One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 12, 2000 on OLTL

Bo turned down Lindsay's request that they try for another baby. Roseanne returned the diner to Carlotta. Viki and Ben made love. Asa sued Viki and Kelly. Jessica agreed to be the lead singer in a band. Nora tried to negotiate with Colin. Todd arrived in town again.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 12, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, June 12, 2000

At Crossroads, Ben leaves Blair a message that the money for B&B is in the accounts. Viki arrives and the two share some close moments. Rae and Sykes come in looking for her daughter. She explains how Daniel left a note in her hotel room saying that she would find the answers she was looking for there.

Renee tells Asa he will lose everything if it comes out that he set up Will. She urges Asa not to let Max continue encouraging him in this vendetta against the Rappaports. He responds that unlike the rest of the family, Max is the only one who is loyal. Meanwhile, Skye is still locked in the wine cellar. Although she feels tempted, she vows not to drink, and also a brutal revenge on Blair.

Lindsay asks Bo if they could make a baby together and put everything in the past behind them. Bo responds to her that the timing is way off. He says can't make love either, although he hasn't forgotten how it was when they were together. They can't go right back to the way they were by having a baby. He admits he will never stop loving her either. They discuss Matthew and Bo decides that he can't rip the baby away from Sam while he is grieving for Nora. He says doing that would be exactly like Asa and he refuses to be anything like his father. Lindsay reminds him that the longer he waits the harder it will be for everyone. Melanie interrupts them and Lindsay notices that she has divorce papers in her hands. Lindsay secretly plans to manipulate her into telling Sam that Matthew may not be his.

TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2000


The band arrives at a hotel in Ohio. Will comments that they are getting further and further from Llanview. Jessica reminds him that he can still contact Ben, who's all ready to get him out of the country. Will insists that he will not leave unless Jess asks him to so she can get on with her own life. Jessica tells him that they're in this together. She leaves to take a shower, and Cristian and Will fight over her some more. Cris wants Will to take his uncle's advice so Jessica won't get hurt. Will notes how convenient that would be for Cristian. Cristian tells Will that he is nothing but a selfish, rich, spoiled brat. "And you're married!" Will yells in response. The two continue to fight until Will storms out of the room to go for a walk. Outside of the motel, Will finds Heather dressed in a skimpy bikini bathing suit. Heather is interested in "Jose," and asks if he and "Meg" are going steady.

Meanwhile, Jessica gets out of the shower and asks Cristian where Will is. She immediately suspects that Cristian said something to him. Cristian tells her that he just told Will the truth, that he should take his uncle's advice. Jessica is angry and tells Cristian that she is the one who loves both of them, and he shouldn't blame Will, he should blame her. Nothing is going to get sorted out until Will is cleared. For now, they just have to help him stay out of Statesville. Jessica makes it clear that she is making sure nothing happens to Will. She rushes out the door.

Cristian angrily goes out the door and finds Heather waiting for him. He asks her what she wants, and she replies that it's the same thing he does. She likes that he's shy; it's a real turn-on. Cris pushes her away, but Heather is persistent. "I know you want me. Stop fighting it and go with it." She explains that "Bill" told her all about it, and she feels the same way. Cristian curiously asks what "Bill" told her, and she explains that he told her how shy "Jose" is; he might even be a virgin because he's so afraid to make the first move. Cristian tries to get to the door, but Heather stops him, trying to get him to relax. Cristian says that he doesn't want Heather. He explains that he is in love with "Meg," as is, "Bill," who is just trying to get her all to himself. Heather storms out angrily, dropping her cell phone on the way out. Cristian picks it up off the floor and looks at it thoughtfully.

In a nearby park, Jessica looks on as Will says to himself, "Maybe he's right. Maybe I am being a selfish brat." Jessica sits down next to him, and Will tells her that even though it may be selfish, he's glad she is here with him. He can deal with anything as long as he knows she is there with him. He looks around the park and tells her that it reminds him of the first time they were on the road, after Megan. Jessica agrees, she remembers sleeping in the park that smelled like honeysuckle. She mentions the elderly couple they spoke with in the park. She tries to remember their names, but can't. Will doesn't remember, either. He just remembers that he was falling in love with her, and she had no idea. Both are thoughtful for a moment, and Jessica realizes that Megan would have been over a year old. Lying on the grass, Will remembers looking at the stars his first night in Llanview. Jessica remembers that Will was so full of himself then. Will tells her that he thought she was impossibly naive. "Look at us now, looking at the stars once again, but things are completely different," Jessica comments. "Some for the better. I don't think I'm as full of myself now, and the last thing I'd call you is naive." Jessica again comments on how things are completely different. "But the stars are the same," Will says, and Jessica agrees. Will gets up and tells her that he saw a creek a little further down, he wants to go look for the jello fish. They leave together, just in time for Cristian to see them go off.


Rae tells John that he is a terrific friend. He offers her a drink, bragging about how he can mix any drink. Rae requests a pousse cafe. She sees how clueless John is and teaches him how to make one. She realizes that Daniel won't show up and wonders if she should just give up. John tells her that he never gives up on anything. They are nearly kissing when Sophia and Antonio burst in. Antonio explains that they are still stuck together. Detective West said that John had the only key. John laughs, and they figure out that all of them have keys. He unlocks the handcuffs, and Antonio happily leaves. Sophia is upset, and John promises her that tomorrow will be better. Sophia doubts it and says that she is quitting. Rae comforts her and tells her that she can't quit, but Sophia insists that she has to. She doesn't fit in, and they can't make her go back there. John reminds Sophia of how excited she was at the thought of just applying to the academy. He wants her to remember those days. Sophia won't hear it. She informs them that she has better plans. She's read Rae's column. "I'm the baby that was given away," she says. Rae calmly asks her why she thinks she is. "She needs a daughter, I need a life. Sounds like a good fit to me," Sophia explains. Sophia knows she isn't the daughter, but Rae's "friend" doesn't have to know that. She insists that she would make a really good daughter. Rae tells her that she can't help her; she's not even the right age. Sophia wants the two of them to fool her together. Rae says that the column was about her. Sophia apologizes and promises that she will help find Rae's daughter. Rae says that she is running out of leads. Sophia says that Rae cannot give up, she and John won't let her. They will find her daughter. And in the meantime, Sophia wants to pretend to be Rae's daughter. Rae agrees that it would be wonderful to have Sophia as her surrogate daughter, even after they find her real daughter--if they do. John interrupts and changes that to "when." Rae asks Sophia if she really wants Rae to act as her mother. "More than anything," Sophia replies. Rae orders her to march herself back to the academy and make it work. No daughter of hers is a quitter. Sophia tells Rae that even though they aren't related, Rae is more like her mother than her own ever was. They hug, and Sophia leaves for the police station. Rae decides then to call it a night, saying that she is not giving up. Next time they'll find him. She and John leave. Standing in the doorway, Rae calls into the room, "Hey, Daniel, did you hear that?" The door shuts, and inside Crossroads, someone moves around.


Roseanne sits at the counter in the diner. Carlotta is angry that she is there. Roseanne explains that she just wants to talk about the diner. She informs Carlotta that she is not foreclosing and forgave the debt. She hands Carlotta the title to the diner. Antonio walks in and hears Roseanne insisting that it is not a trick. She is just trying to make up for what she did. Antonio tells her that this won't help Cristian, who might go to prison because of her. Roseanne says she knows it doesn't help, but she is doing what she can. Antonio asks her to stay away from him, his mother, the diner, and Cristian, when he returns. His cell phone rings. Antonio hears Cristian on the other end. The police officers at a nearby table force Cristian to be careful in what he says. Cristian tells his brother that he is fine and asks if Will has been cleared yet. Antonio says that he has his own ideas and isn't giving up. Antonio gets off the phone and sees Roseanne talking to Lisa and the other officer at the table. She is telling them that she wishes she could help them. She wants Cristian back, too, but she hasn't heard from him, and she knows his family hasn't either. Antonio supports this statement, commenting that he wishes he could just tell Cris to forget about Will and come home. Antonio pulls Roseanne to the side, and she explains that she realized Cristian was on the phone. The cops suspected, too, and she distracted them to buy Antonio some time. "First you turn him in, then you protect him. I don't get you at all," Antonio says. "No, you don't," Roseanne replies before leaving.

Police Station

Antonio is starting to put in for a new partner when Sophia rushes in to try to stop him. She tells him that she realizes it was all her fault, she was a "total jerk." She knows she can be a good cop and partner. She promises that she won't make any more wisecracks and asks for another chance. Antonio has softened after his earlier exchange with Roseanne, and he agrees to give her one more chance.


Ben and Viki move into her bedroom. Ben asks her if she is okay, and Viki replies that she is fine. "I love you, Blondie, and I want to make love to you," Ben tells her. Viki smiles and tells him that she wants to make love to him, too. Ben says that he does not want to rush her. They kiss, but before they go any further, Ben senses that something is off with Viki. He wants her to be honest and guesses that she isn't ready for this yet. Viki apologizes; Ben tells her that she has nothing to be sorry for. Viki tells him that the disease has changed her, but she doesn't want to let it stop her from living her life, from loving him, from wanting him to love her. "Nothing could," Ben insists. He tells her that he understands. All he wants is for them to face Viki's cancer together. Viki says that is what she wants, too. Ben tells her that the surgery and reconstruction doesn't matter to him. She will always be his Blondie, and they can go as slowly as she wants. He believes that they will have all the time in the world. Viki wants to believe that, too. Ben tells her that she can. They will have lots of years ahead of them. Later, Viki comes back into the room, dressed for bed. Ben tells her that he checked around the house, and it needs a lot of work. He starts outlining the things that need to be fixed as they climb into bed. He holds her close to him as they lie in bed. Viki tells him that the day before her surgery, the day she saw him in the park, she had a long conversation with him in the attic, even though he wasn't there. She felt scared, like she was adrift at sea. She's still on that journey at sea, but now she can steer, headed into the safe harbor of his arms.


Viki is ecstatic from an evening of making love with Ben. She runs to pick up on a message on the phone machine but it's not Jess, it's just a solicitor. Ben offers to go back on Jess' trail but Viki believes that Jess is old enough to have her wishes honored. Well then he'll have to tell Asa the truth and put an end to it all, Ben says.

Cris looks at the clock and wonders where Jess and Will could be since they've been gone all night. They finally return with breakfast. Jess goes off to find sugar for the coffee and the two guys have words. Cris tells Will he'll hit him if this ever happens again-they could've been picked up by the cops. Will says this is the first time in a long time that Jess felt free and he just couldn't bring her back. They argue over Jess until she gets back and realizes what's going on. She orders them to apologize. As they sit down to eat, the young men become extremely sweet and obviously phony towards each other.

Kelly is busy with her story about Asa for the Sun while Joey worries over her constant working but he understands. When the doorbell rings, there stands Asa with a process server. Kelly has been subpoenaed-he's suing her for libel and he'll take on Joey too. His grandson lists all of the family members that are no longer in Asa's life and says that if Kelly is sued, he will be on that list too. Asa tells him that Kelly betrayed him and she will betray Joey as well. After Asa leaves, Joey is off to find incriminating photos of the old man. He suggests that his wife call Kevin for a plan for the newspapers. Once she leaves, Kevin calls and leaves her a message on the machine about Asa's story. When Kelly returns to pick up something she's forgotten, a messenger gives her a note. Mr. B wants to meet her in room 1713 of the Palace Hotel because he can't stay away from her. She assumes it's from Kevin.

Bo stops by to see Sam about his civil suit with R.J. but he's busy with Matthew since the two of them have become inseparable. Lanie is there and thanks Bo for giving her help and advice on Colin. She's signed the divorce papers, she informs him. Bo watches Sam and his son from the doorway while Lanie is off getting them something to drink. Just then, Lindsay walks in and thinks Bo is there to see Sam about Matthew. He's not there for that, he tells her and goes off with Sam while Lanie comes to collect the baby. Once in Sam's office, Bo finds it difficult to concentrate, while in the other room, Lindsay tries to convince Lanie that Colin is just like Bo and they will work it out. When Bo decides he can't discuss the case and wants to leave, Sam spies Lindsay holding Matthew. He goes on a tirade and tells her she was ordered to stay away from his child. Bo leaves, Lanie is confused and Sam grabs Matthew and heads out of the room. Lindsay confides in her sister that Sam is just upset because the baby may be Bo's. She eventually puts Lanie up to talking to Sam about it to suggest a new DNA test.

At the Palace Hotel, Joey thanks Renee for the wonderful room that he and Kelly will be able to use. They chat about Asa and Renee says that only Asa can stop himself, but there's no one left. Joey shouldn't worry about anything except to make Kelly happy. She'll take care of Asa.

Kelly begins to call the hotel when there's a knock at the door. It's Kevin and Kelly tells him off about the message she's received. After she slaps him, he gets her to realize he has no idea what she's talking about. When she shows him the note he tells her it's not from him. She wanted it to be from him.

Viki's doorbell rings-she also receives a subpoena from Asa but just laughs. When he threatens to sue her out of her newspaper she tells him he can't sue her for telling the truth. He thinks Viki should leave town, sell her newspaper and apologize to him. And wait until Clint finds out what she's done, he gloats. Ben tells Asa to speak to him if there's a problem.

Lindsay visits Bo-he asks her how she could do it.

Sam apologizes to Lanie for his outburst towards Lindsay but she understands and wants to help. She knows all about Matthew, she assures him and Sam agrees to talk about it. What exactly does she know, he asks.

Thursday, JUNE 15, 2000

Carriage House

Kelly is confused as she confesses to Kevin that she wanted the note to be from him; when she tries to leave, Kevin grabs her and they kiss. Kelly pulls away, telling Kevin that "this has to stop...because if it doesn't, we'll have to tell Joey." Kevin is adamant they "won't tell Joey" so Kelly leaves. Later, Rae and John Sykes come by to tell Kevin about Daniel being in town "baiting" Rae and ask for Kevin's help. Rae wants to look through Grace's things, especially the letters Daniel wrote to Grace, hoping to find a clue to locate him. Since Kevin needs "to be busy" he offers to help Rae in any way he can. While Daniel lurks outside unseen, Rae shares with Kevin that the column she wrote was about her own search for her daughter and that Daniel knows who her daughter is. When John suggests that they ask Kelly to help because she and Grace were good friends, Kevin nixes the idea quickly. "No, Kelly's got enough going on...we'll have to do this without her...I've wanted to nail this guy since I heard what he did to Grace – and you...I'll give you all the time you need – day or night." After Rae and John leave, Kevin picks up a photograph of he and Joey with Kelly standing between them and puts his hand over the photo to make different couples, first he and Kelly and then Kelly and Joey. Staring at Kelly and Joey together he declares, "This is the way it should be...this is the way it's gonna be."

Palace Hotel

Kelly finds Joey's plan for a "perfect opportunity to make up for the honeymoon" they missed, "so romantic." When he asks Kelly if she knew the note was from him since he's "not the only Mr. Buchanan in this town," she lies and assures him she had no doubt. Joey observes that Kelly has seemed "a little down lately" and he wants her to know that "you can tell me anything...good or bad..." because he doesn't want any secrets between them. Kelly almost tells Joey about her feelings for Kevin but changes her mind when Joey tells her how sorry he feels for Kevin because all Kevin has is his work at the Banner. Joey considers himself "the luckiest man in this world" for what he and Kelly have and he confides that "if I was to ever lose you again, I don't know what I'd do..." Kelly promises to "work real hard to be the best wife" and suggests they start their wonderful life together now by making a baby. "We don't need to get out of this bed until we make a baby." Kelly assures Joey that she wants a baby "more than anything" and they make love.

Ohio Motel

Cristian and Will try to cheer Jessica up by apologizing for "kidding" around with their hostility toward each other. Jess confides that she had wanted to go home with Ben because of her mother but won't tell them specifically why. Cristian guesses that Viki is sick and Jessica is forced to admit it but won't go into detail. Will suggests that Jess go home and Cristian offers to go with her but Jessica insists that they stay together. Cristian offers Jess Heather's cell phone to make a safe call home and is rewarded by a hug from Jessica when she thanks him for knowing her so well. Before Jess can make the call, Heather comes in looking for her phone. When Cris lies about seeing the phone, Heather simply announces that she will replace it with another because she has been "discovered" and is soon to board a plane for Los Angeles to "be a star." Justin and Ric inform the trio that Heather sold them out for a solo career. When Will asks how that will affect their current "gig," the guys admit they "need a girl singer or we can't go on..." Cristian's perfect solution to unemployment is that Jessica will "pull it off...she always does." Jess is reluctant to sing other than backup but, after talking to her mother, she decides to take the challenge.


Ben tells Asa that his fight is with him and not Viki. When Asa suggests that Viki dump Ben and get "his son" Clint back, Viki tells him he is delusional. Ben wants to know if Asa would "call off the dogs" if Viki is "with your son" but Viki assures Ben he doesn't "need to be involved." Asa thinks it's "none of his damn business" and continues to berate Viki. When Viki asks if he is punishing Jessica because of her relationship with Ben, Asa refuses to take responsibility for Jessica being on the run. [Same old, same old] Viki stands up to Asa, informing him that Ben "cares, he's willing to give up everything he is to bring those kids home safe." Asa challenges Ben to prove it by getting "the hell out of Llanview...round up your slimy family and high-tail it out of this town for good!" Asa promises that if Ben takes this deal, he will allow the kids to come home but Ben isn't biting and Viki allows that Asa wouldn't hold up his end of the deal anyway. Ben vows to prove his love for Viki by finding the kids on his own and promises Asa that his family will "be here long after you're dust...I'm going to marry Viki...Jessica will be at the wedding as my new stepdaughter..." Asa is apoplectic that's "not gonna low-lifes aren't taking anyone else from my family...I will wipe you off the face of the earth...then we'll have a reunion for all of you - with your sister Grace - in hell!" After Asa leaves, Ben chalks up Asa's threats to being "desperate" because of the heavy newspaper coverage but Viki is scared because she feels Asa can be dangerous. Ben promises that Asa won't come between them again, "If I back off because he threatened to kill me, it's as good as his doing it..." Later, Viki gets a call from Jessica. In case the phone is tapped, Jessica hints that they are "about to head get lost for a long the crowd." Jessica tells her mother she is fine and "I really wanted to come home with Ben" but Viki understands why she didn't and promises that everyone at home is "working hard to bring you guys home." Jessica promises to obey her mother and "stay safe" but Viki seems even more upset at Asa after hearing from her daughter. "I want my family back together...we are going to find a way to bring that man to his knees."

Sam and Nora's House

When Melanie acknowledges that she understands how Sam must feel his world is collapsing around him – first by losing Nora and now worrying about losing his son – Sam misinterprets and thinks she is talking about losing Will. She sets him straight quickly but that only confuses Sam more. The only problems he has with Matthew center around his missing his mom and since seeing a psychologist, Sam is sure he has "everything under control...I'm not ever giving him up." Melanie hopes Sam doesn't have to, but when she tells Sam she hopes he is Matthew's father, he is dismayed. "Why would you ever think I'm not?" Melanie explains she has watched Sam protect Matthew and noticed how tense he gets when other people are with him, especially Lindsay, and that while she thought it was because Sam was trying to make Matthew feel secure after losing Nora, thanks to Lindsay, she now understands "much more" is behind his behavior and it has to do with the "questions about Matthew's paternity." Sam acknowledges that there had been a DNA test but it had established him as Matthew's father and thinks that is what Lindsay had been referring to. However, Melanie advises that Lindsay had said the test "wasn't accurate or something...the samples were compromised...tampered with" and that Bo was planning to have Matthew tested again. When a distraught Sam claims it's "news to me...the first I've heard" Melanie apologizes profusely because she "was sure you knew by what Lindsay said." Sam thinks that Lindsay "has her own way of putting a spin on things" but feels that "this explains a lot...Bo coming over here all the time like he wants to tell me something...he can't quite come out with...and Lindsay hovering over Matthew." Sam asks Melanie to "keep a close eye" on Matthew until the nanny arrives and hurries out of the house. When Marianne arrives, Melanie is upset and confides that "something big is going on."

Bo's Garret

Bo is angry at Lindsay for what she is "trying to pull" – he knows that Lindsay was collecting Matthew's fingernail clippings to test his DNA and he wants no tests until Sam is told "when the time is right." Lindsay apologizes, but Bo is reluctant to keep accepting her apologies and promises not to lie anymore. He seems almost on to her when he observes, "He might be mine, but he's not yours...Why are you so determined to take Matthew away from Sam?" Lindsay piles it on thick with her declaration of doing all this so Bo can have everything he wants, declares it isn't about her wants and that she doesn't want to hurt Sam either, etc. When Bo tells Lindsay point blank, "Matthew is not your baby – he's Nora's" and wonders if Lindsay could indeed "take care of Nora's baby?" Lindsay sucks it up. "I know I can't take Nora's place in his life...I owe her for asking you to forgive me before she died...I want to do what's best for her son...I think he needs me...and so do you." Bo acknowledges that Lindsay has been "a good friend" but that "does not put us back to where we were before." Lindsay claims she "just wants to help Matthew" and since the one thing she knows how to do is raise children she sees this as her chance to help Bo and make up for the bad things she has done in the past. Lindsay takes Bo's hand and declares, "I'm not expecting anything from can count on me for whatever you need." Bo says what he needs is "to go slowly" and asks Lindsay to "give her word" that she will not push things, she will do it his way and let him tell Sam. As Lindsay makes these promises, Sam pounds on the door and asks Bo, "Just what the hell is this about you being Matthew's father?"

FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 2000

Antonio tells Roseanne that simply giving Carlotta the mortgage is not enough to get back into the family's good graces -- she must do more. He convinces her to help him get information from Asa that will finally bring Cristian, Jessica and Will back to Llanview.

With Roseanne wearing a "wire" and Antonio listening to the conversation, she tries to get Asa to admit that he provided all the money that Will gave to her while also getting Cristian's art scholarship revoked. If he doesn't give her money, Roseanne tells Asa, she will take what she knows to the police. Slick ol' Asa reveals nothing, except maybe a libido the size of Texas, and puts the moves on Roseanne.

Will and Cristian do their best to keep their promise to Jessica that they won't fight. When the three are told that they must fill out tax forms to get paid for their work at the Black Dawn, Will urges Cristian and Jessica to leave instead of inviting more trouble by giving false information. They stay, and all three fill out the forms using their aliases. Jessica is nervous about singing with the Poko Heathen, fearing someone in the audience will recognize her. Don't worry, she is assured by Will and Cristian, everyone we know is back in Llanview. Everyone, that is, except her uncle, Todd Manning, who has a front row seat for the show.

Nora dreams of Matthew, fearing that he is in trouble. Colin is called to the door, and Nora screams for help, but no one comes. A messenger hears her, but Colin tells him he is caring for a patient who has a bad back. Nora sees the legal papers Colin received, and he tells her they are divorce papers. Nora thinks she is the reason Colin's wife is divorcing him, and asks him if that is the case. No, he tells her, you're supposed to be why I get her back. Nora presses him for an explanation, but he just bats those long eyelashes and tap dances around the question. If he wants to keep his wife, Nora tells Colin, she can help by tying up the divorce in court for years. Her fee? Her freedom.

Sam unloads big-time on Bo and Lindsay for again raising the question of Matthew's paternity. Melanie admits to telling Sam of the latest twist, and Lindsay lets go with one of her ‘this is not my fault' spills, saying that Melanie betrayed a confidence. Melanie realizes that she's been duped by dear ol' sis as Lindsay continues with her "I did it for love" claim. Lindsay admits paying Barnes to say that Sam was Matthew's father. Since they don't know if Barnes actually faked the DNA test or not, Lindsay says a new test is the only way to find out. It's what Nora would want, Lindsay says.

Sam -- by this time wound up about as tight as a two-dollar watch -- accuses Lindsay of another payback scheme against Nora. You hated her while she was alive, Sam tells Lindsay, and you hate her now that she's dead. Sam refuses another DNA test for Matthew, saying the issue has already been settled with the first test.

When Sam finishes with Lindsay, Bo takes over. I told you to stay out of this Lindsay, he says. Now I'm telling you again. For once, listen to me. Bo leaves, following Sam back to his house.

Melanie piles on next, berating Lindsay for using her to spill the beans to Sam and making her look bad to Bo. Bo doesn't know you, what's the big deal? asks Lindsay. Tell Sam and Bo that you tricked me, or I will tell them, Melanie says.

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