One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 12, 2004 on OLTL
Margaret kidnapped Jack, returned him, and kidnapped Ace. Blair agreed to keep Ace's true paternity a secret. Kevin was arrested for drunk driving. Starr and Travis hacked into the Banner and got Todd in trouble. Natalie agreed to move in with Paul. Tico arrived in Llanview to meet his family. Someone trashed the Love Center.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 12, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, July 12, 2004

Todd gets community service and pays a fine for setting up Nora. The charges against Todd for breaking into B.E.'s computer were dropped. Margaret watches Dorian's house. At the penthouse, Blair and Todd celebrate his freedom with champagne. Margaret dresses up as a nurse with a note from Viki and tells Hedy that Viki asked her to get Jack. The housekeeper hands Jack to Margaret. Margaret brings Jack to the penthouse. A shocked Blair threatens to call the police. Margaret runs away. Margaret uses the keys she stole earlier to gain access to Dorian's house and kidnaps Ace from his room. Kelly won't sign the divorce papers. Kevin tells her they don't have a chance, that even if Todd gives over Ace, years from now he will come back for him. Kevin packs the remainder of Kelly's bags and pushes her out of the house.

Jessica stays with Tico at the hospital. Tico asks Jessica about Antonio. Jessica tells him that Antonio is a good man. Jessica calls Antonio and asks him to come to the hospital.

John pretends to arrest Antonio. He then arrests Sonia, which gives Antonio a chance to escape. Sonia refuses to give John any information about the Santi family. Before John can take Sonia away, the FBI arrives to bring her into custody. John gives her over hesitantly. The FBI agent is in Sonia's pocket. The agent lets her go.

At the hospital, Antonio grills Tico about the family. Tico denies any involvement. Tico talks about his adopted sister. Antonio has doubts about Tico's story. John gives Antonio the ok to resume a normal life. Antonio is no longer undercover. Antonio decides to stay with Tico and sends Jessica back home. Tico clears the air by telling Antonio he wants nothing to do with the family and if Antonio is interested in finding the money, he wants nothing to do with him. Sonia finds Antonio at the hospital. Sonia pushes pass Antonio to see who is in the hospital room. Tico and Sonia know each other.

Natalie tries to get Paul money to get out of jail. John interrogates Paul and David. John decides to extradite them to Llanview.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Antonio learns that Sonia and Tico are adopted sister and brother. John releases Natalie, Paul and David once they are all back in Llanview. Paul asks Natalie to move in with him. Natalie accepts Paul's offer to move in. Sonia confesses to Tico and Antonio that she infiltrated the Santi family in order to bring down Jaime Padilla. Dorian doesn't believe David when he tells her the vault was empty. David is annoyed that Dorian still doesn't trust him. Someone shoots at Antonio while he is in Tico's hospital room. Antonio dives on Tico's bed to protect him.

Kelly discovers Ace is missing. She calls Todd over to help her. Todd fires Hedy for not looking out for Jack and Ace. Todd talks Kelly into going to the police. John and Detective Wade set up shop at Dorian's. They put a tracer on the phone just in case Margaret calls. Margaret is losing her patience for Ace, who can't seem to stop crying. Margaret calls Todd to let him know that their baby won't stop crying. Dorian tells Viki that Todd is ruining Kelly's life. Starr and Travis decide to change one of the headline stories on the Banner's website. They concoct a story about a former female worker at B.E. who thinks Kevin is jerk.

The Love Project gang have to come up with a way to make money. Marcie is goaded into singing at "Search and Destroy" competition at Ultra Violet. Marcie wins five hundred dollars. The gang decides to have a benefit concert with Midnight Logic and Marcie headlining. Julie shows up at Ultra Violet with the news that someone trashed the construction site for the community center.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Todd receives a call from Margaret, asking him to come home and read to their crying baby. When he doesn't realize where she is, she becomes suspicious and hangs up. Remembering that her mother had a place in town, Todd gets to the house with Kelly and the Llanview police. Wangling his way in, Todd goes along with pretending to be her husband. When he distracts her by asking her to find the baby a book, he manages to sneak out with Ace in his arms, as the police head in and arrest her.

Dorian and Viki exchange words over the Kelly/Todd situation but are interrupted by Kevin who has seen the latest article about himself in the newspaper. Viki doesn't believe for a minute that Todd has written the article, pointing out that the language sounds very much like a teenager had written it. Kevin continues to blame Todd and then gets into an argument with Dorian as she steps in to defend Kelly. Viki promises to fire Todd if she learns that he did in fact write the article.

John tries to track down Sonia, calling Jess to the station to quiz her on Tico Santi. She recounts how she found Antonio's cousin in chains. She also admits to being nervous, wondering if he really is Antonio's relative. John tries to put her mind at ease, telling her that the organization has been broken up and the danger is gone. Evangeline arrives to tie up loose ends on her client's shooting, so Jess leaves. She joins John for coffee and agrees to ride with him to Kathryn's memorial service. The pair has some awkward moments, and then begin to flirt and skirt the issues, until they are interrupted by Jess, who senses she's walked in on something. She's returned with the bandanna that she used to clean Tico up with. It's got his blood on it and she wants John to run a DNA test, to see if he is indeed related to Antonio. Before she leaves, she apologizes for interfering but can't help but notice that something was going on between John and Evangeline. She tells John that she doesn't want anyone else hurt, the way that he hurt Natalie.

Antonio protects Tico from the gunshot just as Sonia arrives. He promises to find the shooter as Sonia promises Tico she will get him out of the hospital. Antonio arrives back with a suspect in tow, along with a policeman. The man was seen to be coming off of the roof and after questioning, admits to working to protect his family honor as he was related to Padilla, the man shot and killed by Sonia. He insists that he is working alone. Antonio continues to question Sonia who reminds him that the family business is no longer in existence. He accuses her of setting up the hit on Tico and wanting control herself; she confides that she shot Padilla to get back at him for past indiscretions. She only wanted Antonio to help her get Tico out of Puerto Rico; Antonio is still alive, isn't he? The trio makes a plan to get Tico out of the country and into Llanview safely and quickly.

Travis and Starr hang out, stuck at home due to Margaret's earlier kidnapping of Jack. They gloat over their newspaper article.

Dorian gets home and finding no Kelly or Ace, attempts to reach her by telephone. Kevin storms in, looking for Todd and accusing Dorian of hiding him. Following close behind, Viki shows up which infuriates Kevin. She admits to following him because of her concern for him. Shortly after, Todd and Kelly arrive home with the baby and relate the story of the kidnapping. As Kevin accuses Todd, Kelly stands up for him as Viki tries to talk some sense into her son. Kelly decides that she doesn't want either man near the baby. Kevin attacks Todd verbally, on both the baby situation and the newspaper article that Todd knows nothing about. When Viki goes to the other room to take her medication, Todd taunts Kevin into physically attacking him. Viki walks in on her son beating her brother and screams for him to stop. She orders him to go home; she tells him that she doesn't know him.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Natalie confronts Antonio about his interest in the Santi family and warns him not to make Jessica a widow. He in turn reminds her that Cristian is watching over her, wondering what she is doing getting involved with Paul Cramer.

Returning home, Jessica strips down and crawls into bed, expecting the sleeping body to be Antonio. She is surprised to find that it is Tico sleeping in the bed. After the initial shock, the two converse and Tico warns Jessica of Antonio's draw into the Santi life. Upset when Tico presses the issue, Jessica runs out, bumping into Antonio who is left wondering what Tico did. He catches Jessie in the hall and promises that nothing will come between them again.

Kevin and Jen share a few drinks causing Jen to realize that Kevin isn't exactly who she thought he was. When she points out his past indiscretions, Kevin gets angry and storms off. He runs into Kelly at the park and tells her that they never should have gotten involved with each other. Jen appears to apologize, making Kelly think that she is interested in Kevin. Kevin is arrested for drunk driving.

Evangeline runs into Todd at Ultraviolet and shares her insecurities with him. At the park, John has a similar conversation with Kelly. When he returns to the police station, John reminds himself that he can't get involved with Van. When Evangeline goes to Rodi's, Natalie confronts her about her relationship with John.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Carlotta nearly passes out when she is introduced to her nephew. When Adriana arrives back in Llanview, she is thrilled to learn she has a brother. She tries to question him about their father, but Tico changes the subject. Discussing River, Adriana fears that he has given up on her. Tico convinces his newfound sister to find River. When she calls Andrew, he tells her that River is at the quarry.

River finds Shannon sunbathing at the quarry. After she questions him about his relationship with Adriana, the two share a kiss. Shannon warns River that another kiss will lead to more, but he pursues.

Blair threatens to expose Kelly's secret. Dorian assures Kelly that won't happen. Paying Blair a visit, Dorian reminds her what it means to be a ‘Cramer Woman'. Blair informs her aunt that she can and will tell the truth if Kelly doesn't back off Todd. Kelly shows up to beg her cousin to keep Ace's paternity a secret. Blair finally agrees to keep the secret, but only if Kelly stays away from her family.

While making her police statement, Kelly bumps into Kevin. Seeing the way he looks at Ace, she tells Bo that her son doesn't need a father. Back at the mansion, Kevin misses the baby and decides to sue Kelly for custody.

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