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Viki and Charlie made up a plan to get David and Dorian back together. Natalie and Jessica were ill after eating David's muffins. Todd proposed to Téa, and Blair agreed to marry Eli. Evangeline was put on life support. Starr kept thinking about James. Eli was shocked to learn that Ross was alive. Ford was stunned to see his mother, Inez.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 12, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, July 12, 2010

In Evangeline's hospital room in Maryland, Layla sat at her sister's bedside. Layla promised her comatose sister that she wouldn't leave until she knew that Evangeline was all right. Layla explained to Cristian that she always thought that Evangeline was listening, so there was no way she could tell Evangeline that Layla and Cristian were getting married. Layla's mother entered the room to Layla's questioning about what was wrong with Evangeline. Mrs. Williamson explained that Evangeline was having congestion problems, and that she got infections from time to time.

Layla wanted to call a doctor in order to ask some questions about her sister's condition, but her mother accused Layla of not believing her. She insisted that her daughter was going to get better again and she would take her back home. A doctor entered to check on Evangeline and announced that there was no change in her condition. Wondering what was actually going on, Layla and Cristian followed the doctor out of the room.

The doctor explained that Evangeline did get infections sometimes and got better with the help of antibiotics. However, Evangeline didn't have an infection -- she needed a ventilator in order to breathe. The doctor informed the pair that Mrs. Williamson was having trouble adjusting to the fact that Evangeline's respiratory system was failing, and that she would never be able to breathe on her own again.

The doctor urged Layla to make a decision and left. Cristian and Layla discussed how they had arrived to announce their engagement, but suddenly Layla had to make a huge decision about her sister. Layla's mother entered the hallway and snapped on Layla; she insisted that the decision wasn't up to Layla. She accused her daughter of always wanting Evangeline out of the way because Layla always wanted what Evangeline had. In addition, Layla wouldn't have to feel guilty about stealing her sister's man anymore.

Layla insisted that she had always loved her sister. Cristian stepped in and reminded Mrs. Williamson that things had been over been him and Evangeline before the accident. Mrs. Williamson claimed that Evangeline was going to get well and return home, and went back into the hospital room. Cristian assured Layla that her mother only lashed out because she was scared, but Layla knew that her mother meant every word. Layla didn't know what to say or do, but Cristian told her that they would figure it out together.

Todd stood outside of Téa's hospital room when Blair walked up, intending to check on Téa. Blair asked how Téa and Dani were doing, and Todd told her that there was only fear left. Blair wondered if that applied to Todd as well. Todd covered by telling Blair the good news -- Hannah confessed that she never saw Todd push Marty down the stairs. Blair was happy for him, even though Todd reminded her that she was the first one to believe that he was guilty.

Blair apologized, and Todd changed the subject to Blair and her "new life." Blair divulged that Elijah had proposed to her, but she had to think about it. Todd wondered what there was to think about. Blair confessed that she had never thought that she would get married again. Todd asked if she loved Elijah, which Blair confirmed. Todd asked what she was waiting for because "life is short." He wanted her to be happy before it was too late.

Blair agreed and said she would find Elijah when he was done with his client. Todd urged her to leave him a message. Blair thanked him for the sincerity, and he went into Téa's room to check on her and Dani. Blair took out her phone and called Elijah. She got Elijah's voicemail and left him a message saying that she was ready to give him an answer.

Nora, John, and Marty discussed Hannah's case in John's office. The evidence against her was irrefutable, but Hannah wanted a deal because she knew "who really pushed Marty." Even though Marty was shaky about it, the three agreed that they wouldn't make a deal with Hannah. Nora promised to go hard on Hannah about Ford just in case she let something slip about Marty. Nora and John agreed that Elijah was too good of a lawyer to let Hannah go down for something she didn't do.

Nora offered to rethink the deal if Marty wanted to go through with it, but John didn't think they could trust Hannah's word since her story kept changing. They wanted to make sure that Hannah got her story straight and came clean about what really happened to Ford and to Marty. The three reasoned that Elijah had enough time with his client and left John's office.

In the interrogation room, Elijah threatened that Hannah would get hurt if she tried to tell anyone that he was guilty of the attacks on both Ford and Marty. Hannah was sick of lying and wanted to get the truth out, but reasoned that at least jail would keep her safe from Elijah. Elijah informed her that, even if she were safe from him, Cole wouldn't be. Hannah, worried about Cole, wondered if Elijah would murder his own client. Elijah told her that he would be the least expected and told Hannah that she should confess. Hannah wanted to know why John had any reason to believe her. Elijah said that cops only cared about closing cases. He warned her to follow his instructions if she didn't want to get hurt.

John, Marty, and Nora entered the interrogation room, and Elijah informed them that something was wrong with Hannah. On the floor, Hannah rocked back and forth saying "I did it for Cole" over and over again. Elijah explained that when he told Hannah to stick with the truth, her eyes went dead and she started mumbling. Marty attempted to communicate with Hannah, but Hannah suddenly apologized for pushing Marty down the stairs. Hannah said that she did it because she wanted Starr and Cole to break up so Cole could love her.

In a choppy explanation, Hannah said that Cole didn't hurt her like Ford did, which was why she "had to hurt Ford." The four agreed that Hannah was in no mental state to testify and thought she would be better off at St. Anne's for the night to await a psychiatric evaluation. Hannah confessed to lying about everything, which prompted John to ask her why. "Cole," she replied. "Everything's for Cole."

At the hospital, Starr told Cole that she would tell him the entire story of the previous week after she checked on James. Cole followed Starr into James's room, where Ford was sitting. Even though Ford said that James hadn't woken up yet, Starr began to talk to him. James opened his eyes and Starr asked how he was feeling. As he said that everything hurt, Cole asked why Ford was there. Starr told him that Ford was James's brother. Ford wanted a minute alone with his brother, so Starr and Cole left the room.

Ford wanted James to say that he wasn't interested in Starr. Ford warned his brother that Starr was trouble. James said he could take care of himself like he did when he was with his dad. Speaking of their father, Ford had good news -- their father had been arrested, so James was free. Ford wanted to help his brother, but James snapped that the time for that had come and gone because Ford had left James alone with their father.

Ford explained that he had wanted to make a name for himself and return to get his brother, but James accused Ford of forgetting about returning for him. James needed someone, but believed his brother was too busy with women. Ford vowed to fix things and told his brother that they were going to work together from that moment on. James confessed that he was always proud to be Ford's brother and that he had always wanted to be like him. Ford promised that he would make James proud again.

Starr finished telling Cole her story and claimed the blame for everything. Starr just wanted Cole to understand why she wanted to make sure that James would be all right. After arguing about how Cole could ever believe anything Hannah said, Cole suggested that they go home. Starr agreed, but wanted to tell James that she was leaving.

Starr entered James's room and asked Ford for a minute alone with James. Starr explained that she had worked everything out with Cole by explaining that she just wanted to keep Cole and Hope safe. "And he believed you?" James asked. Starr informed James about everything that had happened with Cole and Hannah. She lied that Cole never believed anything that Hannah had told Cole about the alleged affair between Starr and James. James took Starr's hand and the two avoided saying goodbye.

Starr took her hand back and promised she would check on him in a couple days. As Starr turned to leave, James taught her a saying that existed in Ohio: "You shoot a guy, you owe him."

Outside James's room, Ford sharply told Cole that he was lucky Hannah didn't hurt Cole because she was "psycho." Playing on Cole's nerves, Ford commented on how long Starr had been in James's room. Cole wasn't worried. Starr emerged from the room and took Cole's hand. The two left to go home and be with their daughter.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Almost everyone in Llanview appeared to be reading the morning edition of the Sun whose headlines screamed "Hannah Bananas." In smaller print it declared "Killer Co-Ed Claims Crazy," and Jessica Buchanan was the writer.

Brody had his newspaper open to the cover story as he waited in John's office at the police station. "So, your girlfriend's intent on making a name for herself," John pronounced as he stormed into his office. Uncomfortably, Brody maintained that he hadn't shared any privileged information with Jessica, and John admitted that he was only teasing. He knew that Brody wouldn't reveal department secrets. Brody asked his boss if the case was "open and shut," but John revealed his suspicions.

He found it curious that Hannah had denied involvement in the cases all along and had even offered to identify Marty's assailant provided she received immunity. She had been alone with Eli for minutes and suddenly, she had a "meltdown" and had pleaded guilty to the assaults of both Marty and Ford. It didn't make sense, and there were two people who knew why. One was "crazy Hannah," and the other was her lawyer, John concluded.

At Angel Square Park, Eli spoke to Blair on the phone and informed her that he wanted her answer to his proposal but he had to clean up a "mess" first. He hung up because he spotted Ford, who read about Hannah in the paper and then made a quick phone call himself. Eli wandered over to speak to him. Eli noted that James had been shot, and he thought it was lucky for Ford's brother to be safe. He thought that hospitals could be dangerous, Eli threatened Ford as he handed over a business card. He thought that James might need legal help "when or if" he departed the hospital.

Ford ordered Eli to leave him and his family alone, but Eli advised Ford that Ford could count on Eli. Eli wanted to count on Ford as well. Ford was taken aback and asked how he could possibly trust Eli after Eli had attempted to kill him and Marty. Eli waved the newspaper in Ford's face and reminded him that Hannah had confessed to the crimes. Ford was aware that was true but was also conscious of the fact that she really hadn't attacked Ford. He wondered how Eli had persuaded Hannah to confess to both acts of violence.

Eli felt that Ford had a "vivid imagination" and quickly grew irritated as Ford continued to ask questions. He reminded Ford that knowing too much almost got Ford killed previously. "Forget it," Ford retorted. Eli thought that Ford might need another lesson, or maybe James could learn the lesson instead, Eli threatened again. Ford again told Eli to "forget it" and Eli verified that they were "good" and would never have to speak again. The only reason would be if James needed legal advice. He tucked his card into Ford's pocket. Eli received a call from John, who asked him to show up at the station to talk about Hannah.

Blair found Langston reading the article about Hannah as Langston sat by the pool at La Boulaie. They discussed Hannah, though Blair mentioned that she thought that Ford had gotten what he deserved. She looked at Langston for agreement, and Langston gave it reluctantly. Blair disclosed that she had heard about Langston's pushing Ford into the pool at the country club, and she was happy to hear that Langston didn't "buy the BS that Ford was feeding" Blair.

Langston didn't understand what Blair was referring to, and Blair admitted she had visited Ford when he was in the hospital. Langston, claiming that she wanted to know where she stood if she ran into him, wanted to be aware of what Ford said. Blair revealed that Ford implied that he had real feelings for Langston, but she doubted it. Langston believed that Ford had seemed different when she saw him and that maybe he had changed. Blair didn't think so, advising Langston that he hit on Blair when she visited with him. "Bad guys never change...but neither do the good ones," Blair recited.

Langston revealed that Markko wouldn't speak to her, and Blair strongly advised her not to make a play for Ford. He was "toxic," Blair insisted. She felt that Langston could just wait for a nice guy. Langston had been under the impression that they only happened once in a lifetime, but Blair assured her she was wrong. Otherwise, she wouldn't have met Eli, Blair confided. She told Langston about Eli's marriage proposal. "Good guys come to those who wait," Blair couldn't help adding.

Langston asked to see the ring, but Blair confessed that she didn't have one yet. Langston agreed it probably wasn't important to Blair, but Blair informed her that she hadn't accepted the proposal yet. She admitted she had discussed Eli with Todd, who had been helpful. Langston's opinion was that Eli was great.

At Bo and Nora's place, David perused the newspaper and stopped on a photo that showed him pouring a drink on Dorian at the country club. Bo emerged from his bedroom, and David hastily arose to pour his father some coffee. David eagerly showed Bo the muffins he had baked and explained that he wanted to have a new tradition of a father and son breakfast. Bo, in a hurry to get to work, suddenly blurted out, "You're gonna have to move out."

David couldn't believe that Bo was throwing him out, but Bo insisted there wasn't enough room and that David took too much time in the bathroom. He reminded David of the hooker he and Nora had found in the apartment. David corrected his dad and stressed that Fawn and Wendy were escorts. Bo informed him that there was no distinction to Nora. He thought that David was an adult. Bo stopped and started again. David was grown and perhaps he could stay with Dorian at La Boulaie.

Bo knew David would be fine and was still willing to have the father and son breakfasts. David handed Bo a muffin as Bo departed, and Bo suggested that David not own up to baking the goodies until after people had eaten them.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Charlie admonished Viki for reading the Sun, but she sighed and admitted that she needed to keep an eye on her competition. Dorian arrived and taunted Viki for being joyful at seeing her photo in the newspaper. Dorian began her usual jabs at Viki regarding Viki's hiring of David, and Viki reluctantly fought back. Dorian suggested that David was only good for "disrobing and disappointment," and she headed to the back to see Markko. "Does she ever, ever let up? Ever?" Viki groaned. Charlie thought it was a good time for them to initiate their plan. He saw it as their only hope and way out. He would have to sleep with Dorian.

Charlie made it clear that he wouldn't really sleep with Dorian but would make her think that she wanted to sleep with him. Viki agreed that would make Dorian realize she wanted David. Charlie stressed that the only reason Dorian wanted to sleep with Charlie was because she knew he would never respond to her advances. It was easier to want Charlie than to take another chance with David. He was sure she would back off if he made a play for her. Viki hoped that Charlie was right.

Viki thought the plan sounded more like something that Dorian would think up. She also thought the plan would be even more successful if she had the chance to work on David and maybe sleep with him. Charlie choked on his coffee.

In the back of the café, Dorian used her office as mayor as her excuse to be in the kitchen as she encountered Markko reading the newspaper about Hannah. She hoped that Markko's mother had second thoughts about slapping Dorian, but she wanted Markko to give Langston a second chance. Markko felt like a "chump." Dorian assured him he wasn't but would be if he didn't see Langston.

Markko was angry when he learned that it was Dorian's idea to get them back together and not Langston's. He advised Dorian that all of the Kramer women lied about their feelings, mostly to themselves, and it was too late after they figured them out. He thought that Dorian and David were the worst example. Dorian took exception to Markko's statement and insisted that she and David were just a "bad habit." She emphasized that Langston had made a mistake. Markko retorted that the mistake had occurred "over and over" and Langston was still "drooling" over Ford.

Markko insisted there was "no going back" but Dorian suggested he move forward and try something new. She thought he should find out if there was something in his relationship with Langston worth saving, and she thought he should talk to Langston. He wondered why Dorian hadn't gone to Langston with the suggestion, and Dorian confessed that not everyone considered her a master of relationships.

At Llanfair, Jessica read her article in the paper as Natalie walked into the kitchen. "Wow, you sure have a thing for that Ford guy, don't you?" Natalie asked her sister. "How many articles have you written about him?" she continued. Jessica denied Natalie's accusation and pointed out that Ford was a part of the "big story." She agreed that the title didn't please her and was Todd's idea. Natalie couldn't believe that Jessica was working for Todd, but Jessica turned things around and voiced her own dismay at Natalie working at the station so closely with John again.

Natalie was sure that she and John had grown and she knew not to let her personal relationships interfere with work. She thought that Brody and Jessica should learn the same since they would probably be involved in the same cases through their jobs. Jessica thought it was no big deal and they could be entitled to their work secrets. Natalie flashed back to Brody mentioning that his night with Natalie should be a secret. Natalie was startled back to the present when Jessica wondered what other kind of secrets she and Brody could possibly have from each other. Before Natalie could reply, David, bearing muffins, walked into the kitchen and asked to see Viki.

He wanted to make breakfast in bed for Viki, David announced, as he began whipping up some eggs. The young women informed him that Viki was long gone and he could find her at the café. David shared that he was the new style editor at the Banner and that Viki had given him the south wing of Llanfair to live in. Both Jessica and Natalie shrieked in horror. He left them some muffins before he headed to the café. He claimed that Noelle had baked them. Natalie was thankful that David hadn't prepared them himself.

As Natalie and Jessica chowed down on the muffins, suddenly, something was wrong. They both felt ill and they each managed to claim a different bathroom before running off to be sick. During a momentary break, Jessica wondered if they were sick from the muffins and if David was trying to poison them. They had a brief respite and they were sick again.

Eli showed up at the police station and sat in John's office with John and Brody. He complained that he hadn't heard anything about Hannah since she had been taken to St. Anne's. John justified that it was because she was being fully checked out. Eli didn't want to "compromise" his case, but John wanted an explanation for what had happened when Eli met with Hannah.

Eli explained that he had told Hannah that the truth was the best choice for her to make, and suddenly she just "freaked out." John didn't think that Hannah had shown any signs of being unstable, but Eli noted that he hadn't known Hannah previously. John looked over at Brody and stated that it was just his opinion. Eli left to meet with Blair, and Bo walked in and looked at his men. He realized he had missed something. He filled the men in on his honeymoon at their request, but he inquired why Eli had been there.

John advised him that Eli was representing Hannah, and Marty was observing her at St. Anne's. Brody explained they were waiting for word on Hannah's examination. Bo sensed that John had his own judgment on things, and John agreed that he thought Hannah was faking her breakdown. He believed that Eli had put her up to it.

John told a confused Bo that Hannah had been fine when she was arrested. She had made demands and was familiar with immunity. Things changed after her lawyer showed up. Bo wondered if it was to avoid a jail sentence. He advised his men to keep everything secret because John was making serious accusations. They had to watch what they did because they didn't want "some shark making waves."

Viki exclaimed that David was in denial like Dorian, and he flirted non-stop with Viki. He knew Viki would never fall for his act. Just then, David arrived with his muffins, which Viki thought odd to carry into a restaurant. She enlightened him that his title was reporter, not editor, when he suggested they talk about the job. David thought he should move into Llanfair, and Viki realized he had been thrown out of Bo and Nora's place. David claimed it was because Nora couldn't keep her eyes off of David. Dorian was finished with Markko and walked out into the restaurant. She advised David that he couldn't live at La Boulaie. Viki acknowledged that David would live at her house.

David considered Viki a "true friend and humanitarian" and thought that Dorian should follow suit. Charlie acted as though he were annoyed as Dorian chose to make jabs at Viki again. She pointed out to Charlie that Viki had called Llanfair "my house, not our house." Charlie suggested that he and Dorian leave to work at La Boulaie while Viki planned to work with David at Llanfair. Viki winked and handed David her car keys. She gushed that he could pick out his bedroom. Charlie appeared ill as Viki played her role. "Here goes nothing," he muttered to Viki.

Langston ran into Ford at Angel Square Park.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

At the Buenos Dias, Markko toiled in the kitchen and his mind raced as he remembered his arguments with Langston, and her begging for forgiveness.

In the park, Langston accused Ford of stalking her. "I was here first," Ford replied, but Langston reminded him that she always headed there to work on her writing. Langston said she'd leave, but Ford told her she didn't have to. Langston explained that she couldn't take being around him, and was infuriated by what he'd told Blair about her. Ford said he hadn't been insulting her, and had meant what he said about being unable to get her out of his mind.

Langston was positive that Ford was still jerking her around, and said that there was nothing he could tell her that would change her mind about him. "How about, 'I miss you?'" Ford asked, stepping closer to her. Langston was struck by his words, but told him she was sick of his doubletalk -- first he said he loved her, then he claimed not to care. As she moved to leave, Ford grabbed her and pleaded for a chance to be friends; he had no one else. He needed her, and a second chance to fix things between them. Langston asked him to let her go, but Ford cried, "I can't!"

Just then, Markko rushed into the park, and ordered Ford to take his hands off Langston. "Is that what you want?" Ford asked her. After a moment's hesitation, Langston told him yes -- it didn't matter what he'd said to her, all she wanted was for him to leave her alone. Stepping back, Ford told Markko that Langston was all his, then snidely reconsidered: "Oh, guess not!"

After Ford stormed off, Langston asked Markko what he was doing there. He said he was looking for her, which surprised his ex. Langston thought he never wanted to see her again, but Markko admitted that it was a hard pledge to stick to. He told her about his confrontation with Dorian, and how Dorian had pressured him to give her another chance. Langston apologized for Dorian's behavior, and said she knew Markko could never forgive her, or take her back.

Markko asked her if she wanted them to find their way back to each other. Langston wondered what it would mean if she did. Markko was suspicious of her recent encounters with Ford, but Langston insisted that she and Ford were "completely over" -- thinking of him made her sick. "I'm such an idiot," she said tearfully, "and you deserve so much better."

Langston told Markko she missed him a lot, every single day, and that she still cared for him -- she'd meant what she'd said in her graduation address, about fixing her mess and making up for her mistakes. Markko's temper flared as he told Langston he didn't want to be her "chore," but Langston said he was much more than that. Markko reflected on how Dorian had told him he wouldn't have gone to graduation if he hadn't still cared about Langston, and added that she was right.

"So we still care," Langston said softly. "That's something." "Yeah, it is," Markko agreed. As the exes drew close together, Langston asked if it meant a chance for them again. Consumed by their turbulent emotions, they kissed.

At La Boulaie, Elijah met Blair by the pool and apologized for keeping her waiting. He revealed that his new client was Hannah O'Connor, and said that Hannah had requested him personally. Blair shrugged it off, and told him they had more important matters to discuss, namely his proposal, which she'd thought about long and hard. "Ask me again," she requested.

Elijah promptly got down on one knee. "Blair Cramer," he asked, "will you marry me?" Blair enthusiastically answered yes. As Elijah took her in his arms and kissed her, he told her she'd made him the happiest man alive. He apologized for not having gotten her a ring first, but Blair said she'd simply help him pick one out. "All part of my master plan," Elijah joked.

As the newly betrothed couple hashed out their wedding plans, Jack's arrival interrupted them. Jack asked what all the commotion was about. Elijah revealed that he was marrying the boy's mother. Stunned, Jack turned to Blair: "Shut up." Blair sat down beside Jack and apologized for telling him so suddenly, while Elijah turned on the charm and asked Jack how he felt about having a stepfather.

Jack seemed blasé, and said he could roll with it; after carefully examining Elijah's tie, he told Blair that if she was happy, he was happy. Elijah was thrilled by Jack's apparent seal of approval, and told Blair he'd return after checking on Hannah at St. Anne's. He bid goodbye to Jack, and called him "little buddy," which led Jack to flash him a big fake grin. As soon as Elijah left, however, Jack turned on his mother. "Okay, first, he needs to lose the 'little buddy' act if he wants to live until sundown," Jack began. "Second of all, you seriously can't marry that clown."

Blair was stunned by Jack's sudden reversal, but Jack was adamant that she couldn't marry Elijah. "He's a big phony!" the boy cried. "You can do a lot better." Blair reminded him that he'd said the same about John, and concluded that he didn't want her with anyone but his father. "Did I say that he's good enough?" Jack replied. He told his mother that a family reunion was her fantasy, and to leave him out of it.

The Manning-Delgado clan arrived at the courthouse for Todd's hearing, with both Todd and Danielle worrying over Téa, who had just undergone more radiation treatments. Téa said she had her power pumps on and was there to close Todd's case, and ordered her loved ones out of her way as she stepped into the courtroom. As they entered the chamber, Danielle apologized to Todd for believing he could kill Marty's baby, while Téa fended off Nora's curiosity about her late arrival by claiming they'd had a family breakfast together.

As the judge entered the courtroom, Todd leaned over to Danielle in the gallery and told her to watch her mother at work. After the charges against Todd were read for the record, Téa rose and requested that they be dropped in light of Hannah's confession. Nora claimed that doctors at St. Anne's were still evaluating Hanna's breakdown, but Téa told the court that the entire case against Todd was based on false testimony given by the girl. Without Hannah, they had nothing and were required to drop all charges.

"She's awesome," Danielle whispered to Todd as she watched Téa in action. Nora relented and agreed to drop the charges against Todd, which led the judge to throw out the case and left Todd a free man once again. As the court adjourned, Nora warned Téa that the next time they faced off over Todd, she wouldn't have it so easy.

After the courtroom cleared, Todd and Danielle congratulated Téa on her great work. Danielle wanted to wait for her, but Téa said she had paperwork to finish, and suggested Danielle take advantage of the summer afternoon. After hearing that Todd would stay with Téa, Danielle agreed to leave, and held out her hand for Todd to shake. "Congratulations," she told him, and left.

At Llanview Hospital, James was roused from a pleasant dream about his kiss with Starr. A passing nurse introduced the young man standing at the foot of his bed: Nate Salinger, who explained that he was the one responsible for James ending up in the hospital. "You look different without duct tape on your mouth," James noted, and realized that Nate was the one who'd taken his stolen money. Nate apologized, and said he'd given it to a good cause; he hadn't known his actions would put anyone in danger. As he apologized again, Ford entered, and immediately sized up the situation: "This is the punk who got you shot!"

Ford began to rail at Nate for endangering his brother and taking the cash, but James told him to ease up. James believed Nate hadn't wanted to hurt anyone, and Ford was acting like the one who'd lost something precious. Disgusted with the boy, Ford ordered Nate to get out.

In the hospital corridor, Danielle arrived just in time to witness Nate's banishment from James's room. She explained that she wanted to visit James and check on him, but Nate suggested she wait on her well wishes.

Inside James's room, the Ford brothers argued over Nate. James was sympathetic and considered Nate an innocent bystander, but Ford remained angry. He said James had deserved the money he'd stolen from their father -- he'd taken care of himself first in the world, which was what he'd had to do, and he should never apologize for it. Listening to his brother's tirade, James concluded that the discussion wasn't about him or Nate at all. "Bobby, what happened to you?" he asked.

At St. Anne's, Marty oversaw Hannah's psychiatric evaluation. She explained that she was there so Hannah could get well, and asked the coed why she'd confessed to so many crimes. Flashing back to her conversation with Elijah, and his threats against Cole, Hannah murmured, "I do what I'm told." Marty asked her who'd told her what to do. "He doesn't have a name," Hannah said, pretending that Elijah was a voice in her mind; he was bossy, and she had to do what he said, or else.

Marty asked Hannah if she'd heard other voices, and Hannah said that some were sweet, and others were angry, and claimed she'd been hearing them since she went away to school. Baffled, Marty asked if there was anything else Hannah wanted to say. "I did it all for Cole," Hannah said evenly. "Please tell him."

As Marty exited to the corridor, she ran into Nora, who told her they'd dropped the case against Todd, which had left the legal eagle eager to ascertain whether Hannah's breakdown was legitimate, or if the Commonwealth would be able to prosecute. Marty said she didn't know for sure, and they agreed that Hannah's mental instability seemed very sudden and convenient. Before they could talk further, Elijah arrived, eager to speak with his client, and asked if Hannah's evaluation was finished. Marty told him she needed to speak to Dr. Levin before going further, and headed down the corridor.

Nora stopped Elijah from entering Hannah's room, and reminded him that the doctors' analysis was ongoing, and they still had more questions. Elijah asked Nora if Hannah had changed her story at all since being admitted. Taking her silence as a negative, he entered the girl's room.

Inside Hannah's room, Elijah greeted his client. Hannah told him she'd used everything she remembered from her psych classes to fool the doctors, and Elijah told her she'd done a good job. Hannah asked what would happen next, and Elijah said she'd avoid a trial, be treated for several months, then pronounced "cured" and set free, and that would be that. Hannah asked him if that was the only way, and Elijah warned her that the alternative was a prison sentence, and mortal danger for Cole. Hannah said she'd play along, if it meant Cole would be safe.

Hannah asked what would happen once she was freed. "Then it's over," Elijah said, but Hannah didn't believe it. She was a loose end for him, she knew he'd assaulted two people and killed an unborn child. She wondered how he could let her live. "˜Why not?" Elijah asked, and reminded Hannah that she had a history of mental illness, and no one would believe her if she chose to turn on him. As long as she kept her mouth shut, she'd be free, she'd keep breathing, and Cole would keep breathing.

After bidding Hannah an inappropriately cheery goodbye, Elijah returned to the corridor, where Nora was waiting. Nora warned him not to coach his client, but Elijah chuckled and told Nora he knew she didn't have a case. With that, he left.

At their apartment, Starr and Cole enjoyed a morning together with Hope. Cole mentioned that Hope had kept him up, but he hadn't wanted to wake Starr, who'd seemed to be having a wonderful dream.

In Markko's old room, Cole discovered one of Hope's stuffed animals ripped apart. He concluded that Bull had damaged it when he ransacked the place, but Starr begged to differ, and wondered if Hannah had done it instead. Soon, Starr and Cole were bickering over Hannah again; Cole insisted that Hannah wasn't capable of extreme violence, but Starr said that Hannah had trashed their lives. Stalemated, they resolved to drop the subject, and Cole put Hope to bed.

While Cole was out of the room, Starr called the hospital to check on James, only to be denied information because she wasn't family, "just a friend." When Cole returned, Starr explained the call, but Cole didn't understand why she cared about James's well-being at all. Starr reminded Cole that she'd shot James, and said that inquiring about his health was the least she could do. Fuming, Cole told Starr that if not for James, she'd never have been in danger in the first place. On the verge of losing his temper, he told Starr that they needed to avoid the subject of James as well.

Starr was infuriated by Cole's denial of their problems. She told him they could buy time by talking about everyday chores, but the reality was that they were struggling with what other people had done to their relationship, and the real issues stemming from their time away from Llanview. Cole apologized to her for believing Hannah's lies about her and Todd, and admitted he owed Todd an apology. Starr added that nothing had happened between her and James, and Cole concluded that there was nothing left for them to discuss. After a moment, however, he flew into a rage, and told Starr that he was wrestling with the fact that she hadn't gone to him when she'd gotten into trouble.

Starr reminded Cole of how he'd told her not to visit him in jail, and Cole agreed, insisting that it was all his fault; he'd lost control, then driven her away, and he hadn't been there for her when she'd needed him. Starr comforted him, and told him she had hardly been able to wait for him to get out of jail. "You're the only guy I want," she said, but Cole said he had to earn her love again. Starr disagreed; she loved him, and that had never changed. "I love you too," Cole said, and embraced her.

A phone call from Marty interrupted the young lovers. Cole asked Marty if she could take Hope for the day, as he wanted to spend private time with Starr, but Marty said it was impossible, as she was calling to inform him of Hannah's confession and subsequent breakdown. Cole was stunned to hear that Hannah was taking responsibility for two violent crimes, and asked his mother if she thought Hannah was telling the truth. Marty didn't know, but said she'd wanted to warn him of the latest news.

After Cole hung up, he explained the situation to Starr; Hannah had confessed, and the charges against Todd had been dropped. Starr was thrilled to hear that her father was free, but Cole was still reeling from the news about Hannah. He reflected on how Hannah had sworn she was innocent of those crimes, and told Starr she wouldn't like it, but he had to go see the girl. Starr agreed, and told him to do whatever it took to get the truth from Hannah, as she didn't want to see her nemesis skate on an insanity plea.

Starr and Cole kissed, and Cole asked if they were okay. "We're okay," Starr replied. She walked him out of the apartment -- and warned him to be careful. As Cole left, Starr picked up the latest edition of the Banner and studied the headline about James and Bull. Thinking fast, Starr called Addie, and asked if she could watch Hope for a little while.

Back at St Anne's, Marty returned to Nora's side outside Hannah's room. She told Nora that Dr. Levin believed Hannah's schizophrenia was real, but she remained skeptical. Nora asked if Hannah was faking, but Marty feared she was too close to the case to be sure. Nora asked what they could do, and Marty said that Hannah wouldn't be able to keep up an act if the right person pressured her and got through to her.

Cole arrived and told Nora and Marty he shared their suspicions. He recalled how Hannah had insisted she hadn't pushed Marty or attacked Ford. Nora believed Hannah would tell Cole the truth, and Cole asked his mother to let him talk to his wayward classmate. After laying down ground rules, Marty agreed, and Cole knocked on Hannah's door. Hannah was shocked to see him: "What are you doing here?"

As Cole entered Hannah's room, he told her he'd heard about her confession, and he'd had to see her. "You really care?" Hannah asked. Cole said he did, but he needed to know the truth. They were alone, and he wanted her to be honest with him: "Did you do it?"

Back at the courthouse, Todd and Téa exulted in their victory, both in the case and in Danielle's congratulations to Todd. Todd dismissively told her she'd done a nice job. "I'm keeping your bail money," Téa grumbled.

Todd told Téa he had other news for her, and revealed that Elijah had proposed to Blair. He said he was pleased someone was taking Blair off his hands, and Téa chided him for speaking so cavalierly about the love of his life; Todd countered that he was merely talking about Blair. "What about you?" he asked, and Téa said that after the previous few months of female bonding, she wished Blair happiness. Todd told her she'd misunderstood his question, and decided to put it a different way: "Will you marry me?"

Thursday, July 15, 2010

David walked into Llanfair with his container of muffins, but Viki had something else in mind. "I'm very hungry, but not for food," she purred to him. She flirted with him shamelessly and urged him to take off his shirt. She rubbed her hands up and down his arms from shoulders to wrists and suggested he pour himself some wine in the kitchen. As soon as David left the room, Viki hurriedly placed a call to Charlie.

"Roger, Cupid 1, this is Cupid 2," Charlie answered his phone at La Boulaie. Viki was not amused and spoke quickly as she told him their plan was in motion. She wanted to know if Charlie was sure it would work because she was concerned there were too many risks involved. She was worried that Dorian and David might take Charlie and Viki up on their offers. Charlie promised Viki that he would jump out the window if that happened.

Just then Dorian walked into the room and Charlie hurriedly changed his tone on his phone call. He demanded to know why David was living with them. He hung up the phone and turned to Dorian. He wanted to talk about all that Dorian had done for him. Dorian was flattered and thrilled to hear that she had done something good for someone. Her family took her for granted, she complained. Charlie revealed that she had changed his life, and Dorian added they could change Llanview together. She wanted to get to business, but Charlie had a confession to make.

Dorian nervously thought that Charlie had been drinking, and she promised that she wouldn't judge him because that was Viki's job. Charlie quickly assured her that wasn't it and explained that he had wanted privacy. He had run out of her house the last time he was there because he couldn't trust himself, he claimed. Viki told him that Dorian was after him, but it was really the other way around. He was the one who wanted Dorian, he told her.

Out by the pool, Blair questioned Jack on his true feelings for Eli. Jack, not one to mince words, informed her that Eli was "Ross Rayburn in a nicer suit." He admitted that he was suspicious of the lawyer. "He doesn't smell right." Blair advised her son that Eli was nice, he loved her, and she wanted Jack's congratulations. Jack gave them grudgingly as Blair tried to convince him that everyone would benefit from the marriage. He demanded that Eli not call him "little buddy" again, or he would push his mother's fiancé into the pool.

At the country club, Rex questioned Destiny about his "shiny metal case" because he couldn't locate it and couldn't work without it. He was upset and wondered if she had seen it. Destiny looked at him curiously and assured him she hadn't. She moved on to do her work. Gigi arrived with the case in hand but she was annoyed that Rex appeared to be happier to see the case then he was to see her. Gigi announced that she was hopeful that Rex would play hooky for the day, and she had taken his case so that he wouldn't be able to work.

Rex tried to explain that they couldn't remain at the country club for another day, but she held up a flyer that had mention of the club's two-day celebration. She switched her day at work and had hoped to pay him back for the wonderful day he had given her. Rex was convinced and the pair sat out by the pool. Gigi was anxious to try one of the club's services but Rex nixed all of her suggestions. He was content to stay put and repeat their previous day together. As Gigi slathered him with suntan lotion, Rex admitted that he had forgotten how to relax. He was perturbed that he had not gotten anywhere on the Bennett Thompson case, and he was afraid that Kelly would fire him.

Gigi offered to spend the day helping Rex with his case, and Rex agreed that was the special service he wanted. He grabbed the files from the car, and Gigi looked them over. She suggested that perhaps one of the employees at the residence where Melinda lived had worked at another facility and encountered Bennett Thompson there. She thought that Rex needed to look inside his briefcase for some help, and she admitted she had put something in there.

Rex shook the briefcase and finally pulled out a framed photo of Shane at camp. His son was mid-throw during a baseball game where he played the position of pitcher. This led to a discussion about Shane's trips to see the Rangers, his growing fondness for the Phillies, and the fact that Rex and Gigi had suffered with the Tigers. Suddenly, Rex called Gigi a genius and commended Gigi for blowing the case wide open. He wasn't sure how she had achieved that, but he gathered his papers and rushed off to do some research.

Destiny walked past Matthew, who was sitting at a table reading. She accused him of hiding since he was friends with a killer. Matthew claimed that he had no idea what Destiny was talking about, but she picked up a newspaper lying on a table nearby. She held it up so that he could see the photo of Bull. Matthew feigned ignorance, but Destiny reminded him she had seen him talking to Bull. She found it to be unbelievable when Matthew remembered that Bull was a friend of his parents, and she demanded the truth.

Matthew recalled that Bull had been looking for something, and Matthew had information as to where the something was located. Destiny continued to pressure Matthew until he disclosed that the something was $50,000 that Nate had taken. He had difficulty peering into Destiny's eyes but acknowledged he had been stupid. "No harm, no foul," he said. Destiny couldn't believe her ears, but Matthew reminded her that everyone had been safe. He had learned the term from David, who was full of good advice, he added. He showed Destiny the manuscript that David had been trying to market for publication. "Learning to Live with Guilt, It's Not as Bad as You Think," Destiny read out loud.

Destiny couldn't believe Matthew was reading David's book, and she accused him of making his move in an attempt to get Dani back. She wondered if Matthew's parents were aware of all that had happened and suggested that she would be happy to tell them. Matthew panicked and pleaded with Destiny not to say anything. He was sure their reputations would be ruined. Destiny called him on his lack of concern for his friends and, though Matthew thought that Nate deserved what he got, a little, he admitted he had been worried during the ordeal and felt terrible. Destiny breathed a sigh of relief and confirmed that she believed him.

Destiny admitted that she had trouble keeping her mouth shut and always got what she wanted. Matthew conceded that Destiny was powerful and agreed to her demands so that she wouldn't talk to his parents. She wanted him to be nice to both Nate and Dani, she wanted him to never do anything similar again, and she wanted him to "burn that book." Matthew wasn't thrilled, but he consented to all of it.

In James's hospital room, James asked his brother what was wrong. "A clueless girl," Ford replied. The talk turned to the young men's mother, and Ford was adamant in his opinion that she had left them. James wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and expressed the opinion that they really didn't know what had happened. He felt that not all women were like their mother. "You'll learn," Ford declared. He thought that James should just stay away from women because the right girl didn't even exist. "You can't let a woman run your life," he advised his younger brother.

"Not every woman is like her, Bobby," James said, making reference to their mother. Ford especially wanted James to stay away from Starr. Just as Ford stated his opinion, Starr walked into the room.

Out in the hallway, Nate and Dani shared a laugh as they realized they had both shown up at the same time to apologize to James for all that had occurred. Dani admitted that her mother was doing okay but, as she told Nate about a day in the life of Téa, her tone changed and her eyes filled with tears. Her insides were screaming out for her mother not to die, she told Nate. Téa was brave and just went about her routine with a smile. Nate was at a loss for words, but Dani assured him that was fine. She mentioned that the charges against Todd had been dropped, and Nate gave her a hug. He asked her to hang out and, hesitantly, Dani agreed. She had left her mom in "good hands."

Markko and Langston shared a passionate kiss at Angel Square Park, but suddenly they pulled apart. "We can't go back," Markko stated. He stressed that something had been wrong in their relationship to begin with if Langston had felt the need to see someone else. He thought too much had changed with each of them. He had other news for a tearful Langston. He was transferring to UCLA, after receiving a full scholarship, and he planned to leave the next morning.

Langston was happy for Markko though she continued to sniffle. Markko revealed that he was leaving with Karen, the pizza girl. Langston was astonished, but Markko reminded her that he had known Karen "forever," and she wanted to try her hand at acting in California. They would be able to share expenses and driving on the way. Langston and Markko recalled the date of their first kiss and the importance of first love. Markko wished Langston luck in her future.

Langston was sure Markko would win an Oscar someday, and she would be able to say she knew him. She was his inspiration, Markko told her. "Until I blew it," Langston said. Markko promised that wasn't what he would remember. They hugged as tears rolled down both of their faces. "You're still a freak," Markko said. "And don't you forget it," Langston replied.

At the courthouse, Téa was dumbfounded after she received Todd's proposal of marriage. She wondered if it was because she was dying or because he could "see the finish line." Todd assured her that it was because Téa was able to make such remarks to him and because Dani didn't hate him anymore. It was also because Téa was the love of his life, he added. Téa couldn't believe her ears, but Todd repeated it and confessed that he hadn't been happy since their previous wedding day. He wanted their remaining time together to be happy, and vowed things would be different.

At Llanfair, Viki made a quick change in her phone conversation as David returned with a glass of wine. She pretended to be upset and ordered Charlie to stay at La Boulaie. She hung up and turned to David. She suggested they talk about David "in the smallest bathing suit the law will allow." David was taken aback and stated that he thought he had been hired for his talents and not his assets. He advised her his Independence Day suit was put away. Viki revealed that a particular designer had a new line of suits, and she thought David could model and review them. She would be the photographer. "Interesting touch," David gulped as Viki told him to take his clothes off.

Shortly after, David returned in a robe with a Christmas swimsuit underneath. Viki continued to pour it on as she advised David he would be a gift to her readers. She pushed him to lick his lips and run his fingers through his hair as she began to snap photos of him. She played her role of official photographer to the hilt. She insisted on looking at the suit he was wearing because she wanted to see what Santa planned on giving her for Christmas. David thought she was "coming on" to him, and Viki agreed that maybe he was right.

Eli arrived at La Boulaie and immediately suggested that he and Blair prepare a wedding announcement for the newspapers. Blair promised that Jack had probably spread the word already, and Eli asked if Jack was happy for them. "Sure," Blair replied, unenthusiastically.

Just then, Téa and Todd showed up and congratulated the couple on their news. They had some of their own, and Téa divulged that Todd had proposed. After more congratulations, Todd announced that he loved Téa and wanted to spend his life with her. "The timing is what it is," Todd remarked. He wanted to tell his sons, but Blair advised him the boys were out. They already loved the half-naked lady, she joked. Eli was perplexed as the others all laughed and told him it was a long story.

Blair thought they should set dates because they all wanted the children to be present. Todd made it known that he wouldn't stand for a double wedding. Eli wanted to get married as soon as possible, and Todd lost his temper. He yelled that he was first because Téa was sick. The atmosphere grew tense and awkward. Téa noted that she and Todd did not have time on their side. Eli spoke again, stating that they couldn't wait to start their life together. He referred to Blair, himself, and the kids. Todd took offense and reminded Eli that the kids were Todd's. Eli agreed but noted that they would be in his life too. "Not if I can help it," Todd muttered. "Here we go," both Téa and Blair sighed.

Friday, July 16, 2010

In the park, Nate told Dani that Bobby Ford almost "bit [his] head off," because Nate had almost gotten James killed. Nate added, "My mother almost murdered me when she found out," as Inez walked up to them. Inez exclaimed that she was furious with Nate, and that she would be returning the money. Inez was upset that Nate had lied about winning the money in the lottery. Inez demanded to know the hospital room number for James and, once Nate gave it, she left. Nate warned, "Ford'd better not treat her like he treated me."

Dani suggested that they get the money from Todd, and Nate refused. Dani asked Nate if his dad had ever paid child support, and Nate replied, "What dad? I never even met him. I think he ditched my mom when she was pregnant. She never talks about him." Nate admitted that he did not know his dad and declared, "It's always been me and my mom. You can't miss what you've never known."

Dani asked if Nate had ever wondered about his dad, and Nate speculated that his dad must have been a jerk. Dani questioned if Nate maybe had "a whole other family" on his dad's side. Dani wondered if, once Nate turned eighteen, Inez would tell hum his dad's name. Nate observed that his mom was not stating anything at the time.

In James's hospital room, Bobby Ford asked James to stay away from Starr, and James responded, "Sorry, brother, it's a promise that I can't keep." He added, "Come on in, Twinkle," as Starr opened the door. Starr carried in take-out food and stated, "And you know they have a saying, when you shoot someone, you owe them. So, I'm here to pay off my debt." Bobby asked Starr how Cole would feel that Starr visited James then he left.

James informed Starr that he was confused about Starr's visit, since he felt that they had already said goodbye. When James questioned where Cole was and suggested that maybe Cole was with Hannah, Starr explained that Marty believed that Cole could get through to Hannah at St. Ann's, when Marty could not. Starr insisted that she and Cole were fine, but James did not believe her. Starr stressed that it was none of James's business, but then admitted that she and Cole had argued, since Cole had believed that she and James had slept together.

James asked, "Did you tell him we kissed?" Starr reminded James that the kiss was a cover-up for the goon. However, James revealed that he had enjoyed hiding out with Starr. James exclaimed that he could not let her go, even if they had to be on the run for the rest of their lives. Starr apologized and asserted that she was with Cole, and that she was sorry if she had misled James. Starr told James goodbye again and left.

Inez found Bobby flirting with a girl in the hospital lobby, and Bobby demanded to know what Inez was doing in the hospital. Inez begged to know if Bobby were okay and insisted that she had been wanting to visit him in the hospital, and Bobby asked, "Why?" Inez responded, "I'm your mother." Bobby yelled that he did not want to see Inez, since she had left "us" to deal with "that man all by ourselves."

When Inez asked about James, Bobby explained about James and the money. Bobby related that Inez did not even care about James and stressed that she would not be seeing James at all. As Bobby stormed off, Inez cried. A nurse walked by, and Inez stated that she wanted to know the location of the accounting department, so that she could pay the medical expenses for James. When the nurse informed Inez that James was still in the hospital, Inez acknowledged that he would not want to see her.

Bobby ran back into James's room, and James asked why Bobby had been yelling at Starr. Bobby replied, "It wasn't Starr. No one you know."

At St. Ann's, John greeted Marty in the hall. Marty informed John that Cole was talking to Hannah and claimed that Cole was trying to get Hannah to open up to him, because she trusted him. John expressed that he had tried to make a deal with Hannah -- the name of the perpetrator in exchange for immunity. John pointed out that once Eli had shown up at the police station, Hannah had confessed to both crimes and had ended up in the mental institution. Marty wondered if Eli had coached Hannah.

John was uncertain if Hannah had actually pushed Marty down the stairs. "All I know is none of it adds up." Marty speculated that Hannah might be faking, and that maybe she was really innocent. If that were the case, John guessed, "Then she's covering up for someone."

In a room at St. Ann's, Cole begged Hannah to tell him the truth and reminded her that she had claimed that she would tell him who had been responsible for the attacks. Hannah remembered Eli's threats, just as Cole asked, "What happened? Why the 180?" Hannah replied, "Because of you."

Hannah revealed that her confession and breakdown were because of Cole, because he had left her "alone with him." When Cole asked if she meant that she had been left alone with Eli, Hannah evaded the question and asked why she would confess to doing those things and making it all up, if she had not really committed the crimes. Cole speculated that maybe Eli had told Hannah to fake her breakdown to stay out of prison.

Hannah cried that Cole must hate her for everything, and Cole insisted that he realized that Hannah just needed help. Hannah then exclaimed that Cole could "go home and live happily ever after with Starr and Hope...because of me." Cole maintained that he just wanted Hannah to get better, as John opened the door and informed Cole that he needed to talk to Hannah. After Cole told Hannah that it was goodbye, Hannah insisted, "Everything that I did, I did it for you." Cole left.

John entered the room and told Hannah that if she wanted to tell the truth but had to keep the secret, because she was afraid, she could always call him. When Hannah asked if John hated her, John proclaimed, "I hate the person who hurt Marty and the baby."

As Cole walked into the hall, after talking to Hannah, Marty asked if Cole had thought that Hannah was faking, and Cole insisted that he did not know. Marty begged Cole not to let Hannah get in the way of the important things, which were his two girls, Starr and Hope. Cole agreed and left.

John walked back into the hall, as Marty finished her cell phone call. Marty informed him that she would have a couple of colleagues check on Hannah. However, Marty said that if Hannah were really guilty of the crimes, it would not matter if Hannah stayed in the institution or was sent to prison. Marty simply stated, "Our baby's gone," as she walked off.

Starr saw Cole in the park, and after Cole updated her about Hannah, he asked her about Hope. Starr revealed that she had not seen Hope, and that she had actually been visiting James in the hospital.

Alone in the room at St. Ann's, Hannah remarked out loud, "I told the truth, Cole. I did everything for you, so Eli won't hurt you."

In Evangeline's hospital room, Layla cried that Evangeline was not even aware, but Cristian insisted that at least she was not in any pain. As they walked into the hall, Layla begged to know what she should do, since Evangeline needed the machines to live, and her mother refused to take Evangeline off of them. Cristian stressed that since Lisa was her mom, she would not want to end Evangeline's life. Layla yelled that Evangeline was not going to get any better and explained, "All I want is for my mother to do what is right for my sister." Layla questioned if Evangeline had ever stated her desires in such a situation to Cristian, when they had been together, and he answered, "No." As Layla expressed her wish that Evangeline had drawn up a living will, Lisa walked out into the hall and wanted to know if Layla were talking of killing her sister again.

Lisa questioned Layla's desire to tell Evangeline that she was marrying Cristian. Lisa then stressed that Evangeline just wanted to live. Layla asked if Lisa had found a living will for Evangeline, since Evangeline had been an attorney. Cristian offered that he and Layla could stop by the Williamsons' house and search for Evangeline's living will.

At the La Boulaie swimming pool, Blair begged Todd not to ruin the happy occasion for the two couples' engagements. Eli reminded Todd that he had not forgotten that Todd had killed his brother, Ross. When Todd denied murdering Ross, Téa admitted that Ross was still alive, but that since Ross was still a fugitive, she, Todd, and Dani had elected not to tell the truth. However, Téa believed that since Dani knew that Téa was dying, Dani might want to reach out to Ross. Eli demanded to know how Téa could keep that secret from him.

Téa apologized to Eli, but Todd claimed that Eli did not even care about Ross. Todd asked Téa if she had ever even known that Ross had a brother before Eli had shown up. Eli punched Todd, and they threatened each other with more bodily harm. To stop the fight, Téa threw Todd in the pool, and Blair tossed in Eli. Blair stated to Téa, "By the way, congratulations," and Téa responded, "Back at you, sister." As Todd and Eli swam out of the pool, Blair carried out a bottle of champagne. Blair and Eli, and Todd and Téa toasted each other to live a happy and long life. Eli wished Téa the best, as they all clinked glasses.

At La Boulaie, Charlie informed Dorian that he was attracted to her, yet Dorian asked why he kept pushing her away. Charlie insisted that he was afraid of his feelings for Dorian and of having to compete with David. Charlie related that all of Llanview was aware that Dorian and David's sex life was legendary, and that Dorian was not yet over David. Dorian claimed that she and David were over. "I need a real man. A man with integrity and strength. A man who will not abandon me, because he booked a hemorrhoid commercial." Charlie maintained that David was still David and feared that Viki "would succumb to him."

Charlie and Dorian both admitted that David was "a vigorous young man," and Charlie revealed that he had caught Viki checking out David. However, Charlie believed that Dorian thought that David "would always be carrying a torch" for her. Dorian insisted that she gave up that torch long before, and that she hoped that Charlie recognized Viki "for the controlling, judgmental prig that she has always been." Dorian wondered if she and Charlie should fight fire with fire, but Charlie felt that Dorian was above being with Charlie, who would just turn to Dorian, because "David and Viki are rolling in the hay." Dorian reminded Charlie, "Keep in mind that Viki invited David to move in with the two of you." Charlie replied, "And she can have him now. There's nothing stopping us," as Charlie kissed Dorian.

At Llanfair, as Viki attempted to flirt with David, she told him that he was "a very attractive man." After David reflected that Viki had never let him "get to first base" before, he revealed that he had always wanted Viki and that he loved the chase. "Of course, I'm interested in you. You've got a smoking swimming pool. You're beautiful. You've got the best wine cellar in town." However, Viki regretted, falsely, "But at the end of the day, you're still in love with Dorian."

David denied that he was still in love with Dorian and after seeing her expression, asked Viki if something was wrong. Viki shrieked that she believed that Charlie was turning to Dorian. As Viki ran into David's arms, she cried that Charlie was always with Dorian, and that he had actually called out Dorian's name one night during love-making. David declared, "That dirty dog." Viki recognized that David must be very upset, since he had always hoped, one day, that Dorian would return to him. As David tried and failed several times to pry Viki from his arms, he stated that he had given up on Dorian. As Viki finally left David's arms, she exclaimed that she enjoyed his splendid body as much as anyone. Viki insisted that she refused to resist David, while Charlie was throwing himself at Dorian.

David asked, "You're sure Charlie's with Dorian?" Viki declared, "Are you kidding? Did you see the way he leapt at the chance to go to her house to work? They're not working!" Viki then continued," Charlie isn't mine anymore. He's Dorian's now." David asked, "So, that means?" Viki answered, "That means I'm all yours." David cautioned, "Maybe we should..." as Viki planted a big kiss on David.

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