant against her, even Todd can't convince them to do that. Todd will do anything, buy a judge, bring in a whole team of lawyers, make his past disappear, Blair insists and she'll lose Starr. Blair's exhausted, she need some time to think, and she shouldn't make this decision out of fear or anger, Viki suggests. Blair leaves for her appointment after Viki convinces her to let Viki watch Starr for the afternoon.

Cassie walks over to Kevin, who's sitting at his desk working on a follow-up story on Todd, trying to dig deeper into the connection between Zeus and Todd. Kevin asks if she would like to help, and Cassie eagerly agrees. Kevin rolls his chair over to make room for Cassie on his side of the desk, but she pulls a chair around to the opposite side of the desk. Kevin rolls the chair back to it's original position and tells Cassie that he's got a source at the police department that said that Zeus told Hank that Todd gave him money over in Europe. As Kevin and Cassie are talking about Zeus, Rita shows up, blond and smiling, for her lunch date with Kevin.

Cassie assures Rita that Kevin isn't using her to scoop hospital information before Cassie can get it, they work together on the same paper now. And Kevin assures her that it will be just lunch and some Christmas shopping, they're going to start over from the beginning. Rita and Kevin leave. Todd and Viki are walking down the hall to Viki's office. Todd's claiming that a retraction of the article is the minimum that his lawyer would require. Viki stops Todd as he reaches for the door to her office, the Banner will not be printing a retraction because the article was completely fact. Viki says he doesn't even care about the retraction, all Todd wants is more ammunition in his custody case. Viki tells him that the best he can hope for out of all of this is joint custody. The only way he's going to get that is if he stops calling Blair mean and nasty names and stops pretending that he never did anything wrong. Todd hears a child crying and goes into Viki's office. He asks Viki what Starr is doing there.

Viki explains that Blair had an appointment and Viki asked if she could keep Starr for the afternoon. Todd tries to turn it around and accuses Blair of dumping the child on Viki because she had something better to do, but Viki corrects him. Todd picks up Starr, "and it's like the whole world is happy again", he says. He tells Starr he's never going to leave her again. Viki leaves to get Starr's bottle and tells Todd to not even think about leaving. The second Viki leaves the room, Todd tells Starr that they're leaving. Todd grabs Starr and her stroller and heads for the door, but Viki comes back in before he can get there. "Where the hell do you think you're going?", Viki asks.


Marty is reading the newspaper article in the Banner aloud. It's about how Zeus has now recanted his testimony, which implicated Patrick in Carlo's murder. Marty says that thanks to this story, everyone will know Patrick did not murder Carlo. Patrick tells Marty about the call he got yesterday from the dean of the college, seeking reassurance from Patrick. Apparently some of the student's parents were questioning whether he should be allowed to teach. The students supported him though, and some of them were coming over to his place, which is why he and Blair had to leave. Marty doesn't really want to hear what they discussed, but Patrick insists that she can't just ignore the situation.

Marty's thought about it a lot, and has come to a conclusion on what they must do. Patrick and Blair must make decisions about the baby, but Marty doesn't want Patrick to take her into consideration at all when making these decisions. Patrick doesn't think it will work, trying to put this situation in a little box, separate from the rest of their lives. Maggie, in a very un-nun like black dress, interrupts their conversation. She's working for Melador, handing out perfume samples at $5.00 an hour to be able to pay for presents. Marty, after wishing Maggie a Merry Christmas and kissing Patrick, leaves to go to work.

Maggie tells Patrick that she has left the order. She also apologizes for flipping out on Patrick about him pulling Marty away from her commitment to Dylan. Maggie and Max are just dating right now, she explains, they are taking everything slowly and don't know quite where they are headed. Patrick points out that Max is in love with Maggie, and if Maggie left the order to be with Max.... Maggie denies that that is the reason she left the order. Maggie's always dropped out of everything she's tried, and she's afraid that if she gets too close to Max, she'll back away from him, too. Maybe Max is the man for her and love will make her strong, Patrick replies. Maggie's happy that everything is going so well now for Patrick and Marty.

Patrick tells Maggie about Blair's pregnacy. Maggie's certain they can come to some sort of arrangement, joint custody, maybe. Patrick would like to consider that, but it's not an issue anymore since Blair has decided not to have the baby. Patrick's not happy about it, but he feels that it's Blair's decision to make. Maggie offers to talk to Blair and Patrick takes her up on the offer. Patrick can't seem to get through to Blair, he can't even seem to communicate with Marty anymore. Marty wants to put the situation in a little box, away from her, so she doesn't have to deal with it anymore. Maggie tells Patrick to go and talk to Marty, make her listen to him. The two of them are so lucky, they know what makes them happy, their love for each other. Patrick leaves to go find Marty.

Maggie comes back into the coffee shop, asking people if they would like to try the new Melador fragrance. She stops to ask Rita, and says hi to Kevin. They talk for a few minutes, then Maggie leaves them alone. She goes out into the mall, handing out samples, where she runs into Andrew, Cassie and River. Maggie goes to clock out and the other three go into the coffee shop, where River decides to have chocolate chip cookies. Cassie turns and spots Kevin and Rita on their date.


Marty is at the desk when Blair arrives for her appointment. Marty comments that she looks pale and asks if Blair's OK. "No, Marty. I'm pregnant with your boyfriend's baby. Trust me, I'm not OK", Blair replies sarcastically. Marty calmly suggests that Blair go sit down while she finds Dr. Anderson. Blair starts yelling at her, telling her to stop using that sympathetic tone because she doesn't care about Blair and is probably happy that Blair's life is as messed up as Marty's usually is.

Marty replies that she finds no pleasure in the fact that Blair is pregnant and that Patrick is the father. Blair tells her to admit it for once, that she loves the fact that she gets to go home every night and cry on Patrick's shoulder. And Patrick tells her that she's his one and only and Blair was just a one night thing that he'd like to forget, nothing is Marty's fault. Marty was the one that send Todd over to Ireland to die and not one thing that happened after that is Marty's fault, is it? Marty can't believe that Blair wants to blame her for what happened in Ireland. Marty didn't force Todd to go to Ireland, she didn't force Todd to step in for Patrick and get shot, and she didn't force Blair to sleep with Patrick. Blair slept with Patrick because she was lonely, Marty accuses, and the only way she could get a man was with sex, and the only way she could keep him was to have his child. Blair says that Marty is back, and she's the same vicious witch she always was.

Blair accuses Marty of being just like Todd, wanting to make her suffer. Marty objects to being compared to Todd. Todd accused Blair of having this baby on purpose, too, Blair tells her. Patrick gets off the elevator while the two of them are arguing and wants to know what's going on. Blair says that Marty should put a sock in it. Blair knows what she's going to do and doesn't need Marty's help. "Is that clear!", she rants.

Marty tells Blair that whatever she want to do is fine. She told Patrick this morning to leave her out of any decisions he and Blair make. Blair claims that while Patrick is around, Marty is a saint, but the second he's not around, Marty tells her off. Marty says that Blair is lying and she's not going to put up with Blair coming around and making her life miserable. Blair accuses Marty of ruining her life ever since she's been in it. Marty assures Blair that she will gladly stay out of her life. Blair walks away a few steps, then clutches her stomach in pain.

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