One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 12, 2011 on OLTL

Roxy asked David for help in saving Fraternity Row. Blair and Dani were upset with Tomás' confession. Calmar revealed details of Victor's murder, and he named Todd as the killer. John spent time with Liam. Matthew told Destiny that he didn't want to be a father. Todd confessed to Starr that he'd gone through a lot to get Blair back. Starr was suspicious, but Todd explained it away.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 12, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Rex walked into the Bon Jour Café in Paris and requested a table for three. The woman with Gigi's face ran for the kitchen to hide. She couldn't believe that Rex had found her. Viki arrived and advised Rex that Shane was hanging out at the pie contest with Noelle, so it would just be the two of them.

Viki and Rex sat at a table, and Viki looked around the café. She thought it looked the same but different, and she admitted that she was thinking of Charlie. "I miss him sometimes," she confessed. She realized that she couldn't change the past though. Rex and Viki reminisced about their past happy times in the café.

The woman with Gigi's face overheard Rex recall his first encounter with Gigi several years before. He turned to the kitchen door and admitted he could almost see Gigi standing there. Viki asked about Rex's sightings of Gigi, and he confessed that he'd seen her ghost. Viki assured him it was natural due to his grief, and Rex told her that he had eventually really seen Gigi's face. It hadn't really been Gigi, he explained. He told her about Stacy's plastic surgery.

Cutter arranged for a motel room, but he was worried that the woman with Gigi's face would remember who she was. He was surprised to receive a phone call from the woman, and she sounded panicked. "We have a problem. Rex just walked in the door," the woman proclaimed. She noted that Rex was with a woman, and she thought perhaps it was a sign for her to confront Rex. Cutter urged her to stay hidden, and he would return to help her.

Cutter walked through the back door of the café and saw Viki and Rex. He wasn't sure how he would get the woman out, but luck entered the café in the form of a preacher who held tightly to a Bible. "Howdy, stranger. Have you heard the good news?" the preacher asked. Cutter was ready to make a deal, and he handed the man some money.

Rex told Viki about Stacy's plot, and Viki was horrified. The woman with Gigi's face continued to lurk behind the kitchen door listening. Suddenly, the preacher began to sing and spout religious beliefs at Rex and Viki's table. They were distracted enough that Cutter was able to smuggle the woman out of the café without being seen. Finally, Rex gave the man a monetary donation in order to get him to leave.

The waitress apologized to Viki, who seemed to recognize the preacher. The waitress mentioned that her new hire seemed to have disappeared, but Viki offered to help out for old times' sake. She'd had some of the best times of her life in that place, Viki recalled. "Seriously?" Rex asked in disbelief. The waitress noted that she had an old uniform with the name "Viki" on it.

Viki was ready to work, and her first customer was a man sitting at the counter and reading his newspaper. His face was hidden. "Hi. Welcome to the Bon Jour. My name is Viki. What can I get you?" Viki said. The man lowered his paper. It was Charlie.

Cutter and the woman packed their things in order to leave the hotel as quickly as possible. As they headed to the door of their room, Rex was standing in the hallway.

John was surprised when Natalie and Liam arrived at the station. Natalie explained that she thought John might want to take their son home and spend some time with him. John agreed he would love it, and he noted that he'd obtained several baby items for his place. "Is there anything else you want to tell me?" John asked as the elephant in the room reared its head. Natalie didn't think it was a good time to talk about their relationship.

John replied that he'd merely wondered if there was anything that he needed to know about keeping the baby overnight. Natalie stumbled on her words and finally advised him that Liam was a good baby, and she left.

Clint was shocked to see Kim standing at the front door. "I have a bone to pick with you," he told her. "Yeah, well, I have a bone to pick with you, too, Clint," Kim replied. Clint invited her in, and he proceeded to read the "Dear John" letter that he'd received from Kim, in which she declared that she'd met someone else. Kim retorted that she'd been in jail, and the only guy she would have met would have been a prison guard. She denied writing the letter.

Kim retorted that she'd asked Clint for help, and he'd refused. She read the letter that she believed to be from Clint. "That is a lie. I never wrote that," Clint stated. Kim thought about it and guessed that Cutter had probably been behind the deceitful letters.

Natalie returned to Llanfair before Kim was able to explain the Cutter connection to Clint. "What is this crazy bitch doing here?" Natalie screamed. She ordered her father's ex-wife to get out, but Clint interceded. He wanted Kim to stay, and she was his guest. It was up to him, and it was actually none of Natalie's business. "You heard the man," Kim said. "Don't say I didn't warn you," Natalie said as she took off. "Thanks for taking my side," Kim said to Clint.

Reluctantly, but wanting to be honest, Kim told Clint that Cutter was her brother. He'd framed her for a murder that he had committed, and Rex had been able to get her released. "If Cutter is your brother, then who are you?" Clint inquired. "You're really not gonna like this. I'm the real Aubrey Wentworth," Kim replied. "Oh, God," Clint replied. He wondered if she'd been part of the scam to get all of the Buchanan money. Kim hurriedly assured him that she hadn't spoken to Cutter in years, and he'd probably gotten the idea after reading about her marriage to Clint.

Just then, Kim figured out that Cutter had probably written both bogus letters in order to keep Kim and Clint apart. Cutter had somehow intercepted her real letter and replaced it. Clint agreed that it sounded crazy, but it was probably right. "Your brother is some piece of work," Clint added. Kim had no problem in calling her brother a cheat, forger, and liar, among other things. She was glad that things had been worked out with Clint.

Clint had another question for Kim. He asked about her alleged best friend in the hospital in Kentucky, who had been gone by the time Rex had arrived there. Kim was ready to tell the truth again. Her best friend Stacy had been the woman in the hospital, she revealed. Clint was astonished to hear that Stacy was still alive, as he'd thought she'd either drowned or frozen to death.

Kim admitted that there was more to the story. Stacy was still out there somewhere running around, but she looked like her sister, Gigi.

Téa stopped at La Boulaie and announced that she had something to say about Victor's murder. She wanted to talk to Blair privately, but she was horrified to see Blair and Todd entwined on the couch. Téa recalled John making it known that Blair would run to Todd with anything that she heard, so Téa changed her story. She stated that John felt that Tomas was guilty of Victor's murder after all.

Blair related that she'd made a connection with Tomas on the computer, and he'd confessed to the murder as well. "He confessed. He admitted that he killed Victor," Blair said disbelievingly. Todd grabbed Blair's hand in support. Téa recalled that John had also suspected that Todd might be holding Tomas hostage. Téa asked questions about the computer call, but Blair was unable to provide any details or clues regarding Tomas' location.

Téa couldn't believe it, and she was certain that none of it was true. Todd slowly walked over to Téa as if to comfort her. "What are you doing? Get away from me," Téa shouted at him. Blair informed Téa that she couldn't blame Todd, but Todd gently said that it was okay. Tomas had done awful things to the family that he'd claimed to love, Todd said.

Téa asked to see the computer, and she inquired whether Todd had been present during the call. Blair explained that Todd had walked in just as the call had been ending. As Blair continued to babble on about the call, Téa and Todd glared at each other. Téa announced that she had to call John with the latest update.

While Téa made her phone call, Blair confessed that she felt sorry for all that Téa had been through. She thought that Téa was probably feeling betrayed.

Roxy held a meeting to save her soap, Fraternity Row, in John's apartment. She figured he wouldn't mind, since his place was bigger than hers. She held up a nicely designed flyer with the huge letters "S.O.S." in the center. "My genius friends online did this," she explained. The letters stood for Save Our Stories, and Roxy had boxes of flyers to be mailed. Shaun, Nigel, and Destiny were eager to get started.

As the group sat around stuffing envelopes, Roxy related all of the gossip on the Brody/Natalie/John triangle. Just as she was about to delve into John and Natalie's true feelings for each other, John walked inside with Liam in his arms. "What the hell's going on here?" John asked. "Fightin' the good fight," Roxy explained. John wondered why they were in his apartment, and Roxy stated that it was because John was a big fan. John was confused.

Shaun suggested they go elsewhere. John also wanted to know what he'd heard as he walked in the door. Roxy quickly advised him that she had been talking about her beloved soap characters, Brianna and Brandon, and their feelings for each other. Just then, John 's phone rang. He handed Liam to Destiny, and as the group fawned over the baby, John took the call from Téa, and when he was finished, ordered everyone to leave.

Téa advised John that Blair had had computer contact with Tomas, and he had confessed to killing Victor. Téa wondered if John still believed his own theory regarding Todd. John agreed that Todd might have forced Tomas to make the call, and had probably even threatened Tomas. As Téa spoke on the phone, she felt as though someone were there. She turned around slowly, and Todd was standing quite close.

Téa informed John that he had been right, and Tomas was guilty. "Find him and arrest him," Téa urged. John guessed that Todd was standing there, and Téa ended the call. Todd asked what the call had been about. Téa informed him that she wanted her husband's killer caught, no matter who it was. Téa crossed her arms.

Blair still couldn't believe that they'd been wrong about Tomas. Todd was sorry for everything, and he thought that it had to be hard for Téa after standing by her brother. "It is hard that someone I felt very close to, someone I trusted, someone I defended, someone I stood by, that someone like that could do this to me. That someone I once loved could kill my husband. That someone could do that to my daughter, to his whole family. That is hard," Téa stated. She smirked at Todd, and there was an awkward silence.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was a police officer, who was there on John's behalf. He planned to confiscate Blair's computer for evidence. Téa was hopeful that there would be a "cyber trail" that would enable the police to trace Tomas' call. "Maybe they can put my husband's killer behind bars. What do you think, Todd? Huh?" Téa asked. She was ready to go. Blair hugged her and offered her sympathy.

Téa changed her mind and thought that maybe she would stay for some girl time. Blair liked the idea of company and headed back to the couch. Téa thought that Todd should be the one to leave, since she knew he probably had lots to take care of.

Todd was of the opinion that Téa should be the one to leave instead. He knew perfectly well how to comfort his ex-wife, he said. "It's the least you can do for her," Téa replied. Téa left, and Todd advised Blair that Téa had changed her mind. "She knew she was leaving you in good hands," Todd said as he wrapped his arms around Blair.

Roxy and her group arrived at Llanfair in order to continue their attempts to save their show.

John sat contentedly with his son. He was happy, though he couldn't understand why Natalie wouldn't talk about their situation. He wondered if she felt the same way that he did. There was a knock at the door, and John went to answer it. Natalie was standing there with Liam's favorite blanket. She had thought that her son might not be able to sleep without it.

"Hey, why don't you stay? Spend a little time with the family," John suggested. Natalie declined and cited John's lack of time with his son. She thought he had lots to make up for and should get to know his son on his own. She headed back out the door.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Viki was astonished to see Charlie sitting at the counter at the Bon Jour Café while she pitched in to help out. She wondered what her ex was doing there, and he wondered the same about her. "Why are you dressed like that?" Charlie asked the uniform-clad Viki. He offered to move his seat, but Viki assured him that she was fine.

Charlie explained that he'd rebuilt the diner and had found himself a place to live nearby. He had started his own firm and had found business with the state. Viki informed him that she was there to support Gigi's memory in the pie contest that Noelle had entered, and Charlie mentioned that he was there for that too. "You look real good. Especially in that uniform," Charlie declared. They hadn't expected to see each other.

"You look good, Charlie," Viki admitted. Charlie revealed that he was sober, and Viki congratulated him on all of his news. Charlie apologized for the way things had gone and hoped Viki was well. Viki insisted that she was, and she updated him on the family. She was happy. Charlie was relieved to hear it, since his first instinct had been that she was running away again. "You gotta admit, that's not your usual look," he added.

Viki admitted that someone else had accused her of running away. Charlie advised her that she could talk to him and tell him anything. "You might regret saying that," Viki replied. "It's about Clint," she added. Clint was the father of her children, and she hadn't been able to think about letting him rot in jail, so she'd allowed him to live at Llanfair. Charlie added that Clint had also had a transplant.

"He kissed me," Viki revealed. "He did? That's great," Charlie replied. He was happy for Viki, but she admitted that she didn't feel that way. Clint had kissed her because Kim had rejected him, Viki maintained. Charlie wondered if that had been Clint's response, and Viki admitted it had been hers. "Are you still in love with Clint?" Charlie wondered.

Viki didn't feel comfortable discussing it, and Charlie saw that as a sign that she had feelings. Charlie believed that it had to do with him, though, and not Clint. Charlie had hurt her, and he had been the one to make Viki feel like a consolation prize. It was his issue and not hers, Charlie insisted. He didn't want her to be afraid of getting hurt again.

Viki denied that Charlie's scenario was accurate, but Charlie believed that she had not returned to Texas only for Gigi's pie, but because she had run away. He moved over to a table and sat down. He hoped he hadn't offended Viki when he'd expressed his thoughts, he said to her. Viki agreed that maybe she had run away, but Clint had feelings for Kim.

Charlie reminded her that Kim had given Clint the "brush-off," and she was out of Clint's life. He wondered why Viki was letting Kim stand in the way. Viki retrieved and served Charlie's food. She was not pleased with his greasy choice, and she reminded him that he should have been watching his cholesterol. Charlie claimed to be treating himself because he'd run into his ex-wife. They teased each other about making decisions

Charlie wanted to know what Viki had decided. He asked whether she would continue to run or be happy with Clint.

Cutter and the woman with Gigi's face quickly packed their belongings at the hotel, in order to get away from Paris. Cutter remembered that he wanted to grab his aftershave from the bathroom, and the woman decided she wanted to get a soda from the machine in the hallway.

Rex left a message for Bo while standing in the hotel hallway. Shane opened the door to their room and saw him. They agreed that they were lucky to have each other, and they began to hug. The woman was leaving her room and saw them. She hurriedly hid behind the door, but she couldn't take her eyes off of them.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Cutter asked when he emerged from the bathroom, saw the woman peering out into the hallway, and saw who was there. He closed the door. "I couldn't help it," the woman replied. She revealed that she had remembered something. She was able to picture the boy in the hallway as much younger and shorter.

"I remembered," the woman said. She recalled being with Shane at that very same hotel years before. Cutter suggested that she was just confused, because it wasn't possible. He thought her mind was playing tricks. "Or maybe I'm really Gigi after all," the woman replied. "You're not Gigi," Cutter insisted, but the woman reminded him that she'd known where the ketchup was in the café. She was aware that Gigi had worked there.

"How do we know Kim was even telling the truth?" the woman inquired. She thought that they should find out. "Kim's in prison. She's not getting out anytime soon," Cutter informed her. The woman asked about Kim's imprisonment, and Cutter informed her that Kim was there for murdering some guy in Kentucky. "No wonder we were friends," the woman said disgustedly.

The woman pointed out that she had either tried to take Gigi's life, or she really was Gigi. Suddenly, she remembered Kim calling out to her. Kim had called "Stacy." The woman fainted. Cutter called out to her several times, and the woman finally regained consciousness. She recalled Kim again. "I remembered something else. It just hit me. Kim finding me," she said.

It had been after the woman had tried to trade places with Gigi. Kim had called her Stacy, so that had to be who she was, the woman deduced. She'd heard how great Gigi was after listening to Rex and Shane in the hallway, and she had been holding out hope that she was Gigi. The woman was upset, and she called herself a lunatic. Cutter did his best to comfort her. Cutter decided that they should stay put for the night, and he tried to convince the woman that she was a good person.

Cutter pulled the blanket over the woman as she lay down on top of the bed. He was certain that she was amazing and good in her heart, he told her. He began to walk away. "Wait, don't go," the woman called out. "I'm not leaving," Cutter replied. "No, I meant could you just hold me?" the woman asked. Cutter stretched out beside the woman and wrapped his arms around her.

Rex and Shane went into their room. Rex thought the trip was a "nice change of pace" for them, and he thought it was time for them to move on. Shane informed him that Noelle had dropped off leftovers, and Rex was thrilled. The guys settled down to watch a movie, but Shane was less than thrilled with the black and white classic holiday film. Rex flipped through the available Christmas films. "Does it have to be a Christmas movie?" Shane asked.

The holiday films always showed pathetic people who were alone, Shane pointed out. Rex confessed that he'd asked Aubrey to join them for Christmas, because she had no family and was alone. Shane wondered if that was the only reason. Shane decided he wanted to get ready for bed early. He enlightened his father that he would be getting up early the next day to help out at the pie contest.

Rex called Shane a good kid. "Does Aubrey make you happy?" Shane asked. "Yes," Rex replied. Shane was pleased. "Good. I want you to be happy," Shane stated.

Ford, Jessica, and Ryder were shopping in a tree lot for the perfect Christmas tree. Ford related how he was quite talented in picking out the tree, because he'd spent lots of time in a lot next door to his house when he had been a boy. He explained that he had hidden from his dad there, though Eddie had complimented him on his tree selections, the only time his father had given him a compliment. Jessica was sad to hear Ford speak of his childhood, though Ford made light of it.

Aubrey and Rama were searching for a tree at the same lot. Rama couldn't understand why Aubrey continued to look for a large tree for her room at the motel, and she invited Aubrey to spend the holiday with the Patels. Aubrey admitted that she had plans with Rex, and the tree was for his house. She planned on giving the mansion a "holiday makeover."

Rama wasn't sure that was wise, as she could see Aubrey setting herself up for a major disappointment. "We kissed," Aubrey confided. She added that Rex was the one who had started it. Rama was impressed, and she inquired where Rex might be. Aubrey explained that he had gone to Texas for a pie contest. His friend had made a pie to honor Gigi, and it was Rex's way of saying goodbye.

Vivian and Shaun were looking for a great tree in the lot also. Shaun was more preoccupied with gathering signatures for Roxy's petition to save Fraternity Row. He was worried about the ability to save the show, and Clint had turned down the group's request for help. Vivian agreed to help in obtaining signatures, and she revealed that she was happy to be with Shaun instead of with her family and their drama.

Shaun reminded her that he could be her family too, but Vivian was annoyed that he mentioned it. Shaun insisted it was because of the Christmas spirit, but Vivian was concerned. She was worried about his mother talking about marriage again, and Vivian wanted to prove that she could care for Shaun without it. She had found a perfect and very large tree for that reason, and she wanted Shaun to buy it.

Jessica bumped into Vivian, and while they were chatting, Ford and Shaun arrived. They were both holding onto the same tree and arguing about who it belonged to. The women were appalled. "He started it," both men said at the same time. Shaun held his petition out to the other couple and told them to sign it. Ford looked at it and refused. The show had rejected him after he'd sent them some of his work.

Likewise, Jessica refused to sign, stating that she was a fan of another soap instead. Shaun offered them the tree. "Deal," both Jessica and Ford said, signing the petition after all. Once Vivian and Shaun walked away, Jessica admitted that she'd always been a Fraternity Row girl. Ford admitted that he watched it too. "Well played," Jessica said. Shaun proceeded to obtain more signatures from Rama and Aubrey.

Rama wondered if Kim had been released from prison. Jessica walked by and acknowledged Aubrey coldly, but Aubrey said that she understood Jessica's behavior. Rama was excited that she would get her money when she saw Kim next, and she would have to take a chance with the way Kim reacted to her.

Aubrey received a phone call from Rex, who admitted that he was just checking in. She advised him that his house would be covered with the Christmas spirit, because she planned to decorate it. The couple said goodbye, and Aubrey informed Rama that she had been speaking to Rex. Suddenly, Rama turned and saw someone she didn't like. "That bitch," Rama announced gruffly.

Kim was standing there, and slowly, she began to remove her earrings. Rama pulled off her hat, jewelry, and coat. "Rama, don't do this," Aubrey pleaded, to no avail. Rama asked Aubrey to hold her ring in case Kim tried to steal it, and Rama and Kim began to fight.

Vivian was still determined to find the perfect tree, even though Shaun complained of his frozen feet. Shaun's mother wanted them to tie the knot, and Vivian wanted to make Mrs. Evans happy, even though a marriage wouldn't happen. Vivian walked off again among the trees. "That's what you think, Vivian Wright," Shaun muttered to himself as he pulled a ring out of his pocket. "I'm gonna marry you yet," he said.

Clint was incredulous to learn that Stacy was alive and running around looking like Gigi. Kim admitted that Stacy had wanted to take Gigi's place, because she had always been obsessed and in love with Rex. "We gotta stop her," Clint proclaimed. Kim revealed that Rex was aware of the situation. Clint then wanted to clarify that Kim had really murdered someone in Kentucky.

Kim assured him that she hadn't, and that Cutter had framed her. She also hadn't written the goodbye letter to Clint, and she actually really cared about Clint. "I want you back," she informed her former husband. Clint couldn't believe his ears and asked Kim to verify what she'd said. Kim advised him that they would have still been married if it hadn't been for David, Cutter, and others interfering in their lives.

Clint wasn't too certain about Kim's conviction. "We never got to be together," she reminded Clint. "It's complicated," Clint replied. Kim assured him that there was no longer anyone in their way, but an uncomfortable Clint advised her that wasn't true. Kim believed that Clint was referring to Natalie, and she offered to try to hang out with Clint's daughter.

Clint informed her that he wasn't talking about Natalie. Viki had allowed him to stay there, and her gesture had touched him. "Viki whipped me into shape," Clint added. "Excuse me?" Kim asked. "My health that is," Clint said quickly. He had resented Viki's attempt to get him to work out, but he'd started to enjoy it. "How much?" Kim wanted to know. "One thing led to another, and I kissed her," Clint asserted.

The problem was that Viki didn't think the kiss had been genuine, and she'd felt like a consolation prize for Kim, Clint explained. Kim proclaimed that Viki had been correct, and Clint should be honest with himself. Kim wondered if Clint would have made his move if he hadn't received the letter he thought was from Kim. Clint was silent.

"I thought so," Kim shouted. Viki had been the consolation prize. Clint grew angry, and growled that it wasn't true. Kim thought that Clint would have to decide about his feelings for both women. "Kimberly, are you giving me an ultimatum?" Clint asked. "Please. I know that only works in movies," Kim retorted. She was aware that it was possible for someone to care for two people. "So who do you want more?" she speculated.

"I don't think I can answer that," Clint decided. "Then you need to think real hard," Kim retorted. She kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear. "Because I already know who I want," she added. "I'll see you soon, cowboy," Kim called out as she left.

Clint heard Jessica and Ford laughing in the study. He opened the study doors and found them decorating the tree. Clint announced that he was impressed with their choice of tree, and Jessica explained that Ford had picked it out using his own method. It had been faster than the "Buch method" that her father had always sworn by. Clint always believed one had to take their time picking out a tree. "C'mon, Dad, let's be honest. You know you could never make up your mind," Jessica teased.

Later, as both Shane and Cutter slept in their respective rooms, Rex and the woman with Gigi's face remained awake.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Todd sat in his office at the Sun and looked at the front page of his latest edition. There was a huge photo of Tomas in the center, and across the top it read " Delgado Spills Guts to G.F." Across the bottom it said, "I Killed Victor Lord." Todd was apologetic as he spoke to himself. "I'm so sorry, Blair, I couldn't let him get too close. I couldn't let him figure out what I'd done," he said.

"So? How does it feel to be completely exonerated?" Starr called out as she walked through the door. Todd admitted that he had been surprised to learn that Tomas had killed Victor, and Starr felt the same way. She felt bad about the rest of the family who were affected, but she was happy for Todd. She noted that it was like the first day of the rest of his life. "You did not just say that," Todd declared.

Starr just felt happy that her father was free to live his life, but she thought that he looked guilty. Todd replied that he just felt awful. He changed the subject and asked Starr about a text she'd sent him; he hadn't known what her abbreviation meant. Starr revealed that Rick Powers was suing her. She explained that he was a sleazy music producer who had signed a contract with Baz.

Rick owned all of the rights to her music, and he wanted to turn her into a "skank" in order to sell that music, Starr continued. He had been at the house, and he had fallen and fallen again, she said quickly. Rick was also suing Dani, James, and Nate, and Starr wanted Todd to help. Starr didn't think it was a good time to talk to Téa about it. Todd agreed, and he offered to take care of things.

"Dad, violence is not the answer," Starr warned. She wanted to know what Todd had planned, but Todd refused to divulge any information. Starr reminded him that Rick was in traction already. She thought it was nice to have her father back, though he reminded her that he'd been back for a while. Starr considered it to be better because Todd wouldn't be going to jail. She wanted to leave to help Blair find a tree. Todd quickly announced that he wanted to go, too, but Starr didn't think it would be a good idea.

Todd asked why, and Starr advised him that he shouldn't force himself on Blair while she was just getting over Tomas. Starr was aware of Todd's feelings for Blair. He had fallen in love with her again and hadn't told her. Starr thought it was a typical dense male trait. "Now I'm just another dense guy," Todd sighed. "If you love someone don't play games, just say it," Starr advised him.

Todd wondered how Starr had grown to be so smart. "Good genes. Don't change the subject," she stated. She asked why he'd never said anything to Blair. Todd explained that she'd chosen Tomas, and he'd blown it. He pointed out that "Tomas is no más." He chuckled. It was funny, and Tomas was out of the picture. The pair began to argue over the timing of Todd's declaration, and Starr contended that it was too soon. "I can't blow it again," Todd said resolutely. "Not after everything I did to get her back," he added.

"And what did you do?" Starr questioned her father. Todd hesitated. "I survived. That's what I did," he replied. Blair had saved him in a cabin, and she'd given him the will to live. Starr ordered him to give Blair time, though she was aware that Todd found it impossible to be patient. Starr confessed that she would love to see her parents back together again, as she missed her family.

Todd assured her that he wasn't going anywhere, and he hugged her. He would try to take things slowly. "Doesn't mean I'm gonna let go either," he muttered after Starr left.

Though Blair and Téa weren't in the best mood, they decided that they needed to look for a Christmas tree in order to keep up appearances for their children. Dani arrived and was annoyed that the women could look for a tree after what had happened. She'd heard everyone at school talking about Tomas, but she didn't want to believe the news.

Blair revealed that Tomas had contacted her via a computer video call. He had confessed to killing Victor, because he had claimed to be protecting Dani and Téa from Victor. Privately, Téa thought about her conversation with John. The detective had agreed that Todd was probably Victor's murderer. "Why would Tomas kill somebody we love?" Dani asked. "He didn't, okay. He didn't do that," Téa proclaimed.

"Mom, you don't think Uncle Tomas did it," Dani responded. Blair spoke up. She said that no one had wanted to believe it, but the evidence had confirmed it. "He even confessed to my face last night," Blair added. Dani wondered if there could have been a reason for Tomas to do so, but Blair thought that they needed to "come to grips with it." Again, Téa thought about her conversation with John. He had advised Téa not to divulge their belief about Todd to anyone.

"Listen to Blair, sweetheart," Téa urged her daughter instead. Dani refused to accept it, while Blair chided herself for making yet another mistake with another man. Téa noted that Todd had shown up at Blair's place right at the end of Tomas' call, and she found that to be peculiar. Blair explained that they had been discussing a mockup of a front page of the newspaper about her reward for news on Tomas.

Blair thought that Todd had been great, and she thanked Téa for that. "How am I responsible?" Tea asked. Blair reminded her that she'd defended Todd and had allowed him to be free. People had begun to trust Todd because of Téa, and therefore, Todd had begun to trust other people, Blair explained. Téa looked ill and confessed that she was in shock. "I really can't..."

Blair interrupted. Todd had been in shock, also, and he had known that Téa and Dani would be the ones to suffer the most, she said. "Shut up, Blair. You don't know what the hell you're talking about, okay?" Téa snapped. Blair was taken aback. "What don't I know, Téa? What's wrong with you?" Blair wondered. She accused Téa of being jumpy. Téa confessed that she wanted to strangle Todd. He had everything back, and Victor was dead. Téa announced that she wanted to be alone, and she walked off.

Later, Blair sat with Dani and chatted about Téa. "Was she moody before?" Blair asked. Dani said yes, though she'd thought it was hormones. She divulged that she was as upset as her mother. Blair stated that she was angry, though she was aware that it was worse for Dani and Téa. She shared their misery. "It's like Eli all over again," Blair stated. She and Dani couldn't believe their luck. They'd been fooled twice.

"At least we know who killed Victor," Blair uttered. Dani agreed, and she noted that at least Tomas hadn't been in her life for very long. Blair was sorry that Dani kept losing people, her dads and uncles. Blair announced that she couldn't let Sam down, and she needed to find the tree. She asked Dani to help, but Dani declined and left.

At the police station, John advised Natalie that they had possession of Blair's computer, and he wanted Natalie's team to search for clues to Tomas' whereabouts. John explained that he had a call out to the provider, and he wanted a location. He wanted to make certain that they would be able to catch Victor's killer. Natalie was confused. She'd thought that Todd was the killer. John related that Tomas had not provided any clues during his video call, but he'd stated that he'd disappeared because he was guilty.

Natalie thought it was weird, and it had sounded as though Tomas had wanted to get himself convicted. John replied that maybe Tomas had just wanted to get it off his chest. "A guy who wants to talk. You really think that's what it is?" Natalie asked. "I don't know. Then again, I've been trying to talk to you since Thanksgiving. You just don't want to hear it," John replied.

Natalie maintained that it was a different situation, and no one had died. All they needed was their son. John noted that he'd had a great evening with Liam, and he'd even had the boy listen to a jazz CD. "Why didn't you stick around last night?" he asked. Natalie thought it had been nice of John to ask, but she'd thought that he'd needed alone time with Liam.

Natalie switched to professional mode and advised John that she would get to work and provide him with the information that he needed. "Hey, why are you talking to me like we just met? What's wrong with us?" John asked. Natalie thought it was enough just to raise their son. "You're holding something against me. I want to know why. Please talk to me," John pleaded. Natalie went towards the door, and John grabbed her arms.

Téa chose that moment to walk in, and there was an awkward moment. She asked Natalie whether there had been any information on Tomas' location. Natalie offered her sympathy, and she stated that she would check on the progress of the search for clues. "Hey. We'll pick this up later," John stated as Natalie walked out.

Téa wondered if Natalie were aware that Todd was the killer. John verified that Bo and Téa were the only ones who had been told of John's belief that Todd might be the real killer. Blair was practically writing sonnets to Todd, and Dani was trying to be tough, Téa revealed. She needed things to speed up, or she would lose it. She wanted Todd arrested.

John stressed that he wanted enough evidence for an indictment, and he disagreed with Téa's belief that he already had what he needed. John was sorry that he had confided in Téa, and he was afraid that she would ruin things for them. Téa was just happy that her brother really wasn't a killer. John emphasized that Todd had to think that he would be getting away with it.

Téa began to cry, and John put his arms around her to comfort her. She thought it was the hormones. Natalie walked into the office and looked at them curiously. She put paperwork down on the desk and stated that she had to return to work. John sighed. "Let's find out where Todd stashed my brother," Téa pronounced.

Roxy and her group watched the latest Fraternity Row at Llanfair. Roxy noted that the show had only been getting "better and better." Shaun couldn't understand why the show was being cancelled if that were the case. "Oh, the irony," lamented Nigel. Destiny mentioned that Matthew was being released from the hospital. "Why are you here?" Shaun asked.

Nigel suggested that real life might be preferable to Destiny, but she maintained that Matthew needed some alone time with his parents first. Shaun was suspicious, and he asked if something had happened between Destiny and Matthew. Destiny assured him that they hadn't fought, but her pregnancy was pretty much the first thing that Matthew had seen when he'd emerged from his coma. He "kind of freaked," Destiny added.

Roxy and Nigel compared Destiny's situation to one of their soap stories, but Roxy noted that at least Destiny knew who the baby's father was. Destiny admitted that she wasn't sure how Matthew felt about it, and they hadn't had a chance to talk about it. He had gone off on his mother, though, and he was in shock.

Adamantly, Shaun made it known that Matthew would have to answer to him if he "played" Destiny. Nigel was certain that Matthew would not disappoint her. Shaun wanted Destiny to figure out what Matthew was thinking, and everyone vowed to help her out. "See what a good soap opera does? It brings people together," Roxy announced. Nigel urged Destiny to visit with Matthew, and she left.

Shaun thanked Roxy for her support. She just didn't want things to turn out the same as they had for Natalie and John. Natalie had been afraid to take a chance on John, because he had never been able to tell Natalie his true feelings. Natalie had been scared that he would never "step up," and Roxy believed that John and Natalie would turn out to be like her soap. Cancelled, she added.

Nora and Bo gently and slowly walked Matthew into their home. Nora hovered constantly, and she only wanted peace and quiet in order for Matthew to recuperate. Everyone was surprised to walk into blaring music, spinning lights, and tons of balloons instead. "Hey, welcome home, little bro," David shouted.

Nora was frazzled, but David was ecstatic, and he began to talk about his film. Matthew had no idea what David was talking about. "Are you pulling my leg? You would have to have been comatose," David declared. "David!" Nora called out. David realized that Matthew had indeed been comatose. He showed the family the temporary chipmunk tattoo on his back in honor of his latest film, The Boy with the Chipmunk Tattoo.

Nora wanted Matthew to go to bed, but Matthew announced that he was hungry. He had a yearning for some food from the Buenos Dias Café. Bo agreed to pick it up, but Matthew suggested that David was probably hungry too. David agreed, and Matthew continued to add items to his list. Finally, Matthew persuaded Nora to accompany Bo, because there would be too much for Bo to handle himself.

David called Matthew uncool for what he'd done, but Matthew pointed out that he'd gotten rid of his parents. He wanted David's help regarding Destiny's pregnancy. He admitted that he'd taken his feelings about it out on Nora, but his mother had pressured Destiny to have the baby. Nora had thought that it might be the only thing she would have left of her son.

Matthew felt overwhelmed, and he couldn't believe it had happened. David advised him that he couldn't change things, but Matthew considered David to be smart. David confessed that he'd gotten a girl pregnant in high school, too, and he'd told Matthew about it during a phone call over the summer. Matthew couldn't remember, and David was irritated. "David, I was in a coma!" Matthew exclaimed.

David admitted that he'd been crazed about it, too, and had never told another soul. If he had been able to grow up happy, then so could Matthew, he declared. "What happened to the baby?" Matthew inquired. There was a knock at the door. Matthew went to answer it, and it was Destiny. "Good God, woman, you're enormous!" David shouted. He added that he and Dorian were thrilled, and they wanted to be named as the baby's godparents.

"I have to go now," David declared. He had been scheduled to do an interview with Blanca Morales concerning his new movie about the chipmunk. He left, and Destiny turned to Matthew. She had never expected to see him up and walking around again, she stated. She had something to ask him.

First, Destiny asked how Matthew felt. He admitted that he felt like he did before. "Are you going to be a part of our baby's life?" Destiny inquired. She needed to know.

Nora and Bo walked through Angel Square on their way to the diner. Nora was aware that her son had wanted to get rid of them, because he had been furious with her for pressuring Destiny to keep the baby. She thought that it was her own fault that her son hated her. Bo suggested that they needed to be around to help Matthew, though Nora said that she needed Destiny to not be pregnant, and it was her own fault that it wasn't so.

Bo ordered his wife to stop worrying. They were lucky to have Matthew home with a normal teenage appetite. Nora thought that her husband was so much better at handling things.

Nigel and Shaun admitted that they hadn't been able to obtain lots of signatures for the soap petition, and Roxy advised them that they needed thousands. They needed something else, she decided. Something like David Vickers, she said as he walked through the door.

"A tiny little phone call wouldn't hurt, right?" Todd said to himself. He wondered if it were too pushy to see how Blair was doing. He phoned her. He asked how it was going, and he told her he was just checking in. "Make it all not true," Blair replied. She thanked him for calling, and he told her to call if she needed anything. They were about to end the call when Todd told Blair to wait. "There's something I need to tell you," he said.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

On the phone, Todd reminded Blair that she could call him if she needed anything. "I need to tell you something," he continued. However, Jack burst into the room, yelling at Todd about framing Tomas for Victor's murder. Todd promised to call Blair back, and quickly hung up the phone. Todd advised Jack that he needed to knock, but Jack reminded Todd that it was "my father's office." In turn, Todd reminded Jack that he was Jack's father. "Never," Jack spat.

Jack accused Todd of ruining the paper, and using it to convince the town of his innocence. He observed that Jack hadn't read the article, and informed Jack that Tomas had confessed. He pushed the office phone toward Jack, and urged him to call Blair for the truth. Jack thought that Todd had bribed -- or forced --Tomas into confessing, but Todd insisted that he hadn't. Todd again reminded Jack that he was Jack's father. Jack said that Todd could take his father's money and paper, but he couldn't take Jack. "You mean the paper you tried to burn down?" Todd replied.

Todd wondered why Jack had tried to burn the building down. He informed Jack that he knew that Jack had been the one to clear the building, and that it had been the last right thing Jack had done. Jack didn't think that Todd could prove it. "Can't I?" Todd replied. He told Jack that he'd stopped his assistant from telling John that Jack had been the one to clear the building. "Do you really think she's the fashion editor because of her fashion sense?" Todd continued.

Jack wondered why Todd had done that. Todd replied that fathers protected their sons, and that he would always love Jack. Todd vowed to do whatever he could to protect his family. However, Todd wanted Jack to agree to "a few terms." He wanted Jack to work at the paper after school, accept that Todd hadn't killed Victor, and stop calling Todd "Scarface."

Todd held out his hand for Jack to shake it, but Jack only reluctantly replied, "Deal." Jack refused to call Todd "Dad." "Baby steps, Jack," Todd answered, smiling. Jack related that he was going to be held prisoner at the Sun. Todd wondered if Jack would rather be imprisoned at Statesville, because Jack would certainly be tried as an adult. "Can I go now?" Jack asked impatiently. However, Todd had one more thing to tell Jack.

Starr found Blair near the Christmas tree lot, and Blair told Starr that Todd had called to check up on her. Blair chastised herself for falling for another violent man. She alluded to a decision she'd had to make, but stopped talking. Starr urged Blair to keep talking. After stalling, Blair finally admitted that, a few days before, she'd gone to Todd's office to talk to him. Blair remembered finding Tomas in the office alone, and thinking it was strange. Suddenly, it dawned on her that Tomas had to have been there to frame Todd for Victor's murder.

Blair figured that Tomas had wanted to plant the gun in Todd's office, but Blair had entered the office. Starr thought it made sense. Blair regretted that, instead of following her plan to talk to Todd, she'd gone home and slept with Tomas. "Too much information!" Starr exclaimed. Blair advised her daughter to learn from Blair's mistakes. Blair declared that she was done with men.

A short while later, Blair and Starr struggled to carry a tree through Angel Square. Starr decided to tell the guys at the tree lot that she'd changed her mind about having the tree delivered. Before she left, she advised her mother that Blair had the biggest heart of anyone Starr knew. She knew that Blair was hurt, but that she would fall in love again, with "the one." Blair hugged Starr, and Starr walked away. "The one. Is that you, Todd?" Blair wondered.

John looked at the file, and Téa wondered where the video call had originated. John revealed that the call had been traced to a "barren land out west," and the local authorities hadn't found anyone. Téa wondered how they could prove that Calmar had been lying. John replied that they needed to give Calmar a reason to talk.

A short while later, an officer led Calmar into John's office. Calmar sat down, and John revealed that he had something personal to discuss with Calmar. John somberly disclosed that it was about Tomas, but Téa burst into the room, interrupting the conversation. She yelled that John had promised to keep Tomas safe, but he was now in the same boat as Victor. "That's impossible. They promised to keep him alive!" Calmar exclaimed. "Who's they?" John wondered, interested.

Calmar admitted that he'd lied, because his life had been threatened. Téa demanded that Calmar tell them where Tomas was before it was too late. Calmar realized that John and Téa had been lying about Tomas being dead. "No more lies," John stated. He demanded that Calmar tell them everything from beginning to end. Calmar said that Tomas had probably been "under duress" when he'd confessed. He revealed that Baker was in on it, and that the gun had been planted in Tomas' room. John asked who had killed Victor.

A short while later, Calmar was gone, and Téa was happy to have proof that Todd had killed Victor. John informed her that they had nothing, because it would be Calmar's word against Todd's, and Calmar had already admitted to lying to the police. John thought that finding Louie would be the key. Suddenly, Téa clutched at her stomach. She collapsed into John's arms, and told him that she thought there was something wrong with the baby.

Roxy told David that she and Shaun needed his help to save Fraternity Row. Roxy thought that David appearing on the show would double its ratings, thereby saving it from cancellation. David refused, and related that he was tired of playing heroes. "I don't do soaps," he added. Shaun mentioned how "Franco James," a huge movie star, was on a soap called "Southwest General," and he'd been nominated for an Oscar. "Anybody can have their arm chopped off," David responded.

David told them to have fun, and walked toward the door, but Shaun grabbed him by the collar. Shaun thought that there was something else going on, and Roxy wondered what David had against soaps. David admitted that he watched Southwest General, so he had nothing against soaps. He finally confessed that Fraternity Row had ruined his life.

David elaborated. He told Roxy and Shaun that, during the writer's strike, Supermodel Crime Club had been cancelled. Looking for more work, David had auditioned for Fraternity Row, but they hadn't hired him. He was horrified that they'd called him too old to play the president of the fraternity. Shaun reminded David that he was doing movies, so not getting the part hadn't exactly ruined his life. "Fraternity Row can rust at the bottom of the sea!" David cried.

David urged Roxy and Shaun to let the show go. He had to do press for The Boy with the Chipmunk Tattoo on Blanca Morales' show, so he left. "It's over," Shaun said glumly. "It's not over 'til the cat lady sings!" Roxy cried defiantly. She wondered if Blanca's show was live. She related that she had a great idea, and pulled Shaun out of the house.

Carrying Matthew's food, Bo and Nora discussed Christmas. Nora related that she'd gotten everything she wanted once Matthew had woken up. Phylicia and Richard greeted Bo and Nora, and added how happy they'd been to find out about Matthew. Phylicia wondered how Matthew had taken the news about the baby. Nora related that saying he'd been shocked would be an understatement. Phylicia related that Nora had forced Destiny to have the child, but peace was restored when they talked about helping to raise the child.

Richard marveled at how much things had changed relating to raising a baby. Bo admitted that he hadn't been around when Matthew had been a baby, so everything was new to him. Nora talked about how she and Bo had made Nora's old office into the baby's room. The moment turned awkward when Phylicia observed that the child would have its own room when it visited.

The Buchanans and the Evanses agreed that they needed to sit down and talk with Destiny and Matthew, and figure out arrangements. Nora apologized for making assumptions, and said that she and Bo needed to get Matthew's food back to him. Phylicia related that she and Richard would love to see Matthew sometime. Nora invited Phylicia and Richard over, and the four walked toward the Buchanans' residence.

Destiny wondered whether or not Matthew wanted to be involved in their baby's life. Matthew agreed to be there, considering that they were both responsible for the creation of the baby. Destiny observed that Matthew didn't seem very happy about it. "I'm not!" he exclaimed.

Matthew immediately apologized, and wished that he'd been there to help Destiny figure things out. She wondered if he would have just told her to have an abortion. He responded that they could have talked things out, and it would have been completely up to her. He wondered how they were going to take care of the child, and Destiny responded that their parents had agreed to help raise the child. Matthew reminded her that it was exactly what Greg had done to her.

Destiny informed Matthew that their child would always know that they were its parents. Matthew suggested that giving the baby up for adoption would be a good choice. He related that he still had a lot of classes to make up in order to graduate, and he wanted to go to college after that. He remarked that he'd almost died, so he wanted to live his life, have new experiences, and meet new people. "New people like girls?" Destiny questioned. "So much for our night together meaning something to you," she added.

Matthew clarified that the night he'd spent with Destiny had meant something to him, but they weren't getting married, and they hadn't even been dating. He promised that she was his best friend, and that he would be there for her. Destiny became angry, and recognized that he didn't want her or the baby. She yelled that she didn't stay where she wasn't wanted, and demanded that he never call her again.

Just then, Nora, Bo, Phylicia, and Richard entered the apartment. Matthew shouted that he wouldn't call her, so she shouldn't try to call him either. Destiny stormed out, and Matthew went into his room, and slammed the door. "Well, I guess they talked," Nora observed, as all the parents were dumbfounded.

Richard left to check on Destiny, and Bo left to talk to Matthew. Nora remarked that she'd never seen Destiny that angry, so Matthew had probably provoked her. They commented that the kids were both teenagers, so they were prone to actions like that. "Good thing you and I are all grown up," Phylicia said, and she and Nora began to laugh hysterically.

Friday, December 16, 2011

John rolled Téa into Llanview Hospital in a wheelchair to admit her. Later, in the examination room, the doctor asked Téa about her pain, and John explained that Téa had doubled over, so John had rushed her to the hospital. The doctor indicated that Téa would need a sonogram, and Téa asked John to stay with her. John told Téa that Natalie had also gone through a scare when she had been pregnant with Liam. John confessed that he had felt helpless at the time, but that he had held Natalie's hand. Téa commented that John did not suck at that, as John held Téa's hand.

During the sonogram, the doctor showed Téa the baby's heartbeat on the screen and stated that the baby was fine. The doctor then revealed that Téa had suffered from cramps that had been brought on by stress. The doctor announced that he would keep Téa in the hospital overnight for observation to monitor her stress. After the doctor left, Téa wondered how she could possibly forget the stress about Todd and Tomas, and John asked Téa to just take care of herself and her baby. Téa declared that Todd had already taken Victor away from her, and she refused to let him take her baby away from her too.

At Llanfair, Natalie asked Jessica if she wanted to help decorate the tree and explained that John had found better things to do with his time than to spend it with her. When Jessica said that she had thought that Natalie and John were back together, Natalie said that she had been reminded that that she and John would need more than a baby to put them together.

Jessica voiced that John loved Natalie, and that Natalie loved John, but neither one of them wanted to acknowledge it, yet Natalie insisted that it was not about pride. Natalie added that John had told Roxy that he still loved Natalie, but that he had not been able to tell Natalie, because he had been unable to forgive her. Natalie exclaimed that she had finally learned her lesson. Natalie reflected that she had stopped her wedding with Brody when the truth had been revealed, but that she should have never been there to begin with to marry the man that her sister had loved.

Natalie believed that she had trashed her relationship with her sister and wished that she could take back her lie to Jessica, because Natalie felt that she had lost her sister. Jessica remarked that Natalie was not the only one to blame and was not the only one who missed her sister. However, Jessica also noticed that although it would not happen overnight, at least she and Natalie were open to mending their relationship. Natalie remembered that after she had arrived in town, she had accidentally smashed a special ornament that Viki had made for Jessica. Natalie then gave Jessica a special ornament made for Ryder. Jessica remembered that Viki had given Natalie and Jessica necklaces that Viki and her sister, Meredith, had once worn.

Jessica then realized that she and Natalie had let their guard down to mend things and thought that John might too. Jessica pointed out that John might have already forgiven Natalie, but that Natalie would never find that out, unless Natalie gave John the same chance that she had just given Jessica. After Jessica left the room, Natalie called John and asked if they could talk, but John explained that he was at the hospital and requested that they talk later. In her hospital bed, Téa looked at her sonogram picture and smiled.

At the Manning estate, Sam watched the Blanca Morales show, as Blair walked in and asked Sam about the Christmas tree. Todd and Jack lugged the tree into the room, and Todd whispered to Blair that Jack had invited him there. After Jack and Todd walked into the lobby, Jack snapped at Todd and griped that Todd had blackmailed Jack into inviting him. However, Todd claimed that he had blackmailed Jack into playing a little game of father-and-son. Todd insisted that Jack had better bond with him publicly, or Todd would tell John about Jack's debut as an arsonist.

In the living room, Blair declared that the tree was perfect and requested that Jack and Sam help her carry down the ornaments. After they left the room, Starr questioned why Todd was there and stated that she did not believe that Jack had suddenly called a truce, even if Blair wanted to believe it. Todd felt that Jack would come around, especially since Jack knew that Todd had not killed Victor, and that Tomas had.

Starr realized that Todd was having a good Christmas but asked Todd not to push things with her mother. When Blair and the kids returned with the ornaments, Todd suggested that he leave, but Sam pleaded with him to stay and help with the tree. Todd took it to a vote, and when Blair had the final vote, she handed Todd an ornament. After Starr yelled at Sam for eating all of the chocolate candy, Sam insisted that he had to save the bowl for Santa. Todd asked Blair if she wanted a kiss and then stressed that he had meant the candy.

Todd realized that Blair probably still needed to buy a lot of presents, and when Sam asked if the presents were for him, Starr reminded Sam that Christmas was about giving, not receiving. After Sam stressed that he had gifts for everyone, Jack announced to Sam that Todd had given Blair the greatest gift of all time -- Jack. Todd grabbed Jack by his jacket and demanded that Jack throw a log on the fire, since Jack was so good at starting fires.

Todd explained to Sam that he had taken something from someone once and had then lied about it. When Todd claimed that he was trying to be a good guy, Sam declared that Todd already was a good guy and hugged Todd. Blair mentioned that she would be visiting Téa when they were done with the tree, because Téa had seemed upset about Tomas. Todd seemed concerned. When Sam wondered who would put the star on top of the tree, and Todd exclaimed that Starr should decide, since it was her name, but Starr reminded everyone that Todd had named her.

Blair flashbacked to a time in the past, when she had opened a gift with an envelope labeled, "For our little girl." Blair had read the card, which said, "Merry Christmas for our little star. Love Mom & Dad." Blair had looked above and had thanked Todd for naming their daughter. After she reminisced, Blair looked at Todd, who declared that Sam should put the star on the tree. Sam's wish was that he hoped that his dad was happy in heaven, and Jack hoped that the guy who had put Victor there would pay. They all posed for a family photo and cried out, "Manning," as the camera took the shot.

At Bo and Nora's apartment, Bo asked Matthew why Destiny had left in anger, and Matthew indicated that he had told Destiny that he wished they were giving the baby up for adoption. Matthew added that he had informed Destiny that he would not bail out on her, but that he still believed that they should give the baby to a family that was old enough to raise a child. Matthew declared that he was not ready to give up his friends, his school, and his social life, even if Destiny was.

When Nora mentioned that they would just need to make a few adjustments in their lives, Matthew cried out, "Mom, adjustment is getting a dog. Having a child is kissing your life goodbye." Nora blared that Matthew should have thought of that before he started kissing other things. Matthew remained upset, because if Nora had stayed out of it, Destiny would not be having the baby.

Nora pointed out that arrangements had already been made for the baby, so that Matthew could continue to live his life, however, Matthew feared he would be labeled a deadbeat. Matthew grabbed the television remote and stated that he wanted to watch David on the Blanca Morales show. Matthew remarked that he just wanted to enjoy his last few days before he became a teenage father.

At the television station, Destiny joined Roxy and Shaun, as Blanca introduced David Vickers-Buchanan, the star of the new movie, The Boy With the Chipmunk Tattoo, and declared that David was a great friend and a great kisser. David walked out and mugged to the audience, as Roxy planned backstage to have David save Fraternity Row. After David kissed Blanca on the lips, he revealed to the audience that Dorian had been caught with an Arizona Republican working on a stimulus package in the cloakroom.

David added that Dorian believed that David was getting a fat head, because he had made "EW's hit list three weeks running." David then revealed that he had dabbled with writing and had found it to be easy. Behind the stage, Destiny explained to Shaun that Matthew did not want anything to do with their baby and would desert her, just as David was doing with Fraternity Row. Roxy exclaimed, "Not happening, 'cause David's gonna see the terror of his ways, and that is a promise."

Back onstage, Blanca asked David about his nude scenes, and David replied that no sacrifice was too much for his fans. Roxy ran out and yelled that David did not want to save Fraternity Row for his fans. David pleaded with the crew to cut to commercial, as Roxy introduced herself as the owner of Foxy Roxy's Hair Haven, where her motto was "Your hair always grows, so we never close." Roxy then screamed that Fraternity Row had been cancelled, and the audience booed. Shaun and Destiny showed the audience their t-shirts with the SOS, "Save Our Stories," logo.

David noted that Destiny should return home to take it easy and not stay with "these crazy...creative soap fans." Destiny revealed to the fans that she would love to return home and take it easy, but that David's brother, who was the father of her child, had informed her that he would not help her with their baby. Roxy then declared that David should save her show by starring on it, just as Franco James had saved Southwest Hospital by playing a crazed puppeteer. Roxy recognized that David was almost as big of a movie star as Franco, but not quite.

David refused to help out his fans and indicated that he could not, even if they paid him all the gold from eternity. When David claimed that it would be nepotism, Roxy howled, "Who's asking you to do it with a dead person?" After Shaun whispered to Roxy what nepotism meant, David explained that Bo had once been the executive producer of the soap, so that would be a conflict of interest for David. Roxy demanded to call Bo.

When Bo saw that the show intended to call him, he asked that nobody answer the phone. When the phone rang, Matthew immediately picked it up and said, "Buchanan residence." Matthew then handed the phone to his father. Blanca asked Bo if he would have any objection to David taking a role on Fraternity Row, as David mouthed the words, "Help me," on the television screen. David then asked his pa to be gentle, because the fans were a little raw.

When Bo said that he had won a Daisy Award for Fraternity Row, so that it would not be a conflict of interest for David, the audience cheered. David then claimed that if he showed up on the Fraternity Row set, his stardom would set all of the fragile egos on edge, but Bo felt that it would actually raise their spirits. After David wondered if he would be playing a 30-year-old frat boy, Bo believed that the show would benefit from the return of Durwood, and the audience howled.

David maintained that he was in the middle of a major press junket for his new movie, so he would be unable to participate in Fraternity Row, however, Roxy revealed that the real reason was because Fraternity Row had already turned David down for a role. When Roxy tried to tell the reason, David jumped in and declared that it had been because he was too tall, and he added that they only hired short actors, so they could build small sets. Roxy exclaimed that the real reason was that David had been too old, and David replied, "There are no old actors, only old parts."

Roxy indicated that David would be a "done actor" when Fraternity Row fans were done with him, and that David would become box office poison and would never be able to work in Hollywood again. David suddenly found a soap-sized hole in his schedule. He announced to the audience that he would be able to do Fraternity Row, and that he would single-handedly save the show. All of the fans cheered. Blanca revealed that the Fraternity Row studio was right across the hall, and Roxy dragged David away.

Roxy and David walked through the hall into the studio and found the furniture on the set all covered with sheets. David commented that he would need to get his hack to start writing his Daisy Award-winning role, as Roxy climbed on the furniture and remembered some of her favorite scenes from the show. David wondered why the sheets were on the furniture, and Roxy wondered where everyone was.

A janitor walked up to them and revealed that they had shot the final scene of Fraternity Row a few hours before, and that the show was over. The janitor insisted that Fraternity Row had closed its doors for good. Roxy cried out that they were too late and fainted. David leaned over her and said, "Roxy...Roxy?"

David gently slapped Roxy and said, "Darling...Darling...Darling? Wake up." Roxy opened her eyes and asked, "David, what happened?" Confused, a mustached David responded, "David? Darling, it is I -- Durwood, your husband." Roxy questioned, "Durwood? What are you talking about?" Roxy looked around the glamorous room with the fireplace lit and her picture hanging over the mantel and then noticed her elegant red dress and flashy diamonds. "Where am I?" David, or Durwood, replied, "In Kingdom, of course. Your ancestral home. Where else would you be? You are Lorraine King." Roxy exclaimed, "Oh, my God, I'm on Fraternity Row."

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