One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 13, 2010 on OLTL
Eddie was murdered, and there were several suspects. James couldn't remember his actions the night of the murder. Rex rescued Nora from Eddie's motel room. Matthew found Bo and Inez together, and in a fit of rage, forced Rex's car off the road. Nate was shocked to hear about Bo and Inez. Inez lied to Bo and told him they'd had sex. Todd swore he had been set up after his cufflink was found in Eddie's room.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 13, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Rex began to pick the lock of Eddie's room at the Minute Man Motel, but he was interrupted when a maid caught him in the act. He tried to make up an excuse, but the maid was certain that Rex was breaking in, and she threatened to call for the manager. Rex assured her that he would leave. Once she was gone, he returned to the room and began to pick at the lock again. Suddenly, his phone rang.

At Llanfair, John surprised Natalie and proposed, because he thought it just felt like the right time. He was stumped when Natalie ran out of the room, and as time passed, he grew disheartened. Out in the foyer, Natalie placed a phone call to Rex. He informed her that it was not a good time to talk, but Natalie insisted that he tell her what he had said to John earlier that day to make John propose. "This is great news," Rex exclaimed. Natalie didn't think it was great; she was mystified at John's timing. "You're making no sense," Rex advised his sister. Natalie was certain that Rex must have said something to John to make him want to propose.

Natalie agreed that she wanted to marry John, but she was concerned about Marty. The doctor had consented to keep her mouth shut for the time being, but Natalie was certain that the marriage proposal would throw Marty over the edge. Rex urged Natalie to give John an answer. "Be happy Natalie. Take a chance," Rex said before he hung up.

Natalie finally returned to John, and he told her to take time with her answer. He suggested she check her sock drawer or help him check the antifreeze in the car. Natalie explained that she'd been in the bathroom, but John wasn't feeling too confident. She apologized and clarified that his proposal had been totally unexpected. "It feels right to me," he said. It was about their baby and family. Natalie wanted to make sure that she'd heard him right.

She verified that he wanted to get married solely because they were having a baby. She noted that the baby would have plenty of family members around. "You don't know me very well, do you?" John asked. Those weren't the only reasons for the proposal. Natalie just didn't want him to feel obligated. "I love you," John declared. "Is that a problem?" Natalie grabbed his hand. "It's all perfect," she promised him.

He could see why it could be a problem, though, with her gun-toting father and her crazy brothers. He thought that he could "take them on" for Natalie. He could take a lot for her. Natalie began to weep, as John assured her she was worth it. He was worried though. She was crying, and she hadn't answered his question yet. "Say yes," he implored her. Finally, she accepted, and he began to kiss her.

Matthew arrived at Nate's apartment and found the front door open. He walked inside and gasped. Bo and Inez were sitting on the couch, and they were kissing. Matthew backed out into the hallway. "It's true. Clint was right. They're cheating on each other," he said to himself. He was upset, and he leaned up against the wall. Slowly, he sank to the ground.

At Rourke's Gym, Eddie promised to return the following morning for the fight with Ford. James called his father a chicken, and Eddie pushed James aside. Ford slugged Eddie, and Eddie roared and barreled into Ford, who landed on the floor. Eddie jumped on top of Ford and began to slap at him, until Brody and Nate managed to break it up. Ford was in obvious pain. Unnoticed, James looked at the gun he had stolen from Eddie's bag earlier.

Ford stood up, but Eddie head-butted him, and Ford fell back to the floor, unconscious. Eddie claimed victory and announced he would not be leaving town. Dani, Langston, and Starr fussed over Ford as he lay still. Eddie yelled for Ford to get up, and Ford finally opened his eyes. The girls wanted Ford to go to the hospital, but he refused. Dani ran off to get some ice. Eddie pointed out that Ford had thrown a sucker-punch first.

Ford advised his father to stay away from James, but Eddie mocked James and noted that Ford had gone to "Janie's" rescue. James informed his father that he was no longer afraid of him, and he kept his hand securely planted on the gun that was hidden in his pocket. Dani returned with the ice for Ford. Eddie gloated and announced, "Well ladies, looks like my job is done here for now." He told them he had business to attend to elsewhere.

Dani stepped in front of Eddie and told him that he couldn't leave. "What did you have in mind?" he asked her. Nate rushed at his father and yelled at him to stay away from Dani. Brody held Nate back, and Eddie chuckled. He thought that Dani might have an "offer" for him.

Brody ordered Eddie to leave, though all of the girls wanted Brody to arrest Eddie. Eddie reminded them that Ford had thrown the first punch, and Brody would have to arrest Ford as well. Brody agreed that was true. Eddie thought that perhaps he should press charges, but Brody advised him that while Eddie had defended himself, Eddie had also instigated the fight.

Brody proclaimed that Eddie's attorney had already filed a couple of motions against the police department, and there could be a harassment suit. Off to the side, Brody whispered to Ford that if Eddie were arrested, it would be more difficult to track him after he was released. Ford understood. Brody urged Eddie to watch his step, and he suggested that Eddie leave town. Eddie insisted he had business there. James repeated that Eddie should leave, and Eddie wondered what James might do about it. "Tempt me," James replied.

Starr didn't like the way James was acting, and she pulled him away from Eddie. She thought that they should take Ford to the hospital, even though he didn't want to go. Eddie left finally, and Brody told everyone to stay away from Eddie. Nate reminded Brody that Eddie lived with James and Ford, but Brody thought that Eddie would remain in the motel room he had been using. James walked out to clear his head, and Starr warned him not to follow Eddie.

Langston finally put her foot down and advised Ford that they would take him to the hospital. She pointed out that Ford had been kicked in the same spot where he'd been hurt previously. Ford was worried about Eddie, but Langston reminded him about the motel room. She joked that she had been willing to give up her "no sex pledge" for Ford, so she thought the least he could do for her was to have someone look at his ribs. Starr was scared for James.

Dani received a phone call, and she walked away from the group. It was Matthew. "You're not the only one who cheats. Everyone cheats," Matthew said. He began to ramble, and Dani was confused. Matthew was in his car, and he began to cry that he was the only stupid one. He was angry at his father, and he had a message for Dani's boyfriend. Nate's mother was a "whore and a bitch and a home wrecker." He hung up abruptly.

Nate found Dani, and he could see that something was wrong. She denied it. Nate asked about the phone call, and she admitted that she was "freaked out." It had been from Matthew, and he'd said some crazy things about Inez. He'd called Inez some vicious names. Nate was livid. He wondered why Matthew would have anything to say about Inez. Dani confessed that it had been weird, and she'd never heard Matthew talk like that. She didn't think they had time to worry about Matthew though.

Nate vowed that he'd figure out how to get rid of Eddie. He couldn't even believe that Eddie was his father, after he'd wondered about him for so many years. "Not in any way that counts," Dani reassured him. "I want him gone," Eddie stated. He wished he could press a button and have Eddie disappear like an edit in a movie. "Life doesn't work like that," Dani advised him. "Maybe it does," Nate replied.

They joined the others. Starr admitted that she'd heard the conversation between James and Eddie, and she'd seen the look in James's eyes. She was worried, because James had seemed too calm. Ford thought that he'd better look for James, but Langston wouldn't hear of it. She and Starr helped Ford out of the gym. Dani wanted to know what Nate had meant by his own comment, but he wouldn't discuss it. He suggested that she go with the others, and he would remain behind to call his mother. He promised that things would be okay.

Inez got up from the couch and held out her hand to Bo. She wanted him to accompany her to the bedroom. "I think there's a big misunderstanding," Bo said to Inez weakly. She apologized and maintained that she had been desperate. She sat back down. Bo shushed her and stated that she didn't have to explain. It was all his fault, because he shouldn't have mentioned Sam, he informed her.

Inez realized that Bo was still under the influence of the drug she had given him with his beer, and he thought she was Nora. She played along and agreed with him. She told him it was all over just as he wanted. Bo was happy that she'd returned to him, though he didn't understand why she'd left. He mentioned the text messages he'd received, and he apologized again. He loved her. Inez lay in his arms on the couch and began to cry. Bo comforted her. "Your husband is right here," he said.

Shortly after, Bo slept on the couch. Inez looked down at him and said, "Don't worry, Bo. You didn't betray your wife." Inez was concerned. She hadn't held up her end of the deal, and that meant that Clint wouldn't hold up his end. She didn't know how she would be able to get rid of Eddie.

Nate called Inez and explained that he and Dani had stopped at the gym. There had been a fight, though it hadn't been the official one, and Ford had gone to the hospital. He wondered if Eddie had always been the same way, but Inez didn't answer. She advised him not to worry and to stay away from Eddie. She hung up and looked around the room. She saw Bo's holstered gun draped across a chair.

Finally, Rex picked the lock on the motel room door and walked inside. "Holy!" he sputtered and stopped. "Nora!" he called out. Nora whimpered in relief. Rex ripped off her gag and began to undo her bindings. Nora couldn't believe that she'd heard Rex stop for a phone call during his rescue mission.

Rex informed her that he hadn't known she was there. "What are you doing here? A little B and E?" Nora asked. Rex confessed that he was conducting an investigation for someone. She informed him that Eddie was behind her kidnapping, and she begged Rex to hurry and get her untied before Eddie returned, because Eddie had a gun.

Nora couldn't wait to see Eddie in court, and she began to lay out a list of charges that she'd cite him with. Her arms and legs were numb, and she was jumpy. Rex noticed that her jacket was unbuttoned, and he offered to help her to button it up. He got her a glass of water.

Nora demanded that Rex try to call Bo, but Rex only reached Bo's voicemail. Nora urged him to try Bo's work cell phone. She told him that Inez had wanted to break up Bo and Nora's marriage, and Rex thought that was crazy. Nora was worried that Inez might have been successful. She was certain that Inez and Eddie were working together, because Eddie was too stupid to have had the idea himself. Nora stood up shakily, and Rex tried to calm her down so they could walk to his car.

Shortly after, Rex and Nora were in the car, and Nora told him about the argument she'd had with Bo. She informed him of the phony texts that Bo would have thought he'd received from Nora. She begged Rex to go faster, but Rex reminded her that the roads were icy. Nora was panicked. She had to get to Bo. Rex gently asked her if she'd been raped. Nora shook her head, but she was convinced that she would have been, if Eddie hadn't been determined to keep an appointment first. She began to cry.

Matthew continued to drive and cry. He flashed back to what he'd seen in Nate's apartment. He recalled his toast at his parents' wedding. His parents had lied to him. He wondered why they'd even gotten married when it meant nothing. He shouted out loud about his family, and he realized that Clint was the only person who ever told the truth. Matthew began to fiddle with his phone, and he stepped down harder on the gas pedal.

Nora was sure that Eddie couldn't destroy her marriage with the few texts he'd sent. She saw some old fries in the car and realized she was famished. Rex stopped her from grabbing the fries, but suddenly there was a car in their path. Then there was a crash.

"Honey, I'm home. Did you miss me?" Eddie called out as he entered his motel room. The room was empty, and he looked around. He began to gather his things and looked in his bag for his gun. "Where is it?" he muttered. "It's right here," James replied as he walked into the room with the gun pointed at his father. "How'd you get in here, and what the hell are you doing with my gun?" Eddie inquired. "What does it look like?" James retorted.

Brody walked in on John and Natalie as they kissed. He turned to leave, but John stopped him. Brody told him about the fight at the gym and how he hoped that Eddie would leave town. John excitedly said that he and Natalie had some news, but Natalie cut John off. "No we don't," she said. "I think this might qualify as news," John argued with her. Natalie smiled and explained that they'd been planning a surprise engagement party for Brody and Jessica. She wanted Brody to pretend he hadn't heard anything. Brody agreed, and he left.

John wondered why Natalie had lied and why she was keeping their own engagement a secret. Natalie thought that the engagement should just be for the two of them for a while. She knew as soon as they announced it publicly, everyone would want to share their ideas with them. She wanted it to be "just ours." John accepted her rationalization without question.

Several hours later, Eddie was lying on the floor of his motel room. He had a gunshot wound to the chest, and he appeared to be dead.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An anxious Gigi showed up at Llanfair to let Brody know that she hadn't heard from Rex all night, and she was unable to reach him. The only thing she knew was that Rex had been investigating someone named Eddie Ford. Brody made a quick call to the hospital and assured her that Rex wasn't there.

Jessica admitted that she was surprised to hear about Joey's engagement after he had only known Aubrey for a month. "Wow that's impulsive," she declared. Joey admitted that Kelly had been the only person to fully support him, and she had met his fiancée on the airplane back from London. He knew that Kelly loved Aubrey. Jess recollected that Joey had been on one bad date after another, but she hadn't ever heard Aubrey's name. Joey admitted they'd been spending almost all of their time together since they'd met. He told Jessica about all of the things he loved about Aubrey, and the fact that both of them had learned from their mistakes.

Joey confessed that he'd always have a special place in his heart for Kelly, but their relationship had been over a long time before. Jessica was disappointed, because Kelly had been a very special friend to her. She wanted to make sure that Joey didn't still have feelings for Kelly. She'd always secretly hoped that Kelly would be her sister-in-law again some day. Joey revealed that the secret wish would be reality, and he also knew that Jessica would like Aubrey too.

Jessica and Joey agreed that they were both stunned that Kevin and Kelly would be getting married again. Jessica pointed out that Kelly had never said anything about Kevin, but Joey reminded her that Kelly had recently flown to London to see Kevin. They'd worked it out, but it was a secret. Joey couldn't figure out why the engagement was a secret, but Jessica assumed that Kelly didn't want to jinx it. Joey pronounced that they couldn't tell anyone else, and they couldn't let Kevin be aware that they knew. Jessica stated that she didn't like secrets.

Amidst the wreckage of the car crash, Rex awakened and looked around him. "What the hell?" he asked in a state of confusion.

While Langston comforted Ford at the hospital, Starr rushed into the room. She was worried because she had been unable to locate James. She had just voiced her concern when James walked through the door. Starr ran over to him to hug him, and she asked where he had been. James revealed that he had just "crashed" after the events of the previous day. He was fine, he assured her. Ford let everyone know that his test results were good, and that he had stayed overnight at the hospital merely for observation. He was grateful to Langston for sticking with him all night.

Langston revealed that she had been at Ford's apartment to retrieve some of his things, and the apartment had been empty. James's bed hadn't appeared to be slept in. James admitted he'd stayed out all night, because he had been afraid that his father would return to the apartment. He'd fibbed because he hadn't wanted Ford to feel bad for not being around to protect his brother. James had walked and spent time in his car, and he'd finally landed at the university library. Starr wondered how they'd ever get rid of Eddie after the disastrous fight.

James was glad that Ford had been in the hospital, because Ford would have gone after Eddie again. Ford agreed that he would do anything to keep Eddie from beating James. It wouldn't happen again, James assured the group. Starr wondered what James meant, but he clarified that he couldn't get beaten if Eddie weren't around.

James flashed back to the previous night, when he'd pointed a gun at Eddie. Starr admonished James sternly. She told him that he couldn't stay out all night and hide from his father. James responded, "You're right. I can't. And I don't have to."

Starr pressed James for the meaning of his statement, and she asked if Eddie had left town. "It might just be wishful thinking, but I just have this feeling that he's gone," James answered. Starr wasn't satisfied with James's response. The doctor arrived and advised Ford that he could leave. Langston offered to help him dress, and Starr and James thought it was a good time to leave. Ford wondered if Langston still wanted to wait six months for sex, since he had just been at "death's door." "You were hardly at death's door," she replied. He mocked her, and she threatened to put him at "death's door" herself.

Ford quietly thanked Langston for standing by him after all of the craziness with his father. Langston chuckled. She had Dorian for a mother, and her best friend's father was Todd Manning. She said she was used to it. She suggested that maybe Eddie really had left. "Maybe. All I know is that bastard will never hurt James again."

James wanted to go home to "crash." "I don't think so," Starr retorted. She shoved James into an empty room and slammed the door. She accused him of hiding something. James told her he was exhausted, but Starr wondered if James had paid a visit to his father the previous night.

Eddie lay dead on the motel room floor. "You got what you deserve," said Nate as he stood over his father's body. He quickly packed up his bag and ran out of the room. He was out of breath and scared, and he began to run from the motel. Shortly after, the housekeeper knocked on the door, and receiving no answer, she let herself in. She spied the body on the floor and screamed.

As Bo buttoned up his shirt in Inez's bedroom, he walked into the living room. "Inez? What the heck happened last night?" he asked her. He recalled that he had been upset about Nora, the text messages, and the craziness that had surrounded his argument with his wife. He remembered having a beer, but he couldn't remember anything else until he'd found himself waking up. "You were going through a lot last night," Inez replied. "Inez, did we sleep together?" Bo inquired.

Inez advised Bo that he'd had a lot to drink, though she privately recalled pouring many bottles of beer down the kitchen sink. She pointed to the empty bottles and noted that she'd only had one or two of them. She thought that perhaps he'd been drinking on an empty stomach, and that had caused his reaction. "Did we have sex last night?" Bo asked again. There was a knock at the door, and Inez rushed to open it. Nate was standing there, and he didn't have his key, he told his mother. He was curious about Bo's presence.

Bo maintained that he was there because Nate had been missing. Inez had been worried when Nate hadn't returned home the night before. Nate declared that he had called Inez twice and had told her he'd be late. He and Dani had fallen asleep while watching a movie, he'd forgot his key, and he hadn't wanted to wake his mother up. He'd hung out in the lobby all night, he insisted. Nate went to shower before going to school. Inez believed that Nate was hiding something, but Bo accused her of doing the same. He asked her again if they'd had sex, but this time the phone rang.

Inez looked at the phone and saw that it was Clint. She didn't answer it, but she affirmed that she and Bo had engaged in sex. Bo couldn't believe it. Inez flashed back to her reassuring Bo that he hadn't betrayed his wife, but she told him that she was sorry instead. Bo couldn't remember it at all. "Then we can pretend it didn't happen," Inez suggested. "I don't think it's gonna be that easy," Bo replied. Inez wished that she could take it back, but Bo felt that he should bear the brunt of the responsibility. They were both apologetic, and both felt accountable.

Nate rushed towards the door on his way to school, and Inez called out to him to stop. "Something's wrong with you. What is it?" she asked her son. Nate insisted he was fine, and he left. He took a deep breath once he was out in the hallway. Inez watched closely as Bo strapped on his gun holster. He walked to the door, and sadly told Inez that he was sorry he had hurt Nora. He would never have cheated on her. Inez hoped Bo and Nora found their way back to each other. She began to cry. He looked at his ring. "I'm so sorry, Nora," he said.

Dorian found Kelly cracking egg after egg in the kitchen at La Boulaie. It appeared that Kelly was in a good mood, Dorian surmised. Blair walked in shortly after, but Kelly asked to speak to her aunt alone. Dorian proclaimed that the Cramer women didn't keep secrets from each other. Dorian assumed that Kelly was happy and in love, and she thought that Blair should experience some of Kelly's optimism. "My last stroll down Lover's Lane ended in road kill," Blair reminded the others. "Pay no attention to her," Dorian ordered Kelly.

Dorian explained that Kelly had never stopped loving Joey, and she had gone off to the Palace to tell him. She couldn't wait to hear the good news. "He proposed," Kelly stated. Before she was able to say anything else, Dorian began to jump around with excitement. "When's the wedding?" Dorian asked. Kelly was quiet, and Dorian demanded that Blair extend her best wishes to her cousin. Blair commented that while Kelly had gotten together with her first love, Blair had been with a murderer. Blair began to sarcastically spell out the details. Kelly pointed out that the one thing in common with all of Blair's marriages was Blair herself.

Blair thought that Kelly looked miserable, and finally Kelly told her family members, "Joey didn't propose to me. He proposed to someone else." She explained how she'd met Joey and seen the ring box on the table. She'd thought it was for her. She liked Joey's fiancé, even though no one knew about her. Blair laughed. At least Kelly hadn't told Joey about her true feelings for him. Kelly revealed that she'd started to, but she'd stopped herself. She'd told him that she still cared for an ex-husband, and at that point, she'd seen only one way out. She had expressed her love for Kevin.

Dorian was worried. She pondered what would happen if Joey told Kevin the truth. Kelly was certain that Kevin wouldn't say anything. Blair found it amusing that Kelly thought it had been a good idea to say what she had. "Well excuse me for having only a limited number of failed marriages to choose from. Not the 17 the two of you have racked up," Kelly retorted. Blair and Dorian began to disagree over the number of marriages they'd had, and Dorian was certain that Kelly had included the annulments. Kelly advised them that Kevin had promised not to say anything.

Blair stated how brothers could be, and she mentioned Eli and Ross. Kelly assured her there was no comparison, and Kevin wasn't Eli. Blair reminded her that Kevin had slept with Blair when he'd been married to Kelly, and the women began to bicker. Dorian broke them apart. She knew that Kelly had deep feelings for Joey, and Dorian thought he had a right to know. Kelly reminded her that Joey had someone else to marry, and Dorian voiced her disapproval that Kelly hadn't spoken to Joey sooner.

Kelly admitted that she'd promised Aubrey she wouldn't tell Joey about her own feelings. "You owe her nothing," Dorian stressed. "I gave her my word," Kelly answered. "Like that's ever stopped you before," Blair chimed in. Dorian yelled at Blair, and turned her attention back to Kelly. She thought that Kelly should divulge her feelings to Joey, and it wasn't too late. Kelly would have peace of mind, and she would recognize that she'd done all that she could.

Blair thought that love was just a word for greeting cards, but Dorian thought that Kelly had "nothing to lose and everything to gain." Later, Blair accused Dorian of "sending Kelly down the gangplank," and she was afraid that Kelly would be heartbroken. She thought that Dorian was using Kelly in place of expressing her own feelings and love for someone. Dorian agreed that Blair was right; she was afraid of loving someone again. She wanted Kelly to be the "courageous and strong-willed" Cramer woman. Perhaps that would encourage Dorian to love again too. She also felt that Blair had better get over Eli or she would also never be able to trust or love anyone again.

As Gigi and Brody tried to figure out where Rex might be, Gigi's phone rang. It was Rex, and he informed Gigi that he'd crashed the car. He was having difficulty staying awake and talking, but he managed to tell her that he was somewhere off of Route 7. He recalled that he had been at the Minute. He stopped talking, but Brody was able to guess that it was the Minute Man Motel.

Brody and Gigi located Rex, and Brody called for an ambulance. Brody noted that Rex's pulse was weak. Gigi spoke to Rex and told him to hang on after all they'd been through together. "Stay here with me," she urged him. Rex managed to utter a couple of scattered words, but he was unable to manage an entire sentence. He said Nora's name, but it didn't mean anything to anyone standing there. The ambulance finally arrived, but Brody received a phone call, and he had to leave. Gigi was able to ride in the ambulance. A wedding band lay on the ground.

Joey showed Jessica a photo of Aubrey, and Jessica asked if they'd set a wedding date. Hers was in February, so Joey would have to pick another month. Joey vowed that he'd be back from his honeymoon by February. Jessica provoked him by saying that it was okay if Joey had any unresolved feelings for Kelly, because Kelly was going to marry Kevin. Joey stated that he was marrying Aubrey. Jessica noted that Joey didn't deny that he had unresolved feelings, and she charged him with not wanting to talk about it. Just then, the doorbell rang, and it was Kelly.

Brody got to the Minute Man Motel and found Eddie's body on the floor. The gunshot wound in Eddie's chest was bloody and stood out brightly in the darkened room.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

At La Boulaie, Blair helped the maid, Helen, sort through the Cramers' laundry, and noticed a cheesy pair of men's boxers with "sexy lips" emblazoned on them. When Helen informed her the boxers belonged to Jack, Blair bemoaned the fact that her son had turned into another "oversexed man," and said all men were alike. Helen asked if that meant they could get rid of Eli's mysterious box, and reminded Blair that her fiancé had been a menace. "Don't you wonder why?" Blair asked, feeling philosophical. She said that Eli had been in possession everything -- good looks, a great job, "me," and yet he had done terrible things, and no one understood his reasons.

Blair was convinced the box might hold the answers to her questions about Eli's secret life, but Helen remained uninterested. Grabbing her coat, Blair said she knew who she could ask.

In Joey and Aubrey's suite at the Palace Hotel, Aubrey was chatting on the phone with her unseen friend, dishing about Kelly, and how Aubrey had unwittingly befriended Joey's ex-wife. She noted that God had a sick sense of humor, seating her on a flight to Llanview next to a woman admittedly still in love with her betrothed. Aubrey told the mystery caller that Kelly had been presented with numerous chances to tell Joey she still carried a torch, but hadn't; instead, she had feigned a reunion with Kevin. "I know, crazy chick, right?" Aubrey said, laughing as she did her nails. "But hey, worked for me." With that, she hung up.

Aubrey laid out a series of outfits on her bed, pondering the right "look" for her first visit to Llanfair. Thinking out loud, she noted that Viki's family was one that didn't have time for fashion, only good deeds and philanthropy like "saving the whales and ending poverty." Aubrey realized she was making too big a deal out of her decision, and decided to approach Viki the same way she had first met Joey and fallen in love with him -- by being herself.

At Llanview Hospital, Gigi waited outside the emergency room for news on Rex's condition. She called Charlie and informed him of the accident, then rushed into the exam room and begged the ER staff for news on her boyfriend. The doctor told her Rex had only said one word: "Nora." Gigi confirmed that Nora was a friend of theirs, but before she could learn anything else, she was ejected from the room in order to let the medical team work. As she returned to the hall, Charlie arrived. Upon learning the details of Rex's accident, Charlie hugged the crying Gigi and promised her they wouldn't lose the man they both loved.

Kelly arrived at Llanfair for breakfast with Joey, but things didn't open well for the exes as they bumped their heads while attempting to peck each other's cheek. As Joey ushered her into the drawing room, Kelly asked him if he had a minute to hear something she needed to tell him.

As Kelly and Joey entered the drawing room and closed the doors behind them, Echo crept into the foyer with a glass of orange juice. Opening her purse, she filled the juice with a generous helping of tequila from her pocket flask, then swigged a little herself. As Viki descended the stairs, Echo popped the flask back into her purse. Viki was all smiles for Echo, and asked where she had been for the past day or so. After playing nice and listening to Echo's various excuses, Viki dropped the act and said she knew Echo had been avoiding Viki after kissing Charlie.

Viki accused Echo of throwing herself at Charlie, and called the disgraced countess on her attempt to convince Charlie to lie about the kiss; it had only made Viki wonder what else Echo was lying about. Echo offered a weak "non-apology," and said she was sorry she had put Charlie in an awkward position with Viki. Forcing a cold smile, Viki said she would give Echo one more chance to stay at Llanfair for Rex and Shane's sake, and added that if she had felt Charlie was at all susceptible to Echo's dubious charms, the countess would be packing her bags. "He felt very susceptible when we kissed," Echo murmured with a smirk. "Excuse me?" Viki snapped, turning on her.

Before Echo and Viki could fight any more, Echo got a call from Charlie at the hospital, informing her of Rex's accident. Though Charlie asked her to tell Viki the details, Echo immediately hung up and rushed out of Llanfair, with her only words to Viki being, "Charlie needs me!" "Charlie needs you like a hole in the head, Echo," Viki said with an exasperated sigh. She sipped Echo's leftover glass of orange juice, then gagged at the copious amount of tequila in the drink. Answering the doorbell, she found Aubrey waiting, decked out in a fur vest.

Entering the foyer, Aubrey thanked Viki for blessing her and Joey's engagement, and said she had stopped by to get to know her future mother-in-law better. Aubrey said she was excited to meet Viki and the Buchanans and build friendships. Viki seemed open to the idea.

Meanwhile, in the drawing room, Joey made tea with lemon and asked Kelly if she wanted coffee. Kelly said she didn't need any more caffeine, as she was stressed enough and facing sleepless nights. When Joey asked her why she was stressed, Kelly was struck dumb. Thinking to herself, Kelly's inner monologue urged her to tell Joey the truth, throwing caution to the wind and risking rejection. Before Kelly could open her mouth, however, she was blinded by a squirt of lemon juice in her eye.

Kelly lurched around blindly as Joey struggled to get a hold of her in order to examine her eye. As Joey took her in his arms and began wiping the lemon juice out of her eye, Kelly was touched by their close proximity. Just then, Viki and Aubrey entered the drawing room. Joey quickly explained the awkward moment, and as he, Aubrey, and Viki began happily discussing the engagement, Kelly's inner monologue began castigating her. She told herself that Joey was crazy about Aubrey, and she needed to leave the lovebirds alone.

Kelly prepared to leave, and Viki offered to drive her home, fearing her vision was impaired. Joey reminded Kelly that she had said she needed to talk to him, and Kelly covered by claiming she would be standing by if Joey and Aubrey needed help planning the wedding. "Oh, Kelly, that's so sweet!" Aubrey trilled. "I'll keep that in mind." Kelly hurried out of Llanfair, and Viki followed closely behind after telling Aubrey they could take a tour of the house another time.

With the others gone, Joey asked Aubrey if she still wanted a tour of Llanfair. "Or you could do to me what you were about to do to Kelly," Aubrey cracked, and told her husband-to-be that when she walked in, it had looked like he had been ready to kiss his ex-wife. Aubrey said she was just teasing, but Joey was baffled and insisted that he and Kelly were just friends. "And what am I?" Aubrey asked, pulling him in for a kiss.

Viki drove Kelly back to La Boulaie and helped her into the kitchen. Kelly thanked Viki for her concern, but said her eye would recover from her close encounter with the lemon. "Is that all it was?" Viki asked her. "I know you have feelings for Joey." Kelly played dumb, but Viki said it was all right, and invited Kelly to open her heart without fear of Joey learning the truth. Kelly insisted she was fine, and reminded Viki that Joey was engaged to Aubrey. She thanked Viki for the ride and exited the kitchen, leaving Viki to fret.

Back at the hospital, Echo arrived at the ER just in time for Rex to be wheeled into the elevator and taken to the Radiology department for X-rays, with Gigi accompanying him. Hysterical, Echo collapsed into Charlie's arms. She screamed at the staff for news on her son, and Charlie hustled her into the empty exam room where Rex had been worked on. As Charlie picked up Rex's left-behind shoes, Echo grew teary. She realized that she had abandoned Rex in the same ER over twenty years before, and hugged Charlie as she said she couldn't lose her son again.

As the long-lost parents waited for news on Rex, Charlie grew equally overcome when he realized he was in the same ER where Jared had died the year before. He told Echo he had failed Jared for all of his elder son's life, and the night Jared had died, things had moved too fast. "I wasn't able to tell him I loved him before it was too late," Charlie mumbled. He vowed to tell Rex how he felt, in case he lost his second son as well.

Charlie and Echo grew impatient for news, and Charlie left the exam room to find a nurse. Alone, Echo made a beeline for her purse and drank deep from her flask. As she did so, Charlie returned unexpectedly, having forgotten his phone. He froze as he caught Echo in the act of falling off the wagon.

Over at the Minute Man Motel, Brody and a team of uniformed officers secured the crime scene and Eddie Ford's dead body. When one of the officers asked Brody who could have murdered the man, Brody mused that Eddie had made plenty of enemies.

At the police station, John and Natalie ran into each other in the squad room while going about their morning duties. "Good morning, Mrs. McBain," John said playfully, and a flustered Natalie urged him to keep it down -- she wanted to tell her family about their engagement before it was public knowledge. John was anxious to tell the world, but agreed to her terms. Just then, he got a call from Brody, and told Natalie to saddle up for a homicide call.

Bo arrived in his office, preoccupied. He stared at "Nora's" text message, which asked him if he had slept with Inez. Guilt-ridden, he admitted to himself that he had done just that. He called Nora and left a message, begging her to return home so they could talk without digital technology, face-to-face, and work things out. "I need to see you," he said. "Come home."

John entered the office and informed Bo of Eddie's murder. He told Bo that he was headed down to the Minute Man Motel with Natalie on forensics detail, and Bo asked him to keep in touch. After John left, Bo called Inez and left a message on her phone, asking her to call him regarding police business. Then, he took a call from Gigi informing him of Rex's accident, and rushed to the hospital.

John and Natalie arrived at the Minute Man Motel and began examining the crime scene and the corpse. Natalie spotted contusions on Eddie's wrists, and John mentioned that he had heard about the Ford family boxing match at Rourke's Gym. As Natalie began snapping pictures, Brody returned from canvassing the grounds. He asked Natalie what she was doing there, and gave her the news about Rex, which he in turn had gotten from Gigi. Natalie said she would finish the job at the scene, then head over to the hospital.

Brody told John he hadn't turned up anything in his survey of the site, but noted John's sudden interest in Rex's condition. John explained that Rex had been investigating Eddie Ford, and said he would clear things up later. Just then, he paused, noticing a possible "break" in the case -- a cuff link, lying on the motel carpet. He told Natalie and Brody that he didn't know how it had gotten there, but he knew who it belonged to. John handed the cufflink to Natalie for forensic examination and left the motel after ordering Brody to get Natalie out as quickly as possible.

As Natalie continued to work, Brody managed the crime scene. Returning to the room, he told her he had gotten another text message from Gigi confirming that Rex would be all right. Natalie was pleased, but distracted as she discovered a long red hair on Eddie's body -- and the maid who had found the corpse wasn't a redhead. Brody explained that he had met Eddie the night before while investigating a noise complaint, and Eddie had claimed to have female company. Brody wondered if the red hair could belong to the same woman.

Back at the hospital, Starr confronted James in an exam room. She wanted to know what had happened with James the night before, after he had left the gym, but James asked her to leave it alone. Flashing back to his theft of Eddie's gun and then to his late-night encounter with his father at the Minute Man Motel, James admitted that he had gone to see Eddie, but refused to say what had happened between father and son. Concerned, Starr asked him if Eddie had assaulted him again, and said that if so, they could get Eddie arrested and put away. "We cannot go to the cops!" James snapped.

Starr wanted answers, but James refused to discuss the previous evening further and rushed out of the exam room. He ran into Bo in the hospital corridor. Bo broke the news to the duo that Eddie was dead. Bo told the teens that Eddie had been killed sometime late the previous night or early that morning, and asked James if he knew where Inez was. James didn't, and Bo explained that the police had only just started their investigation, but they knew that Eddie had definitely been murdered, shot by an assailant. He gave James his condolences and headed down the hall to meet Gigi.

James and Starr returned to the exam room. Starr told James she was sorry for his loss, but James wasn't. "I'm just glad it's finally over," he said softly.

Starr was shocked by his attitude, but James said he didn't care how terrible that sounded; his father had possessed no redeeming qualities, and had only hurt people. "It's about time someone hurt him back," James muttered. Starr was astonished by his words, and hesitantly asked James if he had killed Eddie.

In the hospital corridor, Gigi told Bo the good news: Rex only had a concussion, and was going to make a full recovery. She said Rex could have visitors, but was still fairly disoriented. After giving Bo a hug, she hurried off to file Rex's paperwork and speak to Echo and Charlie, but not before informing Bo that Rex's only words since the accident had been about Nora.

Bo met the wheelchair-bound Rex in the waiting area. Rex struggled to speak about Nora, and Bo instantly assumed Rex was concerned about his martial strife. He urged Rex to rest and heal, but before Bo could leave, Rex told him to wait. He told Bo that it hadn't only been him in the car accident. "Nora," Rex mumbled, "she was with me."

At the Manning household, Todd descended to the foyer, leaving a snide voice message for Rex. He demanded news about Eddie Ford, and said they needed to deal with the situation quickly. Listening in, Téa confronted Todd, asking him how he intended to deal with Eddie. Covering, Todd said he had it all under control, and that if he needed a lawyer, his wife would be the first person he called. "Why would you?" Téa asked, probing.

Todd admitted that he had hired Rex to dig up dirt on Eddie, and Téa was relieved, as she had feared Todd had put a hit out on Ford Sr. She asked him to tell her if he had done anything stupid or short-sighted. "Short-sighted?" Todd cracked. "It will be if you lie to me," Téa warned.

As Todd and Téa moved in for a kiss, Blair interrupted as she barged into the living room with her mystery box. The Mannings asked Blair if she was there bearing gifts, but Blair explained that Eli had left the box for her, and she needed Téa's help. Nervous, she deliberated about her options, legal and otherwise, but Téa deduced that Blair didn't need a lawyer, only a friend. "You're asking Téa for advice?" Todd joked. "That's a first."

Before Todd's jibes could send Blair packing, Téa stopped her newfound BFF. Téa said she was glad Blair had stopped by -- she felt they all needed closure on the Eli ordeal, and admitted she was still afraid to take aspirin after Eli and Greg's machinations. Blair was on the fence about opening the box and a potential can of worms, but Téa warned Blair that if she didn't open it, she would always wonder what secrets Eli had left behind. As the ladies began to bicker about which one of them would dare open the box, Todd stepped in and offered to bludgeon its lock with a hammer, ignoring Blair's key.

As Todd prepared to bash the box into submission, there was a knock at the door. Striding into the foyer, he found John McBain on his doorstep and asked what the top cop wanted. "A murderer," John replied. "You know one?"

Blair and Téa followed Todd into the foyer, and Téa asked John who had been murdered. John explained that the victim was Eddie Ford, and Téa asked what that had to do with them. "Not you," John replied, "him." He told Todd, Blair, and Téa that he had found a man's cuff link at the crime scene -- with the initials "T.M."

Thursday, December 16, 2010

At Todd's house, John showed Todd, Téa, and Blair the cufflink found at the scene of Eddie's murder at the Minute Man Motel. John pointed out the initials "T.M." on the cufflink. Todd claimed that he hadn't spent any time there, but John wanted to clarify that the cufflinks were Todd's. Téa assured Todd that he didn't have to answer any questions. As Todd's wife, Téa said she would have recognized the cufflinks if she had seen them before, but she hadn't. Téa asked if John was accusing Todd of murder.

John asked where Todd had been the previous night. He answered that he'd been with Téa. Téa thought John was basing a lot of speculation on "one cufflink." She also thought that John should concentrate on other suspects, whose names she had. Téa's initials were T.M., as were Tad Martin's and John's father, Thomas, so John had a "flimsy basis" for a murder accusation, Téa stated. John wanted to go upstairs to find the "mate" of the cufflink.

Téa knew John couldn't search without a warrant. John said he had to check on Rex, anyway, because Rex had been investigating Eddie for Todd. John wondered why Todd would have someone investigated if Todd had no connection to that person. John left the house. Blair reminded Todd that she'd had the cufflinks made for Todd while they were married, and they were one-of-a-kind. Todd had forgotten about them. Blair and Téa sat Todd down and demanded to know what Todd was lying about.

At the hospital, Starr asked James what he had been doing in Eddie's room the night before. James claimed that it had just happened, and that the entire night was a blur. He told Starr about taking the gun from Eddie's duffel bag earlier that evening. He rationalized that someone like Eddie shouldn't have been carrying around a loaded gun. Starr asked James if he'd had a plan to "take care" of Eddie himself.

James said that he might have had a plan in the back of his head, but he hadn't been able to think straight. James told Starr about what Todd had said to James -- that the only thing that could get rid of an abuser was death. James told Starr to drop the subject because he only caused trouble in her life. "Have you met my family?" Starr asked him. She related that she owed him her life for saving her from Hannah, so the least she could do was listen to him.

Starr again asked what had happened, and she told James that it would eat him alive if he didn't talk. James agreed that he needed to talk, but not to her. As he confessed that he needed to talk to the police, John appeared in the doorway and told James it was his lucky day.

At the hospital, a wheelchair-bound Rex disclosed to Bo that Rex had been transporting Nora home before the car accident happened. Rex divulged that Eddie had kidnapped her and tied her up in a room at the Minute Man Motel. Rex thought Nora was lucky to be alive. Rex informed Bo that she was there for "a while," and all of the text messages "Nora" had sent to Bo were actually sent by Eddie.

Bo wanted to make sure that Nora had been in the car with Rex when they had crashed. Rex was fuzzy on the details, but he was sure that Nora had been in the passenger seat, even though he had woken up alone. Bo imagined the worst. He made sure Rex was okay and went to find Nora. Before he left, Rex assured Bo that Nora had gone through hell, but she had never given up on Bo.

Still at La Boulaie, Viki called Charlie, but only got his voicemail. She wanted to know what was wrong, and she pleaded with him to call her. Dorian entered and told Viki that they should chat. Dorian asked what happened, and Viki told Dorian the story about Charlie and Echo's kiss. However, Viki knew it wouldn't happen again. Dorian wondered what Viki's message to Charlie had been about.

Viki told Dorian that Echo had gotten a call from Charlie saying that he needed to see Echo, but Viki didn't know why. She said she would know as soon as Charlie called her back. Dorian was surprised to learn that Echo was still living at Llanfair, but Viki assured her that Echo would be "out in a heartbeat" if anything else happened. Echo just wanted a relationship with Rex and Shane. Dorian countered that the only relationship Echo wanted was one with Charlie.

Viki related that she couldn't push Echo out of her house without looking like the villain. "That's my job," Dorian told Viki. A confused Viki asked why it was so important to Dorian. Dorian admitted that she didn't want to see Charlie hurt Viki the way that David had hurt Dorian. Viki was surprised by Dorian's kindness, but Dorian told Viki not to get used to it. Viki thanked Dorian, and the two women shook hands. Dorian was ready to "bring this bitch down."

At the hospital, Charlie told Echo that she had an alcohol problem. Echo claimed that she had panicked when Charlie called her about Rex, and she had grabbed the first "crutch" she could find. Charlie asked what she had panicked about the other day, but Echo blamed her drunkenness on Dorian. Charlie warned Echo that alcohol had caused Charlie to alienate Jared, and he didn't want to see the same thing happen to Echo with Rex.

Echo understood that she had a second chance with Rex, so she intended to stay "fully conscious." She claimed she could handle it, but Charlie told her she was dependent on alcohol. She said she could stop any time she wanted to. "So why don't you?" Charlie asked. He told her to do it for Shane and for Rex. "For me?" Rex asked from the doorway.

Charlie began to make up a story about Echo donating blood, but Echo stopped him. She told Rex that Charlie thought she had a drinking problem. Rex caught sight of the flask and was surprised to learn that it was Echo's. Rex informed Echo that Shane already had one grandmother with a drinking problem, so he didn't need another one.

If Echo admitted that she had a problem, Charlie promised to help her through it. Echo said she was scared, but Charlie vowed to be there every step of the way. Rex agreed that he would be there for her as well. "How could I refuse?" Echo said.

Bo arrived at the site of the car crash. He told an officer that he needed access to the car that a tow truck was about to take away, because he had reason to believe that there had been another passenger in the car -- "my wife." Bo opened the passenger side door of the car and found Nora's wedding ring on the floor. Bo asked an officer to call area hospitals and ask for Nora Buchanan, and he gave the officer a picture of Nora.

Bo wondered why Nora wasn't wearing her wedding ring. He also wondered why Eddie had pushed Bo toward Inez. Later, the officer told Bo that he hadn't found any trace of Nora. Bo thought to himself that he'd meant his vows when he married Nora, and he still did. As Bo thought that he would do anything if Nora would come back, he heard a crackling sound in the woods. He called out Nora's name, and Nora appeared. The two tightly embraced.

Inez listened to Bo's message on her answering machine about the police business he had to talk to her about. Clint entered to Inez's shock and told Inez that he'd known she could "do it." She said that she'd only done it in order to keep her sons safe from Eddie. She said it was Clint's turn to hold up his end of the deal, but Clint informed her that someone had shot and killed Eddie the night before. Inez asked Clint if he had killed Eddie.

Clint said that he had only gone to see Eddie to "complete a business transaction" and to make sure Eddie left town. However, Eddie was being carried out in a body bag, and no one had been arrested for the murder yet. Inez clarified that Clint had nothing to do with it and told him that he hadn't held up his end of the deal. Inez admitted that she had lied about sleeping with Bo.

Clint promised that Nora would get the whole story anyway. Inez said that if she and Bo denied it, Nora would take Bo and Inez's word over Clint's. Inez told Clint that she had drugged Bo, but he had pushed her away because he didn't want to betray Nora. Clint grabbed her and told her that she had failed. However, she said that their deal was "null and void." Clint warned Inez that she would have to let Bo think that Bo had slept with Inez "if your son's life means anything to you."

Clint informed her that nothing in the world was free. He had helped James go to college and Ford to get his job back. She had to follow through with one last thing to pay her debt. If she didn't, Clint promised to tell the police that her son had been seen at the scene of the murder.

At school, Darren told Destiny that her parents loved her, but Destiny told him to stop calling her grandparents her "parents." Darren reminded her that they had taken care of her for years and deserved a second chance. Destiny spotted an upset-looking Matthew and asked him if he was all right. Darren told Matthew that he should probably get to basketball practice.

In the gym, Nate threw the basketball he was holding. Dani walked up and asked him if he were trying to murder the ball. Nate told her that he needed to tell her something about the previous night. Just then, Matthew entered, and Nate demanded to know what was wrong with Matthew. Matthew claimed that he hadn't lied about anything he'd said. The two started to get physical, but Darren, Destiny, and Dani pulled them apart.

Destiny asked what was going on. Matthew told her that Nate's mother was "a whore, a bitch, and a home-wrecker" because she was sleeping with Bo. Destiny couldn't believe it, but Matthew said he had seen it with his own eyes after someone had told him about it. Matthew wouldn't take back any of his words, but he didn't feel any better. He had been so angry after seeing his father that he had almost gotten into an accident.

Dani told Nate to forget about Matthew because he was different -- more bitter and angry. She said that Matthew only wanted to provoke Nate. Dani asked what Nate had wanted to tell her. She said she would help Nate if he had a plan to get Eddie out of town, but Nate told her that it was too late. Darren walked up to Dani and Nate with his computer and expressed his sympathy for Nate. He told the confused pair that Eddie had been shot and killed the night before.

Nate wasn't sorry that Eddie was dead. He thought that it was better for everyone. Dani told him it was normal to be numb and in shock. Nate hadn't even looked surprised. "I wasn't," he told her.

Destiny expressed her sympathy to Matthew. However, Darren walked over to them and told them the news about Nate's father. Destiny related that there was nothing worse than losing a father.

Friday, December 17, 2010

In the school gym, Destiny and Darren were shocked that Eddie Ford was dead, and Matthew questioned who had killed Eddie. Darren said that the cops did not have any suspects, "but from what it sounds like, a lot of people had a good reason to hate the guy."

In another part of the gym, Nate admitted to Dani that he had not been surprised to learn of his dad's death. Dani wondered why Nate had not mentioned to her that his dad had died, just as Destiny, Darren, and Matthew walked up to them. Destiny offered her condolences. Nate admitted that it was hard to feel sorry about someone that he had barely known. Nate was also surprised that Eddie had not been murdered sooner.

Dani believed that Nate needed time to let his dad's death sink in, so Destiny asked Darren for a ride home. After they walked off, Matthew expressed sympathy to Nate, but Nate yelled that Matt had just lied, because he had called Inez a whore. Matthew responded to Dani, "Yeah, cause she is a whore and a home wrecker. His mom is sleeping with my dad."

Nate demanded that Matthew "take it back," but Matthew refused and stormed off. When Dani offered comfort to Nate, he insisted that he had to leave.

Destiny realized that Eddie's death was probably tearing Nate up. However, Darren was upset that Destiny was not concerned over her treatment of her own parents. Darren abruptly left. Matthew walked up to Destiny and said that Darren could not understand. "He has no idea what it's like for your parents to betray you."

Destiny expressed that she was tired of being the one blamed for everything, and Matthew indicated that he could relate her feelings. Matthew then stressed that he did not know what he would do without Destiny, and they hugged.

At Todd's mansion, Todd announced to Téa and Blair that he had found the other cufflink, and Téa wondered why Todd had lied to John. Blair wanted to know what else Todd had lied about. Blair pondered, "Okay, maybe I'm just being a little too subtle here, so why don't we try this...did you kill Eddie Ford?"

Todd cried to Blair and Téa, "Is this good cop, worst cop?" Todd then claimed that he had been nowhere near the crime scene and insisted that Eddie Ford had not been important enough to kill. Blair reflected that Todd had not really had a motive. Blair then spied the look that Todd and Téa gave each other and demanded to know what they were not telling her.

Blair questioned if the look had to do with Starr, and Todd insisted that he had a rule to stay out of his kids' love lives. Blair speculated that Eddie had been an abuser. Blair then demanded that Téa tell her what the look had been about. Téa's phone rang, before she had a chance to respond.

In the hospital, James told Starr that he did need to talk to someone, and that the someone would be the police. James ran into John at the door. John had overheard James's statement and offered for James to give a statement at the police station.

On the phone, Starr asked Téa to help James, and Téa left the mansion to act as James's lawyer. After Téa ran out, Blair asked Todd again if he had killed Eddie Ford, and if so, why. Todd replied, "Read my lips, Blair. I did not kill Eddie Ford. But I would have if he hadn't followed my warning." Blair asked, "Warning about what?" Todd answered, "About Dani."

Todd revealed that he had warned Eddie to stay away from Dani. Todd then pointed out that if he had wanted to kill Eddie, he would not have hired Rex to investigate him. Blair claimed that Todd might have wanted Rex to get Eddie's routine, so he could plan Eddie's murder. Todd agreed that would have been a good plan. However, Todd declared that he had only wanted for Eddie to stay away from Dani. Todd did believe that James was a hero for killing Eddie though.

Blair then questioned why Todd's cufflink was at the crime scene, and Todd insisted that someone had tried to set him up. Blair asked, "Why would someone set you up, Todd? I mean, who would want to see you go down for murder?" Todd responded, "You want a list?" Blair acknowledged, "Well, that's a good point" and made Todd promise not to get arrested. Blair then left without opening the box from Eli.

At the police station, Téa met James, Starr, and John. Once they entered John's office, John asked, "What do you know about your father's death?" James revealed that he had found a gun in his dad's duffel bag, and that he then had gone to the Minute Man Motel to kill his father. Starr yelled that James had not killed his father, but John stopped her. John asked James if he had killed Eddie.

James reflected that he had found his dad in the hotel room and had pointed the gun at him. James remembered that he had ordered Eddie to leave town, so that Eddie could no longer torment his family. James declared that he had pulled the trigger, but that he had not killed Eddie. James claimed that he had shot a hole in the wall, because Eddie was "not worth it." James stated that he had demanded that Eddie leave town, before someone killed him. James insisted that he had then left the hotel room.

John asked, "Where's the gun?" James believed that he had tossed it aside at the hotel. Starr felt that someone else had found the gun and had shot Eddie. John asked James if anyone had seen him at the hotel, and James said, "No." After John released James, he asked Téa how many clients she had in the case. Téa snarled that she only had one, since Todd was not considered a suspect.

Starr and James thanked Téa, as she walked out of John's office. After Téa left, James apologized to Starr. Starr had feared in John's office that James would admit that he had shot Eddie. However, James stated that the thought of Starr had stopped him from pulling the trigger. James had remembered in the office that Starr had lost Cole, because Cole had killed a horrible monster. James insisted that he could not put Starr through that again. James also remembered everything that Cole had lost due to Cole's impulsive action.

Téa returned to the mansion and stated that she believed that James was innocent. Téa claimed that someone else had entered Eddie's hotel room, after James had left. Téa believed that someone else had killed Eddie. Todd shook his head and blared, "Don't look at me." Todd walked out of the room.

Dani arrived at the mansion, and Téa greeted her. Téa told Dani to relax for a while, before Dani did her homework. Dani sat on the couch and remembered her conversation with Nate, when he had admitted that he had not been surprised to hear that Eddie was dead.

At Inez's apartment, Clint told Inez that her debt would be paid, if Inez kept the secret that Bo and Inez had actually not slept together. Clint revealed that as long as Inez kept her secret, he would keep it secret that he had seen one of her sons at the crime scene. When Inez demanded to know which son Clint had seen, Clint proclaimed, "Who said it was just one of them?"

Inez insisted that no one would believe Clint, because her sons had nothing to do with Eddie's death. Inez then thought of a gun that had laid on her couch after Nate had returned home. Inez screamed that Clint could not use her sons like that, and Clint yelled for Inez to keep her mouth shut and to let Bo continue to believe that they had slept together.

When Nate walked in, Clint announced that he was leaving. As Inez escorted Clint out, she regretted that she had ever helped Clint. After Inez returned inside her apartment, she began to tell Nate about his dad. However, Nate told her that he already knew about his dad's death. Nate had a question of his own. "Is it true that you slept with Commissioner Buchanan?"

At the accident site, Bo hoped for Nora to return to him, as Nora crawled out of the woods. Bo and Nora hugged and kissed. Nora told Bo that she had been very scared. Nora added that she had tried to wake up Rex in the car after the accident. However, Nora informed Bo that when Rex would not wake up, she had left to get help. Yet, Nora could not remember where she had been after she left the car.

Nora exclaimed that Eddie Ford had held her hostage, and she begged Bo to "get Eddie Ford." Bo revealed to Nora that it had already been taken care of.

At the hospital, when Natalie walked into Rex's room, she found him attempting to put on his shirt. Natalie helped Rex, and then they hugged. Natalie was relieved to find Rex "in one piece." Rex only hoped that the same could be said about Nora.

Rex revealed that Nora had not been in the car when he had woken up. Rex explained that Eddie Ford had kept Nora as a hostage at the Minute Man Motel, and that Eddie had been the one who had sent the text messages to Bo. When Rex stressed that he had found Nora gagged and bound to a chair, Natalie realized that the red hair that she had found at the crime scene had been Nora's. Natalie then wondered why Eddie had kidnapped Nora. Rex explained that Nora had been convinced that Eddie had wanted to break up Bo and Nora.

When Natalie reentered Rex's room, she announced that she had seen Bo and Nora in another hospital cubicle. Rex was relieved and happy that Nora was okay. Natalie cheered that Rex had rescued Nora, and that she was lucky to have Rex as a brother.

Rex asked about Natalie's response to John's marriage proposal, and Natalie exclaimed that she had said yes. She pleaded with Rex not to tell anyone, because she did not want Marty to know. Rex pointed out that Natalie could not keep it a secret forever. However, Natalie was not yet prepared to tell John the truth about the baby, or to tell Marty about the marriage proposal. "Rex, it's just I'm so close to having everything that I want."

In another hospital room, as Nora lay in a bed, the nurse declared that Nora was "dehydrated and a little shocky," so the doctor had treated her with fluids. The nurse announced that Nora would then be able to return home. When Bo asked Nora what she wanted, Nora replied, "A cheeseburger." Nora then insisted that she just wanted Bo to stay with her.

Still shaken, Nora revealed that Eddie had touched her but had not raped her. Nora remembered that was because Eddie had needed to leave. Nora pleaded with Bo to "lock him up for good." Bo then announced that Eddie was dead.

Nora voiced that Eddie had been "a despicable, vile, sadistic excuse for a human being," and that she had not sent the text messages to Bo. After Bo nodded, Nora cried that she was upset, because she would never have just taken off. When Bo said that he was sorry, Nora insisted that Bo had nothing to be sorry for.

Bo claimed that he had only wanted to talk to Nora and then wondered why Eddie would kidnap her. Bo also questioned who had put Eddie up to it. Nora believed that it was someone who had wanted Bo and Nora's marriage to fail. Nora announced that Inez was on the top of that list.

Nora said, "I don't want to fight about this, Bo. I really don't, but I can't really think of anyone else but Inez who would want to get in the way of our marriage. Who else would do this? After all, Eddie was her ex-husband, and although he didn't admit it, he did hint that she was pulling the strings. It doesn't matter that it was a stupid plan, and it failed, because they didn't know you like I know you. Even when you're mad, it would take a lot more than a few texts to goad you into the arms of another woman. That's why I love you so much. I will always love you, always love you. Hey, hey, what's going on? Did I say something wrong?" Bo sadly stated, "Red, there's something that I have to tell you."

Still in his office at the police station, John wrote out a list of suspects on a sheet of paper: Todd Manning, Robert Ford, Inez Salinger, Nate Salinger, and James Ford. John crossed out the name, James Ford.

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