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The Coopers couldn't even have a family poker game without fighting. Now, sure, every family quarrels over things, but not quite like this. Springfield's most congenial family has Aunt Harley sleeping with Marina's fiancÚ.

It's been a common theme of mine in recent months, but it seems that every family in Springfield has family members who are feuding. While I don't expect all hearts and flowers (well, maybe on Valentine's Day) it does seem to really hit you during certain scenes.

The Coopers couldn't even have a family poker game without fighting. Now, sure, every family quarrels over things, but not quite like this. Springfield's most congenial family has Aunt Harley sleeping with Marina's fiancÚ. Even Olivia didn't do as much damage when she left Frankie for Buzz. It's sad to see that this family will be torn apart by one hot Australian (and yes, the "Heath Ledger" line this week was very eerie to hear so soon after his death - I'm sure the episode was taped before that date).

But the really telling moment, for me, was Gus and Natalia's wedding. Not that I'm a fan - they literally put me to sleep with their lack of chemistry. Their teeny tiny attendance (just Rafe and Daisy - with Lizzie there for a moment with Sarah) at their wedding - even one put together so quickly - was sad to see. I'm a sucker for romance, and this wedding had the romance of a load of laundry. Yes, the dress was pretty. Gus stumbling over his vows was cute, but I never really get the feeling that Gus still is in love with Natalia. Yes, he loves her but is he in love with her? Natalia's own insecurities have her locking Olivia in a bathroom for goodness sake. How can she expect to start a marriage based on those actions? I'm not going to spoil you here, but she'll get what's coming to her. But what about Olivia? For all of the bad things she's done to people in the name of love, I rarely think a character deserves to die. But without a heart, those are the cold, hard facts. No, I don't know how it will all end. But in the real world (which often times is nowhere near a soap world) she would probably die.

And in secret, we see Olivia's nephew Jonathan sneaking around to protect the girl he loves - baby Sarah. It seems everyone in Springfield knows the truth about their "deaths". And, thanks to Bill (who I really want to bonk some days!) Alan now knows as well. Thanks, GL for taking a character (and actor) I adore and making him totally unlovable most of the time. In many ways, he is like Dinah, crying out for attention. While that might be understandable at 5 or 6, when you are an adult there are normally consequences to your actions. And with baby Sarah now in Alan's radar, anything is possible. Watch for the whole scene to explode this week!

Bill's sister Dinah certainly learned that this week. By wanting Mallet to herself (which you can't fault) she put Marina's life in danger. But Dinah is hardly the only one at fault. Since she quit the force to move to France there is NO WAY Marina should have gone on the call - is the Springfield PD that short of officers? And while they aren't to blame for her injuries, Harley and Cyrus' actions while she was in danger certainly taint an already tainted relationship. While I adore listening to the Aussie, I wish they hadn't ruined the relationship with Harley and Marina - who are more like surrogate mother and daughter in the absence of Eleni.

Thursday is Valentine's Day, and looking at the spoilers, I don't see a lot of romance this week. I know it's a made up holiday that makes the card stores and florists happy, but we should at least spend some time with the one we love. But in Springfield, things are a little upside down right now. Maybe they'll surprise us - I have my fingers crossed!!

Here's hoping you get to spend time with those you love this Valentine's Day! Kimberly

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