One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 28, 2005 on OLTL
Todd promised revenge on Margaret after the car with a kidnapped Blair was found crushed. Bo announced that Blair had managed to escape from the car. Daniel found evidence on Jen's printer that she'd been the one to pay Rex to hide the gun. R.J. won temporary custody of Jamie. Kevin and Kelly bid their farewells to Kevin Jr. at the cemetery. Evangeline was angry when she learned that Natalie had a key to John's apartment.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 28, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, February 28, 2005

Todd collapsed as Kevin took him into the Llanview Police Station. Kelly was there, and her feelings were hurt when Kevin angrily explained to her that he was on his way to spend some time alone at the lodge. Dorian, David, and a very relieved Viki arrived at the station, and Dorian demanded to know where Blair was. Everyone argued over who would go to search for Blair. Todd convinced Bo to let him ride with the police, and everyone else remained at the station, where Dorian continued to lash out at Viki.

Viki told Kevin that she was proud of him for saving Todd, and he expressed sympathy for what Margaret had done to Todd. When she pressed him for details, Kevin demurred, explaining that Todd had helped him. "That'll be the day," snarled Dorian.

A weakened Blair cried for help as Margaret's car was hooked up to a tow truck. Seeing light pouring through a small opening, she reached for it. By the time Bo and Todd arrived at the garage, the car was gone. Bo questioned the garage attendant, who finally revealed what junkyard the car had been towed to. The tow truck drove into the junkyard, and the entrance was closed and locked. Blair continued to struggle as a nearby car was crushed, and she was terrified when she realized that Margaret's car was going to be crushed too.

At R.J.'s club, R.J. flirted with Lindsay and bought champagne so they could celebrate "winning a battle" but teased that he wouldn't tell her what he had won unless she went home with him to continue the celebration. She quizzed him about his love life, including his feelings for Kerry's mother, Liz. Nora interrupted them, and the two women argued. R.J. defended Lindsay, who stepped away for a few minutes. In the meantime, Nora questioned R.J.'s attraction to Lindsay and pointed out her resemblance to Liz.

Jessica arrived at Antonio's, and they shared a tender moment together with Jaime. Antonio told her he hoped that R.J. would back off the custody fight. They reminisced but were interrupted when marshals arrived with the announcement that R.J. had won temporary custody of Jaime. Antonio had to immediately hand over his daughter. After the marshals left with Jaime, a furious Antonio stormed out with Jessica following.

Duke and Adriana went out on a date and exchanged childhood memories. They were head over heels for each other and were frustrated that their families hated each other so much.

R.J. invited Lindsay back to his place, but before she could answer, Antonio stormed in and punched him. The two men argued while Lindsay and Jessica looked on. Nora urged them both to back down. Once they were alone again, Lindsay and R.J. argued about the custody issue, and she tried to convince him that Jaime needed both her father and her grandfather. R.J. responded angrily -- he still blamed Antonio for Kerry's death.

Jessica and a despondent Antonio returned to his apartment. She consoled him and urged him to use the Santis' money to fight R.J., but he retorted that he didn't want to use "dirty" money. Jessica persuaded him that using the money to get Jaime back would make the money clean again. When he tried to embrace her, however, she recoiled and quickly left. Once outside his door, she looked upset then shook her head, smiled oddly, and left.

Nora tried to reach Daniel on the phone and started to worry when she didn't hear from him.

Bo and Todd found the junkyard as another car was crushed.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Antonio stopped in at the diner just as Carlotta was closing for the day. He asked her if she supported his decision to use the money he had inherited from Manuel Santi to hire a lawyer to help him win full custody of Jamie. Carlotta told him that he indeed needed to use the money for that purpose, and she also reminded him that marrying Jessica would look very good in the eyes of the courts. Viki called Antonio and asked him to check in on Jessica, as Viki was worried about the stalker. Antonio went to Llanfair and discovered Jessica's bedroom abandoned, clothes strewn across the floor, and lipstick prints on the mirror.

Meanwhile, Jessica had put on an extremely revealing dress and headed to a nightclub. While at the bar, she rebuffed one married man's advances, but then flirted intensely with another. They left the bar together, and Jessica asked the man if he was dangerous. "No more than you are," he answered.

Bo, Todd, and the Llanview Police Department arrived at the junkyard and searched desperately for the night manager. Todd tracked him down, but the manager was unable to contact Lester, the machine operator, on his radio. Bo had his officers escort Todd back to the cruisers, but Todd begged to be able to continue searching for Blair. Bo agreed, and Todd raced off on his injured legs to locate the car compactor. He arrived too late -- Margaret's car had been crushed, and Todd saw blood on the ruined side of the vehicle. As Bo and the officers rushed to his side, Todd collapsed in grief.

At the police station, Viki, Dorian, David, Kevin, and Kelly anxiously awaited information on Blair. Starr arrived on her own and demanded information about Todd. David convinced Viki and Dorian that Starr was mature enough to handle the truth. They told her that Todd was alive and well but that they had been waiting to say anything until they had received word on Blair. Starr told Dorian that she could tell how scared Dorian was.

In the hallway of the police station, Kevin and Kelly had a bitter fight that everyone else overheard. Kelly demanded that Kevin mourn for the loss of their baby that had died, just as he was mourning for Ace. He told her that he didn't need to accept a lecture on grieving and love from someone who was incapable of love herself; Kelly slapped him across the face. Kevin told Kelly she was dead to him, but David broke up the fight. In the aftermath of the argument, Kelly tried to comfort Dorian, who pushed her away.

Adriana and Duke shared a kiss at the diner, continuing to grow close as their families clashed.

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

As Dorian, Viki, Kevin, and Kelly awaited news on Blair, David took a tired Starr home. She refused to eat or sleep; she just wanted news on her parents. David decided not to allow her to watch television and attempted to keep her occupied. At the station, a reporter tried to question Dorian about the custody of the Manning children in the event of Blair's death, but thankfully, one of the policemen tossed him out. Todd and Bo finally returned and were forced to share the news; the car had been located, but they had been too late. Blair had been in the car when it had been crushed.

Todd blamed himself, and Dorian quickly agreed, though she denied that her niece was dead. Kelly rushed out, and the reporter accosted her; Kevin rushed to her aid. When Todd announced that he wanted to see his children, Dorian forbade it, which caused everyone to argue loudly. Taking the bull by the horns, Viki called David and asked that he take Starr to Todd's apartment.

Asa was disappointed when he learned that Todd had been found, but he instantly became gleeful when he heard of Blair's presumed death. Too late, he turned to find Duke and Adriana standing nearby. An indignant Duke ordered his grandfather to apologize, but Adriana didn't want to hear it, knowing that it would be fake. After Adriana left, Asa attempted to tell Duke that he was sorry, but Duke didn't want to hear it either. He suggested the old man try some compassion for a change, to put himself in Todd's shoes as he had children who no longer had a mother. Duke asked how Asa would feel if that were one of his own sons.

Kelly ended up at the cemetery with Kevin in close pursuit, offering to comfort her. Reminding him that she was dead to him, she turned and kneeled at a tombstone. Kevin was shocked and moved to see that it read Kevin Riley Buchanan, Jr. She had needed a name for the death certificate, Kelly told him, and she suggested that he say goodbye to their son.

Kevin was sorry for not being there for Kelly, he tearfully told her, as well as for taking Ace from her and for having her need to think that a baby would help their marriage. He was sorry for a lot of things and asked her forgiveness. She asked for his, and they bonded in their saddened state. Someday they'd forgive each other, Kelly said, but they had to move on. When Kevin asked her how, she suggested that he be the father, son, friend, and man that his son would have wanted him to be. He promised to try.

Matthew saw the news on television and wanted to speak to his dad immediately, to encourage him to look for Blair. Bo arrived sometime later, and after Bo tried to skirt the issue, Matthew guessed that Blair was dead. He wanted to be there for Starr and offered to buy her a present. He was also really glad that he had Bo and Nora for his parents.

Viki accompanied a heavy-hearted Todd home. He still thought he should wait for proof before saying anything to Starr, but he was insistent that he had let Blair down. He and his daughter had an emotional reunion after which Todd broke the news of Blair's death. Turning on her dad, Starr accused him of killing Blair and wished him dead because she hated him. She ran upstairs, and Todd was consumed with guilt, but Viki disagreed. He insisted that it was his fault, that he was the one who had introduced Margaret into their lives. He asked to be left alone.

Adriana arrived home to comfort Dorian who was in total denial. She insisted that Blair had been able to get out of the car. She repeated her mantra to David, who was in total agreement with her, but after he gave her a hug, she broke down.

Starr walked back down the stairs and, crying, apologized to Todd.

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Viki entered her bedroom and found Jessica sleeping in her bed. She asked Jessica why she was there, and Jessica said that the previous night was nothing but a big blank in her head. Viki reminded Jessica that she had sleepwalked as a little girl then filled her in on Blair and Todd's situations. Jack entered the room and asked Aunt Viki to take him home.

Antonio's concern for Jessica had mounted, and he went to see Bo. Before Bo would fill out a missing person's report, he decided to try Jessica on her cell phone. When Bo reached Jessica and discovered that she was fine, Antonio was confused. He invited Jessica to lunch, and they met at the diner. A puzzled Antonio demanded to know where she had been the previous evening when he had gone to Llanfair. Jessica said that she had been asleep in Viki's bedroom and that she thought she might have been sleepwalking.

Antonio demanded that Jessica see a doctor, but she explained that she was just under a lot of stress due to her family's problems. She was confused when Antonio mentioned the lipstick marks on her bedroom mirror but decided that it had to have been Starr's doing. Finally, she made an agreement with Antonio: she would see a doctor if he promised not to get so concerned every time he couldn't track her down. He agreed to the deal and reminded her that he was just worried because of her stalker.

When Antonio stepped away, Jessica was approached by the man she had been talking to in the bar the previous night. He said he'd had a really good time with her, but she just stared at him blankly. She asked if she knew him, and he responded, "You're joking, right?" Antonio walked up and grabbed the guy, demanding to know who he was.

Viki took Jack to Todd's apartment, and Starr took Jack up to her bedroom to look at video games. Todd told Viki that he was going to find Margaret Cochran and kill her. Viki scolded him, reminding him that if he did that, he would go to jail and leave Starr and Jack without either of their parents. She encouraged him to take more sensible action and go to the police station to talk to Bo. Todd told her he didn't know what he would do without her and left for the station.

Addie arrived at Dorian's house for her visit with Blair. She told Dorian that she'd had a bad dream about attending Blair's funeral and asked where her daughter was. Dorian stalled for time but ended up telling Addie that Blair was fine. Kelly, Adriana, and David could sense that Dorian was falling apart behind her tough fašade. Addie agreed to visit on another day. After Addie left, Dorian fell into David's arms, expressing guilt at lying to her sister.

Dorian and David went to the police station to see if Bo had any information on Blair's body, and they ran into Todd. Dorian verbally attacked Todd once again, telling him there was no way he was going to claim Blair's body. Bo called Dorian, David, and Todd into his office and delivered the news: no body had been found inside the crushed car.

Kevin and Duke enjoyed a conversation at the mansion, continuing to bond. Duke informed his father of the cruel comments about Blair that Asa had callously made in front of Adriana. Kevin decided they needed to make amends, and the two of them headed to Dorian's house. Kevin apologized to Adriana for his grandfather's behavior, and Kelly was visibly impressed.

Friday, March 4, 2005

At the diner, the guy Jessica had met at a bar out of town, an event Jessica did not remember, approached her. Antonio protected Jessica as the guy said he knew her. He told Antonio he had been with Jessica the previous night. Jessica had never seen him before and believed he was mistaking her for someone else. Antonio stated it wasn't Jessica. The guy left.

Jessica asked Antonio about the possibility of that guy being her stalker. Antonio did not think he was. Antonio was served with papers regarding custody of Jamie. Jessica tried to persuade Antonio to use Tico's money in the fight for Jamie. Antonio went to call Evangeline. The guy approached Jessica again and told her they had been a lot closer the night before. Antonio defended Jessica and threatened the guy away. Jessica thanked Antonio as the guy watched them from outside.

Evangeline ran into Natalie, who was filling in for Roxy at the hotel. Evangeline wanted to leave something for John. Natalie told her to take it up to his room, since she had a key. When Evangeline remarked she did not have a key, Natalie blurted out that John had not listened to her advice. Evangeline angrily asked Natalie about the advice.

Natalie described how she had overheard how John had asked for his key back and had told him he was a jerk for not letting Evangeline keep it. Evangeline asked Natalie why she was so concerned about Evangeline's relationship with John. Natalie implied that if she knew John was committed to a relationship, she would not interfere. Evangeline was upset about the word "if." Natalie left.

Nora, who was buying a cake to celebrate Jen and Riley moving in together, ran into John. Nora commented that he smelled like smoke. John stated he was investigating the fire that had killed Hudson, Marcie's friend. Nora asked if he thought it was foul play. Nora left. Rex asked John if he had seen Natalie lately. John asked what Natalie had to do with him.

Rex warned John to stay away from Natalie and not to help her if she went to him. John told Rex he did not want to hurt Natalie. John left. Natalie arrived to see Rex, while Rex was trying to clear Jen of Paul's murder. Natalie told Rex she would not use her friendship with Bo and John to give him information.

Natalie said she needed to stay away from John. Natalie told Rex about the encounter with Evangeline. Rex told Natalie about his earlier conversation with John. Rex said they had both fallen hard for Jen and John. Rex told Natalie he needed to do something before he ended up in jail for planting evidence.

At the police station, Todd, Dorian, David, and Bo were searching for Blair. Her body had not been found in the trunk of Margaret's car. Evidence showed the lock being broken from inside the trunk. Dorian was happy Blair had escaped, as David and Todd asked where could she be. Bo had police teams searching the area.

Bo stopped Todd from talking to Starr, as there was a slim chance Blair was alive. Dorian insisted Blair was alive. David wanted to know what Bo was not saying. Bo revealed the trunk had a significant amount of Blair's blood. Todd believed Margaret might have Blair. Dorian wanted to post a reward for information about Blair's whereabouts. Bo gave Todd back his wedding ring, as Todd prayed for Blair to return home.

Jen and Riley were moving into their new apartment when Daniel arrived with a gift. Riley stated Daniel was not welcome, since Jen was still on the list of suspects for Paul's murder. When Daniel said the case was still open, Jen realized she was still a suspect. Nora arrived with cake. Nora asked Daniel where he had been the night before. Daniel flippantly responded he had been at a meeting.

Nora did not believe Daniel but let the issue drop. Nora and Daniel helped Jen and Riley unpack. Daniel unpacked Jen's old printer. Since that model matched the printing of the killer's letter, Daniel wanted to take the printer in for testing. As Riley and Daniel argued, the printer broke. Daniel found a scrap of paper that had been torn from a larger letter the killer had written to Rex.

John was happy to see Evangeline at the hotel. Evangeline was angry about his conversation with Natalie. John believed Natalie had been trying to help. Evangeline saw it differently and explained her feelings to John. She did not understand why they couldn't work out their problems together. Evangeline asked why she didn't give up. John replied, asking why Evangeline didn't.

Evangeline asked John if he wanted out. He told her no, but he would not hold her back if that was what she wanted. Evangeline told John she wanted only him. They kissed, and Evangeline commented he smelled like smoke. John said he was going to take a shower and carried Evangeline in with him. John told Evangeline she made him feel alive again then Antonio called Evangeline away.

As Blair was lying unconscious in the woods, a stranger approached her.

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