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'Stacy' was upset that she couldn't have her old face restored. Cutter offered to take her anywhere in the world that she wanted to go, in order to hide her. She picked Paris, Texas, unaware of her previous history there. She and Cutter were hired at the Bon Jour Café. Rex and Shane decided to go to Paris, Texas, for a pie-baking contest that Noelle had entered. Viki also headed to the town. Tomás confessed to killing Victor, but John was still suspicious of Todd. Roxy was upset that her soap opera had been cancelled.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 5, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Shaun sneaked up on Vivian at the hospital. She was surprised to see him, and joked that she thought he'd still be cleaning up the mess from Thanksgiving. Shaun apologized for his mother starting in on Vivian about marriage. He wanted to make up for it. He told her that he'd had flowers for her, but he'd given them to Téa. He told Vivian about how shaken up Téa had been. Vivian understood.

Vivian related how lucky she and Shaun had been to have such a peaceful life together until their marriage conflict. She just wanted Shaun to understand her stance on marriage, because she'd had a rough childhood. She explained that it didn't mean that she loved him any less. He respected her stance, and she kissed him.

Just then, Vivian's beeper went off, and she said she had to go deliver twins. Shaun wished her luck. Vivian expressed how happy she was that Shaun was all right with her stance on marriage, and left. "Never said that I was," Shaun muttered.

Rex was stunned at the image on his computer: pictures of Stacy and Gigi, side-by-side. He related that the woman Cutter had been trying to pass off as Gigi couldn't be Stacy, because Stacy was dead. He explained to Aubrey that Stacy's body had never been found, but she had fallen through the ice on a frozen lake.

Aubrey thought that plastic surgery in order to look like Gigi was extreme. "Not for Stacy," Rex replied. He explained how obsessed Stacy had been with Rex, and how hard she'd tried to be with him. Aubrey was horrified that Stacy would have let Shane die if Gigi hadn't have broken up with Rex. However, she didn't think that the scheme added up.

Aubrey told Rex that, while Stacy had been in surgery, Aubrey had been with Cutter in Europe, planning the con on Joey. She added that they hadn't even known then that Rex was a Buchanan. Aubrey said that Stacy must have met up with Cutter at the right place and right time. Rex related that Stacy loved having a partner in crime, and suddenly realized that Stacy had probably been working with Kim. Rex explained to Aubrey who Kim was, but Aubrey knew. She revealed to Rex that Kim was the real Aubrey Wentworth, which meant Kim was Cutter's sister.

A shocked Rex wondered if Aubrey actually knew Kim. Aubrey replied that, by the time she'd met up with Cutter and Rama, Kim had been left behind in Kentucky. Suddenly, Rex hugged Aubrey, and thanked her. He remembered bumping into Kim in Kentucky, and hearing about her friend who had been in the hospital. He deduced that the friend had been Stacy. He told Aubrey to pack, because they were going to Anchorage, Kentucky, to find Kim.

Inside the examination room, the woman with Gigi's face was frustrated that the room didn't look familiar to her. Outside the room, Dr. Fascinella pointed to a picture of Gigi, and told Cutter that the woman in the examination room was not Stacy. He assured Cutter that the woman in the room had never before had plastic surgery.

A shocked Cutter demanded that the doctor check the woman's face for scars again. The woman exited the room, and wondered what was going on. The doctor left in order to let Cutter talk to the woman alone. Cutter confessed to the woman that her surgery wasn't going to happen. He remembered telling the woman about his feelings for her. He lied that the procedure would be risky because of her health.

The woman was distressed that she would have to live with Gigi's face forever. She didn't want to have to face Rex again with Gigi's face, and thought that she was a horrible person. Cutter assured her that he liked her just the way she was. He was sure that she would start to like herself as well.

A short while later, Cutter and the woman arrived back at the hotel room. The woman looked in the mirror, and figured that she would have to get used to seeing Gigi's face in the mirror. Cutter suggested getting glasses, new hair, or a tattoo. The woman never wanted to go back to Llanview, so Cutter told her that "we can go wherever you want." "We?" the woman asked.

Cutter told the woman to pick anywhere in the world, because they had no jobs, and no ties to anyone. He picked up a globe from the table, and spun it around. She closed her eyes, and pointed to a location on the globe. "Paris, Texas, here we come!" Cutter announced.

Shane had a hunch that Neela knew something about Jack's connection to Gigi's murder. He insisted that she tell him, because it wasn't fair for Brad to take the blame for Jack's crime. Just then, Jack entered with a suspicious look on his face, and wondered what the two were talking about.

Shane said that he and Neela had class together, and were discussing an assignment. Jack wondered if that was why they looked so depressed. Neela admitted that she and Shane had been talking about the death of Shane's mother. Jack wondered why Shane was still thinking about Gigi's death, but Shane asked if Jack could stop thinking about Victor's death. Shane coldly stated that the person who had killed Gigi hadn't yet paid, and walked out of the room.

Neela observed that things had been tense between Jack and Shane. Jack knew that Shane had probably said things about Jack to Neela, and tried to explain. He told Neela that he'd picked on Shane the year before, but it was a new year, and Jack was a new person. Just then, the bell rang, and people started to enter the classroom. Neela had to find her next class, and left the room.

Neela bumped into Shane outside the classroom, and he said that he was just trying to hear if Jack had talked about Gigi. Neela admitted that she hadn't felt right asking Jack about it. She thought that Shane wanted to get back at Jack for how he'd treated Shane, and couldn't believe that Jack would kill someone. She continued that Jack felt terrible about how he'd treated Shane, and that meeting Jack had been like a fairytale for her. Shane had only wanted to know the type of guy Jack really was.

Later, Neela was rummaging around in her locker when Jack walked up to her. She wondered how class had been for him, and he replied that he hadn't been able to pay attention. He admitted that he'd been thinking about her, and wondered if she wanted to get together sometime. She replied that Vimal probably wouldn't want her to go out with "some boy." Jack reminded her that he'd saved Vimal's life.

Starr opened the front door of La Boulaie, and was handed an envelope. "You've been served," the man at the door told her. Dani wondered what was going on, and the man handed her an envelope, and left. Starr couldn't believe that Rick was suing them for his own klutziness. Dani responded that Rick was able to sue because he'd been injured in Starr's house. The girls were horrified to read that Rick was suing them for emotional distress, physical suffering, payment of lost wages, and medical bills.

Dani realized that it wasn't just her and Starr that Rick was suing. Starr turned the page, and wanted to call James and Nate. However, James and Nate entered the house with their subpoenas. Dani wondered why the paper was soggy. James explained that a man in a towel had followed them into the steam room, and handed them the subpoenas.

Nate suggested that Téa could get the case thrown out, but Dani didn't want to tell her mother about the case. She wanted to do everything she could to make her mother's life easier. Starr knew that Rick was trying to force her and Nate into making the tabloid story true. James knew that they weren't going to do that. "Right?" he added.

Starr wasn't going to pretend to have an affair with Nate, and she vowed that Rick wasn't going to get any money from them. Starr assured Dani, James, and Nate that she would figure a way out of the lawsuit. James didn't want Starr's plan to be like her jailbreak, involving a gun and her father. Starr had an idea. "You definitely don't wanna be on Todd Manning's bad side," she stated.

Calmar entered John's office. John wanted to talk to Calmar about Tomas, and Calmar replied that he would be happy to cooperate. John wanted to kick Blair, Téa, and Todd out of the room, but as Tomas' lawyer, Téa wanted to witness the interview. Téa also named Blair as her associate, who would take notes. John reluctantly allowed it, but warned them not to interfere. However, John did make Todd leave the office.

Outside of the office, Todd called Baker, and wanted an explanation as to why Calmar was at the police station. He reminded Baker that, if Calmar gave Todd up, Baker would "go down" as well. Todd hung up, and watched Calmar's interview through the window of the office. An officer wondered if Todd needed help. Todd jokingly asked for food, and the annoyed cop walked away. Todd continued trying to listen in on Calmar's interview.

John asked Calmar when he'd last talked to Tomas. Calmar answered that he hadn't talked to Tomas since Thanksgiving. John wondered where Tomas had been the night of Victor's murder. Calmar replied that Tomas had been with Calmar at the docks. He admitted that he and Tomas had discussed legitimate ways to separate Victor from Téa. He also claimed to know who had killed Victor.

"Tomas killed Victor Lord," Calmar stated. Téa and Blair were in disbelief. At John's request, Calmar summarized the night's happenings. He claimed that he and Tomas had seen Todd give Dorian's gun to Louie. Knowing that the gun would be traced back to Todd, Tomas had gotten the gun from Louie, and headed right for Victor's. Tomas had hoped to frame someone else for the murder by keeping the gun.

Téa didn't believe it, and said that she could tell when Tomas lied. Calmar reminded Téa that Tomas was a professional liar. John wondered where Tomas was, but Calmar would only say that Tomas was long gone. He swore not to know where Tomas was, and that John wouldn't find Tomas if he hadn't already. Calmar insisted that Tomas was a good man, and had only been trying to protect his family.

John asked for a way to reach Tomas, but Calmar couldn't answer the question. John picked up his phone, and asked for assistance. A cop entered the office, and John told him to process Calmar for obstruction of justice, and accessory to murder.

Later, the cop cuffed Calmar to a chair outside John's office, and walked away. Todd sat, and wondered what Calmar had said. Calmar replied that he'd called Tomas out as Victor's murderer. He couldn't believe that he'd betrayed his oldest friend. Todd replied that Calmar's actions had helped keep Tomas alive. "May God have mercy on my soul. And yours," Calmar told Todd.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All eyes in Llanview were glued to the television as everyone watched their favorite soap opera, Fraternity Row. The soap even affected the town's citizens who were elsewhere in the country.

At the hair salon, Destiny was shushed as she tried to talk when she arrived. Roxy, Shaun, and Rama were watching their soap. They couldn't believe that Brianna was shooting Brandon at point-blank range.

"What's this crap?" Jack exclaimed when he found Starr engrossed in a television show. Brother and sister began to argue, as Starr was annoyed that Jack had interrupted her. She had a paper to write for school, and she'd been taking a break. She was amused that Jack had inadvertently revealed that he was familiar with the show too. "Duh, our cousin Megan played her," he stated, in reference to one of the show's past characters.

Starr was curious about how Jack knew about Megan, who'd died before they were born. Starr had been watching old tapes she'd received from Viki, and Jack admitted that he'd watched online, courtesy of the girls at school. It was a way to get to be with them. Starr wondered if there were a particular girl that Jack might be interested in. She continued to press her brother for information.

Jack confessed there was a girl, and Starr wondered if it were the same girl that Jack had hidden in the pool house. Jack was horrified that Starr had seen, and he begged her not to tell Blair. Starr assured him that she wouldn't after all she'd done in school. "Don't mess up like I did. Stay safe," she urged her brother.

Jack wasn't certain that the girl liked him, anyway, because Shane had said something to her. He was afraid it was about Shane's mom, because Neela had been acting strangely. Starr advised Jack to tell Neela the truth. Starr also knew that Jack missed Victor. "Don't call him that," Jack yelled. Starr started over. She was aware that Jack missed dad, and he wasn't alone. She wanted him to allow the family to help him.

Starr wanted Jack's trust, but Jack was angry. He didn't see why he should trust her when she was "hooking up" with her sister's boyfriend, who was also her boyfriend's brother. Starr informed Jack that Rick had made the news up, and Jack suggested she sue Rick. Starr admitted that she couldn't because Rick was suing her, but she expected Rick to drop the charges.

Starr advised Jack that if he changed his mind, he knew where to find her. Jack was determined to prove that he wasn't the guy that people said he was. "I can take care of myself. I can get the girl on my own," Jack proclaimed.

Clint couldn't take his eyes away from the television, and he was relieved when Brianna advised Brandon that her gun had only contained blanks. "Thank God. These damn writers! These writers are messing with my Brianna," Clint shouted. "Clint, what are you watching?" Viki asked when she walked into the study.

Clint claimed that he'd accidentally changed the channel and hadn't been able to change it back with the problematic remote. He turned off the television, but Viki grabbed the remote and turned it back on. Clint lingered to watch.

As the soap continued, Brandon revealed that he and Brianna were brother and sister. That was after a fiery kiss between the two. "They're related," Noelle shouted. "This is crazy," Rama proclaimed. "God, I love this show," Roxy yelled. Viki couldn't believe that Brianna and Brandon were really brother and sister. "What the hell?" Clint called out. "No way," Starr screamed.

Viki and Clint both admitted that they'd watched the soap opera for years. "Where do you think I disappear to every Monday through Friday from two to three P.M. in the afternoon?" Viki asked. Clint thought that they should make viewing a "standing date," and they discussed how great the show was.

Viki picked up Megan's displayed Daisy Award, and Clint noted that Viki had been wonderful when she'd done her own small role. Viki admitted she'd been scared. "If there's one thing I'm not, it's an actress," she declared. Megan had forced her to do it. Clint was of the opinion that Megan had had Viki wrapped around her finger in the same way that Viki had wrapped Clint around her own finger.

Viki denied having Clint around her little finger or anything else, and she was confused. "Maybe this will help you see the light," Clint advised her as he leaned over and kissed her. "Now don't you tell me you didn't see that coming," he said when they finally pulled apart. She thought maybe she had, but they'd gone their separate ways years before.

Clint admitted he'd been having feelings for Viki the same as he'd had in the past. They'd never left, he said. He noted that there were "no more obstacles," since Kim had left. He read the last letter he'd received from Kim, which stated that she'd found someone else. Viki began to frown. "You see?" he asked. "I see all right," she retorted.

It was Clint's turn to be confused. He didn't know what Viki meant. "You kissed me because you can't have Kim," Viki accused. Clint couldn't understand why Viki was angry. She advised him that he'd implied that the kiss was a result of his being without Kim, but Clint insisted that he hadn't meant it that way. Viki was disgusted.

If there had been no letter, Viki wondered if Clint would have said the same thing and kissed her. She felt that she'd happened to be there, and Clint had been out of options. Clint suggested they start over and continue watching their soap, but Viki stormed out. Clint turned the television on again. He watched as Brianna announced that she and Brandon couldn't be together. Clint turned off the television again.

Noelle continued to pour water into Shane's glass at the Buenos Dias Café while she kept her eyes on the television. The glass began to overflow as Noelle's eyes were riveted to her soap.

Shortly after, Shane helped Noelle to clean up when she'd realized what she'd done. She advised Shane that she was involved in the latest pie contest, and she planned to head back to Paris to participate. Suddenly, Shane smelled smoke, and Noelle rushed to the kitchen. Shane received a call from his father, and he advised Rex that he was busy putting out fires. Rex revealed that he'd be home soon.

Noelle returned with a burnt pie in her hands. She knew she didn't really need another blue ribbon to add to her collection, but she'd created a special pie. "This is no ordinary year," she told Shane. She called it her "Gigi Morasco Special," and she wanted Shane to try it. Shane wasn't a fan of pies, but he agreed to taste it after hearing the name.

Shane and Noelle started to make another pie. They reminisced about Gigi, and Noelle asked what Shane's favorite memory of his mother was. Shane recalled how he'd waited up for her when she returned late from work in Paris. She would read Where the Red Fern Grows, and she would always change the ending. He wished he could have changed his mother's ending.

Noelle was certain that Gigi would have wanted Shane to remember the joy he'd had. Shane declared that it wasn't fair that Jack was still able to walk around as if nothing had happened. There was even a new girl in school who liked Jack, and Shane had told her the truth. He wasn't sure she'd believed him though. Noelle thought it likely that the girl would be able to see through Jack.

Noelle decided to call the café in Paris to let them know she would be arriving.

Cutter and the woman he'd only recently discovered was Gigi, arrived at the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas. It was the town that the woman had pointed to on the globe as their next destination. The woman was disappointed that she hadn't been able to get her old face back, and she marched into the café. "Be kind of hard, since the face you have is the one you were born with, Gigi," Cutter muttered before following her inside. Fraternity Row was playing on the television.

"It's like déjà vu all over again," Cutter said as he looked around. He explained that he'd never been there before, but it appeared identical to the Buenos Dias Café back in Llanview. "Maybe it's a chain," the woman remarked. She looked around. "This place feels familiar to me too," she said. Cutter thought that she had probably been at the Buenos Dias with her old face. The couple sat down.

The waitress finally approached and apologized for being slow to serve them. She indicated the soap, and Cutter turned to look at the television. He quickly put his hands over his ears and announced that he would watch later, on SOAPnet. The woman with Gigi's face was confused about everyone watching the soap, and the waitress inquired whether the woman had been under a rock.

The waitress couldn't believe the woman had amnesia, and she compared the woman to one of the soap characters. Cutter advised his companion that they could get settled in the hotel across the street after they ate. The woman continued to look around as Cutter spoke. She just knew the place was safe, and it felt like home to her.

The woman rose and went behind the counter to grab a bottle of ketchup. She knew right where it was. Suddenly, the phone began to ring. "Bonjour from the Bon Jour Café, pride of Paris, Texas. How can I help you?" the woman asked. Noelle was on the other end. "Who is this?" Noelle asked. There was no response, and Noelle spoke again.

"This is Noelle Ortiz Stubbs, owner of the Bon Jour. To whom am I speaking? Do I know you?" Noelle asked. The woman quickly hung up the phone and returned to her table. "I have been to this place before," the woman told Cutter.

Noelle was perturbed. "That almost sounded like..." Noelle's voice trailed off as she heard a crash. Viki rushed into the café noisily. "Viki, what's wrong?" Noelle asked. "Two words. Clint Buchanan," Viki shrieked.

Aubrey and Rex waited to see Kim in the prison in Anchorage, Kentucky. While they waited, they watched a scene from Fraternity Row. The couple on the screen was sharing a passionate kiss. Rex recalled the kiss that he and Aubrey had shared in Brazil, and Aubrey looked uncomfortable. They talked about their amazement over Gigi really being Stacy, until finally, a guard arrived with Kim in tow.

"Life slows down to a crawl when Fraternity Row is on," the guard stated. Kim wondered how the pair had found her, and she learned that her boss at the Spotted Pony had given her away. Kim insisted she'd been framed. "Of course you were," Rex replied. Kim asked for their help. "Clint blew me off," Kim admitted.

"We didn't come here to hook you up with Clint," Rex informed Kim. He knew that Stacy was alive with Gigi's face, and he wanted Kim's help to find her, Rex added. Kim couldn't believe they knew, and Rex informed her that they'd been to Brazil and had seen the records. Kim was even more surprised that Stacy had awakened. The last time she'd seen Stacy, the woman had been in a coma. Kim wondered if Stacy were okay.

Rex advised Kim that she was "more out of the loop than we are." Kim asked for help in getting out of prison in order to confront Clint, and in return, she would help to find Stacy. Kim read the letter she'd received from Clint, stating that he couldn't help her. Kim wanted Rex's help, and she noted that Rama had a photo that would clear her.

It was Rama and Cutter who had framed her, Kim explained. Kim would find Stacy and tell Rex and Aubrey the entire story, including what had happened to Gigi in the basement. Rex replied that he already knew about Gigi being trapped, but Kim stated that Stacy had been in the basement too. Aubrey advised Rex that Kim was "playing on your grief."

Kim retorted that Aubrey was with Rex because she wanted his money, but Rex told a shocked Kim that he had given all of his money back to Clint. Aubrey was firm in her belief that they couldn't trust Kim, especially since Stacy had been Kim's best friend. "You gotta let this go, or it'll kill you," Aubrey urged Rex. Kim wondered if Aubrey would kill Rex first, or the fact that Stacy was out there and Rex wouldn't be able to confront her. "All right. We have a deal," Rex decided.

Rex asked Aubrey to do him a favor and try to get the photo from Rama. "I'll take care of it," Aubrey said as she left. Rex turned back to Kim. He had kept his end of the deal, and he wanted to hear all that she had to say.

"No they didn't," Shaun began. "Brandon and Brianna cannot be brother and sister," he declared. "It makes sense if you think about it," Destiny replied. Everyone discussed the soap, and Roxy mentioned the underground city of gold from a past story. Shaun thought it was stupid, but Roxy reminded him that he never missed an episode. He was disgusted with the latest turn of events, and he thought it the worst plot device ever. Roxy advised him that people couldn't be happy all of the time, though Shaun stated that he would have settled for one person at least.

Shaun was aggravated that he'd waited so long for the characters to get together, and they'd turned out to be related. He declared that he wouldn't watch the show again, but after the commercial break, he picked Roxy up to move her away from his seat. Neela arrived, and everyone shushed her too. Destiny introduced herself quietly and the girls chatted. Neela disclosed that she wasn't sure about making new friends at school, though she'd seen Destiny.

Destiny agreed that she wasn't hard to miss, and she offered to be Neela's friend, though Destiny wouldn't be around too much longer. Neela revealed that someone had asked her out, and she disclosed that the person was Jack Manning. Roxy's head turned away from the television. Neela had heard lots of rumors about Jack, about the fact that he'd killed someone. Roxy advised her it was true.

Roxy revealed that she was Shane's grandmother, and Gigi was dead because of Jack. Neela admitted that she wasn't ready to condemn Jack, and she wanted to hear what he had to say. Destiny informed her that Jack had tormented Shane the year before, and Neela replied that Jack had been feeling bad about that. Destiny agreed that there could be more to Jack than everyone could see, though she hadn't seen any evidence of it.

Neela wondered if she should stay away from Jack. She grew quiet and decided to go home. She bumped into Shane as she was leaving, and she advised him that she'd heard all about Jack. Shane had told her the truth, and she couldn't go out with Jack after all. He wasn't the person she'd thought he was. Shane suggested that Neela go out with Jack anyway.

The soap drew to a close. "I hate this. It's all up in the air. Again," Shaun complained. Destiny advised him that he'd just have to tune in for the next show.

Rama grilled Roxy about the soap, as Roxy flipped through her mail. She advised Rama that she would have to watch, as the soap was an institution. Suddenly, Roxy let out a blood-curdling scream. She dropped the mail onto the floor, including a copy of Soap Opera Weekly. "Cancelled," Roxy screamed. The headline read "Fraternity Row Cancelled."

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Neela remembered Shane telling her to stay away from Jack, so she was confused as to why Shane was telling her to go out with Jack. Shane thought that she could help make Jack pay for his crimes, but she wasn't sure about getting in the middle. He thought that she was the only person who could help. He believe that, since Jack liked her, she could get him to confess to killing Gigi.

Neela reminded Shane that it would be her word against Jack's. "Not if you get it on tape," he replied. Shane related that he had a tape recorder, so Neela could stick it in her purse. She wasn't sure about the plan, so Shane begged her to do what was right.

Jack's phone rang, and he was happy to answer it to Neela. She told him that she'd had a lot of thinking to do, but Vimal had approved of her going out with Jack. She asked when he was free as Shane nodded at Neela in encouragement. He wanted her to hang out at his house, but had to run it by Blair. He promised to call her back, and hung up.

Neela thought that it might take more than one night for Jack to let his guard down. Shane told her to take the tape recorder, just in case. Jack called back, and wondered when Neela could get there. She said she would leave soon, and expressed how much she was looking forward to getting to know him better. Neela hung up the phone, and Shane solemnly handed her the tape recorder.

Viki entered the diner with a bang, and Noelle wondered what was wrong. "Two words: Clint Buchanan!" Viki shouted angrily. Noelle got coffee for the two of them, and sat down with Viki. "I can't even throw him out!" Viki complained. She regretted that she had to share her home with him indefinitely. She admitted that she had enjoyed the kiss they'd shared, but he'd only kissed her because he couldn't have Kim.

A few minutes later, Noelle took her pie out of the oven. Viki observed how good it smelled, but Noelle refused to give her any until she told Noelle how the kiss had happened. Viki explained that they'd been talking about Fraternity Row, until suddenly they had no longer been talking about Fraternity Row. She remembered seeing a look in his eye that she hadn't seen in years, so she'd tried to ignore it. However, he'd kissed her anyway.

Viki continued that she'd asked Clint if he still would have kissed her if he hadn't received a letter from Kim, but he'd had no answer. She'd left, because she didn't want to "play second fiddle to that 'exotic dancer.'" Noelle suggested that Viki give Clint a reason to make Kim his runner-up. She added that Clint had just done "what men have done since dinosaurs roamed the earth," and put his foot in his mouth.

Noelle wondered what Viki would do if Clint apologized. Viki refused to forgive Clint, because he'd gone for the "newer, younger model." Noelle thought that if he was that dumb, then "good riddance!" She gave Viki some pie, and Viki loved it. Noelle vowed to win the Paris, Texas, Pie-Off with her "Gigi Morasco Special," and Viki offered to be Noelle's cheering section.

Noelle excitedly agreed, and told Viki that she'd been thinking about Gigi a lot. She confided that she'd called the Bon Jour, and the girl on the phone had even sounded like Gigi.

Roxy, crying, read the "Fraternity Row Cancelled!" article in Soap Opera Weekly. Rama attempted to comfort her, and said it was just a television show. However, Roxy maintained that the characters on the show were like family. Roxy's mother had passed watching the show to Roxy, who had passed it to Natalie and Rex, who was probably passing it to Shane.

Rama told Roxy that crying wouldn't resurrect the show, and offered to make Roxy a drink. Roxy was angry that "some empty suit" could cancel her show, and wanted to leave to try to fix it. Roxy demanded that Rama reschedule Roxy's appointments for the day. "I got a show to save!" Roxy said, and left. Aubrey ran into the salon, and asked for Rama's help to "catch Stacy Morasco."

Rama had no idea who Stacy was, but Aubrey replied that Kim knew. Aubrey informed Rama that she knew the entire story about how Rama and Cutter had framed Kim for murder. Rama wondered why Kim was important to Aubrey. "She's not, but Rex is," Aubrey replied.

Rama realized that Aubrey was helping Rex in order to get to his heart. Aubrey maintained that she and Rex were just friends, despite the fact that she'd kissed him. Aubrey continued that Kim had information about Stacy, and she wouldn't share it unless Rex and Aubrey got her out of prison. Rama related that she didn't owe Kim anything. "You owe me," Aubrey told her.

Aubrey reminded Rama that, when Vimal had thrown her out, Aubrey had let Rama stay with her. "Next time your husband catches you making goo-goo eyes at Llanview's best arms, don't expect me to stick up for you!" Aubrey said as she turned to leave. "Wait!" Rama called out.

Nigel looked depressed, so Clint wondered what was wrong. He told Clint that Soap Opera Weekly had announced that Fraternity Row had been cancelled, and that the magazine was very reliable. A surprised Clint remarked on how good the show had been, but Nigel surmised that "all good things must come to an end."

Nigel suggested that Clint host a party to "celebrate the joy" that the show had given them over the years. Clint thought that Viki would love the idea, but she wouldn't want him there. He explained what had happened between him and Viki, and then remarked, "don't look so damn happy about it." Clint knew that Nigel would be happy to have Kim out of the picture.

Nigel urged Clint not to lead Viki on if he had "lingering feelings" for Kim. Nigel admitted that he'd always tried to be supportive of Clint, but Nigel considered Viki a friend. He urged Clint to answer any question Viki had with honesty. Just then, Roxy entered the house, clearly upset, and out of breath. "I need a hero, and you're it," Roxy said to Clint.

Roxy wanted Clint to save Fraternity Row, because Asa had once owned it. Clint informed her that it had been sold years before. Roxy wanted him to buy it back, but Clint told her that Buchanan Enterprises wasn't a television production company. She told him that the fans needed to stand up for their show, put aside their differences, and be there for each other. She continued that the show had been on for forty-three years, and that it had been there "through thin and thinner!"

Clint was flattered, but told Roxy that saving an institution whose "time has come" wasn't in the cards. "I'll save it myself!" Roxy shouted, and stormed out of the house. "A simple 'no, thank you' would have sufficed," Nigel advised Clint.

Viki arrived home soon after Roxy left. Clint was glad she was back, because they needed to talk. She couldn't talk, because she needed to pack. Clint wondered where she was going. "Someplace you can't follow me!" she said, and went upstairs. Clint sadly sat on the stairs.

Rex told Kim that Aubrey was getting the picture, so Kim had better talk. She promised to, after she got out of prison. Rex suggested that Rama could have deleted the picture, but Kim doubted it. Rex vowed to "rip Gigi's face off of Stacy" once he found her. He demanded to know why Kim hadn't tried to stop Stacy from getting plastic surgery. Kim answered that Stacy had known that Kim would try to talk her out of it, so she'd gotten it done without telling Kim.

Kim explained that Stacy had thought that Rex would fall for her if she became Gigi. Horrified, Rex wondered what was supposed to have happened to Gigi. Kim didn't know, but she'd vowed not to let anything terrible happen. Kim explained that she'd figured out where Stacy had been going, and followed her to an abandoned house in Llanview. Stacy had been passed out in the same basement that Gigi had died in.

Kim continued that she'd found Stacy, and dragged her to Kim's car. She'd seen Rex run into the house, and then she'd gotten Stacy to the hospital in Kentucky. She'd visited Stacy every day, and believed that she was still unconscious until Rex had shown up and told her otherwise. Just then, Rex's phone sounded. He showed Kim the picture on his phone of Cutter next to the dead body in the strip club. "Watch out, Stacy. I'm coming for you," Rex muttered.

A short while later, Rex was on the phone with Aubrey, thanking her profusely. He promised to call her when he was back in Llanview, and expressed how lucky he felt to have a friend like her. Aubrey was glad to have Rex in her life, too, and she hung up.

"Except he's not in your life the way you want him to be," Rama said to Aubrey. Rama reminded Aubrey that, once Kim was free, Cutter would be going to jail in her place.

The guard started to lead Kim out of the visitation room, but she excitedly told him that she was getting "sprung." She promised to see Rex soon. He reminded her that her only job when she got out was to find Stacy. She promised to teach Clint a lesson as well. "Watch out, cowboy. Here I come," she muttered as the guard led her away.

The woman with Gigi's face sat back down, and told Cutter that she'd definitely been to the Bon Jour before. She explained that she'd known exactly where the ketchup was behind the counter. She continued that the phone had rung, and she'd known to answer it by saying, "Bon jour from the Bon Jour Café, the pride of Paris, Texas." She called the waitress over, and asked if she looked familiar to the waitress. "Oh, my God, it's you!" the waitress replied.

The waitress thought the woman was someone from a television show. The woman wondered if the waitress recognized the name "Stacy Morasco." The waitress admitted that she hadn't been working there too long, so she advised the woman to ask the owners, who would return soon.

Cutter suggested that the woman was having a case of déjà vu. He assured her that she would feel better once they got a hotel room, and found jobs. The waitress informed them that the restaurant happened to be hiring. The woman yelled out an order, and the waitress immediately hired her. She also hired Cutter as a dishwasher.

A short while later, the waitress wondered how the dishwashing was going. "Never been better," Cutter said sarcastically. The woman admitted that the uniform fit her like a glove. The waitress knew that the woman needed a nametag, but decided to recycle an old one. She handed the woman the "Gigi" nametag.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bo stopped to visit with John at the police station, and they both acknowledged that they'd gotten their sons back. John wanted to discuss the latest in the Victor Lord Jr. murder. Bo wondered if John had believed Calmar's story, or if John still thought that Todd had murdered Victor. John agreed that Calmar's story had been too convenient. "Why would a pro like Calmar volunteer information?" Bo asked.

John added that Calmar had also made himself an accessory. Bo pointed out that Calmar likely had an agenda, and the men agreed that Calmar had wanted them to take suspicion off of Todd. "Do you think Manning has something on Calmar?" Bo wondered. "This is why we need you back on the job," John proclaimed, which caused Bo to laugh.

Bo wondered if Calmar had any family, and John acknowledged that the man did not. The only person that Calmar would be close to would be Tomas, his protégée, Bo figured. John thought that logically, that meant that Calmar would want to protect Tomas, but instead, he'd accused him of murder.

Bo suggested that perhaps Todd had threatened Delgado's life, and John concluded that Calmar had decided to "play ball" when he'd pointed the finger at Tomas. Bo articulated that Todd might be keeping Tomas hidden. "As leverage," John maintained.

Roxy was crying when Natalie stopped at the salon. "They've cancelled Fraternity Row," Roxy announced. Roxy wasn't sure how she'd go about her life not knowing what had happened to all of the people she'd been familiar with and loved in her soap. Natalie gently advised her that the characters weren't real, but Roxy insisted that she had to know what would happen to all of them.

Roxy recalled watching the soap with Natalie when Natalie had been younger, and Natalie confessed to watching it whenever Liam napped. Natalie was sorry to hear the news, and Roxy suggested that it would help if Natalie would give her some good news about getting back together with John. "There is no John and I," Natalie declared. She wasn't going to make up with John, and she'd told him it was best to "leave well enough alone," Natalie added.

Roxy was angry, but Natalie explained that it didn't matter. John was never going to forgive her for the past, and he hadn't even tried to stop her wedding. Roxy began to yell at Natalie, and she urged her daughter to talk to John. She compared Natalie and John to her soap characters, Brianna and Brandon. "Aren't they brother and sister?" Natalie asked. Natalie planned to concentrate on raising her son and keeping her job.

Roxy announced that she would tell John that Natalie loved him if Natalie refused to say it herself. Roxy put on her coat. Her family and her stories were the most important thing in her life, Roxy stated. She begged and pleaded for Natalie to talk to John. "Don't cross me on this," Natalie threatened. "Consider yourself crossed," Roxy shouted as she tossed a tray of supplies in Natalie's direction and ran for the door. Natalie quickly picked up her coat and followed.

Blair found Todd creating a new front page for the newspaper when she walked into his office at the Sun. The page was about Tomas being Victor's killer, and Blair was livid. She had an announcement that would reward someone if they supplied information on Tomas' whereabouts, and she wanted Todd to use that as the front page instead. She demanded that he "kill" his original story plan.

It would be a good idea for Todd to dig up information on Calmar also, Blair proposed. She suggested that Todd really believed that Tomas was guilty, and he probably didn't really want to assist her in finding Victor's real murderer. Todd pointed out that even Calmar had believed Tomas to be guilty, and Tomas had run off. Blair was anguished. She couldn't have made another mistake about a man she loved, she cried.

"Everybody makes mistakes," Todd assured her. Blair continued as if she hadn't heard him. She had purposely taken her time in getting to know Tomas, and she trusted him. "I chose him over..." she stopped herself short and looked in Todd's direction. "Over me?" Todd asked. Blair confessed that she'd chosen Tomas because he was good, kind, and decent. Todd reached over to her. "Don't touch me," Blair ordered as she moved away.

Blair guessed that her instincts had always been "off-track," and she mentioned the fact that Todd had taken an infant Jack away from her. Todd proceeded to throw Eli in Blair's face, but she pointed out that she hadn't been able to judge Eli after comparing him to Todd. The couple began to shout at each other, both full of accusations.

Blair was certain that Tomas was not guilty of killing Victor. "I refuse to believe it," she said. Tomas loved Dani, Téa, and herself, and he wouldn't have just run off without any contact, Blair asserted. Todd inquired whether she thought the police had made up their evidence. Blair thought it was something else. She demanded to know if Todd would run her announcement on the front page.

"You know I'd do anything for you, Blair," Todd agreed as she headed out the door, adding, "Even that." Later, Todd made corrections to his front page. He spoke to himself, saying, "It's like I said. I'd do anything for you, Blair. Nothing matters. They're never going to find the guy."

At the diner, Shane spoke to Neela on the phone and encouraged her to record Jack when he confessed to killing Gigi. Rex walked in and surprised his son, and he was curious about the person on the other end of the phone. Shane had no intention of telling his father, and he berated Rex for keeping secrets himself. Rex admitted that he'd thought he'd seen Gigi at the airport, and he'd been following her.

Rex explained Cutter's plot in its entirety and the con man's involvement with Stacy. "Aunt Stacy's alive?" Shane asked incredulously. Rex described Stacy's facial plastic surgery in order to look like Gigi. "That is really messed up," Shane declared. Rex wished that things were different, but he knew it wasn't possible for Gigi to really be there. He admitted that he had begun to feel better.

"Can you believe that she thought she could take your mom's place?" Rex asked. "I almost wish she had," Shane retorted. He explained that things wouldn't have happened as they had, and his mother would still be there. He was sick of having his mother gone, while Jack walked around free. Shane couldn't go anywhere without remembering Gigi.

Shane planned on making Jack pay. Rex begged his son to reconsider, as he would end up hurting no one but himself. He thought it was time for Shane to "let it go." The talk turned to Noelle's displayed pie, and Shane announced that it had been dedicated to Gigi. He advised Rex that Noelle had gone to the pie-off in Paris, Texas.

Jack was happy to see Neela when she stopped to see him at La Boulaie. Neela confessed that while she'd told Vimal that she and Jack had planned to study, she had no such intention. She thought it would be a good idea if they got to know each other, and they talked instead. Jack admitted that he had been surprised to see her show up, as he'd thought that Shane had talked her out of it.

As the tape recorder in Neela's purse continued to run, Jack compared her to both of his sisters, who were strong women. Neela stated that she always made up her own mind. She asked about Jack's previous reference to hurting someone again. She noted that while she knew he had felt terrible about bullying Shane, she'd thought he'd meant something different when he'd mentioned he was scared about letting Vimal and Rama die.

"So Shane didn't tell you?" Jack asked. Noticing Neela's bewildered expression, Jack explained that Shane had tried to kill himself because of Jack's bullying. "Someone could have died because of me," Jack said. "I have to go," Neela said suddenly. She reached into her purse and turned off the recorder. "I blew it with you, didn't I?" Jack inquired.

Neela replied that she was aware that Jack was sorry for his actions. Jack insisted that he had changed, and the guy he'd been before was gone. "I know," Neela agreed.

In Paris, Texas, the woman with Gigi's face and Cutter were hard at work at the Bon Jour Café. "It's like this uniform was made for me," the woman remarked. A customer walked over to Cutter after the woman walked away. "I could have sworn that was Gigi Morasco," the man said. He noted that she had always been his favorite waitress. Cutter realized that the woman had worked there in the past, hence the familiarity she had with the place. He was worried that she was bound to find out that she was Gigi, and not Stacy.

"Of all the places you could have picked," Cutter muttered to himself. The woman saw that something was wrong, and she called Cutter on it. "I lied to you," he said mournfully as they sat down in a booth. He admitted that she'd never had plastic surgery, and he'd found out from the doctor in Brazil. "The truth is, the reason you look like Gigi is because you are Gigi."

"I'm Gigi?" the woman asked. "Yeah," Cutter replied. The woman laughed. "That's a good one," she said. Cutter admitted that he had known since the doctor had reported to him that the woman had shown no signs of plastic surgery. "This face is the face you had your entire life," he advised the woman. He guessed that she and her sister had switched places in the basement. Kim hadn't been aware that the woman was Gigi, and neither had he.

All he had been able to think about was getting her away, Cutter continued. They had a good thing going on, and he cared about her. He thought that they could have an amazing life together. Gigi's reaction was unexpected. She was livid, and she announced that she'd already had a good life, with a son and a fiancé. She got up and put on her coat. She was going home, and Cutter couldn't stop her. "Stacy, wait," Cutter shouted. "That's not my name," Gigi replied coldly.

"Cutter, where were you?" the woman called out. Cutter looked as though he were in another world. "Just thinking," he answered. She asked what he had been lying about, and he revealed that he couldn't work in the café and just wash dishes. The woman suggested that they look for new jobs, but Cutter thought it had been a mistake to just have her point to a spot on the globe.

The town was too small for him, Cutter stated. He thought that they should visit the real Paris right away. The woman refused to just get up and leave without notice. Cutter suggested that they could spin the globe again. While the woman appreciated all that Cutter had done for her, she had no plans to leave Paris, Texas. She gently told Cutter that she would be okay if he wanted to leave without her.

"I'm not leaving here without you," Cutter announced. He liked her too much. The woman admitted that she liked him too, but she wasn't ready to change plans. She wanted to remain there.

Loudly, Roxy stormed into John's office with Natalie in close pursuit. "Johnny, I've gotta talk to you. It's a matter of love and death," Roxy shouted. John pointed out that he and Bo were discussing something important. Roxy doubted it could be more important than John's future happiness. "You need to know," she said. Natalie pulled her mother out the door.

"You breathe one more word, and I swear you'll never see your grandson again," Natalie threatened. "You can't do that," Roxy replied. "Watch me. Now get in there and fix this," Natalie snapped. The women walked back into John's office. Roxy announced that she had news. Her favorite show had been cancelled, and she was leading the protest. She wanted the men to help by signing an online petition.

John maintained that he didn't watch much television, but Roxy suggested that he should in order to learn something about love. She turned to Bo and reminded him that he had produced the soap years before. Maybe he could talk to someone. Bo replied that those days were "long over," and he really couldn't do that.

"I ain't going down without a fight. Where there's a will, there's a way," Roxy declared. "Good luck with that," John advised her. "You're gonna need it a lot more than me," Roxy shouted as she left. "I have no idea what that means," John uttered. The guys sat down again after the women were gone. Bo confessed that he'd hoped that John and Natalie could work things out and get together again. "Me too, Bo. Me too," John said.

Natalie had made it clear that she didn't think one thing led to another, John informed Bo. He'd tried to talk to her but she wouldn't discuss anything with him. John thought it was clear that Natalie wasn't interested in him. On the other hand, he wished that Bo would consider finding a way to return to the police force.

Bo stated that John was free to talk to him at any time, even though he was no longer employed there. John voiced his intent to focus on Todd as the next step in his investigation. The men agreed to meet up for a beer.

Roxy shouted at Natalie and accused her of acting the same way as John. Therefore, Natalie had no right to condemn John for his inaction. Roxy ordered her daughter to grow up, because she was playing with Liam's life, not only her own. Roxy even found Natalie to be worse than John, because Natalie knew better.

Neela arrived back at the diner after leaving with the tape recorder in her possession. Shane introduced her to Rex. "Pretty and polite," Rex assessed as he went off to make some phone calls. Neela related that Jack hadn't said anything about Shane's mother, and she wanted to return Shane's tape recorder.

Shane urged her not to feel sorry for Jack, because it was all an act. Shane didn't want Neela to "get played," and he wanted her to keep the recorder to try to get Jack's confession. Neela stated that she'd think about it, and she left.

"Paris, Texas," Rex kept muttering after he'd heard Shane mention Noelle's destination. He recalled running into Gigi at the café there, the first time he'd seen her since high school. He had an idea, and he went to Shane. Rex thought it would be amazing if he and Shane took a trip to Paris in order to support Noelle. It would also be a memorial to Gigi, because it was a special place for the family. Rex would continue his search for Cutter and Stacy. Shane agreed to the trip.

Neela received a call from Jack after she left the diner. He suggested that they spend some time together another time. Neela advised him she'd like that. She looked down at the recorder.

Blair returned home and heard her computer beep. She couldn't imagine who might be trying to contact her, and she opened the laptop. She saw that there was an incoming call. Suddenly, Tomas appeared on the screen. Blair was excited and called out to him. "Blair. Thank God I reached you," he said.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Outside of the Buenos Dias Café, Rex called Viki and announced that he and Shane would be traveling to Paris, Texas. When Viki revealed that she would be visiting Paris also, Rex said that he would see Viki at the airport. Aubrey arrived, and Rex indicated that the picture of Cutter with the dead guy should release Kim from prison. Rex exclaimed that he still could not believe that Stacy had planned to take Gigi's place on their wedding day.

When Aubrey wanted to try to find Stacy, Rex claimed that he needed to spend time with Shane, and Aubrey understood. Rex explained that he and Shane would be cheering on a friend at a pie contest, because the friend had named a pie after Gigi. Rex added that Paris had been special to Rex and Gigi, and that he needed to return there, so he could "let Gigi go."

Aubrey wished good luck to Rex and hoped that he found whatever he was looking for. Rex thanked her for everything and insisted that they would chase after Cutter and Stacy upon his return. Rex kissed Aubrey and then said that they were even, because that time he had kissed her. Rex asked if Aubrey had any plans for Christmas and then invited her to spend it with Shane and Rex. Aubrey was not sure at first, since she knew that it would be Rex's first Christmas without Gigi. However Aubrey agreed, once Rex said he was fine. Later in the café, Aubrey wrote out her Christmas lists for Rex and Shane.

At Llanfair, Viki exclaimed that she was leaving to support a friend, but Clint believed that Viki was leaving because of Kim. Clint claimed that he had kissed Viki because he wanted her, not because of Kim's letter. Clint insisted that Kim was out of the picture, yet Viki felt that she was Plan B, and that if Kim returned, Clint would turn his back on Viki so fast, he would have whiplash.

Clint declared that Kim was not about to show up in Llanview. Clint then proclaimed that if Viki walked out the door, she would throw away everything they had just gotten back. However, Viki saw that Clint still had feelings for Kim, so Viki refused to be second best, or the consolation prize. When Clint exclaimed that Viki was acting like a child, Viki noted that Clint did like them young.

Viki reminded Clint that he could not follow her out of the door, or he would be returned to prison. As Viki started to walk out the door, Clint demanded that she stop. When she did not, Clint stepped out the door, and his ankle monitor began to beep. Clint kissed Viki, as the alarm continued to blare. After Clint declared, "You tell me what I feel for you is not real," Viki replied, "Tell it to the police," and walked off. Later, when the doorbell rang, Clint walked down the staircase in the house and muttered for the cops to wait. Clint answered the door and found Kim.

At the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas, Gigi informed Cutter that she did not want to leave Paris, but Cutter believed her job in that town was a dead end. Gigi claimed that she felt comfortable there and believed that she really belonged. Gigi knew that Paris and the café would help her get her memory back. Once Gigi realized that Cutter did not want her to get her memory back, she explained that she needed to know why she had done such horrible things.

Cutter claimed that remembering would not change anything and that although he wanted "Stacy" to be happy, he did not want her happy with Rex. Cutter emphasized that Rex had been the reason for everything, and he wanted to know where that would leave Cutter, if "Stacy" returned to Rex. However, Gigi insisted that she still needed to get her memory back, so that she could fill in the blanks, but that she would not obsess over Rex again, because of Cutter.

Gigi voiced that she cared for Cutter, and that those feelings would "not go away." Cutter and Gigi kissed. After Cutter declared that the kiss had been unforgettable, Gigi exclaimed that she would not forget about Cutter, once her memory returned. Cutter then agreed to stay in Paris. Outside of the café, as he looked at Gigi through the window, Cutter remarked, "If you stay, you find out I lied to you. You'll find out you're Gigi. What then?"

Viki and Rex arrived in Paris, Texas, and stood outside of the Bon Jour Café. When Rex expressed that he was glad that he was there, Viki replied, "Oh, so am I. So am I. I am so happy here. Llanview seems like a million miles away." Rex claimed that he felt closer to Gigi in Paris and believed that the café was the perfect place to say goodbye to her. Viki told Rex that she would check them into the hotel, and that he should take a moment to check out the specials.

Inside the café, Gigi introduced herself to a customer as Stacy and announced that it was her first day. The customer responded, "Wow, first day, eh? Well, eh, Stacy, welcome to the Bon Jour. You know, they say anything can happen here." Gigi commented, "I get that feeling."

In John's office at the police station, Téa informed John that she would prove that Tomas had not killed Victor, and she stated that she wanted to talk to Claude, who was in jail. Téa believed that Claude had killed Victor and was protecting himself. Téa remembered that Tomas was finished working with the agency, but that Claude was not, and she felt that Tomas and Claude had been through some sort of falling out. However, John refused to let Téa talk to Claude.

When Téa questioned why John was stonewalling her, she realized that John thought that Tomas had killed Victor. Téa cried that Tomas' disappearance was convenient, so that he could be blamed for killing Victor, and then John could be the hero. Téa yelled that she would not stop until she cleared her brother's name, when John then revealed that he did not think that Tomas had killed Victor either.

John noted that Téa's story, although a little long-winded, was very convincing. John believed that Tomas was being framed, and that the real murderer was framing Claude also. Téa speculated that someone had retrieved the gun from Todd and had then shot Victor with it, but then she wondered who it had been. Téa asked John what she was missing and then cried out, when she realized that John believed that Todd had killed Victor.

Téa reflected that Todd had sworn to her that he had not murdered Victor, but that Todd being the killer was the only thing that made sense. Téa suspected that Todd had placed Tomas' fingerprints on the gun to frame him. Téa felt that Tomas had been getting too close to the truth and too close to Blair, so Todd had gotten rid of Tomas to kill two birds with one stone. Téa feared that Todd had killed her brother. Téa reminded John that she had just lost her husband, and she demanded to know if she had lost her brother to the same man.

John announced that Tomas was not dead, but John also believed that whoever had murdered Victor was keeping Tomas alive as leverage for Claude. John felt that the person behind it all would know that Tomas was only valuable if Tomas were alive, or else Claude would give everything up. John then admitted that it was possible that Todd had Tomas. Téa remembered that she had first believed that Todd had killed Victor, but that Todd had convinced her otherwise.

As Téa got up to leave to confront Todd, John refused to let her and insisted that Téa could not say a word to Todd. Téa cried, "He killed my husband and is framing my brother. You'd better believe I am going to get that out of him." John said that if Téa ran to Todd with her beliefs, she would blow the entire investigation. John knew that as long as Todd believed that he had gotten away with murder, and that he was safe, he would let his guard down. John said that if Téa tipped Todd off, Tomas was as good as dead.

Téa insisted that she needed to tell Blair, however, John thought that Blair would run to Todd in three seconds and would tell him everything. John noted, "Things run too deep with those two." Téa believed that Blair would want Todd behind bars, and Téa then feared that Blair was at risk. John maintained that Téa tell no one about their suspicions, if she wanted justice for Victor, and if she wanted her brother home safe. However, Téa was not certain that she could remain quiet, and she walked out of John's office.

In the warehouse, Todd yelled at the janitor to stop vacuuming and then saw that it was Baker. Todd demanded answers from Baker and then remarked that Blair would never believe that Tomas was guilty. When Todd noted that Tomas had to stick to the script, Baker claimed that if Tomas did not, he would get a bullet in the back. Todd claimed that he did not want that to happen. Baker claimed that Blair would believe Tomas and would never know that Todd was the killer.

At La Boulaie, Blair viewed Tomas on her computer, and she pleaded with him to return home. Tomas announced that he could not, because he was guilty of killing Victor. Unseen, a goon had a gun pointed at a tied-up Tomas in the warehouse. When Blair refused to believe him, Tomas claimed that he had shot Victor, because he had been a threat to Téa and had been Irene's personal weapon. Tomas also said that he had killed Victor to protect Blair. Tomas stated that his investigation over Victor's murder had been just for show. Tomas indicated that he still loved Blair for believing in him, but that he was a murderer.

When Blair demanded that Tomas look her in the eye, he could not. Blair then believed that Tomas had killed Victor. Tomas exclaimed that he was sorry and pleaded with Blair to forget about him and to move on. As Tomas signed off, Blair begged him not to leave and began crying. Todd walked in and found Blair in tears. Todd showed Blair the front page of the Sun that announced her reward for Tomas' safe return, but Blair told Todd to forget it.

In the warehouse, Baker arrived and indicated that Tomas had done a good job, but Tomas claimed that someday Blair would know that Baker and Todd had set Tomas up. Baker stated that if Blair believed that Tomas had killed Victor, so would Téa and everyone else. Tomas yelled that Baker had chosen the wrong side, and that Tomas would get out. Tomas said that once he got out, the truth would be revealed, and that it was not over by a long shot. Baker remarked that Tomas had confessed to Blair, so it was over and Tomas needed to get used to it. Tomas kicked the table in anger.

Back at La Boulaie, Blair sobbed to Todd that she had just talked to Tomas, and that it was over, because he had confessed to killing Victor to protect Téa. Blair cried that Tomas had declared that she would never see him again. Blair told Todd to just say it -- say that he had been right, and that she had been wrong. Blair had believed that Tomas was different, but he was just like Eli and was a lying, murderous bastard.

Blair shrieked that she thought that she had known Tomas, which made her an idiot, and she realized that she should have run, when she learned he was an agent. Blair begged to know how Tomas could have done that to her -- how he could have killed Victor and then call Blair to tell her that he loved her. Todd held Blair, as she cried. Todd softly said, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry it turned out this way. I'm sorry." Téa walked in and saw Blair in Todd's arms. Téa stated, "Blair, I need to speak to you now."

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