One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 17, 2009 on OLTL
Kim and Stacy tried to pick a potential father for Stacy's baby. Fish grew jealous after seeing Kyle talking to a fellow gym member. Rex was unhappy when he saw Gigi and Schuyler in an embrace. David admitted to footing the bill for Matthew's court case. Dorian suggested that Viki run for mayor.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 17, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Who To-Do List

In the hall of the courthouse, Nora and Bo both admitted that they nearly stopped Nora and Clint's wedding ceremony. Stunned by Bo's admission, Nora claimed that she considered stopping the wedding because she didn't want to have the kiss that she shared with Bo looming over her head. When Nora stated that their kiss meant nothing, Bo questioned why they were keeping a meaningless secret from Clint. Before Nora could respond, Matthew arrived to attend the hearing.

Nora and Bo asked to speak to their son before the hearing, but Matthew was reluctant. Relating that they were aware that Matthew had tried to prevent their secret from being exposed in court, Nora and Bo thanked Matthew for doing his best to protect them. Admitting that he didn't want to hurt Clint or his parents, Matthew stated that his only wish was to walk again.

Inside the courtroom, Elijah urged Téa to convince Matthew to drop his case against his parents. When Téa refused to give in to his demands, Elijah boasted, "I know the secret that you're keeping from Todd Manning!" Téa demanded to know what information Elijah had that pertained to her. Elijah assured Téa that Todd wouldn't be pleased to learn the information that she was withholding from him. Todd phoned Téa and interrupted the conversation. Téa nearly panicked when Elijah asked to speak with Todd. Téa abruptly ended the call.

Enraged, Téa screamed, "You're bluffing. You don't know anything about me!" Presenting Téa with the legal document that pertained to her, Elijah teased, "What do you think now?" Observing Téa's nervous demeanor, Elijah asked, "Ready to play ball?" As Matthew, Nora, and Bo entered the courtroom, a terrified Téa stared at the file that contained her personal information.

When the judge instructed Téa to give her opening statement, Elijah smiled as a nervous Téa reported that she hadn't prepared a statement for the court. Obviously flustered, Téa stated that there was nothing she could say that would win the case for her client. Certain that he had convinced Téa to cooperate, Elijah smiled. Instead, Téa shocked everyone when she called Matthew to the stand. Téa announced that Matthew would present his own case before the judge. Elijah didn't appear pleased by the sudden turn of events.

At Capricorn, Cristian admitted to Blair that he had witnessed Fish involved in a compromising position with a man. Relating that Fish had slept with Layla afterward, Cristian wondered if he should tell Layla the truth. Startled by the revelation, Blair had no advice for Cristian. Desperate for help, Cristian asked Blair if she would interfere if she knew that Todd was involved with a woman who could hurt him. Recalling her conflict with Téa and Todd, Blair stated that she had to protect her children from Téa's influence.

Realizing that Blair was angry with Téa, Cristian wondered if Blair still had feelings for Todd. Insulted by Cristian's suggestion, Blair said that Cristian wanted to expose Fish's secret because Cristian had feelings for Layla. Claiming that he was only concerned about Layla's emotional state, Cristian stated that he didn't envy Blair's predicament.

Tapping her file that contained Tea's personal history, Blair remarked, "Téa shouldn't be a problem much longer!" Todd entered the club and overheard Blair's comment. Todd demanded to know the meaning behind Blair's statement. When Blair refused to provide him with an explanation, Todd attempted to seize the file from Blair. After an intense struggle, Todd obtained possession of the file. Upon realizing that Blair had investigated Téa's background, Todd demanded, "What the hell are you up to?"

At the gym, Fish approached Kyle and apologized for his behavior the previous night. Insisting that their romantic relationship during college was an experiment, Fish claimed that he was happy with Layla, and begged Kyle to accept his decision. Mentioning that he had slept with Layla, Fish was adamant that he had a future with her. Hurt to learn that Fish had slept with Layla, Kyle told Fish that their romantic relationship in college was the most meaningful relationship that Kyle had ever had. Kyle reminded Fish that he had claimed to love Kyle once. Stating that he didn't care how much Fish pretended to care for Layla, Kyle insisted that Fish had responded favorably to the kiss that Kyle had shared with him.

Sensing that Fish was troubled, Kyle agreed to stay away from Fish if Fish promised to meet with Kyle one last time. Commenting that Fish appeared to be experiencing a difficult time, Kyle stated that he merely wanted to help his old friend. Inching close to Fish, Kyle lovingly rubbed Fish's shoulders and said that he didn't want to see his friend hurt. While Fish and Kyle shared a special moment, Fish panicked when Cristian appeared and witnessed their intimate exchange.

Shoving Kyle away, Fish denied that anything had occurred. Convinced that Fish was lying, Cristian demanded to know what had taken place between the two men. Fish was terrified when Kyle attempted to answer. To Fish's surprise, Kyle announced that Fish wasn't gay. Kyle apologized and insisted that he had made a mistake about Fish's sexuality. As he walked away, Kyle told Cristain that Fish was in love with Layla. Unconvinced, Cristian warned Fish not to hurt Layla. Later, as he watched Kyle flirt with a guy at the gym, Fish breathed a sigh of relief.

At Rex's loft, Kimmy listened as a defeated Stacy gave up all hope of claiming Rex. Reminding Stacy that she was a fighter, Kimmy encouraged Stacy to find someone else to impregnate her. Determined to help her friend, Kimmy constructed a list of potential candidates.

Placing Schuyler at the top of the list, Stacy cautioned Kimmy that Schuyler had developed serious feelings for Gigi. Stacy was uncertain that she could convince Schuyler to have sex with her again. Although she was able to recall her sexual encounter with Fish, Stacy couldn't remember his name. Referring to him as Tuna, Stacy added him to the list. Stacy chose Kyle as candidate number three. Recounting the incident in which she attempted to bribe him with sex, Stacy related that Kyle had appeared to have no interest in her. Studying her list, Stacy laughed, "So boys, which one of you are going to make me pregnant with Rex's child?"

Greg paid Rachel a visit at the drug rehabilitation center. Realizing that Rachel hadn't gotten over the argument they had the previous night, Greg tried to apologize, but Rachel was in no mood to make peace. Denying that she was upset, Rachel argued that Greg didn't know her very well. With a sly grin, Greg drew her close and said, "No, but I would like to!" After Rachel had calmed down, Greg wondered why their encounters always ended in an argument. Rachel told Greg that Vivian had suggested that Rachel was attracted to Greg. To Rachel's surprise, Greg related that Vivian had made the same comment to him.

At Rodi's, while Rex and Roxy argued, Gigi retreated outside to take her break. Blaming Roxy for his problems with Stacy, Rex complained that he couldn't trust his mother to be honest with him. Rex berated Roxy for refusing to reveal his father's identity. In an attempt to change the subject, Roxy vowed to rid Rex of Stacy. Informing Roxy that he wouldn't abandon his child, Rex instructed Roxy to stay away from Stacy, and him, as well. Devastated, Roxy rushed out of the bar.

Meanwhile, Schuyler encountered Gigi outside of Rodi's Alerting Schuyler that Rex was inside, Gigi informed Schuyler that she had told Rex about their kiss. Upon learning of Rex's concern, Schuyler suggested that he and Gigi end their friendship. Insisting that he didn't want to cause Gigi any further problems, Schuyler doubted that they could remain platonic friends. Near tears, Gigi stated that she didn't want to lose Schuyler as a friend. As they hugged goodbye, an irate Rex appeared and pulled Gigi and Schuyler apart.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To Walk, Perchance To Dream

At Capricorn, Todd questioned Blair about her decision to dig in to Téa's past. Blair claimed that she was concerned about the children. Todd resented Blair's implication that Téa posed a threat to his family. He insisted that there wasn't anything to be concerned about. Blair disagreed; she reminded Todd that Téa had confessed that she had a big secret. Todd refused to believe that there was anything earth-shattering in Téa's past. Blair pointed out that the secret had to be important if Téa felt compelled to share it with Blair while they had been trapped in the boiler room.

Todd accused Blair of snooping into Téa's background out of jealousy, not out of concern for the children. Blair denied being jealous; she insisted that she could have Todd back whenever she wanted. To prove her point, Blair kissed Todd. Todd pushed Blair away, but the kiss had lasted long enough for Blair to smile with satisfaction. Todd claimed that what had happened in the cabana with Blair had been a mistake. He was determined to make his relationship with Téa work.

Blair handed Téa's file to Todd. She dared him to rip up the report, unread, if he truly wasn't interested in what had happened to Téa during those missing six years. Todd deliberately shredded the papers. Afterwards, Todd suggested that Blair "let it go and get a life." Blair watched Todd walk out. As soon as Todd was gone, she called Rex. Blair asked Rex to send her another copy of the report on Téa.

Matthew took the stand to testify. Téa carefully questioned Matthew about the accident that had led to his injury. After Matthew gave an emotional recounting of the chain of events that had left him paralyzed, Téa asked how the injury had changed Matthew's life. Matthew told the judge about the moment that he had learned that he would never walk again. Matthew admitted that he had felt isolated. He confessed that he had tried to be okay for the sake of his parents, but it had merely been a pretense.

Matthew also revealed that he was only happy when he slept, because in his dreams he had the ability to walk. Nora became upset when Téa showed pictures of Matthew prior to the accident. She felt that Téa was needlessly torturing Matthew. Bo whispered to Nora that they owed it to their son to hear him out. Nora's temper flared when Téa implied that Nora and Bo didn't have Matthew's best interest at heart. Nora stood up to berate Téa for not understanding the difficulties of parenthood. The judge was not pleased with Nora's behavior.

After the judge ordered Nora to sit down, reminding Nora that she would have an opportunity to say her peace, Téa resumed questioning Matthew. She asked her client if he understood the risk of surgery. Matthew made it clear that he was fully aware that he could die. According to Matthew, it was a risk worth taking, because the reward would allow him to lead a fulfilling life. The judge called a short recess. Bo took the opportunity tell Matthew that he was proud of the boy.

When court resumed, Elijah began his cross-examination of Matthew. Elijah didn't pull any punches; he asked Matthew why anyone should trust Matthew's judgment when that judgment had led to Matthew's predicament. Nora and Bo were stunned.

Rex was furious when he spotted Gigi and Schuyler in an embrace outside of Rodi's. Gigi and Schuyler insisted that Rex had misread the situation, but Rex didn't seem to believe them. Schuyler managed to snag Rex's attention when he confessed that he had been saying goodbye to Gigi. Schuyler went on to explain that he had decided to sever all ties with Gigi, so that their friendship wouldn't put a strain on Gigi's relationship with Rex.

Rex remained distrustful; he insisted that Schuyler was merely "on the make." Rex challenged Schuyler to admit it. Schuyler wondered why it even mattered, since Gigi clearly was in love with Rex. Schuyler suggested that Rex learn to appreciate what he had with Gigi rather than trying to throw it away by behaving like a "jerk." As Schuyler walked away, Gigi called out to her friend. She told him that it wasn't necessary to end their friendship, but Schuyler insisted that it was best.

After Schuyler left, Gigi turned to Rex. She confessed that she wanted their relationship to return to the way it was before they were constantly fighting. Gigi wondered if it was even possible. Rex followed Gigi into Rodi's. Rex admitted that he was also tired of the arguments. He proposed making a fresh start by putting up a wall to keep everyone out. Gigi liked the sound of that. She asked him to promise that they would not let anyone "screw" with them again.

Gigi and Rex spent the remainder of the evening focusing on each other. They drank, played games, and had fun laughing and joking around.

At the drug rehabilitation center, Greg and Rachel discussed Vivian's suspicion that Greg and Rachel were attracted to each other. Greg admitted that Vivian was a smart woman; however, Rachel was dating his brother. Rachel didn't deny being attracted to Greg, but she did insist that the line between love and hate was strong. Greg acknowledged that Rachel hated him. Rachel admitted that she didn't hate him, but she made it clear that she wasn't enamored of Greg.

Their talk turned hostile when Rachel decided to psychoanalyze Greg. She painted Greg as someone who avoided commitments and tended to be quite shallow when it came to women. Greg was momentarily speechless as Rachel walked away. When he collected himself, Greg followed Rachel. They were in a heated argument when Schuyler approached. Greg stormed off while Rachel threw her hands up in exasperation.

When Schuyler revealed that he had given up Gigi "cold turkey," Rachel's anger evaporated. She offered him words of encouragement, but they did little to ease Schuyler's hurt. He confessed that, deep down inside, he believed that he was good for Gigi. Rachel told Schuyler, "Sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest."

At the loft, Stacy took a test to confirm that she was ovulating. Kimmy had narrowed Stacy's list of candidates down to three potential fathers: Kyle, Fish, or Schuyler. Stacy argued that Schuyler would be too much work to seduce because he was attracted to Gigi. With Schuyler scratched off of the list, Stacy decided to call her top candidate.

At the gym, Fish secretly spied on Kyle while Kyle struck up a conversation with another gym member. As Kyle and Nick talked about getting together in the future, Fish realized that the two young men were attracted to each other. Before Nick walked away, Kyle took his telephone number. Moments later, Stacy called Kyle to invite him over to the loft. Fish pretended to bump into Kyle after the call, but they said little beyond a strained exchanging of pleasantries.

As Kyle walked away, Fish recalled the steamy kiss that he had shared with Kyle. Later, Fish approached Nick to warn him not to get involved with Kyle. When Nick wondered if Fish and Kyle were an item, Fish denied being gay. He explained that he was a cop and that Kyle had a police record. Nick questioned Fish about Kyle's criminal history. Nick didn't seem bothered that Kyle had attempted to blackmail someone.

When Nick suggested that he would discuss it with Kyle, Fish advised him not to. Fish explained that Kyle would be embarrassed. Nick thanked Fish for the heads-up and then walked away. Later, Fish overheard Nick accepting an invitation to dinner.

While Stacy waited for Kyle's arrival, Kimmy reminded her friend that Stacy needed to get pregnant. Stacy had changed into a sexy black dress, but didn't seem eager about the encounter. Kimmy advised Stacy to pretend that Kyle was Rex. When Kyle arrived, Kimmy ducked out of sight while Stacy answered the door.

Stacy's seduction was a complete failure. Kyle was shocked when he realized that Stacy was trying to lure him into bed. Before Kyle had an opportunity to walk out, Kimmy stepped forward with an offer of a threesome. Kyle's jaw dropped when Kimmy and Stacy prepared to do a striptease for his benefit. He quickly informed both ladies that he was gay.

Stacy didn't believe Kyle. She reminded Kyle that he had flirted with her. Kyle pointed out that gay people were capable of flirting. Kyle had no idea what Stacy and Kimmy were up to, but he did not want any part of it. Kyle left before Stacy or Kimmy could respond. In the hallway, Kyle called Nick to ask him out to dinner. Nick readily accepted the invitation.

After Kyle fled the loft, Stacy decided to call Fish.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Real Buchanans of Llantano County

As Starr and Langston lounged around the pool at La Boulaie, the girls talked about going back to school in September. Starr made a startling declaration, informing her best friend that she would not be returning to school. She wanted to stay home and take care of Hope, since she had already missed out on so much of her baby's life. Mortified, Langston stressed that there was a waiting list of babysitters at La Boulaie and nothing could be worse than Starr giving up her own life.

Cole was disturbed when Sergei showed up at the rehabilitation center, and wondered why the man seemed to be following him. He didn't feel that it was necessary for every minute of his life to be accounted for, Cole retorted to his boss. Demanding to know why Cole was with the authorities, Cole informed the man that he wanted to stay clean and needed to put on a good show for his mother's boyfriend, who was a cop. Sergei wanted a list of Cole's customers, but Cole felt that he wouldn't be needed if he provided that. Sergei advised him that he wasn't needed, and if he had nothing to hide, he shouldn't be worried about being followed.

Téa vehemently objected to Elijah's line of questioning regarding Matthew's judgment making. The judge allowed Elijah to continue as he pursued the reasons for Matthew being in the wheelchair.

Jessica visited Brody at Rodi's and confided that she was probably hallucinating all of the signs she had been spotting of Nash's return from the dead. No one knew about the "heart thing" except herself and Nash. Brody explained that he had managed to spot the heart drawn on the glass door, and rebuked the notion that Jessica herself had put it there. He had managed to lift a fingerprint, he explained, and her visions were real. He suggested that perhaps someone had seen her draw the heart on her baby's casket at the cemetery.

As Jared and Natalie showed Clint the DVD they had mysteriously received showing Nash's death, Nigel was busy attempting to keep David Vickers and his film crew from entering the premises. As David narrated his latest foray into the world of reality, Ford felt that it wasn't working. Ford complained that he was promised crazy rich people. David soothed his associate, explaining that he had needed to offer the "shots of fame" to Dorian and Viki first, but his family was just as interesting.

He proceeded to fill Ford in on his relatives like the cowboy, the madam of a brothel, and his own brother, who was the "Tiny Tim of Llanview High." Priscilla began to tickle Nigel in order to sidetrack him and she succeeded, allowing David and company to pass through. Bursting into the room where Clint, Natalie, and Jared were deep in conversation, Nigel attempted to explain. As Clint ordered the camera crew out, he went out to have a chat with Nigel. David turned his sights on Jared and Natalie.

Facing the camera to narrate, full of explanations for his audience, he commenced. "Cousin Natalie, former trailer trash and a pool hall hustler, and now the dainty flower of Buchanan house. Like Natalie, I came to the Buchanan family picnic late," David added. As Jared pushed David away, calling him a freak, David spoke to his audience again. "Speaking of freaks..." he pointed to Jared. David commented on the man who posed as Natalie's uncle and was someone who could be violent, pushing Natalie's sister's husband to his death. Markko continued to film in his new role and part-time job as cameraman.

Returning to the room, Clint yelled that everyone knew that Nash's death had been an accident. Suddenly, Clint had a thought and wondered out loud if David had been the one to send the DVD with pictures. Natalie found it strange that the pictures had turned up the same day as David. As David began to pursue a new angle, Jared pushed David, and Clint punched David in the face. Landing on the floor, David remembered to turn to the camera. "And that's how we roll. We're the real Buchanans of Llantano County."

Clint advised Jared and Natalie to warn Jessica about the existence of the recently received pictures. On her way out, Natalie advised Markko to be careful. She understood his predicament of needing a good paying job.

Jessica paid a surprise visit to Madame Delphina, who acknowledged feeling another presence from the "other side," besides Asa, during the night the family celebrated at the lodge. Jessica expressed her belief that she had seen signs that Nash was around. Delphina offered to contact Nash, noting she was "running a recession special on séances." While Jessica contended that she didn't believe in ghosts, Delphina explained that spirits returned to check on their loved ones.

Finished with scheduling, Langston informed Starr that she had signed Starr up for classes, but had kept the school day to a minimum. Starr seemed to be full of additional excuses, and Langston sensed that something else was wrong. Starr admitted that she was concerned about Cole and his community service, and couldn't wait for it to be over. She confided that she was unable to disclose any other information to Langston.

Sergei was confused over a book he found in Cole's possession, and the young man explained that he needed to obtain his GED, head to college, and make more money. He felt that it would be profitable to sell drugs to all of the incoming freshman, and he wanted more business. Sergei offered to help him, and made veiled threats towards Cole's family again. Once he left Cole, Sergei made a call to someone about a shipment. Cole eavesdropped behind the office door.

As Elijah continued his attack on Matthew, Destiny stood up and shouted that it was all the fault of Becca and Justin. She was ordered to sit, and Elijah picked up from where he left off. Citing the fact that Cole was on drugs, Matthew stood up for his friend, informing the court that Cole had tried to toss him from the car. This brought Elijah back to Matthew's poor judgment and how he not only stayed in the car, but didn't have his seatbelt on. Matthew pointed out that everyone made mistakes, including his parents. Elijah suggested that Matthew's next decision might put him in the ground.

Téa resumed questioning and the courtroom was enlightened on Matthew's newly found decision-making skills. He explained that he fully researched any aspect that had to do with his possible surgery, including the doctor and the doctor's former patients. He had done extensive investigation on the Internet. With Matthew finished, the court was adjourned for the day. Bo and Nora were not happy with Elijah's attacks on their son, but their attorney felt that Téa and Matthew weren't above playing dirty. Téa felt confident that she had won. She ripped up the paper that Elijah gave her regarding her past.

David insisted that he was waiting for his father, Bo, to arrive home. When he learned that Bo no longer lived there, and that Nora was married to Clint, his new attack on the family began, comprehensively clarified for a prospective audience. He accused Clint of stealing his father's love by marrying Nora. David went on about brother versus brother. When Clint had enough, he tried to choke David. He refused to sign a release form, but then changed his mind. He felt it would be good viewing because he was planning to kill David on camera. Leaving the room but hastily returning, Clint pointed a gun at David.

Natalie and Jared rushed into Rodi's to see Jessica, but Brody informed them that she had gone to Bree's school. He asked them if they had noticed anything strange at Llanfair. He was of the opinion that Jessica had a stalker, he advised them. Jared and Natalie mentioned there was a picture of someone on the security camera taken at Buchanan Enterprises.

Cole made a quick phone call to Starr. Sergei made another phone call, suggesting that Cole sell drugs to freshman at Llanview University. He told the unseen person that it was his idea. He said that so far, Cole checked out, but something about him "put a bug in my ear." He was of the opinion that Cole was eager to "move up."

As Bo, Nora, and Matthew arrived at the mansion, Bo suggested they talk about what Matthew had said while on the stand. He told Matthew that he wanted to tell Clint about the kiss if Matthew planned on using it against them. As they walked into the house, the first thing they saw was Clint's gun trained on David. Clint demanded that David turn over all footage that had been filmed. "My dad's here," David exclaimed when he saw Bo.

As the séance began, the doors flew open. "Nash, is that you?" Jessica asked.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ghost Is Clear

In the darkened confines of Madame Delphina's home, Jessica called out to Nash's spirit. Suddenly, the doors to the balcony flew open. As Delphina struggled to close them, the doors rattled and shook, as though an unseen force was battering the apartment. Delphina pleaded with the spirit not to be angry and promised it was among friends. She urged Jessica to speak to Nash while she could.

Jessica called out to Nash again, asking if he was the person watching her and leaving her signs of his presence. Jessica got nothing but silence, as Delphina watched her candles begin to flicker rapidly. Jess asked Delphina what was happening, and the psychic explained that she was receiving interference, garbling Nash's attempts at communication. Delphina told Jessica that Nash was warning of danger for her as well as the people she loved.

At Rodi's, Brody told Jared and Natalie that the mystery man from the Buchanan Enterprises surveillance tape looked like Nash. Jared and Natalie helpfully reminded him that the man couldn't be Nash, who was still quite dead. Brody countered that it was someone pretending to be Nash, trying to make them believe they were being haunted by a dead man. He told them that the same man was after Jessica, and had been stalking her for weeks.

As Brody explained Jessica's "Nash sightings," Jared grew alarmed: "I don't want to end up locked in the basement again!" Brody said Jessica wasn't stalking herself, and that he'd found physical evidence to back up her claims. The trio racked their brains to come up with a suspect. Brody suggested Nash's parents, who would have reason to be angry with Jessica, Jared, and Natalie. Natalie didn't believe the Brennans could be so cruel, and said it had to be someone else.

Brody called Jessica and asked her to meet him at Rodi's. After they hung up, Madame Delphina urged Jessica to lean on Brody, and said he could do more to help her on their plane of existence than Nash could from the spirit realm. Delphina warned that whoever was after the Buchanan family was very dangerous.

Cristian and Layla rendezvoused at Rodi's after each receiving the same text message from one another. Layla accused Cristian of setting their meeting up in order to keep her away from Fish. Cris pleaded ignorance, but said that he thought Oliver could've sent them there in order to get them away from the apartment. Layla was furious that Cristian would accuse Oliver of infidelity. Cristian persisted in dropping vague hints about Fish hiding things, and Layla grew disgusted. She told Cristian she was heading home.

At a nearby table, Kyle and Nick arrived for their date. Kyle was dismayed to see Oliver's roommates, but told Nick that they should stay. He admitted to Nick that he'd been gun-shy about dating again because of his tangled relationship with his ex-boyfriend, who he described as repressed and closeted. Nick told Kyle about the cop who'd warned him away from Kyle at Serenity Springs, and Kyle immediately realized the man was Oliver. Nick asked if Fish was his ex, and Kyle grudgingly confirmed it. He explained that Fish was trying to convince himself he was straight by dating a girl in town. Nick told Kyle that Oliver's actions suggested he was still hung up on Kyle, but Kyle said that was too bad, and Fish didn't have a say in Kyle's life after running away from his own heart.

Stacy and Kim arrived at Fish's apartment. Kim told Stacy that she'd spoofed the text messages to Layla and Cristian, leaving the way clear for Stacy to put the moves on Fish. She told her to get "the job" done fast, otherwise their only option for a new pregnancy would be Schuyler. As Stacy knocked on the apartment door, Kim hid around the corner, standing guard.

Fish was astonished to see Stacy on his doorstep, and even more put out when she flounced into the apartment and made herself at home, helping herself to champagne. Oliver told Stacy that he was preparing for an evening with his girlfriend, and didn't want to see her again. Stacy told him that she'd made a terrible mistake blowing him off after the Go Red Ball, and wanted another chance. Perturbed by Oliver's rejection, she asked if he was gay. "No!" he cried. Oliver protested that he was building a life with Layla and wanted nothing more to do with Stacy, but the vixen wouldn't take no for an answer. As she cozied up to Fish, Stacy promised his girlfriend never had to know about them.

In the corridor, Cristian and Layla returned home only to find Kim outside their apartment door, running interference. Kim posed as a neighbor, and began to unspool a story about how the apartment was off-limits due to fumigation. Alarmed, Layla and Cris rushed into the apartment, only to find Stacy kissing the defenseless Fish.

Layla demanded to know what was going on. As Fish attempted to explain, Kim sneaked away. Stacy grabbed her things and hurried out, as well, but not before telling Layla that it was strictly "a booty call" and that Fish had invited her there. She promised to be back when he needed her, but as she left the apartment, her face fell in defeat.

Layla asked Oliver if he was cheating on her. Fish insisted he was a one-woman man, and repeated the story of how Stacy had barged in and attempted to seduce him. As he explained how he would never have carried on with another woman in their own living room, Layla softened and accepted that he was telling the truth. Touched by Oliver's devotion, she kissed him and suggested they continue with their evening. Infuriated, Cristian bid them goodnight and stalked off to his bedroom.

Outside, Stacy and Kim yelled at each other over their catastrophic failure. Kim said she'd done her best to keep the roommates out, and told Stacy she should've worked faster. Stacy whined that if she couldn't get someone to bed down with her immediately, she'd lose Rex forever. Discouraged, the scheming strippers left the apartment house.

At the drug rehabilitation center, Schuyler met with a patient, who handed him a gram of cocaine he'd found but refused to take. Schuyler congratulated his patient on his commitment to recovery, and locked the coke in a drawer. As the patient was leaving, Schuyler got another visitor: Rex. Schuyler thought Rex was there to renew their feud, but Rex claimed he was there to apologize. He thanked Schuyler for helping him and Gigi undo Stacy's manipulations. Schuyler noted Rex's sullen demeanor, doubting his sincerity. Rex admitted that he didn't like Schuyler, but didn't want to owe him, either. He told Schuyler that he appreciated that Schuyler stepped away from Gigi, and began an impromptu review of Schuyler''s tenuous connections to Llanview and his lonely life.

After listening to Rex's summary, Schuyler asked if Rex was suggesting he leave town. Rex said he couldn't see a reason for Schuyler to stay, other than his counseling work. Schuyler was disgusted that Rex was so intent on getting rid of him, and told Rex to put his energies into Gigi and his life with his family. He called Rex a hypocrite for going behind Gigi's back with Stacy, after haranguing her for doing the same with Brody. Schuyler said that Rex was going to drive Gigi away all by himself, because she couldn't trust him to put her first. He accused Rex of prioritizing Stacy and her baby over Gigi, but Rex denied it. Schuyler told Rex he had no intention of being Gigi's confidant anymore, but Rex couldn't make him leave town. Rex said Schuyler could stay if he wanted, but Rex and Gigi's happiness would only torture him.

After Rex left, Schuyler sat alone at his desk. Tormented, he opened the desk drawer and picked up the gram of cocaine, then immediately put it away, wrestling with his feelings.

At the Buchanan mansion, Bo, Nora, and Matthew returned home to find David's camera crew in the foyer and Clint wielding his 12-gauge shotgun. "Aunt Nora, shalom!" David exclaimed. Nora asked Clint why he was packing heat, and Clint explained that he was going to save them from reality television. As David went around the room introducing his relatives to Markko's camera in his own unique way, he paid special attention to Matthew, who was pleased to see his half-brother. "Thanks to the slow demise of serialized television, there are more and more time slots available for important programming, like my reality show," David pontificated to the camera. He said it was time for America to get to know his family, "the Bukes," and traded an enthusiastic thumbs-up with Matthew.

Clint struggled to get a bead on his nephew as David used the handicapped Matthew as a willing human shield. As Clint prepared to pull the trigger, Bo wheeled Matthew away, causing Clint to shoot the fireplace. Nora asked to see Ford's filming permit, and was dismayed to learn that his papers were in order. "Clint?" she called. "Reload."

David told Nora not to worry about the production, as "this is a non-union shoot." The senior Buchanans were outraged by David's presumption, but David played it up for the cameras, saying that all he ever wanted was his father's love and acceptance. "A boy needs his father to teach him how to fish!" David cried, and said he wanted to be the son and big brother he was born to be. He explained that was the reason he'd been paying Matthew's legal fees during the court case.

Bo and Nora were shocked to learn that David had funded Matthew's lawsuit, while Ford and Priscilla, the production assistant, were appalled to realize that David had been embezzling the money from their filming budget. David assured Ford that they would make all the money back once the show took off, and said he'd do anything for "my horribly disfigured little brother." He said, the show would soon be a ratings blockbuster, and the film rights would be sold.

"I will play myself," David told Matthew. "You will be played by Zac Efron." "Oh, he's good," Matthew marveled. David suggested Jack Nicholson play Bo, and pondered Steve McQueen for Clint. "He's dead!" Clint protested. Looking at Nora, David wondered if they could drop her "character" altogether. Losing her temper, Nora began to throttle David, dragging him into the drawing room.

As Clint pulled Nora off David, Markko's camera captured all the action. Nora raged at David for interfering in Matthew's life, but David told her that Matthew had asked him to help. He was under the impression that Matthew's operation was no more dangerous than a nose job. Bo ordered Markko to hand over the camera and videotape, but Ford reminded him that Clint and Matthew had both signed releases for filming. Realizing he'd been played, Clint went ballistic. David and the film crew fled the mansion as Clint chased them to the front door with his twelve-gauge. "Run faster, you yellow-bellied bastards!" he howled, firing a shot into the air.

With the chaos subsiding, Bo told Clint to calm down. Bo said that David was his son, and he still needed to form a relationship with him. Clint growled that Bo and David's bond was not his problem. As the brothers headed upstairs, still arguing, Nora and Matthew traded a silent glance. Then, Nora climbed the stairs, as well, defeated.

Matthew was left alone in the foyer, until David sneaked back in, whispering to his little brother. David told Matthew that he'd been misled about the seriousness of the operation, but Matthew said it was necessary for him to walk again. David warned that if his reality show wasn't a success, there would be no money to pay Matthew's legal fees, or anything else. David admitted that he didn't even have a place to spend the night, but Matthew said that he'd take care of it.

At Rodi's, Natalie and Jared left the restaurant, still talking about the stalker, only to run afoul of Kim and Stacy. Natalie snarked that she didn't know Rodi's was letting hookers in, and stormed off with Jared.

Stacy called Natalie a bitch, and Kim told her they needed to review their options. Kim and Stacy realized that their only remaining hope for a new baby lay with Schuyler.

Inside Rodi's, Brody met with Jessica, who told him she'd gone to see Madame Delphina. As the couple compared notes, Delphina stood on her balcony across town, pondering the spirits. At the bar, Brody explained that Natalie and Jared were also being stalked, and told Jess about the frightening DVD. He showed Jessica the photo of the shadowy figure from the BE surveillance tape, and said that the man was her stalker.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Physician, Heal Thyself

John dropped by Marty's office as she prepared for her first day at work. Relating that the previous doctor had left her with a full caseload of patients before he transferred, Marty insisted that she had a few moments to spare with John before her first appointment arrived. Realizing Marty was nervous about returning to work, John reminded her that she was a fighter and a great psychiatrist. When Marty mentioned that Mayor Lowell was gunning for her, John made it clear that Mayor Lowell was using Marty in an attempt to hurt John. Marty feared how the mayor would react if he ever learned that Cole was working undercover. Assuring Marty that the mayor had no knowledge of Cole's involvement, John promised to remove Cole from the task force if Mayor Lowell became suspicious.

Mayor Lowell held a press conference, announcing his bid for re-election. Pleased to see Viki in attendance, the Mayor asked her for an endorsement. Citing his abuse of the city budget, the increasing crime rate, and his personal vendetta against John, Viki declared that Mayor Lowell would never receive an endorsement from the Banner. Unable to convince Viki to reconsider, an angered Mayor Lowell stormed off.

At La Boulaie, Blair smiled as she daydreamed about her rendezvous with Todd in the cabana. Dorian interrupted her thoughts and demanded that Blair forget about Todd. Displaying a check that was written to Rex, Dorian stated that she knew Blair had hired Rex to investigate Téa. Admitting that she had hired Rex to discover Téa's big secret, Blair insisted that Téa's secret might cause harm to Blair's children.

Dorian pleaded with Blair to allow Téa and Todd to move on with their lives, but Blair was determined to learn exactly what Téa was hiding. Informing Dorian that Rex was hot on Ross Rayburn's trail, Blair was certain that she could convince Ross to confirm her suspicions regarding Téa. With a devilish smile, Blair declared, "I know Téa has a terrible secret and I'm going to find out what it is if it's the last thing I do!" A frustrated Dorian asked Blair to join her at Mayor Lowell's press conference. Dorian admitted that she wanted to support the mayor, in hopes that he would vote for her to resume the office of chief-of-staff at the hospital.

As the press conference began, May or Lowell assured the citizens of Llanview that he would continue to be tough on crime. Noticing John in the audience, the mayor criticized the police department and vowed to rid Llanview of self-serving police officers. During the press conference, Officer Fish and his partner, Keaton stood guard. Informing Fish that he was a member of John's new task force, Officer Keaton attempted to question Fish about any new developments. Refusing to divulge any information, Fish suggested that Officer Keaton speak with John.

At the conclusion of the press conference, Viki was disgusted when Dorian stated that she planned to support the mayor in the upcoming election. Convinced that Dorian had an ulterior motive for offering the mayor her support, Viki questioned how Dorian could ever endorse such a terrible politician. As Viki continued to criticize Mayor Lowell, several members of the press stood nearby and listened to the conversation. Referring to Viki as self-righteous, a sarcastic Dorian suggested that Viki run for mayor.

A few feet away, Fish informed John that Officer Keaton had inquired about the task force. John was pleased when Fish related that he didn't offer Keaton any information. Meanwhile, across the room, Officer Keaton approached Mayor Lowell. As the two men shook hands, May or Lowell asked the officer if he had managed to infiltrate John's newly formed task force. When Officer Keaton claimed that he was making progress, the mayor demanded immediate results from the officer. As the two men parted ways, John and Mayor Lowell stared across the room at each other.

At Angel Square Park, Schuyler observed Gigi and Rex. As they walked along hand in hand, Rex reminded Gigi of their wonderful night together. Watching Rex and Gigi share a special moment, Schuyler appeared distraught. Schuyler listened as Rex and Gigi promised to face the difficult times together.

While enjoying lunch at Rodi's, Stacy received a call from Kim, who related that she was waiting for Schuyler to return to the drug rehabilitation center. Frantic, Stacy pleaded with Kim to convince Schuyler to forgive Stacy. Stating that in order to pass another child off as Rex's, Stacy reminded her friend that Stacy needed to get pregnant immediately. Kim was confident that she could convince Schuyler to give Stacy another chance.

Upon discovering Stacy at Rodi's, Rex and Gigi's happiness turned to frustration. Reminding Rex that she had no income, Stacy announced that she had placed her meal on his tab. As Stacy complained about the past due utility bills and lack of groceries at Rex's loft, Gigi became annoyed and wondered if Stacy planned to make an attempt to support herself. Hoping to prevent an altercation between the sisters, Rex promised to provide Stacy with the necessities while she resided at his loft. Gigi wasn't pleased by Rex's decision to accommodate Stacy.

Stacy grew nervous as Gigi questioned her about the pregnancy. Upon realizing that Stacy hadn't obtained a gynecologist, Rex and Gigi advised her to make an appointment immediately. As Stacy hesitated about placing the call, Rex received a business call. Stepping away, Rex urged his business contact to locate Ross Rayburn. When Rex returned, Stacy promised to phone the doctor later and provide Rex with the details. Alone with Rex, Gigi expressed her concern that Stacy was using the baby to trap him. Rex assured Gigi that Stacy wouldn't get between them again.

Schuyler was shocked when he discovered Kim waiting for him at the drug rehabilitation center. Kim told Schuyler that Stacy had phoned her upon learning that she was pregnant. When Kim mentioned that Stacy was throwing her life away, Schuyler enlightened Kim about Stacy's terrible misdeeds. Referring to Stacy as a psychopath, Schuyler claimed that he didn't want anything more to do with her. As Schuyler continued to condemn Stacy's behavior, Kim smiled and told Schuyler that he was in love with Stacy. After recalling the past relationship that Schuyler and Stacy had once shared, Kim managed to convince him to phone Stacy and check on her.

Kim phoned Stacy and related that Schuyler would be in contact with her. Later, Stacy met Kim back at the loft. Relating that Rex wanted to attend Stacy's first doctor's appointment, Stacy made it clear that she needed to get pregnant that day. Stacy was thrilled when Schuyler phoned and asked to meet with her. Stacy told Kim that she planned to reel Schuyler in.

At Todd's house, Téa was surprised to find Todd waiting for her. Todd advised her that they needed to discuss something, and Téa was alarmed when she spotted Elijah in the living room. An infuriated Téa demanded to know what Elijah had told Todd. Unaware of the tension that existed between Téa and Elijah, Todd informed Téa that, despite her warning, he had hired Elijah to represent him in his custody case against Blair. Explaining that he needed Elijah's help in order to get the court ruling overturned, Todd pleaded with Téa to forgive him for going against her wishes. As Todd and Téa argued, Elijah gave Téa a devilish smile and exclaimed, "I'm sure you've gone behind Mr. Manning's back before. We all have our secrets, don't we?" Explaining that the court had required him to meet with a psychiatrist, Todd rushed off to make his appointment.

Alone with Elijah, Téa demanded to know if Elijah was going to reveal her secret to Todd. When Elijah admitted that he was working for someone, Téa determined that his employer was Ross Rayburn. Acknowledging that Téa's assumption was correct, Elijah stated, "You know what my client wants!" An infuriated Téa announced, "I got a message for your client. Tell him I will not break, no matter what you do to me!" Elijah questioned if Téa wanted to challenge Ross Rayburn. Elijah advised Téa that her life with Todd would be over if Elijah told Todd about her missing years. Elijah assured Téa that her secret would be kept if she gave Ross what he wanted. Téa appeared conflicted.

Later, Rex and Blair met at Rodi's. Rex informed Blair that he had located Ross Rayburn.

As Todd rushed into his psychiatrist office, both he and Marty were stunned to encounter one another. Upon realizing that the court had failed to notify Todd that his case had been reassigned to her, Marty offered to find another doctor for Todd. Stating that he had a court hearing scheduled that day, Todd suggested that Marty act as his psychiatrist. To Marty's surprise, Todd instructed her to sign the court order, acknowledging that she had counseled him. Amazed by Todd's behavior, Marty refused to lie about counseling him. Shaking her head in disgust, Marty instructed Todd to take a seat. Marty exclaimed, "Maybe the only way to get you out of my head, is for me to get into yours!"

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