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by Dawn
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The Go Red Ball was an event that was just waiting to explode. Even people who didn't attend the ball had secrets that came to haunt them, making it a week full of surprises in Llanview!

This sounds like a great idea in theory, but if I had a deep, dark secret that could potentially ruin my life, I am not sure I could write it down and put it in a box, especially with many people who know me in attendance. However, it seems like the citizens of Llanview were all too eager to let their secrets fall into the box. All of these secrets make the Go Red Ball an event that is just waiting to explode, since many participants had to face their secrets...literally. Even people who didn't attend the ball had secrets that came to haunt them, making it a week full of surprises in Llanview!

First of all, I must say, Jessica has the dumbest secret of all. She thought it would be a good idea to get Allison out of St. Anne's because she wanted to know the secret about her family. I am not sure why she thought this would work. Did anyone think Allison would follow Jessica's orders and play along? I know I didn't. She played Jessica like a violin, and it made Jessica look like a fool. I am glad that Jessica decided to be honest with Nash about what she did, but I can't imagine what Viki's reaction will be when she learns that her own daughters set Allison free. Natalie was just trying to be a loyal sister to Jessica, but after Jessica pretended to be Tess, I am sure Viki will have a very strong opinion about Jessica's latest scheme. Now Jessica's error in judgment has her literally standing in line of fire. Will Allison finally reveal this secret, or will Jessica have to learn a very painful lesson? I hope that no matter what happens Jessica gets her brain back. She has been acting like a flake for months, and nothing has gotten through to her. After this ordeal, maybe she will finally trust her husband and stay out of the fire!

While Allison was Jessica's secret, she has a secret of her own too. We know it involves Jessica and Roxy. What could Allison know that would have Roxy on her knees at the ball begging for Allison's silence? I am beginning to suspect that the people who think Mitch Laurence is Rex's father could be right. Why else would Roxy ask Charlie to lie about his identity? Roxy felt like her problems were solved when Charlie agreed to pose as Rex's father, but Allison's return is hampering Roxy's plan. Since Allison seems to be quite talented at staying out of sight when she needs to be, it seems like Roxy will have to deal with her secret quickly. I must say that I am glad Roxy is part of this story, and that her history is being explored. Most of Roxy's life has been a secret since she came to Llanview. She served her purpose in Jessica's story at that time, married and divorced Max Holden, and after that, we didn't learn anything new about her. Now, we are getting the chance to see what Roxy did or didn't do many years ago, and I think this will add more layers to her character. Even though Allison's character grates my nerves, she is making Roxy face her past, whatever that may be. This will be an interesting story, and I think Roxy might be changed forever because of it.

Jared and Charlie are both being forced to face their past at this ball. Charlie feels guilty for lying to Viki about his last name and about being Rex's father, and Jared feels guilty for hurting Natalie. These two characters have managed to create a lot of upheaval in a short amount of time in Llanview, and once people learn their secrets, I don't know how they will recover! I was thrilled when Charlie told Jared off at the ball. Jared has been walking all over people in Llanview for months, including his father, but Charlie finally decided to take a stand and tell Jared how it is. Jared can't pretend to be a Buchanan and pine for Natalie. He has to choose who he wants to be, Jared Banks or Jared "Buchanan." Jared thought he could intimidate his father into silence, but if Charlie is willing to tell people who Jared really is, then Jared's scheme is much weaker. Since Dorian knows Jared's secret too, the odds of Jared being able to go on with this charade for much longer aren't in his favor. The same thing goes for Charlie and his lie about the identity of his son. We know that Dorian can barely contain her excitement at knowing that Charlie is lying to Viki; it is only a matter of time before Dorian tells Viki or has her find out. Jared and Charlie aren't being very careful about keeping their respective secrets, though. They are spending a lot of time together at the ball, and people at the ball have noticed. Would it really be that hard for anyone figure out the connection? Viki has Dorian dropping hints about Charlie's secret all the time, so it can't be long before Viki starts asking questions. While I like the idea of Jared and Charlie depending on each other to prolong their secrets, I am disheartened that Charlie would lie to Viki. When she finds out the truth, will she be able to forgive him? Viki has always been a proponent of honesty, and with Charlie lying about his NAME of all things and with him helping Jared dupe the Buchanans, it will be interesting to see if Viki can still be a part of Charlie's life. I would hate to see Viki's first relationship in years end because of Jared. He just isn't worth it!

Meanwhile, Lindsay watched Bo lose his job because of her secret. She felt guilty, but not guilty enough to tell Bo the truth. If I were her, I'd feel guilty about subjecting the citizens of Llanview to Lee Ramsey's reign of terror as police commissioner. I can't imagine any true justice will be served with him in charge! With Nora working feverishly to prove that Lindsay faked her nervous breakdown, it can't be much longer before the truth comes out. I know some people think that Nora has gone too far to find Lindsay's secret and that is she is obsessed with Lindsay. However, Nora has faced multiple professional embarrassments in the courtroom because of Lindsay. She was dressed down in front of Lindsay by the mayor. I can see why Nora is so determined to uncover the truth. Lindsay gets away with just about everything, and people in Llanview treat Nora like their own personal dumping ground every time one of her cases goes the wrong way. I can't blame Nora for trying to fish Lindsay's secret out of the box. Now that Lindsay has caught Nora in the act of sifting through the secrets, I am sure these women will fight, either until one of them wins, or until they are caught. Wouldn't it be great if the curtain they are behind suddenly went up, and everyone could see the two of them fighting? How much fun would that be? This could go down as one of their most entertaining encounters ever!

Finally, Langston and Cole were able to reveal their secret that they were keeping from Starr, but not before being told off! They have been acting suspicious for weeks, and Starr didn't let them get a word in as she berated them for sneaking around and "hooking up." I wouldn't have been surprised if Cole and Langston had decided to call the whole event off. They were obviously hurt by her words, but once Starr learned the truth, she made sure she apologized. Maybe Starr will learn to be a little more trusting now that she learned not to jump to conclusions the hard way! I don't think she was completely out of line her with her speculations about Cole and Langston are doing, but she should have let them explain before she yelled at them. It's hard to believe Starr is 16 years old, but I think giving her a Sweet Sixteen party on the show was a good idea for a story. We've seen her grow up, and it is nice for viewers to be able to mark a major storyline with such a well established character!

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