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When Cassie decided to punish Alan by changing the DNA results for Beth's child (and taking away his child, as he did with Tammy), everyone knew that eventually Alan would learn the truth, and that there would be hell to pay.

Everything in life is a shade of gray. For each action, there is a reaction. We all know it, see it happen all of the time, but Springfield really was reminded of that this week.

When Cassie decided to "punish" Alan by changing the DNA results for Beth's child (and taking away his child, as he did with Tammy) you knew this day would come. Someday Alan would learn the truth, and there would be hell to pay.

What I didn't fathom was Jon delivering the baby (who I'm sure will have another name once Alan can switch it) with Alan and Lizzie in San Gabriel on a couch. I've never delivered a baby, mine or anyone else's but it doesn't appear to be that easy. Especially when you are, er, as mature as Beth is. But it makes for great drama, so I let them get away with some of these things.

I did imagine fireworks when Alan saw Jonathan for the first time, and wasn't disappointed. But anyone who thinks Alan will let Jonathan get away with keeping Sarah from him simply doesn't know Alan. He'll wait til the most opportune time then pounce like a wounded lion. Although I think Alan can be more than a little heavy handed most of the time, his love for his family is something I cannot question. I leave that for the methods he uses to keep them near him - something he never seems to learn from over the years - and family members he's alienated.

But the gun brandishing in the chapel with family and friends looking on was more than a little over the top for me. Of course, it did ensure that Josh's council knows of his part in the conspiracy. Ruining a christening (which certainly was organized very quickly) didn't really set well with me, either. But at least the story didn't drag on forever. So whoever has been writing GL needs to be kept - their pacing is much improved over the old writers.

The pacing is improved, but the romance, sadly, has not. Our big romantic story of the day was Harley and Cyrus cheating on Marina? Just when I thought Gus sleeping with Natalia (while married to Harley) was the top of the "ick" factor for me, this was so much worse. While I like an Aussie accent, this pairing, behind Marina's back and before they had broken up, really has me rooting against them. I've been watching Beth Ehlers since she started on GL - delivering Daisy in a car with the help of Alan-Michael and Dinah. For the first time, I find myself rooting against her - despite her numerous broken romances. This just seems so sordid, so low for her to stoop. Yes, she says with tears in her eyes that she doesn't want to be the other woman. Then don't - plain and simple. Thanks, GL, for taking a character I have grown up with and really like, and made me want to push her in front of a moving car. Not that Cyrus is blameless - at all - but I have less history with him. I did like Marina with Mallet in their scenes this week, but can't figure out where TPTB have all of this ending up.

One real offshoot of this pairing is the reaction of Rick to Harley and Cyrus this past week. Yes, he was fueled by his anger over losing his daughter - and maybe his wife - to Alan. But he chose to keep the truth from her. Now will it cost him his job, too? He's skated on thin ice at Cedar's before - and Alan "owns" the hospital - which makes him a dangerous enemy. But taking Jude from Harley over her relationship with Cyrus while he was keeping Alan from his daughter? Neither is particularly a positive thing to have a child exposed to - but hopefully they can work together for the sake of Jude and his welfare - which is most important. But will Harley give up Cyrus for Jude's sake?

And speaking of couples that are impossible to watch, Natalia and Gus' wedding night disaster was full of highs and lows. Loved that they didn't get the romantic night that would have put fans to sleep, but locking Olivia in a bathroom? I get that she's trying to take your high school sweetheart, but to, in a sense, kill her, over him? Talk about going to extremes! Olivia, like Cyrus with Harley and Marina, is not blameless, but her illness certainly makes her look more vulnerable. This week this story will shift again - and who knows where it will go now that the writers are back to work.

Now that the writers are back - which I am certainly thankful for - let's hope that we see more romance, happiness and fun in Springfield. The Bauer bar-be-que is only a few months away and I can't see anyone in town wanting to attend it now. Everyone is feuding, the mayor is a witch, and no one has any reason to celebrate - except Alan. Wow - with his popularity that will be a small turnout.

I guess we'll have to see how it all turns out. It should be interesting - if not happy - to watch.

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week! Kimberly

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