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Nora suggested that she and Bo have a baby. Barbara was mugged. Drew gave Kelly a necklace. Will and Jessica enjoyed working in Nora's office together. Kevin apologized for betraying Cassie. Todd continued to show his other personalities, Tom and Pete.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 10, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, August 10, 1998

Written by: Natasha

(please note: this update has been written by a substitute. The regular updater is unavailable while attending to personal healthcare issues)

OPENING SCENE: Nora's Office. Close shot of Llanview's Resident Record-Setting Makeout King and Queen, Bo and Nora. They are sitting close together on Nora's office sofa, discussing Nora's sudden suggestion they "make a baby."

Bo expresses surprise and Nora, disappointed, assumes he doesn't like the idea. Bo assures her it's not that, it's just that he wonders where it's coming from.

ii. On the Dock. Bibi is crouching at the end of the dock, staring into the water. A masked assailant jumps out of nowhere and demands her bag. She immediately jumps up and reacts violently, screaming her protest and trying to flee. The assailant grabs her before she can escape, calling her stupid, repeating his demand for the bag, then shoving her hard into a pile of crates and trash, etc. off to the side, grabs her bag and dashes off. Bibi lies crumpled in the pile, appearing knocked unconscious.

iii. Carlotta's (Conspicuously Customer-Free) Diner. Must be a slow day, because it's the lunch hour and only Carlotta, Cristian, Jessica, Will and Roseanne are there. Téa, who had just entered at the end of Friday's episode, stands frozen, staring at the young woman with her back to her, who has also frozen. " Anna Rosa?" Téa says, stunned, disbelieving. Roseanne turns, looks at Téa. Carlotta explains to the confused Téa that it is Roseanne, Anna Rosa's daughter. Téa can't believe how much Roseanne resembles her (deceased) mother. Cris agrees. Téa, still in some shock, apologizes. Roseanne reassures her it's okay, it happens a lot. Téa says she didn't know Roseanne was coming. Roseanne says she sent a letter, and Téa answers that it must be in the stack of mail on her desk she hasn't gotten to yet. She's sorry. Then she pulls Roseanne into her arms and tells her how great it is to see her, that it's been too long. Roseanne wonders if Téa missed her so much why she didn't come visit her in New Orleans. Téa apologetically replies that she's been bad, her life's been *crazy*. Roseanne observes that nothing much changes and Téa, surprisingly, laughs, embarrassed, and asks Roseanne about "Popi" -- "is he here?" Roseanne stares, not answering, looking pained.

iv. Todd's Hospital Room. Todd sits cross-legged on his bed, holding a puppet in his hand. Viki stands next to his bed. She has just said, "You're not Todd, are you?" Todd scootches forward on the bed and says, a little nervously, "Of course I'm Todd." Viki looks on, very unconvinced. No, she says quietly. You look like Todd, but you don't act like him. He replies that Todd is mean. Viki confronts him on the fact that he has referred to Todd in the third person, which means he must not be Todd. But he insists he is. Viki makes it clear she doesn't believe him. Todd wouldn't play with puppets, would he? And you love puppets, she went on. She said the children loved his puppet show. Todd looks at her, a flash of pleasure crossing his face. They did? he asks. Viki confirms this and Todd replies "Cool!" and smiles.

Viki went on to say it was a good story, a very personal one. Mr Piggy and the wolf represented something. Todd looks up quickly, then quickly away and says, Nah! He nervously edges away on the bed. Viki points out the story had good guys and bad guys, but Todd doesn't see her point. "Which one are you?" she asks. I want to be a good guy, Todd admits. Which one is Todd, she asks. Todd, nervous again, says he doesn't want to talk anymore. Viki keeps her voice soft, quiet, sympathetic. You've seen some terrible things, haven't you, she asks. She says he had to stand by and watch while Todd did bad things. You're the good one, aren't you, she asks, in a tone urging him to confide. Todd looking increasingly nervous and fidgety slowly looks over at Viki and scene fades out.

II Docks. Joey, who has heard Bibi's screams, rushes to her crumpled side, calls her name, checks her pulse, and pats her face in an effort to awaken her. Bibi starts and comes to, screaming and terrified, still thinking she's being attacked and struggles and cries out against Joey, who struggles equally hard to calm her and reorient her.

Finally realizing who he is, Bibi breaks down sobbing in Joey's arms and he holds her close. Through sobs she explains that a man attacked her. Alarmed, Joey determines that it was not a rape. Bibi says he only took her bag and she is okay, just frightened. She collapses in a fresh round of hard sobs and again Joey pulls her face close to his chest and cradles her head, comforting her. He says he'll call the police. Bibi cries out no, terrified. Joey insists they must. Bibi sobs she doesn't want anyone to know.

ii. Nora's Office. Embarrassed, Nora stands up, crosses the room away from Bo and says they should just forget she said anything. Bo explains that it just caught him off guard. Nora counters that it's not such a strange idea. Bo says, no, but unexpected. He remarks that they haven't talked about babies since that night Asa dropped over and asked Nora to give him an heir. Nora replies that they haven't exactly had much time to discuss it since then, right? So, this is the pleasures of catching up, Bo asks, then wonders if she's serious. Nora says she's serious about catching up, then hesitates. About the baby part, she doesn't know if she's serious. She looks down, maybe feeling awkward, self-concscious. Bo wonders why she said it then and wants to explore reasons Nora might be thinking of having a baby now. He reminds her that the last several months have been rough, and he wonders if Nora thinks Bo doesn't love her anymore.

iii. Carlotta's Diner. Roseanne tells Téa that no, her father didn't come, but says maybe Téa has seen him. Téa replies she hasn't, not since....her voice trails off uncomfortably. My mother died? Roseanne finishes the sentence for her. It is an awkward moment, and the very sensitive and intuitive Carlotta suggests they sit at a table and catch up. The focus shifts to Will, Cris and Jess at another booth across the room. Still no one else has come in. Will wonders if he missed something. Cris replies, "Oh just a dozen years or so in a very wacky family." Will thinks Téa looked like she had seen a ghost. Cris explains that Roseanne is the "spitting image" of her mother and that even he was spooked by it at first. Will asks if Téa was close to Roseanne's mother. It is revealed that Roseanne's father Enrique, or Ric, is Téa's brother. Will thinks it's odd that Ric is not here with Roseanne to visit and asks if he's back in New Orleans. It becomes obvious that this is a complicated and sticky subject and neither Will nor Jess get a straight answer.

The focus shifts back to Roseanne and Téa sitting across from each other at a booth by the window. Téa is amazed just looking at Roseanne and can't get over how grown up she is. Roseanne notes that Téa's outfit probably costs more than Téa's father ever made in a month. Téa seems a little embarrassed, but acknowledges the validity of this observation. Roseanne says Téa has come a long way from a Park Avenue basement. Téa says this is in large part thanks to the support she got from Roseanne's father who helped put her through law school. Roseanne emphasizes Téa is talking about receiving money from him and says he was always generous with "the green stuff" with the clear implication that he wasn't so generous with time or attention.

Téa states firmly that her father loves her. Roseanne says she heard Téa bagged a rich guy and Téa accuses her of changing the subject. Roseanne says Téa did, too. Téa asks Roseanne about when she's seen her dad and Roseanne indicates not too much, that sometimes he drops by in the middle of the night and is gone by morning. She adds that maybe this is why she doesn't sleep too good because she doesn't want to miss those late night visits. Téa tries to focus on the positive by saying Ric must be proud of his daughter who is so beautiful, and Roseanne says she has her mother to thank for that. She was stunning, wasn't she? Roseanne observes. Téa looks back at her, her face washed in pain. May she rest in peace, Téa murmurs.

III. Carlotta's Diner Again. Cris strides over to the table where Jess is sitting alone. Will's absence is unexplained. Cris wants to make sure Jess is okay with what happened last night. He reminds her that he needs this painting so he can go to school in NY and be with Jess, and swears it's nothing else. He says it's just that Roseanne is the perfect model. Because she's so beautiful, Jess asks, her tone slightly sarcastic. Cris says, no, no, and asks her to remember what he had said before about the feeling he must get from his model, a connection. Jess remembers. Cris explains that he gets this feeling from Roseanne. So you two are connected? asks Jess, hardly sounding reassured.

Well, it's more intense than that, says Cris, but it's the only word he can come up with. This doesn't make Jess feel any better. Cris says it's a soul thing, they grew up together, have a history. "How can I compete with that?" Jess asks, more discouraged than ever. Cris reassures her, takes her hands, tells her she doesn't have to compete and tells her he loves *her* and that there's nothing more intense than that. Does she want proof? He leans in for a big kiss. Carlotta passes by and nixes their PDA, and they break the kiss. Carlotta brings a drink over to Téa and hands it to her. She asks Téa how Todd is doing. Téa sips from the glass and says he's getting better, that he's talking anyway. Roseanne asks Téa about her rich husband and penthouse home. Carlotta seats herself next to Roseanne. Téa somberly replies that Todd is in the hospital and she hasn't been living in the penthouse for some time. Roseanne feels bad for asking, but Carlotta pipes in cheerfully that Roseanne can stay with her. To this Téa loudly and immediately insists she will do no such thing, she will stay with Téa at the Palace Hotel. She excitedly tells Roseanne that it's a beautiful hotel and she has a huge suite. Roseanne can have her own room with a great view of the park, Téa proclaims smugly. Roseanne thinks she likes the way that sounds, but then she catches sight of Jess and Cris kissing as she's saying goodbye. Roseanne stares a moment, then says, with great meaning in her voice, on the other hand...maybe she will stay with Carlotta. (Since Cris has his own apartment upstairs from the diner, I'm not sure what advantage there is to Roseanne staying with Carlotta over that ritzy hotel suite, but she seemed to have a plan in mind). Roseanne assures Téa that this is what she wants.

Jess and Will say they must go back to work and Will thanks Carlotta for lunch and tells Roseanne it was nice to see her again. Roseanne looks off indifferently. After they leave, Carlotta observes that Will is a very handsome boy (no joke!) and smart, too. Téa picks it up in a playfully sultry voice and facial expression that she thinks he has the hots for Roseanne. Roseanne replies coolly that she has no interest in "boys." Téa asks in a thick Spanish accent, what's wrong, don't you like boys? Roseanne, staring off meaningfully at Cris, says, "I prefer men."

ii. Nora's Office. Nora is offended that Bo has to find a reason for Nora to want a baby. Bo says he's just checking. He cuddles up close to Nora and she asks a little poutily if she's supposed to be "in the mood" now. Bo says yeah, and gives her a big smooch. Bo assures his "Red" that he loves her, she should never doubt it. As he kisses her, she says, warming to him, keep going. This proceeds a bit, then suddenly he stops and straightens up. He just can't see tossing a football around with the kid when he's 16. Nora counters that it could be a she -- a female tennis star, then realizes they're side-tracked.

Maybe that's not an accident, Bo remarks. He thinks they could both be stalling because neither is really ready to think about this. Nora looks down, sad. Bo gingerly broaches questions of whether Nora can get....he stops. Pregnant? Nora asks. Because she's peri-menopausal? She says she doesn't know, but she'd like to give it a shot. She looks up asks in a suggestive tone if he's still in the mood. Bo smiles and leans in for a kiss. Nora smiles and they move back to the sofa, snuggling close. Close up on flowers Bo brought her earlier, sitting in a vase on her desk.

iii. Todd's Hospital Room. Closeup on puppet in Todd's hand. Viki is sitting next to him on the bed, her hand over his comfortingly. She knows how he feels, she says. Confused, divided and as if you don't know who you are at times, right? Todd stares off, looking sad. Finally, he speaks, saying he wasn't born confused. He wanted to be a good guy. He looks at Viki. She replies in the most compassionate voice that she knows that. She goes on to say that sometimes it's really hard to fight the big bad wolf. But then she reminds him that his story had a happy ending because Mr. Pig won. Todd looks up, surprised. He did? Viki asks doesn't he remember he gave that big bad wolf the old karate chop. Todd immediately brightens up. Hey! he laughs out loud. Pork chop! He laughs hysterically at his own joke like a little boy. Then, as he stops laughing, he says he forgot because usually "Pete" makes up all the endings. Viki stares intently at Todd, who looks abashed, realizing he's revealed something he didn't mean to.

Pete? Who's Pete? Viki asks gently. She tries to persuade him in a kind voice that he can tell her. Todd hesitates, then leans over a little and whispers, "Pete's the boss of all of us." He looks uncertain about continuing, than adds, "and he's really, really mean." Todd looks scared. Viki sees she's onto something big and tells Todd he shouldn't let Pete boss him around and that she knows a lot about this and that it's really hard to kill a big bad wolf, but you can make him go to sleep. Todd looks sad and frightened and says he can't do that. Viki gently insists that he can and Todd finally admits that he'd like that, but he's a little afraid that "he" might come back. The wolf or Pete, Viki asks. Todd becomes very nervous and edgy now and shakes his head, refusing to talk anymore. He begins to nervously toss the puppet up in the air to distract himself from the difficult subject matter.

Viki pulls back and backs off some, saying it's okay. She waits a moment, then wants to know if she can ask just one more question. Todd tosses the puppet and says, ok. Viki asks where Pete is. Todd hesitates. I don't know. How about Todd? He admits he doesn't know. But neither is here in the room, right? Todd swivels on the bed, gets up, steps away from the bed, tosses the toy in the air, looks away, then stops. Slowly, he looks over at Viki and says in a guilty tone, almost inaudibly, "" The full impact of this meaning is clearly visible on Viki's face. She squeezes her eyes shut for a second, realizing the awful truth of what she's suspected and now has had confirmed. Fadeout.


IV i. Community Center. Joey waits in the main area for Bibi to emerge, which she does momentarily. She has changed from her bathing suit and terry jacket to a skirt, top and sweater. She comes out rather slowly, seeming unsure of herself. Joey greets her and tells her the police will be here any minute. Bibi is furious that Joey has called the police against her explicit wishes. Joey says that they must report the attack and says they've got to get this guy. Bibi, almost in tears says he doesn't understand, she can't face the police again, it's too embarrassing.

Just at that moment, Sykes and uniformed officer come in. Sykes rushes up to Bibi and takes her hands, desperate to know if she's all right. She assures him, a little irritably, that she is. Sykes immediately demands to know what she was doing parading around the docks in a bathing suit (What I'd like to know is how he knew this, since I can hardly imagine Joey would have relayed such details in his call to police, but what else is new?) So this is my fault, Bibi interprets angrily. Sykes apologizes, asks her to tell him what happened. Bibi first wants a promise he won't tell her father. Too late, he's already been called. Furious, Bibi points out to Joey this is what happens when you call the police. Sykes wants to take Bibi to the hospital and have her checked out. He is very urgent about it and she reacts violently, jerking away from him and protesting no loudly. Sykes tries to calm her, says he wants to look after her. Bibi angrily snaps he's to stop treating her like a child, to which he responds she should stop acting like one. Bibi tells him that she's trying to take charge of her life and not be a victim anymore. Good for you, Sykes says sincerely, but tells her she must stop putting herself at risk. She looks at him stunned.

ii. Nora's Office. Bo and Nora are smooching on the sofa. Bo stops things to ask one other question. Nora, still busy kissing Bo's face, teases she was afraid of that. Undaunted, Bo asks if Rachel has anything to do with this baby subject.

Nora stops, pulls back some and looks close at Bo. She says for a man Bo is sharp, then, after a pause, adds *wrong*, but sharp. (My money's on sharp) You're stalling, Bo charges. She admits he may not be totally wrong, but she has to think about it. Bo said they need to think about and talk it over together to decide if this is what they both really want.

Nora sits up more and asks Bo why he thinks his parents had him. He laughs and says he wouldn't even want to ask. See? Nora says. She asks him why most people have babies anyway. Most don't even know, she bets. Bo ponders this. Then Nora gets very serious and says that the point is out of their love, or their lust, or whatever, a person is made who laughs, loves, looks at a sunset. She almost chokes up here and they both look a little sentimental. Nora concludes there is no wrong reason to have a baby. He looks almost convinced. So you want to make love to me or not? Nora teases. Bo smiles and says, when you put it that way, how can I refuse? More smooching. There's a knock on the door. Will's voice is heard calling out "Mrs. Buchanan?" They stop, but don't answer

Will in the outer office tells Jess they must've gone to lunch. Jess looks for instructions left on her desk. Will asks her about the weird vibes he was getting at the diner. Jess answers it was just family stuff, she guesses. Bo and Nora emerge from her office. Nora cheerfully asks how their lunch was and announces that they are off to lunch, too. Nora tells Will there is work for him on her desk to get started on and he agrees. They depart.

Will and Jess go into Nora's office to find Will's assignment. Will asks Jess what's up with Roseanne and Cris. He's just doing her portrait, Jess replies. Then why do I get the feeling Roseanne's interested in more than Cris's artistic talent? It's a poser to Jess.

iii. The Diner (still no customers at the lunch-hour). Cris is putting cups away behind the counter and Téa and Carlotta are remaining chatting at the booth. Roseanne approaches Cris cautiously. (In the following exchange, everything Roseanne says is thick with undertones of sexual suggestiveness) Roseanne wants to know if Cris has any blank canvases. She would like to paint *him* nude. Cris is amused; Roseanne can't paint. It doesn't matter, Roseanne says with a smile. She wants to see his robe come off and wonders if this shocks him. Cris says she always does and reminds her they've seen each other nude already. Roseanne says this is when they were both five. She wants to keep up with changing times. She smiles seductively and even Cris has to smile a little at this.

The focus shifts to Téa and Carlotta at the table. Téa would like to care for her niece, she says, but with Todd in the hospital, she may not be up to the job anyway. Carlotta reiterates she was serious about taking in Roseanne. Téa thanks her but asks if Carlotta is sure she can handle her. She's quite a handful, Téa says. Carlotta agrees and repeats Roseanne's remark about preferring men, imitating the suggestive emphasis on the word men. They laugh. That's her grandmother talking, Téa says. Carlotta agrees and makes it obvious that she has little respect for the woman. Téa thinks it was a mistake to leave Roseanne with the grandmother when Rosa died and Carlotta states that she begged the woman to let her raise Roseanne, but the grandmother would not hear of it. How do you think she's doing now, Téa asks. Carlotta says she seems okay, but it's hard to say because she's had so little time with her now. Téa says she's got that "cool control thing going in a big way" and Carlotta says one look at her mother and grandmother and you know that cool control thing is only on the surface. They continue discussing things as Cris and Roseanne go on talking, seeming very natural and relaxed.

iv. Todd's Hospital Room. Viki congratulates Todd for doing something so big and so brave. This surprises Todd. She points out that he admitted Pete and Todd are not there, so now he can come out and get the big bad wolf to go to sleep. Todd seems very dubious. He tells Viki that Pete says he isn't brave, he's chicken. Pete is the brave one, he can cope. Viki disagrees that Pete copes and says he's just mean and hurts people. That's not coping and that's not like you, is it? He thinks for a minute, then says, no. It's not like Todd either, he adds. Viki answers with feeling that she is very aware of this. Todd says Pete protects Todd. She wants to know if he wants Pete to come back. No! he answers very adamantly. oh, no....he doesn't care if he never talks to Pete again, and adds with feeling, "I hate Pete." Viki looks somber. Fadeout.

V i. Community Center. Sykes and Bibi are now alone in the main room. Bibi tells Sykes she can take care of herself. He urges her not to make it more difficult and tries to take a hold of her. "Come with me," he insists. Again Bibi springs back hotly and yells stop. Ignoring her, he calls for the uniform, off in the wings, to bring the car around (do you know any cops that park in the lot?) Bibi gets nearly hysterical and screams at him that he hasn't listened to a word she has said. Sykes, startled at her intensity, backs off some and asks more gently if he can at least get her home. She says she has no home and he asks wasn't she still living at the Mill House with that reporter and his fiance. She answers that she'll let him hear from the gossip. He looks pained. Joey comes out and offers her a ride. Bibi accepts gratefully and they start to leave. Sykes is clearly hurt and calls out after her angrily, "Why didn't you just say so?" Joey and Bibi stop and look back at Sykes, puzzled. Sykes says bitterly that it's obvious she is just out to get a Buchanan of her own, then adds with special venom, "and you don't care much which one it is." He scowls at her nastily. Bibi and Joey exchange awkward glances, then Bibi looks down, embarrassed.

ii. Back at Still Near Empty Diner. Roseanne tells Cris Téa and Carlotta are whispering about them (voice still heavy with suggestive overtones throughout conversation). They're scared about all the trouble we can get into, eyes twinkling on the words trouble. She adds that the predicaments they can get into now are more complicated than when they were kids. Cris tries to shift the intensity of her meaning by bringing up Will. Roseanne shows her usual disdain for the subject, adding that he'd better bug off (face goes cold). Cris asks if she has a sweetheart back in the Big Easy. Roseanne says she hasn't found a man yet she can "sink her teeth into." Cris says there must be someone, somewhere out there for her. "Oh, there is," Roseanne replies, smiling wickedly. Cris, perhaps choosing to ignore the implication of her tone, brings up Jess, how lucky he is. Roseanne says she doesn't get it with Jess and Cris. She assures Cris that she thinks Jess is a very nice girl, but that she's a little innocent -- too innocent for Cris. Then she suggests she "strip again" -- shouldn't they get back to work. Cris agrees, maybe because things are so slow in the diner, and they depart.

Téa tells Carlotta she should be going too, but Carlotta wants first to hear more about how Todd is doing. Téa says he's improving. Carlotta wonders how Téa is doing. Téa looks tired and indicates she's not so good. She thought she was free at last and could get out now, but now she sees Todd in this strange condition, confused and.... "And you lose your resolve?" Carlotta finishes her sentence for her. Téa doesn't want this, she insists. Carlotta advises a little distance. But Téa can't see how. Todd needs someone to be there for him now.... Suddenly a thought occurs to her. Carlotta is curious. Who says it has to be me, Téa asks. She remembers he has Viki and Sam, who both adore him. Why not let them deal with him and she'll go her own way. That may be best for all of them, she tells Carlotta.

iii. Todd's Hospital Room. Viki asks Todd why he hates Pete. Todd doesn't want to say. He's afraid of Pete. Afraid he'll hurt you, Viki asks. He hurts everybody, Todd says, then adds a child-like, "Duh!" (like, how obvious!) Viki understands. She tells Todd about someone she knows like this, who hurts people and is mean. She clearly is thinking of her alter, probably Tori. Todd argues that no one is meaner than Pete. Viki wonders why and asks if Pete talks to him. Todd admits sometimes he does. He adds that Pete is mean as a way to protect Todd., like *all* of us. Viki looks startled at mention of the word all. Soberly, she asks Todd how many there are. Todd gets very nervous now, stammering and almost laughing, but looking very sad, and says he doesn't want to talk anymore really. Viki tries to get him to see that she wants to help him and that he must know this. Todd reveals that he worries maybe Viki is trying to hurt Todd. She responds with deep emotion in her voice that she would never do that, that she loves Todd. She wants to know how long he's "known" Todd. He says a long time, but then adds hurriedly again that he doesn't want to talk anymore. Viki pursues, asks if Todd is afraid of Pete. Todd paces around the room nervously, tossing the puppet up and down. But he acknowledges quietly that he is afraid. He adds that Pete's been mean ever since he came. When was that, asks Viki. Again he tries to break off discussion, getting more and more agitated. But Viki persists, trying to win his confidence. She brings up night of abuse and asks if that was when Pete came. Todd begs Viki to stop, now very agitated. Viki says she knows about abuse. Slowly, Todd begins to tell her how "The Man" hurt Todd then and Pete came and got The Man by the throat and wanted to kill him (camera pulls in very tight for a closeup of Todd's agonized expression as he remembers the terrible event). Viki looks on, ashen and very grave, and is silent. Todd says that Pete got really, really angry and he just never went away again. (long take on horrified Viki and emotionally drained Todd, scene fades out)

Very powerful stuff! Incredible performances by RH and ES. Good dialogue and camera work, direction. Amazing. ES and RH are exceptional pros at their best. Borrow someone's tape if you missed it! (Sorry to editorialize here)

VI i. The Docks. Joey and Bibi walking along, trying to cool out, still jarred from unpleasant confrontation with Sykes. Bibi apologizes to Joey and says sometimes Sykes acts like he owns her. Joey says sympathetically that that's a common male misconception (Right on, brother!). Bibi says Joey isn't like that. He replies, with a hint of irony in his voice, that he's not the common male. Bibi immediately agrees with that and then thanks Joey for everything. No problem, Joey says. Bibi is ok now, she says, except that the mugger took her gun. Bibi explains to the surprised Joey that she's kept a handgun in her bag ever since the rape, that it made her feel safe having it, but now so much for safety. Joey reaches out to take Bibi in his arms again to comfort her, but Bibi pulls back sharply, says he's done enough for her and now if he will just take her to the hotel.... Joey says no way, you're coming home with me! Bibi looks surprised.

ii. Diner (Amazing! A customer!) Carlotta is waiting on a take-out customer standing behind the counter and holding a little girl baby (in pink) about five months old. Nora and Bo enter and Carlotta tells them to take a seat anywhere (certainly no competition for tables!) and she'll be right with them. The customer turns to leave and she and Nora recognize one another. It's Louise, a client Nora won a settlement for about five years ago. They're happy to see one another. Louise mentions she's had two children since the settlement and indicates the baby, who Nora promptly fusses over. Just then, Louise's cell phone rings and she asks if Nora can hold baby while she answers her phone. Nora is thrilled to hold baby. She takes her and begins absolutely fawning over the baby in the most gooey way. Bo sits at a booth, watching her intently.

iii. Todd's Room. Todd again on bed with legs crossed. Viki sits close. She tells Todd everything will be ok now. Todd becomes very happy. "Really?" he asks brightly. Viki says yes and then asks if he has a name, since she doesn't want to call him by a name that's not his. Todd hesitates, then stumbles over the name, "Tho-o-omas." But adds that his mom calls him Tom, and he smiles. Viki says she's happy to meet him, repeating the name Tom. "Tom" extends his hand to shake Viki's and introduces himself more formally, like a child who remembers his manners. But he wants Viki to call him Tom. Viki is deeply touched, it's obvious, and shakes his hand. "I'm so glad you told me," she says smiling, but hiding the tears she feels. Overwhelmed by emotions, Viki needs to break away for a second, and gets up and walks around Tom slowly, where she's out if his line if vision. Here, behind his head, she indulges in a moment of candid expression of all she feels, which is intense and very painful. For a second or two, she rubs her face with her hand, tired and sad, trying to regain composure. She quickly pulls herself together and asks Tom one more thing. He's agreeable. She asks about before when Tom said Todd wasn't there.... (at that moment, Téa begins to enter, but sees the two of them talking and halts where she stands, unnoticed at first by them)...Viki asks Tom where Todd is. Tom says he doesn't know, but he's sure he's somewhere safe. Viki asks when Tom thinks they all will see Todd again. Tom shrugs and says, "Dunno." Then adds haltingly, "We may never see Todd again."

Now Viki sees Téa and they exchange long, worried stares. Téa looks on, dumbfounded.

Tuesday, August 11, 1998

Written by: Cheryl Patack


Joey comforts Bibi as she feels sorry for herself. Because she made Kevin cheat on Cassie, bad things happened to her and now bad things will happen to her. Sykes enters the room, angry, yelling at Barbara that she is running away from her problems. Joey convinces Barbara to tell Sykes about her stolen gun. After yelling at her some more and telling her he hopes the mugger doesn't use the gun on another victim, he storms out. Barbara realizes that the mugger not only has her gun, but her house keys, her address and knows everything about her. Joey convinces her to finally take charge of her life, go down to the police station and look at mug shots so she can prevent this happening to someone else. They hug as she promises to take "control of everything".


Kelly is poring over prospectus' lamenting over what to do with all of her money. Dorian suggests that she hire hit men to kill Kevin after what he did to Cassie. Kelly leaves to go to Asa's where Lindsay is planning a dinner party for the family. Mel once again goes after Dorian for interfering in her girl's lives and a pillow fight ensues and ends with them kissing on the couch.

The Hospital

A nurse enters Todd's/Tom's/Pete's room to take his temperature. Tom/Todd pleads with Viki to go after Téa. Sam arrives. Viki begins to tell Téa and Sam that she believes Todd has DID. Sam and Téa have a hard time believing this. Téa returns to Tom's room where he tells her he always felt bad when Pete was so mean to her. He wanted to come out and stop him but Pete is so much stronger. Téa seems torn, not sure if he's faking or not. Todd as Tom tells her he loves her. She asks if "Todd" or "Tom" loves her. Meanwhile, Viki and Sam discuss DID and Viki confesses that she is a survivor of DID. Sam, thinking of Todd's defense, is curious to know if Todd can fake out a battery of doctors. Viki assures him she doesn't think so. Téa enters and tells Viki that she absolves herself of all "wifely" responsibility for Todd. She won't get sucked in again. Even if he is not faking, she doesn't even know who he is. Viki begs her to stick by Todd. Sam enters Todd's room as he is staring in a mirror. Sam asks him what he is doing and he tells him how amazing it is to finally see himself.


Lindsay is busy preparing for a "family" dinner. Drew is carrying around a jewelry box. Asa assures him that he could do a lot worse than Kelly. Renee offers her help and they have a little "chat". Lindsay asks Renee why her and Asa aren't married. Among other reasons, Renee answers that she doesn't want people to think that she's after the "Buchanan mother lode". Lindsay asks if she's talking about her. Renee answers that the "Buchanan Men" can spot a gold digger a mile away and she better not be after Clint's money. Meanwhile, Kelly enters whining about what to do with all her money. She has several daydreams about becoming a police officer, a "society maven" and a sharp businesswoman. Drew plays her husband in all the fantasies. Drew gives her the box and in it is a necklace that says Believe. Asa is happy that the women are getting along well and Renee assures him that she and Lindsay understand each other very well.

Wednesday, August 12, 1998

Nora's office- Jessica and Will

Will and Jessica are enjoying working together at Nora's law office. Will says she pays better than his dad did. Jessica and Will discuss Rachel and the entwined relationships between her father and her step father. Will finds it amazing that Bo and Hank are best friends. He can't see that happening between Bo and Sam. It is 4:30 and they are both anxious to go home. Jessica suggests they go to Llanfair. Her mother is hardly ever home.

At Llanfair, Jessica and Will smoke a couple of Havana cigars. Jessie assures him that all Buchanans smoke cigars, but it is easy to see that neither she or Will are pros. Clint arrives and says that the last time he lit one of those in Viki's library she threatened to throw the whole box in the river. He tells them that Lindsay wants them all over Asa's. Jessica begs off, explaining she has something more important to do. She has a date with Cristian to change her clothes for. She goes upstairs and Will leaves with Clint.

Llanview Hospital- Téa, Viki, Todd and Sam

Viki tells Téa that she had Dissociative Identity Disorder and Téa's reaction shows she had no prior knowledge. Viki is shocked that Todd did not tell Téa. Téa replies that he made jokes about all the people running around in Viki's head but she thought Todd was just being Todd. Viki explains that her alters have all been integrated into her personality. Téa asks how all this happened. Viki tells her about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of her father, Victor and that this is almost always the trigger. Her alters took over when she could not cope. Eventually they had to be introduced to each other before they could be integrated. Téa says that as far as she knew Peter Manning abused Todd mentally and physically but not sexually. One look at Viki tells a different story. Does Viki really think.... Viki says that she thinks it is very likely that Peter used this as a way to subjugate his son. Téa can't bear the thought of that monster doing that to Todd. Viki explains that Todd couldn't bear it either, so someone else had to. She goes on to discuss the conversation Sam had with Todd in the cabana and Téa recalls how Todd practically threw her out when Sam asked about the night he found Todd strangling his father so many years ago.

Téa admits if it were true it would explain so much but... Todd manipulates her. Viki says she will stand by Todd whether he is manipulating her or not. Téa asks what gives Viki such strength. Viki replies that she promised herself that she would never let her brother struggle with demons like she had. Viki explains that one of her alters killed her father and a big part of integrating the alters was her taking responsibility for what she did. She is desperate for Téa to understand Todd. There is a big battleground for good and evil and the cost was Victor's life, in her case. Todd needs help. Téa just can't be as understanding as Viki about Todd. Viki tells her to remember that if she walks away, she is allowing Todd to be sacrificed to evil because if Peter Manning sexually abused him that is evil, pure and simple and the only salvation is love and Viki's is not enough. Todd needs Téa's love.

In his room, Todd (or Tom) is looking in the mirror and telling Sam that Todd is gone. He doesn't understand if they are so rich why Todd did not have the scar removed. Sam deduces that Tom is not the one he pulled off Peter Manning the night Todd was strangling his father. Tom says that wasn't him. Sam replies that Todd would not talk to him so he was wondering if Tom would to tell him about it. He reminds Tom of all the charges against Todd and no matter what Sam calls him (Todd or Tom), these charges are not going to disappear. Tom replies that he is going to have to pay for what Todd did to the people at the lodge and because Todd is going to be punished, so will he and that's not fair. Sam agrees. The District Attorney is going to think Tom is a liar. If there was some way to prove it, maybe Hank would rethink his position. Sam is sure Todd would rather go to jail than talk about what Peter Manning did to Todd that night. Tom says casually, "So my dad raped me. Is that what you want me to say to Hank Gannon?"

Asa's House- Bo, Asa, Lindsay

Asa says he want to talk to Bo. The way he says it reminds Bo of the time the dog got run down by the mailman and Asa had to tell Bo that poor Patches was going to have to be put to sleep. Asa asks Bo what he did all day besides read the paper and rub his backside. Bo admits he hates sitting around watching Sykes do his job, but he has fought all the way to the capital building and he is sick of it. Asa offers him a job with Buchanan Enterprises. Bo replies, "Not in your life". He hasn't worked at the family business in many years. Asa implies that he is family and family has to do this. Bo asks if Asa is going to disinherit him again. Asa says he will tell him the real truth.

When Todd was playing sadistic games and Asa's heart failed him, his whole life flashed before him and he thought that there was no one to pick up the reins when he dropped him. Buchanan Enterprises would be run by strangers. He needs Bo to put his shoulder to the wheel with his and provide for future generations. Bo makes the mistake of telling Asa that Nora has been thinking of future generations too. Asa's eyes light up at the thought of another grandchild to mold in the Buchanan tradition. Bo says that Nora is just thinking. Asa tells Bo that Nora is more persistent than he (Asa) is and that Bo ain't got a chance. Lindsay is lurking in the hallway and her eyes show that the wheels are turning in her mind about how to get into the old man's good graces.

Nora's office - Hank and Nora

Hank and Nora have just come back from visiting Rachel in Statesville. She is keeping her spirits up by reading and organizing aerobics classes. Hank assures Nora that he can keep pulling strings and watch over their daughter, but funny thing is that Rachel is capable of giving comfort as well. He gave her a book and after she read it she told Hank if he was in trouble, he could always turn to her. And to think he was worried about R.J.'s influence! They reminisce about the plaster cast Rachel took of her hands in kindergarten and how tiny her hands were. Nora says she was not much of a mother, but she loved the feeling of being so complete. Maybe Bo is right and that is why she wants to have a baby now.

Hank doesn't bat an eye. Bo on the other hand doesn't think she is serious. A year ago she would have laughed at the thought she would suspect Bo of having an affair with her secretary, but her self esteem has had a beating and she would like to think she could still have a baby. Not for a replacement for Rachel. Well she will have to do more homework. Hank says he has to get Todd back in jail now that he is no longer catatonic. They wish each other good luck on their missions.

Sam and Todd

Tom tells Sam he must have know about the rape. Sam replies that he looked and saw another boy, but he thought it was because he (Tom) tried to kill his father. Tom say that it was not him. He couldn't prevent it and neither could Sam. No one could stop Pete (the other alter). He trusts no one except Sam. He is the one who does all the violent stuff. Tom says he does not want to be in the hospital. Sam tells him he will have to prove he is exactly who he says he is. Can Sam use this in court. Tom smiles. "Sure, coach", he says, "I trust you". Sam replies, "I can sell this defense. Todd knows that doesn't he, Tom?"

Sam feels like he is watching an old game show. Will the real Todd Manning stand up? Tom reminds him of a day when no one came to pick up Todd from practice. Todd was angry but Sam took them home. He let Todd control the steering wheel while Sam controlled the brake and the accelerator. They were all like a team and they all trusted Sam and he trusted them. Could they do that again. Trust each other?

Meanwhile... in the corridor

Téa begins to think the coincidences are too much. Victor Lord, Peter Manning, Viki and Todd. Could Todd be using Viki's disorder as an inspiration to a grand escape plan. Kevin thinks he is faking. Viki replies that Kevin has his own agenda. Téa says she has to fight for her life and her freedom. Viki tells her that if she had been abandoned by her family, she would not be who she is today. Todd needs her, Tom needs her. If he is a hoax, so they have been had, but if it is true, Todd could disappear forever.

Téa tells Viki she just got into this for the 5 million. Viki says she is more than this, but Téa just wants off the carnival ride from now on. Viki wonders if she has been that wrong about Téa? Téa responds that maybe Viki is that wrong about Todd, too. She should think about it. Todd has been watching Téa on and off from his room.

Asa's House- Clint, Lindsay, Will and Asa

Will comes in with Clint. Lindsay asks where Jessica is. Clint says his daughter is otherwise engaged. Will makes a grab for the cocktail Lindsay has ready for Clint, but Clint grabs it back and proposes a toast to "family bonding and ground rules. Bo has finished up his discussion with Asa. Lindsay says that they are having dinner tonight and she hopes he and Nora can make it. He replies that he will check with his wife. He leaves and Asa goes off to do some business over the phone.

Clint wants to chat with his new step son. But first he has to explain to his mom that Jessica had a real tough choice (sarcastic) between a date with her boyfriend and a night with their parents. Clint questions whether Will encourage Jessica to spend the night in the park. Will admits he is used to more freedom. Clint just wants to make sure that he and LIndsay knows that they are safe and sound. Will asks quietly, "What do you expect, sir?". Clint tells him to call him by his given name and to be home at midnight unless they decide otherwise and the rest of the rules they will make up as they go along. Will is agreeable. Lindsay asks if he found a job. She is shocked when she hears her son's new boss is Nora Gannon. Asa comes down and says he got a phone call on his private line and it was a friend of Will's. He should not have given the number out. He hustles Will upstairs to get the call and warns him not to take too long. Clint shrugs it off to his father as Will just being a teenage.

Bo and Nora

Bo arrives at Nora's office and she is just wrapping up for the day. She tells him how great Rachel is doing, but she sees a scowl on his face and asks what is happening. He tells her about Asa's offer and Nora correctly guesses that Asa went with the guilt trip. Bo said he did, but he believes Asa meant most of what he said. Buchanan Enterprises is Asa's legacy. Makes Bo wonder what he is leaving for his son. Nora replies, honor, integrity and pride in being a cop. It is no accident Drew graduated No. 1 in Class. It is not fair that Bo is not still Commissioner. Bo says that's life. Nora thinks they should do something about it. It is not enough for Bo to have his eggs cracked and have to make an omelet out of it. Llanview needs him. Bo says maybe it is just a sign to move on. Bo tells her that their new sister in law wants them to come to dinner. Nora is wishing for a all nighter. Bo laughs and comes up with a plan. He will tell Lindsay Nora is hard at work. Nora can drop by Asa's just in time for dinner and then she will have a mouthful and not have to talk. He leaves and Nora gets on the phone. She tells Commissioner Sykes that it is Mrs. Bo Buchanan.

Llanfair- Jessica and Viki

Viki tells Jessica she looks cute but when Jessica obviously doesn't see that as a compliment, her mother says she looks beautiful. She promises she won't be out late and is about to hurry out when Viki asks if she can spare a hug. She tells Jessie she hasn't see much of her. Jessie replies that Viki is never home. Well she is here now, Viki says, can she hang out a few minutes before she goes to meet Cristian? Just then the phone rings and it is Nora's sister, the eminent Dr. Susannah Hanen, integrator of alters. Viki asks Jessie to wait a few minutes, but soon it becomes apparent that Viki is embarking on a long discussion of Uncle Todd so Jessica leaves, feeling ignored as ever.

Hospital- Sam, Hank, Téa and Todd(Tom)

Hank is determined to put Todd back in jail. Sam is in the corridor telling him that he had a case like this not long ago. Viki's! Hank replies that was a legit deal with medical experts who testified about the extent of Viki's disorder. Of course with Todd's money, Sam could buy experts. Sam says that Fragmentation took place in Todd at age 14. Todd did not do all these things. Hank is not impressed. The man in the hospital can go by any name he wants, he is still going back to jail. Todd/Tom peeks through the window.

Sam is determined to make a case. He grabs a policeman guarding Todd's room. He asks him to tell Hank about the changes in behavior. The guard says that the man in the room is not the same man they locked up for the rape of that nurse (Barbara). This guy is a pussy cat. Then Sam turns to Téa and asks her to tell Hank what Todd's state of mind is. Téa replies she does not know her state of mind, never mind his. She waves her hand up in a motion that bespeaks washing her hands of the situation and prepares to leave. Todd/Todd is watching her as she enters the elevator. He makes a mad dash toward the elevator with the policeman in hot pursuit and one can just picture a 14 year old Todd running for a touchdown. This is a 50 yard dash with Téa at the one yard line!

Thursday, August 13, 1998

At the hospital, Cassie eavesdropped as Kevin apologized to David for betraying Cassie. Kevin promised David that he loved Cassie and desperately wanted her back. David agreed that the situation was a mess, but it wasn't hopeless. With David's help, Kevin got Cassie to agree to help him with his story about Todd. Meanwhile, Nora went to the doctor to see if it was still possible for her to conceive a child. Nora then met up with John Sykes and tried to get him to step down and reinstate Bo as commissioner. When Sykes refused, Nora threatened legal action. Later, Nora told Sam that Will was working for her. "Tom" confessed that he had jumped on the elevator to be with Téa because he was afraid she wasn't coming back. Téa had to assure "Tom" that she didn't hate him because of what his father had done to him. "Tom" was returned to his room in handcuffs and listened as Dr. Lange suggested to Sykes that Todd be released from the hospital. Sam convinced Hank and Sykes to allow Todd to wear a monitoring device and be allowed to leave. Sykes reluctantly agreed, but insisted that Sam act as Todd's guardian. "Tom" saw Nora at the hospital and apologized for all the bad things that "Pete" had done to her and her family. Nora didn't buy Todd's act and pleaded with Sam not to fall prey to him. Kevin told Téa that he was determined to prove that Todd's was faking his DID. Before he left, "Tom" gave Téa his hospital bracelet that showed he had crossed out the name Todd and written Tom instead.

Friday, August 14, 1998

Asa's House

Lindsay is trying to get everything ready for her "family" dinner and is upset that Nigel has the night off. She's sure everything will be a disaster, but Clint tells her thing will go just fine. Lindsay wants to make a good impression. My family will love you as much as I do, Clint says, giving her a quick kiss. As Clint heads to the study to get Asa and Bo to come out, the doorbell rings and Lindsay goes to answer the door. It's Nora and Lindsay immediately blasts her for hiring Will, "you just can't stay away from the men in my life, can you", she accuses. Nora tries to explain she didn't know who Will was when she hired him, but Lindsay isn't listening. Will comes down the stairs just in time to hear Lindsay tell Nora that her son is not working for the woman who destroyed her marriage. Nora has heard enough and heads inside, calling for Bo. Lindsay turns and is shocked to see Will standing there.

Inside Asa's study, Renee looks on as Asa tries to get Bo to agree to join Buchanan Enterprises. They are interrupted by Clint's arrival, he reminds them that the party is about to start and then makes a hasty retreat as Asa starts to question him why he doesn't work for BE. You work your whole life to build something and for what, Asa grumbles, his two sons don't care and neither do his four grandsons. That gets him to thinking, why does he only have four grandsons, Bo should get busy making another Buchanan heir with "that wife" of his. Nora arrives in the doorway and pointedly reminds Asa that "that wife" has a name, Nora.

Will is very upset at the news about Nora and Sam, he can't believe he sat in Nora's office and asked her if she knew his dad. He's also upset at Lindsay for bringing him to a town full of Buchanans and not telling him. Lindsay says she didn't know how to tell him about Sam's "affair" with Nora. Clint and Jessica join them, but Will is too upset to talk and rushes out the door. Jessica follows him and Will yells at her for not telling him about Nora and Sam's affair, but Jessica is just as shocked and surprised to hear about it as Will was.

In Asa's study, Asa is asking Nora why she seems to think she has all the time in the world to provide him with a grandson. "Are you going to foal, or not?", he asks. Nora looks angry enough to kill him and Renee quickly diffuses the situation by dragging Asa out of the room. Nora tells Bo about her run-in with Lindsay and Bo tells her that Asa is just on a tear about heirs today and advises her to ignore him. Nora turns the conversation to his old job as commissioner and suggests that they could sue the city for 'dismissal without cause'. Bo wonders what brought this on and Nora explains that she saw Sykes today and talked to him about Bo. "You did what!", Bo asks, obviously not happy about it.

Nora explains that Sykes refused to even discuss Bo's reinstatement, so she threatened to sue. Bo is very unhappy, doesn't she realize how embarrassing that is, having his wife go begging for his job. I was trying to appeal to Sykes's better side, unfortunately he doesn't have one, and besides, I was acting as your lawyer, not your wife. Bo relents, he's not really mad at Nora, he's mad at the whole mess, but he can't see going to court over it. He's thinking this might be the time to move on.

Jessica is shocked to hear about Nora and Sam's "affair". Will believes her that she didn't know. Will has just said he can't believe his father would be such a slimeball, when the "slimeball" himself appears and says hello. Jessica goes inside and Sam asks Will what is wrong. "Thanks a lot for not telling me you left mom for Nora Buchanan", Will replies.

Sam wants to know exactly what Will heard because he has it wrong, he did date Nora once, but that was long before he met Lindsay. Well then how come Lindsay wants him to quit his job because Nora's the one that split up her marriage, Will wants to know. Sam begins to get the picture and leaves Will outside while he goes inside to confront Lindsay. Sam goes into the living room and asks to speak to Lindsay for a moment. Clint is not happy about his wife's ex taking her off in the middle of the dinner party, but Sam insists it will only take a minute and Lindsay assures Clint it will be alright. Sam takes Lindsay outside to clear things up with Will. Sam explains again that his relationship with Nora ended before he married Lindsay. He loves his family very much. "Your family yes, me no", Lindsay says, angering Sam. Clint comes outside to see what is going on.

Bo is telling Nora he doesn't want to sue the city, and even if he did and won, he wouldn't have the confidence of the citizens of Llanview anymore. Yes you would, Nora tells him, and there's not a cop on the force that doesn't want him back. Their discussion is interrupted by Asa and Renee, who came to see what was keeping them. Asa tells them that Lindsay is out on the lawn, yelling at her ex, it isn't natural for someone to be that close to their ex. Renee finds that statement funny considering how close she and Asa are. Asa starts bugging Bo again about coming to work at Buchanan Enterprises and Renee convinces Asa to go outside for a walk with her. Nora doesn't think Bo could be seriously considering Asa's offer, he loves his job as commissioner too much. Bo wonders why all of a sudden it seems like his job is more important to her than it is to him.

Nora wants him to get his job back for his sake not for hers, because he loves the job and he's good at it. Bo doesn't care if he's Commissioner Buchanan or Mr. Buchanan, what's important is the name "Buchanan", and it doesn't mean as much in Llanview as it once did thanks to Todd Manning's mud slinging. But that's going to change, and when he's through, the Buchanans are going to be back on top and better than ever.

Lindsay convinces Clint that it's nothing he needs to concern himself with and Clint heads back inside. Sam clarifies for Will again that he loved Lindsay when he married her and the reason for their divorce had nothing to do with Nora. Lindsay and Sam start fighting about Nora, Lindsay seems to feel that Nora is out to get her. And they keep fighting until Will yells at them to stop, he heard enough of their fighting when he was a kid. He's had enough of their lying to him, just like they did when the morning after their fights they would tell him everything was fine. Will's tired of the lies and leaves, with Jessica on his heels. Lindsay asks Sam if he's satisfied now. Me, he asks, Lindsay knows exactly why their marriage ended and it had nothing to do with him.

Will and Jessica quickly return, he forgot to grab the car keys when he ran out of the house. He comes back in to hear Lindsay and Sam fighting, Sam is saying that the real reason their marriage broke up is because Lindsay is the one that had the affair, with Sam's junior partner. Sam stops talking as soon as he notices Will, but it's too late and Will once again leaves with Jessica on his heels. Lindsay wants to run after him, but Sam advises she stay and go back in to Clint or she's going to have one of the shortest marriages on record. Sam leaves to go find Will. Lindsay goes into the living room to find everyone gone except Clint. Clint thinks it's about time Lindsay leveled with him about her ex-husband.

Bo tells Nora he's seriously considering taking Asa up on his offer of a job. And what about her, he asks, she's obviously been doing some re-assessing too. She tells him about she's planning to go to a fertility clinic to see if it's possible that they could still have a baby.

Kevin, Téa and Cassie

Téa shows up at the Banner to look at the information Kevin has collected so far. There's no information here that proves Todd's faking, she says. Kevin knows that, that's why he needs Téa's help to prove it, she needs to allow Kevin to be alone with Todd. Téa is hesitant, what if Todd really is sick. Kevin asks her if Todd ever mentioned any sexual abuse to her because that is what usually causes DID to start, but Tßa denies any knowledge of that. Of course, Téa's lie makes Kevin more convinced than ever(if that's possible) that todd is lying. Téa doesn't want to do anything that will hurt Todd, but in the end her desire to find out the truth about Todd and her unwillingness to get sucked in again outweigh her concerns. Also, if they are wrong and find out that Todd is really sick, Kevin promises to print it in an article, which would help Todd's case. Téa and Kevin shake hands on their agreement. Just at that moment, Cassie arrives. "Téa was just....", Kevin starts to explain, but Cassie doesn't want to hear it. She ignores his excuses and concentrates on the story on his computer screen. Kevin immediately breaks his promise of earlier, that if she came to help him it would be just business, and asks why they are talking about the article, they should be talking about "you and me".

Cassie asks what there is to say. Kevin wants her to say that she forgives him. "I'm a Cramer, we hold grudges", is what she does say. "Does that mean that you're still really angry with me?", he asks(Duh!). Angry, hurt, betrayed and humiliated is more like it and she's not very good at forgiveness. She throws in his face the fact that Andrew came to see her and brought her a rose, and then he rescued her by sweeping her away from all the people staring at her in the city room. Kevin knows how that feels, everyone's been looking at him too. "Well, you deserve it", Cassie tells him, feeling no sympathy. And have you seen....., Cassie can't bring herself to say Bibi's name. No, Kevin swears he hasn't been anywhere near Barbara since Cassie found out about them and he has no desire to see her. Cassie doesn't understand, he doesn't want to see Barbara anymore, "what was it all for, nothing?", she asks angrily.

Cassie almost wishes he would say he was swept up by love for Barbara, somehow that's better than hearing him say he dreads seeing Barbara again. Kevin asks her to think about their love, to remember their first night together. Kevin gets closer and closer, talking about how much they needed each other, until he grabs her. She insists that she can't forgive him, but he tells her that she can and then kisses her. They are very quickly interrupted by the phone and Cassie pulls away. It's Téa on the phone, wanting Kevin to come to the penthouse, but Kevin says he can't right now.

Cassie wants to know what Téa wanted, but Kevin says it's not important, certainly not as important to him as Cassie. He finally admits that it's a chance to nail Todd and Cassie encourages him to go. He tries to kiss her again and she pulls away, asking him not to rush her. Kevin asks if he can see her again tomorrow and Cassie, losing whatever backbone she had recently developed, agrees. He tries to kiss her and she pulls away again and leaves.

Todd(Tom), Sam, Téa and Kevin

Tom and Sam arrive at Todd's penthouse, but Tom is very reluctant to go in, this is Todd's house, not his. Sam convinces him to go in and Tom looks around, impressed, it all looked so much smaller from deep inside Todd, where he was before. Todd drops his jacket on the floor as he walks, just like a little kid and Sam picks it up behind him. Tom doesn't like Todd's clothes and Sam offers to go to the mall to pick up some new ones. Is there anything else Tom would like, he asks. Tom asks him, "Pick me up a Téa". "Téa?", Sam questions. "Téa", Todd replies. "Todd", Sam reprimands him. "Tom", Tom reminds him with a smile.

Sam is willing to do just about anything to help Tom, but he doesn't think getting Téa there will be possible. I just want her here to do my puzzle, Tom says. Sam is confused. Todd explains that Mr. Briggs says that's what married people do, do puzzles together, and sometimes "other things". Sam asks Tom to explain where he was when Todd was in charge. Todd was in the front, and I was in the back, he explains, I couldn't talk, but I had a lot of time to think. Tom loves Téa and he thinks she should give him another chance, that everyone should give him another chance. Sam hopes everyone gives him that chance. "Pizza", Tom suddenly exclaims and heads over to the phone to order one. Sam leaves to go to the mall and warns him not to leave the apartment. Tom promises he won't, he wouldn't leave Téa or Starr. Tom calls the pizza place and they apparently ask him to hold. "OK, I'll hold", Tom says meekly, *very* un-Todd like.

The doorbell rings and Tom goes to answer the door. When he sees Téa there he gives her a little smile and wave and says, "I thought you were a pizza". "Coach is good", Tom says cryptically, Téa doesn't understand that he thinks Sam is the reason she came. You're alone, Téa asks, stepping inside. "Not anymore", Tom says quietly, almost seeming Todd-like for a moment before he joins her in the living room.

Todd takes a slice of pizza out of the box, puts it on a plate and gives it to Téa before getting a slice of his own. Todd put his napkin on his lap, picks up his knife and fork and cuts a small piece off the pizza and eats it with his fork! Téa is shocked speechless (and so was I!:-) at his wonderful table manners. At one point he even waits to answer her question because he doesn't want to speak with food in his mouth!! Tom hates the way Todd eats, and he knows Téa does too because he's heard her say it enough, now he can do it his way. He keeps apologizing for things Todd did until Téa asks him to please stop. Tom says he has a really easy way for her to distinguish between the two of them (Todd and Tom), "I'm the guy you fell in love with". And after saying that, Tom rushes off to the kitchen to get some soda, leaving behind a shocked Téa.

Tom comes back from the kitchen with the soda and catches Téa hanging up the phone after her call to Kevin. Téa lies and says it was Carlotta calling her about Roseanne. Tom says he'd like to meet Roseanne someday and find out what Téa was like when she was a child. All of a sudden, Tom gets very upset and tells Téa, "you can't stand there" and says it several times. Téa doesn't understand. That's the exact spot you were standing in the night Pete threw you out in the storm. She stood there in that spot and started to take off her robe. Stop it, Téa insists. Tom apologizes, but then continues saying he wanted to talk to her that night, wanted to look at her, touch her.... "but I couldn't, because 'he' was there." But he's not here now, Todd says, and reaches out to hold her hand. He brings it to his face and holds it against his cheek. Then he reaches out and hugs her.

Téa rests her head on Tom's shoulder a moment before slowly pulling away. They both look a little embarrassed and unsure, and Tom tells her that he's never kissed a girl before. Téa says she thinks that he is very sweet and Tom seems pleased. As Téa walks by him, all of a sudden Tom turns and starts kissing her. They pull apart and look at each other, but Téa doesn't try to pull away. She just stands there and Tom kisses her again. Outside, Kevin arrives and gets ready to ring the doorbell. Inside, the kiss ends and Tom looks at Téa as she looks downward, not pulling away, but not looking at him either.

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