One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 4, 1998 on OLTL
Todd ran a photo of Bo and Georgie on the cover of the Sun. Andrew met David Renaldi. Dorian saw David. News spread that Georgie was dead, and Bo was a suspect. Bo's son Drew graduated from the police academy. Nora stood behind Bo.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 4, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, May 4, 1998

Dorian proposed to Mel and went on to tell everyone about her visions when she was in her coma. When Clint suggested that Dorian had finally lost her mind, Dorian insisted that she was fine, but that she had changed. Dorian attributed some of her change to Viki and the women shared a warm moment between them. Dorian apologized to Mel for barging in on him while he was working and returned to the hospital. Later, Mel came to Dorian's hospital room and told her he loved her and then he accepted her proposal. Joey joked with Kelly and remarked that Kelly seemed different. Kelly said that she was done mourning Ian's death and hugged Joey. Kelly was glad that she and Joey could finally be friends. Meanwhile, Bo tried to convince Nora that he was innocent of having an affair with Georgie. When Bo said that he never saw Georgie at the lodge, Nora exploded saying she saw them together. Just then, Bo got a call from Del saying that they found Georgie and she was dead. At the gravesite, Del wouldn't let Bo near the crime scene for his own protection and Bo realized he was a suspect. In turn, Sam wouldn't let Nora answer any of Del's questions and said that he was with Nora on the night of the murder. At the courthouse, Blair learned about Georgie's murder. Téa was upset when she learned that Todd had rehired Blair. Téa started to show Todd pictures of different wedding gowns when Blair burst in with the news about Georgie. Todd and Blair showed up at the courthouse with copies of The Sun with the Bo and Georgie photo on the front page. Bo came in surrounded by Del and several police officers and was bombarded by questions from the press. Nora assured Viki that she was fine. Pandemonium erupted when Todd announced that Georgie was dead and then he asked Bo point blank if he was the one who killed her.

Tuesday, May 5, 1998

The courthouse:

Todd continues to loudly accuse Bo of killing Georgie. The other reporters join in and fire questions at him regarding the status of his relationship with Georgie. Bo denies the accusations and says only that it is under investigation. Blair joins into the frenzy by asking Bo if it was a "lovers' quarrel." Nora looks on from the sidelines and is shocked when Blair insinuates that perhaps Nora committed the crime. Sam becomes angry and asks Todd why he is doing this. Todd asks if his friend has joined the Buchanan team. Bo puts an end to the circus by saying that they are here to honor the graduates and that's what he intends to do. At that, he grabs Nora and hustles her into the courtroom where the ceremony is scheduled to take place. Outside the room, Viki asks Todd, "Why?"

Inside the room, Bo apologizes to the graduating class for what has happened to their special day and then asks them to excuse him and Nora. As the class files out Bo apologizes to Nora and says that he wanted to spare her all of this. "That was a stupid move," says Nora, "and arrogant." Bo agrees and tries to explain all of the damning evidence saying that he had no idea how crazy Georgie really was. Nora says that doesn't explain all of the late nights and missed meals or the nightgown lying on the floor. Nora tells Bo that she saw him kissing Georgie Phillips. When Bo tells her that Georgie was with someone else. Nora demands to know who. "The murderer!" says Bo, but first Nora has to believe him if she doesn't believe him he can't expect anyone else to. Hank enters the courtroom with Rachel, who is tremendously relieved that her mother is safe. Hank suggests that they postpone the ceremony, but Bo says that it will go on no matter what. When he turns around to ask Nora if she will be attending, he finds that both Nora and Rachel have disappeared.

In the hallway, Jessica asks Todd why he would hurt her and the family by printing the picture of Bo. Todd, looking ashamed, tells her that he didn't do it to hurt her. Jessica says that she is as hurt as Starr would be to hear things like that about Todd. Blair tries to defend Todd, but Jessica doesn't want to hear it, neither do the rest of the Buchanans. Viki says that it is pointless to try to talk to Todd "because when Todd is out for vengeance he doesn't care who he hurts: his sister, his wife, his daughter, his niece or himself." Viki also tells Blair that she has made a big mistake. When Blair tries to get support from her cousins, Cassie turns away in disgust and Kelly can't even look at her. Blair is hurt and angry at the rejection and storms off with Kelly chasing after her. Sam asks Todd what he is up to because he has to know that Nora would never kill anyone. Todd makes the observation that Bo is the only thing standing between Sam and Nora. At that point, Bo announces that he intends to begin the ceremony.

In the hallway, Nora and Rachel comfort each other, each blame themselves for what has happened but both are certain that Bo will eventually get to the truth no matter what it is. Suddenly, Bo's voice fills the courthouse as he addresses the crowd. Bo proceeds to give an eloquent speech about how difficult the life of a cop can be, warning them to cherish their reputation because when things get difficult, that will be all that they have.

During the speech, Nora walks into the room and makes it clear to Bo that she is willing to stand by him as she takes her place at the head of the room. Sam sees this and walks out of the courthouse preparing to go back to Chicago.

Later in the ceremony, Bo introduces to cadets to the audience one by one. When he reaches to part of the ceremony where he has to introduce the student at the top of his class, he is shocked when that person is none other than his own son - Drew!

After the ceremony, Asa meets up with Todd in the hallway and pledges to make Todd sorry for what he has done to the Buchanans. Todd tells Asa if he hated today's paper, he's really going to hate tomorrow's.

Todd's office at the Sun:

Téa is working on Blair's contract. While looking through his desk for a pen, Téa finds the brochures and Santa hats from her and Todd's Christmas trip to the Bayberry Inn. Téa puts on one of the hats, just as Del enters the room. Téa assumes that Del is there to play big brother, but actually he is there to play cop. He'd like to ask Todd a few questions about his whereabouts on the night of Georgie's murder and how he got the photo. Téa is surprised to hear that Del has been appointed special investigator on the Phillips murder. Téa tries to defend Todd by saying that he was home all night, but Del knows that isn't true because he saw Todd at the Palace Bar. Téa explains how Todd has always had trouble sleeping so he takes walks and this one probably took him to the Palace. Del seems reluctant to believe her but, in the face of Téa's defense he says that Todd has nothing to fear from him. Being an outsider makes him more objective, but as long as Todd wants to take on the Buchanans he will have plenty to worry about there.

Todd and Blair return to the office and find Téa at Todd's desk completely redoing Blair's contract. Blair balks at the idea of Téa's revisions, but Todd tells her to run along and figure out tomorrow's headline. Looking at the contract, Todd compliments Téa, who alerts him to the fact that Del wants to speak with him about Georgie's murder. Todd tells Téa to call her brother so he can ask his questions and get it over with. When Del gets to Todd office, Todd presses him for a scoop. Del tells him that from now on everybody's a suspect - including Todd.


The Buchanan family deals with the shock of Drew's return. Bo is obviously happy to have his son back in his life but Cassie, Kevin, Joey and Kelly each express their disappointment at the fact that Drew is back. Drew says that he knows that he screwed up big time, but he just wants another chance to prove himself and he figured that the academy was the best way to do that.

The doorbell rings and Cassie answers it to find Blair trying to worm her way into the party by claiming that she has to speak with Kelly.

On the patio, Drew apologizes to Nora and promises Bo to help him find whoever did this. Bo then asks Nora "Are you still my wife?"

Sam's hotel room:

Sam is packing, preparing to leave Llanview, when he hears a knocking at the door. When he answers it, an enraged Clint charges into the room and throws Sam up against the wall.

Wednesday, May 6, 1998

In Llanview, murder is becoming more and more a family affair, extending to siblings,lovers and ex lovers, spouses and ex spouses as almost everyone becomes enmeshed in the web spun by the very dead Ms. Phillips.

Todd's Office- Téa, Del and Todd

Del tells Todd that everyone is a suspect, including him. Téa begins to defend her husband, but Todd waves her off, explaining that her brother is just following procedure. He is listening to Bo. Anything happens bad to a chicken in this town, it is Todd Manning's fault, except this time the police can't pin it on him because he hardly knew Georgie. Del wants to know then why would she give him the picture. Todd replies because she knew he was the only one in this town who would tell the truth. He points to the names on the masthead of the Banner. Look at the headlines he tells Del and Welcome to Buchanansville!

Palace Hotel- Clint, Sam and Asa

Sam is all packed up and ready to leave in the A.M. when an enraged Clint pushes his way through the door and pins Sam against the wall, holding his tie up like a noose. He declares that he has been lied to. The very night Georgie was killed, Sam told him he respected Bo's marriage and later that same night, he wound up in a hotel room with Nora. Sam tries to say he is jumping to conclusions, but Clint will have not have any of it. He trusted him and he will not make that mistake again. He releases him and is about to leave when Sam replies that he should take Nora's word. She is standing by her man despite his lies. Bo did not tell his wife of his meeting with Georgie, so he is definitely a liar and possibly a murderer. Clint comes raring back and grabs Sam by the lapels. Just then, Asa shows up and asks what the hell he is doing. He says that Clint should have learned that it is a hell of a lot more work fighting than it is making friends. Clint replies he has many friends and he doesn't want to make any here. Asa explains that they need Rappaport to take Bo's case, so why is Clint strong arming him? Clint does not believe there is any case and can't understand why Asa would think he would hire Sam. He's leaving town. Asa tells Sam he is going no where. He is the best and he will pay him well to make it worthwhile for him to stay. Sam asks if Bo knows he is here. Asa admits he does not. Sam says he is going then. Asa inquires if Sam loves his son and when he says yes, Asa appeals to him then he should know why he is here. His boy is in trouble. Sam replies he is sorry. He can't help him. He should get someone else.

Llanfair-Viki, Blair, Cassie, Kevin, Joey, Rachel, Hank, Kelly, Nora, Bo, Drew

Blair has followed the crowd from the graduation. She greets Drew like she really cares about congratulating him, but Viki is not taken in. She asks Blair to help the other in the kitchen with the refreshments. Meanwhile, Drew grabs Kelly in the vestibule and tells her she can't avoid him forever.

On the terrace, Nora asks if she is still Bo's wife, he hasn't taken any steps to dissolve the marriage, has he? Bo wants to know if there is still a marriage left to fix. He tells Nora he is the man she married, the same guy he was before Georgie came into their lives. Nora reminds him that that guy did not keep secrets or lie. Bo admits he made a big mistake and Nora replies that it cost a life. Surely, Bo says, she does not believe he could do that. Nora explains it is just that he was at the lodge. So was she, he replies. Nora is incredulous. Could he believe she killed Georgie? Bo tells her that he did not mean it that way, he just wanted her to know what it felt like to see suspicion and fear in the eyes of the person you loved. Nora finally says she knows he didn't do it, but when she saw the photo she went into the twilight zone. She drove to the lodge, hoping it was a bizarre mistake. Then when she saw him with Georgie, kissing her... Bo says he wasn't. Well, she thought she saw him. He will have to put the shoe on the other foot and know the confusion she felt when she saw the picture and how the image of him in their bed with Georgie just put her on auto pilot. She needed someone to turn to and he was gone to her. "But Sam wasn't", Bo says, with a glint of jealousy in his eyes, "Sam was right there."

In the vestibule, Kelly tells Drew that it was a heck of a switch him being a cop or maybe it is just another con. Drew replies that she was the last person he wanted to hurt. He cared more about her than he could say. Kelly berates him for making her feel small, immature and plain stupid. When it came to him, she was stupid, but she is not the same person and he will not take her for a fool any more. He replies that he is glad to hear it, she deserves the best. Joey walks in and asks if everything is cool. After Drew walks away, he wants to know what his creep of cousin wanted from Kelly. Kelly says maybe absolution, maybe nothing at all.

In the kitchen, Kevin wants to know what Blair is doing there. She gives an excuse about seeing Kelly. Jessica things that Drew is cute in uniform, but Kevin warns her that Drew can dress anyway he likes, but a sheep in wolf's clothes is still a wolf and he is not about to forget that Drew did everything to destroy Joey and Kelly's relationship and that resulted in a tragic accident that he did his damnest to cover up. Blair is hurt by this and says that her son, Brendan would have been a year old last week if he had lived. She runs up the stairs. Kevin states that it will take more than a badge and a speech to convince him that Drew is more than a loser. Rachel can't stand her ex lover talking that way about her step brother. "Who says that you get to be a judge of losers. Would you even know a winner when you saw one?", she asks with venom in her voice.

Drew is coming down the kitchen stairs and overhears her. He tells his cousin that he is sorry to offend, but Drew hurt a lot of people and Rachel is one of them and he shouldn't expect them to welcome him back into the family with open arms, cousin or no. "I don't think he needs a lecture on Buchanan family honor", Rachel says defensively. Drew admits he is ashamed of what he did and he knows he has a lot to prove. He is back to make it right and all he is worried about now is Bo and Nora. He wants them to put their differences aside until this mess blows over. Kevin stubbornly refuses to reply. Jessica breaks the ice and tells him that she is glad her cousin Drew is back. Kevin hesitantly says, he will do it only for Bo and Nora. Kevin goes upstairs with Cassie. Drew puts his arms around Rachel and thanks her for sticking up for him. She admits she is scared and Drew says he is too.

On the terrace, Bo wants to know what happened between Sam and his wife the night before. She says she was running. Bo wonders if she was running to Sam. Nora explains about the biker bar and getting drunk and how it was not a pretty thing. Sam rescued her and took her to the motel to sleep it off. "All I wanted to do was cut you out of my life so I cut off my hair instead because you called me Red. It was easier to cut a piece of myself away than to slice you out of my heart". Nora runs to his outstretched arms, sobbing. Bo tells her that he never looked at another woman since he fell for her. She is the love of his life. They profess their love for one another.

Asa and Clint arrive at Llanfair. Asa enters the living room and orders Joey, Kelly and especially Blair out of the room. Joey and Kelly head off for a walk, but Blair begs off and heads up the vestibule stairs.

Asa asks if Hank is there as the DA. Hank says he is there as a friend. Asa goes out on the terrace to talk to Bo and Nora. He says he likes what he sees and he watches them hold each other. He tells his son he needs a lawyer. Bo believes that if he lawyers up, he will look guilty. "The system you serve is serving you up on a platter", Asa says. Bo trusts Viki's objective opinion. Viki replies that he underestimates how she feels about him, but she thinks he should get a lawyer. Nora concurs. Asa asks who she feels would be the best lawyer for his son. Nora describes, "A big gun, polished, not flashy, ruthless if necessary. Sam Rappaport.". Bo says No. Nora begs that it is their life together that is at stake. Asa points to Nora and demands she call Rappaport immediately.

Kevin asks Cassie if he is being too tough on Drew. She admits it is hard to say. Kevin feels that this is all difficult on him. This is a family gathering and everyone connected with the murder is here, but they are family and he can't grill them

Sam is about to leave his hotel room when the phone rings. "Just walk away, Sam", he says to himself.

In the kitchen, Rachel tells Drew she can't absorb it all, Georgie being gone. She explains they were roommates. She thought they were friends, but the person who seduced Bo, she didn't know her. Then, the night Georgie was killed, this friend attacked her like an animal. There was a look of pure hatred in her eyes. Drew asks whether Rachel went out after that. No, she replied, she went up to the lodge. Nora was not there, but Bo was there and so was Viki and Georgie's blood was all over the floor. Blair overhears from the kitchen staircase. Drew tells Rachel that whatever she might think of Bo, his father is no killer.

Todd's office- Todd, Téa and Del

Todd swirls around in his chair. Téa asks her brother if this is a form of accusation or is he just being an obnoxious brother in law. Todd tells him Georgie just handed him the picture. He has nothing else to tell him. The phone rings and Blair says she has something to tell him, but she can't go into it now. She hangs up as Kevin and Cassie come down the steps. Del asks if that was a reporter on the line, but he does not answer. Next Del wants to know when Todd opened the envelope Georgie gave him.

Llanview- The living room is filled with all the usual suspects

Bo and everyone else is silent as they drink cocktails. Bo remarks that it feels like a funeral. Clint answers the door bell and Sam walks in. Viki thanks him for coming. Sam says he does not mean to be rude, but he would like to speak to Nora alone. He takes her out on the terrace. He is angry because he believes she acted as a shill for her in laws. When he explains that Asa came over to his hotel, she is so shocked he realizes she did not know. He tells her he understands that Asa was just sticking up for his kid. Right now he just needs to take his cues form her. If she trusts him to defend her husband, he will go to the mat for him. Things can get ugly and complicated, he explains. Once they get started, no on will be the same, not him or Bo or her, none of them will be the same. So what does she want him to do?

In the kitchen, Kevin wants to know who Blair is calling. She lies that it is Max in North Carolina. Cassie reminds her that the Cramer Cousins aren't supposed to lie to each other. Drew says, "Don't let us interrupt you. I see I am not the only outsider in this house", indicating Blair as he and Rachel head upstairs. Cassie asks Blair if she is calling Todd. Blair replies they may be family, but they are also journalists and like it or not, this is the biggest story of the year. She exits by the kitchen door as Joey and Kelly come in from their walk and ask what they missed. Kevin replies, "An avalanche"

Todd's Office- Téa, Todd, Del and Blair

Todd finally tells Del that he opened the envelope when he heard about the APB on Georgie. Until then, he had forgotten about her. Del wants to know if there were any instructions. Todd says Georgie told him he would know when to open it and he did, except by then Ted Bundy Buchanan had offed her because she had threatened to go public with this thing. The phone rings again, but it is for Del. Officer Tim tells Del that there is something under the front seat of Georgie's car that is important to the case. Téa asks where Del is going. "To catch a killer", he replies. Téa and her brother share a joke in Spanish about Todd before he leaves. Téa tells Todd he did pretty well. Del can be pretty tough. Todd replies that he has nothing to hide. He is innocent, unlike some commissioners he knows.

Blair arrives. Todd chastises her for hanging up. Blair tells him he will forgive her when he finds out what she heard at Drew's "prom night". She wants to speak to him in private, but Téa says there is nothing she can keep from her. She is Todd's wife. Blair hints she knows who was at the lodge the night Georgie was murdered. This Blair reminds Todd of their old times together. Téa adds, except now she is here. Todd wants names. Blair replies everyone who was not a Cramer and who rhymes with Buchanan. Rachel Gannon, Hank Gannon, Nora Hanen Gannon Buchanan were at least nearby and guess who was spotted there first by his sister Victoria Lord Buchanan Carpenter, Bo Buchanan!

Llanfair Living Room

Sam tells Nora that her family is stubborn, but he is just as stubborn and he wants an apology form Clint, not for pinning him against the wall but for not giving him a fighting chance. Clint accommodates him. Sam tells Asa that he respects him and will take Bo's case. He asks Hank to leave because he might at some point become the enemy. Hank hopes it doesn't come to that. He hugs Bo and leaves. Sam tells Viki she is a publisher and a worry to him too. Viki replies that her paper has principles and he can count on her. Then he turns to Nora and teases her that she should do something with her hair. Bo does not like the comment and asks Sam to step outside to the terrace.

Rachel is sitting on the hall steps with Drew. She says she feels like a boat who brought the plague into port and infected everyone. Drew replies that "It's not your fault Georgie was a headstrong person". Rachel looks at him funny. "From what you tell me", Drew amends. "Messing up people's lives is what she was going to do and she didn't need your help or anyone else.". Rachel is glad he is back. The first time she saw him, he saved her life (when she was taking drugs). Drew tells her that Georgie is dead and they cannot let what she did and how she died affect them.

The Courthouse - Del and Hank

Del tells Hank everyone is stonewalling him. But he got some information indirectly. He pulls out Georgie's tape recorder and pushes the button. Bo's voice says,"Get the hell out of Llanview and you stay out or I promise you will be very, very sorry." Del says it looks like they will be making an arrest very soon.

Bo and Sam

Sam tells Bo defending him was not his idea. Bo says just for the record he did not sleep with Georgie. For Nora's sake, Sam hopes that is true, but as far as he is concerned he does not care if he killed her. "I am not a killer or an adulterer", Bo says. Sam replies if this is full disclosure. Bo admits that he learned a lesson on telling the truth. Sam says just for the record he did not sleep with Nora. Bo replies that Nora told him and he trusts her. Sam explains that he will have to learn to trust him with his life. Can he do that? Bo clasps his hand in a handshake and Nora is relieved to see they have come to mutual decision.

Thursday, May 7, 1998

Written by Mechelle Larkin-Davis

Llanfair - Kevin & Cassie

Cassie and Kevin kiss and discuss moving back into the carriage house to resume their lives after surviving all of the recent drama. Barbara walks in and Kevin informs her of his carriage house plans. Barbara hurriedly goes to her room to pack.

Todd's Office

Blair informs Todd that Viki was at the lodge the night of Georgie's murder. When Todd asked how she knew that, Blair says she was hiding out on the stairs at Llanfair and overheard Drew and Rachel talking. Todd immediately starts to write this down and says that this info will be the next day's headline. Blair tells him that she's not surprised that he would use his own sister to sell papers. Todd says if Viki knows something that can put Bo away then she's fair game. Blair asks him why he's so eager to put Bo away. Todd says flatly, because he's guilty. Todd then tells Blair to go find Drew and get some answers. Blair replies that Drew is just a kid. Todd retorts yeah, but he's a Buchanan and he's just like his father which means he sometimes gets his brain caught in his zipper.

Bo & Nora's house

Bo, Nora and Drew enter the front door, when Drew gets a page and leaves the room to make a call. A weary looking Bo drops down on the sofa. Nora asks how he feels and he tells her he feels as if he has a weight on his chest that he thought would go away as soon as he got home to her. Nora replies that she fees the same. Bo talks about Todd trying him in the paper and the fact that the Buchanan family is so scared that they hired Sam. Nora turns to go check on the guest room and Bo asks if they're okay. Before she can answer, Drew re-enters the room and says he has to go. Bo asks if he's been placed into service already and Nora jokingly asks if he has a date with a girlfriend they don't know about. Drew says no to both questions. Bo pats him on the shoulder and tells him that its great to have him home. After Drew leaves, Bo proudly says to Nora, How about my boy? He's living proof of the power of forgiveness. (little does he know). Nora silently looks at him then down at the floor. Bo moves in closer and says, we can do this Red. He kisses her cheek, Nora pulls away with a pained expression on her face. Bo, sensing her tension, asks what's wrong. He asks if she's still unsure of the Georgie situation or if something else is going on.

Rodi's Bar

Sam is seated at the bar and Hank walks up and says, so you're representing Bo. Sam replies yeah it's official. Hank asks if Sam if he is going to throw him (Hank) out of the bar too (ala Viki). Sam apologizes about Viki. Hank says he understands and recognizes that he (Hank) is a potential enemy. Sam tells Hank that once he proves the Georgie/Bo fling never happened, then Bo will cease to be such an attractive suspect. Hank tells Sam that he is not so sure. He says that Bo is his best friend and that he is glad that Sam is his lawyer because he's the best. He then tells Sam that Bo is going to need the best because if the evidence keeps stacking up against him, he is going to jail.

Llanview Hospital

Andrew, standing next to Dorian's bed, asks how she is. She tells him that she thought she saw someone earlier, but that it must have been one of those dreams like the ones she had while comatose. Andrew asks who she thought she saw. Dorian says someone Hell had not let her settle with, David Renaldi. She asks Andrew if he knew David, to which he replies no. Dorian goes on to say that David was a wonderful man (Cassie is just outside the door) and if it weren't for him......Cassie enters and asks Dorian what it was she was about to say about her father. (the camera shows David in the hallway within earshot).


Kevin explains to Barbara that he wanted to tell her that he was moving back into the Carriage house. She tells him that he doesn't owe her any explanations. He touches her shoulder and insists that he does because she's more than a nurse to him, she is also a good friend. She casually says that she was just doing her job, but her look says otherwise. She backs away and says that she has to get going. She hurriedly exits the room and leans back against the door when she spots Joey coming down the hallway. She tells him that she has decided to take him up on his offer of a beer. Kevin comes out of the room, Joey tells him that Barbara is joining them and Kevin gets a strange look on his face.


Hank tells Sam that Delgado is building a strong case against Bo with very damning evidence. Sam demands to know what kind of evidence. Hank says an audio tape of Bo threatening Georgie. Sam asks, what if she doctored the tape? Hank replies, even if she did there's another tape that she could not have doctored so easily. The one from his (Hank's ) answering machine which has Georgie threatening Bo, saying she was gonna make him pay. Sam reluctantly asks Hank to please tell him that the second tape did not happen on the day of the murder. Hank says he's afraid it did. Sam then asks Hank, off the record, if it was possible that Bo was guilty. Hank says it doesn't matter what he thinks. Sam insists that it does, he needs to know for personal reasons. Hank tells him he thinks Bo is innocent. All the while, Drew is skulking in the shadows, listening. Hank tells Sam that he's scared for Bo.

In the meantime, Blair walks up behind Drew and pokes him on the shoulder. The two of them go off to find a table. Drew asks Blair why she called and if she is trying to get some scoop on his father. Blair claims she doesn't have time for games like that. She slips into flirtation mode, saying that when she sees something she wants, she goes after it. Drew instantly looks at her cards and tells her if she thinks she can play him for info on his father, it's a game he has already played. He further tells her that Bo is innocent. Blair sarcastically retorts, what touching loyalty. Drew asks her why her puppet master Todd is so set on Bo being guilty.

Bo & Nora's

Bo tells Nora that he can take anything but her pulling back from him and again asks her what's wrong. A tearful Nora says she doesn't know, but that she does know that she can't just go flying back into his arms. Bo reminds her that she said she believed Georgie set him up. She agrees and says she does believe that. Bo then asks if Sam is the reason she is pulling away. Nora lowers her head in some unfounded shame. Bo asks if there is something she hasn't told him about what happened between her and Sam. Nora says she can't explain what's wrong and that she needs time to be alone. Bo leaves.


Dorian admits that when Cassie told her that she was going to Austria, she panicked that she (Cassie) would find out the truth about her horrible past, because David knows all about her past. She confessed that she interfered so that Cassie would not find him. She explained that her fear of repeating her mother's patterns was the reason she gave Cassie to David for safekeeping. Cassie forgave her mother and wondered aloud where David could be because she really wants to talk to him. Dorian says she honestly doesn't know. The camera shows David rolling his chair down the hallway.


Blair asks Drew what his game is and he says law enforcement. Blair acidly says even though you're Llanview's number one cadet, your family doesn't like you too much. She tells him that he could use a friend and that it would be smart for him to align himself with The Sun. An angry looking Bo walks in and tell Sam that he wants to know what happened between he and Nora at the motel.


Andrew is waiting for the elevator when David (using his computer) asks him if someone had died. Andrew replies not someone but something (his relationship). David asks if it was the love of his life and Andrew says he thought she was. Spotting the chess board, Andrew (talking way too loudly) asks if David wants to play. David informs him that he is not deaf.


Todd and Blair are out in the parking lot nosing around Bo's jeep. Inside, Kevin, Barbara and Joey toast. Kevin tells Barbara that he sees a man at the bar making eyes at her and insists that she go ask him to dance. Barbara says no and excuses herself to the ladies room. Joey asks Kevin when he became so stupid. Kevin realizing he had acted like a clown goes after Barbara and apologizes. She tells him she understands that he is just being gallant by trying to pretend not to know that she has feelings for him. She says she respects his love for Cassie. He apologizes again and kisses her forehead. She goes to the parking lot. Sam tries to convince Bo that nothing happened between he and Nora. Nora comes in and stops Bo's questioning of Sam saying that nothing happened because Sam wouldn't let it. She admits that she wanted to get it on with Sam to get back at him for being with Georgie and she just needed somebody to hold her, but nothing happened. Out in the parking lot, a paranoid Barbara hears a noise (Todd & Blair) and pulls out a gun.


Andrew shows David pictures of River. Dorian leans out of the door of her room and asks David and Andrew to stop playing with that idiotic computer game (David's means of communication) because she is trying to sleep.


Hank and Sam leave. Nora tells Bo she understands that he was trying to protect her by not telling her that Georgie came on to him and that it had snowballed. She asked him to understand that the same thing happened to her. She says she didn't let him kiss her because she felt like she had lied to him. She didn't sleep with Sam, but only because she got off on a technicality. Bo asks how far things went before she got off on the technicality. He changed his mind and says never mind, he doesn't want to know. Nora leaves. Joey goes out to the parking lot and finds Barbara with a gun in her hand. She tells him about her left over fear from the rape and he tells her he'll help her through it (good old Joey). Once Joey and Barbara go back inside, Todd and Blair resume their search of Bo's jeep and find a bloody bat in the trunk. Inside Joey and Barbara dance as she watches Kevin and Cassie leave. Blair calls the police with an anonymous tip about the bloody bat.

Bo & Nora's

Bo tells Nora that he never touched Georgie, in fact, he never even liked her. He asks about Sam and tells Nora that the only thing that counts is that in her heart she is with him. She tells him that he is her heart. They kiss and Bo slips her wedding ring back onto her finger.

Todd's Office

Todd enters and finds Sam sitting at his desk. Sam tells Todd to stop indicting Bo in his paper. Todd tells Sam if he sends Bo away to jail then he can have the girl. Todd says Bo is gonna burn and asks why is he defending the man who married the only woman he has ever loved. Sam tells Todd that he doesn't know what is in his heart. Todd implies that he has the nail for Bo's coffin. When Sam asks what he has, Todd tells him he'll have to read about it in tomorrow's paper.

Friday, May 8, 1998

Clint, Viki, Mel and Cassie

As Viki and Clint step off the elevator together at the Banner, Clint remarks that it feels like old times, them coming in to work together. We came in separate cars, Viki reminds him. And last night felt like old times too, Clint continues, with the whole family at Llanfair, even Drew was there. Expect it's not old times, Viki says, and Bo is facing arrest in a murder case. When she got to lodge, Bo was there, and worse, he was in the shower. Even though Bo explained why he took a shower, it's still not going to look good to the police. Viki's surprised the police haven't questioned her yet. "Well, they will now", Kevin says, walking into Viki's office and holding up a copy of The Sun. The headline reads "Eyewitness - Paragon Publisher Can Put Top Cop at Crime Scene" and there is a large picture of Viki on the front page.

Mel and Cassie are waiting for her when Viki returns from Todd's office(see below). They were worried about Viki after the article in the paper. Viki insists that she is fine, but obviously they're going to have to be very careful around Blair, she must have heard something when she was at Llanfair the night before. Cassie apologizes for letting her in, but Viki says it's not her fault, Blair is family, just like Todd is part of Viki's family. Viki puts Mel in charge of the story and orders him to cover it objectively, with no white-washing. Cassie and Kevin will help Mel, but Mel will be in charge, Kevin's too closely involved. Mel and Cassie agree to cover the case, but both want to go on record as believing that Bo is innocent, he didn't murder Georgie. "So go find out who did", Viki instructs them.

Todd, Téa, Viki and Sam

Sam is at Todd's office taking a look at the same newspaper article. He wonders if Todd's claim that the police will soon find the murder weapon is true. Todd tells him he'll have to wait and see. Viki was there and saw Bo at the crime scene, it's accurate, Todd insists, and he's going to print it, not like the "wussy Banner". Doesn't Todd think he might have put Viki's life in danger by claiming she's an eyewitness, Sam wonders. "Viki's a big girl, she can take care of all nine of her selves", Todd replies. Why do you always hurt the people that you love, Sam asks in frustration, then wonders why his name hasn't been mentioned in connection with the case. "Suspect's Wife Flees into the Arms of Famous Attorney?", Sam suggests. Todd admits he left Sam's name out of it because Sam's done a lot for him, most recently save his marriage. "If your marriage is saved, why didn't you come home last night?", Téa asks from the doorway.

Todd explains that he was very busy, that's why he didn't go home. Tßa wonders if Todd is trying to avoid her. Todd already said that Téa moving back in was the best thing that ever happened to him, but the story is so amazing. It's not every day the commissioner throws a story like this in your lap by bashing some bimbo's head in. My client is innocent, Sam tells Todd. "Client?", Téa asks. Upon learning that Sam is defending Bo, she offers her help. Todd tells Téa there's no way she's going to defend Bo. Sam says that's Téa's decision to make, but he doesn't immediately take Téa up on her offer. I'll keep it in mind, he says. Todd receives a call from Blair telling him the police have a warrant to search Bo's house and car. Sam rushes out to go over to Bo's and Viki arrives. "Are you happy now?", Téa asks Todd on her way out the door. "Answer the question", Viki demands, holding a copy of The Sun in her hand.

Todd tells her that Bo killed Georgie and now the Buchanans are using Viki and the Banner for a cover up. Viki denies his accusations, what the Sun is printing is not news, it's a vendetta that Todd has against Bo. Viki hopes that Todd is prepared for the consequences of his actions, whatever they might be.

Téa returns to find Todd hunched over his computer, still working on the story. Téa doesn't understand why Todd has turned this story into his own private war. "Because he's guilty, I know Bo murdered that girl". Is Todd willing to give everything else up, herself, Starr, all for this story? Todd promises once Bo is put away they'll go on a family vacation, maybe to Disneyland. Téa asks Todd to tell her the real reason this story is consuming him. It's his chance to get back at Bo, they have a long history together, Todd explains. And Bo's the reason he got thrown into jail for the Barbara Graham rape, Todd claims. Blair calls and tells Todd to get down to the police station right away, something big is going to happen. Todd rushes out the door, leaving Téa there alone.

Dorian, Kelly, Blair, Cassie, Mel, Andrew and David

Kelly and Blair are in Dorian's room visiting her. Kelly is reading a copy of the Banner, but Dorian and Blair are enjoying reading Blair's story about the murder investigation in The Sun. And every bit of it is true, Blair points out, not the rumors The Sun usually prints. Dorian congratulates her on the story, but doesn't understand why she went back to work for Todd. Dorian told her to get a job and working for Todd keeps her on his good side, especially since he still has custody of Starr. You still didn't do that other thing I told you to do, Dorian reminds Blair. But before Blair has to worry about telling Kelly about Ian's money, Mel and Cassie arrive. Mel sits on the bed next to Dorian and they make an announcement, Mel has agreed to marry Dorian. Kelly and Cassie are thrilled and rush over to congratulate them. Blair looks less thrilled and only asks them if they have set a date. As soon as possible, Dorian replies and she wants to have the ceremony in Rome. Mel says that that won't be possible.

Dorian doesn't understand why and starts describing how their wedding could be at the hotel they stayed at in Rome. Mel explains that he can leave town right now with a major murder investigation going on. Dorian tries to make it about Viki, that Viki's interfering in her life once again, but Mel insists Viki has nothing to do with it. Cassie backs him up, she can't leave right now either. Even Blair agrees, she can't go with this story so hot right now. And the Sun is beating the Banner, she makes sure to point out before she goes to a corner of the room to make a phone call to check in with a source. Blair gets off the phone and rushes out. Mel and Cassie, deciding something must be happening, rush off to go back to the Banner. David rolls by in his wheelchair just as Cassie and Mel are getting on the elevator, but she doesn't notice him.

Andrew comes to visit Dorian. He's got a present in his hand, which Dorian thinks is for her. Andrew explains it's for a man he met last night that really touched him. The man has ALS and is in a wheelchair, he speaks by means of a talking computer, and he was beating Andrew at chess last night, at least he was until Dorian interrupted. Dorian is mortified, she thought they were playing a computer game, she'll have to go and apologize to him and bring him a gift. Andrew leaves to go find the man and stops a nurse. When Andrew describes the man the nurse says, "you must mean David Renaldi".

Andrew finds David sitting alone in the lounge and tells him that he knows who he is. David admits that he knew who Andrew was all along. I can see it now, Andrew says, remembering old photos that Cassie had shown him and album covers. Andrew still listens to his music, it's magnificent(David was a famous pianist). Andrew always wanted to meet Cassie's father, he just didn't know it would be like this. Andrew gets up and hugs David and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Andrew mentions that the last time they heard of him, he was in the hospital in Austria. He offers condolences on the death of David's wife and David looks very sad. Cassie was so disappointed that she didn't get to see him, Andrew continues. It was at Dorian's request, David tells him. Andrew knows, Dorian told them all about it. Why haven't you made contact with Cassie, Andrew asks.

Dorian is berating herself for thinking of buying the man a present. That's how she solves all her problems, she throws money at them. She swore when she came back from "hell" that she was going to change. I had a clean slate and now I've sullied it, I have to go find that man and make things right. Dorian leaves her room and walks down the hall. Meanwhile, David is explaining to Andrew he didn't tell Cassie he was there because he didn't want to be a burden. She's your daughter, she loves you, they all love you. David's got a grandson that would like to meet him too. Cassie misses David so much. David says he misses her too and that he reads Cassie's column every morning. Dorian bursts into the room, but David's back is turned to her. Dorian apologizes for her behavior of the night before, she had no idea his computer was how he communicated. "Please say that you forgive me", she requests. "I do", David types, then slowly turns the chair to face her. As Dorian sees his face, she recognizes him. "David", she says, shocked to see him.

Bo, Nora, Sam and Del

Bo comes downstairs to find Drew gone and a note saying that Drew couldn't find his motorcycle keys, so he borrowed Bo's car. Nora joins him and puts her arms around him and kisses him. He shows her the note and Nora jokes that next he'll be borrowing Bo's credit cards. Bo asks her how she feels about having Drew there, she had problems with Drew before he left town. He's your son, Nora answers. They are kissing when the doorbell rings. As he goes to answer it, Nora picks up Drew's coat and his motorcycle keys fall out of the pocket. Bo opens the door to find Del and two police officers there with a search warrant.

Nora looks over the warrant, which gives Del permission to search Bo's house and car. Del asks where Bo's car is and Bo informs him that Drew borrowed it and took it to work, it should be in the police lot. One of the officers tells Bo that a tip came in that the murder weapon was in his car. They managed to trace the tip to Rodi's, but don't know who made the call. Del sends one of the officers, Tim, to check out Bo's car and has the other start searching the house. What did the informant say, Bo wonders. Del asks him if he owns a baseball bat.

Bo brings a baseball bat downstairs (not the one from the jeep) and hands it to Del. Sam arrives and starts arguing with Del about how he could start the search without Bo's lawyer present. While this is going on, Nora goes over to Bo and asks if he'll be OK if she leaves for a while. Nora gives him a kiss, warns him to let Sam do his job and then leaves. Sam tells Del to call his men off, the warrant only covers a bat and they have a bat. Bo walks over and freely offers the information that he owns another bat, one that has his name burned into it. The last time he saw it, it was up at the lodge. Well, it's not there now, Del tells him.

The Police Station

Drew is looking at a police report with a picture of Georgie Phillips and he touches the picture with his finger, as if stroking her face. He quickly hides what he is doing when Officer Tim comes over and asks him for Bo's car keys. Drew is indignant that people are still accusing his father, but hands over the keys. Blair arrives and Drew fends off her advances. He knows what she's trying to do and the only tip he has for her is that his father is not a killer. Kevin, who is also there, asks Blair if Drew is on the Sun's payroll yet. Blair informs him that Drew is more loyal than Kevin thinks. Nora arrives, grabs Drew by the arm and demands to know what he knows about a missing baseball bat.

Nora thinks Drew is up to his old tricks again, especially since he was at Rodi's where the tip came from, but Drew insists that all he's trying to do is help his father. They won't find anything in Bo's jeep, he tells Nora, I made sure of that. Back at Bo's house, the police are gone and Sam is mad at Bo for offering the information about the bat. Nora walks in with Drew and demands that Drew tell them the truth. Drew tells Bo about taking the baseball bat out of his car and "getting rid" of it. Sam and Nora seem willing to keep the information about the baseball bat a secret from the police, but Bo won't do it. It's wrong, he's spent his life believing in the law, how can he justify this. Nora tells him that she believes in the law too, but she's seen guilty men walk away and innocent men go to jail and she doesn't want to lose him now. "Is that bat really gone?", Bo asks Drew.

At the police station, Kevin is a little upset to learn that Mel has been put in charge of *his* story. Mel explains that the Banner must remain above reproach. Meanwhile, Tim is telling Del that no bat was found in the car, but traces of wood splinters and blood were found. They don't know if it's the same blood type as Georgie's yet, it's being tested right now. Del instructs Tim to get Hank over to the police station ASAP.

Bo walks into the police station, the bloody bat wrapped in plastic in his hand. Ignoring the reporters who are firing questions at him, Bo hands the bat to Del. Bo refuses to tell them who took the bat out of the car. Del has one of the officers put Bo in handcuffs while Del reads him his rights while Nora, Sam, Hank, the officers at the station and a crowd of reports look on. Todd is among the crowd of reporters with a small smile on his face.

The Morgue

While Bo is being arrested, Drew slips into the morgue, where Georgie's body is lying on a table covered by a sheet. Drew lifts the sheet back to look at Georgie, who had a large bruise on her right temple. "Why? Why'd you do this?", Drew asks.

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