One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 28, 2010 on OLTL

Bo and Nora returned from their honeymoon. Dani involved Todd in Starr and James's rescue. James kissed Starr. Elijah proposed to Blair, though it was revealed that Elijah had been blackmailing Ford. Hannah confessed that she had lied about Todd pushing Marty; she was arrested for attacking Ford. Jessica told Brody about her evening with Ford.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 28, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, June 28, 2010

At Llanfair, Natalie was surprised when she walked into Jessica's bedroom and found Brody in bed. Embarrassed, she stammered that she was there to pick up a set of keys. She thought it was a good idea that their night together was still secret. When Jessica walked in, she couldn't understand why Natalie was acting strangely. "Are you worried that I'd think something was going on between you and my man?" Jessica asked her sister. Natalie looked at Brody, stammered and apologized for being in the room, and left.

Jessica exclaimed how happy she was to be back and that Brody had waited for her. "I'm so blown away by you," she told Brody. He felt the same way and reminded her that they had talked about their future together before things changed. He was ready to get back to that discussion. Jessica assured him that there were many things they could do as a couple but before they could continue, Bree burst into the room. The girl was thrilled to see Brody and asked if they were having a sleepover. Jessica promised the little girl that Brody would stay with them soon, and Bree announced that she wanted Brody to be her daddy.

John sat in his office at the police station and made a call to the police station in Delaware near Hannah's family cabin. He advised them that he was searching for Hannah, who was wanted in an attempted murder case. Natalie arrived and told John that she had good news, though she wasn't sure how he would feel about it. She announced that she had passed the forensics test and, while she wouldn't have thought about working there previously, things had changed with their relationship. Bo had offered her a job and she wanted to know how John would feel if she began to work at the station again. "We might be butting heads," she told him.

"How soon can you start?" John asked. He had something to show her once she readily agreed that there was no time like the present. He handed her a file and enlightened her to the fact that with new evidence regarding Hannah, he felt it was time for the evidence in the case involving Todd and Marty to be reexamined. He was also concerned that Cole was missing and could be in danger if he was with Hannah. Natalie agreed to start reviewing the file, and she walked towards the door.

"No kiss?" John asked her. Natalie confirmed that there would be no kiss.

In the Delaware cabin, Hannah and Cole lay on top of the sofa bed together, but Cole advised her that he couldn't sleep. He couldn't stop thinking about Starr in bed with James in the other room. Hannah urged him to roll over so that she could help him relax. She proceeded to give him a massage as she spoke to him in low, soothing tones. She assured him that she was there for him. Cole fell asleep and dreamed that he was in the same bed but with both Starr and James. Starr told Cole that their relationship was a mistake and she was with James. She and James began to kiss.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock at the door and the local cop announced himself. Hannah answered the door and advised him that she was alone. She preferred that he remain outside since the place was a mess, she contended. He knew her family and he knew her grandmother would be horrified if he saw the place, Hannah added. She did her best to get him to leave.

The cop informed her that he had received a call from John who had advised him that Hannah was wanted for attempted murder. Hannah was aghast and claimed that John was a liar who had been harassing her because she had turned him down. She was sure the cop believed her since he had known her forever. The cop agreed but asked her to accompany him to the station to clear things up.

Inside, Cole remained asleep and involved in his dream. Starr admonished him for pushing her away and blamed him for ending their relationship. She kissed James passionately in front of Cole, who pulled James away from her roughly. Starr demanded to know if Cole planned on doing to James what he had done to her father. Adamantly, she informed him that they were over and she had moved on. Violently, Cole moved across the bed as he slept and knocked items off the table beside it.

He woke up with a start but outside the cop inquired about all of the noise. Hannah disclosed that it was her cat and she would have to lock it in the bathroom. She had changed her mind and decided it was a good idea to go to the station. She promised the cop she would return momentarily. Once inside, she lied that the cop was there to pick up Cole for breaking bail and they needed to hurry and escape out the back.

Cole couldn't believe he had been tracked and as the cop began to knock again, the couple ran for the back door. John phoned the cop again and the officer confirmed that he was waiting for Hannah to reappear. John recommended that the cop go inside after her, since she was desperate and unstable. The cop knocked the door open and looked around. He advised John that Hannah was gone.

Out with Starr's new car, James pulled over to call Bull to make him aware that he had something for him. Starr was afraid that Bull wouldn't accept the car in lieu of his money, but James was confident that Bull would be okay with it. He would be able to get the money from selling the parts, James explained. Bull advised James to meet him at an abandoned barn.

As Bull spoke to James on the phone, he trained his gun on Nate in the cabana at the country club. Bull insisted that he wouldn't hurt Nate unless he had to, but shoved the teen around to show him that he was the one in control. Nate maintained that he didn't have Bull's money any longer, as he gave it away after he found it. Bull surmised that Dani was the one who had it, but Nate insisted that the thug leave Dani out of it. He stated that the money was at his house, but Bull didn't believe him and he grabbed Nate's phone. He placed a phone call to Dani.

At the Palace restaurant, Téa and Dani enjoyed a meal together. Téa wanted Dani to tell her about Nate and, after some teasing, Dani admitted he was great. "Oh no, look who's here" Dani gasped as she spied Matthew arriving to sit with David at a nearby table. Téa saw Todd walk in, but Dani clarified that she was referring to Matthew. She informed Téa that things had gotten worse with Matthew, and he had treated Nate horribly. Téa was sure that Matthew would get over Dani with time. Todd had a photo of Starr and James, retrieved from the car dealer, and showed it to his private investigator.

Todd wandered over to the women's table and asked if he could join them. Dani jumped up, and Todd sighed. Both he and Téa were shocked when Dani urged him to sit down as she pulled over another chair. Todd verified that Hannah had been named as Ford's attacker and Téa promised to try to have the charges against Todd dropped, since Nora no longer had any witnesses. He seemed preoccupied and finally told them that Starr was missing. Dani noted that an older man had found Starr's phone at the country club, and she had taken it from him. She hadn't heard from her sister though, she added.

David thought that Matthew should call the prostitute or "evening consultant" that Matthew had been with previously, since the boy was still moping after Dani. Matthew was hesitant to do that, citing the fact that he would be in trouble with his parents. He announced that he had a plan to get Nate in trouble. While David was proud of Matthew's move, Matthew admitted that he was worried that Nate might get hurt. David wanted details, and Matthew reluctantly described what he had done to get Nate into trouble over the missing $50,000.

David thought that Matthew was both devious and smart and thought that he had done the right thing. Matthew was still concerned about Nate's welfare, and he regretted his actions. He wanted to know what he should do and, wisely, David suggested that he do whatever might be the opposite of what David's own move might be. Matthew decided he should tell Dani the truth.

Téa and Dani looked at the photo of James, and both Téa and Todd thought he looked familiar. Téa recalled that they had seen him running from the hospital. Todd didn't believe that Starr was in danger, since the car salesman had informed him that Starr definitely seemed to be in control. Dani didn't think Starr would run off with another guy. Téa suggested that Todd call the police because John cared about Starr, but Todd thought he would search for his daughter himself. He emphasized that he would do anything for his kids, including Dani; he nodded towards her. Just then, Dani received a phone call and, excusing herself, rushed outside.

At Todd's prodding, Téa admitted that she hadn't told Dani about her tumor yet. Dani had a new boyfriend, and Téa didn't want to spoil Dani's happiness. She ordered Todd to refrain from giving Dani a difficult time over the new boy. Todd was thrilled to hear that Dani was no longer involved with a Buchanan, but Téa assured him that Dani was having a hard time with it. She noted that Dani had just started to accept Todd in Téa's life and to relax around him. She hoped it would grow before Téa was gone.

On the phone, Nate pleaded with Dani to help him. Dani asked questions and Nate responded with simple yes and no answers. She correctly guessed that someone found out about the money, and Nate told her that he had to return it. Bull kept his gun pointed at Nate during the call. Dani was reluctant, since she knew that Nate's mother needed the money for the house, but Nate insisted that she retrieve the check from his house. Bull grabbed the phone and ordered Dani to do what she was told or she would never see Nate again. He vowed to rip Nate's face off. He growled that Dani better have the money.

Matthew followed Dani outside and attempted to talk to her, but Dani brushed him off. She didn't have time to talk to him. She rushed inside and plopped herself down at her parent's table. Téa made an excuse to leave while Dani was lost in her thoughts. Once Téa was gone, Dani asked Todd if he meant it when he said he'd do anything to help his kids because she needed his help. She asked him for $50,000.

Disgruntled, Matthew informed David that Dani had blown him off and he no longer cared what happened. He hoped that her heart would be broken.

James and Starr had some words, and James was disappointed. He thought that he and Starr had bonded. She reminded him of all he had done to her, beginning with her kidnapping, since she had met him. He assured her he would never forget her. He wanted to make a run for some food on foot, but Starr was uncertain about leaving the car alone. James removed a part from under the hood but Starr decided to remain behind. She wasn't concerned about eating.

James returned with the food and taunted Starr with it. He finally handed her a burger and fries and, famished, they ate quickly. James gently removed some ketchup from Starr's face as they finished eating. He thought it was time for them to get closer to the drop-off point, so they would be ready to get rid of the car the following day. Starr appeared to be disappointed that her adventure would be ending soon, but she expressed how grateful she would be to see Cole.

The pair chatted as James drove the car. Starr wasn't looking forward to spending the night in the car. Suddenly, she grabbed the wheel and yelled as she spied an animal in the road. The car went crashing off the road.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

From his hospital room, Ford called Langston, who didn't answer. He looked disappointed until Rex entered the room. Ford wondered if he was supposed to know who Rex was. Rex explained that Ford had put the moves on his son's mother, Gigi. Ford didn't recognize the name, which prompted Rex to say that Ford lived up to his bad reputation.

Rex explained the real reason why he was visiting Ford -- he had found an empty metal briefcase at the quarry with a business card in it that read "Ford's Body Shop." Rex had found out that Ford was from Ohio, which was where the business was located. Ford asked Rex where he found the briefcase because the business card was from his father's shop. Rex asked if Ford's father could have left it, but Ford didn't think his father would be anywhere near Llanview.

Rex asked if his father was even still alive, to which Ford replied that the man was, "unfortunately," still alive. He explained to a perplexed Rex that his father's goal was to make everyone around him miserable. Ford had nothing to do with his father after Ford had taken off years before and never returned. Rex wondered how the card got in the case, but, remembering James being in his hospital room, Ford said he had no idea how it could have gotten there.

Rex wondered who had hidden the case at the quarry if it wasn't Ford's father. Ford didn't know, but refused to take the case after Rex offered it to him. He conveyed that whoever had hidden the case was connected to his father, so he didn't want anything to do with it. Rex walked out with the case, but left the card with Ford. Ford dialed the number of the shop on his phone, but didn't call it, and wondered why he would want to talk to that "heartless bastard."

Inside the Palace, David spotted Dorian sitting alone at a table and sat down. He asked how the business meeting went, to which she replied, "Better than you and Viki." After David remarked on Dorian being alone, she shot back that she was meeting "her girls," and added that she didn't see anyone there with David. He said that he had dinner with his brother, not that Dorian would care. She didn't, and David replied that her only priority was getting Charlie away from Viki. David left as Dorian tried to defend herself against David's accusation.

Kelly and Langston entered the Palace and sat at Dorian's table. Langston was anxiously watching her phone to see if Ford was going to leave her a voicemail, and Kelly was text messaging. Dorian scolded her girls for not being able to give anything undivided attention. Kelly claimed to be multitasking, but Dorian accused her of texting Reed. Kelly explained that they had broken up, and Reed went back to London. David, eavesdropping, yelled that he remembered "fleeing to London to escape a Cramer woman once." Ignoring him, Kelly went on to say that Reed helped her to find a clue to her mother's murder -- a piece of paper with a name on it -- by breaking her mother's vase.

Kelly asked Dorian if she knew the name Bennett Thompson, which Dorian didn't. David, still listening, called out that he didn't either. Kelly had been calling every Bennett Thompson that she could find a number for but with no answers. Dorian suggested that Kelly turn it over to John, but Kelly knew that John had a lot going on. David proposed that, since he was on the television show Supermodel Crime Club, he was qualified and could help Kelly. Dorian reminded him that he wasn't a detective and that he only "played one on TV."

David reminded Dorian that he had helped to find Adriana when Mitch had been after her. As Dorian and David argued about David's job situation, Langston and Kelly stealthily got up from the table and walked away. After David left, Langston returned and sat down, still anxiously checking her phone. Dorian wondered if she was just worried about Starr, but knew the truth -- that she was waiting for a text or call from Ford. Langston was done lying and admitted that she had gone to see Ford. She needed to know why he'd told her that he loved her. Dorian advised her that he was just a user and one needed to deny the existence of people like that.

Dorian's phone began to ring. She answered it and found out that she and Charlie had gotten the grant for their project. As Dorian was on the phone, Langston's phone began to ring as well. She saw that it was Ford and answered. Ford informed her that he had called before, but Langston knew and didn't answer because it was him. He wondered why she changed her mind, and she requested that Ford not call her anymore. Ford maintained that he had something important to tell her, but she told him that he didn't exist to her anymore and hung up.

On the terrace of the Palace, Todd was surprised to learn that Dani needed his help, but related that he would do anything. Dani confessed that she needed fifty thousand dollars. Todd demanded to know why. Not wanting to reveal the reason, Dani said she shouldn't have asked him in the first place. Todd asked if she was in trouble or danger, but she made her father promise that he wouldn't call the police if she told him. Dani updated Todd about how she and Nate found the money and took it, but someone was threatening Nate to get the money back.

Dani knew that it was stupid to take the money, but Todd reassured that he, and most people, would have taken it as well. Dani explained how she and Nate had turned the cash into a check so easily by throwing Todd's name around. They had given it to Nate's mother and she still had the money. Todd thought that she could just get the check back from the woman, but Dani divulged that Nate and his mother would lose their house without the money.

Todd wondered how that was his problem, but Dani said that she was just as guilty for taking the money, but she felt better about it because something good was being done with it. She related that seeing Nate be good to his mom made her want to treat her mother better too.

Todd asked where Nate was, but a scared Dani only said that Nate called and said he needed the money. Then a man got on the phone and threatened to kill Nate if he didn't get his money back. As she began to say that she would take money out of her college account, Todd interrupted saying that he would give her the money, but there were conditions. Todd made her promise that she would be good to her mother, because Téa needed her daughter.

In Jessica's bedroom, Bree asked Brody if he could be her father. Jessica told Bree that she had a father in Heaven, and took her daughter to bed. As Brody looked at a picture of Jessica and Bree, Jessica returned and asked Brody what he thought about what Bree said. He asked her the same thing. She explained that Brody was always good with Bree, and Brody related that he wanted to be Bree's father someday and maybe even give her brothers or sisters. He wanted to have a family with Jessica and Bree and asked if Jessica did. "More than anything," she replied, hugging Brody.

Later, Brody got off the phone with John, and explained to Jessica that Hannah was being tracked down in Delaware. Brody thought that Ford brought out the worst out in people, especially with the way he treated women. A flustered Jessica didn't want to talk about Ford anymore. She kissed Brody just as Bree yelled for her mother.

In the cabana, Bull warned Nate that Dani had better come through with the money. Nate knew she would, but didn't want her to be mixed up in the mess because he was the one who had stolen it. Bull said he had it coming for taking something that didn't belong to him. As Bull pointed his gun at Nate, Nate explained how he had obsessively been checking the news for reports about lost money because he wanted to return it.

After a while, Bull wondered why Dani hadn't called back yet. Nate pleaded with Bull to give Dani time, but Bull grabbed Nate around the throat and told him to lose his attitude. Suddenly, someone, whom Nate identified as the manager, knocked on the door of the cabana. Nate answered the door with a towel in his hand and claimed to have been folding towels. The manager said he thought he had heard voices, but Nate assured him he was just talking on the phone. Nate told his manager that he would be out soon and closed the door.

According to Nate's phone, which began to ring, Dani was calling him. Bull rudely answers the phone, but was surprised when Todd replied. "Who the hell is this?" Bull demanded. "Dani's father," Todd replied.

At Rodi's, Viki gave Gigi a package that had been delivered to Llanfair by mistake. Gigi admitted that she had it sent there on purpose because she didn't want Rex or Shane to find it. Noticing the return address as Llanview University, Viki asked Gigi if she was applying to college. Gigi wanted to go because there was a lot to learn in the world, and if she learned it, she might not have to be a waitress for the rest of her life. However, Viki wanted to know why Gigi wanted to keep it a secret.

Gigi confessed that she didn't want anyone to know just in case she didn't get in. She explained to a confused Viki that she had barely finished high school, skipping classes and the SATs along the way. In addition, she didn't know if she had the money. Viki thought Gigi was just trying to think of reasons not to go, but urged her to fill out the application because she believed in Gigi.

Just then, Gigi realized that Viki was supposed to be at her cabin with Charlie and wondered why she wasn't. Viki explained that Dorian always had other plans for Charlie. As Rex entered Rodi's with the metal briefcase, Gigi hid the Llanview University packet. Rex informed Gigi that Ford didn't want the case, so Rex needed "a case to go with his case." Kelly, entering Rodi's, overheard Rex's comment and was interested.

Nonchalantly, Kelly sat down next to Viki at the bar. She explained that she needed a place to work away from Dorian's interruptions. Viki asked if it was work for Todd, but Kelly replied that she had gotten a lead on her mother's murder. She said she needed to access a program called Zip Tip, but it wasn't easy, and she was having trouble figuring it out. Rex volunteered that he had used it before and could help her as Kelly looked ecstatic.

Inside Starr's crashed car, Starr and James were both unconscious. James woke up, rubbing his neck. He noticed that Starr was unconscious and pleaded with her to wake up. She finally opened her eyes and asked what had happened. James explained to her about how an animal had run in front of the car and Starr had grabbed the wheel, which had run them off of the road. After bickering about whether or not it was right to brake for animals, they got out of the car to inspect it. Starr didn't find any scratches or dents, but James had bad news -- the front axle was broken in half, so the car wasn't worth anything anymore.

Starr wondered what they were going to do, but James said it was his problem, and he had another plan. He would meet Bull like he was supposed to and go back to Ohio to work off his debt. Starr was horrified that he would go back to his abusive father to steal more cars, but James, who regretted getting Starr involved, had no other choice.

The two got back into the car to pass the night, so Starr called La Boulaie to say goodnight to Hope. Starr said goodnight and said she missed Hope, and sang "Little Starr" to her, a song that Blair used to sing to Starr. As she sang, James listened and sadly watched her. A sad-looking Ford tore up his father's business card. Bree jumped in bed between Jessica and Brody. Dorian and Langston left the Palace, and Dorian glared at David. Kelly and Rex shook hands. Gigi filled out her application for Llanview University as Viki looked on.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

At Llanview Hospital, Ford greeted the morning with some shirtless calisthenics on the floor of his room. As he launched into his push-up routine, Blair entered the room and planted her stiletto heel on his chest. "You want to hold my ankles?" Ford purred.

Blair said she wasn't there to spot him during his workout, but was impressed with his swift recovery. Ford told her that he was being released the following day, and was eager to get back into shape. "You are a shrunken little man," Blair assented, and explained that she was there to make sure he honored her and Dorian's shared wish - that he stayed away from Langston.

Blair knew about Ford and Langston's recent confrontation, and Ford protested that the girl had visited him of her own accord, but Blair wasn't interested in the particulars; she only wanted his assurance that he wouldn't go near Langston again, or attempt to restart his relationship with her. "Or what?" Ford asked, "You'll take my head off?" "Think lower," Blair replied, eyeing him up and down.

Ford was surprised Blair was focused so "below the belt," and promised her a good time if she indulged herself with him: "It'll be the ride of your life!" Blair was disgusted, and told him to steer clear of her and Langston, but Ford again asked why he needed to do as she said. Blair produced the latest edition of the Sun, with a headline all about Hannah's attack and flight from justice; she warned Ford that with Hannah still on the loose and all the women of Llanview knowing of his womanizing ways, he was an endangered species. As Ford stared at the headline, Blair told him that Hannah was nothing compared to the wrath of the Cramer women, and ordered him to stay away. After Blair stormed out, Ford leaned against the wall, lost in thought.

In Delaware, John arrived at the O'Connor family cabin with local Police Chief Lynch, ready to inspect it for signs of Cole and Hannah. John thanked Chief Lynch for his cooperation, and said he needed all the help he could get to find the wayward youngsters. To that end, he ushered Natalie, decked out in a Llanview Police Department uniform, into the cabin.

As Natalie began to comb the house with her forensic tools, John and Chief Lynch searched the living room. Lynch had a hard time believing that Hannah, the girl he'd watched grow up, was capable of administering a violent beating or endangering Cole, and John explained Hannah's history with both Ford and Cole, and why he was positive the kids were together. Upon hearing about Ford and Hannah's tortured relationship, Lynch suspected that Ford was the type who made many enemies.

Examining the dresser, John discovered a cell phone battery hidden in one of the drawers. When Natalie named the model and make, John recognized it as the battery for Cole's type of phone. Natalie noted the battery's serial number and began to run an Internet trace on it using her laptop. She told John they could track it back to the service provider to determine whether or not it belonged to Cole's phone, but John realized that would only take more precious time.

After Chief Lynch left to check in with his men, John and Natalie continued to examine the cabin with a fine-toothed comb. They sympathized with Lynch's unease over investigating a girl he knew well, and Natalie admitted she'd never thought Cole capable of becoming a fugitive from the law. John recounted how Todd had always been a wedge issue for Starr and Cole, and Natalie concluded that Hannah had used Todd to break the teens apart.

Natalie snagged a strand of brunette hair on the couch and bagged it, while John discovered the condom wrapper on the ground, and handed it over to her. Lifting a print off the wrapper, Natalie ran the fingerprint through her computer's database and got a match for Cole; she concluded that perhaps he and Hannah had had sex, but John couldn't believe that Cole would behave so rashly with another girl.

Just then, Chief Lynch returned and told the duo that Hannah's car had been found at a nearby bus station. As John investigated over the phone, he learned that a bus driver had provided a positive ID for Cole and Hannah heading for Aberdeen, Maryland. Seizing the moment, John and Natalie raced out to continue following the trail.

In a motel in Aberdeen, Maryland, Cristian and Layla finished a bout of early-morning lovemaking. Layla wondered if they'd woken the neighbors, and Cristian teased her about their going for another round, which Layla readily agreed to as Cristian pounced on her.

Across the hall, a frazzled Cole and Hannah listened in on their neighbors' sexual Olympics through the thin walls. Hannah wanted to think through their next move, but Cole had already decided on his - he was returning to Llanview, to Starr and Hope. He was sure Starr and James had to head back, and Hope needed him. He figured if he returned immediately, no one would ever know he'd left.

Back in Cris and Layla's room, the couple finished their lovemaking, and Cristian headed for the shower, eager to get back on the road so they could reach the Williamson homestead in Silver Spring. Layla was less enthused, and suggested they wait a few hours, as her mother considered herself Evangeline's advocate and was unlikely to want them as lunch guests once she learned about their engagement. Cristian reminded her that she had nothing to be ashamed of, even if Mrs. Williamson had put Evangeline first; Layla had a right to her happiness, and he felt Evangeline would approve of their love. Cristian's words bolstered Layla's spirits, and she pulled him back onto the bed.

After Cristian finished his shower, he let Layla into the bathroom and told her he was heading down the hall to grab some breakfast before they checked out. He asked her if she'd be there when he returned, and Layla reminded him that their road trip was her idea.

Across the hall, Hannah struggled to dissuade Cole from his course of action, but he wouldn't be moved. He told her he needed to charge his phone and check his messages in the motel lobby. Hannah was fearful of his leaving the motel room, but Cole reminded her he'd be just down the hall, and left.

In the hallway, Cole ran into Cristian, who was surprised to see him. Making small talk, Cristian mentioned he'd never been to Aberdeen before, and a tense Cole said he hadn't either. Cole congratulated Cris and Layla on their engagement, and Cris explained that they were in for trouble with Layla's mother in Silver Spring. Before he could delve further into the complicated story, Cris congratulated Cole on making bail, then realized that Cole wasn't supposed to be out of Pennsylvania. "You jumped bail, didn't you?" Cristian asked the teen.

Cole admitted he'd fled the jurisdiction, but said he'd only left Llanview to search for Starr, who he feared was in trouble. He begged for Cristian's help, and said he was heading back to town. Cristian said he'd never seen Cole, and Cole thanked him for his understanding.

In Cole and Hannah's room, Hannah picked up Cole's discarded shirt and smelled it, flashing back to their makeout session in Delaware. She smiled at the memory.

In Cristian and Layla's room, Layla stared at a picture of herself and Evangeline in happier times, but an unwelcome call from Ford roused her from her reverie. Ford demanded to know how Hannah was still on the loose, but Layla informed him she wasn't at the police station, or even in Llanview, and had no interest in helping him any further. "You're one of the skeeviest manwhores I've ever met, Ford," she explained, "and I lived in L.A.!" Ford pleaded with her to help him get an update on Hannah's case, but Layla told him to handle it himself, and warned him that if he weren't out of the apartment by the time she returned, she would burn his things.

After Layla hung up, Cristian returned and told her the food in the lobby had looked stale. Layla told him about Ford's call, and that Ford had identified Hannah as his attacker. As she explained Hannah's history with Ford, Layla recalled the girl visiting Cole every day in jail, and told Cristian that Hannah hadn't seemed strong enough to assault Ford so violently. Cristian grew concerned as Layla told him that Hannah had clearly had a thing for both Ford and Cole. Swearing her to secrecy, he told Layla that Cole was in Aberdeen with them as they spoke, in the motel.

Layla wanted to go to John and the Llanview police, but Cristian feared getting Cole in worse trouble - Cole had told him he was looking for Starr, and he didn't want the young man to be in danger from both Hannah and the cops. He figured Cole had already checked out, and Layla suggested they attempt to pick up Cole's trail in order to help the teen out. Cristian accused her of wanting to avoid the visit to her mother, and said that Cole was gone and the situation was out of their hands.

In Cole and Hannah's room, Cole returned with the motel manager's charger to charge his phone and check his messages. As soon as he plugged the phone in, however, he discovered he was still getting no power, and opened the phone up to find his battery missing. Looking to Hannah, he asked her if she'd removed the battery from his phone. "Do you think I would ever do anything to hurt you?" Hannah asked him. "That's not an answer," Cole countered.

Hannah told him he shouldn't be using his phone at all, and suggested that it was a sign that he shouldn't head back to Llanview so soon, but Cole demanded she hand over her purse. Over Hannah's protests he took the bag and began rifling through it. Almost swayed by her pleas of innocence, Cole paused, then froze as he discovered something in the bag. Reminding Hannah that she'd claimed to have lost her phone in Delaware, he pulled it out of her purse. "What the hell is this?" he asked.

Hannah pretended she'd lost her phone at the bottom of her bag and assumed it had gone missing, but refused to let Cole use it to call his voicemail. She admitted that she'd taken the battery out of his phone for the same reason, and Cole concluded that she'd lied to him about her phone after all. As Cole hammered her with questions, Hannah weakened, and told him to let her explain after he listened to his phone messages. She told him that the police weren't after him - they were after her, "for trying to kill Ford."

Cole was floored as Hannah told him the Llanview police believed she'd assaulted Ford. Hannah looked to him for reassurance, but Cole's mind was reeling. "Is it true?" he asked her.

Back in Llanview, at the country club, Nate awoke in Cabana #2, still at Bull's not-so-tender mercy. Nate asked what was going on, and Bull explained that he was doing a "trade-in" for the boy, with a full cash refund. "Manning better come through, or you're dead," Bull snarled. Nate assured him that Todd would cooperate, but Bull wasn't convinced; he knew Todd's reputation, and figured he had a 50/50 chance of being burned in the deal. Nate asked what Bull would do if he didn't get what he wanted, and Bull warned that the teen didn't want to know.

At the Palace Hotel, Téa ran into Elijah in the main dining room. Elijah inquired about her health, and Téa realized he was yet another person who knew about her illness. Téa was livid that Blair had spilled her secret once more, but Elijah assured her that as a lawyer, he kept secrets for a living.

Elijah asked if Todd knew the truth, and Téa explained that Todd had stepped up and was a capable caregiver. Elijah promised to be there for her and Danielle, as well, and reminded Téa that he still considered her family, and Danielle his niece. Heading out, he told Téa to call if she needed him.

On the patio, Danielle paced as she and Todd played the waiting game with Bull. Danielle wanted to call Bull back immediately, but Todd told her to relax; he'd dealt with the criminal element before, and he knew how to handle a kidnapping negotiation. Danielle accused him of antagonizing Bull with his wild behavior, but Todd told her that kidnappers were a lower class of people and needed to be treated as such. He told her she'd been right to go to him with her problem, and assured her that he had it well in hand. As Téa approached the patio, Todd told Danielle that he knew she was scared, but he was with her, and they'd face her nightmare together as Mannings.

Hearing Todd's words, Téa assumed that he'd told Danielle about her tumor and rushed over to father and daughter, furious. "How could you?" she screamed at Todd over and over, as he struggled to calm her down. Danielle was puzzled by her mother's behavior, and even more baffled when Todd told Téa he was helping Danielle with a personal problem. Téa relaxed and struggled to cover for her histrionics, lamely telling Danielle that she'd thought Todd was giving the girl a hard time.

Just then, Todd's phone rang, and he excused himself, heading inside the dining room to take Bull's call. After Todd left, Téa asked Danielle what was troubling her. Danielle was cryptic and said that Todd was helping her out, but refused to elaborate and said it was nothing of importance. Téa insisted that she was Danielle's mother, and Danielle could tell her anything. Danielle weakened, and blurted out, "It's Nate!"

In the dining room, Todd told Bull he had the fifty thousand, but Bull declared that the price for Nate's life had gone up, and it was time for him to add some zeroes: "Five hundred thousand to keep the pretty boy pretty." Todd warned Bull not to get greedy, but Bull stood firm. Todd asked to speak to Nate, and Bull let Nate speak to Todd briefly before snatching the phone back. He said Todd had an hour to meet him in Cabana #2 at the country club, and hung up over Todd's protests.

Before Danielle could explain the situation with Nate to her mother, Todd returned to the patio and asked to speak to Danielle alone, and suggested that Téa busy herself by working on his case. Chagrined, Téa reluctantly headed for the bar. Alone again, Todd told Danielle that he'd spoken to Bull and was ready to make the exchange. Danielle wanted to go with him to the country club, but Todd told her she was staying there, where she was safe and could spend much-needed time with her mother. Before Todd left, Danielle thanked him for his help.

With Todd gone, Téa returned to the patio and rejoined Danielle, still curious about the trouble with Nate. Danielle changed the subject, and asked what was going on with Téa and Todd. She didn't understand her mother's outburst before, and said that Téa looked pale and unwell. Danielle asked Téa what was wrong with her, and what she'd really thought Todd and Danielle were speaking about.

At the country club, Elijah reclined on a beach chair, reading the Sun headline about Hannah. Blair pranced into the club and told her beau not to read a paper full of bad news on such a beautiful day. Cuddling up to him, she asked if he was free, and Elijah said he'd just finished his work for the day and had sent investigators to search for Cole. Blair said she'd finished her business, as well, after delivering a warning to Ford at the hospital. "You saw Robert Ford?" Elijah asked, turning serious.

Blair told Elijah she'd visited Ford to warn him to keep away from Langston and the Cramer women, and Elijah told her to stay away from Ford as well; he was a sleazeball, and most of what Todd had printed about him was true. Climbing into Elijah's lap, Blair teased him about Ford's "hot abs," and Elijah leaped to his feet in mock-protest. "You want hot abs?" he asked her as he raced through the club with her in his arms. "Then you better call a vet, because these puppies are sick!"

Elijah and Blair raced over to Cabana #2 to continue their amorous adventures, but found it locked. Inside the cabana, Bull sprang into action, hiding behind the door as Elijah fumbled for the key. When Blair and Elijah entered the cabana, they were surprised to find Bull and Nate already inside.

Concerned by the strange atmosphere, Elijah apologized for interrupting, and asked Bull what was going on. Blair recognized Nate as Danielle's friend, and Bull swiftly introduced himself as Nate's father, "Bill Salinger." Blair recalled seeing him at Starr's graduation, and Bull told her and Elijah that he was visiting the club to spend a day with his "son." Unnerved, Elijah apologized for interrupting Nate and Bull's "father and son" excursion, and ushered Blair out to find another cabana.

Outside, Blair and Elijah were both weirded out by their encounter with "the Salingers," but quickly put it out of their minds as Blair warned Elijah to find another cabana, fast. "I'm on it!" Elijah declared, rushing off.

Inside Cabana #2, Bull grew agitated; he feared that Blair would look into things and discover that "Bill Salinger" didn't exist. Nate said he barely knew Blair, but Bull was convinced time was running out, and that he needed to cut his losses. Turning his gun on Nate, he told the boy he was going to do what he should've done when he'd first found him.

Nearby, Blair lounged in the sun while awaiting Elijah's return, only to see Todd passing by. She asked Todd what had made him crawl out of his cave, but Todd ignored her and headed for the cabana area. "Jerk," Blair sniffed.

Todd approached Cabana #2, banged on the door, and demanded that Bull open up.

At Llanview Hospital, Ford opened the anonymous note he'd received, re-reading it. "You weren't supposed to live," the note read. "It doesn't matter. I'm in charge now. Now we need to make this work for both of us. If you don't do exactly what I tell you to do, I'll come back and finish the job. Follow my instructions to the letter. I'll be watching every move you make."

Just then, his phone rang, and Ford picked it up. He was visibly frightened as he realized he was speaking to the author of the note, and told the person on the other end of the line that he'd done as he was ordered and wanted to be left alone and not called again. Ford asked the caller if they'd seen the Sun, and said he'd sold the cover story - that Hannah had been his attacker, "even though we both know it's a lie!"

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nora and Bo, outfitted in floral Hawaiian shirts and leis, returned to Llanview after their honeymoon. They expected David to pick them up at the airport but, unable to locate him, Nora phoned home. She reached Matthew, who glanced over at his older brother asleep on the couch. Looking around the apartment, which resembled a bachelor pad, Matthew advised his mother that David had car trouble and wouldn't be able to make it to the airport. Bo agreed they would take a taxicab home.

In a state of panic, Matthew woke David up and found a prostitute on the other end of the couch. The couple appeared to have had too much to drink the night before, and Matthew was beside himself. Loudly, he advised David that Bo and Nora were on their way home after David forgot to pick them up. They had an hour at most to get the place cleaned up. In her underwear, the prostitute stood up and staggered to the bathroom. Matthew and David began to clean the place up at warp speed and finished just as Bo turned his key in the lock.

The newlyweds couldn't believe their eyes. The place was sparkling clean and immaculate. Bo had expected to find it in a state of disarray with just a couple of guys living there, he confided. Matthew admitted that David had kept things interesting, and David noted that it was after the "dumpage." Matthew gave his brother a threatening look. David added that it was "Dani's loss." Bo was sorry for his son. Nora announced that she had gifts, and she pulled Matthew aside. David wanted his, and Bo found a package of nuts in his pocket. David was off to the Fourth of July party at the country club, but Matthew didn't want to go.

Decked out in his new floral shirt, Matthew assured his mother the gift was perfect. He offered to go to the store for his parents and, once he was gone, Nora remarked how grown-up he had gotten. She thought it was sad that Dani had broken up with him, and Bo suggested that it wouldn't be the first time that Matthew's heart would be broken. Nora was glad that Matthew had taken out his frustration in cleaning, and Bo couldn't believe how conscientious David had been. Just then, the hooker, still in her underwear, emerged from the bathroom and wanted to know where the boys were.

As Dani and Téa returned to their room at the Palace, Dani pressed her mother about on what she thought the conversation was that Dani had with Todd. It was obvious that Téa thought it was about something that Téa wanted to discuss herself, Dani guessed. Suddenly, Dani gasped. She figured out that Téa and Todd were getting married. Téa quickly assured her daughter that she had no plans for marriage but had been making plans for Dani's future instead. She was happy that Dani had an open mind about Todd, though Dani replied that she really didn't have a choice.

Téa insisted that Todd had been very helpful to her, and he would be to Dani as well. He could be a "great friend," Téa stated, and he could be trusted. "I hope so," Dani responded. Téa inquired what was going on between Dani and Todd, but Dani challenged her mother instead. She was aware that Téa didn't tell her everything, so she didn't feel the need to explain herself.

Suddenly, Téa grabbed her head and doubled over. She ordered Dani to get her a glass of water, and Téa retrieved her pills from her purse. Dani was frightened and wanted to call someone. She finally decided on Todd, but she was only able to leave him a message. Téa declared that she was feeling better and had suffered a headache.

Later, Dani fussed over her mother as Téa lay in bed. Téa thought that Dani should be out celebrating, and Dani admitted there was a shindig at the country club. Téa considered going along, but Dani thought her mom should rest. Téa wondered if Nate would be there, and Dani thought that he should be there though hard at work. Téa called after Dani to remember the sunscreen and muttered that she wouldn't be there forever to tell her that. She decided that she couldn't tell Dani about the tumor.

Once she was alone, Téa began to prepare for Todd's case. As she rehearsed her speech, she fainted.

Todd arrived at the cabana to meet Bull and held a gun on the door as he knocked. In his other hand, he held onto the briefcase full of money. As he waited for an answer, Kelly appeared out of nowhere, and Todd hastily hid the gun as Kelly asked what he was up to. Todd did his best to get rid of her, but she thought he had been acting weirdly and she thought it was all about their kiss. She replayed the scene and, to pacify her, Todd readily agreed she was right and he needed space. Kelly thought it would be better if they confronted the issue.

Todd claimed he was in a weird mood the day he kissed, her but it was a "fluke." Kelly continued to pursue a discussion. When Todd's phone began to ring, he ignored it and looked at Kelly instead. "I want you," he said. Flustered, Kelly ordered him to stay away from her, and she dashed off.

Once Todd successfully rid himself of Kelly, he pulled out his gun and knocked on the door of the cabana again. When there was no answer, he kicked the door in and found the place empty. Dani walked in and grew frightened when Todd informed her that Nate and Bull were gone. Todd received a text message from Bull that plans were changed, and Todd would have to wait for Bull's phone call. Dani wanted to wait with Todd, but Todd ordered her to go home to wait. Before further discussion could ensue, Todd's phone rang. It was the anticipated call from Bull.

Blair lounged in a chair as she waited for Elijah to find them an available cabana. Dorian arrived, clad for Independence Day in a red, white, and blue outfit, complete with a hat. She had arranged an old fashioned Fourth of July for the Cramer women, she announced. Blair assumed it would include a publicity shoot for the mayor's office and Dorian didn't deny it. She wanted to know what was happening with Starr, but Blair assured her that Addie had heard from Starr and all was okay. Dorian thought it was a strange situation, but Blair understood her daughter's need to get away for a while. Blair just wondered when Starr would be home.

Dorian speculated where Langston could be, though she knew Langston couldn't be near Ford since Dorian had hired security to keep watch near Ford's room. Blair had been there herself to warn Ford to stay away from Langston, Blair confessed, but she hadn't seen any security. Dorian knew that Langston had to learn a lesson, but Ford was a "punk" who only cared about himself, she stated. She began to rant about Ford, but Blair accused her of talking about her relationship with David. Dorian denied it and insisted she was over David. She thought that David's flirtation with Viki was ridiculous and she accused Viki of believing that Dorian was trying to steal Charlie.

Blair was sickened to think that Dorian was after Charlie, but just then an oddly behaving and out-of-breath Kelly showed up. Blair and Dorian were interested in the case involving her mother, and Kelly informed them that she had hired Rex. Dorian thought Kelly had reached the "bottom of the barrel," since Rex had broken Adriana's heart. "Who cares?" Blair remarked. She thought Todd was on the case, and she wondered if he had "come up with anything." Kelly retorted that it was nothing she wanted.

Blair received a text message from Elijah, which informed her that he had located a free cabana and he was waiting for her. She took off. Dorian wanted to know why Kelly was jumpy, and Kelly blamed it on Blair. David wandered by in his brief swimsuit of red, white, and blue.

Starr was exhausted and hungry as she and James arrived at an out-of-the-way eatery on the way to their meeting with Bull. The couple bickered as James accused Starr of complaining too much while he didn't get much sleep in the car due to her snoring. Starr denied that she snored but crowed that she couldn't wait to sleep in a real bed with the man she loved. She placed a hasty call to Blair and promised her mother she'd return home shortly. Blair asked her about "the boy" she was with, and Starr assured Blair he was a "nobody." James looked hurt as he listened to the conversation. Starr agreed to tell Blair everything when she saw her, but she emphasized that she didn't steal the car.

James asked about his designation and Starr admitted that she didn't mean it literally. They began to squabble again when Starr saw the large meal that James had ordered. She knew they didn't have much time to get to their meeting. James informed her that he had a new plan, and it didn't involve Starr. He wanted her to get home to her loved ones. He figured he'd be able to earn the money due Bull by stealing cars again for his father. Starr wondered if James even cared about her.

James reminded her that he had been the one to drag her into their plight, but their argument over who was responsible for the car accident turned to laughter. Starr was worried and wanted to know how she would find out what happened after James met with Bull. James joked that "if you don't see my corpse on the ten o'clock news," she could assume everything turned out for the best. Starr didn't find his joke funny at all. James promised to return an hour after the meeting, and if he didn't, he told her she should call her friend, the police commissioner.

Starr didn't care for that plan, either, but James was insistent that he wanted her to remain safe. Starr contended that she would go with him. Once again the couple began to quarrel but unexpectedly, James grabbed Starr and kissed her passionately.

At the motel in Aberdeen, Maryland, Hannah confessed that the cops were looking for her in relation to the attack on Ford, but she didn't do it. Cole didn't believe her, but Hannah swore that she had no idea why Ford had accused her of the crime. She thought perhaps he was out for revenge, protecting someone else or maybe couldn't even remember the real perpetrator. Cole wondered if Hannah knew the cops were looking for her from the time the two of them left town. Hannah admitted she did because she wanted to have time with him. Her grandparents' beach house seemed the perfect place to escape to.

Cole couldn't believe that the place was a family home, and he wanted the truth from Hannah. He realized that Starr was probably never really there, and Hannah confirmed that he was right. Cole asked about Starr's diploma, and Hannah explained that Starr had dropped it when she left the graduation with James. Cole accused Hannah of staging the entire scenario, but Hannah claimed she had "re-created" it. She was sure that James and Starr had sex. Cole accused Hannah of lying about everything, but Hannah reminded him of the photo she had on her phone of James and Starr together. She pointed out that Starr had called Cole from James's phone.

Cole agreed that Starr might have something going on with James, but he accused Hannah of using the picture to create a story. He told her she had been "...yanking my chain since graduation," and he accused Hannah of tricking him. Hannah thought that he wanted sex with her just as she did with him, but he thought she was crazy and Starr had been right about her. Cole asked if Hannah actually saw Todd push Marty, and she replied that he had gotten away with too many crimes in the past. Then she admitted she had lied.

Friday, July 2, 2010

On the phone, as Dani followed, Todd asked Bull why he had not been at the meeting spot. In a deserted barn, where Nate was tied up, Bull informed Todd that Blair had been nosing around and had nearly caught him, so he had left. Bull revealed to Todd that he had selected a new, quieter place, "a big, red barn with a broken-down silo." Todd demanded to know if Nate was okay, so Bull put Nate on the phone to talk to Dani. Nate regretted that he had taken the money, but Dani told him to just be safe. Back on the phone, Bull demanded that Todd arrive quickly and warned that if Todd tried to double-cross Bull, "the kid here gets two in the head...and so will you."

Todd insisted that Dani not follow him, and that she should return home to her mother. Dani showed concern for Todd's safety, which Todd downplayed, as he claimed that Dani worried too much. To comfort Dani, Todd promised that he would rescue Nate for her. Dani pretended to leave but secretly followed Todd. As he gagged Nate, Bull announced his readiness to meet "one of his guests."

In an out-of-the-way diner, James kissed Starr, who yelled, "What the heck do you think you're doing?" James stated that "the guy at the bar" was holding a picture of them, and that he only had kissed Starr to keep her quiet. James speculated that "the guy" was Bull's guy, but Starr revealed that he was actually one of Todd's goons. Starr suggested that James should steal the goon's car for a quick getaway and revealed that she had a plan.

As the guy stood at the counter, Starr asked him if he were looking for her. The goon replied that Todd had wanted him to find Starr. While Starr diverted Todd's goon, James grabbed the car keys and ran out of the diner. Starr then announced that she needed to freshen up, and she ran out. When the waitress informed the goon that a boy had accompanied Starr, the goon ran out.

James thought that Starr had been coming on to the goon but then realized that it had all been part of Starr's plan. James insisted that he would be dealing with Bull and told Starr to return home. James claimed that he would work off the money that he owed Bull. When Starr asked to stay with James, he stressed that they were "going to part ways." Starr relented and begged James to keep out of trouble.

Todd talked to the goon on the phone about Starr, as he arrived at the big, red barn to meet with Bull. Before Todd could enter the barn, he spotted Starr, as James greeted Bull in the barn, and while Dani continued to hide in Todd's car.

In a cabana, after Blair and Eli kissed and made love, they both agreed that their lovemaking was amazing. Eli pointed out that only one thing could do their lovemaking justice..."Marry me." Blair laughed, but Eli stated that he was serious. "I love you. I want to marry you." When Blair expressed surprise, Eli was surprised. He insisted that he had not returned to Philadelphia, because of Blair. Eli asserted that he and Blair made a great team, and that he liked all of her kids, even Jack, when Jack was not blackmailing him. Blair maintained that she did not know what to say, and Eli begged, "Say yes."

Blair asked Eli for more time to think, because she did not want to make the same mistakes, over and over again, that she had made with Todd. Eli reminded Blair that he was not Todd, but he understood that marriage was a complicated issue for Blair, because of Todd. Eli exclaimed that Blair was well worth waiting for. Blair left the cabana to begin thinking about the proposal, because she claimed that she did not want to keep Eli waiting.

At the pool, David, who was wrapped in a flagged towel for the Fourth of July festivities, greeted Dorian and Kelly and told Kelly that he sympathized with her for her "nun-like dry spell" and wondered how long it had been since she had "a hard body under her fingertips." David told Kelly that he would put her "back in the saddle" in dating and sprayed tanning oil in her hand to rub all over him. As Kelly cringed, and Dorian screamed for security, David reminded Dorian and Kelly that they could not kick him out, since he was Viki's guest. "You folks need me around here. I'm much needed eye candy in an otherwise sugar-free world." Kelly proclaimed that she had to leave to wash -- or burn -- her hands.

As Brody and Jessica strolled through the grounds, Brody told her that he treasured their alone time together, while Jessica was grateful that Viki and Charlie were watching Bree. After Brody and Jessica selected a spot to sit, Ford spied on them, as they kissed. When Ford greeted Brody and Jessica and then asked Brody about Hannah, Brody informed him that McBain was "on her trail." Ford thanked Brody for the information. Jessica reflected on prom night, when she had been in Ford's bed, as Ford remarked, "And uh...nice seeing you again," before he left. Brody questioned how Jessica and Ford knew each other. Jessica reminded Brody that Ford had once hit on her at Cristian and Layla's apartment.

Kelly joined Brody and Jessica but then announced that she would be leaving the festivities. Kelly then warned them to stay away from the pool, because "I might be flooding the water later." As the girls decided to meet at another time, Brody had to take a phone call and suggested that they have their meeting.

When Kelly announced that she was trying to avoid David Vickers, Jessica cried that she needed to talk to Kelly about Ford. Jessica stated that she had wanted to tell Brody about Ford and prom night, but that Ford had stopped her. Jessica claimed that she did not know what to do. Kelly said, "Well, you know what? That's easy. You ask yourself, do you want Brody to hear about that night from you or from Ford?"

Kelly insisted that Brody loved Jessica, and that he would understand. Jessica stated that she had decided to tell Brody, as he walked up. Brody updated Jessica and Kelly with the news that John had arrested Hannah, and Kelly announced her departure. Jessica told Brody that he needed to know about Ford and began to tell him about the night of the prom.

Back at the pool, David claimed that he could always have Dorian, whenever he wanted. Dorian compared David to Ford, whom David called "a pretender, a wannabe, a never will be," as Ford walked up in a patriotic Speedo swimsuit that matched David's. David exclaimed, "I've been wearing the stars and the stripes on the Fourth of July since you were in diapers," and Ford responded, "Actually, speaking of diapers, yours is looking a little soggy."

Dorian screamed that Ford would never have the chance to do to another woman what he had done to her daughter, just as Langston arrived. Ford remarked that it was good to see Langston, however, Langston could not say the same about Ford. Dorian defended Langston, "What's empty apology? My daughter is much too smart to give you a second chance." However, David felt that Langston would give Ford a second chance, because Langston was like Dorian, and Dorian had given David many chances in the past. Langston then pushed Ford into the pool. As Ford stepped out of the pool, he admitted that he had deserved it and left.

When Dorian declared that she was very proud of Langston, David observed, "There's nothing that a Cramer woman does better than crash and burn her one shot at love." Dorian demanded that Langston not "listen to anything that this has-been hemorrhoid salesman has to say." David believed that Ford was a changed man, due to his near-death experience and guessed that Langston could still have Ford, if she wanted him. Langston remarked that she was no longer interested in celebrating the festivities and left.

David observed, "Hey, Dorian, it's going to be okay. Langston's a smart girl. There's no way she's going to end up like you." Dorian questioned why it would be horrible for Langston to turn out like her, and David reminded Dorian that she could be "impossible to please" and "sometimes just plain mean." Dorian announced that she had just realized that she should try to be more like Langston, as she pushed David in the pool. Dorian cackled merrily.

In the Aberdeen, Maryland, motel room, Cole confronted Hannah. He claimed that he could lose Starr and face jail time, because Hannah had claimed that Todd had tried to kill Marty, just to break up Cole and Starr. Cole cried that he should have listened to Starr, when she had insisted that Hannah would do anything, even push Marty down the stairs, just as John burst through the door. John arrested Hannah for the attempted murder of Robert Ford.

Natalie entered immediately after John and told Cole to call his mom. However, Cole stated that he needed to call Starr first. John said that Ford had fingered Hannah for the attack, and Natalie informed Hannah that fibers from her sweater had been found in Hannah's closet, and that her sweater had contained Ford's blood. Cole demanded that Hannah also tell John and Natalie the truth about Todd, Marty, and John's baby. Cole revealed that Hannah had admitted that she lied when she had stated that she saw Todd push Marty down the stairs. After Hannah admitted to the lie, Cole speculated that Hannah had also killed John's baby.

Hannah yelled out her denial for the attack on Marty, and Natalie demanded to know how Hannah could kill John's baby, just to break up Cole and Starr. Hannah shrieked, "You know, neither of you know what you are talking about. You're both wrong." As John marched her out of the motel, Hannah continuously insisted that she did not attack Ford, push Dr. Saybrooke, or kill John's baby...but she revealed that she knew who did.

Langston located Ford in a cabana, and Ford requested that they have a talk. Kelly interrupted them and suggested that Langston might want to leave. Once Langston had left, Kelly indicated that she had some words for Ford. Kelly warned that Ford was going to forget about Langston and forget about Jessica also. Kelly speculated that once Brody knew about prom night, he would want to help Hannah finish what she had started. Ford emphasized that the police would need to find Hannah first. Kelly replied that Hannah had just been arrested, so Ford had better watch his steps. Kelly stormed out of Ford's cabana.

As Ford opened the cabana door, he exclaimed, "You. So, you read the news, right? Uh, Hannah O'Connor's been arrested. Looks like our frame job worked," as he looked upon Eli's jeering face.

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