One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 5, 2010 on OLTL
Shots rang out. Starr realized that she had killed Bull, and James had a gunshot wound. Cole admitted that Hannah had manipulated him, and he and Starr got back together. Nate comforted Dani. Eli proposed to Blair, and he agreed to represent Hannah. Mrs. Williamson gave her blessing to Layla and Cristian.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 5, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Due to the extended July 4th holiday, ABC opted to air an encore episode of One Life to Live. This scheduling change was planned and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming shuffle.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, July 6 and pick up where Friday, July 2's episode concluded.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

As John began to lead Hannah out of the motel room in handcuffs, Hannah claimed to know who killed John's baby. Natalie demanded to know why they should believe her. Hannah vowed that she would never do anything to hurt Marty or her baby, and wondered how pushing Marty down the stairs would make Cole like her. Natalie explained that blaming Todd would drive a wedge between Starr and Cole, which would leave room for Hannah. John insisted on Hannah telling him who pushed Marty, but Hannah refused to tell without making a deal first.

Hannah wanted immunity for all the crimes of which she had been accused. John told her that telling the truth would be her immunity, while Natalie didn't think Hannah had the right to start making deals because there was a solid case against her. Hannah knew the evidence against her looked bad, but claimed someone was framing her. Hannah swore that she wasn't lying and again offered John the name of the person that killed his unborn baby. John informed her that only the district attorney could make deals. Angry, she refused to say more until she had a lawyer; she demanded that she get her one phone call.

In the cabana, Ford assured Elijah that no one would know that it was Elijah who attacked him. Elijah told Ford that he didn't like blackmail, but Ford didn't like it either, especially "asking for more money." However, Ford needed to get away after the mess with Langston, and with Jessica. Ford wondered why Elijah chose Hannah to blame Ford's attack on. Elijah explained that she was the perfect scapegoat, especially if they considered how distraught she had been after Ford broke up with her. Elijah was elated to have "killed two birds with one stone." Ford asked who the other bird was.

Elijah was angry at Ford for questioning him, and said that the smart move would be to just finish Ford off. Ford reminded him that Hannah was in custody, so the crime couldn't be pinned on her. He related that the really smart move was knowing who Elijah really was. Elijah felt threatened, but Ford reminded him what would happen if something were to happen to Ford again. Everyone would find out that Elijah was really Bennett Thompson.

Elijah felt threatened, but Ford reasoned that he was willing to let the fact that Elijah bludgeoned him go. However, if anything happened to him, the Sun would get a full report about who Elijah really was. Ford explained that if Elijah wanted to keep his life with Blair, he would have to leave Ford alone. Otherwise, Todd, who was very protective of his ex-wife, would get a package in the mail.

Kelly was surprised to learn that Elijah had proposed to Blair because she didn't know they were that serious. Blair didn't, either, and informed Kelly that she needed time to think about it. Kelly called her cousin stupid and accused her of being scared that the relationship would go south after marriage. After both women sang Elijah's praises, Kelly wanted to know why Blair needed to think about it. Blair explained that she thought Elijah would make a great husband and father, but she had to think about her children. She also worried that Todd might fight for custody again if she got married.

While they were speaking of Todd, Blair thought that Kelly had been spending a lot of time with Todd. Kelly rationalized that they worked together and shared an office, but Blair wondered if that was all they shared. Kelly assured her cousin that the only man she was interested in was Bennett Thompson. Blair asked if Kelly was sure Bennett Thompson was the one who killed Melinda. Kelly was sure that was the reason his name was in Melinda's vase. Blair reasoned that finding him wouldn't bring her mother back, and that Kelly shouldn't get close to him if he was a killer.

Rex and Gigi, on another date, entered the country club as guests of Bo and Nora. Rex reminisced about sneaking into the club and getting caught and arrested. Gigi asked who he was with, to which Rex replied that he had been with Stacy. He related that she had brought back the "bad boy" in Rex, "and the crazy in me," added Gigi. Gigi informed Rex that she had recently seen Sierra Rose, who looked a lot like Stacy. Rex was glad that the sisters could make up before Stacy died. Talking about the country club, Gigi thought it was "too civilized for a bad boy." Rex said that he had turned into a new man since getting Gigi back into his life.

Just then, Kelly wandered over and asked Rex if he had received her text message, which he hadn't. Kelly was wondering if he had any luck searching for Bennett Thompson. Rex explained that there were over two thousand men by that name in the United States. He started researching the ones closest to where Melinda was killed in California. He would make his way east starting the next day. Kelly thanked him and left. As Rex got a sweatshirt for Gigi, she asked him if he missed his old life. He didn't because he had her. The pair walked away with their arms around each other.

Blair asked a waiter at the country club if he had seen Elijah. He directed her to a cabana. As Elijah was insulting Ford, Blair entered, wondering what she walked in on. Assuming Elijah was tearing into Ford out of jealousy, Blair told Elijah that he had nothing to worry about. Ford and Elijah made sure that they were on the same page, and Ford left.

As Elijah started to talk about marriage, his phone rang. On the other end, Hannah begged Elijah to be her lawyer, to which Elijah agreed. He promised to meet her at the station and hung up. Getting back to their previous conversation, Blair explained that she liked Elijah a lot, but wasn't ready to get married yet. Elijah understood, which prompted Blair to say that he was too good to be true. Suddenly, the pair heard fireworks and ran out of the cabana.

In Maryland, Hannah wondered if she had to wear the handcuffs the entire ride back to Llanview. John promised that he would take them off for the ride. Hannah swore to Cole that everything she did was for him, and John and Natalie led her out of the motel.

Jessica began to tell Brody about what had happened with Ford after the prom. She rationalized that after being upset about Cristian, she wanted to be wanted. Brody asked if she had sex with Ford. She assured Brody that she hadn't. He wasn't mad and wondered why she hadn't told him sooner. Jessica summarized that she had pushed Ford away, but didn't remember leaving. Because of that, she thought that she, Tess, or Bess could have been the one to hurt Ford. She had even gone to Dr. Levin to find possible evidence of the presence of one of her personalities.

After Jessica found out that Hannah had been named as the attacker, she just didn't want to think about what had happened. Brody wondered what had changed her mind. She was very ashamed that she had almost cheated on Brody and felt very wrong about it. As Brody thought about his encounter with Natalie that same night, Jessica told him about how she didn't like to keep secrets from him because he didn't deserve that. Just then, Ford walked by and Brody pounced on him and put him in a headlock. Jessica told Brody to let Ford go after she explained that nothing was Ford's fault. Brody let him go after warning Ford to stay away from Jessica. "Not a problem," replied Ford.

At the country club, all in attendance watched the fireworks overhead. Kelly smiled at Elijah and Blair. Ford exchanged a look with Elijah, then with Jessica.

Starr wondered what Todd was doing at the barn, but was happy to see him. As Dani sneaked past them, Starr said she was glad that Todd found "us." Todd wondered who she was with. Starr, after quickly going over the happenings of the past few days, told Todd that if Bull saw Todd, the deal would be off. She told her father to let James handle things. Todd had no idea who she was talking about, and said that he thought he was helping Nate. A confused Starr thought Todd was there to help her. Starr said that the money belonged to James and that Todd should leave the area.

Inside the barn, Bull pointed his gun at James and asked about the money. James explained that he would go back to Ohio with Bull and work off the debt. Bull threatened to shoot him, but James knew he was worth more than fifty thousand dollars to his father. As Dani reached Nate and untied him, Nate bumped into something. Hearing the sound, Bull pushed James toward the sound to investigate.

James found Nate, tied up, and asked who he was. Bull replied that it was the guy who stole James's money as the two walked back to the front of the barn to find Todd. As Todd bargained for the release of Nate, Starr entered and said that she wasn't leaving without James. Bull said he wanted the money, but Todd wanted to see Nate first. As Dani and Nate tried to figure out how to get out of the barn without being seen, Todd attempted to negotiate in a way that left everyone unhurt.

Starr suggested that they call James's father, but James swore that he could handle his dad. Todd explained that if Bull had kids, he would know that "the last person you want to piss off is your daughter." As Todd tried to get both Nate and James released safely, Nate walked up behind Bull and raised a shovel.

As Nate hit Bull in the back, Bull shot his gun, hitting a light and plunging the group into darkness. Nate hit him again, knocking the gun out of his hands. Everyone scrambled and fought in the dark as both Todd and Starr wielded guns. Both shot them. Todd's shot hit Bull, as Starr's shot hit a collapsing James.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

At the country club during the Fourth of July fireworks display, Blair asked Dorian if David was getting under her skin, and Dorian protested a bit too much that he absolutely was not. Dorian changed the subject and caught Blair off-guard when she asked if Blair and Eli were considering marriage.

Nearby, a scantily clad David sat in a chaise lounge, in between Viki and Charlie. He told tales of his past with Viki that she had to continually correct. Finally, Charlie bluntly asked David to go away just as Dorian arrived to share the good news about their project having been awarded the grant. David and Dorian sniped at each other while Viki and Charlie celebrated his good fortune. As David and Dorian continued to argue, Viki announced that she had a job to offer David: style editor for the Banner.

David and Dorian continued to spar until he grabbed a pitcher of water from a passing waiter and dumped it over her head. Viki tried her best to stifle her laughter and went to Charlie's side so that they could observe David and Dorian's antics. They realized that David and Dorian were obviously refusing to admit to themselves that they'd never stopped loving each other. Charlie told Viki that he had a plan to push the wayward lovers back into each other's arms.

Téa, sprawled out on the floor of her suite, began to regain consciousness. She made her way to the phone and dialed Todd but lost consciousness again. Blair stopped by to check on Téa and knocked on the door. Hearing no response, she was about to leave when Téa tried to get to the door and knocked over a lamp. Blair got the hotel manager to open the door and told him to call 9-1-1.

Todd, Starr, and James were in the barn with Bull. Dani and Nate sneaked in, and Nate grabbed a shovel and hit Bull over the head. As Bull fell back, he squeezed off a shot from his revolver, which shattered the light bulb. In the dark, a scuffle broke out, and Bull's gun was kicked under a wagon wheel.

As Bull and Todd struggled, Todd's gun went off and killed Bull. At the same time, Starr had retrieved Bull's pistol and shot at Bull, but the bullet hit James, who fell to the floor. Todd examined James and noted that he had lost a lot of blood. Todd and Nate carried James to the car to drive him to the hospital.

They all arrived at the hospital, and James was rushed into a trauma room. Todd advised Starr to say nothing, not until he said it was okay. She promised him that she'd keep mum and went to check on James. Todd expressed his anger at Dani for following him to the meeting with Bull. He told Nate that, because Nate had stolen the money, he was at fault for James's shooting. Nearly hysterical, Starr was asked to leave the trauma room.

After the police finished questioning Todd, Nate attempted to thank him, but Todd wouldn't have it. Todd began to go to Téa to tell her what had happened, but Dani stopped him. She said she'd tell her mother how amazing he had been.

Todd left and Starr emerged from the trauma room. She attacked Nate and asked him how he could have taken the money James had stolen. Dani defended Nate by explaining that it had been just as much her fault as anyone else's. Dani told Starr that she had convinced Nate to give the money to his mother so that she could pay their mortgage. As Starr began to cry, Dani comforted her.

Later, Starr went to James's bedside and begged him to pull through. As she began to break down, James came to and asked if there were onions in the room, "'cuz there's no way you're crying over me."

Blair and Téa arrived at the hospital. Téa, who was in and out of consciousness, was wheeled into the Emergency Room. Greg met them and examined her. He told Blair that Téa's white blood count was low and that her immune system was compromised. He ordered a battery of tests. Greg left, and Téa asked Blair to call Todd.

In the hallway, Blair ran into Todd and wondered how he'd found out about Téa so soon. Todd expressed ignorance, and Blair filled him in on the situation. Todd went to Téa and Blair went to see Starr.

Blair asked her daughter for an explanation, but Starr replied that she'd tell the whole story later. She did, however, admit that she had shot someone. The doctor emerged from the trauma room and told Starr that James needed to be stabilized before they could operate to stop his internal bleeding. Blair asked Dani for the details as Greg arrived with news on Téa's condition, which caught Dani off-guard.

With Todd by Téa's side, Greg told them that she was suffering from a bad infection but that, with antibiotics, she should bounce back in a few days. Todd asked Greg snide questions about Téa's treatment, but Téa shut him down and asked him to just be supportive of her. After Greg left, Todd and Téa shared a tender moment.

Téa voiced her thought that Dani might begin to at least tolerate Todd, and he replied that they could have had a breakthrough that night. Not wanting to burden Téa with the details of the night's events, Todd tried to stall. But Dani burst into the room and demanded to know what was going on. Todd tried to cover, but Téa decided that it was time for Dani to know the truth.

Nate approached Blair and asked if Dani was okay. Blair assured him that everything would work out and offered to give him a ride home. He declined and said he'd rather wait for Dani. Blair waited with him and lamented that he'd been responsible for everything that had gone down that night.

Rex and Gigi entered the cabana of a guest who Kelly had said was connected to Bennett Thompson. Gigi was surprised to find the case that Rex had found at the quarry in the room. She opened it up to find wine and cheese.

The Bennett Thompson connection had simply been a ruse by Rex to surprise Gigi with a romantic evening. They reminisced about Independence Days past. Rex told Gigi that he intended to woo her the way he should have in the past. They shared an innocent evening of playing cards and talking before falling into each other's arms.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

As Starr waited in the hospital for news of James, who had been wheeled to surgery, Blair did her best to console her daughter. She assured Starr that the shooting was an accident. There was lots of confusion, since Starr couldn't understand why Dani and Todd had shown up at the barn, while Blair had questions regarding the entire situation. Blair was sure that Dani's mind was elsewhere, though, since Dani was visiting Téa in another room in the emergency area of the hospital.

Blair stepped aside and quickly placed a call to Elijah, who was at the police station. She informed him that she was at the hospital because Téa had a setback. He agreed to wait for her decision on his marriage proposal.

Starr approached a nurse, who admitted she was unable to get in touch with any of James's family members. She assumed that Starr was his girlfriend, but Starr claimed to just be someone who cared about James. Starr thought she might be able to get in touch with a family member.

Téa gently informed Dani that it was time for Dani to know about Téa's illness and the fact that she would not be recovering. A panic-stricken Dani began to shout as Todd quieted her down. Téa explained that she had an inoperable brain tumor and she would die soon. Todd did his best to comfort Dani as she grew more distraught the longer that Téa spoke, and she refused to accept the details. Todd admitted that Téa had been ill for a while and he had only learned about it recently as well.

Dani was able to piece together various occurrences that had happened in the recent past. She realized that when she had found Téa and Todd in bed together, it was because he had been taking care of her. Téa explained that was why she needed Dani to have a relationship with Todd and they both needed Todd in their lives.

As Todd announced that he would always be there for Dani, he wrapped his arms around her. She lost control and denounced the fact that nothing more was being done for her mother. She asked why Todd's money hadn't been able to buy them a better deal. Téa revealed that she had gotten several opinions and nothing could be done. She didn't want to die, but she would, and they should make the most of their little time left together.

Blair ran into Nate and prevented him from going into Téa's room. She wouldn't divulge details, but she assured the teen that Dani would need him to lean on. Nate promised to be there for Dani like he was in the past when Cole beat up Todd. Dani had been there for him, and she was the best friend he ever had, he enlightened Blair. He really cared about Dani, and he knew she had expressed the concern that she didn't know what she would ever do if something happened to her mom.

Dani had heard enough and finally rushed out of her mother's room. As she ran past Nate and Blair, Todd followed closely behind her. Nate joined the chase. Blair took the opportunity to attend to Téa, who was alone and crying that Dani was furious and hated her. Blair hugged her and assured her that Dani didn't hate her, but was scared and confused and had a great deal to accept and understand. Both women shed tears while Téa disclosed that something had happened between Dani and Todd that she wasn't familiar with. She was hopeful that the pair would have each other.

Blair solemnly promised that Dani would always be a part of Todd's life and family. Téa laughed as she said she was grateful to Blair for taking over her life. Blair accused Téa of being "high maintenance." Téa asked that Blair be there for Dani, and Blair nodded.

Kelly found Jessica sitting alone at the country club, and she sat down next to her to chat. Jessica thanked Kelly for helping her to be able to explain to Brody what had happened with Ford on the night of the prom. She added that Brody had accepted the revelation that she almost slept with Ford in a most understanding fashion, though he wasn't as accepting of Ford. Kelly agreed that Ford had taken advantage of Jessica, though Jessica was quick to add that no one had gotten hurt. They agreed that they were thankful that Jessica had left the apartment before Hannah had attacked Ford.

Nearby, Brody stood next to Ford at the buffet table and vowed to break Ford in half if he so much as looked at Jessica ever again. Ford promised that he wasn't interested in Jessica as he looked over at her, but after he received a phone call from Starr about his brother, he took off for the hospital. Brody also received a phone call, and he regretfully informed Jessica that he had to get to the station. There had been a shooting, and Todd had been involved. He didn't have any details other than the fact that Todd had shot the thug. Kelly was distressed when she heard the news.

The women got back to their conversation, and Jessica admitted that Brody wanted to charge Ford with rape. She was sure that nothing had happened and she had pushed Ford away, but a part of her wondered if, because she had forgotten other pieces of the evening, then maybe she also didn't remember having sex with Ford. She was worried and had asked Ford about it. He agreed that nothing happened, and she assumed he wouldn't lie to her. She looked at Kelly for support, but Kelly wasn't too sure. He "kinda would" lie if he thought he would be locked up, Kelly thought.

Jessica was of the opinion that Ford would have told everyone just like he bragged about all of his conquests in the past. She was sure she pushed him off, she proclaimed. She asked what was happening with Kelly and Todd, because she noted Kelly's reaction to Brody's news. Kelly defended herself and reminded Jessica that she worked with Todd, but Jessica was sure there was more to it. Kelly admitted that Todd had kissed her, and she couldn't stop thinking about it.

The kiss had been "out of nowhere," and though she tried to speak to him about it, all he could say was that he wanted her, Kelly elaborated. She was sure that he only said that to get her to stop talking, but she was sure that something else was going on. Kelly denied that she had feelings for Todd when Jessica inquired about it. Jessica pointed out that both Blair and Todd had finally moved on and away from each other. Kelly didn't know what Todd was feeling, but she was adamant that he couldn't just kiss her. She conceded that she was distracted, anyway, in her search for Bennett Thompson.

Soon after Elijah's phone call, John arrived at the station with Hannah and Cole. Elijah acknowledged that he was Hannah's attorney, as she continued to maintain that she hadn't done anything. Cole was curious as to why Ford would name her as his attacker if that were the case.

Hannah wanted to know if Elijah believed her, and he assured her that she was entitled to an attorney. Cole apologized to John for skipping out of town with Hannah, because John probably would have been able to nab Hannah sooner. Marty arrived, thankful that her son was okay after being in the clutches of a dangerous Hannah. Cole broke the news that Hannah had lied about everything, including the fact that she had seen Todd push Marty down the stairs. Marty confronted the young woman and demanded that Hannah tell her who had committed the crime. Hannah admitted that she knew the identity of the perpetrator.

Elijah quickly pulled Hannah away as Cole emphasized that Hannah always lied. Marty wanted the truth, and she was sick of Hannah's control over all of the parties involved for so long. She tried to talk to Hannah again and pleaded that she deserved to have the identity of the person who had killed her baby. Hannah ignored Elijah's advice and insisted that she had nothing to lose. She didn't want to be charged for something she didn't do or for making false statements. John informed Elijah that Hannah had not been questioned officially and that only the district attorney's office was authorized to make any kind of deal with her. She was speaking of her own free will, he clarified.

Hannah announced that if she were locked up for being falsely accused, the truth would be locked up with her, and they would never have the true identity of the assailant. Cole asked her to tell the truth if they had ever been friends and she cared about him. Elijah wanted to speak to Hannah privately, but Hannah turned to Cole first. She agreed that they were friends once and she wasn't capable of all the things she had been accused of doing. Once they were gone, Marty expressed her concern that Cole would be headed back to jail.

John admitted that if Cole had crossed state lines, he would have violated the stipulations of his bail. Cole reminded John that he had been in Maryland, but John shook his head and smiled wryly. He thought that Cole's knowledge of geography was poor, since he had found Cole on the right side of the Pennsylvania border. Cole seemed puzzled, but his mother smiled knowingly. Cole was speechless over the fact that John kept rescuing him. "Don't mention it," John said and joked that he meant it literally.

Brody arrived and mentioned the shooting at the barn and Starr's involvement. Cole was worried, but Brody confirmed that the injured and dead parties were two "out-of-towners." Marty apologized for her behavior with Hannah and wondered if John thought that Hannah had committed the crimes. He responded that they had evidence that she had attacked Ford, and he promised to find out who pushed Marty.

In an interview room, Elijah told a hopeful Hannah that he wanted the truth, and he would be able to help her. Elijah noted that a sweater had been found in Hannah's closet with Ford's blood on it, but she insisted she had been set up. Elijah couldn't imagine who would do that, but Hannah suggested that they both knew the answer. Elijah was vague and insisted he wouldn't know, but Hannah reminded him that he wanted her to be honest. He knew the truth and had known it all along, she accused him. She stated that Elijah was the one who had pushed Marty.

Ford showed up at the hospital and demanded to hear why Starr was there. She admitted that she was the one who shot James, but she had been trying to protect him. She explained all that had happened from the time James had stolen money from his father up to the scene in the barn. She thought that she had shot Bull, but it was Todd who accomplished that. She shot the gun to save Todd, but she hit James.

Ford accused her of doing it on purpose to get back at Ford because of his involvement with Langston. A furious Starr insisted that she had been there for James, but she wanted to know where Ford had been all along. He left his brother with a terrible father because he was more interested in having sex with anything that moved, Starr admonished him. James had stolen money to get away and start a new life because Ford had abandoned him. Ford insisted that he loved his brother, and he took exception to Starr's accusations. She apologized, but Ford blamed himself for his brother's predicament.

He wanted to know how Starr and James met, and Starr started off with their first encounter when James had fixed her car. She got him up to speed on the rest of the story and how she was involved because Bull thought she was James's girlfriend. Starr was surprised when Cole walked in.

Todd and Nate arrived at Angel Square Park in their pursuit of Dani. Todd demanded that Nate leave because Todd blamed Nate for the state that Dani was in. Nate apologized, but Dani needed him and he was not going anywhere. He suggested that Todd get back to Téa, because she needed him more, and Todd grudgingly agreed to leave Dani to Nate. As Nate continued to call out to Dani, she suddenly appeared in front of him. He smiled at her encouragingly.

Back at the hospital, Blair left Téa as soon as Todd arrived. She called Elijah and left him a message that she had her answer for his proposal. Todd advised Téa that the two of them together would help Dani, and Téa would live through Dani. Téa told Todd she needed him, and he felt the same about her.

Friday, July 9, 2010

In Silver Spring, Maryland, Layla and Cristian walked through the front door of an unlit house. As Layla picked up a framed photograph of Evangeline and Layla, Mrs. Williamson turned on a light, greeted Layla, and gave her a hug. Layla immediately blurted out that she and Cristian were getting married. After Layla exclaimed that she just wanted her mother to be happy for them, Cristian emphasized that he loved Layla. When Mrs. Williamson discovered that Cristian and Layla had actually been engaged since May, Layla admitted that she had been afraid to tell her mother. Layla's mother reminded Layla and Cristian that Cristian had put Evangeline in a coma, but Layla insisted that Cristian would never have done anything to hurt Evangeline. When Layla asked for her mother's blessing, Mrs. Williamson reluctantly gave it.

As Layla attempted to run upstairs to tell Evangeline the news, her mother stopped her and stated, "Evangeline's gone." When Layla feared that her sister had died, her mother explained that Evangeline was in the hospital. Layla and Cristian arrived at the hospital and found Evangeline in her room hooked up to various pieces of medical equipment. Layla fell into Cristian's arms for comfort.

At Bo and Nora's, David ran into the room in search of his "pa." When Matthew snapped at him, David wondered if Matthew was sick or drunk -- and if Matthew was drunk, David asked to join him. David feared that Matthew's sour mood was because Matthew had been dumped again and pondered that Matthew could hold the record for getting dumped. However, David then reflected that he actually held the record for getting dumped "by half the kick-line of Radio City Music Hall in one night."

When Matthew expressed that he wished to tell David a secret, David stated that he would need to be reminded every day not to tell it. David then placed a daily reminder on his cell phone. Matthew told David that he had almost gotten Nate and Dani killed, and explained what had happened to Bull at the deserted barn. As Matthew wondered if Nate and Dani were still alive, David stated that he would call the hospital. After the call, David informed Matthew that Nate and Dani were fine.

As Matthew attempted to call his dad to tell him what had happened, David grabbed the phone. When Matthew insisted that it had all been his fault, because he had been jealous, David responded, "Jealous? What are you talking about? Half this town is jealous of me. It doesn't make them guilty of murder. Look, Matthew, you did the right thing." David pointed out that Matthew was a nice guy, however, Matthew felt that he had put a lot of people in danger. David still would not let Matthew place the call, because his ma and pa would have to arrest him and put him in prison. "All it's going to do is ease your conscience a little bit. Is it worth it?"

David declared that Matthew's secret -- that Matthew had told Bull that Nate had taken off with Bull's money -- was safe, because only Bull and David knew the secret. Bull was dead, and David was Matthew's brother. Matthew insisted that he did not want David to lie, but David claimed that he just would not volunteer the information, and that it was the right thing to do for everybody. Matthew raised his eyes to the ceiling in frustration. David advised that Matthew do good deeds for Nate and Dani down the road in secret, and David and Matthew shook hands.

In the park outside of the hospital, Nate asked Dani if she were okay and then said that he knew that something bad had happened at the hospital, but that no one would tell him what it was. Dani screamed, "Yeah...join the club." Dani cried that her mother was dying, and that no one could trust Dani enough to tell her. Nate did not believe that it was a trust issue and reminded Dani that his mother had not told him about her money problems for months. Nate emphasized that his mother had not wanted him to worry.

Dani shrieked that her mother had not even told Dani her father's identity. Dani believed that Téa could not trust her enough to tell her anything. Nate felt confident that Téa believed that when she died, Dani would feel lost. Nate asked, "How long does she have?" Dani said that she did not know and bawled in his arms.

Dani regretted that she had treated her mother horribly, especially whenever Téa was with Todd, but Nate informed her that Todd had sent him to search for Dani. Nate insisted that Todd was more worried about Dani and Téa, than to "get into it" with Nate about what had happened with Bull. Dani then realized why Téa had wanted to share Dani's prom experience with her. Dani believed that she should have seen the reason, but Nate speculated that Téa had not wanted Dani to see it. Dani sadly stated, "She just wanted me to keep being my selfish, stupid self." However, Nate speculated that Téa had just wanted to share the experience with Dani, to take many pictures, and to hear about Dani's "incredible boyfriend person." Dani agreed, "He's pretty incredible."

In Téa's room at the hospital, Téa regretted that she had told the seriousness of her health to Dani, however, Todd felt that Dani could handle it. Todd revealed that he thought that Nate would be able to find Dani. When Téa exclaimed that she could finally die happy, since Todd was able to trust Nate, Todd warned, "You'd better hold on, brother, because I'm never going to trust my daughter's boyfriend."

Back in the park, after Nate questioned whether Téa would be receiving radiation, Dani still hoped for a miracle. Dani cried that she would have nobody left if Téa were to die and if Todd went to jail - but then she remembered Ross. Since she knew that Ross still lived in Tahiti, Dani stated that she wanted to remain in Llanview. However, Nate told Dani to only worry "about today" and to wrap her brain around her mother's condition. Nate insisted that he would accompany Dani to talk to her parents, but Dani feared that talking to them would only make Téa's illness "real."

Todd received a text message from Nate that Dani was fine, and Téa was grateful. When Téa exclaimed that she was abandoning Dani, Todd denied it and insisted that Dani knew that Téa loved her. Téa regretted that she would not be able to be with Dani during the tough times and then reminisced about the fantasies that Téa had created about her mother that had given Téa comfort in the past. When Todd again insisted that Dani would be fine, Téa asked if Todd would write Dani postcards from prison. Téa then asserted that she and Todd needed to talk about Ross. Téa reminded Todd that Dani loved Ross, when Todd revealed that Dani had just recently needed help and had asked Todd. Téa demanded to know what had happened.

In the hospital lobby, as Cole spotted Starr, they ran into each other's arms. Cole mentioned that he had heard about a shooting, and Starr informed him that she was fine. Cole asked Starr what had happened. Starr admitted that her earlier story that she had needed some time to herself, away from Cole, had been a lie, and that she had just needed Cole to stay away from her. Starr insisted that she had been doing everything she could to keep Cole and Hope safe.

Cole wondered if James had been threatening Starr and then informed her that Hannah had made Cole believe that there had been something between Starr and James. After Hannah had showed Cole a picture of Starr and James together, Hannah had insisted that she and Cole follow Starr and James to Delaware, where Cole had found Starr's diploma and a condom wrapper in the beach house. Starr cried that she would never do something like that to Cole and asked Cole if he believed that. Starr insisted that she had never slept with James.

Cole related that Hannah had been "on the run," and that Hannah's family had a beach house in Delaware. Cole also revealed that Hannah had lied about seeing Todd push Cole's mother down the stairs. Cole apologized for not believing Starr and claimed that he knew that Hannah had tried to break them up. As Cole began to tell Starr what had happened in Delaware, Starr interrupted Cole to call her father.

Starr told Todd, over the phone, that John McBain would have to drop the charges against Todd, since Hannah had lied about being a witness to Todd's involvement in Marty's incident. Todd related Starr's information to Téa, who said that she would file a motion. When Téa again demanded to know what had happened to Dani, Todd revealed that Dani had sneaked into his car, and that Starr had been involved in the incident with Bull also. However, Todd insisted that Starr was fine, but that she had shot James. When Téa asked how James was, Todd declared, "Well, if I'm lucky, he won't be okay. James almost got my daughters killed."

Téa begged Todd, "Please don't treat Nate the way you treat Cole, okay?" Téa cried, "I will not be here to beg you...please I am begging you now. Please don't do to Dani what you did to Starr, okay?" Dani and Nate walked through the door. Téa thanked Nate for finding Dani. After Nate left the room, Dani ran into her mother's arms and sobbed, "I'm sorry I walked out on you before. I won't do it again, I promise. Just please don't leave me."

Cole told Starr that he was sorry that he had ever listened to Hannah and begged for Starr's forgiveness. Before Starr could reply, a nurse walked in, and Starr asked to know about the surgery. Cole did not understand. Starr explained that James had just been trying to protect her, and that Hannah had been lying. Starr insisted that she only wanted to make sure that James would be all right -- nothing more. Starr revealed to Cole that James had been shot, and that Starr had been the one who had shot him. When the nurse reentered, Starr asked her if James had made it through the surgery.

In the police station interrogation room, Hannah announced to Eli that she had seen Eli push Marty down the stairs, and Eli voiced that he had speculated on if she had actually witnessed it. Hannah said, "Well, now you know. So, what now?" Eli declared, "What now? Now you go down for the assault on Marty Saybrooke."

Hannah just laughed and recommended that Eli confess, because it was the "right thing to do." Hannah insisted that she did not care "who went down" for the incident, as long as it was not her. However, Eli claimed that due to Hannah's history, nobody would believe her if she were to claim that Eli had pushed Marty. Hannah asked Eli if he really wanted to take that chance.

Eli reminded Hannah that he knew that she had been harboring an agenda, which had worked out for him. Eli revealed that he had tried to find Hannah that night, but since she had blamed Todd, Eli had let her off. Hannah claimed that she needed Eli's help, since he was an attorney. Then Hannah realized that Eli had Ford accuse her of Ford's attack, and that it must have been Eli who had attacked Ford. Eli recounted that all of the physical evidence pointed to Hannah, and that Ford had actually named Hannah as his attacker. Eli advised Hannah to accept a plea, because she would most certainly be convicted at trial. After Hannah fired him, Eli advised that no lawyer could help her. "You're going to be in jail until you're forty-five, and by then, you can give up ever thinking your way back to Cole."

Hannah insisted that John McBain would believe her. As Hannah started to leave the room, Eli placed a menacing hand on the door, and she yelled, "Let me go -- or I'll scream." Eli threatened, "You think I pushed a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs. You think I cracked your ex-lover's skull. What do you think I'll do to you if you try to turn me in?"

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